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Zara Revolution

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Zara Revolution

Author's Warning: If you think DD breasts are huge breasts, then I recommend you either don’t read this story, or prepare to have your mind blown.

Mid-day outside Remora Hospital

A woman walks toward the main entrance of the hospital. That woman’s name is Zara. Zara is a 7‘ 2” busty amazon of a woman. She has a ripped muscular physique of beautiful proportions; she has huge muscles, but she’s not a monstrosity of bulky muscle. Exquisitely built long legs, wide and stable hips, a shapely muscular butt, sturdy mountainous abs, and two wondrous breasts that are more than sixteen times the size of an average human head. She is wearing a comfortable tailored nurse uniform complete with a nurse hat, comfortable sneakers, and some hypnotically deep cleavage. Her cleavage looks so deep that anyone would think it contained an infinite amount of space if they saw it. As the ripped amazon confidently walks toward the hospital doors she focuses on her objective to heal everyone. She is certain that she can heal any wound or illness with her natural, special gift. She is determined to make sure that every injured, sick, or even incapacitated person in this hospital will leave of their own volition. The closer she gets to the glass doors the larger the percentage of waiting patrons stare at her with unflinching eyes.

The glass doors open and the world around her appears to be frozen in time as she steps through the waiting room and past the front desk. Everyone within line of sight of her is mesmerized by her presence as they all stare at her, while she walks toward the hall on her way to the patient’s rooms. She passes through the double doors at the end of the hallway; looks to her left, to her right, and straight ahead of her in the new hallways. In hearing voices in each direction, Zara decides to pick the room nearest to her to see if there is a patient inside. ”I’m gonna change the world. My gifts to humanity will revolutionize the state of living.” She proclaims to herself. Zara calmly and slowly opens the hospital room door to see that the lights are unlit and that there are two beds in the average-sized room. It takes quite a bit of repositioning to fit her breasts through the doorway, but she does enter the room. A quick glance over each bed tells Zara that there is only one patient in the room, and she appears to be in a coma. Zara walks toward the coma patient amidst the electrical hum of the life sustaining devices. As Zara gets closer to the patient she sees and reads the clipboard detailing her name, attributes, emergency contacts, and an explanation of how she arrived at her current condition. The coma patient named Emma became comatose because of some heavy physical trauma. According to her paperwork she is married with 2 kids, and has been in a coma for about a year. Zara walks up beside Emma’s bed while looking at her peaceful face. Emma looks so calm that Zara actual gets a little tempted to let her be. “No.”, says Zara, “She deserves to live her life with her family.” In the continuing silence, Zara frees one of her nipples from its clothed embrace. With a little internal preparation Zara generates some of her special breast milk. She then leans down toward Emma while piloting her nipple to Emma’s vacant mouth. Zara parts Emma’s mouth with one hand as her large nipple presses against Emma’s lips, because Zara’s nipples are too large to fit inside Emma’s mouth. Immediately after, a few ounces of Zara’s warm, special milk leaves Zara’s large teat, and runs down Emma’s throat. Zara pulls her huge nipple away from Emma’s mouth as she stands back a few feet in anticipation of Emma’s triumphant revival. Zara scans Emma’s body for any sign of change while covering up her amazing nipple with her nurse top. A few minutes pass as Zara impatiently waits for Emma to wake. The sounds of the occasional doctor or nurse walking past Emma’s room only distracts Zara from her wishes. Zara’s eyes widen as see notices Emma’s body moving subtly. Color returns to Emma’s skin as she slowly awakens over time. As a surprising addition, Emma is also physically changing. Emma’s muscle become a little bigger, and a little stronger; meanwhile some of Emma’s fat melts away to reveal a stronger, healthier Emma. With a little firming of Emma’s breasts, her eyes open. Emma returns to life.

When Emma finally sits up, and once again perceives the world around her; Emma finds herself alone, but alive. Memories of her past moments before her coma play through her mind. She remembers friends, family, and what her life used to be. As Emma’s sense of smell returns to use, the rank, uncleaned maintenance of her body reveals itself. “Wow, I really need a bath, and a shower, and probably another bath after that.”, Emma states with strong declaration. While she once again looks around the room, she doesn’t see a shower or a bathtub. With disappointment, she gets out of the hospital bed that has been her home away from home for the last year; she decides to renew her lease on living. With some searching through all the shelves, Emma finds some of her clothes. Not the clothes she remembers wearing when she fell into her coma, but probably what her family would have liked her to wear. Emma pushes the room door open in vintage, casual wear. As Emma looks around she sees the hospital waiting room and the entrance around 100 feet in front of her. She neglects the decision to venture deeper into the hospital, and instead heads to the entrance to leave the hospital and rebuild her life. Surprisingly, none of the hospital staff that she passes by on her way out pay any attention to Emma. She leaves the hospital without anyone’s caring notice of her glorious departure.

