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The Modern Goddess: Chapter II

Written by Akane :: [Sunday, 12 August 2018 00:46] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:17]

Art by Inknox

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story contains some really NSFW pictures, browse it at your own risk.

A startled Kenichi burst out through the emergency exit door of the school, frantically running over to where he thought he heard the lightning strike outside, worried that his teacher Akane might be in danger.

“Akane-sensei!” He shouted aimlessly towards the sky as if calling for a lost dog, desperately hoping for some kind of response.

As he got closer to where he saw the bolt strike, he found a circular crater in the ground, probably 4 feet deep, with thick clouds of dirt and smoke pouring out of the rubble.

“Oh no, I’m too late…” Kenichi panicked, putting his hands on his head in shock and disbelief, immediately assuming the worst-case scenario that Akane must have been struck by lightning.

“Did someone call for me?” An angelic voice rang out through the cloud of smoke.

The shadowy outline of a voluptuous body appeared before Kenichi as the smoke began to dissipate. He heard the sound of static electricity with each booming “clack” of high heels as the figure came closer. His fragile heart was pounding louder and louder with each step, until the woman strut through the cloud of smoke to reveal herself. It was the mysterious superheroine from this morning’s news broadcast! She was dressed in the same form-fitting yellow and red latex suit he saw on TV, and somehow even more beautiful in person, with her flowing red hair and magnificent eyes of deep ocean blue that anyone could easily get lost in.

“Y-you’re… you’re…” Kenichi stammered out, star-struck by his first celebrity encounter.

“I’m what?” She giggled, teasing the answer out of him just to hear what he’d say.

“Beautiful.” He said. “You look amazing… You ARE amazing.”

“Awwwww, you’re so nice! And pretty cute, too.” She answered to the compliment while winking at him. “Mmm…I guess I should do something nice for such a big fan of mine.”

The woman started to walk towards Kenichi, swaying her perfect hips side-to-side until she was directly in front of him. Before he knew it, he was wrapped inside her warm and tender arms, his face pressed up against the slick latex material of her outfit, but he could still feel the pillowy softness of her glorious tits. Distracted by the feeling of her magical embrace, Kenichi didn’t even notice the fact that the two had become near-weightless, and lifted up a few feet off the ground. They were flying!

He made the mistake of looking down, and quickly screamed in shock, realizing he was suspended about six feet in the air. He instinctually grabbed onto whatever he could, but in this case, the only thing to grab were her juicy hips, so it definitely could have been worse.

“W-what do you want from me? Please don’t hurt me!”

“Hmm? Oh, I’m not going to hurt you silly! I just wanted to have a good time with you, that’s all.”

Despite taking his libido reduction medications, he could feel blood flowing straight into his cock, giving him a sizable erection. He noticed that his medication had been failing a lot recently, but only around 2 particular people. Maybe it only worked on girls less than 10/10? Maybe there was some way to override the medicine by simply being too attractive for it to work?

“Hey, you feel a little heavier.” She giggled.

“Who are you?” Kenichi asked.

“You already know who I am, Kenichi.”

“Kenichi? You know my name?”

The woman gave him a smug smile as a shower of silver sparkles coated her body, growing her hair out to almost 3 times its length until it was nearly at her feet. Her face appeared to morph from its apparent “young twenty-something girl” shape into a more dignified, mature and elegant one. A beauty spot appeared over her gorgeous upper lip too. Her facial structure and body had changed as if she had aged five to ten years, into a gorgeous and mature woman. She had grown an extra few inches in height, and another few cup sizes, now packing a set of tits that were only a few notches below “beach ball” that seemed to defy gravity and behaved as light and bouncy as if they were plain old C-cups. Kenichi could hear the seams of her clothes begin to strain as her hips widened into a perfect hourglass shape, torturing the fabric of the tights holding back her thick hips and thighs.

All within the course of a second, the mysterious superwoman had shapeshifted into an entirely different woman, but she was a woman Kenichi knew.

“Akane!” Kenichi shouted in disbelief as the crime-fighting hero revealed herself to be his sexy homeroom teacher.

