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Kneel Before Roz – Part 5, The Battle of Nellis I

Written by Dru1076 :: [Saturday, 11 August 2018 13:27] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 12 August 2018 07:47]

General Blake sat back in shock. His conference call with Number One left him stunned. Especially the footage of that impossible super strong wrecking ball destroying tanks. Nobody had any idea of the true extent of Roz’s mega muscle God powers, not even Roz. But they were shaken and drained of hope by what little they did know.

“Send out two columns. Now. I want all our birds in the air. And fuel up the bombers. Prep all experimental weapons programs for deployment. And all non essential personnel are to leave the base immediately. I want all emergency exit and supply tunnels opened and operating in the next two minutes. Let get moving people. From what I’ve seen, this murderous cunt is not human. This is not a normal woman… I want clear orders to every officer, infantryman, and anybody else in between. Kill this psychotic bitch. We are the United States military and the citizens are counting on us to keep them safe from alien threats like this. I’m talking extreme prejudice. Spread the fucking word.”

At the centre of a twenty gun firestorm, the cause of Blake’s concern smiled. Her super powerful hearing had no trouble picking up the command chain relaying the orders down the chain. Alarms sounded all across the vast military base, turbines wound up, missiles were loaded into launchers and thousands of anti aircraft weapons were busily made ready. A fifty cal sniper shot splattered into hot ruin upon Roz’s unblinking left eye as she listened to the modern cutting edge military she planned to crush with her super strong muscle power prepare itself with admirable effort and efficiency for the entertainment ahead. Two columns each headed by four massive tanks and escorted by eight Apache choppers loaded with rapid fire missile launchers and heat seekers, charged forward from the not too distant cluster of surface structures beyond the main gate. This was a satellite station of the main base, part of the defensive wall twenty kilometres from the central surface base. Roz was looking forward to running amok in the massive city like main base, but kept himself from rushing at the high rise office buildings and squat bunkers. First, Ultra Mega Roz would unleash justice upon the two columns and their puny outpost.

“Had enough?” Roz demanded, her superhero voice booming above the gunfire. She waited quietly for few long moments, but nobody stopped shooting at her and lead continued to burst against super hard muscles. “Very well. Time for justice then! Feel the power of my super duper, mega muscle God, ultra hurricane breath!” Inhaling deeply, Roz started to needlessly consume millions of litres of air with over dramatised focus. Those who didn’t duck fast enough behind the barricade were pulled from the defensive positions along with everyone in front of the boomgate, who were vacuumed up either over or under the steel bar and dragged toward the super strong, unstoppable mega Roz. They screamed and tried to hang onto something, but Mega Roz only sucked harder and cruelly denied them of hope. And then, before any of the men caught in her inhalation got too close to her, Roz leaned forward with her lips puckered, and maliciously blew at the doomed toys.

The wind that struck the soldiers tore into the concrete barricade with an otherworldly force, knocking it back instantly a foot along a hundred yard line and sliding it onward toward the main gates. The main gates themselves were slapped open, and fence either side tore apart and became the first thing to fly off into the desert. Then the towers beside the main gate groaned and screeched and leaned away in submission to Roz’s awesome display. The men being pushed along the ground by the barricade that Roz’s super breath was bullying screamed, and called to one another. But their screaming voices were torn away into the night air and drowned out of the raging torrent of mega Roz’s muscle God hurricane.

Impressed with herself, Roz let her deep amusement play about her clear blue eyes and watched her mere breath break and smash the world. She effortlessly doubled the intense wind, still holding back most of her power, and the towers lost their fight for survival. With a horrific screech and tearing of steel, the towers twisted and torn from the ground. Watching in terror, the last men alive at the gateway were pushed along even faster by the concrete barricade. And then… appalling everyone with the simple cruelty of it… Roz doubled the power again. And then tripled it. And then… she actually put a little effort into blowing.

The wind carried on far far longer than the inhalation leading up to it had been, and the men had been fully expecting the obscene muscle god to ease off and stop. Instead the barricade moved faster. And then faster. They were pushed along at a good sixty miles an hour. And then… boom. In an instant, the wind leapt upward in force and the concrete was smashed utterly out of existence. Reduced to dust. Roz’s breath was so appalling in obscene power that all before her was obliterated and destroyed. She had even sheared a yard of desert floor away, wiping all evidence of any gatehouse away and returning the desert to a featureless wasteland.

“I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down, mother fuckers. Hehehehehehehehee.”

Flexing her muscles up enough to threaten the seams of her super suit, Roz started to walk toward the rolling columns crossing the desert toward her, wondering if the multiple choppers we’re going to strike first, or if they would wait to let the tanks have a go. They were going to get fucked over either way. Towering with puffed up self righteousness, Ultra Mega Roz made the desert tremble with each abusive footfall, powering her super strong leg into the ground and flexing her thighs and calves to put a real boom in each step. Shockwave after great booming shockwave shot out from her feet to bounce the sand and rocks about violently.

Orders were given as the columns drew near, and orders were calmly followed. The choppers began to circle around Roz, and the tanks broke off the form a curved assault front and stopped. The trucks with fifty cal guns parked between the tanks and the men inside spilled out. It was an impressive sight, even before the shooting started. Roz stopped making earthquakes with her super strong feet, and stood before them giving them a stern disapproving look of unquestioning self righteousness.

