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The Modern Goddess: Chapter III

Written by Akane :: [Sunday, 12 August 2018 00:58] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:24]

Art by Devil-V

Kenichi found it virtually impossible to concentrate on his classes and schoolwork for the rest of the day, his mind running at warp-speed trying to process everything he had just seen. Akane’s incredible powers were obviously the first thing on his mind; he realized he had been entrusted with the literal most important secret in the universe, not only knowing that God factually exists, but knowing her identity, and the fact that it was his heart-throb homeroom teacher wasn’t making anything easier. Even if he didn’t have a fetish for goddesses before, he *definitely* did now. His thoughts raced with images of her perfect body, her sculpted form of pure perfection and beauty; he couldn’t think about anything else if his life depended on it. The possible meanings behind her strange sexually-charged comments were going to keep him awake at night for weeks if he didn’t get a straight answer soon.

“Why me?” He thought to himself. “I’m nobody special. I’m no movie star or genius or anything, I’m just a normal guy. And yet, the all-powerful goddess of the universe reveals herself to me, AND she wants to fuck me?! This is so much to take in at once…”

Kenichi had stayed late after school with a few other students for a group project, and was just getting out, about 2 hours after the majority of students went home.

When the work was all finished, he anxiously packed his things and hurried out the door, eager to get home and finally be able to have some peace and quiet to take in everything that had happened to him today; he was debating calling in sick for the next 3 days just so he could have time to process everything.

As he opened the front door to the school and stepped outside to see an incredible sunset against the tranquil Japanese landscape, he heard a voice come from behind him.

“Hey, Keni-kun!~” His voluptuous teacher called out to him from about 10 feet back. He turned around and witnessed her in all her glory, with her succulent curves, beach ball-sized balloons, and a smile that was (literally) able to resurrect the dead.

“How did she know about my nickname?” He thought to himself. “I haven’t heard anyone call me that in years… Oh right, I guess she can read minds.”

“Uh, h-hey! I was just going home.” He tried to change the subject away from the metaphorical elephant in the room.

“I noticed you stayed late again. What’s going on?” She asked as she caught up, now walking next to him.

“Just some group project stuff.” He said, trying to get his mind clear of lewd thoughts so that she wouldn’t read them.

“Hmm~” She moaned. “My little star pupil is really putting in extra time after school on his projects? Looks like I really rubbed off on you!” She winked.

“God, I wish.” He thought to himself. He could feel his pants beginning to tent as he grew a throbbing erection just having her in his presence. His confidence vanished as he found himself blushing bright red, making Akane giggle.

“Well, if you’re here to ask if I want a ride home, I’m good for today… You drove me home last time, I don’t want to impose on you again.” He said, resisting with every fiber of his being that wanted him to do the opposite.

“Good, because I was actually hoping I would get a chance to walk home with you… nice and slow.~~” Her silky voice sounded like a professional phone sex operator, and he could feel the seams of his zipper beginning to tear open.

“Oh, sorry about that sweetie.” She looked down at his bulging crotch, giggling to herself.

“Y-yeah, let’s walk home then.” He tried to ignore her comment about his erection.

It was the slowest, most stressful walk home from school Kenichi had ever had. He purposefully avoided turning at such an angle that he would see her angelic face, her pouty kissable lips, and deep blue eyes that stored the infinite knowledge of the universe behind them, afraid that he would break down and cum instantly just looking at her. And on top of her sheer presence that emitted powerful aphrodisiac-laced pheromones that would make anyone violently horny, it certainly didn’t help that she had the body of a goddess to match her powerful mind, equally sexy and cute at the same time. Kenichi was effectively the strongest man in the known universe right now, being within a 5-foot radius of her and not emptying his ball-sack was basically asking someone to climb Mt. Everest with one leg.

“I know you must have a lot on your mind after what you’ve seen today. Actually, you definitely do. I already told you I can read minds. But anyway, this doesn’t need to change our relationship, Kenichi.” Akane broke the awkward silence. “In fact, I think we’re now more connected than ever.” She put her tiny hand on the boy’s shoulder delicately and gave a warm smile.


“Well, I know we met yesterday. Actually, I knew you way before yesterday, but you met me yesterday. But I know you have feelings for me… and I feel the same about you.”