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out, hehehe.” She snapped her fingers and her yellow and red latex suit vanished into thin air, being replaced with her casual attire; a black-and-white plaid sleeveless silk top that barely contained her giant rack, a pair of skin-tight black latex dress pants, pearl black high heels, and of course, her black-framed “sexy librarian” glasses.

“This is insane…” Kenichi blurted his thoughts out loud. He had wondered whether or not this was actually Akane or if the superwoman was simply just using her powers to play games with him.

“Don’t worry, Kenichi, it’s definitely me. I know it’s not what you were expecting, but it’s the truth.” She giggled as she caressed her flowing red hair with one hand, holding Kenichi up like a baby in the other one thanks to her superhuman strength.

“But Akane, I have so many questions for you!”

“Yes dear, I know. I know everything about your questions. Even if I couldn’t read minds, your feelings for me are pretty obvious.”

The sexual tension was now palpable, and Kenichi could feel his erection throbbing like a floodgate ready to burst at any second. His mind was racing, wondering if he had thought about anything in his past that he didn’t want her to know, like his insatiable lust for her or the hundreds of fantasies she’d been involved in.

“W-wait, did you say reading minds?”

“Well, before I tell you, let me take care of this.” She concentrated on his erection and it magically receded back to normal. She smiled to herself, proud she could make things happen solely by wishing them to be true.

“What happened?” He asked, surprised that his science-defying erection had magically vanished.

“If you do that every time you look at my body, I won’t be able to hold your attention for more than ten seconds with all the fun things I have planned for you… You would just be jerking off constantly.”

“Akane, please! What plans are you talking about? I’m so confused!” Kenichi attempted to get a straight answer out of her.

“Hmmm… Well, I know about all the questions you have for me. I know you’re wondering how I can do all of these things.”

“Yeah. I saw the news this morning.” He answered.

“Heh, I know you did. I arranged it so that the TV would broadcast everything I did, but only for you. Everyone else just saw the video feed from the helicopter camera.”

“So that WAS really you? And you controlled the broadcast! And… just for me? That’s amazing! …But how can you do that?”

“Well… There’s not really an easy way to say this, but I’ll give it a try.”

Those few seconds of complete silence felt like an eternity to Kenichi, craving for some kind of explanation for all this.

“I’m… a goddess.” She said.

“Wait, what? A goddess? What do you mean?”

“I know, I know, it’s hard to believe, but… well, I’m God. I control the rules of time and space and the universe is my realm! I can do everything I want, anytime I want. I’m omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient and right now I’m doing an infinite number of things while talking to you in countless and different dimensions. The universe is mine…and I make the rules.”

Kenichi was speechless for a moment, trying to formulate a response.

“But… that’s insane. It can’t be. I know you clearly have some kind of superpowers, which is hard enough to believe on its own, but now you want me to believe you’re GOD? I don’t know if I can believe you.”

“Fine then, tell me to do something. Anything you want that isn’t immoral or illegal, and I’ll make it happen right now.” Akane expected his skepticism and fired back with an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“U-uhhhh…okay… I can’t think straight right now, there’s so much on my mind. I can’t think straight!” Kenichi always became nervous when he was put on the spot.

“Not a problem. I’ll read your thoughts for you while I do my workout.” She contemplated as she hefted his entire body with one hand like a paperweight. As she casually lifted the 170-pound, 6 feet tall boy, Kenichi felt embarrassed and emasculated, so he shook himself out of her grip, and stood back up on the ground. He looked back at Akane, who was no longer at her normal height of 5’5”, but now staring at him from eye-level.

“Uh… Is it me, or did you get taller?” He asked, questioning if he remembered what she looked like incorrectly. “That’s impossible!”

“I don’t know. You tell me.” She patted Kenichi’s head while giggling and continued growing and growing, until her heavy breasts were in front of her student’s eyes. She was now standing at seven feet tall, mirroring the image of a mini-giantess. Her new Amazonian body, the embodiment of peak human condition. She was sexy, confident, and infinitely powerful, so she wished for a body to match her dramatic personality and might.

