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Kneel Before Roz – Part 2

Written by Dru1076 :: [Saturday, 21 July 2018 14:25] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 02 August 2018 13:27]

A fifty caliber sniper round hit her head, shattering into led dust and failing to so much as ruffle her lush blonde hair. But the large round did succeed in drawing her attention back to the soldiers. She headed on toward the semi circle of tanks, deliberately treading down extra hard on the ground and making the bedrock tremble with every thigh bursting step she took. Every man on the field was trying to draw a bead in her now, and more than a thousand red laser dots were painting shaky random patterns on her torso and face. She only smiled as bullets pinged and thumped on her alluring chest and fortified abdominals, glancing off her power packed shoulders and splattering off her happy smiling face. The fifty cal machine guns mounted in the tanks barked into life, the larger ricochets tearing up the ground all around the impossible superhuman supergirl having rebounded in pieces from her harder than steel flesh. With her remarkable mind and ridiculously enhanced nervous system Roz could clearly feel and enjoy every insistent bullet strike the super hard bulk of her unstoppable body. Every shattered bullet increased her confidence, and every blow made the superhuman powerhouse a fraction stronger.

A rocket propelled grenade came tearing at Roz from the line of men that formed alongside the tanks. Without the slightest fear and confident in her muscle packed body, Roz stopped and proudly exposed her naked chest to the fast moving rocket. The explosion was a delightful display that tickled her flesh with seductive warmth and hot shrapnel. Her remarkably sharp eyesight took it all in with inhuman clarity, the fast and razor sharp shrapnel not even causing minor irritation as it peppered her unblinking naked eyeballs. She was still marvelling at the experience of bearing a direct hit from a high-powered rocket propelled grenade when a second struck home just above her navel. She laughed, and struck herself where the RPG had broken explosively but harmlessly against her, literally thousands of times harder with her mega muscle God powered fist. Her super strong arm drove her fist home so hard the air around her was momentarily cleared of bullets and ricochets, the shockwave from her stomach punch having disintegrated them all. More bullets rushed in to fill the gap, though, and Roz was very happy to have those wonderful bullets massaging her super powerful wonder of a body once more.

Admiring her sleek irrationally perfect muscles, Roz wanted to see if the tanks could stand against them. Choosing one completely at random she put her hands on her hip, puffed out her pecs to jut her breasts proudly forward, and strode steadily onward. She could hear the panic in the voices all around her now, and she could hear the officers barking orders constantly to keep control. One of those orders filled her with excitement. A voice directed the tank commanders to engage Roz with their main guns, and she gave them a cheeky smile while the turrets of twenty-four massive modern mains battle tanks turned to line her up. The targeting systems locked onto their super solid target perfectly, and Roz stopped again to make sure none of them would miss. Bullets pinged, tumbling bent and broken into the air all around her and Roz stood casually in the centre of the storm, weathering it easily with hands now clasped arrogantly behind her back. She leaned back favouring her left foot and bending her right leg a little.

Boom. Boom. Ba-boom. Boom.

The first shell cracked squarely into her chest with atrocious force. Time seemed to slow for Roz as she watched the shell break into a million tiny pieces, unleashing a tremendous amount of force. She felt her lush golden mane ruffled, and felt the biggest shockwave she’d ever experienced waft over her body deliciously. The heat should have melted her, or at least destroyed what was left of her clothes. But even when the second shell hit squarely on her groin, the foot long shell and the ground shaking explosion it produced failed to even burn the black lace of her panties away. She hadn’t sweated much today, but she had sweated enough wearing her black lace often in the past, and the cloth had long ago become infused with her invulnerability. Not that Roz was worried about her clothes at all. She had just copped a tank shell square on, and rather than pain from the visually spectacular explosion of shockwaves, fire, and shrapnel… it actually felt great. It felt fucking fantastic.

The third shell snapped into her shoulder and vanished in flame and smoke. Boom. A forth slapped her solid thigh. Boom. Boom. Baboom. The shells were coming faster now, and Roz let out a thrilled laugh as though she were playing paintball instead of standing unarmed being shot by the latest in heavy tank technology. Even the shells that somehow missed were not to escape their doom against Super Roz’s phenomenally powerful physique. She gleefully plucked any strays out of the air and slapped them with brutal destructive force into the rippling humps of her clearly defined abs. These shells actually struck her thousands of times harder than any of the others by virtue of Super Roz’s obscene muscle god power.

Observers were exposed to true hopelessness when at last the tanks ceased fire and the smoke and dust slowly cleared. Against all reason, and against all hope, the super strong, super hard, super powerful muscle god Roz stood smirking mischievously before their wild widened eyes. Her superpowered hands were on her hips, and she was chilling them with a playfully naughty glint in her eye.

“Is that all you fucktard pussies can do? Ha! What a bunch of weak assed retards you cunts turned out to be! I thought the army was supposed to be tough? My fucking tits are tougher than any of you fucktards. Those weak as fuck tanks don’t have guns to match these badass mother fucking super muscles right here!” Roz smirked with an incredibly smug expression on her angelically beautiful face and flexed her superhuman steel hard body for them, shaming them to a man with her unreasonable physical perfection. “I bet you fucktards wish you had mighty mega muscles like these, huh? But you don’t. Nobody has super hard, super strong, super fucking powerful, ultra muscles, not like I do. All you have is piss weak popguns and puny squishy man muscles! Want to see what I think of your pansy shitball tanks? Want to see my super strong, super hard muscles make of your weak as shit tanks? Check this out, dickheads!”

Super Roz sprung from the spot and soared high into the air. Thousands of eyes tracking the impossible height of her standing leap as she raced through the sky and spread-eagled herself with her mightily muscled arms and legs splayed wide. Letting out a little laugh, she body slammed the top of the tank, smashing into the hard armour plate chest first and sinking her twenty ton body deep enough to almost bang the head of the man inside. With her super hard super dense body deeply imbedded in the outclassed tank armour, Roz tore her face free and gave an evil chuckle. With a horrific screech and the terribly unnatural sound of rending armour, Super Roz moved her arms and rounded legs around in the metal as freely as though she was in the bath. The crew were deafened by the rending armour, and terrified to see the top of the turret scrunched like a blanket and torn like rice paper under the influence of Roz’s appalling strength. The obscenely powerful muscle god pressed her cute face clean through the tank and grinned maliciously at the men within.

“What’s up, pansy boys? Never seen super strong God muscles tearing up tanks before?”

The commander lost his mind at the obnoxious tone, and pulled his pistol to blast the smug smile off Roz’s angelic delicate features. Roz just laughed as the bullets pinged away in pieces, catching the last in her mouth and rolling it on her tongue while her arms and legs continued to shrink the remaining pace inside the tank ever smaller. “This one tastes like fucking shit,” Roz observed, critically sucking on the bullet to strip several layers of led. “You can keep it.” Roz spat the bullet back at the commander, and was impressed by her awesome power once again. The commander exploded with the astronomical force of the impact, and the whole crew was covered in hot sticky gore.

“Suck it up, you weak fucking cunts,” Roz sneered. “It’s your turn next.” Roz rolled herself into the tank, using only the power of her abs to curl her body through the supposedly tough ruins of the armour, once inside she pushed a crewman hard against the inside of the tank with her humbling ripped torso. “Yup. It sucks to be pussies like you. I bet I wish you had hard as fuck super muscles like mine, huh?”

