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Kneel Before Roz – Part 6, The Battle of Nellis II

Written by Dru1076 :: [Saturday, 18 August 2018 23:00] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 19 August 2018 11:24]

Roz’s smug smiling lips parted a crack, and she started to inhale. Before the eyes of all the appalled and uncomprehending soldiers, the huge drifting cloud from the bombardment stopped drifting, and began to shrink at a rapid pace. There was an anguished, hopeless cry of “No!” And hearts sank into a sea of heartbreak as it the only possible cause of the smoke’s odd behaviour slowly dawned on everyone. Roz happily and easily vacuumed up the entire volume of toxic gases, and revealed her uninjured, super healthy, super strong body to her toys, still floating exactly where she had been when the first bomb fell.

“Foolish little toads!” Roz taunted, her superhero voice booming so loud that the valley shook. “Do you think that the super strong muscles of Ultra Mega Roz are as weak and squishy as yours are? Did you think that these,” Roz flexed up her biceps with a booming flex that knocked boulders out of the cliffs either side of the valley, and sent gale force wind charging viciously through to stir up tonnes of sand and small rocks, “super hard, super duper powerful mega muscles, are as puny and piss weak as your tanks? Hahahahahaha. Silly little humans! You might be able to bully every country in Earth with your big scary bombs and your big scary tanks. But I will not let you abuse your power to bully anybody ever again! Watch as Ultra Mega Roz brings Justice down upon you! I hope you’re ready, you naughty little pussies. Because here comes the PAIN!”

Roz launched herself to the left side of the valley, and grinned at the wide eyed faces manning a SAM launcher there. They had no time to act as Ultra Roz smashed her face through the launcher at nine hundred miles an hour. The cliff exploded dramatically, and the launcher was churned up and spat out along with a fifty foot hole of sandstone. Roz reappeared coming down over the top of the mountains and approach another dug in launcher. She let them get a few shots off this time, waiting patiently in the air while they got two missiles off. The long cylinders both tried their strength against her super hard washboard abs, and found themselves wanting. Trying to drive through the invulnerable super strong muscle God they simply tore themselves to shreds and exploded. Looking rather unimpressed, Roz drew up a hand and pointed a finger toward the emptied launcher. Her fingertip glowed, welling up with a bright light. Then the light pulsed out and blasted a bolt of sizzling white energy. The energy blasted into the launcher. Kaboom. The cliff was ripped apart in a hundred foot radius around the launcher, and thrown violently out into the valley. At the point of impact everything had been utterly obliterated by the stunning destructive power of Ultra Mega Roz’s finger cannon.

Boom, boom. Boom. Boom. Roz playfully shot off blasts of energy along the cliff, destroying every gun and missile emplacement with very excessive but still effortless releases of her raw muscle God power, now shooting her unique and devastating energy bolts from both hands and laughing wickedly all the time.

A hellfire guided bomb, millions of dollars worth of taxpayer dollars, snaked down from a fighter jet and smashed itself into Roz’s back. Roz only laughed, unmoved by the impact, and kept blasting hundred foot craters into the sides of the valley. Boom. Boom. Boom. … Boom boom kaboom. In less than thirty seconds Ultra Mega Roz had completely altered the landscape. She hovered a moment and admired her easy destruction of the valley. She was so powerful. So strong. So unstoppable. None of the men in the heights of the valley survived. And those in the planes, and on the field below, were both filled with a desire for vengeance, and a deep need burning in their hearts to flee.

Kaboom. Another hellfire, it’s massive explosion engulfing Super Roz in a huge and hot ball of raging flames, exploded on her prodigious enticing breasts. Boom. Boom. Two more quickly followed. And another four were inbound. Roz laughed, thoroughly entertained, and rocketed forward directly into the path of the next missile. She more than matched its speed and rammed it with her arrogantly smug face, plowing through the massively outclassed missile and using her super muscle God reflexes to line up the next. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Having smashed through all four missiles, Roz arced her way up and pursued the planes. Levelling out, she easily ran down a group of jets with a flex of her massive quads and with one fist punched out in front and the other tucked up under her chest she smashed through the lead jet. The explosion tore the whole formation apart in the sky and rained their smoking debris over a large patch of desert.

Grabbing the belly of a fighter jet in the super strong crushing fingers of one hand, Roz sped up and flew toward the next plane. She applied her muscle power and accelerated to Mach 8, and the cargo she carried ruthlessly along with her powerful arm glowed red around its edges, the cockpit crushed in and the wings tore away. Inside, the pilot was crushed against his seat and squished along with it into the rear of the cockpit. The tail was shearing off as Roz rammed the plane mercilessly into her fleeing target. All the unspent missiles and fuel helped create a huge hundred foot fireball or churning debris that only the incredible invincible Mega Roz survived to fly clear of.

“That was fucking awesome. Hahahahahaha!”

Enjoying herself immensely, Roz flexed her quads and chased down another formation. She caught the jets easily despite their desperately lit afterburners. Driving her fist through one of them as she passed, Roz felt hot sharp bits of fuselage bounce and break on her mighty unstoppable body, another fireball engulfing her while the rest of planes were thrown violently sideways, bent and peppered with damage. Leaving the doomed formation to tumble from the sky, Ultra Mega Roz found the remaining planes had formed a single formation that was flying away from her as fast as it could go.

Roz stopped in mid air, put her hands on hips, and started to vacuum billions of litres of air from sky though her big cheeky grin. Clouds shifted in the sky all across the entire distant horizon, and started accelerating toward the divinely powerful, super strong, muscle God. The planes slowed rapidly in the sudden and terrifically violent wind Roz was making, and were quickly stopped and dragged back ever faster toward the happy playful god. Ultra Mega Roz was amazed by her stupendous lung power. The whole fleet of planes were tumbling and spinning, ripping themselves apart and smashing into each other as they accelerated much too quickly for their own good toward Roz’s mega God muscles. Roz anchored herself in the sky and ramped up the power. Then ramped it up again, tilted her head at the effect, and then ramped it up even more.

The merciless god kept sucking in air even as the first jet collided with her unmoving divine muscle packed body, floating unaided in the sky and arrogantly allowing the multi-million dollar fighter to pancake into her belligerent bulk. The plane lost the fight badly, torn apart and shredded by the astronomical energy released in the impact. Boom. Crack. Sheereeeek. The planes came faster than uzi bullets, and broke themselves upon Ultra Mega Roz’s rejoicing super God muscles one after another. The only thing moved on Roz’s immensely potent body was her golden crop of blonde hair, which was ruffled gently in the chaos. Other than that, and the further hardening of Roz’s incredible physique, the almighty super powered menace remained perfectly still and continued her unending inhalation until the last plane was destroyed upon her steel flesh.