“What vile evil is this! Do you think you will stop the justice of Ultra Mega Roz? Ha ha ha. Such fools you little criminals are. Super strong, super invincible, mega muscle superheroes are not intimidated by your filthy machines of war! Prepare for justice. Prepare to face my mighty. Mega. Muscles.”  Roz brought her arms up and proudly flexed up a power pose for her audience. Boom. The force rocketed off her excessively strong body and snapped into the menacing line of troops. The bullet proof glass on every truck cracked, and even the sturdy tanks were rocked in their suspension by the incredible power of Roz’s super muscles. As the chaos settled, and the attack choppers recovered from the turbulent outburst exploding from Roz’s belligerently strong muscles

No further communication required, the military unleashed all the hell it could bring to bear upon the merciless muscle God with all the extreme prejudice their orders required. Boom. Boom. Kaboom. Tatt tatt. Tatatatatatatatatatatat. Baboom. “Ha ha ha! Your weak,” boom kaboom boom, “puny little tanks shells can’t hurt these muscles!” Boom. Kaboom. Kaboom. Roz was forced to hover over empty air as the ground was ripped up under feet and thrown into the air. Supersonic tank shells snapped one after another into her proud chest and chiselled abs. Bullets splattered and splashed on her super hard, super strong physique. The fifty cals shattered steel jackets by the dozen on the solid sturdy monolith of strength and unbridled muscular power. “Hahahahahahaha. That tickles. Your misguided effort to stop truth and justice are wasted upon my mega mighty super muscles!”

The attack choppers finally joined the fray, having pulled back to regroup in attack formation. In two  waves shaped like boomerangs the noisy machines of war charged out of sky above several hundred muzzle flashes and fire spitting tanks. Like majestic avenging Angels, the choppers dipped their noses and unleashed all their considerable destructive power at their overpowered opponent. Rapid fire missiles were Roz’s new favourite thing. Bigger bangs than hand grenades, but these wonderful rockets came in nearly as rapidly as m4 rounds. As Apache passed, Ultra Mega exulted in the joyous massage of dozens of hard driven, high explosives, smashed ruthlessly into her torso to delight abs that could part solid steel. The missile blasts fuelled her ever increasing strength, and Roz closed her eyes a moment to ignore the pretty firework display a moment just enjoy the fantastic sensation of her muscles swelling and hardening with new unrequested, but hardly unwelcome, strength.

“That was pretty fucking cool,” Roz happily observed, popping open her eyes and spinning to look up at the choppers. “A nice try! Now watch as Ultra Mega Roz shows you how super strong muscle gods… um… I mean… super strong super heroes, deal with those who would attack unarmed people with rockets.”

Roz freaked out the confused line of ready fighting men by actually knocking anyone not behind cover down down to the so hard bones were broken, leaving a fifty foot tornado of spinning turbulence in her wake as she shot into the sky to chase down the choppers. Boom. Boom. Ba boom. Bahboom. She pulled several thousand g’s and hit the first chopper broadside as it turned before her. The other crews looked on with eyes wide as saucers as the Mach 7 super Roz obliterated the chopped with her smug smiling face, her strong arms splayed wide.

Coming back around Roz had no trouble manoeuvring around the clumsy flying machines with her darted course changes and extreme acceleration. She came up on the tail of a second chopper, choosing the one flying in the centre of the formation she had already attacked, and crushed her arms around and into the frame. Her muscles overwhelmed the choppers large rotor and took control of the long flying weapons platform. Using her toy as a giant baseball bat, Mega Roz swung it around in a viciously fast arc and smashed it firmly into one of its friends.

“Your puny flying machines are nothing against my super powered muscles! Take this you foul fiend! Have at you! Hahahahahaha!” Enjoying herself so much she was caring less and less about maintaining the superhero game, Roz was becoming much less convincing with her performance. She gleefully smashed the last chopper in the formation out of existence, and negligently dropped her badly abused, twisted, and smashed toy from her hands to spin hundreds of feet and smash into the sand dunes a smoking batter ruin. The last four choppers fled, and Roz stopped in the air to watch them a moment with disdain. “You fucking pussies! How the fuck am I supposed to play my fucking super hero game with you feebs if you’re just gone take your shit home. You lousy cunts! Think you can escape a mighty unstoppable muscle God, a super mega strong, ultimate fuck you up, badass super cunt like me? Run all you like bitches! Hahahahaha.” Roz hooked up a spitball, and rolled it on her tongue before shooting from her lips at the lead chopper. It didn’t explode. It more sort of puffed out of existence, as if by magic becoming a huge deadly cloud of shimmering particles that had tore through the other choppers in the instant of its creation. The other choppers did explode, riddled with smoking red hot pin pricks all three recognisable choppers span toward the dunes. Roz denied them their desert burial, scornfully lighting up the scene with appalling heat and melting the wreckage from the sky while it still tumbled. Only ashes remained as she laughed heartily and flew back to hover menacingly a few feet from the lip of the crater her toys had made trying to harm her super invincible body. Not giving up her super hero game just yet, Ultra Mega Roz addressed her silent audience.

“The feeble forces of corruption can never stop the super muscle forces of good! Get ready to feel the pain, losers! Here. It. Comes.”

Roz walked forward in the air until her feet met the ground. Boom. An angry shell exploded on her chest. And yet another went whistling past her ear. She snatched it up with her superb reflexes and super speed, and slapped it remorseless into her tight packed stomach. The shell exploded, but it’s fragments were punished far more by Roz’s super hard abdominal muscles than the explosive charge. The violent barrage was back on, and Roz was loving the delights of bullet splatter once more. Sucking a few stray bullets into her mouth as they whipped by her ears, Roz made them squeal between her pearly white teeth and chewed them until she was rolling molten lead and steel in her tongue. She spat the hot glowing liquid at the soldier who had fired the first bullet, sending it like a laser bolt to streak into the man’s chest and making him explode violently enough to kill seven others. The infantry had moved up between the trucks and tanks, filling in all the gaps in the fire wall and concentrating their fire on the lone, super strong and totally invincible, muscle God.

Bullets pinged, rockets broke in flames, tank shells exploded in tatters, and Ultra Mega Roz’s super hard, super strong muscle loved every fucking minute of it. Keeping her calm superhero face on show, looking very serious and forthright, Roz was laughing inside. Her muscles steamed with power, and churned with impossible super strength. She could end this little engagement right now in a dozen ways. She could flex up her mega muscles and fuck them over by producing a wall of excessive destructive fury. She could stamp her foot, and open the very earth beneath them all and swallow them up in a gaping chasm. She could squint and unleash the fires of hell from her beautiful blue eyes. She could spit a ball of saliva in the centre of the line and wipe them out. And that was just the start of a very long list that her super efficient brain had rapidly assembled for her.