Even though she tilted her head in curiosity, Roz didn’t wait for an answer. She remained perfectly still, and flexed her muscles hard. There was a horrifying crunch of gristle and bone as Roz’s muscles bulged out and demolished the much softer crewman. Her super hard muscles crushed the far weaker flesh brutally into the metal, and continued to bully their way into the armor and leave a stamped imprint of themselves, painted Crimson. The last man was astonished to see Roz’s torso was clean as a whistle when the superhuman muscle god turned to face the cowering engineer with a cool unimpressed gaze. “You’re in my way, pussy boy.” So saying, Roz calmly walked into and straight through the doomed man, bursting him like balloon against the side of the tank as she pressed her superhuman physique effortlessly through the armour.

Once outside bullets entertained the surface of her skin again. She paid little attention, and stepped swiftly to the side of the next tank her super strong muscles would abuse.

“Fucking all of you weak cunts over with my super muscles is making me hungry,” Roz declared over dramatically. She ripped a chunk of tank off with a single twist of her hand and shoved it in her mouth. “Oh yeah, that’s fucking nice. Yummy yummy for my tummy.” She tore off more and more, greedily shoving the metal into her gob and chewing away happily. Swallowing down several handfuls more she grinned and lifted the tank in her super strong hands, savagely shoved her face into the armour plate. The metal protested vehemently, but in mere moments the tank crew were standing there stunned wondering where Roz’s body had stored away the entire tank she’d just eaten. “A bit bland,” she noted, pulling a chunk of metal from her teeth and spinning it into wire with a high pitched squeal. Her stomach was still flat and toned, showing not the slightest hint of the massive meal.

“What? Why are you doing this?” The tank commander looked down at the amazing super girl with confusion and fear.

“Why the fuck would I not do this? I get bored sometimes. And anyway… I can do whatever the fuck I want, asshole. Wanna know why?”

The man just gaped at the super strong brat as awesome power packed legs closed the distance between them.

“Because I’m fucking super. Super hard. Super fit. Super fucking strong. That’s why, dickhead. And you pansy fucktards are just puny little squish toys, good for nothing but getting smashed and crushed. It’s not my fault you’re a wussy little fucktard, and I just happen to be a super strong, invincible, muscle god, is it?”

“You don’t have to do this.”

“No. Of course not. But I fucking want to, butt wad. Want me to stop? Tough fucking shit. I don’t want to stop. And you can’t fucking make me, because you stupid squishy cunts are just too fucking weak to stop a god like me. Too. Fucking. Weak. You’re a squishy little fuck wad, and I’m superpowered muscle god. Now… kneel, mother fucker.”


“I said kneel, dickhead. Kneel. Before! Roz!!”

“Go fuck yourself,” the commander spat defiantly.

Roz shrugged, and reached out to flick the man under the chin with a single finger. The man disappeared into the sky and the rest of his crew dropped instantly to their knees. Roz ignored them, and moved up to the next tank. Pressing her super strong hands easily into the metal she lifted up and held it aloft, dropping one hand to playfully flex a bicep. Her left arm was more than capable of holding up the insignificant weight even off balance. “Fuck yeah! So fucking strong! So fucking powerful!” She tossed and caught the tank a few times, then slammed it down on another with earth trembling power.

With a mighty leap Super Roz cleared the field to land in front of a tank on the opposite side of the battle where they had thought themselves at least temporarily safe. Reaching up a single super strong hand she grasped the main gun and pulled it down to her face, peering curiously inside.

“Hello? Any pussy soldier boys in there?”

The gunner panicked and pulled the trigger. The shell powered down the barrel and snapped into Roz’s curious eyeball. By rights that should have at least made her blink. It didn’t. She gleefully watched events unfold as the shell detonated and she was engulfed in the wonderful warm pleasures of an explosion yet again. The shell hadn’t cleared the barrel. And so the barrel was blown apart. Enough of the force flashed back inside the tank to doom the occupants, and Roz’s ears noticed the missing sounds of life.

With a smile playing about her lips, Roz pulled back one thickly muscled leg and swung it smoothly into the front of the ruined tank. It didn’t fly like a soccer ball as she had expected, but simply burst apart and flew in a million directions at once. So overpowered was her kick that those tanks on either side were caught up in the armour rending carnage of the explosion.

“Ha ha ha ha ha. Fucking awesome!” A bullet sparked off her grinning teeth as she pulled another fear inspiring power pose. “This shit ain’t ever gonna get old!”

Leaping with a playful laugh back to the other side of the field, Roz splayed herself and body slammed another tank with her chest, this time pulling her arms and legs back right at the point of impact to produce a mix of implosion and explosion that left nothing of the tank behind. She rolled right through the smoking debris and pressed a hand into another tank, yanking it callously into the air with a single arm easily capable of laughing off the insignificant weight. She shook it violently and gave a playful war cry. “Kneel! Before!! Roz!!!” Then cruelly smashed the helpless toy into the ground, bending the strong frame dramatically and burying the ruins almost completely in the earth.

A turret behind her had spun around, a quick thinking gunner lining the hulking super girl from behind, and now it opened fire with a booming blast at very short range. The shell impacted Roz on the ass, making her squeal with charming laughter. She turned and strolled over to the offending tank, pulling the barrel down with her left hand despite it’s red hot heat. With an evil chuckle, she fearlessly put her lips inside the scolding hot barrel and inhaled slowly. Ramping up the pressure rapidly beyond all reason the superpowered brat’s eyes sparkled with interest when the whole tank suddenly imploded violently into the vacuum Roz’s insanely strong lungs had created so easily. Still holding the barrel, she crushed it closed without really trying, and lifted the whole tank with merely a twist of her wrist. Amazed by her own stupendous physical power Roz negligently flipped the massive wreck over her back and sent it flying off into the distance.

The tanks were starting to leave now. With a joyous peal of laughter Roz’s thick legs became a blur as she bolted after the two tanks that were the first to move. Spreading her arms wide she employed the undeniably titanic power of her hulking thighs to accelerate to a blistering speed and smashed her puffed out chest into the side of the first tank. Her smooth flesh met the hardened armour plate with a sickening and catastrophic impact, and jaws dropped again all over the field as pieces of tank no bigger than basketball were tossed hundreds of feet in every direction. The super muscled super sexy god steamrolled easily through wreck and ran down the second moving target at pace.

This tank was brought to an instant jarring jolt with Roz’s single hand clamped into the back plate.

“Wanted to be the first to leave, huh? You weak fucks aren’t going anywhere!”

Pushing her hand deep into the rear of the tank and getting a good grip, Roz grinned and used that single arm to easily swing the tank over her head slam it down on its roof, lifting and slamming it again and again while bullets and and rocket propelled grenades kept crushing themselves into her super strong body with wonderful explosions. She grinned wickedly, threw the tank up and kicked it hard enough to reduce it to thousands of small smouldering chunks. Laughing at her hapless toys, Roz picked another tank out at random and leapt clear across a dozen others to land beside it on her strong legs and press her angelic face clean through the armour plate to smile her most adorable friendly smile at the crew within.