While Emma was awaking, Zara had left the room and had ventured down the hall to the left in search of anymore crippled souls. She left before Emma woke up because she was ready to move on to the next soul that needs restoration. Zara’s goal is to empty this hospital of sick and injured people. She is confident that she can heal anyone of anything, including death. She was afraid of her social acceptance in humanity as her body has evolved over the past year. She used to look like a normal 20-something 5’ 5”, skinny female with just enough feminine curves to distinguish herself as a girl. During the course of the past year, she has simply continued to grow, and grow, and grow some more, no matter what diet or fitness routine she followed. She went from being able to comfortably fit into a 30B bra, to eventually being unable to cover 1 of her areolas with a cup of that same 30B bra. Her transformation has been amazing. She is currently the largest person she has ever seen.

Part way down the hallway a nurse walks into view from one of the hallways in front of her. The nurse immediately stops and stares at Zara. Zara also stops for a second, looks at the nurse, then walks to her next hospital room. The nurse just stares with her mouth agape, while her hands slowly loosen their grip on her clipboard. As Zara leaves the nurse’s line of sight she remains awestruck while her clipboard falls to the floor.

Inside the room, Zara sees 2 beds and 2 patients. The patients are awake and discussing cosmetic surgery. The discussion stops instantly as both patients just stare at Zara. The TV hanging from the ceiling though, kept doing its thing. The TV is broadcasting a show about people who are addicted to cosmetic surgery. They are comparing a woman who has been through dozens of breast implant surgeries, a nose job, lip implants, and butt implant surgeries all to look the way she feels that she should look. She explains that all the work that she has had done on her body makes her happy. That she feels as good on the inside as she looks on the outside, and that she will do whatever it takes to look this beautiful forever. This extravagant woman with an extreme hourglass figure is being compared to a man who has implants inserted into every major muscle group of his, so that he can have amazing muscle definition without ever having to exercise. He says the work that he has had done makes him feel like the sexiest man alive, and that he disappointed in popular culture not granting him that title. The show points out that the woman strives for a perfect displacement of fat on her body to achieve for her ideal body, while the man strives for exaggerated muscle size and definition to achieve his ideal body. Both people state that their bodies are perfect, and that they can only become more perfect, despite the fact that they look completely different from one another. The TV show explains how different male and female ideals are, and what that must mean about how society works. Zara ponders these ideals, then smirks and states” I look like both those people. And I’ve never had any surgery.”. “But… I don’t think I can help them, because they don’t want to look like me.”, Zara continues while staring at the TV. In that moment, her resolve is questioned. When she examines the 2 male patient’s clipboards, she questions if she can help them. Both the patients are recovering from injuries that were life threatening at the time, but they seem like they are going to be okay. She knows that she can help them, but she decides that they don’t need her help. She turns away from the patients and exits the room. After she leaves the room, the 2 patients stare silently at each other until they eventually regain enough composure to speak, once again. Instead of fake breasts and penis implants, the 2 patients just speculate about who was in their room.

When Zara returns to the hallway she sees that the nurse she saw earlier is gone, but her clipboard still sits on the floor. Just then, Zara sees a sign indicating which way would lead to the morgue. Zara’s conviction to help everyone ignites her movements. She decides that she will use gifts for those that need it the most. Those that no longer live. Zara quickly follows the signs to her self-proclaimed destiny.

A couple hallways later, Zara approaches several nurses listening to the nurse she saw drop her clipboard earlier. They are standing around that nurse as she recites her encounter with Zara, while the other nurses respond with disbelief. The nurse tries to get through to her co-workers, but they just won’t listen. The mood drastically changes as Zara gets closer to them. One nurse after the other just stop speaking and gawk at the mountain of woman that Zara is. As Zara gets closer to the nurses, she waves at them all, while sending a welcoming “Hi!” their way. Even though Zara doesn’t know any of these nurses, she feels like she is a kindred spirit to them. Powered by that connection, Zara walks up to the 4 ladies, reaches out and gives them all a big group hug. The nurse’s expressions don’t change at all as their heads are pressed against one another and Zara’s massive breasts. Eyes wide and mouths slack-jawed, the nurses are completely mesmerized by Zara’s physicality and presence. Zara’s immense warmth fades from the nurses when Zara finally releases them from her comforting embrace. As Zara walks away from the nurses she waves goodbye, while giving them her most comforting smile. The nurses still stare at Zara as she walks away, but with peaceful looks on their faces. Zara continues on her way to the morgue. Zara sees the exit door that leads to the morgue ahead of her. To her right, left, and in front of her is the physical therapy portion of the hospital.

