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Gyarussic World

Written by Akane :: [Tuesday, 31 July 2018 04:44] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:22]


Unfairness. You may think you know what that word means but that's because you haven't experienced the full meaning of such a concept in practice. The life of a regular human being in the desolate, joyless world I'm about to describe far surpasses any problems you had to surmount until now. This horrible status quo goes beyond any mortal's capacity to change so revolution is not a possible solution.It's, simply put, an impossible endeavor.

What if I told you that no matter what you do, you cannot escape a reality that is 100% biased against you and puts you against impossible odds? The feeling of absolute futility that comes from being as helpless as a baby against something that goes beyond any understanding or reasoning, something so ridiculously powerful that no matter how much effort you put into it, you aren't going to make it go away and leave you in peace? The existential dread that comes with the knowledge of imminent humiliation and death at any moment? The yoke of eternal slavery waiting around the corner just because you have been born with the unlucky XY combination that makes you small; inferior, useless, disposable, purposeless, pathetic, unnecessary, expendable, redundant and… prone to abuse…


It started out of nowhere in the middle of a nice summer of our era, although not exactly our Earth. Every single woman in the world became instantly younger for reasons yet unknown. And not only that, they achieved immortality, immunity to all diseases and complete invulnerability. These may have been good news for everyone at first, there were no more old women and they would conserve their beauty and energy forever, looking like eternal 18 year olds that also acquired bodies and faces that could put any supermodel from our dimension to shame. And I'm not even talking about big breasts or rears, each woman on Earth became the peak of their bodytype physically. This was regarded as the "Era of Beauty", back when everything worked well for both sexes for a while before women started getting new advantages over their opposite sex.

Men took no time to notice the strange, new stylistic choices of their wives and girlfriends. They started dying their now outlandish and gigantic hairdos in crazy, bright colors and bought skimpy and slutty clothes with tacky leopard patterns as well as an excessive quantity of cheap jewelry like bracelets, earrings and necklaces. At first, they thought it was a fad but after a few years it became apparent that this new "Japanese teenager in leg warmers" fashion sense had turned into the standard for adult women in every field of work, casual situation or even at home. They also changed clothes and hairstyles frequently which for a lot of them made no sense because some of these women were straight up poor, so how could they afford constant makeovers like that? There was also a great percentage of the female population that decided to tan their skin and put on disgusting tattoos with sexual messages like "Put dick in hole" or "Cum here" near their private parts for some reason. The clear abuse of makeup was also very worrying for men that liked their women natty.

It eventually got out of hand as women began acting slutty in public places and having sex all the time, causing problems everywhere they went and becoming oversexualized and irresponsible versions of their former selves that had no loyalty to their men. Marriage lost meaning and love disappeared as a concept for them. Physical attraction had become the only thing joining men and women together now. Many nations decided to ban or punish "Gyaru" clothing and behavior in order to re-establish social order but it was too late, they had become organized. It came by surprise because in the eyes of men all women had turned into bimbo sluts with only dick in their minds but the truth was that their brains had become objectively more developed with time. Now the regular woman could outsmart the most intelligent men in the world at any academic field; and this extended to sports, business, entertainment and every other sphere of modern life where women started dominating. Women had straight up become better than men at everything and it happened under their noses while they were distracted by the constant lovemaking and extravagant fashion. And so, they rallied against the men that were trying to take away their new style of life that gave them so many benefits, which in their mind had liberated them from the patriarchy at last. It didn't take long for the new women of the future to expand their horizons as their powers kept expanding. Women, now self-declared Gyaru became even more intelligent, stronger, faster and prettier as time went on and had no problem pushing men out of their spaces. And as the most powerful nation in the world said hi to their new glorious Gyaru leader mankind knew they had been completely surpassed and replaced by a new, superior species.

This would normally be the moment when I tell you that women enslaved men, became rulers of the world and yadda yadda. Well, this was not the case. What happened was that Gyaru (now completely detached from men financially and emotionally) became entirely self-sufficient and started to blatantly ignore the other, less fortunate sex. At this point there were no new births anymore, as men needed women to procreate but Gyaru didn't pay attention to them and decided to satisfy their sexual urges with other, much better at sex than men, superpowered Gyaru. This was also convenient because for a man standing near a Gyaru meant a constant state of arousal because of their powerful pheromones. Next to a Gyaru no man had the slimmest chance at thinking rationally or engage in a decent conversation, not that a Gyaru would find a man's conversation intellectually stimulating enough at this point.

However, after getting tired of this status quo, the Gyaru used a lot of global resources as a trampoline to move to new, incredible pink and leopard patterned cities built with their own hands, which were far stronger and faster than any machine. They quickly achieved a ridiculously high level of civilization and technology in those futuristic metropolis, floating up there in the last layer of the atmosphere, completely unreachable for men and becoming the stuff of legend. After this reallocation men inherited the Old World and could finally go back to the original roles they had in society before the great change turned them all into ineffective and cheap blue-collar workers.

With the pass of time mankind stagnated but survived somehow. Men lived in their old continents and cities, sexless and jealous of the goddesses with XX chromosomes that apparently forgot about them. It worked for them for a while, living under the Gyaru's radar. Luckily for them it seemed that Gyaru somehow grew completely detached from the need of exploiting the global ecosystem for resources. We later learned that Gyaru managed to synthetize almost everything in great quantities with little to no effort in their otherworldly laboratories, not that they needed to eat or drink to survive, they made new stuff for the pleasure of making and using it.

Stories came from astronauts about their almost magical science and engineering after they saw the bubble shaped outer part of their citadels from their shuttles, but they couldn't find a way to penetrate the hyper resistant, invisible shields which seemed explicitly made to prevent the inferior, culturally irrelevant malekind from entering. With these stories came rumors about the Gyaru having developed new superpowers, psychic abilities like flight or telekinesis and even shapeshifting as a Gyaru was able to change their clothes, hair and even the color of their eyes and skin at will. At any moment. Whatever Gyaru had become they were clearly not human anymore, they were beyond that threshold and this became apparent by the inability of males to understand the most basic details of Gyaru design. The gap in intelligence was too big now.