“Hey there, you fucking pussies! Guess whose turn it is to be fucked over by Super Roz!”

Before they could answer her obnoxious question, the mighty super girl puffed out her cheeks and released a wind more powerful than nature could ever produce without her. The whole tank exploded dramatically, and before its last big chunk had slammed down to the earth super fast Roz and skipped to her next target.

She laughed and took hold of the massive metal monster with one hand, then hoisted and swung it in an arc over her head and brought down hard. Then she swung it back, and kept swinging laughing giddily all the while. The tank was smashed irreparably after just one swing, and each consequent movement of Roz’s fantastically strong arm smashed the tank down more and more until she once again tossed the wreck callously away without a care for where it ended up.

“Oh fuck yeah! I’m so. Fucking. STRONG! I bet you all wish you had these super fucking hard, super fucking strong, super fucking powerful muscles, right assholes? But they’re all mine! And you will kneel, you fucking pansy boy retards! Hear me fucktards? Kneel. Before. Roz!!”

The infantry had abandoned the vehicles on the road except for the thirty caliber guns that kept blasting away trying to keep a stream of led on the fast moving muscle god destroying their tanks like cheap knock-off Tonka toys. The over muscled menace Super Roz had been having so much fun shredding tanks she hadn’t noticed the order to retreat. Under the cover of mounted machine guns, the troops were fast disappearing into the sprawl of buildings and bunkers.

“That’s right! Run away, you weak bitches! Run!” She laughed heartily, and regarded the remaining tanks with an evil smile. She didn’t care if they ran away. There was no escaping Roz now, and she knew it. They could not hide from her superior senses, and she yearned to bust into a bunker. Just the thought of setting her super hard muscles to work on a two foot think steel blast door was thrilling on its own.

Eager to test her might upon the last tanks before playing bust the bunker, Roz bounded across the field in exaggerated thirty foot leaps to catch a fleeing tank. Landing in front of it, she put her hands on hips and pushed her chest out. Raising a taunting golden eyebrow, the super muscled brat let the tank break itself against her gleaming super hard chest and stopped it dead, then she whipped out her arms and snatched the whole vehicle from the ground like it was a giant beachball.

It was so light to her immense strength that she as able to hop, skip, and jump to another tank with no sign of effort at all. Landing beside the next tank, she slammed the first down forcefully into it and pressure welded the two into one tangled mess. Still only requiring one super strong arm, she lifted the combined load and went to collect a third. She kept smashing her collection into the remaining tanks until she had gathered them all into one lump of wrecked metal. Hefting them all now with her left hand Roz developed a cheeky smile and continued to add to her growing pile of wrecks with the smoking remnants of the tanks already destroyed. She worked fast, all the time peppered by snipers and mounted machine guns to absolutely no discernible effect.

Once she had the job done, at least several parts of every tank that driven out to face her incalculable might had become forged into one solid mass by Roz’s unrelenting super strength. With a happy laugh she started curling the weight with her powerful arms, working her magnificently cut biceps. At least, she pretended to work them. Dropping one hand and concentrating on one arm, the immense weight still didn’t offer her anything approaching a workout, but she enjoyed the gasps of astonishment she heard as she swapped to her left and easily punched out rep after stunning rep with several hundred tonnes of broken and battered mains battle tanks. Finally she pulled her arm back, and launched the collection toward the moon. Not sure if the wreckage would actually land on the moon, and not caring all that much whether it did or not, Roz turned to the fleeing soldiers and the remaining active shooters.

“Poor little babies! I’d run too if a Super Strong, super powerful, unstoppable mother fucker like this cunt was chasing me! Just look at this fucking body! Think about it, pussies… I’m super strong. Super hard. Bulletproof. Grenade proof. Rocket proof. Tank proof. And you’re all just weak assed pansy boys with puny toy popguns! Ha ha ha ha Ha! What a bunch of fucking loser assholes! My turds would kick your asses!”

Bullets still peppered her solid, super powered physique from almost every angle as she continued to taunt them. Ping. Pop. Boom. Boom. Pop. Kaching. Kachuk.

“I’m so. Fucking. STRONG! And it feels awesome, man! Let me tell you… honestly… having all these super hard muscles feels. Fucking. FANTASTIC! Fuck yeah. You have no idea. How could you? You’re so fucking weak! Such. Fucking. Pussies! Run away little rabbits! Run back to your fucking mommies you little pansy fucktards! Go fucking cry to mommy about how unfair it is! Boo mother fucking hoo… mommy the big bad super powered muscle god is ripping my friends apart with her badass super muscles and our big powerful bullets just bounce right off her super hard, super strong, little muscle god body like nerf balls! Wha wha whah! The big bad super strong super Roz is ripping my weak as shit arms off! Boo hoo! Mommy it isn’t FAIR!” Roz laughed merrily at the disgusted, infuriated, and utterly terrified soldiers as they tripped over themselves trying to get away from the inescapable raw power mega Roz had at her evil little fingertips. “Sucks to be you, fucktards. That’s for sure. Me? I feel pretty fucking awesome. I feel fucking great. Fuck yeah! This body is a mother fucking dream come true! So hard. So tough. Bullets just bounce right off, all broken up and shit. So strong I can do reps with a whole shitload of your puny toy tanks. So fucking powerful, and you cunts can’t do a mother fucking thing about any of it. You can’t stop me. No one can fucking stop me! Now: Kneel! KNEEL. BEFORE. ROZ!!”

Super powerful Roz’s voice roared through the base and actually destroyed the first row of buildings and shook apart several weaker structures. The tail end of the routed soldiers found themselves thrown against the ground or torn through the air to crash further inside the compound. Roz marvelled and gloated over her monstrous power, feeling it eagerly urge her on, the lava of unstoppable and unreasonable strength flowing and teeming in her hyper strong muscles. She clenched her fists at her sides and closed her eyes, her fine body hair bristled across her smooth skin, and she swayed on the spot simply wallowing in the unfathomable raw strength at her command. Her bright clear eyes popped open, her lips sculpted into a satisfied smug smile, and she turned to check on First Toy Garry.

Garry however, had fled the scene. Watching bullets splattering on Roz’s super hard flesh, watching the soldiers and tanks playfully ripped apart with reckless abandon, and listening to the obnoxious declarations had sent Garry and his parents scurrying away into the night on foot. Employing a ground churning flex of her calves, Roz joyously sprang up on top of the perimeter wall to find the fleeing trio. She was just in time to see them herded into a black SUV, and driven away toward the city. Roz grinned at the idea of chasing them down after finishing off the base. Her first night finally letting loose with her muscle God power was proving to be a lot of fun, and the night was still young.

Looking back to the base, just in time for a sniper bullet to splash apart on her cheek, Roz stood with hands in her hip watching the inner base being fortified and the main bunker sealed. Fear gripped them, and terror motivated them, but their training served the superhuman bully’s needs well. Fifty caliber gun emplacements were setup throughout the base, surrounded by heavy weapons experts. Rocket launchers with ammo piled up behind them, some on rooftops, some on the ground. Every man had been issued grenades and bigger rifles where possible. Another sniper round splattered on her chest. Roz laughed.

“That’s it, pussies. Get ready because these super hard, super fucking strong muscles are going to fuck you over, and fuck you over HARD!”