She was close now. A bullet sparked off her left eye as she selected her first toys to break. The eight men withdrew into the gap when they saw her gaze settle on them through a thunderstorm of driving lead rain and tanks shells. The field of fire was reduced as she neared them, and the tanks could no longer shoot their main guns. Brave soldiers moved out in the flanks and kept their barking machine guns peppering Roz’s super strong physique from either side. But Ultra Mega Roz paid them no more heed than she had the tank shells.

Clearly disapproving of their cowardice with a slow shake of her head, Mega Roz stepped right into the gap between the two trucks, and reached out to make their steel plate skins scream under the assault of her belligerent super strength. Giving them a naughty “this will fuck you up” smile, Roz twisted her hands into the steel and took a firm grip on the trucks, then she pulled the massive heavy war machines hard against her impossibly strong body. The armour plate smashed into Roz and wrapped tightly around the divine mega muscle God’s fantastically buff physique, her indestructible flesh happily ignorant of the immense forces at play. Not nearly as invulnerable as the invincible Ultra Mega Roz, the first casualties of the twin columns were swatted like flies between the armour plated vehicles. The trucks themselves were callously scrapped by the power of the impact, and then totally destroyed when Roz snickered and pushed her super strong arms back out and apart. The ruined trucks were thrown with appalling destructive force into the tanks on either side, claiming the lives of another dozen soldiers.

Roz mouthed out, eenie meenie miney moe, finishing with her flitting finger pointed left. Looking left a moment, she scratched her chin with overacted and very false deep thought, then turned right and approached the charred, blood splattered and badly bashed in side of the tank. A man popped a hatch and waved her arms about desperately. “Please, God! No! We surrender! We surrender!”

“You can’t surrender,” Roz told him with a wink. “I’m not a real real hero, you squishy. Little. Pussy. I’m a super pumped, super strong, super cunt, with muscles that are itching to play with you puny little army pukes. Surprise, pansy boy! I’m really just here to fuck you over with my super strong, super hard, divine muscle power. Just like… THIS!”

Having closed the distance as she talked, Roz drew back an arm and punched the tank nice and hard. The destruction of the tank was instant and absolute. A perfect bubble of fractured steel spread out from the point of impact, where Roz’s forearm was momentarily embedded in the side of the tank. But the tank exploded, sending fragments of sharp steel into her smiling face and sculpted super strong torso. The exploding tank killed more soldiers, and wrecked the truck beyond it. Roz stepped through the smoking debris, perfectly clean and pristine in white uniform, and her calm determined superhero face was back.

A desperate man leapt up from nowhere and swung the long barrel of the trucks fifty cal around. He locked and loaded it with a new clip while Roz tut tutted in disapproval and calmly stepped near with her hands folded over her puffed up chest. At only a few feet away from her delicate nose and eyes, the trumpeted gun barrel spat a loud, long lick of flame and the huge spinning bullet snapped into Roz face. The gunner howled a vicious war cry, and kept the gun aimed directly at Roz’s face. Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang. Roz didn’t even blink. The bullets bounced off her very eyeballs back into the truck, doing much more damage there than they had to Roz’s invulnerable cute face.

The gun stopped barking, and the wide eyed man stared uncomprehending at the super strong unstoppable wrecking ball standing with her arms still crossed over her magnificent chest, still looking unimpressed, and without so much as a smear of lead in her angelically perfect features.

“I can see you enjoy your work,” Roz noted approvingly. “I want you to know… I really really love my job too. I love using these super mega mighty muscles in the pursuit of truth and justice in the Ultra Mega Roz way!” With her toy now suitably educated in the theory, Ultra Mega Roz proceeded to the practical lesson. She bent her knees and reached down under the truck to screech the chassis rail noisily into a handhold. Then as her knees straightened and arm extended the truck lifted and shifted into the air, completely under the control of one very strong and very powerful arm. The gunner cried out in alarm, and the soldiers on the far side of the truck, once revealed, each dropped to a knee and lined the pleasantly surprised Mega Roz up with their assault rifles.

Relishing her defeat of hot lead no less than the very first time she’d felt it, Roz waited calmly for the magazines to unload on her super hard muscles before spinning and upending the large truck with her wrist, moving the imposing object as smoothly as construction crane, and then SLAMMED it down on the stunned men. Hard. The truck exploded violently into flaming ruin, and Roz stepped toward the charred side of another tank. Behind her soldiers had moved around to maintain a steady stream of wasted steel jacketed bullets. Mega Roz’s back muscles simply spat the bullets back at the world with galling insolence, and she made a show of ignoring them while she spread her arms wide and leaned into her third tank.

Screams of anguished super dense alloy filled the air as Roz pulled the tank in on itself, arrogantly bullying the specially designed allow with her immense unstoppable super strength, and lifted it into the air all with clear and obvious ease. A few rifles lowered as the men gaped in open astonishment at the incredible, impossible, insane feat of raw brutal super strength on display before them. The tank began to shrink with horrendous pops and squeals as Roz worked the metal without mercy into an ever shrinking ball of steaming ruin, pulling into her torso and compressing it. Inside the crew screamed, but they were crushed along with the helpless armour plate by Super strong, unapologetic and divinely potent muscles. With her face a mask of gritty and heroic determination, betrayed by the cheeky up ticked corner of her mouth, Roz calmly turned with her wrecked toy condensed to a quarter of its size and dripping oil and blood, dropping broken pieces of itself on the ground at her feet, and put one hand on her hip while she raised the crushed tank up easily with the other. Holding her trashed trophy up for her audience a moment, she leaned back and hurled it like a baseball. A forty ton, red hot, ten foot baseball of steel. It flew with blistering speed into the tank she’d spared by turning right instead of left. The solid mass of tortured tank hit with appalling force, and the target was very thoroughly and convincingly destroyed. Roz’s hand forged wrecking ball was hardly slowed, and still had enough momentum to carry the destruction through the truck beyond and, in the end, came to rest halfway through the far side of the second tank. Such was the end of two more trucks, and two more tanks. It also prompted the first men to run. About a dozen soldiers on the suddenly reduced left flank broke ranks and took flight toward the outpost. The two tanks and the last truck down that end started to move away too, in direct violation of their orders to stand and fight their enemy. And then almost every man was sprinting from the scene. Roz allowed herself a grin in their direction, deciding to let them make it inside the outpost. Their escape was very temporary. There was nowhere anyone could hide from Roz’s amazing muscle God senses.