With all the planes now shredded from the sky, Roz gloriously flexed her muscles and pumped her thick chest before relaxing her body and dropping from the sky. The air whipped past as she allowed gravity to take her weight. Smiling wickedly, Ultra Mega Roz swelled her body weight to a million tons, and watched the ground rush up to meet her. She applied just enough flight control to line up the middle tank in the battle line far below on the valley floor, and relaxed her muscles with her limbs spread eagled and awaiting the impact. Ka-fucking-boom. She slammed into the top of the super sized tank, and the atrocious force actually melted the armour she made contact with instantly. The tank exploded like water balloon thrown full force into a wall, and the licks of debris destroying most of the line as the shocking destruction ranged out in all directions to nearly spread the entire width of the valley. The entire front line was effectively destroyed, leaving only a few tanks on the flanks. The rest of the army didn’t fare well. Amy man not inside a tank or mech was already dead or too wounded to fight, casualties of one super strong, super heavy, playful muscle God belly flopping a tank.

The mechs caught up in the destruction and still functioning climbed free of the rubble, and the main body of infantry, being far enough back to be spared Roz’s reckless landing, looked on at the scene in awe. They were unable to process the shock of what had just unfolded. And then, with a crack and a rumble of the Earth, Roz very slowly emerged from an exposed chunk of solid bedrock. Her arms were crossed in her magnificent perfect breasts, and she regarded the gathered mechanised infantry with a cool air of total superiority.

“Did you like that, you evil little pests? Ha ha ha! The might of Ultra Mega Roz crushes All. The United States military have bullied their last innocent dictator and kidnapped their last First Toy of the Mega Muscle God Roz! Hahahahahaha. What are those ridiculous robot suits going to do? What treacherous technological trickery is this? No steel is as hard as my muscle. No armour tough as my skin. And evil men in robot suits do not intimidate me! I am the super hard, super strong, mega muscled ultra Roz! Crusher of evil, and destroyer of naughty henchmen! Now then… who wants to go first?”

Roz wasn’t sure what to expect from the mechs. But she certainly did not expect the rocket blast from behind that caught her on the shoulder blade. Taken completely by surprise, she was so strong now, so unstoppable, that the rocket failed to move her at all. Her mighty muscles easily absorbed the blow, greedily soaking up the increase in strength and eagerly hardening while she turned to take a second rocket and third rocket on her thick hard chest and cobblestoned stomach.

She had nearly forgotten about the small rally cars and their rocket launcher roof racks. The driver of this one had lined her up from behind, sneakily taking advantage of Roz’s oversight. Three of the four missiles had failed to do a damn thing to Ultra Mega Roz other than remind her the fast mobile rocket launcher was there. When the driver saw those brilliant blue eyes looking right at him, he forgot about firing the last missile and spun his little car around to flee.

Roz laughed happily, and gave the mechs a “just a minute, fellas” gesture before running off after the escaping car. The driver had no time to stop when Roz appeared in front of him. The nose of the car crumpled despite its heavy reinforced construction. The driver ended up with a large piece of steel through his stomach, badly concussed and feeling his life ebbing away. The playful happy super girl pushed out with her hands and separated her torso easily from the tangled mess with a series of metallic squeaks and cracking pops. The back wheels lifted smoothly off the ground as Roz force her arms together, crushing the front end in, and lifted with obvious scorn for the tonnage. She grinned wickedly up at the driver as she tilted the ticking wreck up a thirty degree angle. She was about slam the car back down, but the driver proved to have an even better idea. He launched the last missile.

The missile lit up and rocketed forward straight into Roz’s chest, crushing and bending and breaking as it tried to drill through the impossible supergirl. It blew, shooting hot sharp shrapnel directly into Roz’s naked eyes with appalling force. Roz didn’t even blink as her remarkable eyes drank in the wonderful sight of the sharp edges and pointed needles were arrogantly blunted. Her hands were emptied as the car dramatically tore up in the blast, destroyed by the forces so effortlessly spurned by Roz’s super hard, super strong, and utterly invincible, mega god muscles.

Roz swaggered clear of the wreck, her walk arrogant and belligerent, and stopped to regard the gobsmacked mechanised soldiers with an evil smile.

“Now then. Where we were? Oh yeah… I was just about to show you how super mega God muscles are going to fuck. You stupid cunts right up.”

There was a moment of silence while Ultra Mega Roz stood waiting for a reaction from the ten foot tall robotically enhanced soldiers. Finally, a tall robot suit with marking raises a rallying arm in the air and called out to his brave, well trained, men.”Fire squad! Rally on me!” His order, amplified by the suit, boomed loud through the scene and the mechs gathered in a tight formation around the officer. Roz’s eyes sparkled as she imagined what her pumped super muscles would do the bulky but graceful robot warriors. As she pictured her super strong fists grinding the oversized metal soldiers to dust, the officer gave further instructions.

“Okay lads. Let’s show this potty mouthed bitch what these things can do. Plasma cannons up, boys!”

Little green lights on the metre long tubes mounted on the shoulder of each mech flashed, and the tubes all turned to point right at Roz. Then the leader turned his arm up and launched a football sized device that arced across the battlefield and came down accurately at Roz’s chest. Before it landed, it exploded with a relatively gentle pop and deposited a slick blanket of bright lime green liquid all over Ultra Mega Roz’s face and pristine uniform, and covered a ten foot area all around her. Even before the next order was given, the sticky liquid had run off of the immaculate surface of Roz’s face and even drained completely out of her golden hair. It continued to run fast off of Ultra Mega Roz’s impregnable super suit as the officer set his men to work.

“Light her up!”

The shoulder cannons whirred into life, glowing a brilliant blue and spitting out bright balls of super hot plasma. Roz felt no fear, only happy curiosity, as the fifty balls of hot plasma raced toward her. They smacked into her super strong muscles and splashed all over the place. Splat. Splat. Splattering one after another, sometimes three or four at once, upon the smiling ultra Roz’s divine muscles, the plasma balls ignited the green sticky mess that was already halfway finished draining off the intimidating god. Hot blue flames roared angrily into life, so hot the desert became a small lake of hot burning glass. Roz laughed, looking down to watch her super strong divine muscles engulfed in blue fire. The heat was delicious, and she could feel her super powerful body greedily soak it up and grow harder.

“What the… chief it isn’t working! Target remains!”

“Impossible. This is fucking bullshit. No one can survive that kind of heat.”