“B-but, how did you—” Kenichi stammered out, flustered and embarrassed.

“Baby, I’m God, remember? I know.” She grabbed his hands and wrapped them inside hers. “It’s okay. I love you too.”

Kenichi immediately fell backwards and fainted right then and there. Before his body made contact with the ground, Akane scooped him up in her soft tender arms, carrying him like a rescued damsel in distress. Compared to the weight of what she normally lifts, it was easy for her. She caressed his face with her soft and thin fingers, making him wake up instantly. Wrapped in her warm embrace, his eyes opened to Akane’s wonderful motherly smile and a gorgeous sunset in the background.

“A-are you an angel?” He asked as his droopy eyes partially opened, still half-unconscious.

“Well, you’re not far off.” She giggled. “Can you walk?”

“I think I can.” He groggily woke up and stepped onto the sidewalk as Akane set him down delicately.

They were back on their path home to Kenichi’s house once more, but yet again there was a long awkward silence. Akane didn’t even bother reading his mind to see what was running through it, she knew the seed was planted.

As the two rounded a corner to take a shortcut through an alleyway, two muggers stepped out of the shadows and confronted them.

“What the hell? This little fucker can get a girlfriend this hot and I can’t? What kind of bullshit is that?!”

“Move it. We need to get through here.” Akane said forcefully.

“Heh, you hear that Ronnie? This chick sounds like she wants to fight us or somethin’. Let’s teach her a lesson.”

The man pushed Kenichi over, causing him to collapse to the cold asphalt ground, breaking his left ankle while the burglars laughed at his misery.

One of them tried to grab Akane’s arm but immediately pulled back as he heard a sizzling sound that felt like it was burning his flesh off, and screamed like a dying animal at the intense pain. She focused her attention on the other mugger while the first one was grabbing his throbbing red hand. She was strutting her perfect ass confidently towards the cowering man, growing slightly taller with each passing clack of her high heel until she was a hefty 3 inches taller than her assailant, standing at 6’3, and looked down at him like a pathetic worm, blocking out the sunlight with her shadow.

“*I* teach the lessons around here.”

She silently reached down her gloved finger and softly tapped his head.


It sounded like a bubble bursting as the man simply disappeared from existence entirely, completely erased from the universe’s history books and the memories of anyone who had ever known him or even passed him on the street. The handicapped mugger shuddered in fear not only because he watched someone literally cease to exist before his eyes, but at the almost scary amount of pride and confidence the woman had on her face as she made her way towards him. His eyes were wide open watching in pure terror with each passing step closer, sweating like a faucet and somehow extremely horny all at once. All of a sudden, she simply vanished. His nervous eyes darted from side looking for her like a tarantula had been lost in the shadows of a small room; the fear of not knowing where your attacker is, is sometimes even scarier than the attacker themselves.

“Boo.” She delicately and seductively whispered into his ear, causing him to jump up in shock and turn around. Her gorgeous eyes stared into his for his last second on Earth before she reached her hand up to his chin and flicked her finger against his jaw, causing an explosion of wind and the nearly-deafening crashing sound of a sonic boom as his body flew straight up like a sniper’s bullet and out into the depths of deep space.

“Are you okay?” Akane rushed back over to make sure Kenichi was okay.

“Ahh—I’m okay, I think.” Kenichi winced in pain. “That was amazing though, I can’t complain about that.”

“Oh, sweetheart, what did they do to you?” She asked in a motherly tone as if her son was being bullied at school, as she easily lifted Kenichi up from the ground and gave him a piggyback ride.

“W-wait, Akane, everyone will see us like this!” Kenichi tried to stop her, flushed red with embarrassment from being carried around like a doll.

“Baby, I’m carrying you because you’re hurt.” She reasoned. “Plus, I know you like it.~~” She teased him with a seductive tone of voice that sent all the blood in his cheeks straight down to his dick. Akane smirked and laughed to herself as the tip of his erect cock brushed against the back of her neck.

“Can’t you just cure me or something? Do god powers let you do that too?”

“Is that what you want? Or do you want me to keep carrying you?”

“Well, maybe I can wait a little longer.” He smiled. “Just don’t let my mom see me like this, okay?”