“That’s impossible. Are there no limits to what you can do?” He thought to himself.

“Hehehe, well, there ARE limits to everything, but I’m the one who gets to decide which.” She winked.

“So you CAN read minds. It’s ironic… you might be the sexiest person I’ve ever seen but I’m not even erect right now.” He realized what had just come out of his mouth and immediately covered it with his hand, embarrassed that his inner thoughts were vocalized outloud when he didn’t mean for them to be.

“Heh, I’m forcing you to be sincere. I can read your mind anyway, so it’s not like it’s too much of a difference, but I want you to be comfortable and honest around me. Your life is about to change forever… If you are okay with it, of course.”

“What do you mean by that?” Kenichi asked.

“Well, let me show you a little more of my… demonstration… first, and then I’ll tell you my offer later.” She said, trying to change the subject.

She walked over to a nearby bench, painted bright pink, and laid one finger on it. The neon pink color from the bench began seeping onto the finger, and then spreading out around the rest of her body from there. She was moaning with pleasure as she soaked up the color, until her entire body, neck-down, had been completely covered in bright-pink latex and the bench was now completely colorless. Her old clothes had seemed to vanish entirely, rather than just soak up the color, and it looked like she was now completely naked, only with neon pink latex skin. The textures of the pink latex moved and re-formed to her will, making her giant tits and nipples even more exaggerated and apparent, matching the exact texture and form of a perfectly-tight pussy, and emphasizing the curves of her incredible godly body.

“Do you like my outfit?” She teased him with a devilish smile, knowing he wanted her more than anything in the world.

“You’re already hot in normal clothes but this is amazing!” the horny boy blurted.

“Mmmm… I thought you might like it.” She said as she blew a kiss that Kenichi could physically feel on his chest. It didn’t hurt, but there was definitely a bizarre sensation around his torso that began to spread through his body, almost like he was getting coated in… paint? He looked down and noticed he was now wearing a matching pink latex suit, only tailored to his own body shape. He noticed that something was encapsulating his head, like a semi-transparent glass that formed a perfect sphere around his whole head. An astronaut helmet.

“Wait, what’s this? What is going on? I don’t like this…”

“Oh, come on cutie. You look so cute! Besides, you’re gonna need that if we’re going to space.”

“Wait, going to where?”

By the time the last word slipped out of his mouth, the back of his head was snug between Akane’s cushiony cleavage. His confused head looked down and watched as her powerful legs squatted down and lifted off the ground, with such force that it left an even bigger crater in her wake and the sound of a small explosion as she jumped straight up in the air. Colorful fireworks and lightning bolts shot out of her high heels as they launched into the sky. Akane flew faster and faster away from the ground, easily breaking speed records for military fighter planes like it was nothing. The once-massive school campus quickly began shrinking down until it blended in with the surrounding buildings. The city, the region, the entire landmass of Japan, and eventually the Earth itself, all quickly turned into the size of a pea in a matter of seconds as they rocketed out of the atmosphere at impossible speeds that NASA engineer could only dream about.

Only a few seconds later, the two pink latex astronauts found themselves adrift in the empty vacuum of space.

“This is my playground.” Akane said, smiling. Despite having no audible sound in space, her voice was loud and clear in Kenichi’s mind. “Isn’t it beautiful? The stars, the planets, the cosmos. All mine to toy with as I please.”

Akane’s body was lounging back, relaxed as if laying on the beach, casually floating amongst the stars. Meanwhile, Kenichi was desperately reaching to cling onto his teacher’s body as an anchor, a bit worried, and still overcoming the shock of getting launched into space on a whim.

“The stars are my favorite part of this universe. I envy the artistic vision of their original creator.” She continued.

“But, wait, didn’t you say that YOU were God? Wouldn’t that mean that YOU created them?” Kenichi asked, thinking he had discovered a plothole in her story.

“Well, not exactly. I’m God, that’s true, but it’s a little more complicated than that. It would take a while to explain, and probably go beyond your limited human comprehension, but I just need you to trust me for now.”