“Alright, mother fucker. Let’s ditch the plasma. I want a heavy barrage, lads. Railguns and hard light canons. Let the bitch have it! Fire!”

Short rod, about an inch long and made of a metal harder than steel, swarmed toward Roz at a speed that outpaced regular bullets. Fascinated, Roz tilted her head down to watch the first strike her hard on her breasts. The rod dissolved into a hot liquid mess, all it extra speed and density not making any more effective than regular bullets. Then a hard light blast pulsed into her chest and sizzled out on her uniform.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Kaboom. The tanks had fired the main guns from out in the flanks, reloading even before their first shell had snapped into Ultra Mega Roz’s cheek. Roz’s invulnerable skin didn’t even dimple a little as the shell tore itself apart trying in vain to push through her head. The shells destroyed themselves explosively upon the mighty muscle gods divinely strong flesh.

More laser blasts burnt themselves pitifully out, old school bullets joined bolts from the railguns in splattering like tears of despair, and another round of tank shells explosively wasted themselves upon the super hard, super strong, mega muscled Ultra Roz. Once more her pure invulnerability defeated the weapons of her enemies, as her million ton physique disdainfully laughing off enough firepower to level a city block. Still standing with the blue flames lavishing her legs with pleasant wafting warmth Roz clenched her fists at her sides and rocked on her heels while all the wonderful sensations of being a divinely strong mega mighty muscle God under the pleasing delights a modern militaries heavy fire. Every broken railgun bolt, every hot fizzling laser strike, and every ground shaking tank shell shattered on her monolithic physical grandeur hardened and strengthen her, thrilling her with wonderful new power to abuse her toys with.

Roz looked down, and puckered her lips to inhale. She carefully sucked the burning mess of plasma, sand, and green gunk, straight into her waiting mouth. In seconds all the superior blue fire was gone, and Roz’s feet dangled over a two foot dish, twenty feet wide, as the playful super mega muscled God slurped the whole molten mass up from the ground. Rods and bullets splattering against her fantastically proportioned chest and powerfully defined abs as Ultra Mega Roz turned to face two fast moving tank shells. Boom. Kaboom. And two more struck from behind. Boom. Boom. One in the small of her back and one right on the back of head.

Concentrating, and granting herself the necessary abilities with her special muscle god imagination, Roz focused on the two distant tanks and spat the hellfire she had consumed through her puckered lips in a long stream. Even from such a distance, Roz was able hose down the two tanks accurately and generously. The tanks grew still and smoked as they became painted in superhot slag. With a few explosive releases as something inside ignited, the tanks sagged and slumped slowly into red hot pools. If left alone, they would burn with a thick dark smoke for several days, viciously removed from the fight by the unstoppable Ultra Mega Roz.

Boom. Boom. Two more shells tore apart on her powerful bullet peppered back, and she decided to finish off the tanks before taking on the eager railguns of the mech Warriors. With a chuckle, she launched off her toes, ripping up tons of desert from beneath her feet with just a small calculated flex of her calves. Boom. She crashed through the turret of the first tank with her thrust out chest, burying herself deep into the brutalised armour. Roz chuckled, shaking the whole wreck with her super strong muscles, and then twitched her pecs with a quick powerful release of Divine muscle God energy. Kaboom. The bent and smashed tank armour was torn ruthlessly asunder by that lightening flex. And Roz dropped to the sand. The fifty caliber gun opened up on her as she stalked the last tank. Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang. Snapped, shattered and splintered on her super hard God muscles, the splatterings of the broken and shamed bullets glistened in the air all around her. Roz grinned and walked forward directly into the gun until it was pointed down at her face so close the muzzle flash was now entertaining her eyebrows and spitting fire into eyeballs as well as heavy lumps of supersonic lead.

“Great shooting,” Roz quipped, her voice thumping hard into the tank and rocking it sideways. “First class, my valiant warrior. A shame that you choose to fight for the evil forces of darkness!”

As the gun spewed bulletins into eyes, Roz reached up a single hand and poked her finger in the barrel between gun blasts. The next shot fired was the last, as even though Roz’s finger didn’t fill the end of the barrel, and the hot fire of the muzzle flash still escaped around her unmoving hand, the bullet was not as dexterous as flame. It hit Ultra Mega Roz’s arrogantly intruding fingertip, and exploded instantly, taking the barrel with it.

Dropping to her haunches and reaching out with one super strong hand, absolutely confident in the divine muscle power, Roz made the underside of the tank scream, groan, and crinkle noisily as she got a good unbreakable grip of the front end. With astonishing brute strength Roz twisted her super powerful wrist and the whole massive tank was lifted off the desert floor. She did it effortlessly. She was so immensely strong that it was actually quite easy. It was just as easy to straighten her legs, and raise herself up with the tank continuing to rise above her. Holding the huge tank aloft with one obscenely strong arm, Roz turned to face the awestruck faces within the mech suits.

“Hey pansies! Catch this!”

She threw the tank with a casual looking toss toward the formation of mechanised infantry, but the tank moved through the air at a blistering twelve hundred miles an hour. It rocketed toward widened horrified eyes, filling the vision and looming upon them like 7,4,7 at full clip. Boom. It tore clean through the whole formation without seeming to slow, and the targets it hit were smashed into oblivion doing tremendous damage to the tank in the process. Twenty mechs were torn apart, completely destroyed even if the tank only brushed them, and the rocketing wreck continued on until it smashed with appalling force into the valley wall, bring down millions of tons of rock and altering the landscape forever with its final act of destruction. The now split formation of mechs turned from the scene of massive upheaval to look in terror at the divinely super strong muscle God, their number greatly reduced by Roz’s cruel act of super strength.

Leaping back into the air, tearing a new hole in the rocky surface with one reckless pump of her quads. Smashing down among the smaller group, Roz ended them with her million ton impact, tearing the desert floor apart and shredding them within her deliberately excessive landing crater. Clearing the ground around her feet and chasing off the lingering smoke with a quick flex of her thick potent pecs, Roz floated up with her hands on her hips and hovered over to the last toys on the battlefield.

“How fucking cool was that? You cunts were all set to kick my ass, right? You gonna cry? Want your mommy? Boo fucking hoo. Whah whah whah. The nasty super cunt won’t fucking die. Boo hoo, mummy! The naughty mega strong muscle God fucked up all our planes and took a flying shit on our big powerful tanks! She’s so strong mummy! She so. Fucking. Strong. Well guess what dick heads. Boo. Fucking. Hoo. Suck it up you pack of losers. What a bunch of fucking wimps! Your so puny! How does it feel to be so fucking weak? When I’m so. Fucking. Strong.” Her uniform creaked loudly as Roz showed them her bicep and her whole body swelled powerfully. “I’m so fucking pumped right now! Damn, man. I gotta say… that plasma fire was great. That much heat feels nice and cozy to these super hard, fuck you in your face, super duper, mega God muscles. And now, if you smelly fucktards are done balling your pussy eyes out… it’s time to finish you dumb cunts off and go check out the main base. Get ready bitches. Here comes the fucking pain.”