The fifty cal behind her in the truck started shooting bullets at Roz’s back, pulling her attention to the last two vehicles and remaining men on the right flank. With an angry cry of frustrated rage, a brave soldier came around the truck, knelt and fired a shoulder mounted anti tank rocket with professional accuracy directly into Roz’s lower back. Roz laughed, not moved an inch by the harsh detonation and turn to stroll to the truck with fifty caliber rounds splashing into oblivion on her chest. The gunner lost sight of his target as Ultra Mega Roz approached the side of the truck. With a happy smile she reached down and crushed her fingers into the chassis and lifted the truck smoothly into the air. Roz raised a knee and locked in place, then with reckless overuse of her super strength smashed the truck down onto her firm, immovable thigh. Kaboom. The middle third of the truck exploded apart. The brave guy with the rocket launcher saw the gunner explode along with the rest of the truck destroyed on Ultra Mega Roz’s super hard thigh. And Roz was left holding two large pieces of truck so badly damaged they were hardly recognisable. The debris that blasted through the area had only been smashed further by Mega Roz’s divine muscles, but the last infantryman on the front line had given up holding onto his rocket launcher in favour of clutching a huge fountaining gash in his stomach.

“Hahahahahaha. Looks like a pussy needs a fucking Medic!” Without taunting the man further with words, Roz walked over and stood over the prone man regarding him with I hidden scorn. “What a fucking pussy. Are you gonna cry, bitch? Sure fucking looks like it. Want super mega Roz to help you with that? No, no. I insist, pansy boy. Here.” Roz smashed the two large pieces of truck she held together on the man, with stupefying force. Boom. A lot of hot metal splashed against her chest, broke upon her strong, hard, abs, and sparked in her unblinking eyes.

The stunned crew inside the tank were so badly shell shocked at this point they were unable to organise a retreat. Examining their confused faces through the cold armour of the last tank standing in the line, Roz was not all surprised to see how stupid and slow and they were. Wasting no more time on these stupid pussies, Roz strode over lifted the entire tank smoothly with one hand. Roz grinned wickedly, and with her free hand arrogantly on her waist, she maliciously and forcefully smashed herself in the chest with the large helpless tank. Kaboom. The strength she applied was astonishing, and far, far, more than required to doom the tank. The explosion tore a fifty foot crater up out of desert beneath her feet, leaving no part of the tank larger than a silver dollar and sending the debris for several miles on all directions. It was wonderful display, and Roz though it felt fantastic to smash such a large heavy tank so easily on her super hard, super strong mega God pectorals.

With three vehicles fleeing the scene, and a large cluster of buildings hiding a thousand heavily armed and entrenched soldiers, Roz decided to wrap up this first engagement and indulge in some hand to hand fighting inside the first compound. She soared up two hundred feet into the air, gave her mighty mega muscles a playful flex, then pushed her fists out in front of herself and dove headlong at the truck driving toward the compound. With a vicious boom, the super strong muscle God slew into the top of the truck, smashed it to smithereens in a brilliant explosion, and continued clean through the destroyed wreck and into the ground. The tank that suddenly found itself the rear guard of a much reduced column was next to feel Ultra Mega Roz’s brutal super muscle. The impossible super girl smashed from the ground directly beneath the fast moving tank, and smashed through its belly. Slowing as she entered the interior of the tank, her explosive entrance having already torn the crew to gore, and took the bent tank into the air with herself. Snipers in the outpost towers got the best view of the tank now flying up into the air in a huge two hundred foot arc. Some looked away as the tank came back down, lined up perfectly to ram the last rolling tank. As Roz carried her heavy cargo down toward the fleeing target, she accelerated to snap through the sound barrier three times in a hundred feet before hitting the last tank. Nothing involved in that titanic ground shuddering impact survived intact. Nothing except the perfectly invulnerable super hard muscles of Ultra Mega Roz, whose super powered body smashed easily and cleanly through the explosion of colliding tanks, and once more dived through the desert floor. The hard bedrock could not hope Ultra Mega Roz’s diamond hard, divinely strong, super muscles. Laughing with the feeling total freedom, she pulled her arms back against her sides and plowed through the hard packed stone beneath the desert using her cute as a button nose as an unstoppable battering and fuelling her way forward with her flexing thighs. Watching the bedrock crack smash and part way before her, her open eyes doing their part to bully the pulverised granite, Ultra Mega Roz performed a series of barrel rolls and playfully tunnelled her way through a hundred miles of solid earth.

Shattering the surface and sending tons of rock and sand spewing out in tremendous geyser, the super strong and all powerful muscle God flexed her pecs to anchor herself in the air above the outpost. An appalling shockwave exploded from her flexed chest and violently rocked the base, shattering windows and making the four sniper tower sway dangerously. Her tunnelling had been causing intense earthquakes, and one already tower joined four other buildings in breaking up and collapsing. Unable to take any further punishment they surrendered to Roz’s powerful display of muscle power.

“Too long has the world suffered at the hands of bullies like you!” Roz boomed down at them, her self righteous tones popping more than a dozen ear drums and finishing off any windows that had so far survived. “But fear not, vile agents of evil! Super mega Roz, the most powerful of all super heroes. The wisest and smarterest warrior of justice and truth in all the universe! The strong. The Invincible. Destroyer of all the weak and puny agents of chaos! She is here to fuck you up. Ultra Mega Roz is gonna fuck you over with super strength. One by one. Here I come pussies.”

