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Kneel Before Roz – Part 4, Super-Roz

Written by Dru1076 :: [Thursday, 02 August 2018 13:14] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 02 August 2018 13:26]

She had been monitoring the chopper, and knew it was still flying to wherever the hell it was headed, and so she had more time to kill. Flying over her home city, Roz decided to get some practise at being a hero. She hunted for a heroic thing to do, and spied the perfect thing. There was a fire in a house out in the suburbs. Sure it was being attended by two firetrucks, and the owners were all safe, but there was a large crowd and the first still burned merrily away. Roz went more for the audience than for any intention to help. In all honestly, her superhero game was not really going to involve helping anybody. At least, that was never her true intention. Not at all. Roz wanted to bend and break and smash stuff with her hyperdense, super hard, mega strong God muscles. And she was pretty sure after today nobody would ever ask the invincible super strong Roz to try being a superhero ever again.

The fire crews and the watching crowd were completely amazed when Roz flew down from the heavens and hovered right there in front of them, watching the crowd instead of the fire and smiling with extreme confidence. She oozed with the stench of smug cunt and addresses them haughtily.

“I am the super strong, fantastically powerful Ultra Mega Roz!” She declared with a frighteningly powerful and booming superhero voice that actually knocked everyone off their feet. “Behold! I am the mightiest superhero in all the universe! Defender of all the puny, weak and helpless people who are not super strong, mega mighty, muscle gods. Upholder of truth and justice in the Ultra Mega Roz way! Watch me help your silly little firemen put out this fire, and take heart citizens! This is just the beginning!”

Convinced she had performed at Academy Award level with her booming, painfully loud oratory… Roz spun in the air slowly to face the burning house. There was a sound like a jet engine suddenly fired up at full power in their midst as Roz dramatically took a deep breath. The influx of air rushed from all around so fast people lost hats and the fire very nearly went out. Sure that everyone had realised her inhalation had created all the chaos, Ultra Roz pouted her lips and kissed the air with a gobsmacking, jaw dropped hurricane, and the burning building was no longer on fire. Unfortunately for the owner, the reason it wasn’t on fire was because it was in a billion tiny fragments. So was the rest of the block behind it.

Roz kept going quite a bit longer than needed to, really just because she knew it would scare the puny people. She made them despair with the merciless destruction she calmly unleashed, destroying the homes and lives of hundreds of people with callous over use of power. When she stopped, she could hear screams of anguish and sobbing mothers all around her. They were shell shocked when she span back to smile graciously.

“No, no! No need to thank me! No need to reward me! I do these things because I know what’s right.” She thumbed her chest, setting off a sound like a cannon blast. “Rest assured citizens! Ultra Mega Roz will save the day!”

With that, Roz knocked everyone down violently with the raw brute force of her departure, actually killing three more people. Hunting around, she quickly spotted a stolen car being pursued by several police cruisers. They were hanging back, clearly just following along and maintaining control of the situation. With an evil little smile, Super Ultra Roz rolled over in the air like a fighter jet and arced down to smash clean through the roof of the speeding criminal, driving herself easily through the the ionised car and diving deep into the road itself. The car had exploded like a shattered crystal, and the police chasing along had no time to react. Three of the four cruisers hit the hole Super Mega Roz had made and the fourth crashed into a barrier trying to avoid it. Re emerging out of a new broken chunk of roadway, sending large pieces of road and road base sailing into other cars and the buildings all around, Roz gracefully swept over the scene.

“It’s my pleasure, officers!” She announced magnanimously, despite the fact most of the officers were dead and none of the others had a modicum of gratitude for her actions. She secretly laughed at them while keeping a very straight and definitely heroic look on her face. “You don’t even have to ask! Super Mega Roz will always stop crime dead! Every time! Make sure you observe the road rules, and always drive safe!”

Super Mega Roz further damaged to scene and severely injured another dozen people by once more leaving with too much acceleration, the shockwave rocketing off her flexed quads knocked a row of park cars over and shattered dozens of windows. Allowing herself a little chuckle she selected another of the thousands of incidents taking place and dove down.

A mugger had a wealthy couple accosted in a dark alley, having forced them there at gunpoint. He had them cowering in fear, and was making the woman remove all her jewellery. Just as the mugger took hold of the jewels, Roz floated over the four story building at the end of alley and swept majestically onto the scene with features sternly set and her brow furrowed in disapproval. Her super strong muscles stretched her white super suit and glistened in the light coming in off the street. Her feet tapped to the asphalt one after the other, and she stood just a few feet away from the mugger and popped her pecs up to flex them menacingly at the barrel of the gun, now aimed steadily at her heart.

“What foul deed do we have here? What dastardly evil doer dares rob people with the mightiest hero in the universe, Super Mega Roz, patrolling the city? Only a fool would risk facing the might. Crushing. Power. Of Super Mega Roz!!” Roz hefted her right bicep, and flexed it up hard. If not imbued with her invulnerability, the suit would have torn. With a strange creak, the fabric stretched and held as Super Mega Roz looked down at her wonderfully potent bicep.

“Stay back bitch,” the gruff mugger commanded. “I don’t want to shoot you.”

“Ha. Go ahead. These superhero muscles laugh at bullets. Ha ha ha. Your days of doing evil are over! Super Mega Roz’s gonna take you down, like the dirty rotten criminal scum you are.”

Roz was going to continue her speech, but the jumped up mugger was high as a kite and the way Roz had flown into the alley from the sky and the bizarre outfit were really freaking him out. Bang. Bang. Bang. The sounds of the gunshots were answered with Ping! Ping! Ping! And then there followed three wet thucks and a howl of pain. Boom. Boom. Boom. The gun fired again. And the results were identical. The mugger staggered, unable to believe what had happened and squinting in thought as he tried to understand. He had shot six bullets in all. At a range of about four, maybe five, feet. And the bullets had hit the super bully squarely on the chest. But Ultra Mega Roz’s super strong, and so very super hard, muscle God pectorals were far, far, too solid for mere Lead to defeat. As each bullet struck it was met with the insanely dense mega muscle and Super Mega Roz’s body refused to offer the insolent bullets any quarter. Roz’s chest didn’t even dimple. The metal was turned in on itself, and rudely spat back at the world with scornful contempt. The gunman looked at his faithful gun and checked himself for bullet holes. He was fine.

The female victim dropped to the ground, followed fast by the husband. Both had shallow bullet wounds oozing blood, and were going into shock. The ricochets off Ultra Mega Roz’s happily bulging chest had caught them by surprise, and now they were struggling for consciousness.

“Hahaha. Your puny popgun is nothing to these super muscles. Superheroes like me don’t fear the tickles of your little toys, you naughty naughty boy.”