Roz dropped to the ground, the short fall creating an earthquake and knocking the closest three off their feet. Moving forward, fast but at super speed, she smashed a tight fist into the knee of a mech, exploding the joint in a spray of steel and fluid, and bringing the metal beast down to meet her upswung right hook with its chest. Boom. Roz’s knuckles shat on the strong amour, driving through the cold metal with pure brute strength and popping the robot warrior like a water balloon. Grabbing two of them in her super strong hands, clenching her fists tight into the metal merging it with the flesh and bone of the men within, Roz floated up enough to raise them easily into the air before her and smash them together. Floating to another, she took it by the shoulder, her construction crane fingers belligerently invading deep into the strong alloy, and with her free hand Ultra Mega Roz began to peel off strips of armour with a long metallic shrieks. The robot arm pushed into Roz’s cobblestoned gut and fired a point blank barrage of old school bullets. With a dismissive “how cute” chuckle, Roz stopped peeling and paid a hand over the robot arm. With tearing of hydraulic hose and a mighty clang like the snapping of steel a steel girder, Ultra Mega Roz tightened her super strong grip and ripped the arm clean off the beasts torso. Blood spurted from the joints, and Roz returned to peeling the mech open. Soon the man inside was revealed, now exposed and vulnerable with his shoulder spitting blood and eyes leaking saline.

“This machine is weaker than my shit,” Roz observed.

Trying to save his friend, a brave mech lumbered over and smashed its arms across Roz’s back. Even floating in the open air Ultra Mega Roz was completely immovable. Without even looking, she swung a backhand the demolished the sneaky mech and scattered hot bloody pieces of it right across the field.

“Mind if I borrow your mech?” Roz asked, trying to sound polite. Then she turned, and pressed her back into the pilots position. The man screamed, discovering first hand just how insanely hard and strong Roz’s powerfully carved physique was. Like a marble statue, the supergirls back pressed hard into the pilots body, and with her hand crushing a healthy grip on the sides of the mech behind her, Roz pulled herself to the pilots seat. The occupant screamed and writhed, but was inexorably crushed out existence by Roz’s uncaring and ignorant super God muscles.

Now dressed in a broken mech, Roz looked around to see three lonely survivors, the lest trio of toys in this stage of the game, and laughed behind their backs. She would have laughed just hard right in their faces but they were busy lumbering over the desert at full pace, away from Ultra Mega Roz. Lifting off the ground and taking the heaving mech easily into the sir with her, Roz accelerated toward to the fleeing soldiers and smashed right into the slowest with brutal force, shredding her target with cruel overuse of force, and shedding her own suit with the ground shaking impact. The next mech had lost its footing in the shockwave from his dying friend, and Roz reached down to drag him up into the air as she flew past toward the next one. Just as the running mech turned to look her way, Ultra Mega Roz brought the mech she held in her hand around in wide arc and SMASHED it like a tennis racquet into her target. Ka-boom.

“Fuck yeah! Take that you fucking cunts! I’m so fucking strong! So invincible! That fucking crazy, man. Off the fucking wall. I… Am. A… Fucking. God.” Roz floated in the air over the smoking ruins and altered landscape in the valley, and gleefully flexed her tremendous and glorious muscles up to send astounding shockwaves booming through the valley, abusing the landscape further with her callous, selfish display. The game was great. Crushing armies and fucking them over with her divinely super duper mega muscles was absolutely fucking great. She wanted to get shot more, and feel more bombs. And she wanted to make sure the puny mind of General Blake was as completely broken as his pathetically weak planes and tanks. There was no hurry, so Roz took her time and flew slowly toward the CBD like main base structure. There were nine high rise building among the cast squat city, surrounded everywhere by runways and huge missile silos. Radar dishes span, and Roz knew they were locked onto her because she could see launchers and guns turning her way. She grinned, and stopped in the air two miles from the large centre of Nellis Airforce Base and cleared her throat.

“Heads up, vile evil doers!” Ultra Mega Roz made the high rises buildings sway, several dozen glass panels shattered by her booming super powered voice. “I am the super strong, super powerful, Ultra Mega Roz! Invincible warrior of truth and justice! Wherever there is pain. Wherever there is suffering. Wherever innocent lives are threatened. I’ll be there! Ultra Mega Roz will always smash and crush evil, because Ultra Mega Roz protects the weak, puny, and helpless people of Earth whether they ask her to or get down their hands and knees and beg her to stop! For mine is strength! Mine is power! All are weak in my presence, for I am a GOD. I mean… Hahahahahaha… I am the mightiest superhero in the entire universe! Tremble before me, foul fiends! And prepare to face…” With a heroic flex of her pecs Ultra Roz smashed a hundred more Windows knocked the nearest tower down. The building toppled in a thick smoke of pulverised concrete, glass, and steel. “… the mighty super muscles  of Ultra Mega Roz!”

A helicopter drone about the size of a soccer ball flew up and approached. It had no weapons or explosives, just a camera and a speaker. A calm commanding voice came out of the whirring drone as it drew to a hover ten feet away from the floating muscle God.

“This is General Blake, commander of Nellis Airforce Base. On behalf of the United States, it’s citizens, and its armed forces… I demand that you cease this unprovoked attack on U.S. soil and leave immediately.”

Roz tilted her head, regarding the little drone with an evil smile. “Too much of a pussy to face me man to man? Your a disgrace to evil overlords everywhere!” Feigning disgust, Ultra mega Roz releases a massive blast of laser vision on the drone, and the tiny chopper became a fireball three hundred feet wide, setting fire to the tops of two buildings.

Thanks to her incredible hearing, Roz knew exactly where to find the general. The super powered muscle God knew exactly the location of each and every person anywhere on the vast base with pinpoint accuracy. Sonar had nothing on her amazing, super divine, ears. Sitting in his command room in a secret bunker several miles away, General Blake was angrily ordering up another speaker drone. Roz smiled, and decided to save him the trouble.