A sniper bullet slapped into her chest. A heat seemed drew a line of hot smoke from its launcher in wiggling, eventually fine tuned line to Roz’s stern superhero face where it impacted hard and fast, exploding violently. It was a total free for all, just as she had expected. Flying down and hovering over a building full of cowering men, Roz centred herself over the roof and crossed her arms arrogantly over her chest. Watching the confused sheltered men, the tiles and insulation no obstacle to her remarkable super enhanced eyes, Roz swelled her body weight to 90000 tons and let gravity take her concentrated mass to the ground. The roof, for all appearances, didn’t even try to slow her down. Her feet popped straight through it unhindered and next plowed a crater two feet into the concrete, upturning the entire slab beneath the feet of all the soldiers. In turn, the walls and roof collapsed. Someone cried out in pain, another tried to pull herself from under some rubble. But most of them were dead. Roz laughed her fake superhero laugh and punched her fists hard into her waist. BOOM. The survivors of Roz’s rooftop landing gag were ground to paste by the force that flashed out from those twin impacts and cleared the fallen building from around the short super muscled god of any debris. Walking forward, Roz brutalised a piled wall of smashed concrete and brick with her super hard chest and thighs. Boom. A rocket smashed into her left cheek. Small rounds struck her torso. Ultra Mega Roz smiled in happy satisfaction, and walked forward to punch her breasts through the wall of the next building. Kaboom. Startled men scattered, then rapid streams of bullets poured onto her hard unforgiving abs and met their pathetic splattering doom upon impregnable super hard muscle.

Suddenly, Roz was standing among a large group while the men still shot at the hole she had been standing in an instant before. She took hold of two men, pushing her super strong fingers into their chests and taking a ruthless grip on their bending ribs, Ultra Mega Roz smashed them outward with such punishing force she knocked half a dozen men fatally into the floor, shattering the all their tough body armour and pulverising bone. Then Roz mercilessly and with appalling, soul chilling power, slammed the already dead men in her cruel hands together and they became a fine mist, obliterated from existence at the whim of Mega Roz’s wonderfully strong and powerful muscles.

A desperate man, crazed and wild eyed, jumped out with a huge knife and jammed it hard into Roz’s kidney. It snapped in contact with Roz’s invulnerable skin, and the tip sprang into the attackers leg where it lodged itself within a ghastly wound.

Roz smiled wickedly at the foolish man, and reached to lay a hand across his stomach. “Just fuck off, will you? A knife? Dumb cunt.” Roz shoved him hard, shunting the internal organs fatally and launching the instant corpse parallel to the floor at over six hundred miles an hour. Nine more soldiers were dead before the blurring body splashed into gore on a wall, leaving the cinderblocks cracked and almost making it all the way through.

A man with a shotgun jumped from behind cover. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boomboomboomboomboom. The pellets rained down, turned arrogantly away with no acknowledgement by Ultra Roz’s mega muscles. Another charged, pulling the pin on a grenade still on the belt with five others. He screamed in honourable rage, and wrapped his arms around Roz’s strong rounded and muscle capped shoulders to pull his grenade belt right up to Roz’s sculpted torso. Boom. Pieces of shredded human slopped all over the place, thrown clear of a pristine and perfectly happy Roz. Pure white and free of any harm whatsoever, Roz had found the explosion quite pleasant and enjoyable.

The shotgun guy had ditched the empty gun and hefted an M4.

“Just. Fucking. Die. You fucking demon!”

Roz looked on in interest, admiring this man’s determination to please the super hard, super fucking strong muscles with wonderful enjoyable bullets.

“Sorry, evil doer! Super strong Ultra mega Roz’s do not get killed by weak little pansy boys. But hey… that’s some pretty good shooting there, Texas Pete.” Roz kicked a piece of broken gun at the man, with force enough to pop him into a wide blood splatter. Then she looked around at the dozen wounded men in the building with her, and shrugged. They weren’t doing anything but gaping at her with eyes as wide as saucers. “If you don’t want to play any more, just say so,” she informed them, all play acting gone from her suddenly reasonable voice. Her calm was tone was a jarring break from her behaviour, and worried faces flickered with hope.

“Yeah, man. We… we done playing. If that’s okay with you.”

Roz turned her head to look toward the nervous man who had mustered courage enough to speak. “Hey. No problem, pussy boy. If you fucktards don’t want to play superhero smash down with me, then I just need to find someone who isn’t a total fucking pussy. But it’s a bit mean of you. Not wanting to play. Fuck the lot of you.”

Roz smiled an evil little smile, her cute lips curled wickedly, and a brilliant frightening light Welles up in her eyes until nobody could look Roz’s way without burning their retinas out. And then Ultra mega Roz let her laser vision loose upon them. Turning around in a slow circle, making the ghastly destruction range out beyond the confines of the building, Roz played her heat vision across the room blasting out the walls around her and igniting everything into white hot fire. Screams tore through the air as those on the out edges of the affected the area were still very badly burned. Fires were angrily burning all around her, and seven mostly empty buildings sagged and collapsed.

Looking around, Roz grinned once at the beautiful fires and sprang off her toes to level the building with her excessive launch power, and then she smashed back to the ground in an open courtyard filled with terrified toys for her to smash.

At this point Roz paused and looked at the panicking men. They weren’t attacking her now. She had scared them too much, and now they just wanted to run away like little pussies. That wasn’t going to work for her. She wanted them to fight. She wanted them to play super hero smash with her. She scratched her chin and considered this a moment while the men screamed and fled in every direction. Wouldn’t it be cool, she mused, if she could just make them stop and fight? She could make anybody fight her, and fight hard, with her taunts. But at a certain point, the toys always ran. Once they saw what they were up against they fled every time. How cool would it be, Roz pondered, if she could just force to them stay and keep fighting. Even against their will.