Roz moved like lightning, and the gun along with three of the now screaming man’s fingers, were now being held in a crushing grip. The empty gun let off a pitiful squeak as Ultra Mega Roz squeezed it calmly and raised it to her mouth. Her bright dazzling teeth sliced off a chunk of the barrel. And she chewed, producing a series of clinks and scrunches, and more squeaks. Then she swallowed. While the mugger just stared in mesmerised astonishment, a deer in the headlights of rolling locomotive, Roz bit off chunks of gun… chewed slowly… and in the end swallowed the entire thirty eight. Even the plastic handle grips.

“I think I’ve wasted enough time on you.”

Ultra Mega Roz pulled back an arm to release a perfectly thrown right fist at the muggers chest. At the last moment, Roz stopped her fist less than an inch from the muggers red shirt. The reprieve was very short. The super strong fingers of Ultra Mega Roz’s fist unfurled like lightning and flicked out into the mugger, and with a terrific explosion the man was reduced to blood and bone fragments and he was scattered, splashed, and vaporised in an instant.

“There you go Citizens! No need to thank me. No no no. This is just what super strong muscle was meant to do. Ultra Mega Roz will bend, smash, and crush crime wherever she sees it! All the puny hapless citizens of this city will ever be safe while Ultra. Mega. Roz. Is in town!” She gave them a long reassuring smile, brimming with bravado and confidence. They were covered and caked in blood, pieces of the mugger spread all over and around them, and they looked up at the completely pristine, pure clean white suit stretched tight over the impossible super girls physique. None of the gore would dare cling to her cute little face. Her suit shared that immunity to blood and dirt, leaving her a gleaming pure white bastion of purity in a blood splattered circle while those who she had helped quivered in horror and pain. The couple looked right into that perfectly beautiful, angelic super humans face… and screamed for help.

“That’s good. You should keep up the practise, because the weak and helpless need to scream a lot. But never fear.” Baboom. Roz thumbed her chest. “That’s why I’m here. Ultra Mega Super Roz will never hesitate to help! Now… have a care on your walk home, Citizens. Evil may still lurk around any corner!”

They were still screaming for help when Roz shattered the concrete and used just the strength of her calves to spring clear of the alley. With the chopper she was monitoring still in the air, Roz locked her leap off at two thousand feet and held her chin as she surveyed her playground for an interesting toy to play her superhero game with. She spotted a gang, a fourpack of toys, engaged in a safe cracking. They were in a massive old bank trying to crack open a huge seven foot vault door with an array of industrial gear. One of them was using a massive whirring drill at that very moment, driving it into the steel surface with great care and precision, stopping every few seconds to press a stethoscope to the cold steel and spin the tumbler with the other.

They were well armed, and looked like pure professionals. Roz couldn’t believe her luck and grinned happily. With a whoop swept away by her rapid acceleration, she soared down to smash her face through the old sturdy construction of the roof, making a twenty foot hole, before she hit the brakes and flipped to hover with her feet inches off the floor. The debris of the roof pelted down all around, and she allowed gravity to pull her the rest of the way to floor. Boom. Her feet struck with force enough to crack the marble floor badly and she looked around the dust and debris filled room wearing the stern serious mask of her Ultra Mega Roz superhero persona. Beneath that, she was laughing at the fun ahead.

One of the gang came running out to see what the hell was going on, the other three staying out the back with the vault. He took one wide eyed look at Roz, then turned and went to make an unbelievable report. But Roz was very happy to confirm the crazy words the bank robber shared with his friends.

“Come out and face justice! Only a half-witted bunch of nincompoops would dare rob a bank in my city! Don’t you know Ultra super mega Roz patrols these streets. Don’t you know super muscle crushes criminals in this town?” Roz tut tut tutted as the three gang members free to engage her came out to take positions at the tellers stations, facing Roz from behind the counter as the super muscle God stood in a shallow crater on the marble floor with her fists heroically on her hips and her judgemental eyes sentencing them with self assured correctness.

“Who the hell are you meant to be?”

Roz swelled her powerful chest and leaned back magnificently displaying her super strong physique and confusing them with her outfit and behaviour.

“This isn’t Halloween, bitch. Fuck off before you get hurt.”

“You guys are deep deep trouble, mister.” Roz informed of this with a very stern tone she’d picked up at from a strict school principal. “I’m afraid robbing banks is not tolerated by me. So I have to punish you naughty little men. The all powerful, almighty Ultra Mega Super Roz is going to show you the error of her ways. Ready for justice, boys? I hope so, gentlemen. Because justice rules around here. And justice is ready for you.”

Mega Ultra Roz kept her hands on hips and walked inexorably forward. As she did so, she very deliberately broke the marble under her feet in a show of dominating super strength that wasn’t lost on the trio. The gunplay began straight away.

Ping. Pop. Ping ping ping. Ka thuk,

“Hahahahahahahah. Your puny popguns are no match for the mighty all powerful muscles of Super Duper, Ultra Mega Roz!”

The gunmen ran down their ammo eagerly as the scary white super girl destructively walked across the increasingly unrecognisable patterned floor. Bullets splattered across super hard, super strong muscle by the dozen and Roz lovingly accepted them all with undying appreciation for all the tiny boosts of power each provided.

“Fuck this!” One of the men barked. “Hit the lockdown switch!”

Roz laughed as the bulletproof shields were deployed across the counter. The men vanished behind a cold wall of inch thick steel, but Roz’s muscle God eyes easily pierced mountains, let alone inch thick steel plate. They spoke to each other, nodded, then rushed to their drilling expert to quickly grab gear.

Roz laughed to herself, allowing herself an evil smile as she kept working the explosive power of her thighs and calves on the task of destroying the floor and moving her closer to the bulletproof steel plate. She stopped before it, straightened her face, then leaned her torso and head forward into the cold metal. Her nipples hit first, and did not compress at all as they and then her hard as diamond breasts bullied their way into the case hardened steel. Then her abs rudely shoved aside the outclassed steel and with a high pitched and painfully loud squeal of protest from the doomed plate made a perfect reside relief of themselves in the far side of the steel. Groans and squealed of steel under titanic pressure nearly deafened the robber as they watched in hypnotised horror at the impossible feat of pure muscle God power.

For a moment she stopped there watching the stupefied criminals gaping at her instant steel sculpture, her upper body stamped into the conformed steel stretching it several inches. Then she pulled her head back a little and took a gentle breath. The metal screamed, alerting the witnesses to the fact that Ultra Mega Roz’s super-charged God muscles were flexing out into the steel in a blood chilling display of casual unbridled physical power.