A flex of her mighty quads soon had Roz zooming through the sky away from the main base and toward a particular mountain off to the west. She slowed before impact, and powered through a belligerently displaced cliff face. Angling down through the mountains core, her super strong thighs easily providing enough force for her face to shatter the bedrock and three levels of the bunker within. Rock turned to concrete, and Roz’s cute smile and delicate button nose snapped through a violently parted steel beam. Boom. Boom. Boom. She smashed through three floors, ignoring all the people occupying the bunker except for General Blake. Flipping over to land on her softly on her feet, Roz strode without hesitation smoothly and cleanly through the thick oak door. Her large, super hard, breasts punched the wood to instant splinters, and the her strong muscular legs finished it off as she bullied her way into the office. Two guards instinctively opened fire, spraying bullets onto Roz as the massively overpowered superhero eyed them up and down. Pretending to draw pistols from imaginary holsters, Ultra Mega Roz snapped up both arms and playfully fired off two small but very bright balls of light from her fingertips while lead splattered uselessly across her chest and abs. The small pulses of light snapped into the men, burning instantly through their Kevlar body armour and tunnelling through through their flesh. Once deeply embedded inside the two doomed men, the small balls of divine energy exploded, and the guards were splattered into a thick gory mess and spread over the whole room, drenching monitors and computers in dark red blood and leaving Blake to pull his glasses off so he could see. The general found he had been generously covered by the gore, and his uniform was now heavy with hot warm blood.

In clear contrast, the shining black and white uniform of Ultra Mega Roz was just as pure and pristine as when she had first put it on. The blood sprayed upon it failing to find any purchase in the immaculate customised super suit.

“Well?” Roz asked, her inhumanly loud voice making the blood soaked man cringe. “What we’re saying about demanding stuff?”

Pulling himself together, Blake rose to his feet. “You’re responsible for thousands of dead Americans. These evil acts of violence are without provocation! What possible reason is there do all this foolishness!”

Roz couldn’t completely hide her smile, but she tried to keep a straight face. “You can’t fool the mighty super brain of Ultra Mega Roz! I know who you are! You’re the mastermind running this secret lair! The United States military will not bully weak third world nations with your evil tools of war anymore! It’s time for justice! It’s time for an Ultra Mega Roz smash down! As a defender of the weak, and a super duper, mega mighty, super hero… it’s my responsibility to fight for those who don’t want to!”

The general shook his head. “Enough of this nonsense, Roz. It’s time to stop playing this stupid game and talk to me. This situation is serious!”

The evil smile that stretched Roz’s lips was so smug and confident that Blake had an instant impulse to punch Roz in the face. Roz’s whole body shifted to scream with arrogance and power, radiant with invincible super strength. The uniform creaked, and Roz chuckled.

“Maybe I should stop fucking around with you weak cunts. Playing Ultra Mega Smash Down is a fucking lot of fun. But you weak as shit soldier pussies aren’t as fun to play that with as people in the city. Maybe I should stop playing. I’ll tell you what. How about I take off this silly uniform and stop playing that game? Sound good?”

“Yes Roz. That would be a good idea.”

Roz nodded. “Okay. I’ll be right back… and we can talk some more.”

“Thank you, Roz.”

Flying back through the bunker, Roz flew out into the sky and hovered in the air over the main base. “General Blake wants to stop playing Superhero Smackdown, so it’s time to own up!” Roz’s voice echoed out over the entire state of Nevada, projected with her super mighty muscle God lung power. Rocks shifted around her as she flexed up her biceps and hovered there swelling with enormous strength. “I am not really a superhero. I’m sorry… I just wanted to play with you guys. It was meant to be a little joke. But I can see now that by lying I am hurting the feelings of a lot of good people. The U.S. military are not evil cunts. You guys do great work! Sorry I pretended you were the bad guys.”

Roz felt a wave of relief washing through all the personnel below. She smiled, and nodded. That’s right, little pussies. Give to me your hope, so I can fucking smash it.

“You see, the truth is there are no superheroes. I am not Ultra Mega Roz the almighty and all powerful superhero, and I never was. No. That is just silliness. A foolish little indulgence that I am deeply sorry for.” Roz intensified her flex, and wobbled the base with a frightening display of casual power. “The truth is, I am the Super fucking hard, super duper strong, almighty, all powerful, all crushing, fuck you in your face, ultra mega Omnipi Roz. So much power. So. Much. Strength. So much fun to be me. I’m an unstoppable, all powerful, mega muscle, God of power, and strength. A fucking God, you weak. Little. Pansy ass. Cunts. I’m not a superhero, you stupid squishy dickheads! I am a GOD. A super fucking hard, super, fucking, strong, all mighty and all powerful god. And you puny. Little. Cunts. Are gonna kneel. Do you hear me, fucktards? It’s time to kneel, you assholes. Kneel. Before! ROZ!!!”

Roz put her hands on her hips and playfully rolled her abs up and swelled her chest, her creaking suit near bursting.

“Get a face full of this shit, you puny pack of pukes. Cry for mommy, you little wimps! Mega might God muscles are going to fuck you cunts over! Hahahahahahaha!”

Terrifying her audience with an utterly shameless display of divinely powerful muscles, Roz put her hands on her waist, and summoned strength from what she now knew was a limitless reserve of power. A seam split. Another tore. The muscles of a true God of obscene unending power and crushing undeniable physical strength pushed out and hardened under her now struggling invulnerable super suit. Her body hardened and swelled, her relaxed muscles rising with delicious super strength at her mere whim. The seams on her legs were splits by her expanding quads. Her back tore up the shoulder seams, and her neck split open the collar. Still growing, still expanding with ever harder ever greater super strength, Roz grinned wickedly and pulled a double bicep flex. Kaboom.

When Roz flexed her muscles responding eagerly to rip her suit to shreds, leaping out of her awesome physique and easily reducing her tight outfit to torn tatters. The world suffered greatly. A divine wind rode a shockwave through the tight alleyways and streets of the base, and the ruin, destruction, and obliteration of all standing structures was sudden, brutal, and absolutely thorough. Concrete puffed into powder. Steel flashed into vapour. People ceased to be, torn asunder at a molecular level. The destruction raged out furiously through the base, shattering every building and churning all the chaos up into the air to spew it across the vast desert. The divine ultra muscle God at the centre of the ruthless destruction drew a tight smug smile with her lip and drank in the awesome display her super strong, wonderfully overpowered muscles had conjured with one cruel power flex. But a few outlying buildings had escaped the blast, and seemed to be trying to keep a low profile beneath the flying dust and debris. Roz accepted their silent challenge, and intensified her flex to send out a second wave of annihilation. Her pecs swelled out, her biceps bulged, her quads thickened, her abs solidified and rose with proud strength. Boom. Already broken, debris was slammed into atoms by the impossible release of Roz’s divine super muscles. The outlying structures were flattened, the rock and sand torn from the Earth relentlessly for another mile past them. The sound of Roz’s Divine muscle God explosion was heard all over the state, and thumped through the ground to shake the coffee in cups all over Nevada.