“Don’t worry, dear.~”

The two enjoyed walking back home and spending a nice bit of time together, just the two of them, despite Kenichi’s pain. Just before reaching Kenichi’s house, Akane turned to the side and tenderly kissed his broken ankle, instantly healing it back to its normal state as if nothing had happened. Kenichi hopped off her shoulders and back onto the ground, now able to walk normally again.

“Thank you for this, you’re wonderful.” Kenichi said. He meant it with pure sincerity without Akane’s magic altering his speech to force out his honest emotions, and she smiled, knowing it was purely genuine.


“Come on, Kenichi, just say it already! I can read your mind, you know. You aren’t hiding anything.” She egged him on. 

“Akane… I…I think…I…Love you!” He finally squeezed out.

“Finally! I love you too!” She gave a sigh of relief and kissed him passionately in response, wrapping her arms around him as her simply angelic lips and tongue, perfectly soft and wet, were tingling against his own. It tasted incredible, stimulating every one of his taste buds in just the right ways, creating a brand new taste just for her own lips that was objectively the best taste a mortal man could experience.

“What a nice sunset… Romantic, don’t you think?” Kenichi tried to act suave.

“Heh… We were just up there this morning, remember?” Akane smiled.

Kenichi’s future with Akane flashed before his eyes, now that the reality of their relationship was fully dawning on him.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fun. I promise.~~” Akane unwarrantedly reassured him, clearly still reading his thoughts as he stood silent, watching the sunset.

Kenichi opened his door and his mom greeted him, slightly taken aback by the bombshell redhead standing behind him.

“Uh, Kenichi, who might this be?” His mom asked.

“Oh! It’s… my—”

“I’m his girlfriend! My name is Akane.” Akane interrupted him before he could say “teacher” and energetically stuck her hand out for a handshake.

“R-really? Wow, Kenichi, I’m impressed! She’s gorgeous! (She’s real and not another one of your sex robots, right?)”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Akane said, smirking at what Kenichi’s mom whispered to him

“Wait, no, mom, Akane is my—” As he was about to finish his sentence he found himself inside the upstairs bathroom as if he had teleported there in a millisecond. What *actually* came out of his mouth was “I need a shower!” and an illusion of Kenichi walking up the stairs normally was projected into his mom’s mind.

He was locked inside his bedroom despite not touching the lock himself and being unable to move the door an inch, so he decided to go ahead and take a shower, since he knew that Akane was clearly up to something. Half an hour went by and all he could do was simply wait and try to listen to see what was going on, putting his ear to the door and trying to eavesdrop. It only sounded like silence, as Akane turned off his hearing functionality entirely.

Finally, the door suddenly creaked open, letting him out and back downstairs. He shuffled down the stairs and into the kitchen, but didn’t see Akane at all, only his mom. She had her back turned to him, mixing some flour and eggs together in a whisking bowl. Did Akane leave without saying goodbye? What were they even talking about for so long?

Something seemed strange about this entire situation… His mom had never really made anything with bread or pasta on her own, and she was always terrible at making pastries and desserts. “What the hell is she making?” Kenichi thought to himself. And yes, it’s been a while since Kenichi had seen his mom last, maybe 24 hours at most, but unless she had a surgery since yesterday or went on the world’s best workout program, there was no way in hell that she had a body like that. Her tremendous ass filled out the cute denim skirt below a lime-green polka dotted silk blouse and apron knot. She was humming along to some kind of song, but Kenichi’s mother could never cook and sing at the same time; and that voice was definitely much softer and sexier.

The woman swung around and tossed her long and wavy bow-tied coffee-brown hair, revealing Akane’s angelic face inside his mom’s body; definitely one of the weirder things that Akane had done, but Kenichi at least felt more comfortable about this erection morally.

“There you are, sweetie! I’m making a cake for us <3” She said, bubbly and full of energy.

“What happened to my mom? And… are those her clothes?” Kenichi asked.

She brushed off her flour-covered hands onto her apron that read “#1 MOMMY” and snapped her fingers, making a delicious strawberry & chocolate cake appear out of thin air, plated with a fork already resting on the side of the plate. Before he could even take a second to realize what was going on, a forkful of the cake slice was stuffed into his mouth. It was nothing short of incredible, his taste buds lit up with joy as they were graced with objective culinary perfection, easily the best thing he had ever had, short of Akane’s kisses.