The first two of the gang died when Roz relaxed, and then remorselessly and mercilessly hardened her muscles up again with a sudden vicious flex of power, pumping her mighty super strong muscles to an even larger size this time. The first to die was taken out by a lump of case hardened steel to the face. That particular piece of the barrier had been pushed by Roz’s unapologetically powerful left shoulder muscles with so much steel tearing force that it decapitated the man instantly. The second man gurgled out his last breath with a steel copy of a single superhuman abdominal muscle lodged deep in his chest.

“Heheheheheh. Check out the super muscles over here, you evil criminal scumbags! What are you dastardly convicts doing back here, anyway? Ah. What puny weak pussies you sly dog criminals are these days! Why! That’s just a small safe! Anyone could open that!” Roz tut tut tutted as she walked forward among the men, who were too frightened and confused at that moment to act, and she pulled the drill out from the safe. She handled the tool carefully, but her obscene super strength broke the computer control mounting with harsh brutality. “How did you expect this blunt drill to get you anywhere?” She asked, putting the tip to her rippling abdominal wall and firing up the machine. It span rapidly, bouncing and wriggling over a surface it could not hope to penetrate. Roz easily increased the pressure, making the tip smoke as it blunted and overheated trying to accomplish the impossible. With a loud chink and a pop, the drill bit snapped. Ultra Mega Roz watched her three toys while she continued to press the drill into her stomach, bending it, breaking it, and then shattering it in her rippling diamond hard abs.

Tossing the last piece in her hand to lodge deep in the wall, Roz looked to the massive door and pursed her lips. “I don’t even know for sure this locked,” she observed with a wave of her hand that appeared to be an explanation. Then Ultra Mega Roz widened her stance and leaned into the door. Her hands entered the surface, easily forced in my the impossible undeniable super strength of her ultra hard God muscles. No steel could hope to argue against her brutal overbearing muscles. The door deformed at Roz’s whim, groaning and singing notes of anguish in her crazy strong hands. Then cracks appeared all around the wall surrounding the cold steel, and with no real effort whatsoever on her part, the mightiest fake superhero in all of the multiverse pulled the vast and immensely heavy door clean off the front of the vault.

“See?” She demanded, turning to face the two gobsmacked robbers with the huge weight of the door balanced overhead. She lowered one hand, and the door didn’t even shift thanks to the gratifying way her single hand easily compensated for the sudden lack of balance with comfortable superhuman ease. “Don’t look so impressed, evil doers. This is just a weak puny safe door, and doesn’t weigh all that much. See for yourselves.”

Roz showed them an evil smile, full of smug self assured invincibility and revealed for a split second her true cruelty. And then she slammed the door down on the nearest man. Hard. And proceeded to remorselessly press the tortured steel mass firmly into the devastated foundation of the battle scarred bank. Then leaned back and slapped the non existent dust off her hands with deafening thunderclaps soundings off every slap and making the gobsmacked survivor wince and reach for his ears.

The last man, the man who had operated the drill, dropped to his knees and begged. “Please don’t kill me. We’re just burglars… we never hurt a fucking soul. I beg you… I’ll never ever crack a safe again as long as I live! I promise, man! I fucking swear to god!”

Roz grinned, her superhero mask giving way to reveal the arrogant smile of the invincible, almighty, supremely strong, mega muscle God Omni Roz. She wasn’t even playing Kneel before Roz right now, and this weak pussy was kneeling before her unstoppable, invincible, strength anyway.

“Hahahahaha. I’ll let you in on a little secret, you weak little cunt. I don’t actually give a flying fuck if you rob a bank. Because I’m not really a superhero. I’m a super mega muscle God. I’m just fucking with you, man. Hehehehee.” Her taught uniform let out a very noisy series of creaks as Roz stood there and threatened the world with her super hard biceps held up for her toy to admire. She pumped her arms slowly and her mighty super strong muscles happily responded with the volcanic eruption of brutal unstoppable power. She could feel her blood rush like superheated magma to flood her tectonic muscle with obscene in your face strength. “I just like smashing the fuck out of everything with these mega strong muscles. It’s the fucking. Best. Stupid little weak fuckers like you are just my toys, and I will smash. The fuck. Out of you. Because super duper mega God muscles make me your fucking boss, dickhead. They make me your fucking King, you little pussy. They make me, your. God. Hahahahahaha. Suck to be you, asshole. Big time. Now if you want to swear. And you said you did, right, cunt? If you want to swear to god. Swear to this God. This mega strong super cunt right here is the only god you need to worry about right now. So let’s have it. Beg for mercy, bitch. Tell me more promises. Swear yourself to be my fucking slave. Bend and grovel.”

The horrified man clung desperately to his hands and rocked back forth in broken terror. “Please… god… .no. Don’t kill me. I fucking swear! No more crime… no more safe cracking. I’ll… I’ll go clean. Fuck man. I swear it.”

Roz laughed. “Hahahahahaha. I told you, dweeb. Mega muscle gods don’t give a fuck about your criminal career.” Roz took the end of the safe cracker’s stethoscope and pressed it to her chest. The trembling man’s eyes widened into saucers as the awesome sound of Roz’s heart booming like a planet sized piston filled his ears. Baboom. Baboom. Baboom. Steady. Strong. Relentless. And absolutely fucking huge. It sounded immense, unlike anything the professional career criminal could ever comprehend. Tears of hopelessness rolled down his face as his mind struggled quite unsuccessfully to reach understanding of just how impossibly strong and invincible this black white and gold, and very fake, superhero actually was. Mega Roz smiled knowingly, gently but with apology. Then she carefully tensed and flexed her pecs, and completed the cruel destruction of the doomed criminals little remaining sanity. The sound of that super strong God muscle reverberated through the listeners mind and callously shattered his bearing on reality. It was the sound of grinding planet sized boulders, of deep gut wrenching tectonic groans, the sound of more mass than the entire solar system working efficiently rubbing against itself with force beyond natural possibilities beneath Ultra Mega Roz’s clean hard stretched uniform.

“Fucking cool, right? That’s what God muscle sounds like, fuck face. That’s what all powerful, almighty, super duper, fuck you up, mega God muscles sound like. That’s what I have to live with every fucking day, and let me tell you little pussy. It. Is fucking. Fantastic. Being an invincible mega strong super God is so cool. I can smash. Break. And fuck shit up all fucking day and never get tired. And all you little pussy cunts can do is run around and scream like little pansy boys. Because you. Are. Pansy. Boys. Compared to these super strong, mega Roz muscles… everyone in the world is a pathetic little pussy. Check this out.”