It felt great to shed the supersuit and hover gloriously over the animated results of her excessive divine power with super hard nipples teased by the breeze. Roz pressed her fingers into her planet busting abdominals and admired the impossible hardness. She could make deeper dents in her relaxed stomach than the biggest bombs mankind could test her invulnerability with. But when she flexed up and tightened her abs, even the obscene astronomical super strength of divine muscle failed to make the tiniest dent in her ultra hard, absolutely invincible, indestructible body.

When Roz made her way back to the shaken and worried General Blake, the divine super God looked much more terrifying than before she had left. Her uniform was gone, and there was no denying the terrible aura of unbridled, unrestrained, and very unapologetic, strength, that surrounded her muscles. Fully displayed, she was a monolith of superhuman power shamelessly embarrassing Blake with her unattainable perfection on full display, garbed only her black panties and smugly alternating her bouncing pecs at the cowering old man before her. Her shamelessly naked breasts, sporting proudly engorged nipples, danced hypnotically.

“That was a really good idea, man. I didn’t expect a silly old fucker like you to be any fun. You’re a boring cunt, you know that, yeah? But even stupid, boring, and smelly old cunts like you can have good ideas now and then! Feels great to let my super hard muscles loose. Feel fucking awesome to flex up a shitsorm and fuck your over with my muscle God mega force. You wimps can’t even take a little flexing of my mega muscles… you just pop. I mean… come on. How fucking cool was that? When I grew out my muscles, flexed up, and blew my Ultra Mega Roz suit right off? Did you see what happened to you base? Did you like it? Think that was scary, bitch? Are you gonna cry now, you squishy little cunt? Gonna fucking cry? I get it. Go ahead… cry. Boo hoo. It’s so unfair..super strong omnipi Roz is an all powerful, almighty, invincible, mega muscled God, with divine strength and crazy as fuck super powers. Boo. Fucking. Hoo. You weak cunt. Cry for mommy, pansy boy. These muscles don’t care if your weak. These muscles don’t care if your a pussy. These muscles don’t care if your a squishy little cunt. These muscles. Will. Fuck. You. Up. These muscles will break bend and smash all your little soldier pukes to paste. It will be fun to fuck you cunts over with my royally fucked up super duper mega muscles. My hard. Strong. Unstoppable. Muscles. And you can’t stop me. You just can’t. Sucks to be you, you puny shit ball. Sucks to be any of you pansy boy cunts who aren’t a super duper, mega ultra powerful muscle god. Because I am a super duper mega ultra powerful muscle God, mother fucker. I am stronger than any of you. Tougher than any of you. Faster than any of you. Smarter than any of you. I am a GOD. And you’re just weak little cunts.”

Roz smiled happily up at the quaking man, then put her hands on her hips and lightly tensed her abs. Allowing the excess strength to escape, she pushed the helpless general against hard up the wall and held him there with an invisible wall generated by her super strong, divine muscles. Blake struggled, but Roz only chuckled and tensed harder. Blake screamed as a rib snapped, and he found himself now pinned dangerously hard and unable to move at all.

“Just a little flex of these super hard abs is enough to fuck you over, dick head. I’m not even trying over here. I could pop this whole fucking bunker out of the mountain, and pop the mountain, with just a little flex of my all powerful, divine, mega god, muscles. And nothing could stop me. You know that right? You saw it yourself. I’m a super fucking hard, super fucking strong, mega muscle, super god. And you cannot fuckong stop me. Hahahahahahaha! Sucked in, you little pansy boy mother fucker! Sucked the fuck in. Eat it, pussy boy. I am a god. And you’re not. I am super fucking strong. And you’re a pussy. I’m a Divine mega muscle God of power. And you’re fucking not. Hahahahahahah. I fucking love being a god. I love it! I love smashing shit. I love the way bullet just get fucked over by my mega muscles. I love the looks on your faces when I show you my power. I love how you run around and cry for momma while I tear your fucking arms and legs off. I love how tanks just cave in when I fuck them up. I love how missiles just explode right in my face and nothing hurts. It just feels good. It just feels… fucking awesome. Bullets are cools. I like them. Missiles are fucking great. I love when you shoot me. I fucking love when you blow me up. It just feels fantastic. My muscles feel wonderful all the fucking time. But rampaging through you weak as fuck soldier pussies makes me glow inside, man. Makes me all warm and fuzzy. I want to do it some more. I want to use my muscles, pansy boy. And you are FUCKED.”

Blake remained crushed into the wall by Roz’s divine muscle aura, with tears of despair. The horrible speech, delivered with a booming smug voice was enough to drive the fight out of him. Broken by the unforgiving divine presence of a super strong mega muscle God, he sobbed and begged for the lives of his men.

“Please. No more. No more killing. I surrender. Let the men go. The base is yours. You win.”

“Hahahahahahaha. Of course I win. Of course the base is mine, You stupid fucking idiot. It was mine the minute I showed up, pussy boy. I’ve been in charge the whole time, or haven’t you fucking noticed? What a dumb cunt. I’m already doing what I want. This isn’t a fucking negotiation. Why the fuck would I let anyone go? I came here to fuck you cunts over with my super strength. I came here to fuck you up. Not to let you go. Go on. That’s right, you little pussy you’re fucked.” With a final punishing flex, Roz broke another three of the of the tortured Generals ribs. Then the super strong god relaxed her massive divine muscles and let the man drop to the ground.

“I’m going to go play with a few bunkers now. While I’m gone, I want you to get your shit together and bring it, mother fucker. I know you fuckers have some more cool shit to try on me, and I can’t leave before I play with all my toys. Got it, fucktard? Understand? Your God wants to play more. Kneel before Roz, and promise you’ll do your very very best to kill me. Well? On your knees bitch. Kneel. Before. Roz.”

The general grovelled in tears on the ground. He was nearly broken, but she sensed a hot fire within him to destroy her still burning, and she knew it would flare the moment he was free of her dominating, world crushing presence. So Roz just smiled and nodded in approval, and then left to find a bunker she could smash.

She chose one with beneath a dense bank of air defences and slowly flew down to be welcomed by anti aircraft guns and two SAM sites unleashing their fury on her smooth shamelessly exposed muscles. Boom. Boom. The large missiles exploded on her body, sending hot waves of flame and shrapnel to ruffle her blonde hair. Streams of bullets focused on her torso, but the lead was squandered on the cobblestoned abs and solid invulnerable breasts of the impossibly strong Mega Roz.