“Don’t worry darling, I’ll explain soon enough.” She giggled.

“Can you explain now please?” Kenichi insisted.

“Well, alright, but only because you’re cute.” She said as she untied her apron and dropped it to the ground, vanishing into un-existence before hitting the ground.

“I talked with your mother, and we came to the conclusion that you and I are going to live together in this house for the rest of our lives. She didn’t even complain or put up a fight, she just happily agreed!”

“Wait, what?! How did you even do that? Where is she going to go?”

“She’s going to live in my house while we live here. I can just snap all of our possessions into the other house in a second, so we don’t even need to worry about moving. She said she was willing to make a sacrifice for our love to mature, and for us to have some… intimacy.” She said in a seductive tone.

“How did you convince her though?” Kenichi asked.

“Your mother could clearly see we were in love, so she just accepted it. She wants the best for you, and so do I, so here we are.” She’s safe and happy in my house, I promise. She can still come over and visit too.


Akane shushed him with her perfectly manicured finger.

“Shhhh…Now have some more cake.” she kissed him slowly and then lifted him by the hips as she fed him more of the angel(ic) slice.

She passionately slammed his body against the fridge and started to caress and rub her body all over him, not too hard that anything would break of course; firm, but gentle. A jolt of pleasure surged through his body as her soft tits squeezed against his chest and stimulated his skin, almost making him cum instantly. She began kissing him tenderly, intermittently taking breaks to move further down his body, kissing little spots on his chin, neck, and torso, making his cock throb with blood and lust the closer she got.

“I even arranged the legal documents.” She said, as seductively as one could talk about real estate paperwork.

As a sly grin wiped across her face, her clothes started to melt against her skin and fused with her natural color. The green of her silk blouse and the white of the apron as well as the flour pigment and the blue denim color mixed into her creamy skin like paint.

Her glorious godly curves were only further accentuated by the contrasting colors of the rainbow like a piece of holy graffiti, hugging her enormous tits and sculpted ass like the artwork it was. Her touch was almost so soft it felt like a literal pillow that he could instantly fall asleep on at any moment, but the combination of Akane’s hyper-powerful pheromones and Kenichi’s superhuman libido made sure that he wasn’t going to bed anytime soon. Well, at least not to sleep. The rest of the world seemed to melt away, as he could focus on nothing but Akane and her flawless body emanating with raw sexual energy, despite the bizarre changes happening around him; nothing else seemed to matter, not his house, his mother, anything, but Akane. He fondled her massive breasts that seemed to defy gravity; superhumanly large and heavy, yet entirely weightless and perky. Soft, smooth, and just a tiny bit slippery. Akane let out a cute moan as they grew even larger inside his hands by her command, creating mass out of thin air to increase the size and shape.

“I see you’ve finally accepted that we’re meant to be together.” Akane smiled as she sensually made out with him.

“Mmmpphh… Yes… Akane… I… love you.” Kenichi managed to say inbetween her tender kisses.

“Ah~ I love you too, darling.”

She rubbed her sopping wet pussy against the crotch of his tented pants and giggled as the fabric pushed back, giving Kenichi an erection almost instantaneously. All of a sudden, Kenichi’s worries, stresses, and fatigues vanished entirely just by one small touch, and he had never felt better.

Akane grabbed him in a passionate embrace and the two fell onto the floor, as if they were about to have sex right then and there. The entire house shook as the two made impact with the ground, shaking the fridge and causing it to fall over and spill all over the floor, which she simply laughed at, and snapped her fingers to instantly clean up the mess instantly.

“How are you so amazing?” Kenichi asked, still impressed by even the smallest of Akane’s impossible feats, despite having seen so much already. With every passing moment he felt luckier to be with a woman of her caliber, quite literally on a level of her own, the goddess of the universe.

“Oh, stop it, you!~” She couldn’t help giggling to herself from how cute it was to watch him be amazed at every little thing she did.

“Akane, I don’t understand. I’m just a normal kid, what do you see in me? You could literally have anyone or anything else to be your lover with the snap of your fingers, and you pick a nobody like me to be your boyfriend?”

“Kenichi, it’s not who you are… It’s what you represent for me.”

“Well, what do I represent?” Kenichi replied, trying to make sense of her cryptic statement.