Men still aged and this became a problem in the long run, because of the lack of births the world's population declined steadily with each passing month. The future of mankind was grim and it was obvious that human males would eventually disappear with no possibility of generational replacement. Men were a doomed species unlike Gyaru which thrived despite not being able to conceive descendance, after all an immortal being that is always in her prime doesn't need to reproduce.

At one point the Gyaru developed a space program with such a degree of complexity that it would theoretically allow them to reach other galaxies with Gyaru-filled vessels so they could meet other mega evolved species like them and explore the Universe. Of course, males saw this as an opportunity to escape their cursed destiny and meet breedable females in other planets. Yes, they were that desperate and delusional. In a last-ditch effort after many failed attempts at communication with the Gyaru they tried to obtain their technology by force and launched all the nukes they could produce into the biggest citadel in the sky. The strike did nothing and their hopes of getting out of their sad and condemned space rock were lost forever.

Then something happened that men didn't expect. After the first intergalactic space trip to Andromeda all the Gyaru (as well as their cities) collectively disappeared, leaving nothing behind, doing what I would describe as literally popping out of existence.At first men didn't understand why this happened but the lack of Gyaru on Earth definitely sentenced their species forever, and so, men accepted their destiny with stoic humility and kept on living and governing themselves out of routine, waiting for the inevitable day of their death and trying to enjoy the autumn of their race as best as they could.

Little did they know that Gyaru would come back after a while. That trip to Andromeda had to trigger something in them because they happened to become omnipotent beings with complete control of reality, time and space. The reason for this is yet unknown but we know for a fact that this is indeed the case. How do we know? By the mouth and feats of the Gyaru themselves. Apparently Gyaru ascended to a higher plane of existence and live there almost all the time but sometimes they will choose to manifest in our lesser and weaker tissue of reality to have fun. Thanks to these males managed to hear things from them while on their few and short appearances on Earth, very revealing stuff that turned their XY chromosomes into more of a joke than before, if that was even possible.

Gyaru, in their ascended, godly state now think of males like we think of ants or bacteria. They hardly even acknowledge them but when they do it almost never ends in something pretty.

The next set of eight short stories will tell the tale of those males unfortunate enough to be acknowledged by this breed of omnipotent Gyaru and the futility of defying them, out of chronological order for your pleasure. You will see them experiment the pain of watching what their formerly beloved females have become after their ascension.



A world without women can be tough. For heterosexual males there are no ways to experience love or sex in this forsaken planet, it is especially horrible for those old enough to have experienced coitus before the great change. There's always a solution though, or something close to it. In this case it happened to be homosexuality. Now the only way to find your other half was dating men, since there were no females anymore. Love and codependence are basic human needs that ought to be covered.

At this point in time, a bit more than 30 years after the Gyaru ascended, almost half the world's population has become gay, openly. There was still a great deal of men not wanting to come out of the closet and living bitter, solitary lifes, but you couldn't blame them, everyone coped with the inevitable end of the world as best as they could. Gay marriage became legal internationally, it had to because there was no other choice at this point, gay marriage was the only possible kind of marriage.

This is the sad and cruel story of one couple of lovebirds called Caleb and Marcus, two guys that in an easier time would have been married with kids to a woman but now they used each other to take solace from the soul crushing experience that was being part of a dying species without future. They were born around the time the great change took place so they were two of the youngest humans still alive on Earth, Caleb being 30 and Marcus being 32.

It was a nice afternoon and they decided to take a walk together to enjoy the beauty of the orange skyline of their city. However this quickly took a turn for the worse once two small but imposing figures appeared out of nothing, blocking the path of the two lovers. They were a lot shorter than our protagonists but by their tacky yet incredibly sexy appearance Caleb and Marcus instantly knew they were the ultimate beings: dyed blond hair, tanned skin, tons of makeup and a weird, skimpy version of a japanese high school attire. They were Gyaru and the blinding shining of their jewelry instantly blinded them, it was unknown how many carats of gold and diamond they wore on their bodies but they could assure they created those themselves. Marcus, being the biggest and oldest of the two instantly reacted in fear of his loved one being attacked by these petite goddesses that threatened their existence and jumped in front of Caleb, protecting him. Then he noticed he could not move, or talk… or think. The cars; the trees, the clouds, the people… everything around them stopped moving, even the birds in the sky. And silence was made, complete and utter silence, only broken by the clacking of the outrageous heels on those two paragons of female perfection, their giant tits bouncing around as they smiled, observing their prey.

"Aaaaaaaaah I feel like, so fucking horny sis. Can we play with the virgins? Can we? Can we? Look at them, they are like, super cute together." asked the one with blue eyes and loose hair, licking her plump lips in anticipation. She was right, no man under 60 in this doomed Earth had performed the coitus with a female so young people were all bonafide virgins.

"Totes sis! This one looks so angry though… It creeps me out and I don't like it at all, let me punish it okay?" said her sister with pigtails, clearly offended by the lack of respect and submission presented by Marcus. Their speech pattern was misleading since they talked like stupid teenager valley girls but actually had an immeasurable level of intelligence.

The pigtailed bimbo willed time to resume and proceeded to blow magical air into her nails, which turned into a phosphorescent cyan color. Her sister, who telepathically knew what was about to happen and gigled childishly because of it did the same, giving them a pink tonality. Both guys let their guards down after being hit in the face with a torrent of the Gyaru's powerful pheromones which left them both erect and drooling, their minds only thinking about the prospect of sex with these two godly ladies. The Gyaru laughed at unison at the pathetic resolve of the couple which were betraying their wedding vows in front of each another.