Roz shook the building with every step as she stalked the vault, stepping inside and turning back to face the kneeling beggar. Roz made fists at her side, and glared with terrible mischievous amusement at her crying toy. With immense relish, Mega Roz squeezed her fists and pumped her super strong muscles up. The creases of her uniform stretched over her swelling super muscles was overshadowed by the sound of locked down money carts and shelves being driven mercilessly away by the aura force solidifying in the air around Mega Roz. The walls, floor, and roof of the foot thick steel vault let loose a mighty groan, the shelving squealed and popped as it was CRUSHED with remorseless unopposable force into the cold vault walls. As every flat surface inside the opened vault buckled and bowed away from the swelling God of muscle and strength, the man outside wet himself.

“This is nothing, you silly weak cunt. I’m hardly trying. These mega muscles have a lot more, and I… .fucking… love it.” Roz grinned an evil maniacal grin and maliciously powered down on her flex, and the vault instantly lost its fight for existence. Boom. All the walls, the floor, and the ceiling, bent awfully and tore violently apart, shredded with ignorant ease by the obscene abuse of Roz’s incredible muscular display. The excess power exploded off her abs and slapped the witness into oblivion, shattering his body and killing the helpless rag doll before he was splattered on the outer wall of the bank. The wall itself was spared total destruction, but was buckled and snaked with large dust leaking cracks. Roz laughed, reducing her super strong physique to a less scary but still quite imposing size.

“That shit never gets old,” the super powered muscle God declared, then her Ultra Mega Roz superhero mask fell back over her face, and her features set into a self righteous, determined display of calm, unquestionable judgement.

Smashing out through the foot thick marble wall onto the street, sending chunks of masonry and brickworks raining down on the people and traffic, Ultra Mega Roz flexed her super strong muscles and eagerly sought new fun. She was enjoying herself immensely, stretching her super suit with her titanically strong mega muscles and quickly locating another weak squishy victim of crime to offer her assistance to.

“Just put the money in the bag!” The robber commanded angrily, waving his shotgun in the console operators face.

And then Super Roz smashed her way through the ceiling, destroying a large section of roof and dumping debris all through the petrol station’s shop. She hovered a moment, tensing her threatening super muscles and giving the criminal a disdainful look of disgust.

“Never fear, Citizen!” Ultra mega Roz declared with her booming superhero voice, hovering a foot off the floor with her hands on her strong hips eyeing the robber with a judgemental sneer. “My super duper ultra mega muscles are here to save you from this dirty rotten scoundrel! Super mega Roz understands the cost of getting robbed, and this business is safe and sound as long as Super Ultra Mega Roz is around!”

Roz let gravity pull her multiple tons of super hard mega muscle to the floor with an almighty crash, her extreme super hard body sinking the floor around her by six inches and radiating large cracks all the way to the walls. Shelving shifted as the floor became uneven, and a row of carefully arranged displays toppled over and spilled hundreds of items over the floor.

“What the fuck is going on here?” The wild eyed gunman glared with confused fear at the mighty superhero standing before, and Roz disdainfully crossed her mighty arms over her bulging chest and stared back with calm self assured arrogance.

“What’s going on, my dastardly criminal friend, is that the mightiest superhero in all the universe just showed up to save the day! Naughty selfish, and evil men, shall know fear and cower before my mega mighty super muscles! Because Ultra Mega is Roz is strong. Ultra Mega Roz is fast. And Ultra Mega Roz always saves the weak ass puny citizens wherever evil would rise up and assail them. Ready for the pain, you dirty little shit head?”

Confused and afraid, and astonished by the powerful super strength displayed before her, the gunman blasted Mega Roz right in the face. Then he howled in pain as the shot rained on and was turned arrogantly away by the super muscle gods hard ignorant torso to radiate into the room all around the super strong and absolutely invincible powerhouse. His wounds were shallow, but the shotgun pellets had covered almost every inch of the man, and the store was full of tiny holes.

“Hahahahahaha. Your guns are useless against these super mega muscles, you dim witted fool. Ha ha ha. You should see your face. Go ahead and shoot me some more, vile fiend! You will find my super muscles do not care about silly puny shotguns!”

The gunman did fire again. He stood and screamed at the smug superhuman and emptied his shotgun into her at close range. Each shot pelted Roz’s happily flexed body and was scattered violently around the store as her super hard invincible body laughed off the supersonic led without a care. Merchandise was destroyed, the walls were splattered with holes, and the shop assistant found his upper body not protected by the counter was now just as bloody and full of shallow wounds as the gunman was.

“See what I mean, vile evil doer? You cannot. Hurt. These. Muscles.” Roz smiled confidently and thumped her chest. Boom. The shelving still standing was knocked violently down, the man holding the shotgun was tossed violently into the cinderblocks, and the counter shifted to pin the shop assistant against the wall. Not only that, but Roz’s callous chest thump also shattered every window and sent tiny shards of glass raining down on innocent passersby outside. “Now then, you rotten scumbag. How about I show you what these mega superhero muscles think of puny popguns.”

The console operator wretched up his dinner, unable to watch the whole thing, as Mega Roz strode forward shaking the destroyed store with each step and further ruining the tiles floor with her callous footfalls. She took the hot shotgun by the steaming barrel, making it groan and creak as she crushed the barrel closed easily, the stock exploding into shards. Then Roz used one hand to take control of the bleeding robber and effortlessly spin him around. Bending him over a fallen shop display, and getting blood all over everything except her pristine white super suit, Ultra Mega Roz allowed herself a mischievous smile and with undeniable unrelenting super strength she forced the barrel up the hapless criminals backside. Pushing the whole gun into the man was fatal, and the robber fell over with his shotgun shoved completely inside his rectum and his internal organs pushed into all new locations.

Ultra Mega Roz smiled with satisfaction. “There we go, citizen,” she declared with a booming self assured voice. “Another vile criminal brought to justice by the might of Ultra Mega Roz’s super. Duper. God muscle.”

The badly wounded console operator gaped at the sturdy muscular supergirl with undisguised terror. His mouth moved, but no words came out as he looked around at the complete ruin of the store and the destruction of his livelihood. He didn’t know how to feel about it all just yet, but he was pretty sure heroes weren’t supposed to financially ruin the lives of those they saved.

“No, no, no. There is absolutely no need to thank me,” Roz declared, holding up an authoritative, rudely dismissive hand, and assuming a palpable self righteous and magnanimous air. Her entire physique swelled gently and her uniform creaked over the surface of her expanding skin. “Super duper mega Roz has a responsibility to keep weak puny and helpless citizens of the world safe from the evil that plagues the world. Stopping a hold up might seem beneath most super heroes… but no job is too small for the ultra strong super muscles of the universe’s mightiest hard working hero. Take care, citizen! Remember, your just a helpless weak mortal at the mercy of stronger forces. But Ultra Mega Roz will ALWAYS be here. Whenever there is suffering! Wherever there is danger! Super duper Ultra Mega Roz will be there!”