Akane smiled to herself, already knowing everything Kenichi was going to say before he said it. She simply said nothing and just let him get lost in the beauty of her infinite eyes. A bright purple spark of lust flared inside her pupils and stared into Kenichi’s mind, immediately calming him down from its strange comforting aura. She wasn’t using any mind control, but the sheer beauty of her flawless eyes was enough to stop traffic for miles around, and Kenichi was no different; he felt almost hypnotized by their indescribable power to a point where he couldn’t focus on anything else, forgetting what he was even doing.

“I…” He managed to get out before he was interrupted by another kiss.

“Go up to your room and wait for me. I’ll be there in a minute.” Akane said, unclear if it was an order or a sexy suggestion, but either way, Kenichi didn’t want to disobey.

It took every ounce of strength for Kenichi to get off the ground, out from underneath the literal goddess of the universe completely nude and on top of him, staring him down with all-seeing bedroom eyes, and biting her lip seductively. However, his fear of God was stronger than his erection this time, and he didn’t want to see what this God’s wrath looked like.

“Ugh, why do I have to leave? What does she want me to do?” He thought to himself as he made his way upstairs.

“Just wait and see~” Akane’s voice rang clearly through his head from inside his own mind, not only reading his thoughts, but communicating to him from afar.

As he opened the door to his bedroom, he immediately noticed it was not the same one he was in 20 minutes ago. It was a much larger room, as if the door had become a portal to another realm, laden with a thick fog and decorated like the inside of a medieval castle; candles hanging from the walls and chandelier, burgundy red drapes, and an exquisite carpet. His dream car posters and bookshelf full of manga was nowhere to be seen, replaced by a regal bed fit for a king, much larger than the average “king size” bed and circular-shaped, with matching burgundy blankets, beige sheets and huge pillows.

The door opened behind him and fog poured out around her feet as she stepped into his room. Despite all his experience with watching hentai and doujins, even in the wildest fantasy worlds of people who create sexy women for a living, he had never seen a woman so beautiful. Her eyes were a deep red that matched her long flowing hair that was completely down and free, now hanging at knee-level. She could have made her eyes speak, but she knew she didn’t need to; the look on her face was screaming “fuck me” in a universal language that any living thing could interpret. Her voluptuous hips swung left and right hypnotically with each step towards him, as the clacks of her black stiletto heels got louder and louder, showcasing her flawlessly smooth pussy that was begging for satisfaction.

Finally, Kenichi’s pants quite literally couldn’t take the pressure any longer, as his rock-hard erection tore through the fabric like tissue paper and presented itself to her, standing straight up and much larger than normal, magically manifested by Akane’s desires to make him more capable of pleasing a goddess.

Akane smiled.

“Are you prepared, honey?”

Her voice, normally cute and angelic, had turned into one that reeked of pure sensual desire, sounding much more mature and seductive than her usual tone.

“I-I think so.” Kenichi said nervously, questioning his ability to satisfy a goddess in bed. Every time he had sex prior, he was always playing the “dominant master” role in bed, but now he was definitely out of his element, looking like a pathetic slave in comparison into the supermodel body in front of him..

“Don’t worry darling, you’ll be fine.~~” She said as she effortlessly pushed him down onto the bed with a light tap of her finger, careful not to keep her strength severely limited so she didn’t send him through the wall and into outer space.

When he could finally react to what was happening, he noticed he was lying face-up on the silk sheets of the bed, entirely undressed and fully nude; Akane had moved faster than his eye could perceive, undressing him in mid-air as if he was moving in slow-motion with her hyper-enhanced senses. And there it was, his 10-inch magically-empowered dick and hairy balls, completely exposed and craving her touch.

Emerging from the foot of the bed amongst the sea of beige sheets, the redheaded goddess slowly peered her head out. She brushed her hair over to one side, pushing her massive mane of fiery red locks out of the way to reveal her earrings, normally an elegant silver, now a brilliant gold. She lowered her warm and welcoming lips on top of Kenichi’s towering cock, managing to fit her mouth completely over the entire shaft, all the way down to the base of his dick, coating the entire thing with a thick layer of her magically-enhanced saliva, coated in pheromones and natural lubricant. She began licking the hyper-sensitive skin of his shaft like a giant popsicle, easily sending Kenichi into hormonal overdrive, letting out a deep and powerful moan, cumming a massive load of hot white cum into her face. She gratefully drank up every drop of his sticky semen like a slutty succubus that needed his jizz like water in the desert, changing her taste buds to adjust to Kenichi’s cum and making it taste like the greatest thing that had ever entered her mouth. She snapped her fingers with each time he came, and his refractory period simply ceased to exist, making him able to cum in mere seconds, effectively giving him one infinitely-looping orgasm, each one more powerful than the last.