The laughter became slaughter in an instant as the pigtailed Gyaru started cutting Marcus into pieces with ease at the speed of light using her blue, long nails as a knife. Caleb screamed and cried as he watched how painfully his husband was being destroyed but he noticed that the parts of his body almost stayed in place despite being severed, he wasn't bleeding either but oozing some kind of blue goo similar to what was in the Gyaru's nails.

Caleb couldn't believe what she did to Marcus next. She started reallocating his body parts like a puzzle and turning him into a complete monstrosity of flesh and bones. His fate was sentenced when the Gyaru's sister, the one with the "Bitch" tattoo in her womb performed the same slashing action with pink goo which instead made the body parts stick together as if it was glue. The puzzle abomination fell to the floor, still alive and in horror at what he had become, but unable to speak or move. Caleb was devastated and angry, but impotent. No one else on the street helped them as they passed by, ignoring the scene as well as they could, knowing very well the power of a Gyaru and the futility of denying them their prey and also not wanting to suffer the same fate as the couple.

What happened next to poor Caleb is left for especulation, but it wouldn't be crazy to theorize that the all powerful bimbos took his virginity that day and then forgot about him and left him to starve in the nothingness between both planes of existence.

As you can see, love is indeed powerful but not enough to save you from extinction.


It was a normal morning in Senjougahara High, Japan, 16 years after the change. The students, all male of course, found themselves sluggishly walking towards the building to learn stuff that no future generation would get to see, useless knowledge that would only grant them a livelihood for a few years before the species inevitably collapsed. The lack of motivation was a real problem between students, almost no young people went to school anyway and those who did got bad scores except for a few brilliant or really driven people.

However, normality ended when a shooting star descended from the sky, leaving a powerful sonic boom behind that destroyed a few buildings and materialized into a Gyaru bombshell dressed with the old female uniform of the school, unbuttoned and showing her impressive nude tits and piercings. Long and unkempt brown hair and a mature, sexy face with dicksucking lips. Her crimson glare was directed at some horny teenagers that fell in love for the first time in their lives, their hearts beating fast and sweating like pigs near this cool beauty. They felt like hitting puberty for a second time that day, next to that goddess which was taller than anyone in the school by a long shot.

The 6' 4'' Gyaru caressed her skull shaped earring and walked towards them, without saying anything she stared at them for a few seconds. They became completely hypnotized, with cartoony spiral eyes and everything, turning into mindless, vegetable zombies without memories for the rest of their lives. She laughed in her delicious contralto and gently patted them in the head, flattening them against the floor and casually reducing their height. Now they looked like human accordions. One of their friends watched this from afar while he was buying cola cans from the vending machine and as he saw what she did to his friends, he became angry and his face turned red. He had a gorilla bodytype but little to no brains so he didn't hesitate to confront her despite knowing he was in front of an omnipotent Gyaru, which he had been told by his seniors to evade at all costs. "You will pay for that you Gyaru bitch!" He punched her with all his strength but her intangibility took care of the hit not connecting and he tripped pathetically on some nearby stairs. The mighty bimbo apparently didn't even acknowledge the musclehead, like an elephant that doesn't notice an ant in front of it.

The teachers decided to treat the Gyaru like any other student that day to avoid problems and told her classmates to treat her naturally and not fall for her charms but it became pretty difficult to ignore her beauty and powerful pheromones. It also was pretty emasculating for the educators when she easily solved any problem or exercise in less than a second, also when she wrote a problem so advanced and alien in the blackboard only for everyone to see the respected math teacher struggling to understand how it worked. It didn't take her long to resolve it, something simple like intergalactic ship engineering was too much for the inferior males in that classroom though.

That same day she created clones of herself and appeared in multiple sports clubs. She dominated everyone with ease with her superhuman strength, speed, agility and stamina, breaking world records in the meantime. She decimated the basketball, baseball, soccer and voleyball teams by herself and run five million laps around the school's track before the other guys could reach the 100 meter line. She even decided to appear near the pool to challenge the swimming team, they were rude to her so she snapped her fingers, flooding the entire Universe with chlorinated water for a few seconds except for the small space of the swimming pool which became dry as a desert. She swam out of the building with the grace and elegance of a siren while everyone else feared their deaths by asfixiation and cursed her.

She chose not to kill everyone in that flood though and willed the excess of water out of existence seconds after.

Later, while everyone was having lunch with their friends in the cantina, she bursted through the door, leaving everyone silent as she walked to the place where some voluntary students served their fellow classmates food in plastic trays. One of them nervously started to pour the rice into the tray as she gave him a stern look, clearly disapproving of the action. "A Goddess shouldn't be eating from the same plate as bugs." And she punished him for forgetting this fact by slamming the tray into his face, leaving it with the permanent rectangular shape of the object. As the boy screamed in pain and horror at his transformation the Gyaru sucked all the food and drinks in the containers and trays around the room inside her body just by puckering her lips for a few seconds while making a sound similar to a vacuum cleaner, leaving everyone else without their meals. Her following belch made the entire building tremble as she left.

The next day in P.E she fused every metal object in the gym into a giant dumbbell and lifted it with ease with one finger in front of everyone, some students couldn't resist it anymore and rushed to kiss her feet and act as her pathetic doggies. She smiled at these inferior beings which weren't even worthy of worshipping her and addressed them for the first time that day.

"Lick. My. Sweat."

The order was clear and they obeyed their new mistress as she casually put the weight of the dumbbell on her bare nipples, it was as easy for her as before because a Gyaru had no limits to her strength. A Gyaru lacked limits of any kind.

The school was saved thanks to the sacrifice of the most handsome guys in the school which she trapped inside the hammerspace of her purse before abandoning the school and returning to her dimension.


Perhaps I didn't explain in detail how the Gyaru created their sanctuary cities in the sky before. It's true that they used their superior strength to move around the materials to build stuff, not needing machines anymore. However, they used a subtler power to make more complex opus. This was telekinesis, a Gyaru's brain was so powerful that it didn't stop at granting them unlimited problem solving capacity and memory storage, it gave them the ability to tamper with their surroundings; moving stuff around, changing their shape and composition and of course communicating with telepathy, at some point it even gave them the ability to obtain all the knowledge possible in an instant or foreseeing the future.