“Fuck yeah. Thank feels feel nice, man.” Roz swept down low to the ground, zig zagging to smash through every missile as she went, making sure not to let any to to waste. The rockets snapped into her chest with thumping explosions, unable to do anything to the impregnable fortress of Mega Roz’s invincible body.

The bunker door was sealed, and the men within felt safe behind the three feet of impact resistant steel. Roz landed gently in front of the cold hard surface and ran her hand over it. She marvelled at the ease with which she could bend her fingers and rip them through the metal. Taking a step back, Roz smiled mischievously and let her arms dangle at her sides while she rocked in her heels and slowly flexed her pecs. The door groaned as the pressure grew and grew, Roz’s thick chest hardening and radiating with divine muscular force. The surface of the steel buckled away from Roz’s merciless flexing muscles. Intensifying her super strong flex, Roz sped the demise of the blast proof door. It squealed and moaned, it’s mass bullied and abused by an unstoppable invasion of divine power. Concrete cracked and spewed dust all around the edges of the now dish shaped door. Roz smiled wickedly at the defeated steel and deepened the dish further. Inside she could see men running to get well clear of the bowed door. And then Meta Roz cruelly squeezed her fists and tensed her pecs more with a quick brutal flex. The entire door was ripped apart, torn and smashed by the intense wave of divine power Roz’s thick hard pecs so callously deployed upon the world. Huge shredded chunks of steel exploded through the entryway inside the bunker, tearing chunks from the walls and reducing the tunnel to debris strewn ruin.

Stepping forward, Roz walked into the tunnel to find it ended with a large loading lift, and a set of stairs. Fearlessly and without hesitation, Roz stepped through the sealed cage of the lift doors, and into open air. Dropping to the bottom of the shaft, Roz’s thick quads easily absorbed the devastation force of her landing. Her knees bent a little as the lift was flattened beneath her and she sank into the concrete floor of the shaft. The tunnel was filled with the deafening crash of her heavy impact, and debris choked the air. With a careless step forward, Roz’s super strong legs carved their way easily forward, and her chest belligerently ripped through the steel cage into the main floor of the bunker.

Boom boom. Boom. Tatatatatatatatata. Kaboom. Grenades and guns were unleashed on her, and she laughed as bullets splattered and broke on her super hard muscles. Shrapnel and shockwaves entertained her unforgiving divine physique while she smiled at them. Roz swaggered into the bunker like a boss, let them waste another couple of thousands of rounds on her supremely invulnerable divine muscles, and then mercilessly ended the fight with a single powerful flex. Slowly and dramatically, Mega Roz raised her muscle bound arms up on either side and presented a double bicep pose. Twin peaks of power rose and her whole body swelled into the hail of shattering lead. And then she hardened herself with an unforgiving eruption of divine muscle God power, her skin gleaming under the constant gunfire and releasing a tsunami of terrible force. The shockwave generated by Omnipi Roz’s mega muscles shot through the air atomising the incoming bullets. The men were splattered, and concrete walls were obliterated as Roz’s divine muscles bullied the bunker belligerently from existence, forcing a huge cavern to form in the Earth around her as her muscle aura rudely invaded reality and destroyed everything in its path. The displaced rock tore a huge hole in the desert, and Roz floated up into open air. As large chunks of bedrock and broken concrete rained down around the crater she arced up into the sky with a burst of power from her super strong quads.

The next bunker mega Roz had chosen was a smaller one. It’s entrance looked like an innocent little substation, but beneath was a backup data unit where people in suits were rushing about right now making sure no information was being lost in this surprise attack. Little did they know, the whole reason Roz was destroying the base was to suppress information, and she was never going to let this small out of the way bunker survive.

Landing beside the shipping crate sized structure, Roz looked down through the bedrock and saw the remarkably deep shaft descending beneath the disguised bunker door. Without taking a breath first, Roz unleashed the always prepared power of super lungs. Her warm breath roared like a monstrous hurricane from her puckered lips and slapped the building into sheets of tin and violently bent spinning pieces of steel frame and scattering into the air. Mega Roz loomed over the exposed opening with her hands on her hips and laughed down at them.

“What a bunch of fucking losers. So weak. Such fucking wimps. Look at you! Such puny, squishy little pukes. How could a mega beast like me respect wimpy little cunts like you ass hats? How could these super fucking strong mega God muscles ever take pissy little fucktards like you clowns seriously? Do you feel safe down there? Is that a cosy little hidey hole? You. Fucking. Pussies. Hiding in the ground like little worms from my super hard, super fucking strong, mega. God. Muscles. I’m a super strong, super bad mother fucker. I’m a super cunt with super muscles and I’m as bad as they come, dick heads. You can’t hide from these mega God muscles. Super mega muscle Gods will always fuck over pussy shit ball pansy boys. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide, you puny little cunts.”

Sending her divine willpower out into their feeble minds, Roz experimentally amped up her brainwaves and marvelled at the influx of knowledge from the operatives stationed below. Unfortunately for them, their relatively frail and fragile brains were not up to the task of surviving her callous bulldozing of their conscious and unconscious minds. As one, the horrified personnel were driven to their knees in screaming in pain and clutching their heads. Their white knuckled grip was unable to hold their skulls their together as her unnatural power produced explosive results. Roz gave an evil chuckle and expanded her abilities to add super mega god wifi, and she drained the remaining hard drives of information as well. Vast quantities of data was stored almost instantly in her expanded mind, and she floated up and hovered into the air with an extra little sparkle in her eye. She had learned some very interesting secrets that might prove dice more fun later on. For now, Roz laughed and fired a blast of divine muscle God power from her fingertip that shot down the small tunnel below and tore a hole in the desert five times the size the bunker had been, reducing the bunker itself it to small particles.

Number One was watching all this with great concern. Blake had pulled himself together enough to orchestrate one more massive stand, with all the various nukes and the larger super mechs at his disposal the General was planning a no hold barred battle. But Number One was almost certain nukes would fail, and that’s why he was still preparing the Roswell weapons. If Blake failed, there was still hope for humanity in the alien weapons Number One had assembled.    

Grinning in the face of an intense automated barrage, Mega Roz allowed most of their ammo to be drained massaging her amazing invincible muscles. And then, while powerful bullets still raked splattering lead across her gloriously proud chest and cobblestoned abs, Roz punched her fists into her abs and laughed heartily. Her fists, striking her super strong impossibly hard abdominals with her atrocious insane power levelled everything around her. Guns smashed to hot ruin, buildings tore apart violently, launchers exploded and the flames were ripped away into the destructive chaos. The smoke and debris had no time to clear before Roz flexed her proud pecs and ruthlessly banished it all from the air before her, leaving the bunker entrance cleared of wreckage and now completely defenceless.