Glad to see the reckless super strong hero leave, the wounded victim of Roz’s playfulness was more than a little frustrated when the mighty muscled warrior smashed her unstoppable form clean through a clean and undamaged cinder block wall, shattering it violently and bringing down the whole thing in a cloud of pulverised mortar and broken masonry. A section of roof, left hanging in the air, fell and added itself to the large pile of ruins.

Ultra Mega Roz laughed merrily. This was a really great game. And there was so much for her to do! All around her crimes were in progress. Her problem was choosing one to show up for.

Two drug dealers were meeting inside a busy dance club, one sliding a suitcase of money under a table to be answered with a suitcase of cocaine. They’d done this deal a hundred times, but would not live to make any more exchanges because Ultra Mega Roz chose them as her next toys. The music kept going even as the ceiling exploded in on the happy crowd of dancers. Ultra Mega Roz hovered through the gaping hole she’d made and floated dramatically with her arms folded eyeing the two dealers with disapproval while confused and frightened patrons scrambled away from her.

“Well well well. What do we have here? Dealing cocaine is a very serious crime! A good thing Ultra Mega Roz is in town! No telling how many lives would have been destroyed!”

Not one to fuck around, the guy taking the money jumped to his feet with his reflex action always being to go for his trusted and reliable gun. He pulled out an Uzi from his jacket, and with a violent loud rattatatat he fired off a burst into Super Roz with a snarl, expecting the odd flying muscle babe to go down bleeding. Instead, the super strong bully only laughed heartily and moved her hands to her hips.

“Ha ha ha ha ha. How cute. You think your guns can hurt my mega mighty super muscles! Don’t you silly drug pushers know? Super strong, mega muscled, ultra powerful heroes like me don’t fear your puny bullets!”

All around people were groaning and bleeding, having taken hits from the ricochets bouncing off Ultra Mega Roz’s super hard body. The second dealer jumped up and bolted for the door, moving fast while most people in the room were just glaring at the mysterious superhuman floating unharmed in front of the Uzis smoking barrel.

“I don’t think so,” Roz informed the fleeing man, swooping down and crushing the man’s upper arm brutally in her small fist and lifting him easily from the ground to hang awkwardly from her unwavering grip. Roz snatched the case away, taking a finger with it before callously flinging the dealer back at his table where he smashed though it and rolled all the way to the wall knocking over furniture and people on the way.

The Uzi barked again, and a dozen people near Roz wore the bullets the invincibly impenetrable, super strong muscles of Ultra Mega Roz rudely and callously flung aside. They cried out as Roz tut tutted with self righteous disapproval, their frail bodies not immune in the same way to the led. “It really won’t do any good. But go ahead and shoot at me if it makes you feel better.” Roz expanded her strong bulkhead of a chest, and waited a moment before the foolish gunman finished off the rest of the magazine.

With a derisive snort, ultra mega Roz shook her head. “You silly little reprobates will never understand. These muscles are super. And these are the muscles of justice, vile fiend.”

So saying, Roz squinted at the confused uzi wielding dealer and unleashed a scorching heat greater than the sun in two crackling beams of supercharged particles into the man’s chest. He didn’t scream, or fall about, or even spasm. He simple ceased to exist in a push of smoke and ash. But his demise was so violent and hot that several people nearby were killed by the shocking wave of force that exploded out into the room and swept all up in its chaos. Fire spontaneously appeared in the glow all over the room. And every single surface was charred and scorched by the astounding heat except Ultra Mega Roz’s invulnerable uniform. Even the skin of every exposed patron had horrible second and third degree burns. A howl of confused anguished tore through the moment of silence that filled the relative darkness. It would take nearly a minute before the badly injured patrons would be able to see again after being exposed to the shining brilliance of Roz’s volcanic heat vision.

“That takes care of one of you,” Roz noted with approval as people screamed and rolled about in the hazy smoke filled room. “Now let’s see what we have in here.”

Roz floated down and splintered the floorboards near the still breathing drug buyer. Putting the case of coke on the table nearby, Roz casually and easily tore the lid open and smashed the shelves of liquor behind the bar into fragments by negligently tossing the broken lid aside. The white packets of coke were packed tight inside in one thick even layer, and Roz eyed them over with over dramatised suspicion.

“This looks like flour!” She declared, leaning down and poking her tongue into a packet. She sucked the entire contents up and into her stomach, then made a show of assessing the taste. “I better check the rest!” Roz poked a finger once into each packet, then hovered her face over the cocaine and inhaled sharply through her nose. The coke was sucked almost instantly from the case in one effortlessly long snort, leaving the packets empty and filling Roz’s nose with high grade cocaine. She stood there a moment, actually curious but not able to feel any effects. Her super powered metabolism was beyond the effects of drugs. Her natural state was far better than any artificial buzz.

“I think you got ripped off!” Roz informed the wounded drug dealer. “But maybe I’m wrong? What do you think, dude?” Roz blew a carefully concentrated stream of purified cocaine in and up the prone, badly burned, dealer’s nostril from a distance of about six feet. It all went in forcefully rammed up there by Mega Roz’s super breath, and the dealers eyes went wide as he felt the effects of the altered cocaine. That much coke alone would have probably been fatal. But processed by Roz’s muscle God powers, the coke was cleaned and purified, and enhanced. Now a teaspoon of it would have killed an elephant. The man spasmed uncontrollable as unimaginable ecstasy took hold of his mind. His heart raced up past 200 beats per minute, and he began a long limb shaking fit on the floor and went on for several minutes while Roz looked on with interest. And then he gave one last big spasm and everything stopped.

“Once again, Ultra Mega Roz saves the day!” Roz noted with immense pride. A badly burned and horrified woman let out a piercing scream, and someone was sobbing uncontrollably in the corner. “No need for gratitude! The titanic. Mighty. Ultra. Mega Roz doesn’t need your thanks. It’s enough to know that my justice has been done and the vile evil doers are punished! With these super. Strong. Muscles. And super amazing powers, Ultra Mega Roz will keep you all safe from harm!”

Roz gave the ragged injured people around her her best determined superhero face, strong and confident and reeking of unwavering self righteousness, then she punched her powerful fists firmly and unapologetically into her sides. Kaboom. The explosion knocked down every person in the room, every table, and destroyed two interior walls letting a whole section of roof collapse. Then Roz stretched an arm up and smashed her way into and through a densely lit undamaged section of roof to soar magnificent and graceful over the city and do a quick rocketing lap of the central business district. While the club goers struggled to their feet and called a fleet of ambulances for themselves, Super Roz thrilled to the discovery of a hostage situation.