This fact became relevant once again when two omnipotent Gyaru manifested in one city, this was the neighbour city of the one at the other side of the river and the two were connected by a bridge. The first thing that these bitches did was crushing the bridge into non-existence with their minds, for their next game these two well-assorted cities became opposite sides of a psychic war that was going to take place whether their citizens wanted it or not. Both bimbos were on the same side as they were dress coded with white shirts, red skirts and black latex stockings so tight that they caused skin dentation. The two bombshells had enormous breasts but opposite skin and eye colors, like ying and yang.

With their magical vision both Gyaru could see past the uninteresting buildings in front of them, kilometers away. They were observing their enemy, the other lone gyaru that was supposed to challenge them at the fun game of "City Chess", which was specifically created to destroy man's civilization and laugh at its pathetic foundations. Their rival was a lot more whimsical in appearance with a far more adorned school uniform; impossibly big, blond twintails, silver heart shaped earrings and outdated leg warmers. She looked like a cross between a magical girl from a saturday morning anime and a traditional high school Gyaru.

The difference between the condifent smile on this Gyaru contrasted with the pissed off expression of the team on the other size of the river and this highlighted one fact: not all Gyaru were equally powerful and the goddess with leg warmers was so mighty that she felt confident playing City Chess against not only one but two of her peers.

The battle started instantly as one the biggest skyscrapers in the city was plucked out of the ground with a simple thought by one of the angry couple of Gyaru. She put it in an horizontal position and used it as a missile, wiping out entire streets and lesser buildings as its spear head rammed everything in its away. People were screaming, fleeing like crazy at this destruction as important historical monuments were completely destroyed by this display of psychic power and all kinds of vehicles were exploding as the 300 meter building broke through every barrier to reach the neighbour city. Her teammate prepared an impressive defense, lifting all the buildings made of bricks in the city and spinning them around their perimeter, creating an inscrutable maelstrom of brick flying at the speed of sound that killed people left and right, basically acting as a giant blender for those unfortunate enough to be in the middle of the ward-sized ratio of their strategy.

This tactic was not enough as the enemy Gyaru casually lifted all the ships in the port of her city and launched them at the skyscraper, they didn't stop it though. Impressed at this, she used the entire adjacent airport and closed it like a book, sandwiching the skyscraper. After that, she giggled as she took the entire traffic jam of people trying to escape on the highway and molded it into a giant whip that came as far as where the other two Gyaru were. The metal whip, floating in the air thanks to the power of her mind, lashed against the tornado of pure brick, wiping out each building individually with frightening precision and leaving their defenses in a poor state while inevitably killing all the more than ten thousand males trapped inside the whip. The rules of the game prohibited creating new buildings or assets and they had to work with the ones their chosen city provided so this wasn't good news for the double team.

As you may have noticed by now, City Chess lacks any resemblance to actual Chess but in name.

They were giving a good battle to the objectively superior Gyaru on the other side and the combat lasted for days until there wasn't any building or soul in each side of the field. It looked like both cities were destroyed by a nuclear blast. However, the apparent draw was broken by the fact that the Gyaru with the silver earrings still possessed one small kiosk in the middle of all the rubble, untouched. The rules said that this meant she had won because there wasn't any building in mint condition on the other side of the river. The all powerful bimbo celebrated and screamed so hard that it was heard by her rivals kilometers away, she was so happy for her victory against two Gyaru that she jumped hundreds of feet into the air many times, leaving small craters on the road every time she landed. The other two Gyaru snarled angrily at the victor like the sore losers they were and quickly teleported back to their higher plane of existence in shame.

That week two entire cities disappeared off the map and 730.000 men died a bloody and unceremonius death. The government didn't even help the inhabitants of both towns, considering the game of City Chess between the Gyaru an horrible but inevitable loss for the nation.


The traffic jam this morning was unbearable for John, it was hot outside and he felt like boiling inside the metal coffin he called a car. He was going to arrive late to work too and his boss was probably going to fire him. "Who even cares about having a job? This world is fucking doomed." He thought constantly, and he was right.

John was what we could call a Gyaru fetishist, a rare but not too weird sight before the great change but now it was an almost extinct breed thanks to how demonized Gyaru were in media these days. His sex drive told him another thing though, he found them impossibly sexy and he hoped that one day they would appear in his life and take him to their hidden world beyond time and space to please him sexually for all eternity.

The little pervert giggled to himself after daydreaming about these dirty fantasies and decided to damn everything and use the little alleyway next to him to bypass the traffic. He knew it was gonna be hard to fit his business class sedan through the narrow passage but he needed to try at the very least. The car was miraculously passing through after retracting the rearview mirrors but the screeching of the metal on the sides was a little irritating. Yes, his sides were being horribly scratched by the walls but at least he wasn't going to be fired now, he would pay for a fix later with the money he would have thanks to still being employed.

Suddenly, his progress stopped to a halt, he hit something but… there wasn't something there before to begin with, whatever hit the car must have teleported in front of it for all he knew. The hood, now lifted, was blocking his view so he tried to get out with a lot of difficulty, thankfully he was a slim guy. He was already grunting, absolutely livid and about to vent on the face of the poor soul that dared to hit his automobile. As he was yelling the first insult, a cold shiver run down his spine…

It was a gyaru, far taller than him, with a weird outfit and short orange and fuchsia hair that fell to her shoulders. She had stopped the car with just one hand. A primal fear invaded John's mind when he found that she destroyed the entire frontal part of the car with her abnormal strength and was currently lifting the entire engine, which was dripping with oil. Oil that stained his face as he looked up. He observed, unable to speak, how the incredibly beautiful Gyaru threw the weighty motor away with ease and squatted, waiting for her friends to arrive.