Grinning maliciously, mega Roz arced toward the ground and dove nose first into the Rock beside the entrance. The surface was suddenly quiet a moment. And then the sand shook and rocks rattled. A rumble began, and men in the bunker trembled in fear and because the bunker was violently shaking. A mighty ear splitting crack tore through the Earth, and the desert floor began to open in a web of cracks and fissures. The rumbling incessantly increased in power, and a large portion of desert shifted. The fissures widened, and revealed the roof of a large concrete bunker rising smoothly from the ground. It rose up until the structure looked above the desert and stopped there.

“You know something, pussies?” Roz asked, hovered in the desert air with the massive bunker held easily by one casual muscular arm. “I thought this fucker would be way heavier. Hahahahaahahhaha. This is easy as shit. I could float here and hold this all day! I can hardly feel the weight at all. I’m just so. Fucking. Strong. So absolutely. Fucking. Strong. And guess what? I grow stronger all the time. All. The. Time. It’s fucking crazy how stupid my mega muscle power is! I am a GOD. A fucking god! Hahahahahahaha. Eat fucking shit, you wimpy little fucktards! I’m gonna smash and crush and fuck. You. Up. I’m gonna flex and pump the mega mighty God muscles right in your faces, you squishy little cunts!”

Roz laughed, and tossed the bunker at the side of a mountain. The solid construction soared through the air at a stunning six hundred miles an hour and SMASHED into the mountain with appalling force. The mountain exploded into a massive cloud of sharp jagged boulders, the rock unapologetically torn asunder and thrown about by Roz’s reckless and excessive overuse of divine muscle power. The bunker was shattered and mixed in with half the mountain to fly many miles out over the desert and rain truck sized chunks of debris over a vast area.

“Fuck yeah. How fucking cool was that? That was as easy as throwing a fucking baseball! Hahahahahaha. Super mega Roz is gonna fuck your shit up! Fucking awesome. So strong. So super duper fucking strong! Hahahahahaha! I’m gonna. Fuck. Your. Faces. You puny. Cunts! I’m gonna smash you pansy boy wimps to fucking paste! Kneel before Roz, you little fairies! Kneel. Before. Roz. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha!”

Flexing her solid quads and booming through the sound barrier, Mega Roz soared to the far side of Nellis and into a barrage of missiles and automated machine gun fire. She was hovering over a large lake, the base water supply, as lead splattered and rockets exploded on her happily displayed mega muscles.

“Kicking your pussy asses is thirsty work!” Roz declared, flying low to pass a gun on her way to the lake. As she passed the gun, she grabbed the scorching hot barrel in one hand hand ripped it free to carry it with her. Placing the red hot end of the barrel fearlessly to her invulnerable lips, Roz hovered over the middle of the lake calmly letting the defences shoot supersonic lead into sad ruin on her divine invincible muscles and dipped the end of her long steel straw into the lake. The surface of the water dipped, and began to spiral around in a whirlpool as Roz started to suck the lake into her mouth. The level of the water dropped rapidly, and Roz lowered herself as it went to keep the end of her makeshift straw in the liquid. In less than a minute, the amazing super powered muscle God had consumed the entire volume of water, drinking millions of litres and compressing it easily behind her flat bumpy wall of symmetrical abs. In fact her supercharged body had metabolised the water into super hard, super strong, muscle and packed it onto Roz’s obscenely powerful body.

“Thanks for the drink, losers!” Mega Roz tossed her straw absently away, and floated up magnificent and graceful to smile at the armaments surrounding her with smug unassailable superiority. “I’m off to see what your stupid cunt of a boss thinks it takes to stop me. He’s pretty sure he can save the world from the naughty mega muscles of super ultra mega Roz. He thinks he has what it takes. Hahahahahahhaha. This is gonna be great. I’m gonna take this.” Roz presented her large round bicep. “And this.” She raise the twin and gently pulsed enormous power through both to shake the empty lake and rattle the weapons. “And I’m gonna shove em up the army’s ass. I’m going to fuck you wimpy cunts up with my super mega muscles. Because that’s what super mega muscles do, you pansy fucktards. They fuck. up. Wimpy. Cunts. Every time. Because they’re strong and you’re weak. Because they’re super hard and invincible. And your all soft and squishy. Hahahhahahahahahahaahahha.”

Roz ruthlessly flexed up her entire body and powered down, hardening her swollen muscles and smashing all the weapons around her to atoms. Destructs toon ranged out and tore out a bigger lake, throwing millions of tons of displaced rock and dirt into the air. Admiring the devastation, Roz took to clouds and disturbed them violently with a flex of her quads. She had given Blake enough time. Now the defensive assault was as ready as it would ever be. The divine supergirl could have just flown around the massive bomb range and gone on to Area 51 and collect her First Toy. But she wasn’t to go leave without playing the best toys, and there were now three hundred planes, two hundred massive twenty foot warrior mechs, and an array of probably illegal and definitely top secret weapons of mass destruction waiting for her to step onto the field. It would be rude to leave without rampaging through the Troy’s Blake had arranged for her, so Roz swept down and circled the field of waiting mechs before landing softly of the dusty bomb range.

“Well? Here I am, mother fuckers. The big bad super duper mega muscle God has come to make you kneel. Kneel before Roz! Beg to be my toys! Get in your fucking knees and beg to be shit kicking slaves, you weak puny cunts! Kneel. Before. Roz. I am a super strong super cunt ready to fuck you up. I’m a badass, invincible, ultra strong wrecking machine and I want to play, bitches. Think you can stop these fucking muscles? Think again you stupid cunts. You can’t stop me. Nobody can stop me. I’m so fucking strong! So fucking powerful! You’re just too fucking weak and wimpy to stand up against these super hard, fuck you up, mega God muscles. You. Are. Fucked. Hahahahaahhaahhaahhahaah. What are you going to do? Want your mommy? Gonna cry? Boo. Fucking. Hoo. Fucktards! Your mum can’t save you, mother fuckers. Your guns can’t stop me. Your bombs can’t stop me. Your fucking missiles. Can’t. Stop. Me. Nobody can stop the super duper muscle power of mighty mega Roz! Almighty! All powerful! Kneel before me, you weak pathetic cunts! Kneel before your mega muscle god! Kneel! Before! Roz!”

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