A ring of nine police cars and a three SWAT trucks were surrounding a small office building. Inside two men had a group of hostages at gunpoint, both had a bomb strapped to his waist and an assault rifle in his hands. The police were guns trained on the second floor of the four storey building, and the angry bearded hostage taker was yelling down at them hiding behind a pleading tearful woman. As intense as the scene was, every head and every eye focused instantly in the new arrival as the might and powerful bastion of strength and justice, Ultra Mega Roz, swept magnificent and glorious onto the scene, her black cape bellowing in the wind as she floated ten feet from the window with a stern disapproving gaze scornfully examining the gunman.

“Vile criminals like you make me sick, buddy. How dare you endanger the innocent squishy citizens of Ultra Mega Roz’s city? This looks a job for the mighty muscles of super Ultra mega Roz!” Roz shocked her marvelling audience with a double bicep pose in mid air, her budding physique releasing a palpable aura of strength and power, blinding in its invisible intensity. Half the cops fell over and the gunman stumbled, dropping his rifle and pulling a large heavy pistol to jam it under the hostages chin.

“Whoever you are, fuck off. Or I’ll blow the head off this lousy bitch.”

A cop wearing a vest declaring him a negotiator yelled up at the scary floating superhero. “Hey! This situation is under control. We don’t need your help! We got this!”

Roz laughed with wooden amusement, focusing her heroic gaze she addressed the cop in a very haughty patronising tone the man instantly found infuriating. “Ha ha ha ha ha. It’s perfectly alright, officer. I know how weak and puny you regular human police are. It’s no trouble at all for these mega mighty super strong muscles right here to do your job for you. Don’t feel bad. It isn’t your fault guns can punch holes through your weak puny bodies. It isn’t your fault you’re all so pathetic and useless! But don’t fret, little human. I can use these super duper mega ultra hero muscles and smash and bend and destroy all the vile fiends in this city! Relax, little negotiator dude. Ultra Mega Roz will take over negotiations from here!”

Returning her holier than thou gaze to the confused man in the window, Roz tut tutted derisively a few times. “Such a rude and nasty man, threatening innocent helpless women with harm! Well… I won’t stand idly by and watch you point popguns at people who aren’t bulletproof. Take this, you evil scoundrel!”

Ultra Mega Roz’s eyes sparkled brightly with crackling energy, and the brilliant light built up in her eyeballs so intense that many had to look away. Then the built up power of Roz’s mysterious eye blasters exploded forth to carve clean through the man’s chest. To get there, they burned off the hostage’s arm. With blood curdling screams the two people struck by Roz’s heat vision burst into flame, but within moments both were being vaporised as Ultra Meha Roz continue to stare them down sternly, her lava vision igniting the room around them. Then the bomb was triggered by the heat, taking out half of the room and leaving less than half of the hostages within alive. Pieces of the outer wall struck hard and broke themselves on Mega Roz’s unmoved invulnerable body. Policeman sheltered themselves from falling glass and steel, and within the building there were screams of anguish. Spot fires had taken hold in a dozen places, and the last gunman starred in undisguised horror at the confident, self righteous, and super strong god.

“That’s what you get when take innocent people hostage and make threats,” Roz sagely instructed the wide eyed survivors, as if sharing the deepest secrets of wisdom. “Now Ultra super Mega Roz will take care of those fires! I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt in there, right? And the building, I am sure you would all agree, little humans, has suffered enough damage from those flames.” Roz’s eyes sparkled with amusement, and she parted her lips unable to pull in the cheekily lifted corner of her mouth. A an unholy wind tore through the region as Roz over dramatically inhaled, and out out the fires by sucking in a monstrous million litre breath. Appalled people gaped in hopeless horror as air rushed from the city all around, and whipped through the buildings ripping off extrusions, drawn with inhuman super power into Roz’s small mouth. She didn’t need to take a breath to carry out her plan, but she loved the way her powerful lungs played havoc with the world.  And then, with a naughty twinkle in her eye and aware that all the fires were already safely extinguished, ultra Mega Roz unleashed her galling super breath into the building.

The top two and a half floors of the building were hit with a solid blast of super fast warm wind so powerful it shattered everything to tiny particles. The sound was appalling., and the destruction absolute. With muscle God superbreath, Mega Roz gleefully obliterated the building down to half its size, taking out the whole block behind it but being careful to direct it over the heads of the crouching hostages and the gunman. Those who hadn’t been crouched were flung fatally high into the city skyline along with the debris from a field of badly damaged buildings.

Smiling a heroic smile and nodding firmly in deep approval of her work, Ultra Mega Roz hovered over and threatened the rising gunman with the proximity of her magnificent, super hard, muscles. “Time to explain yourself, you wimpy scoundrel. Tell Ultra Mega Roz why your trying this crazy evil scheme!”

Roz watched him closely, nodded where appropriate and tut-tutted when disapproval was required. Over the next few minutes the hostage taker was a font of information, explaining how he had been pushed over decades to this point. How he was a good man in an evil cruel world trying to make things right. Roz didn’t care. She’d already decided on the most fun way to use the toys her world had provided on this scene to the full.

“I hear you citizen,” Roz boomed, cutting the unfinished story short with her hero voice, and speaking loud and clear so all the concerned police officers below could catch every word Mega Roz scared the shit out of everyone with her next declaration. “What a tragic tale! Indeed! You are a good man! It is a very mean nasty thing that happened to you, good fellow. And now the evil and corrupt police department are out to really put your honest hard working self down. Never fear, good citizen! Ultra Mega Roz will use her super strong, invincible Omni muscles to save you from the oppression of the system!” Roz punched her hands into her obliques and puffed her chest out, knocking the man down hard with the canon blasts exploding out from the impacts. Then she turned and floated out toward the trembling mob of heavily armed, fully kitted out SWAT team members and very frightened beat cops.

“The mega mighty Ultra Roz will stand for the misuse of power!” Roz declared firmly, folding her arms over her chest and watching them with righteous anger clouding her delicate features. “How dare you threaten the life of this poor innocent man! Prepare your puny selves to face the justice of Ultra Mega Roz! Defender of the weak, protector of the innocent, and doer of cool deeds! My muscles will not rest until I dish out some good old superhero ass kicking justice on you naughty tools of state oppression!”