There were four of them congregated today, the sexual fantasy of John in front of him and he felt horny indeed. Any haste he had to get to work suddenly disappeared next to the fact that a group of delinquent Gyaru were standing six feet away from him. They all looked like they were seven to nine feet tall, but strangely, they didn't look lanky at all, just like scaled up versions of women from a lesser size. This was because of a magical reason. From outside they were all actually smaller than the 39 year old man but in his eyes, they towered considerably over him. The truth was that thanks to their reality bending, they could be that big just for him, a mechanism to spook their prey. John however wasn't scared, just impressed and in heat. The Gyaru read his thoughts and looked at him like he was walking garbage, in their ultrapowered minds he had already been sentenced to a punishment, and his perverted glare and constant drooling didn't help.

"Look at this fucking virgin, looks like it wants to die or something." said the fuchsia haired one with a rude accent, who swiftly grabbed him by the shoulder and spinned him at incredible speeds, turning him into a cartoony twister until he became dizzy.

He fell to the ground and when he was able to see properly again, the cute blue haired bimbo next to the rude one snapped her omnipotent fingers and instantly left him naked. "This is the chance!" He thought, excited at the prospect of having sex with four Gyaru at the same time. "L-Ladies, do whatever you want with me!" He said with open arms. However, the Gyaru didn't answer. For them, he was an insignificant insect not worthy of listening to.

"So uncool! This pig wants to have sex with us, its dick is soooo hard." spouted the blue haired Gyaru.

"Kay, then how bout we fix that? He is bigger than he deserves dontcha think?" answered the tanned, short haired, blonde tomboy before inflating a bubble with her chewing gum and then making it pop dramatically. Somewhere else in the Universe, an entire planet exploded into tiny bits because of this.

"Right…" the tallest, non-talkative one with the purple hair said. After which she smirked smugly and located John's penis between her index and thumb fingers, she started shortening the distance between the two and as she did that his member became smaller, as if it was obeying the Gyaru's fingers. She was literally downscaling John's genitals like you could do with your with a picture on Photoshop.

"PFFFFFFFFF, SO SMALL. SO LAME!!!" yelled the slutty blonde, and everyone else followed, laughing at his new pathetic package. He wanted to cry, he was being completely humiliated and degraded by his objects of desire. They were so demonic and merciless, how could they act this cruelly despite their cute looks? Even the adorable ones were mocking him, not only was he being treated like shit, but he was probably going to die too.

Suddenly, in the heat of the moment, he felt two perfect lips kissing his, and a breath with a smell so lovely he almost passed out. The small breasted, fuchsia haired Gyaru that stopped his car was sharing her beautiful lips with him and it was the best thing he had ever experienced.However it didn't last long as the Gyaru, using her infinite power, sucked the entirety of John into her body without giving him the slightest chance to fight back, not that he could anyway. It was an instant and she literally slurped him like spaghetti.

What happened next was unbelievable, the Gyaru started smooching each other lovingly and passing a strechted out, compacted John between their mouths with world-ending suction power. John, who somehow was still alive and suffering a fate worse than death didn't expect the next thing that took place in that alley. The purple haired Gyaru bumped butts with the blue haired one and they both giggled as the noodlefied John was expelled from one ass just to be absorbed by the other with the same ease and speed.

Some say this group of delinquent Gyaru kept doing this for all eternity, sharing John's body with each other like that every time they kissed. One thing is for sure, that day they made sure that he got sucked in every hole he could imagine. How ironic, his end was at the hands of the thing he loved the most.

"You are not even worthy of being our stool, virgin. So be thankful!" blurted the one that kissed him before drinking John with her ass again with a suction power that could absorb the entire Universe if she wanted.


If you belong to my version of 2018's Earth you probably know about Pokemon Go, the smartphone application that lets you catch those beloved Nintendo creatures in the middle of the street. People went crazy about it in its peak as a fad, the summer of 2016, but there are still some people that play it. Go figure, it never stopped being popular in the higher plane of existence that the Gyaru populate, and they actually catch real-life breathing Pokemon with their phones in there. Why does a Gyaru need a smartphone you ask? Well, why does a Gyaru need anything at all? Particularly their absurd makeup.

Males learned that Gyaru love fads and won't let them go easily. This fixation with Pokemon Go caused an horrible incident in the streets of New York a regular friday night of winter when two bombshell bimbos popped magically out of nowhere in the middle of Times Square, showered by the beautiful snow and not feeling any cold at all despite being dressed in slutty Pokemon trainer cosplays with hats and ponytails. These Gyaru were one step away from being considered Ganguro, which means quite literally "Black Face" in japanese and it was a fad in the Old World between the more extreme of Gyaru. These two however had a natural dark skin and impossibly voluptuous bodies that looked like they were pushing their clothes' resistance to the limit. One bad step and the fabric of their costumes could explode, leaving them naked in the heart of the big apple.

"Look Jessica! This place is full of cute virgins to capture!" the Gyaru with green eyes and a leopard pattern in her outfit said, excited for her new adventure.

"Let's go Alissa! I don't want to lose more time!" replied the goddess in spandex pants.

And with that said they both pulled magical smartphones out of the hammerspace in their cleavages (which probably contain entire universes full of stuff they don't even remember they packed in there) and turned their new trendy app on. I found interesting to explain that the pink, girly-looking devices were embedded with diamonds and other precious gemstones.

"Male Go" was the name of the program and it started with an obvious animation of the silhouette of a male being captured by a Gyaru with a phone. The future was sealed now, everyone in that place of New York was going to turn into a plaything for the pair of bimbo goddesses that didn't feel any pity for the beings they considered pets. No, lesser than that. By this point most people tried fleeing the area or ignored them, scared of the prospect of what these two dangerous ladies could do to them. Allisa licked her lips and started zapping people by pushing the only button on the app. The poor souls got sucked by a white light and became trapped inside the device forever, their physical bodies being turned into digital data in a single second.