This is the moment when Roz made a very, very, important discovery about being a god. Roz’s muscles existed because she wanted them. She could bounce bullets and tank shells off her abs, because she wanted to be invincible. She could shoot super powerful super hot lasers out of her eyes, because she had thought that would be cool. And now… Roz felt something new within herself. A new power. A new thing crush, and a new way to play her games. Roz had made herself a telepath. But the really scary thing for the rest of the multiverse wasn’t that Roz could now read and totally control the thoughts and feelings of all the mortals around her. No. The really, really, scary thing about Roz making herself a telepath was that Roz knew. She was aware of what she just did. She had only considered how cold mind control might be. And then she instantly had the power to control minds.

Testing her forming theory, Roz thought to herself she would really like to be able to shoot lasers from her fingers. The next instant, Roz blasted a random runner out of existence with her new finger canon, destroying her target and fifteen others.

Roz gloated over this discovery. She was even more powerful than she had thought. Much much more powerful. She only had to imagine a new ability, and it was hers. She suddenly realised that her super mega God mind was even more powerful than her super mega God muscles.

“Oh wow. I really am a fucking God.” Roz smiled a horribly smug smile, and stood watching the fleeing mob. And she willed them all to stop running. They stopped running. Instantly. She felt their confusion. They still wanted to run. But now their legs would not obey. Roz willed them face her. They didn’t want to. She felt them fight against her, trying to deny her will. But they could not fight her power. They could not deny her quiet command. They turned to face her. All of them. Roz grinned. This was nearly too much, even for her. But the reality that she could now take over the world and crush any resistance without her muscle power now never crossed her mind. This new power would, in her opinion, make using her super muscle power a lot more fun.

“Check it out, pansy boys! Now you have to whatever the fuck I say. Hahahahahaha. Your so fucked. Now then… where were we? Oh yeah… we were playing super hero smash. So let’s play, mother fuckers! Remember… I’m the super strong, mightiest hero in all the universe, upholder of truth and justice! And you cunts are the naughty smelly henchmen of the vile United States Evil Imperial army. I smash you to fucking bits, and you pretend you can fight back, and then you get fucked over by my super hard, super strong, God muscles. Okay? You cunts got it? You sure? Right then.” Roz pulled her hammed up superhero face, and sent the undeniable force of her muscle God willpower out callously crush the personal choices of her frightened, sweating toys. “Break. Yourselves. Upon. Me.”

There was no battle cry. These men had witnessed the awesome power of the super strong muscle God playing with the front line and abusing them brutally with her dominating and unforgiving physical power. All they wanted to do was run, but run the other way. Instead, Roz’s command backed up by the indomitable will of a god forced them to run the other way… straight at a happy destructive monster they desired nothing more than to flee from. And not only did they run, they were sprinting. Fear and confusion were in their faces, some even crying.

“What the fuck is going on?” Someone demanded, but nobody had any answers except Roz, and she had decided to keep her mind control a secret. She watched with her hands on her hips as the frightened face were carried forward on fast pumping, treasonous legs. The men all along the front line had raised their guns and started shooting as they ran, but their aim wasn’t very good. These men doomed themselves by continuing to shoot even as the group tightened and drew near. The inevitable result, once they were too close to the invulnerable God, was that their bullets bounced off of Ultra Mega Roz’s openly unprotected torso and were spat arrogantly from the surface of Roz’s belligerent super hard muscles and flung into the charging horde. The shooters were mown down, as were dozens of others, much Ultra Mega Roz’s amusement.

But most of the hundred and twenty men in the mob Roz controlled managed to hop and stumble past the fallen bodies and complete the charge. With wide frightened eyes, the first fit and healthy soldier to reach her lunged at Roz through the air, arms wide as he drove his shoulder into Roz’s cobbled stomach and tried to wrap his arms around the powerful supergirl in a textbook tackle. Instead of buckling and taking the force of the hit, Roz’s super hard indestructible body bluntly refused to do either. She remained more rigid than a marble statue, smiling confidently, and listened to the shoulder rammed against her snap as the man crumpled into the super strong muscle, his momentum dragging him around the unmoving God and carrying him on past to roll in agony, come to his feet and charge in at Roz from behind with his arm dangling uselessly.

The first ten men all tried to use their momentum and body weight to bowl Roz over. Roz, not even bothering to move her hands off her waist and defend herself, laughed at them as they broke their bones and tore their ligaments. Within a heartbeat of the last tackler smashing themselves, an arm wrapped around Roz’s neck from behind and someone tried to pull her down with all their might. Multiple Hands grabbed at her arms, and someone was standing behind her kicking the sole of their jackboot into the back of Roz’s knee. Roz’s thick strong long refused to move at all, oblivious to the foolish man’s desires. On the fourth kick something cracked loudly in the man’s leg and he dropped to the ground screaming while another man took his place.

In front the mob crowded around her, and began breaking their fists. Each man broke at least two knuckles in each hand on the first strikes to Roz’s face. Then they usually broke their feet or knees, driving them foolishly into abdominal muscles with the individual mass of mountains. Roz watched a man grab her muscular round shoulders and pull a knee up hard into her gut with flawless technique. The kneecap shattered, and the man went white as he fell away and dragged himself clear.

“Ha ha ha! Foolish criminal scum!” Roz spoke over the sounds of grunts and men snapping their bones in doomed attempts to hurt her super hard, super strong, and very much impregnable body. Her divine muscles were not only uninjured, they were improved by the attacks. Not nearly so much as missiles improved them, to be fair, but the blows did make Roz stronger. “Do you worst! You can’t kill me. You can’t hurt me. You can’t stop me. I am strength. I am power. I am Ultra Mega Roz! Watch as these mighty mega God muscles turn you squishy wimps to paste! Hahahahahaha.”

At last Roz moved. Keeping her speed down, she began to swing telegraphed and very badly thrown punches at the men assaulting her. The first three men didn’t realise what she was doing, and they were smashed by Roz’s inhumanly strong fists, ground into a chunky mess and splattered all over their friends, before anybody realised Roz had started to fight back. The fourth man tried to block the blow Roz aimed at his stomach, the wide swing seeming to take forever to hit home so the trained warrior had no trouble whipping up a counter strike to Roz’s arm. But it didn’t help the man. Roz’s diamond hard forearm shattered the man’s very much outclassed limb and it flopped like jelly just before divine muscle power drove a fist into and through the Kevlar body armour. Man and armour were obliterated, and followed quite fast by another.