Roz became the happy focus of a barrage once more, hovering a comfortable fifteen feet over the ring of cops as various sizes bullets splattered and bounced off her impregnable body. It wasn’t getting old at all. She could feel the strength within in her swell under the intensity of their attack, and she was willing to stay right there all say with led shattering in her superhard invulnerable skin all day long. But she only stayed there long enough for the last man to fall into despair before she acted. With the last hostages watching on, Ultra Mega Roz unleashed another appalling blast of laser vision. And this time the energy was clearly more intense. This time, she held less back and gave them a good dose. Her angry glare smashed into the patrol cars and they instantly exploded into tiny burning fragments. The cops not directly hit straight away screamed as they were ignited by the radiant heat while Roz sternly ran her eyes across the semi circle of armed police without mercy. Her eye beams dug into the roadway itself, throwing out molten earth and digging a deep glowing pit of liquid rock into which the molten steel and burning ash fell into and pooled.

Stopping her awesome display with a deep hot trench where dozens of police had been just moments before, Roz nodded in satisfied approval and turned to fly back to the stunned gunman and smile warmly at the astonished domestic terrorist.

“There you go, good fellow. I told you my superpowers would prevail! A good superhero never ignores the needs of decent people, and we never ignore injustices! No no. There is need to thank me, good sir. I’m just doing what any good super strong, super invincible, super powered, hero of the people should do! I don’t need your grovelling gratitude! Just the knowledge that I, the almighty and all powerful Ultra Mega Roz has performed another great deed of generous justice, that’s all the reward I need! Remember, fine sir. As long as there is pain. As long as there is suffering. As long as people are in danger! Ultra Mega Roz will be there to save and protect the weak, pathetic, squishy ordinary citizens of the world!”

Her speech delivered with grace and style, and the unwavering self assured confidence of the truly righteous, Ultra Mega Roz drew close and slapped a hand on the man’s back in a friendly gesture of love and companionship. The slap shattered the bone and squished the muscle. And set off the bomb strapped to the man’s body. The explosion finished the destruction of the second floor, and left a rag tag pair of surviving hostages sobbing in the rubble. Roz grinned at them, showing them her smug arrogant biceps and poking her tongue out at them. “Ha ha ha ha ha. Sucks to be squishy, like you pussies,” she jeered. And then she gave a glorious magnificent power flex that doomed them and levelled the ruined office completely, before arcing up into the sky with a riotous laugh. What a great game this was.  

Roz was very keen to keep playing. This game was fucking great. And it was about to get much better. Memories of her joyous rampage through the military base flitted through her mind’s eye with super high definition clarity as she finally learned where the chopper carrying her First Toy had been headed. Garry and company were at that very moment climbing out of the military transport chopper and being led toward what everyone assumed would be the safest places on Earth for them, and one of the most secret and  secure locations on Earth. Roz grinned when she realised the epic scope the next round of her game would have. Because a very worried Garry was now being walked across the grounds of Nellis Airforce Base. Area 51.

Leaving the city behind as local emergency services were ramping up efforts in response to her playful activities, Roz burst through the sound barrier and rocketed across the country to complete a journey the chopper had spent an hour on in less than a minute. The small military base she had abused with her super strength had nothing on this place. She stopped and examined the vast multi billion dollar complex from seventy thousand in the air, her hungry eyes lit with excitement as she observed tens of thousands of troops, many thousands of thickly armoured high tech military vehicles including tanks and mobile rocket launchers, and thousands of aircraft parked in hangers or beside runways. The base seemed to be littered with bunkers, airfields, surface compounds that sometimes looked more like small towns, and dozens of cratered bombing ranges. It was muscles god’s rampaging paradise, and Mega Roz couldn’t believe her luck. The idea that she could obliterate the whole extensive base with a quick powerflex of her super strong muscle God physique never even crossed Mega Roz’s mind. No way was she going to rush this.

Garry and company were in a truck fast approaching a huge mountain range. Beneath the range Roz could see a vast network of tunnels of rooms, and below that a huge solid bunker. With a naughty laugh, the impossible muscle God flexed her body and dove toward First Toy to set up the context of her impending rampage.

Magnificent the White black and gold trimmed superhero suit, Stretched beyond natural reason by her super hard muscles, Roz gloriously swept into the scene doing a sweep of the area and two circles of the moving truck. Guards in the yard around the entrance to the bunker grabbed guns, a local alarm sounded, and Roz touched down carefully in front of the advancing truck. With a stern heroic expression, she placed her hands on her hips and puffed out her chest making it hard and releasing a pulse of brute force that smashed into the decelerating truck and stopped it dead, in the end knocking it back about five feet with the windshield and headlights smashes and nothing left of the grill. The engine gave out a last puff of smoke and shuddered in its final death rattle while the driver pulled pieces of glass out of his face.

“You cunts have picked the wrong superhero to fuck with!” Today decreed with her best booming superhero voice yet. “Did you think you could hide my friend from me? And you dare to threaten his fucking parents as well! Prepare for justice to done, vile agents of evil! The mightiest hero in all of the universe, the all powerful and almighty, invincible warrior for truth and justice, Ultra Mega Roz is her Eyes!  And now your days of nefarious plots and dark secret schemes are over!”

The truck emptied, with Garry and his folks surrounded by a dozen crack troops and Number One stepping warily forward toward Roz, who happily radiated with oppressive strength and power.

“Roz. How did you find us? You can fly?”

“Of course I can fly?” Ultra Roz scoffed. “You stupid criminal types never stop asking really silly questions. How are you so strong? How are you bulletproof? Why are you smashing me apart with your super muscles? It’s because: I am a super charged, super powerful, super strong and super smart superhero. It’s not so hard to understand. Why have you kidnapped my friend, Garry. He is an innocent man. A good man.”

Number one grew very serious. “You nearly killed him, Roz. Several times. We didn’t kidnap anybody. Why don’t we go and talk? I have a lot of questions.”

Roz pushed everyone back with the wind coming off her mocking laughter. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Hahahahahaha. Ha ha ha. You foolish scoundrel. What was I just saying about stupid criminal types? Talk about guilty, dude. You’re an evil mastermind for sure… but I know you must work for some greater evil. And once I smash and crush and beat the hell out of this wicked secret lair, freed my friend Garry, and shown you the truth of your evil wickedness with my super strength and my invincible muscles… I’m gonna deal with your good for nothing evil mastermind!”

Number One looked utterly confused. “Listen, Roz. Whatever game your playing here needs to stop. You’ve a lot of people. You could be in a great deal of trouble. Maybe I can help you.”