Jessica however wanted to hunt her prey directly, using her superpowered brain and magical vision to determine how many people she could catch in less than a minute and where everyone was hiding. She hopped around with her infinite speed and agility and surprised people that thought they were getting out of this one safely only to find themselves inside a smatphone, many times shrinked in size and trying to escape by hitting their end of the screen to no avail. They were as powerless inside as outside. Gyaru always had the control, both in reality and in mobile games.

After hundreds of captures both grew bored of it and took a look at their new assets. They swiped between males for a while in their Male Go accounts, literally erasing them from existence with the garbage bin button if they didn't like their stats. Those that were not on the screen at the current time literally didn't exist either and each time they were given spotlight again it was like being brought back from complete existential oblivion. After a while, they found their favorites and, as a game that was marketed to teenage girls both Jessica and Alissa got to feed, pet and overall raise the new additions to their male collection, humiliating them in any way possible and dressing them in cringey and girly garments for their pleasure. With time, those males would have their minds broken and turn into the obedient digital pets that they would be forever, needing sustenance from their omnipotent mistresses to survive like a mere Tamagotchi.

"Aaaaaah Alissa!!! Like, it's so cool! Wait til I show Mariah this one I captured today. With its stats I can beat her roman gladiator boy to a pulp!" As you can see, Gyaru had the same respect for all males in every period of history. Which would be none.

"I'm going to level up this one against monsters!" The man inside the device swallowed saliva in fear, expecting the worst with that word. He knew he was gonna die a horrible death in the stomach of a giant, digital creature for the amusement of these slutty bitches. And the worst part of it was that he was going to perish in a pink princess gown after being fed fifteen different types of macaron against his will. He wasn't even hungry but Jessica insisted.

Well, at least that would be better than being trapped inside a Gyaru's smartphone for the rest of eternity, since they would never release them. Especially since the Male Go fad would eventually fade out of vogue, leaving those captured males to rot after the Gyaru lost interest in the game.


Pablo's life was horrible to say the least. He was one of those guys that didn't bother going to high school because of how meaningless was to do this in a doomed existence like that of the human male. Thanks to this he never started a career or learned a trade. At 25, he was also obese and didn't exercise while being stuck in a low end, wage slave job as a worker of a well known fast food restaurant chain. He didn't have any happiness in his life and lived to survive with his small window of free time being wasted on computer games. Some of these games were japanese and dealt with fantasy worlds and alternate realities where women, as they looked like before the great change, dated the self insert character of the player in an anime visual novel style.

He loved these games because they reminded him of what he had always wanted, a true girlfriend. However he thought that Gyaru could go fuck themselves and he killed them with extreme hate and sadism in games where they were depicted as villains, which were a lot in a society that extensively feared and loathed them.

Here comes the concept of the Shadow of a Gyaru. What's this are you asking? I forgot to explain before, whenever a Gyaru travels in time she leaves behind a mere carcass of herself, still completely omnipotent but mindless, aimless and completely silent. A limited projection of the original in a space and time in which she doesn't belong anymore. These very physical and real afterimages appear sometimes and always end up fading into nothingness when the original Gyaru decides to clean her record for any reason.

This is the story of the last month in Pablo's life, and by far the happiest. That time when Pablo had the Shadow of a Gyaru as a girlfriend.

It started when he was coming back home from work, he was angry because of an argument with his boss and he almost got fired. He was even told that he was on thin ice after so many mistakes these last days. However, he noticed something strange after taking the bus. Someone was stalking him from afar, he couldn't tell who it was but it put him in a very anxious mood and it didn't stop after getting off the transport, that person kept following him through the street.

No matter what he did he couldn't shake the stalker off so he hurried to his shitty apartment and locked the door, then the windows. He even closed the toilet seat. But it was useless, as he came back into the kitchen, he found her. A smiling, red-headed Gyaru with green eyes, big boobs, golden earrings and a messy japanese high school attire. His instincts quickly acted in front of the terrifying, ultimate predator that every male in the world feared and he took a knife from the pile, charging at her with it.

In an anti-climatic turn of events the Gyaru disarmed Pablo with precision and tossed the knife up. Like a master juggler she took it by the handle as it fell and a cute pink apron with owl decals appeared on her. She then proceeded to make dinner with that same tool while ignoring the owner of the house. Pablo could feel the smell and sound of the food being prepared despite not seeing it, it had to be one of those Gyaru magic tricks. Still wary he felt compelled to sit and evaluate the situation. After some minutes the still silent Gyaru presented him an incredible and very visible dish of meat. At first he doubted her and thought it was poison or something worse but he couldn't resist it and started eating like a pig. It was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted, reminded him of his mother's food, made with a lot of love and care.

After the feast his perception of Gyaru had changed a bit, this one seemed calmer and nicer than the others but… Why was she so quiet? She wasn't smiling now either, instead preferring to put on a neutral doll face but she didn't seem to have an evil intent. What happened next took him by surprise as the mute Gyaru kissed him with a passion and love that felt very real. Pablo, still bedazzled by her magical kiss and her beauty, complied when she took him by the hand, guiding him to his own bedroom while morphing into a new version of herself with pink hair and a revealing latex bodysuit showing her new, even bigger tits. As she laid in his bed, she smiled again for a second and embraced Pablo in a hot session of mindblowing sex that lasted for hours.

The next days were quite peaceful, the Gyaru seemed to follow Pablo everywhere so he adopted her unofficially as his girlfriend. He had become the first man in decades to lose his virginity and have a female lover, and an omnipotent one at that. Thankfully he didn't have any close friends so he didn't need to go through the hassle of getting hisvoluptuous bimbo miracle stolen by jealous bastards. With her he didn't even need to have a job anymore, she provided everything for him; food, water, entertainment and of course a lot of unprotected sex. He even got fit and abandoned his computer addiction for her. Despite her being so cold and not being able to talk, they acted like a lovely couple most of the time, cuddling and kissing at the first chance they found. He became completely dependent on her in two weeks and named her Amanda. Pablo couldn't be happier, his life had done a total 180.