Hopping back to the ground Roz sprinted to the first of the abandoned vehicles. Many were damaged from her reckless game of Crush The Tank, but most were in running order. Even the gunners had left now, and the long column was silent. The vehicles were so perfectly lined up along the road, Roz could not resist her first impulse. With a playful roar, she leaned back in a frightening double bicep pose and flexed her mighty frame. Her unstoppable muscles swelled in response and hardened to a whole new level. With a joyous cry she intensified the flex, pointing her toes out and pumping her thighs and calves. Then something happened that added to her joy, and deepened the hopelessness of the snipers who saw it. The roadway cracked and her toes pressed into it easily, then the road actually sank from her feet as the unseen force of her physical aura drove it away. Encouraged to discover she could float on thin air, Roz gave a euphoric cry and pumped even more wonderful brute strength through her mighty frame. She swelled even more, becoming harder and harder and stronger and stronger with each and every tiny isometric twist of her wrists. For a long time she just hovered there holding the pose, skyrocketing her physical density. When she finally relaxed her muscles, she dropped fifteen feet into the crater beneath her feet and shattered the damaged ground further with her seventy ton body mass.

Hopping off one foot to land beyond the craters edge, laughing all the way, Roz came down running. Keeping her speed down so that those watching could witness her power, and so that she could savour this small part of her enormously fun game, Roz ran with her arms spread out dragging in the wind. The mega mighty muscular powerhouse hit the first armoured truck in the column at about sixty miles an hour. Her face plowed into the grill and kept her eyes open to watch the destruction of the truck. The steel parted like liquid, utterly destroyed on contact with Roz’s cute face. Even her naked eyeballs turned away the outclassed steel. She felt the cold metal meet the hard unforgiving warmth of her chest and her impossible solid pecs found the density of steel somewhat lacking. Her rippling abs continued the destruction, forcing their way through the steel as easily as a bullet through rice paper. It was a brutally unfair mismatch that thrilled Roz immensely. With wonderful ease, Roz tore through the truck without losing the smallest fraction of speed. To those watching the scene, it was as though the truck had been primed with precisely timed explosives to peel it inside out from front to back.

Clearing the tailgate of the first truck and slapping her body through the second Roz once again marvelled at the stupid level of her strength. Boom… boom… boom… one after the other the vehicles in the convoy were explosively undone by the relentless super strong muscle god. Even taking her time she reached the last one too soon. She turned back with hands on her hips and let out a peal of self impressed laughter. Such was the awesome power of her muscles that there was not a chunk of the convoy left larger than her fist. Nodding in approval of the complete destruction she’d so very easily wrought, Roz turned and took her first ground shaking step toward the cluster of buildings surrounding the main bunker.

“Did you see that, fucktards? You think you stand a chance against my super duper mega muscles? Ha ha ha ha ha ha. You pansy cunts are getting fucked hard. Hahahahaahahaha!.”

A fifty cal opened up, and another joined it followed by two more. The gunners were unjustifiably encouraged when their terrifying target stopped moving forward. Roz didn’t stop because they were hurting her. She stopped to relish how fucking great having so many hard and fast lumps of lead striking and splattering against her super dense body felt. It felt better than awesome. She puffed up her invulnerable muscles and watched the bullets streaming in with a smug smile.

As the bullets slapped into her steel shattering torso, she put her hands on her hips and leaned back to over dramatically hock up a spit ball, making a show of it and hamming it up. Then she leaned forward and spat at one of the guns. There was an almighty BOOM and the gun was simply gone, vaporised by the hyper-speed spitball. The explosion was gut wrenching and horrific, tearing down half the building behind the emplacement and destroying another of the guns that had been shooting at Roz.

“Fuck yeah! That was fucking awesome! I’m more power-fuller than Superman!” As large deadly fifty caliber round continued to pepper her chest and stomach, Roz considered Superman for a moment. A pussy… no doubt. Roz was stronger… she was sure of it. And she had super breath. And she had super speed. And she could fly. Could she do the laser eye thing?

She concentrated and stared hard at a third gun. Her bright clear eyes sparkled under her strong golden brow, and the sparkles seemed to grow brighter and brighter building with more and more ominously crackling energy until, to the utter dismay of all shocked witnesses, two violently overcharged beams of brilliant lava coloured light shot forth and unleashed a hot firey hell upon the world. The gun, seventeen buildings, and a sizeable chunk of a the mountain behind the base were instantly vaporised.

“How fucking cool was that? Hehehehehehehehee. Superman ain’t got SHIT on me!”

There was a jet-like hiss and a large anti-aircraft rocket came streaking toward Roz, who did an excited little hop that shifted the debris around her. The rocket exploded a few feet from her face, and she delighted in the soothing warmth of its shockwaves and the delectable caresses of a million tiny bits of white hot shrapnel. Even as she was still enjoying the afterglow of the pressure wave, a hand grenade rolled up and tapped against her bare foot. It exploded there, running flames and cruel jagged pieces of itself up her sturdy and unmoved leg. Stepping forward, she felt the gratifying blasts of two more grenades in quick succession. Walking right into an oncoming rocket propelled she dramatically made a show of wiping dust of her hard chest muscles while the smoke cleared, even though her skin was still refusing to be smeared with any.

She approached the next major gun emplacement and once more heavy machine guns put her under a barrage of crossfire. She didn’t stop her slow walk this time, showing them her biceps and joyfully bouncing her pecs as bullets now actually sparked off the skin of the happily laughing super girl. She relentless padded her way toward the doomed soldiers, small arms fire and several booming hand grenades adding to the onslaught. For Roz, it was all simply wonderful.

Changing course she strode toward the nearest gun on the ground. It’s bullets grew more insistent and destroyed themselves upon her more violently, but her hard muscles still refused to give any leeway. Her skin didn’t even dimple at near point-blank range. Her solid thighs tore through the sandbags like they were party balloons and she stopped a foot from the end of the barrel. The hellish muzzle flash sprayed her angelic face every time it spewed a huge 50 caliber bullet into her smooth forehead. With a cheeky grin, she leant up and moved forward to put her lips into the barrel. She timed it perfectly, and just as bullet fired she blew down the barrel with remorseless force. The bullet was driven back and destroyed along with the gun and two others. The last was abandoned as the last men alive tossed all their grenades in bunches on their belts at her and ran.

“Leaving so soon bitches? I know…” BOOM. BA-BA-BOOM. “… it’s a little unfair. I’m all super strong and invincible, packing super hard muscles and a bad fuck-you-up attitude.” Boom. Boom. Boom. Baboom. Kaching. Boom. Pop. “And you pansy cunts are all weak as shit, packing nothing but piss ant squishy man muscles… ready to pop like shitbags! You pussy fuck tards. My super duper, mighty Mega muscles, are gonna fuck you up.”

Roz launched of her toes, the snap of her tiny digits tearing up plumes of concrete as she gracefully soared to land on the roof next to the large abandoned gun that still remained. The building caved in under her seventy tonnes of brutal world smashing muscle, bringing huge chunks of concrete and brick down on the laughing supergirl.