For twenty minutes Roz indulged herself with the men. “Come fight me! You fucking pussies!” Roz ordered, seeing her supply of men dwindle as her superhuman fists made very short work of them. She sent out a wall of will crushing mental force unlike anything ever seen on Earth, and the men hidden among the remaining outpost buildings came out and queue up to fight Roz. Not one man on the battlefield wanted to be there. But none could refuse, or even understand, the all powerful will of Roz.

Mixing it up with kicks that took out three or four men at a time, turning those she struck with her feet into deadly human explosives, Roz was sure to head butt a few and even pulled a few faces down onto her lifting knee. She had never had so much fun. Now that her toys couldn’t turn and run, her willpower crushing theirs totally, she was free to really enjoy unleashing her divine muscle power upon them without revealing her strength in such a way as to frighten everyone away. She took her time and slowly beat the soldiers into a horrific literal pulp, but soon enough her toys had all expired.

“That was absolutely fucking awesome!” Roz confided in her last two toys once they had shattered their fists, elbows, and knees, on Roz’s impossibility of a physique. “The best fight I ever had! So far, anyway. And it looks like your boss has arranged my next fun already, so we timed the end of this round really well!”

“Please! No more! We don’t want to die!”

Roz laughed. “Isn’t that fucking shame, fuck tards? Nobody fucking cares what a couple of pansy ass pussies want, you fucking wimp. It not your call to make. It my call. Because I’m the super strong cunt who’s got the mega God muscles. I’m the one with the all super hard, super strong, fuck you up, divine muscle power. And that means everybody gets to do whatever the fuck they want. No matter fucking what. And guess what, little pussy? These mother fucking super muscles want to fuck this soldier wimp outpost over with a mega mighty superflex. Do you know what that is, wimp? Want to see what the fuck that means?” Roz smiled wickedly. “Let me show you.”

Roz put her hands on her waist, and hulked the fuck out in front of the two petrified men. Her muscles creaked the super suit and ballooned out ruthlessly with impossible strength hardening them. And then Roz flexed down hard, pushing her construction crane fingers into her muscles as they hardened even further in response. Kaboom. The shockwave didn’t just throw the men, debris, and buildings shattered and tumbling away, it obliterated and annihilated everything it touched, reducing everything all around Roz including the outpost itself to atoms and scattered the dust out into the desert.

Roz looked about at the crater she had made, and smiled with pride. Just like the gate, absolutely nothing remained of the structures she had unleashed her divine muscles upon. It was as though the outpost had never existed. The only man made thing in Roz’s direct line of sight now was roads, two or three of them running in different directions off into the Nevada desert.

The half hour Roz had joyfully spent playing splatter them army men, General Blake had been busy orchestrating a defence. Between the main base and where the outpost had once stood was the second largest bombing range in the country. It was a large valley between two mountain ranges, five miles wide and stretching out to nearly ten in places. This was place General Blake had set his first real move to stop Ultra Mega Roz’s rampage. He thought it might even prove to be the playful god’s downfall. But he still had an ace or two up his sleeve in case the false super hero made it through.

Flexing her calves and thighs, Super Mega Roz accelerated recklessly through the air with a string of sonic booms. Boom. Boom. Boom boom boom. Each powerful boom tore up the sans in chunks, and she rocketed along just a few feet off the ground, her face once more handsomely set with the cool unwavering self assurance of her superhero alter ego. The sand rooster tailed several hundred feet into the air as the pressure wave blasting off her large perfect breasts tore six feet into the Earth. Roz lined up with and followed the sealed road leading through the pass into the valley. The asphalt was mercilessly torn from the rock as she rocketed along much too close to the ground. Ultra Mega Roz laughed and playfully accelerated, making the pressure wave widen and eat up the entire road. Behind her the rooster tail off rock, sand, and road base was thrown half a mile in the air, and below her the decades old road… built for tanks and much heavier transports… was carved out into a deep trench. Ahead of her, Roz saw the road cut through a tunnel. The tunnel was huge, and she could have easily gone through it. It would have been easier for her, in fact, to just keep flying low along the road and carry on her merry way to the General’s great army. But Roz couldn’t resist pulling up into the air, her arms splayed wide and her chin to the wind, and driving her wicked grin through the sandstone cliff above the tunnel. Rocks and dust spewed out behind her, and the super strong muscle God plowed through the hard packed sandstone. Her wide spread arms greatly increases the surface area of her rock demolishing impact, and power of the cliff was no match for her cute button nose let alone her powerful outstretched limbs. She dragged them easily through the solid rock, and they were still out stretched when she cleared the mountain and emerged back into the night sky. Her passage tore a brand new ten foot tunnel clean through the mountain. The hole she made would have been much smaller, but for the fact that the existing tunnel collapsed beneath the violence of Roz’s reckless abuse of power.

Coming to an instant halt above the valley, Roz was stoked to see the special selection of toys Blake had laid out in the Nevada desert for her to play with. The tanks were not a surprise, but their size was impressive. They had clearly thicker armour, and larger canons. There were odd looking rally car contraptions, which examination revealed to be fast little armoured cars carrying four large rockets. There was artillery of all kinds. And there was something Roz had not expected to see at all. There were mechanised infantry. Ten foot tall robots, with powerful looking hydraulic limbs and armour three inches thick. And there quite a few of them. They had shoulder mounted rockets, large guns for each arm, and determined man’s face behind a three inch tough as diamond window. With the special technology in these mech suits being the most advanced on the range, the men within were feeling most confident of all those present when the face of the mountain at the end of valley exploded to reveal their happy enemy.