Except one day Pablo didn't wake up next to Amanda, he had grown used to have passionate morning sex with her but she was missing today. How strange. He heard a noise coming from another stance, a former bedroom that he repurposed as a place to store his junk. There was an old wardrobe there with some clothes from the family that lived in the apartment before him. He sleepily walked towards the room and found the most beautiful woman ever, his girlfriend, dressed in a stunning, white wedding dress and smiling at him. She lacked the right glove in her attire though. Pablo was so enthusiastic after watching her like this that he was going to ask her to marry him, and then have kids together and then…

Pablo vanished, his body turning into the glove that Amanda needed instantly. Amanda fit her former lover in her manicured hand and posed in bed for the person that she was really waiting for.

The real Amanda materialized in the middle of the room. "You finally found that old dress, eh? Guess you can be at peace now!" said the original Gyaru, happy that her shadow found an old keepsake from her days as a normal wife decades ago in that household.

After that the purpose of the Shadow Gyaru was over, and so, she fused with her original. At least Pablo got laid, the other hundreds of millions of virgins on Earth couldn't say the same.


One rainy night in the middle of the Cambrian period, a Gyaru from the future appeared in the deserted land to put in practice a little experiment she had proposed to the other Gyaru in their higher plane of existence while they were bored. She was an 8 feet tall blonde with a thick body of work and giant udders covered by a blue latex bikini. Despite throwing her outfit away she kept her accesories and tacky jewelry.

Gyaru could easily travel back in time and tamper with the events that had yet to happen in the future, but they usually reverted the alterations brought upon by their escapades to assure the great change would occur and their eternal superiority over the rest of creation stayed as such. The idea was to change the course of evolution and make the advent of mankind completely impossible with the most stupid and casual action ever: SQUATTING. Yes, that weird pose that both Gyaru and Gopnik found the comfiest of them all.

Oh and Saki, this beautiful japanese although blue eyed Gyaru, had the best idea for this challenge, in which she was coordinated with a friend of hers. See, this wasn't the Earth they were born in, but an entire mirror Universe created out of nothing by the blonde bimbo to test this before her partner tried a similar experiment in the real world. So she started, adopting the pose that was very well known between Gyaru delinquents. She squatted, making her delicious bimbo body look like a tank and her tits like cannons about to shoot.

Then she started doing squats, and she didn't stop. For hundreds of millions of years this beautiful Gyaru kept doing this warmup exercise and with the pass of time the effects were starting to be noticeable. Thanks to the sweat and pheromones released by her omnipotent body, a thin and erotic mist of fishy smell slowly covered the entire planet and changed the composition of Earth's atmosphere so drastically that, as she planned, all living beings evolved accordingly. By our Carboniferous period, 200 millions years into the future, she was still squatting tirelessly and putting on a stupid face proper of someone being fucked to death because living for so long in a planet composed of her body fluids was too erotic to endure.

Around her she could see strange creatures, far better adapted to land than the comparative slow amphibians that originally lived in that period. These beings were dozens of feet tall and had eight long and thin legs to move around, like spiders. Possessing stretchy tongues to fish and eat the creatures living in the water, their torsos and heads were very human-like with a lack of eyes and hair. Interestingly enough, they had developed enormous breasts to sustain their youth like modern mammals do and could reproduce asexually, despite having a clear female appearance and genitals. These scary, monstrous and oversexualized beings could only exist in a world where a Gyaru had been squatting for half a geological era. The monsters didn't mind her presence so they left her alone. In fact, they kinda liked building large communities near her because she was the epicenter of their favorite climate. Saki felt like a Goddess being venerated by her creations, and that term was appropriate for someone with her level of power and control over space and time, and recently, absolute mastery over life itself.

She couldn't resist it any longer and her tits exploded in a tidal wave of pure, concentrated milk, flooding a big part of the continent and mixing with the water in the oceans. After a while she stopped squatting. She was panting after enjoying hundreds of orgasms. Releasing all that milk took days, so that much should have been enough to change the entire marine ecosystem too.

With her job done, Saki telephatically contacted Nodoka, her experiment partner and told her that she could proceed with squatting in the real Universe to see the effects it would have in our era.

Nodoka, a smaller Gyaru with shorter, dyed hair and purple eyes dressed in a blue uniform started doing the same thing as Saki but this one teleported to the center of Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, surrounded by hundreds of people at night. All the males stared at her, but… rather than escaping they decided to take photos and videos of her. After all, she wasn't killing anyone but squatting repeatedly without even talking, refusing to reply to anyone trying to engage her in a conversation.

After a while she became a complete pest when the traffic resumed and she was in its way. She ignored the symphony of claxons and insults she received from the tired salarymen wanting to get home and those that had appointments but she didn't budge. Many got out of their vehicles and tried to move her but it was useless, they were not strong enough and she kept doing that weird exercise, then started mimicking a gorilla just to mess with the lowly humans that couldn't do anything about her. It got to the point that the town hall had to send workers with heavy duty equipment and vehicles to try and get her off the road. As always, those proved inefficient and lacked the power to even make her notice their efforts. It was incredibly emasculating that no matter what men did, it wasn't even enough to displace a single Gyaru.

The citizens of Tokyo had to adapt and decided to build a new road not to disrupt the Gyaru and so people could commute properly. She kept squatting in the middle of a desolate, abandoned old symbol of the city, forcing the entire metropolis to create a way around her instead of driving her out. But… as the first time Saki tried it, the changes became very noticeable around her after a few months of relentless exercise. Men had become smaller, slimmer, with higher pitched voices and very emotive. They started to dress really provocatively and indulged in traditionally feminine interests. And this didn't only affect Japan, the entire world was being affected by the new atmosphere created by her sweat and pheromones.