“Oh, come on. Please?” He insisted.

“I will tell you the full story, but not right now. For now I just want to be together, just you and me.” She made her hands intangible and reached through the glass of Kenichi’s helmet as if it was made of water, using their softness to gently caress his cheeks. They stared into each other’s eyes. Akane’s orbs twinkled with a blue light like a sapphire. From that distance they looked like a bird’s eye view of an entire galaxy, all in the little space of her pupil.

“The stars are beautiful, but nowhere near as beautiful as you are.” Kenichi clumsily spilled his spaghetti and blushed as he heard those words come out voluntarily.

“Oh, you should be this sincere all the time, you’re so adorable!” She showed him a heart-melting smile and wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tight.

It was finally dawning on Kenichi that there wasn’t anything wrong with his medication, it was simply the fact that Akane’s magic had the power to override any biological function that didn’t tell his body not to find her attractive. Akane appeared attractive to everyone individually, some even saw her in different ways than normal, but the one constant is that she was always a hyper-attractive woman, perfectly customized to meet the reproductive desires of anyone who looked at her. And in that moment, Kenichi realized that there truly was no reason not to continue living in this world without Akane. It *was* her world, after all.

“I uh, don’t want to be late for class… Don’t you think we should go back?” He tried to break the thick sexual tension and change the subject.

“Don’t worry; we’ll back sooner than you think.” Her eyes lit up, flaring the bright blue spark even more than before.

Before he could even respond, Kenichi once again found himself rocketing through space, holding on only by the grip of Akane’s hand like a rag doll as she casually shattered the speed of light while going further into the depths of outer space.

“Uh… It’s a little hot in here, Akane.” He observed sheepishly.

“Kenichi, you’re always horny, do you think I didn’t notice? Hehehe.” She teased him playfully.

“Uh—No, I meant that I’m literally getting cooked up inside this suit!” He tried to change the subject back to his now-burning space suit (although in reality he was also extremely horny).

“Well of course, silly. We’re headed for the sun.” She answered casually, treating it like a normal, routine errand to the grocery store.

“What? No! Please, don’t kill me! I didn’t mean to do anything wrong, I promise!” Kenichi frantically pleaded.

“Calm down, Kenichi. If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it a long time ago. Besides, we’re already here.”

He looked up and noticed she was indeed correct.

Massive pillars of flames surrounded him in every direction, an extremely hot red and orange burning inferno that could easily disintegrate anything on Earth in seconds or instantly blind him if he opened his eyes even the slightest bit. And yet, there he was, standing on the surface of the sun, completely fine as if it was just a normal stroll.

“It’s okay baby, nothing to worry about. I made sure you’d be safe.”

Kenichi was darting his eyes back and forth to confirm it was the real thing, speechless by the fact that he was defying every law in the science textbook just by being there, unless it was some kind of ridiculously elaborate dream. In fact, not only was it not deadly, it was actually kind of comfortable. He relaxed a bit and closed his eyes as he felt a lovely sensation wash over him. Despite his surroundings being thousands of degrees hotter than normal, it felt like the warmth of a heated blanket, just the right temperature, and extremely soothing.

And then he started to feel something… soft and… wet?

He looked down, to find Akane with her lips against the base of his cock, giving him a full deep-throat blowjob.

“Ah! Akane!” Kenichi blurted out, not expecting to find her down there.

“Hmmm? I thought you might like this.” She said, continuing to rhythmically slide her lips all the way down his cock, now fully erect despite Akane’s magic spell from earlier. “I guess even I can’t compete with the power of boners.” She thought to herself.

“Akane, how are we not bursting into flames right now?! And why does this feel… so… good?” He attempted to pull some answers out of her, but found himself entranced by the indescribably amazing feeling and calmed down.

“Relax, sweetie. Just let me take care of you.” She said in her melodic and soothing voice as she began rubbing against him. Her perfectly smooth skin felt like the texture of latex and the softness of a silk pillow in one; just one little touch was like a full-fledged orgasm to any mortal being, and Kenichi had both of her hands running across every inch of his body.