Roz was impressed. Scanning the field she counted a hundred and sixteen pieces of hardware on the ground before, and one jeep. That wasn’t including the fifty tall and imposing mechanised infantry. The lone jeep was parked well in front of the main battle line, and two men sat in it with a little white flag flapping in the air above them. Roz stopped powering through the air and let her momentum carry her down to the jeep. She was still doing Mach 4 when she stopped cold ten feet above the bomb range, a flex of her thick powerful pecs easily enough to arrest her movement and anchor her in the air in front of the waiting jeep. Her flexing muscles also released an explosive blast of divine muscle wind that slammed into the jeep and pushed it back two feet, rocking it on its springs violent and smashing the headlights.

“Ha ha ha. A flag of truce? Want to surrender already, you vile criminals? Ultra mega has only just begun to teach you this lesson! Class is session. And you foul brigands will face justice for your dastardly deeds!”

One of the men sported an elaborate officers uniform and a huge moustache. He was clearly very unimpressed with Roz’s banter. “I am here to offer you a chance to stop this nonsense. This is an unprovoked and undeclared attack on the United States, it’s army, and citizens. We ask you to stand down, and explain this action immediately. If you do not, we shall be forced to use deadly force.”

Roz kept a straight face, but it wasn’t easy. “So you confess! Well. It’s too late for you! Ultra Mega Roz is here to deal out justice. And with my Super Mighty mega God muscles… that’s what I’m going to do! I’m going to bend, and break, and smash, all your vile machines of death and destruction! I will cleanse the very Earth of all proof of your evil! Your fate shall be that of a stone dropped into the water! What say you, dark fiend?”

“What the fuck are you talking about? What is this shit? Are you a fucking drug taker, girl?”

Roz raised a disapproving eyebrow and tut tut tutted at the officer scornfully. “Ultra Mega Roz has seen your evil ways, and knows the truth of your dark conspiracies. Ha ha ha. Did you think you would escape Ultra Mega Roz forever? How foolish. How silly. How stupid. What a moron! You can’t fool these muscles!”

The entire world seemed to shift as Roz flexed up her muscles for them, shoving them back in their seats and smashing the jeep backward another three feet.

“You can’t hide from these muscles.”

She tightened the flex, pushing them back another five feet and ruthlessly bashing in the grill.

“These muscles. Are going to. Fuck. You. Up.”

Roz crunched down on her abs, and deliberately aimed all the astronomical force her super strong divine muscles callously unleashed on the world directly at the lone jeep. The appalling wall force her flexing stomach produced smashed into the front of the jeep and drove it down hard into the ground, snapping axles and popping the tyres, bending the frame so bad the bonnet tore off and the engine buckled. When it bounced back up, the jeep was already torn into hundreds of small parts. The men themselves were shredded by the shockwave long before any debris had time to grind their bones. Witnesses in the distance observed in awed silence as the many broken parts of the jeep rolled and tumbled across the valley floor toward them, until a smoky chunk of engine black rolled to a stop about ten yards from the stunned gaze of a tank commander. The man looked at the smoking steel, glanced back to the floating terror that had sent it to him, then disappeared into his super tank, pulling the thick hatch closed behind him with a solid clunk and locking it down.

Roz had been so pleased by the array of toys on the valley floor she hadn’t even seen all the artillery pieces and heavy guns dug into the valley walls all around her. But they were not hard to spot now. Boom. Boom. Kathuk. Kaboom. Boom. Boom boom Baboom.

Roz made sure to look unimpressed. Boom. Boom. She held herself still and crossed her arms arrogantly. Then she shifted to put her hands on her hips. Boom. Kaboom. Kaboom. Explosions tore through the air right against her carefree and invulnerable skin. Computers guided rapid fire rockets into her stomach. Machine guns raked her torso, three of them managing to get her face locked in a crossfire. Boom boom. Boom. It was fucking fantastic. It was great. The warm glory of the explosives, the gentle adoring caresses of the shrapnel, the hot insistent pleasure of fifty caliber bullets. And then she saw the first bomb falling with pinpoint accuracy from the sky above, and realised she’d been ignoring over a hundred planes. Roz laughed, and spread her arms to accept the bomb on her chest. The esky sized bomb tried to smash her with kinetic force, but just like every bullet, rocket, or missile that had tried that in her invincible muscles, the bomb lost that fight quickly and without gaining any ground at all. The energy of the impact deformed the casing, and the bomb went off right in front of Roz’s eyes, the glorious blue gems glittering with interest and amusement. Fire engulfed her, filled with chemicals to intensify its heat. Roz had not seen fire that shade of blue before. It turned bright orange by the time had licked past her sculpted body. The heat was so intense glass formed in the sand ten feet below. But it could not even singe Roz’s soft blonde hair.

Hardly had Roz processed all the wonderful sensory delights of the bomb blast, when another hit her shoulder and the whole entertaining show began all over. Those watching became hopeful after the third bomb. Surely nothing could survive that. From a distance the blast was gut thumpingly hard. Only one or two wiser, more observant, witness were unable to entertain the delusion that these powerful bombs could harm Ultra Mega Roz. For they had spotted in every important detail. The explosions as each bomb hit the unimaginably overpowered super girl, the point of impact didn’t shift. Not even so much as an inch.

Roz felt her muscles harden, strengthened every time a bomb was wasted on her smooth invulnerable physique. She was anchored in place even more firmly each time the fire licked her. She wasn’t watching the light show now, though. Her focus had shifted to the faces of those watching. She saw hope building in many eyes. She even saw some smiles. And one or two were enjoying a foolish premature celebration. Roz grinned wickedly. It felt too good to stop it just yet, and the bombs were still still raining down with the pinpoint accuracy of modern weapons. Boom. Boom. Boom. Once the fast moving jets had all passed over and dropped bombs onto Roz they too up a holding pattern to observe and assess the success of their attack.

All the other weapons had stopped firing when Roz had become engulfed in the fifty foot fireball of the first bomb. And once the last bomb had detonated directly against her diamond hard fortress of muscle, Ultra Mega Roz found herself hovering in a thick toxic cloud of smoke. Sand and rock rained down for several long moments while she smiled in satisfaction and cast her eyes across the main line of oversized tanks, mobile missile launchers, and the mechs standing among them. They were silent and hopeful.

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