After a decade, the entire population of Earth had turned into full fledged females, not a single male was left in this society. Just because one Gyaru squatted for ten years. That was enough for an omnipotent goddess to change mankind. To, in her eyes, elevate males to a higher standard. Now that they had become females, Saki and Nodoka knew they could try and turn them into Gyaru. Three billion new Gyaru, that was an idea that tempted both of them. The very image of this paradise on Earth was being projected quite literally from her mind to reality in front of her.

A simple batting of Nodoka's eyelashes was enough to erase this timeline and go back to before she started squatting, while Saki decided to play a bit more with the version of Earth she had created. The next time they would try turning males into Gyaru.

The last frontier for omnipotent beings like Saki and Nodoka: creating a whole new race of people that share their power from the piece of imperfect rubble that is the male sex.


Forty years after the great change the Gyaru decided to make peace with males. Some representatives contacted leaders around the world and enabled a relationship of cooperation and respect, which in time turned into a giant orgy all around the world. Men quickly forgot about their silly lives and spent all the time fucking the Gyaru like in the Era of Beauty, enjoying a pleasure unknown to any man in history. That was the day every male stopped being a virgin collectively and since there were almost ten times as much Gyaru as men because their population hadn't receded like their opposite sex, each man had an entire harem of omnipotent sluts at his disposal to make every single one of his wishes a reality.

Then the end of the world started. Those last months of continous sex happened to actually be the equivalent of a pity fuck before the entirety of the Gyaru population joined in a frenzy of pure destruction to display their obvious superiority over the male sex. Nobody knew why this happened but whatever was the trigger for this evil abuse of their powers it probably was something banal and simple, typical of a Gyaru. Of course, man-made weapons like firearms or tanks did nothing to the bimbo goddesses who ate the bullets and rockets like they were nothing and sometimes threw them back at infinite speed. Many times by this method a single Gyaru could destroy entire platoons of men that were just trying to defend the last remnants of humanity, a true effort in futility.

The civils had even worse luck as wild Gyaru appeared in the middle of the most populated cities and kidnapped all the males to use them as sex toys back in their dimension, and it wasn't going to be as pleasurable as in the last months. Sometimes a scary mist would cloud entire countries and the slutty predators would come for frightened males in hiding, which thought they were safe of the Gyaru's magical vision and absolute clairvoyance. Suffice to say they were wrong and got dragged into the dreaded higher plane of existence where they got turned in the most humiliating variety of things like accesories, sex toys or even little, fluffy pet animals by these witches. Those fortunate enough not to be shapeshifted against their will were brainwashed into mindless slaves that obeyed every order of their fashionable mistresses.

Just one Gyaru appeared at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. She was completely nude unlike most Gyaru and had tits so big they could be mistaken with udders, in any case her body left everyone there with a raging erection. Some people still didn't know about the Gyaru's attack on Earth, after all most news broadcasts on TV were being interrupted by scenes of Gyaru porn, the internet didn't seem to work either because every time someone clicked to open the world wide web a set of giant boobs would physically come out of the screen and shoot milk at them. This girl started licking on a popsicle with her plump and delicious lips for everyone's enjoyment, getting dirty in the process. What they didn't expect was that by melting the ice cream, the actual entirety of the Antartic continent was turning into liquid as well, the whole temperature of the world going up 40 degrees celsius. It didn't take a lot of time for this to raise the water level in all the oceans and cause tsunamis all around the world which completely destroyed most cities near the sea.

Gyaru tore down most monuments and twisted them into unrecognizable shapes, turning historical buildings into rubble with their powerful breath or literally ripping the Eiffel Tower off the ground and throwing it into the caldera of a Hawaiian volcano, and that was a throw made from the city of Paris with perfect trajectory calculations in less than a heartbeat. Other omnipotent bimbos would punch the earth causing earthquakes around the world, they would also pick full mountains like the Everest to throw them into orbit. The entire Great Wall of China was eaten in seconds by a lone 5 feet tall bimbo like some italian pasta dish. Animals didn't even bother escaping, they knew all hope was lost and they were going to die, staring silently at the starry sky where sometimes colorful shooting stars would cross the firmament in seconds. Those were the Gyaru flying, leaving a magical rainbow trail behind them.

After reading the minds of every other Gyaru in the world, who had grown bored of destroying the Earth and torturing mankind already, one of them sentenced the planet at last and flew all the way to the core of the planet, destroying every layer in the process, no matter how hard it was. She penetrated the mass of molten metal and came out of the other side of the globe completely unscathed to watch her handiwork. It didn't take long for the planet to start exploding, condemning everyone on it except for her Gyaru friends.

As the land was being torn apart into pieces by continent wide cracks spitting billions of litres of lava, males worldwide understood why the XX chromosomes were superior in every way to the XY ones and prayed for the forgiveness of their goddesses, hoping for some cute and kind Gyaru to stop this madness. But that didn't happen, the existence of men came to an end and as the planet exploded into the biggest firework ever made. As that occurred, the giant mouth of a cosmically sized bimbo engulfed the puny rock that saw the birth to human civilization and devoured what was left of it.

After the apocalyptic cataclysm finally ended, the goddess with blue eyes and blonde hair, now scaled down to the size of her peers proclaimed something."That will show those silly boys that Gyaru fashion is the fashion of the gods!"

After that weird but truthful comment, the other four billion Gyaru that surrounded her jumped into hyperspace alongside her, searching for new worlds they could conquer far deeper into the cosmos. In their wake thousands of new shapes and colors were created just because of their reality bending presence. They were the superior lifeform of the whole Universe after all, and they were bent on showing the males of every sentient species that Gyaru fashion was the coolest thing ever.

Where in the past laid a planet that held intelligent life now there was nothing. This was the sad ending of a story of oppression and unfairness from a race of goddesses that neglected, mistreated and finally disposed of the males they didn't need anymore instead of providing them with the gift of evolution they possessed. Wasted away like an used condom with no chance of redemption.

Being born with a penis was the worst thing that could happen to you in Gyarussic World.

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