“Ultra Muscle Roz doesn’t make deals with evil henchmen, you filthy dog. You won’t be able trick these super duper mega muscles with your evil twisted words! Hahahahahaha.” Roz rocked the earth with her callous laughter, very nearly deafening everyone in the area. She could hear the clicking of guns being prepped behind her, but she hardly cared about the rifles lining her up from behind. Her face shifted to a playful grin, and she dropped the super hero act for a moment. “I’m playing super heroes! Isn’t it fun?”

“No Roz. People are being killed.”

“Don’t be a fucking pansy boy. Just because you piss ant pussies can’t bounce bullets off your abs. Just because you weak cunts can’t crush and smash steel like these super hard muscles can. Just because your a bunch of weak, worthless, pussies, that doesn’t mean I can’t keep enjoying my games with you. It just means you can’t. Fucking. Stop me. Because I’m a super. Fucking. Hard. And a super. Fucking. Strong. Wrecking ball. I’m a mean mother. Fucking .machine. I’m super strong, do whatever the fuck I want, ultra powerful cunt. And you’re a pussy. And because your a pussy, and I’m a fucking God, I say what game we’re going to play and the whole fucking planet better shape the fuck up and get their shit together because that’s the fucking game we’re going to play. Understand? You hear me, you fucking cock sucker?”

Number One was horrified by Roz’s awful speech mostly because it was delivered at a well above normal level from the super powerful Roz’s impossible lungs. His only hope, and the only hope of the whole world, was that he could prove this obnoxious selfish bully wrong. He had to prove that the rest of the human race could stop this monster. And luckily for him, Nellis Air Force base was without doubt the best possible place for this battle to take place. Not only remote, it was densely defended with countless top secret and experimental pieces of military hardware. They even had a nuclear test range, and not just one or two nukes but an entire arsenal. But Number One held an even better ace up his sleeve. They had the technology from Roswell. And that particular set of secret weapons was in fact under Number One’s direct control.

“I hear you Roz. But… think about it. You don’t have to do this. You could do wonderful things!”

Roz stopped smiling, and assumed once more her stern superhero face. “Ultra Mega Roz has no choice, vile wretch! And besides… I want to this. I want to smash and crush and pulverise evil with my super strong mega muscles! Justice must be swift to those who need punishment! And nobody is more swift or more punishing that Ultra Mega Roz!”

Roz hit another double bicep flex that knocked everyone down, even those behind her, and pushed the truck three feet further away with waves of force pouring off her amazing physique.

“Wait Roz! Here… take Garry! Take his parents! We aren’t keeping them prisoner here! Nobody needs to get hurt!”

“Sorry, evil doer! It’s much too late for you and this hive of evil henchmen! Super Roz will rid the world of all evil! But don’t worry, foul wretch. Ultra Mega Roz will save you and your little compound until the very end.”

Number one gulped. “Wait a minute Roz… what do you mean save my little compound? Nobody outside Area 51 knows about you at all. It’s just us. I beg you… if you must kill everyone who know about you, spare the rest of the base. We’re only a tiny part of this place.”

Roz smiled and leaned closer conspiratorially. “I know. Ultra Mega Roz is not very smart, though… and she figures it’s just as easy to kill all the little pussy army men and smash all the little puny bunkers, and crush all the pansy boy bunkers. Just in case, dickhead. You know?”

With that Roz became the bold hero once more, hopping up into the air and anchoring herself above them with a tightening of her super powerful pecs. “Prepare yourselves, you vile little cockroaches. Ultra Mega Roz’s gonna go deal with the rest of your recalcitrant buddies with her super mighty mega muscles! When I get back, you are. All. Dead.”

Number One picked himself up off the ground as Roz flashed out of sight with a long string of loud sonic booms. He barked orders rapidly, running roars the bunker at a sprint as his men herded Garry and family along behind him. He had to be fast if he was going to save any lives. But after watching that incident at the first base Roz had stormed, Number One knew his priority was going to be finding a way to kill Roz Thomas once and for all. Such power. Such strength. The all powerful and almighty mega God Roz had to die. Sadly for Number One, and sadly for the entire rest of the world, Roz was not only completely and utterly invincible. She was immortal.

Not troubled by anything she heard Number One saying, in fact delicately tuning out the information from her conscious thoughts, Roz flew happily to the outer perimeter of the base and selected the most heavily fortified entry point. With a determined look on her cute face, the super strong God of power swept down ten feet from the closed entry point and hovered a moment before letting gravity take her to the ground with a terrific smash. She made a shallow foot deep crater in the road by letting her full weight drop onto the ground, and punched her hands into hips with a duel boom of cracking force that cleared the dusty debris of her landing and shattered the windows of the large gatehouse. The towers either side of the main gate, set a hundred feet back from the smaller checkpoint, swayed with threatening force but held their ground.

“I am the super powerful, righteous guardian of peace and freedom, the mighty and unstoppable, Ultra Mega Roz! You men are working for an evil mastermind, and represent a danger to the entire world that must be crushed! Never fear, evil henchmen! These mighty mega muscles are strong! These might mega muscle never get tired! And these are the mighty, super strong, invincible muscles that are gonna stop this evil menace and for all! I know you will fight me. I know you will want me to stop. But rest assured, vile agents of evil! There’s nothing you dirty lowlifes can possible do to stop me from killing each and every one of you filthy rotten scoundrels!”

The large guardhouse was emptied, and twenty heavily armed men in full kit marched at the ready to form a firing line behind the boomgate and barricade.

“This is a restricted area!” The commander barked. “Step away from the fence and leave the area, or you WILL be fired upon.”

Roz laughed. “Fire away! Bullets don’t hurt these mighty muscles!” Roz scoffed their threats, thumping her diamond hard abs and releasing a booming shockwave. Several men fell over, but each and every one of them were badly shaken by the casual display off inhuman power. In response, and out of fear more than anything, the first shot in the battle of Nellis Air Force pinged useless from Roz’s smooth forehead, hardly disturbing her golden hair at all. This first ineffective impact quickly turned into a deadly barrage of steel jacketed led that splatter and slapped apart on her unmoved body by the dozen each second. Roz wallowed in being shot again, and opened her stance to accept and even encourage more. It just felt so good. So fantastic. Not only was it a very pleasant enjoyable massage and a reminder of her utter and total invulnerability, the bullets turned away so arrogantly by her flawlessly carved and super hard physique were continuing to make her stronger and stronger.

“So fucking strong,” she whispered in awe of her own ever growing indestructible muscles. “So. Fucking. Powerful.” She stood happily expanding chest into the onslaught and plotted the demise of Nellis Air Force Base, bullets coming at her wholesale now and splashing into ruin upon her abs, chest, and face. It was great appetizers for the super strong wrecking machine, and she was looking forward to a wonderful grand finale for this evening’s entertainment.

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