Her cute button nose pressed free of the heavy rubble, and with a cry of happiness she tore free of the destruction and calmly shook pieces of bunker from her hair. “Fuck yeah! This is fucking GREAT.” Grabbing the gun, Roz hoisted the whole thing only to tear away the long barrel and discard the rest over her shoulder like a candy wrapper to smash more of the building down.

Smiling deviously, Roz strode out through a surviving section of wall into a new hail of bullets. She giggled and stepped out to present her perfectly invulnerable body to make sure they all had a fair shot before she took her turn. This was the last blockade before the main bunker, and they had really go to town setting defences up.

“Since you went to so much trouble, you fucking pussies,” sneered Roz, “My super strong, hard as fuck, mega muscles, are gonna let you fucktards have a fair shot. Let me have it, soft cocks! Show me what you feeble little cunts can do! And then… .then I’m gonna show you what super strong, mega muscle gods can do to your pussy fucktard army shit!”

The barrage immediately intensified. Roz chuckled as she felt even more bullets shatter, bend, break and splatter upon the surface of her relaxed super muscles. So much strength. So much power. Roz was stoked to be superhuman. It was fucking great. Bullets pinged and popped away hopelessly. She tried not to notice the hand grenades, because the ones that took her by surprise were her favourite. But she had super senses, and it was hard to surprise her. The deluge of death continued to shatter on her smooth skin for several long minutes, the cacophony of gunfire accompanied by frenzied yells and war cries. Roz soaked it all up greedily, elated by the blank look of helplessness and horror on the faces of the utterly stunned defenders. Keeping her beautiful deep blue eyes on her doomed targets, Roz brought the gun barrel her titanically strong body had been protecting to her lips. She bit off a piece, rapidly melted it against the roof of her mouth with the industrial strength pressure her tongue could now easily summon, and spat it down the barrel with appalling destructive force.

Her aim was perfect, and the streak of molten metal tore destructively through a man and exploded like mortar on his position, killing him and all his friends. Those watching closely saw amusement in Roz’s bright and intense eyes as she lined up another and repeated the impossible feat. And then, having done enough practise, Roz bit and spat much faster down the barrel. Deliberately limiting her pace to be identical to the fire rate of the fifty cal guns, Roz obliterated the defensive line from the face of the Earth. The barrel shrank as the damage grew, until she finally dropped just a foot of smoking barrel to the ground.

“Wow! I don’t give fuck what any of you pussies say: that was fucking awesome. That’s how I roll, fucktards, I’m a mega mighty super muscled god of strength and power! And you’re all a bunch of puppy powered fairy farts compared to me. Ha! How much does it suck to be you fairy floss fucktards? I mean… with a mega strong force of nature like me chasing you down?” Roz pressed her jaw out and rippled her amazing muscles with as much arrogance as she could muster. “Can’t you see I’m super strong? Can’t you see I am a fucking god? Come out of that shithole bunker and kneel before me! Kneel before Roz!”

There was a whoosh, joined in chorus instantly by eleven more loud whooshing rockets. These rockets were the size of a car… and Roz looked very tiny in comparison as they arranged themselves in the air and homed in on her in a splayed pattern set strike within split seconds of each other. The accuracy on these weapons was truly extraordinary, and they lined up directly at the centre of her magnetically alluring breasts.

Oozing disdainful arrogance, Roz feigned disinterest at the awesome military power being brought upon her, even though she was honestly ecstatic at being able feel the power of such large missiles.

She was completely enveloped in the ball of chaos. She felt the tip of the first one strike, and the surface of her perfect skin dimpled a little… but that as far as the missile was able to get. It plowed into her, and her chest remained as steadfast as a mountain range. Roz could feel the truly immense force of the rocket trying to push into her, trying to end her. She could feel the heat as the blast unleashed its fury. She could feel the splattering shrapnel deformed and destroyed all over her hard super strong physique. To her great pleasure, she also felt her relaxed muscles swell and harden with more brute strength. The second missile had slightly less chance than the first against her now stronger, harder body. The third added more mass to her frame, as did all of the rest until the twelve merely roughed her hair. The missile tip this time didn’t even dimple Roz’s breast the merest fraction, and the weapon had no choice but to detonate on contact. It felt just as wonderful, just as pleasant, but the last missile broke upon much more easily than the first had done.

Stepping forward out of the slowly clearing dust and smoke, Roz swaggered out into view like a fucking boss. She stood there laughing in the ruined alien landscape of the unrecognisable base. Nothing lived in the surface now but the ultra hard, ultra strong, mega muscle God Roz. She cried out in wonderment and leapt joyfully into the air, anchoring herself high above the demolished buildings by striking a double bicep pose with her legs stretched in a star. She delighted in the lava flows of strength she felt course in her veins, and elated in the glory of flexing up planet crushing muscles purely for fun. The air shimmered around her, and Roz flexed harder, doubling down again, and again. Her mighty muscles answered with new strength… swelling harder and harder with even more unreasonable and irrational superpower. She pumped her titanically strong arms, popped her mighty and chest, crunched and rippled her chiselled gut, and then powered up another shockwave across the landscape by flexing up another twenty tons of world destroying super muscle. Then she intensified it with a hearty “Fuck YEAH,” pumping up another twenty. Boom. Boom. Boom. She loved how easily she could make herself stronger. Boom boom boom. Ba ba ba boom ba ba ba babababa BOOM. “I am a FUCKING… GOD! KNEEL, YOU FAGBOY CUNTS! KNEEL BEFORE MY MIGHT! KNEEL BEFORE MY FUCKING POWER! KNEEL BEFORE ROZ!!”

Giving her muscles one more huge effective pump her flexing super strength sent a shockwave tearing through the air that scattered the smoke and haze while her flesh hardened and quadrupled her incredible density. Her release of brute force was so momentous it laid waste to the already weakened buildings and cleared debris from the field all around her to reveal the large bunker door. With a snort of immense satisfaction the super muscled god relaxed her flex, her hulking frame receding as she dropped her six hundred thousand tons to the ground and absorbed the landing easily with barely a bend of her knees. The ground exploded out from under her, and she ending up in a twenty foot crater she had to leap clear of before taking her time in striding toward the huge bunker door. She looked very small standing before the cold uncaring steel door wondering how think it was and confident it didn’t really matter. Her mega mighty muscles would make short work of it in any case. She thought about driving her fist deep into the surface with titanic power of her shoulders. She thought about kicking it with her thick power packed legs, driving her foot fast with all the explosive might of her thigh. But in the end she just puffed out her pecs and marched forward jutting her breasts out proudly, hoisting her arms up in an arrogant display of her biceps, and pressed her chest firmly into the metal surface. The armour plate squealed as though hit with a die press, and Roz admired how her muscles simply bullied their way through, her density scoffing at the blast proof alloy. Roz swelled her biceps a little into the steel as she became enveloped in the door completely, having no trouble at all squeezing her superhuman frame deep within the thick armour plate. She relished the surrendering steel all around her as she playfully rippled her muscles, finding no trouble in overpowering the door’s well researched construction with the gentlest whimsical flexing of her amazing physique.