“Okay, I admit it. You have to be God. If this is a dream, then it’s the best one I’ve ever had, hands down.”

“If you think *this* is good, just imagine the sex…” She teased.

“So you really do have feelings for me.”

Before she could respond, Kenichi felt a tug on his cock pull him forwards as Akane was now flying at incomprehensible speeds, somehow even faster than before, quickly passing planets, comets, stars, and galaxies probably still unknown to the rest of mankind in a matter of only a few seconds. Eventually he found the two stopped in the middle of an asteroid belt somewhere in a distant galaxy.

“Akane?! Where are we? Why are we here?” He yelled out, darting his head back and forth looking for her.

“Don’t worry, dear. Everything is okay. I heard a distress signal from this galaxy, right over there.” She pointed to a sizable, yet relatively small brown planet about half a mile away. “44.1835 degrees latitude, and 20.4278 degrees longitude on planet Omnihalux 8, to be exact. I have to take care of something very quick, so stay here and wait for me. You can watch the show from a safe distance though.” She winked and blew a kiss at him that travelled through the air and even his helmet, leaving a red lipstick mark on his cheek, and flew away.

Massive crunching footsteps broke the dead silence of space’s vacuum, so loud that even Kenichi could hear them from that distance. There was a tremendous deafening roar that visibly shook the ground Akane was walking on, sending dirt and debris flying like a sandstorm.

Over the nearby hilltop, an enormous behemoth of a monster reared its head, and eventually its body, easily bigger than even the tallest buildings on Earth, at least a mile in height. It could only be described as a titan-sized humanoid beetle; the hideous beast had four pairs of gigantic, jacked arms and two pointy antennas on its head to match its disgusting bug-eyes.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, HUMAN!?!” The monster screeched in its vile, phlegmy voice.

“Cute, he thinks I’m a human” Akane telepathically whispered to Kenichi.

“I’m here to stop you, so this is your chance to run before I destroy you, you giant roach.” Akane shouted at the monster from below.


The giant insect started to run after Akane and tried to stomp on her, treating her like any other humanoid woman, who would be crushed instantly under his massive weight. Each of his footsteps caused earthquakes as he kept getting closer to Akane, who was standing in place and growing bored of waiting. He lifted his foot and slammed it down on the ground below him where Akane was standing with all his might. That monumental strength was enough to crush cities like cardboard.

Right before the *splat* he was expecting, he found that his foot couldn’t quite connect with the ground, like he had stepped on a metal push-pin. He leaned his head over to look under his foot, expecting to find a pile of fleshy goop and crushed bones on the ground. To his surprise, the woman was not only completely unharmed, but the only thing keeping him between him and the ground was *her finger*. She had simply put her outstretched finger between herself and the giant’s foot, blocking the weight of a planet-crushing force entirely.

“Aww… what happened?” She taunted him in a crude sarcastic tone. “Beaten by a girly-girl?” She flicked her finger, throwing the massive beast aside into a nearby mountain range like a rag doll, causing a major chunk of it to collapse into a pile of rubble.

The monster quickly retaliated, jumping back up and firing laser beams from his multiple bug-eyes, concentrated into one huge 10-foot wide stream. The massive laser hit Akane head-on, the force of impossibly white-hot energy beams strong enough to slice through a moon penetrated her, surrounding her body in the surface area of the beam. After about 30 seconds of the brutal torrent, the beast finally subsided, and pulled back.

“Heh, I didn’t know you guys had weather on this planet. That was a nice summer breeze.” She mocked.

As the beam disappeared, it became clear that the monster actually *did* do damage… Kind of. The pink latex suit had been incinerated, leaving Akane perfectly naked in the wake of the Death Star-esque laser. Meanwhile, Kenichi was just now seeing his teacher completely nude for the first time, and decided to jerk off as he watched.

The perfection of her body was nearly indescribable. Her sculpted curves, her long legs that seemed to go on for miles (and could if she wanted them to), and her silky skin were too much for Kenichi to handle. Her enormous tits could literally now be seen from space, as Kenichi was proving, while he jerked off to her massive udders as he floated through the stars.