“More!~ More!~” Kenichi moaned, hoping with all his heart that the experience would never end. Akane occasionally switched to hand-jobs every 5 orgasms or so, moving her hand back and forth at speeds faster than the speed of light, impossible for the human eye to keep track of, easily capable of burning his cock to ashes if she didn’t turn it down from her normal power level so much, just to accommodate human limitations. Kenichi never even lost his erection during the entire thing, continuously pumping out semen like a machine that seemed to draw from an endless supply. Every time he would cum, Akane would either drink it up like before, or if it landed on the bed or in her hair, she could simply snap her fingers to make herself clean again.

The slick tenderness of her flawless skin brushed against Kenichi’s; her long red hair rested on his chest as her deep warm breathing kept him warm while she slid her way up to touch their lips together, her hand still massaging his cock. As she moved up his body she planted kisses with her divine lips all across his chest, his nipples, and his neck, that made his cock ooze a little pre-cum each time.

All of a sudden, Akane had vanished completely. Kenichi had wondered where she was, trying his best to concentrate on anything that wasn’t the mentally overpowering mind-blowing orgasm loop he was in.

Through the magical power of intangibility, three nearly-identical copies of Akane’s head began to rise up through the bedsheets as if they were standing on a surface underneath the mattress, floating up through the physical matter as though it didn’t exist. One of the heads was clearly Akane’s normal one, the second was an exact clone of her except with much darker tanned skin, and the third woman was the same except for long twin-tailed hair, the same shade as Akane’s normal fiery red color. The three nude bodies finally came into full view; thick, voluptuous, and godlike, enough to put a swimsuit model to shame. The two normal Akane clones laid down next to him on either side, caressing his body with their magically seductive touch, kissing and licking his skin, while the 3rd Akane, the tanned one, stood up at the edge of the bed, revealing her tight virgin pussy to him, soaking wet with anticipation for his cock.

Despite having an hour-long orgasm and constant back-and-forth fucking, Kenichi still felt full of energy and ready to keep going, pushed by the combined might of Kenichi’s inhuman libido and the powers of a magical sex goddess to create the most powerful combined force in the entire universe. His waiting cock, still going strong and throbbing in wait for the undeniably greatest sexual experience that mankind can attain, was now somewhere in the realm of 12-13 inches long, and almost 2 inches thick, pumping blood into the bulging veins like his life depended on it. He drilled his cock into her warm and longing pussy like a wild animal, fast, powerful, and raw. Her magical vagina was not only perfectly warm and wet with natural pheromone-laced lubricant that she could excrete on command, but could physically bend and re-shape itself instantaneously to accommodate anything that might enter it. Despite it looking like a fresh untouched pussy, it still managed to easily caress and guide his monster cock inside her like a glove, moving her own G-spot around inside herself to make sure that he hit it directly every time.

Time seemed to stand still as the rest of the world around him faded into complete nothingness; the only thing that mattered in this moment, and for the rest of his life, was having sex with this mind-blowingly hot goddess of a woman, and he never wanted to stop. With the snap of her fingers, his balls refilled right back to the top with cum after every powerful orgasm, going on and on for 2 full hours of nearly non-stop orgasming. Akane’s moans sounded like a godly angelic choir singing the most beautiful and seductive song with each and every thrust of his cock that pushed her over the edge, which wasn’t hard to do when you turn your entire body into an erogenous zone. The three versions of Akane all took turns with him, bending and re-forming their bodies into impossible positions with ease that the Karma Sutra could have never accounted for, kissing and tenderly massaging him, even when they weren’t fucking.