More than a little curious to see what would happen, unseen by the cowering men listening to her body make the bunker door howl and screech horrifically, Roz smiled devilishly and flexed her whole frame with sudden unapologetic super strength. Her sleek muscles burst out in every direction as volcanic blood filled her out with shameless unrivalled power. The already hard pressed bunker door exploded out from the super muscled brat, instantly surrendering to her impossible density and strength. The few men still preparing the defences on the inside of that first room had no idea what hit them. Much of their efforts became wasted as they themselves were torn apart by the debris exploding out of thirty foot hole Roz’s unapologetic power flex had blown in the door.

“Fuck yeah! Hahahahahahahaha. That was fucking awesome, man. Did you fucken see that you weak cunts? Kneel before my power, bitches! Kneel before my muscles! Kneel before Roz!”

She lowered her arms and stomped arrogantly through the entrance creating fissures in the hardened nuke proof floor beneath her with each and every bulge of her thighs. The first room was crammed with hastily assembled and now randomly scattered crates of explosives. Roz went happily forward into the darkened room without bothering to even check her surroundings, hoping they would have a surprise for her. When she had swaggered destructively to the centre of the room she was flung into complete pitch black darkness as a new blast door slammed closed hard over the ruined entrance, sealing the room. Roz looked over her burgeoning shoulder to take a good look at the new door despite the utter lack of normal light. Her eyes had no problem seeing everything around her with perfect clarity. Even before she had time to think why they had sealed the blast door AFTER she’s smashed her way inside, the reason became obvious.

With a gigantic horrendous boom, the first detonator triggered an explosion bigger by orders of magnitude than anything Roz had experienced. But the second explosion triggered by the detonator was in fact merely a detonator itself, designed by the expert explosives team to set off the rest of the stockpile. And it worked wonderfully well. Roz stood in the white hot chaos and marvelled at the sheer beauty of it all, the insane delights of shockwaves and heat caressed her and tousled her glowing gold hair. Sharp deadly fragments of crates, bomb housings, grenades, and even glass shards flew through the air endlessly, striking her all over and pinging away even more shattered and broken but no longer sharp.

Roz sneered, and with a quick sucking breath vacuumed up the smokey air and floating debris to clear the air completely and reveal her unharmed and still perfectly clean super muscles to her doomed audience. With the entire contents of the room quickly processed by the infernal heat burning within Roz’s impossible lungs and turned instantly into bone pulverising, steel moulding, super muscle god mega mass, She sighed in contentment and luxuriated in total undeniable superiority over everything and everyone around her. She smiled and allowed herself a moment to admire her physical perfection a moment, pressing her hands into her sculpted abdominal muscles in self inspired awe. Her muscles pleased her like nothing else in existence. So strong… so hard. Such fun to smash shit with. She knew they were watching. She could hear their anguished cries and moans of despair, and to hear General’s bitching about how unfair Roz’s awful strength and invulnerability only filled the super strong supergirl with glowing pride. While her survival of their failed trap filled their souls with horror, the explosions deployed against her filled the mega muscled super Roz with even more power to abuse the relatively fragile world around her with.

“Nice fucking try, fucktards. But it’s no use! I’m a badass mother fucker with mega mighty super muscles, and I’m here to fuck you up. Gonna cry, bitches? Gonna run to momma? Ha! Kneel before me! Kneel… before… Roz!!”

Roz’s magnificent voice shook the hiding military men more than just emotionally. The entire mountain the bunker was built into shook with her last three words, making her snort with laughter. The unfairly strong super bully saw no need to change her lockpicking technique, and bounced her pecs to make her alluring breasts dance as she strode cockily into and clean through the blast door on the far side of the chamber, the fire the debris behind lighting the way now as her unrepentant muscles bullied their way through thick steel and Roz entered a wide corridor. She was now faced with a solid wall of armaments stretched from wall to wall. Heavy machine guns, anti aircraft guns, even a SAM launcher.

“What a bunch of fucking retards! HahahahahahahahHa! After all you’ve seen this badass super muscle god do? After all the shit you saw me crush with these…” She bounced her biceps and pecs arrogantly. “… mega strong, tank crushing, invincible muscles, you think any of these weak ass toys are gonna do anything to me? You fucktards are fucked. You can’t stop me. You… can’t… stop… these… muscles.” She grinned like an angelically beautiful devil and stood with her arms folded insolently across her chest.

Infuriated by her unnaturally, almost painfully, loud words, the commander barked the order and the ragtag mass of heavy and light weapons released its wrath.



“Ha ha ha! This is so fucking cool! I am invincible! I’m un-the-fuck-stoppable. More! More! Shoot me again! Ha ha! That tickles, you weak cunts! More! MORE!!”

Her joyous girlish laugher cracked the air far louder than the explosions, and her muscles were moved far more by even her chuckles rippling through them than by the missiles detonating directly against their impregnably hard surface. The tunnel was choked with smoke, and then… as the clever general had planned… the ceiling above the super muscled Roz collapsed and deposited upon the smiling happy super god with the weight of the mountain above.

Roz smiled with the honest confidence of a god with super hard, unscratchable, invulnerable mega muscle teeming under creamy alabaster skin as the falling concrete rained down upon her delicate angelic face and around her power packed shoulders. She slowly lifted her arms out wide to spin her wrists and welcome the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of mountain that shifted down through the weakened roof and buried her. The rock and dirt packed itself all around her, filling every space as the weight of the mountain above forced it down. The pressure felt delightful as the rock was compacted harder and harder against the super girls damage-denying and insanely mighty muscle. The men stopped a moment and all was very still and quiet. There was a long moment of silence while hopeful faces risked grins of triumph. And then a cry of victory went up through the relieved men, with some crying tears of joy.

And then they heard, and felt, a gut wrenching rumble from the collapsed mountain as Roz gently stretched her back within her stone tomb and pushed her muscular shoulder blades back to get a little more comfortable. The ground shook, dust shifted on the ground. All Roz had done was flex her toes and pop her calves out. The hole she made filled once more, but she didn’t care. Grinning with wonder in her eyes, still amazed by her mighty super muscles, Roz gently flexed power into her muscles and forced her tomb to crack and tremble violently, unable to restrain her belligerent muscles as they invaded the mountain’s claim on the obscenely strong supergirl. Lowering her arms, forcing the stone and dirt to accommodate her solid limbs without a care, Roz smiled her most charming smile and simply pushed the steel smashing plates of her pecs and abs through the collapsed rubble with the immeasurable might of her monstrously strong thighs, rudely ignoring the desire of the mountain above to have her crushed and trapped forever.

The cracking of rock was accompanied by chilling muffled laughter, and the ground quaked. A solid rock the size of a taxi cracked violently to reveal Roz’s delicate cute face set in a smug grin.

“Did I miss something, dickheads? You seem to be happy about it whatever it was. I guess you had to be there, right? But I don’t know why you’re so cheerful. My super muscles are about to fuck you over. Real fucking hard.” Very slowly, Roz belligerently bullied her way through the rock using her breasts and abs. “I’m the one with the super strength.” She thumbed her breast and sneered insolently, letting of a sound like a mortar shell when her thumb struck home hard. “I’m the one with super muscles. You’re not a mega muscle god. You’re not invincible. You’re my fucking toys, you smelly fucktard boys, and don’t forget it. And just in case you didn’t know: I break my toys. All the time.”