“MORE POWER!” The monster shot the beam again, using his antennae to amplify the power of his laser.

“Oooohh~~ Yes, more power, mmmmm…” Akane laid back spreadeagle and let the warmth of the impossibly hot laser heat up her insides as she let out a long, sexual moan. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh~~”

The beast pressed further, surging more power into his attack. Akane re-positioned herself, letting the laser focus right on her chest, making the goddess moan again as her tits seemed to engorge even further as the force of the beam pinched her nipples in just the right ways. White liquid sprayed from her gargantuan tits, as she let out a moan audible throughout the galaxy despite the lack of sound in space. Her giant udders squirted gallons and gallons of milk until they were back to their “normal” size, all of it landing directly onto his face.

“AAAUUUGHHHH! WHAT IS THIS FILTH?!” The monster screamed, trying to shake off the huge puddle of magical breast milk off of him.

“Hey, you should feel lucky you get to drink that, my milk can cure cancer, you know! Too bad it doesn’t cure ugliness.” She squeezed her left breast and fired a massive rope of milk for a second time, coating him in it.

“GGGGRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” Entirely covered in white milk, the beast went for another futile attempt at combat, trying to grab Akane with his massive claws. Unfortunately, her skin was virtually impenetrable, and the claws shattered like glass the second they made contact.

“Heh, you thought you stood a chance. Cute.” Akane made fun of the defeated creature, which was writhing on the ground in pain. “Well now it’s finally time to end this ‘battle’, if you want to even call it that. It’s not like you were a challenge for me or anything.”

Akane flew over to the beast’s clawless milk-covered hand and began snapping his fingers backwards, one by one like tiny toothpicks with her incomprehensible godly strength.

“AHHHH! STOP IT, PLEASE! I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU SAY!” The creature pleaded for dear life.

“Your begging for mercy is cute and all but that doesn’t change the fact that you’ve killed billions of innocent lives. And it’s high time to pay for your crimes.”

She shot another blast of her milk right into the monster’s face with enough force that it caused the 2-mile tall behemoth to fall backwards, impaling himself on a nearby rock formation. She then proceeded to blow freezing cold air from her kissable lips, covering the entire milk-soaked corpse in solid ice up to its neck.

“P-PLEASE, LET ME DIE QUICKLY…” The monster screeched with its dying breath.

“Luckily for you, I’m far more benevolent than the old man.” She touched the giant beetle’s head and it instantly transformed into a tiny normal-sized beetle, which she crushed between her fingers. The omnipotent teacher flew away, back to Kenichi.

“I’m sure you’re wondering about what happened there.” Akane said, appearing back in front of Kenichi a moment later, dressed in her regular outfit once more.

“U-uh, yeah. Right, the monster.” Kenichi said, quickly trying to zip his pants back up.

“He’s called Megazon. He was an evil warlord in this sector of the galaxy, who has been terrorizing planets for thousands of years. The old man never ended up doing anything to him, but I had to step in and put closure to it once and for all.”

“Wait, so who’s the old man?”

“Don’t worry darling, I’ll tell you later. Besides, we should both be getting back to our classes.”

And just like that, Kenichi looked up to find them both back on solid ground in the school’s campus. The bell rang, meaning it was the end of the break period between classes. Kenichi glanced at his watch; they had only been gone for 10 minutes, back on time just like she said. Was it really that fast? Or was it because she altered time itself to fit her own schedule?

“Well, Akane, I don’t know what to say. That was incredible! I want to spend much more time with you and learn a lot more about you!”

“Hehehe, anything for you, stud. Hey, I’ll give you a ride home again later if you want.”

“I’d love that.” Kenichi said with a cute smile. He saw Akane dedicating him a warm smile before she vanished out of sight in the blink of an eye. He then looked down and noticed his erection had gone away too.

Becoming Akane’s boyfriend had already changed him into a better person but he still somehow couldn’t shake off the feeling that it all had been just a dream.

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