The three clones stopped and knelt down on the edge of the bed, touching their knees together in a semi-circle, while staring at Kenichi as they fondled their own tits. They began to magically grow even larger right before his eyes, humiliating Akane’s already-impressive DD-cups into massive G-cups, slick with saliva and stains of fresh warm cum. They motioned to Kenichi to “help”, cupping their floppy breasts and holding their nipples up to his face, signaling him to suck on them. He closed his eyes and began biting and licking their hyper-sensitive nipples as much and as fast as he humanly could, as the three otherworldly supermodels began to deeply moan with pleasure. They began squirting out liquid from their nipples all over Kenichi’s face and the surrounding 3-foot radius, soaking the bedsheets and spraying titty milk down his throat, the same kind that soaked the intergalactic monster. He swallowed with a big dumb smile on his face as he literally drank the nectar of the gods, the sweetest and most delicious drink he had ever tasted.

At one point during the night, Akane decided to mix things up and try out a new position, one that, just due to its complicated nature, is hard to replicate under normal circumstances where you don’t have a goddess who can instantly clone herself. The tanned clone used a pathetic infinitesimal fraction of her true godly strength to lift Kenichi off the ground as if he was made of cardboard, while the original Akane did the same for her twin-tailed clone. With their incomprehensible power they easily lifted their respective person like a weightless rag doll and began the first ever guided sex tutorial, where Akane and her bronzed clone began to manually insert Kenichi’s cock into the other clone’s vagina *for* them, force-fucking the two like life-sized action figures.

Akane was literally reading his mind like a children’s book, knowing exactly what and when to do everything to drive him crazy and get him as hot and bothered as humanly possible. The three girls turned around and placed their gorgeous, plump asses right next to his insatiable cock, once again in a semi-circle. He used the outer two ass cheeks as a grip as he plunged is dick into the middle one’s pussy. The three clones began to use their intangibility power again, merging their collective hips into one body, so that the ass and pussy were the only part of the body they shared as one, but everything else was still disconnected. As he railed the one mega-pussy and held onto her super-butt for dear life, the three all began to separately moan in unison, creating a literal choir of godly musical voices as their drool and vaginal fluid pooled itself into a puddle, seeping it into the bedsheets.

“You want more?” He asked, covered in his own sweat and semen, still ready to keep going.

“Yes, Kenichi, please! Fuck us more!” The three choired in unison.

“More! Please, more!” The girls moaned as they pleaded for, and then received, his cock.

With a dramatic flash of light, the three clones re-combined themselves and fused into the original Akane, causing her to let out an intense barbaric screaming moan that could have easily been heard around the world if she willed it to be, so powerful that the collective orgasms and pheromones of all 3 Akane clones multiplied on top of each other, creating a sensation that would push even Akane to her limits. Her powerful release caused herself to cum almost immediately just from the overwhelming pleasure, and pumped out enough of her pheromones to make Kenichi, and everyone else in a 5-mile radius, to cum all over themselves instantly. A cascading waterfall of hot sticky semen erupted from Kenichi’s cock in one final burst, all over her body and even dripping off the bed from the sheer volume, 20x more than the average human orgasm.

And just like that, Kenichi immediately felt physically exhausted and tired like he had just finished a military-level workout, panting and sweating from being over-worked thousands of times harder than the natural human body without Akane’s enhancements. But god damn, was it absolutely worth it. This was quite literally the objective best sexual experience that anyone could possibly have, individually catered to the precise sexual desires of the person on the receiving end, and magically enhanced to be the best it can be.

“Goodnight, my sweet prince.~~” Akane said as she kissed Kenichi’s lips as his eyes shut closed, passed out from fatigue over his inhuman orgasm, and then vanished into the fog, dissipating into thin air in a red gaseous cloud.


Morning had come and so did Kenichi, as he woke up the next morning soaked in his own cum, just like the night before. As he lifted his head, he immediately felt a sharp painful headache.

“What the hell happened last night?” He thought to himself. “Do I have a hangover? Did I drink last night?” He thought to himself, trying to piece together what had happened, and why he couldn’t remember anything.

The only thing he *did* remember is that he had dreamt about Akane, as he did every night since meeting her, but for some reason, last night’s dream felt so realistic that he couldn’t tell if it was real or not. He looked around his bedroom, but was disappointed to see his normal room, covered in manga shelves and posters, and not the medieval castle from his dream.

Letting out a disappointing sigh, he tossed back a few pills for his headache, got dressed, and made his way downstairs, just like any other Wednesday.