A cry of frustration, of rage and of bloodlust, went through the soldiers, and the battle resumed with fresh vigour. Roz waited a moment, pretending to examine her fingernails without a care in the world, with the BOOM BABOOM BABOOM of a grenades lit up the area around her and bullets splattered deliciously across the surface of her super muscles. She let them think about what they were watching for a long time, bullets sparking off her perfect pearl white teeth, and then took a step toward them. Her foot pressed hard into the concrete floor, sending three large fissures that raced out from the impact. Smiling with pure delight she continued to accept their heavy barrage, the rockets, bullets, and grenades, without complaint or even acknowledgment while she slowly closed the distance to her helpless and desperately outclassed playthings.

The heaviest explosions stopped when she halted about ten feet from the wall of field weapons. They couldn’t use rockets when she was this close without hurting themselves in the process. But the bullets streamed into her, slapping into her torso relentlessly and splattering instantly upon her hyper dense, annoyingly flawless, super jacked physique. Even though she’d been shot millions of times now, her silky smooth skin remained supernaturally clean. Looking down at herself and watching various types of bullets slapping hopeless into splattered ruin her sharp clear eyes noticed that even her fine body hair was without any sign of singeing. In fact, she noted with a smug twist of irritatingly cute lips, her very fine very delicate looking body hairs were now slicing bullets without even bending now. She was just so fucking strong her hair follicles were ignoring bullets.

“I’m bored with this shit,” she told them. It was lie. She could stand there taking bullets and grenades against her bare undefended super body all day. But her First Toy Garry was sitting in a soundproof room right now, tucked away in a secret and very secure facility under a high rise building downtown. Soundproof or not, Roz’s super ears didn’t give a shit. She could hear every word, every recorded insight into the mysterious superhuman muscle beast assaulting the states second biggest army base. Garry told them things Roz didn’t really want the government guys to know. Garry knew her parents. While Roz had fucked up the bunker trap, she had also been almost subconsciously making sure the secret of her parents names didn’t leave that secret inner city facility. For now she knew they were safe. The secret wouldn’t get out until the men in charge at that base finished discussing what to do, and Roz knew how stupid and slow normal people were at thinking. But she also wanted to play with the weak as shit secret police guys, because Roz knew her muscles would crush the specially trained elite assholes like the puny ants they were. They weren’t super muscled gods of invincible power like Roz. Neither were the pussyfoot assholes wasting ammo on her hardened obscenely strong super body. It was time for super powerful Roz to get through the bunker stage of her game and move onto the top secret base, a bonus level First Toy, and favourite squishy weakling, Garry had fortuitously unlocked for the playful super muscled menace.

Super Roz crossed her arms her arms on her sensuously inviting chest, then cradled an elbow as she held a finger to her chin in deep thought for moment while she thought up a way to use her insane super duper God muscles to destroy the rest of these insignificant gnats and show the waiting generals deep below a glimpse of her stupid planet crushing level of power. She settled on a trick she hadn’t yet tried, and raised her voice to be heard clearly above the noise of all the wasted gunfire.

“Hey assholes! My fucking nipples are tougher than you weak fuckheads. Check this shit out, pansy boys!!” Roz sneered at them derisively and put one hand her arrogantly cocked hips, using her free hand to over dramatically flick her nipple, and flick it hard. With mortifying, mountain walloping, bulkhead smashing, and disturbingly appalling force, the explosive nightmare of annihilation released by the super muscled god of power’s single fingertip striking her hard nipple destroyed everything around her, completely and utterly. Nothing remained in the tunnel before her that was bigger than a grain of sand once the power of that shockwave had finished. The bunker itself was shaken so bad that no soldiers survived outside the extra protection afforded to the command centre. Walls crumbled all around Roz while she watched with deep satisfaction. Organs were shattered, bodies smashed apart along with all the weapon army. Ceilings groaned and collapsed in the aftermath, and the mountain let out a deep seismic groan. All because one bored, super strong, super muscled bratty supergirl with endlessly growing infinite super strength called Roz Thomas flicked her nipple hard. It excited her beyond measure to think she could destroy shit so very, very, easily.

It was going to take a while for everything to settle in the battle torn bunker, so Roz cleared the hazy air with her unparalleled lung power. Her body swelled with new power as she drew the atmosphere of the entire bunker through her lips in no time at all, making her smile happily.

The generals were now all that remained of the high tech military base and its personnel. The surface was destroyed completely. Their every tank gone… every vehicle smashed by super muscles. Their men were all dead, playfully and casually slain by a laughing obnoxious superhuman powerhouse. And their toughened nuclear bunker was a husk waiting to collapse completely at any moment, and seal them away forever, seal them… .but not the devilish super muscled god who tormented them so cruelly. The mountain, they now knew, was not up to the task of restraining this obscenely powerful, evidently invulnerable, muscle god. And so the generals sat, resigned to their doom.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Smash… Ka-boom. Boom… boom… .boom… boom. Louder and louder. Smashing bunker walls, punched through by rippled pectorals and abdominals many orders of magnitude harder than diamond. Louder and louder, the hulking super girls callous concrete-pounding, floor smashing footsteps drew horribly nearer as the superpowered, muscle packed god of brute strength approached.

The door to the command room in the deepest part of the bunker creased easily as Roz placed one curious palm on its cold surface. It was a special experimental alloy, supposedly nuke proof though only three inches thick. Scornful of its apparent and pathetic weakness, Roz scoffed and closed her hand easily into the surface to get a good grip. The door frame popped plumes of concrete in three dozen places, and Roz smiled knowingly. As if this stupid door ever stood a chance against her mega mighty super muscles! The corners let go first as Roz leaned back and brutally tore the entire nine foot super alloy door out of its moorings more easily than any of the generals could pop open a can of coke.

Roz proceeded to bring her other hand into play, rolling the large door down ever smaller and revealing herself for the first time in the presence of the base commanders. The super dense metal made horrendous noises as Roz worked her carefree superpowered fingers until she held an apple sized mass that she tossed casually up and down in her left hand as she eyed the group of serious uniformed old men.

“What’s up, bitches? How the fuck are you going?” Roz leaned on the doorframe, casually pressing her superhard muscle capped shoulder into the metal and taking a bite of her armour plate Apple, chewing happily and swallowing before tearing off another chunk with her perfect shiny teeth.

“This is… is an unprovoked attack on the American people in a time of… of…”

The man trailed off as Roz took another bite and chewed, perfectly relaxed as she swallowed more reforged super armour and watched the speaker with frighteningly intelligent eyes.

“Yeah yeah… go on. An unprovoked attack… time of peace… blah blah blah. Who gives a fuck.” Roz bit and chewed more of her apple.

“You… this is… um…”

Roz sighed in disappointment, knocking the men violently back against the wall with her hot breath. She dropped her half eaten apple and stepped confidently into the middle of the room, standing like an insolent schoolgirl playfully popping her pecs and squeezing her abs in and out a couple of times.

“Did you see what I fucking did? How cool was that shit, hey. Pretty fucking sweet right? So much strength. So much super fucking amped, super fucking pumped… super fucking powerful! STRENGTH. You do know I’m a god? Right, pussy boys?” She asked them with a sneer, then her face darkened and her smug smile became terrifyingly confident. “I. Am. A… . GOD. A super muscled strong super god. A super duper super muscled super god. I just took everything you had to throw at me, and these mega muscles took the lot. I just crushed your fucking army, dickhead. And it was easy as fuck, too. Real fucking easy. Because I’m a super bad super strong muscle god and you’re a bunch of weak cunts. Because I’m an invincible god with limitless power, and your a squishy pack of fucktards with no hope of competing with these mega muscles. These all-powerfully strong, unstoppable, fuck you up, super muscles. Because I’m a rock solid, unkillable super cunt. And you. Can’t. Stop. Me. I mean… just listen to this shit.”

Roz gently took two terrified generals by the head and pressed an ear to each of her prodigious super tough breasts. They kicked and screamed and struggled, badly bruising their hands and croaking their knuckles as they belted away in fury against Roz’s densely packed and arrogantly invulnerable physique. BABOOM. BABOOM. BABOOM. Roz’s industrial muscle God heart pounded in their ears like a planet sized piston engine. Each tiny movement within Mega Roz’s magma fuelled muscles sounded like tectonics, resonant seismic groans from deep within a giant and unconquerable alien world. She released the injured men, and they scampered away from her before they hurt themselves more on her impenetrable muscular fortress of a body.

“That’s what a gods muscle sounds like, bitches. That’s what power sounds like!” Roz playfully teased them more with her posing, flexing up her chest and popping her calves and thighs causing cracks and fissures in the bedrock floor. “That’s what tank smashing, soldier boy crushing, super muscles sound like, you whiny little fucktards. Now… how about you fucking beg these muscles not to fuck you up? How about you crawl over here, on your hands and knees, and fucking beg me to be a good little muscle god? Well? How about you weak cunts get on your knees and beg me to be your fucking boss. Beg, bitches. Kneel the fuck down before ME and beg to be my toys. Kneel! Before! Roz!!”

After all they had seen this obnoxious, arrogant, muscle bound superhuman muscle god do… tearing their base apart with no mercy and demonstrating unfathomable cruelty and soul crushing invincibility… the generals knelt as one. And cried anguished, frustrated tears as they surrendered to the evident reality that this awful and terrible supergirl was indeed an invincible and unassailable god of undeniable physical strength and invulnerable power. They begged to be her toys. They begged to worship her power. Nothing but broken and shattered ruins remained of the sharp military minds these men once possessed. They begged to be slaves of the ultra mighty, super muscled Mega Roz.

“Sorry bitches. No can do. You are no use to me anymore. You’re boring. No soldiers left. No tanks left. No big machine guns to tease my super muscles with. No more bunker to smash up. You’re just a smelly pack of weak old cunts. What good are you to a mega strong super muscle god like me? Sorry… hate to break it to you… but you fucktards are boring as fuck. These muscles need to burn more energy, man. I need cut loose on a new game, and I got one all lined up downtown. It’s gonna be a fucking blast. I am going to enjoy myself a great deal, you pussies. These muscles are gonna fuck up some naughty government pricks real fucken good, dickheads. It’s gonna be fucken beautiful. But first… I’m gonna say goodbye to you pansy cunts.”

“No! You don’t need to kill us!”

Roz gave them a sweet innocent smile, making her angelic beauty shine and melting their hearts. “I know. But I want to. And you…” she hit a magnicent power pose and gently made her biceps swell. “… can’t stop me. I’m gonna flex these muscles up and fuck you over super hard, you little pansies.”

Roz watched them all move back and press into the wall in disbelief as Roz shamelessly and unapologetically flexed her mighty mega muscles up in front of her cowering toys. She gave them a flex and intensified. Within herself she felt her power grow and grow and grow. Her eyes sparkled more intensely and even s little relaxed her muscles became harder, rounder, more bulging with an even greater overabundance of god crushing super strength. They wept as her frame glowed with mega muscle God power that pushed physically against them, gently at first but soon crushing them mercilessly against the wall. Mega Roz laughed and flexed harder, then hard and harder again. The men screamed, then Roz lowered her gaze to look up at them past devilish gold eyebrows with a sneaky evil smile chilling everyone’s blood. She just stood there and let the power grow. More strength. More hard super powered muscle fibres. She swelled only very gently, but she got so hard… her muscles becoming so ridiculously dense it was beyond the realm of reality entirely until she forced her new improving mega muscles upon her world for all eternity.

Roz leaned back and relaxed, her evil expression melting into on of utter bliss as she stopped ramping up her power. “Holy flying fuckballs. What a rush, man. Wow.”

They quivered and the mountain quaked, her fresh power amping her voice to an ear bleeding volume even though she spoke softly. Such power. Such raw, brutal strength flowed though her, that she knew she could crush stars and drink whole galaxies if she chose. Roz stood there and realised she had only sipped the edges of her power, and in the last few seconds had ascended to a plane millions of times beyond this pathetic world. Her carefree laughter let loose now would doom the entire Milky Way. So she settled on her most smug little smile to wear upon her cute and heart meltingly beautiful face as her last communication to the tear streaked faces before her. Then she pointed at her bent right arm, raising the limb to present her glad tensed divine muscle to her enslaved audience. With a sparkle of amusement in her eye, the super amped mega Roz snapped her bicep and let the overabundance of power destroy the bunker completely in an instant. Like a small tactical nuke, the blast her simple action produced swept up the entire base under the mountain and spat it out. Luckily, only a few city blocks were lost because the zone of total destruction fell short of the city.

“Fucking. Awesome.” Roz looked out at the destruction and grinned. She was truly a god of muscle power. Volcanic unrestrainable strength coursed through her veins, blood millions of times more dense and thousands of times hotter than magma pumping unapologetic irrational might through her billion ton physique. The stupefyingly potent super girl floated in the dazzling haze of her own thirty foot aura.

With such power in her body, she could hear them all. Every man. Every woman. Every child. She could smell them. And she could see them. They were ALL her toys now. Playthings to bend and break and smash with her super strong muscles. They just didn’t know it yet. Chuckling with a voice that rattled boulders and cleared the air around her, Mega Roz gently flexed her chest and watched her aura grow out to smash the mountain apart a little more.

“This is fucking crazy, now,” she whispered, in honest awe of her own physical omnipotence. She really was a world crushing, Galaxy smashing, muscle god. Hulk was a fucking pussy next to her. She smiled dreamily, calmed by the immense and intoxicating power, and imagined how cool it would be to smash the Incredible Hulk… battering her green bulk with her kick ass super duper, astronomically overpowered mega muscles. Her super, duper, mega ultra, omni Roz, muscle. Or how totally awesome it would be to press her ultra strong hands on either side of Superman’s pathetic Kryptonian frame and crush the helplessly flailing superhero with her own Mega Roz super god muscle. Superman would cry like all the rest. A shame he wasn’t real…

Deep down inside her Mega Roz power trip, Roz knew if she went to play downtown with this much super muscle pumping magma around her body the whole galaxy would end up in ruins. No exaggeration. Her mind processed events clearly and no matter what she did at this power level, a thoughtless laugh or chuckle would doom the Milky Way. And despite that, she smiled army with the comforting knowledge that she could flex up even more power than this. Much more power. Much much more titanic, unstoppable power.

“I am a fucking god…” She noted with a wind triggering whisper. “And you weak cunts are ALL my toys.”

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