As he walked into the kitchen, he noticed there was a bowl of rice waiting for him on the table, with chopsticks sitting next to it. He looked over to the fridge to see if his mom had left a note for him as she usually does, but there was nothing there. He realized that he had been thinking about his vivid dream about Akane all morning, and hadn’t even gotten a single erection, when even the sight of a cucumber can get him horny. Was he finally getting over his disease?

“Think fast!” A voice rang out.

“Huh?” Kenichi gasped, eyes wide-open in shock to see what was behind him.

A grain of rice began floating up and out of the bowl, until it was hovering in midair in front of Kenichi. It began to shapeshift right before his eyes, growing 100 times its original size, sprouting 4 limbs and a head and re-forming itself into the goddess bombshell body of none other than Akane, wearing her hair in a familiar twin-tail shape, dressed in a sexy “French maid” outfit that exposed basically everything, not leaving very much to the imagination.

“Good morning, cutie.~~” She said as she kissed him.

“Uh… right! Good morning baby!”

It was finally dawning on him that his dream was very much real, and that last night really *did* happen… He and Akane were fiancées now, living in the same house together.

“It might be a good morning, but wasn’t last night even more beautiful?~” She giggled and teased him, knowing factually that he had never been more happy in his life.

“Y-yes, of course! It was amazing! I hope you had a good time too though.” Kenichi tried to change the subject away from him.

“I did.” She smiled. “Now I hope you’re ready for dessert.~”

She reached through Kenichi’s pants with her intangibility power and grabbed his cock as if he were completely naked. She leaned down and put her massive cow tits on either side of his cock and started rubbing them up and down against his dick, starting at a slow and rhythmic pace to upwards of the speed of light. As she rubbed, you could watch as Kenichi’s dick began to grow more and more erect with each pump, going from completely flaccid to 100% erect in just a few motions. After that, it didn’t take long at all for him to cum, as he sprayed a fat load onto her chest.

“Do you mind if I… “enhance” you?~~” She asked.

“What do you mean?” Kenichi replied.

“Let me show you.~~” She said.

She bent her head forward, latching her mouth onto Kenichi’s dick, and began to suck on it. With each inhale, his dick began growing further and further outwards, almost like a balloon, except this time blown up by sucking dick, back to the size he was at last night in his “dream.”

“How’s that?” She proudly smiled.

Akane snapped her fingers and the two were instantly back in Kenichi’s medieval castle bedroom, and re-created the mind-blowing sexual experience a second time, only Akane decided to bend time to her will to make their 3-hour fuck session last about 10 seconds back in real time.

“So how about some breakfast?” She asked as she snapped her fingers, teleporting them back into the kitchen and her body completely clean, free of the comical amount of semen that was coating her body seconds before.

“How about something to drink?” She willed 3 glasses into existence in an instant, that now laid on the kitchen table in front of him.

“I’ll give you 3 options…” She said as she cupped one breast with her left hand and squeezed with her right. “Milk…” A white liquid sprayed out of her nipple and filled up the glass. “Orange juice…” She squeezed again, this time a light orange colored liquid shot out of her like a juicer, filling the second glass. “And *chocolate* milk…” She squeezed one last time, filling up the 3rd glass with a dark brown liquid.

“Go on, have some!” She smiled.

Kenichi drank from all 3 glasses, each one more surprisingly impressive than the last; they not only were exactly what she said, milk, orange juice, and chocolate milk, but absolutely delicious as well, and all from the exact same source.

“How did you—” Kenichi stopped himself, knowing what the answer would be before he finished his question.

“Only the best for you, darling~~” She giggled and watched his pants move while his cock twitched.

“So what’s for breakfast then?” Kenichi asked.

“Oh, well we should be getting to school. I’ll make you something when we get there. Come on honey, let’s go!” Akane said as she instantly transformed back into her regular teacher outfit, glasses and all.

“Together?” Kenichi asked.

“Together.” She smiled.

“I still have some questions for you…”

“We have time for that later, darling. We live together now, remember?~”

Kenichi walked out the door and stepped into Akane’s arms, holding on tight as she smiled and began flying them to school; he closed his eyes and smiled, finally realizing that he really was truly the luckiest guy in the universe.

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