To Zara’s left she sees a muscular man working on his back with the help from a nurse, and on Zara’s right is a woman relearning how to walk with prosthetic legs. Morgue, strong man, or walking woman. Naturally, Zara wants to help everyone. She walks over to the woman re-learning how to walk with her new prosthetic legs. Like the other patients, or rather everyone else she walks by; the nurse and the woman stop working together and just stare at Zara when she gets close to them. When Zara goes for her heal-by-nipple technique this time though, the rehabilitating woman backs away from Zara out of instinctive fear. Zara points toward her readied nipple, looks the woman in the eyes and says,” My milk will heal you. You will not need those fake feet any longer. My milk will make you whole again. Better than ever!”. Words appear to have no effect on the woman as she continues to slowly walk backward. In response, Zara walks closer to the woman. The collision of fear and walking eventually cause the woman to fall back onto her back. Zara closes in while the woman fearfully crawls backward until her fear halts her movement. The woman becomes frozen with fear as she is overshadowed by Zara’s huge physical presence. Zara says “For a better world, pretty.”, as she presses her huge nipple onto the woman’s wide open mouth. Zara’s milk rolls down the fear-stricken woman’s throat. Fortunately for Zara, the woman does not choke or gag on her rejuvenating milk, as more and more milk is consumed. Zara backs offs and covers up her nipple to watch the woman become better than ever.

The rejuvenating woman just sits there stunned and frozen in fear. Within minutes, flesh and bone grow over and from within her prosthetic feet. Success! She stands up once again as the paralyzation of fear leaves her body. She carefully walks toward Zara while her confidence slowly builds within her. She lovingly hugs Zara’s massive breasts. Zara smiles and hugs her back by pressing the new woman deeper into Zara’s breasts. They enjoy each other’s warm embrace for several minutes, while the nurse behind Zara is still completely mesmerized by Zara’s presence. Zara sees the mesmerized nurse and beckons her toward her. The nurse complies. Zara reaches around the nurse with her long, muscular arm and pulls the nurse into the side of her left breast. Zara gently presses her forehead into the nurse’s forehead. Zara, the nurse, and the woman continue to enjoy their warm embrace for a few more minutes. Blissful, Zara eventually releases the ladies from her presence, turns around and walks over to the strong man getting physical therapy from a surprisingly voluptuous nurse. Getting straight to the point, Zara uncovers both nipples while beckon the muscular man and voluptuous nurse toward said nipples. The large 6’5” man drinks from Zara’s huge teat, while the nurse with the exaggerated and top-heavy hourglass figure tries her best to fit Zara’s other huge nipple in her mouth. The man’s heavy steroid-inflated physique drapes over Zara’s left breast like an adequate spaghetti-strapped crop top, but with the muscular straps remaining a couple feet away from Zara’s powerful pecs. The exaggerated nurse on the other breast looks like a shapely tassel covering Zara’s areola and nipple. The short nurses’ S cup fake tits would dwarf most women’s breasts, but they look like swelled up mosquito bites compared to Zara’s several hundred inch bust. The pair drinks from Zara’s teats for a quality minute before the other nurse and her patient walk by Zara’s torso, and toward Zara’s currently in use teats. Nurse to nurse, and patient to patient; the 2 pairs compete foe Zara’s milk. Zara tries to back away from the conflict as all competitors get their share of sips in; even though she succeeds, she notices that the competitor’s bodies are transforming surprisingly quickly. The exaggerated nurse gets taller, muscular, and even more exaggerated as her breasts and hips enlarge, while her belly just hardens and tightens up into a condensed column of rock-hard muscle. The other nurse becomes much more stocky and dense, like a dwarf from a fantasy novel. The female patient scales up equally, but her muscles are enlarging at an amazing rate, while the male patients starts to look more like a she-male, with relatively small breasts appear on his chest. He is also increasing in size and mass, including his manhood.

Zara is successful in backing away from the fighting, but as she turns around to venture through glass sliding doors that lead to the morgue; a whole new situation stands in front of her. In between her and the morgue stands a dozen more patient and nurse pairings just following their daily routines under the noon sun. Standing amongst the outdoor benches, the 12 pairs begin staring at Zara the moment the glass doors open. Zara feels anxiety building within her as she tries to decide what to do. Because her nipples are still on full display, some of the patients and nurses slowly walk toward Zara, while the rest just stand there, mesmerized by Zara’s presence. Zara quickly glances back at the 2 fights to see the stocky nurse slowly being enveloped by the exaggerated nurse’s continually expanding breasts. The stocky nurse is just hanging there, legs visible and barely kicking like a recently dead body from the exaggerated nurse’s now well over 100-inch bustline. The expression on the exaggerated nurse’s face reveals this lustful power trip of sensual pleasure. The nurse’s eyes then lock onto Zara’s, causing her to aggressively saunter forward in the widest hip sway anyone has ever seen. Meanwhile, the other pair are still fighting over teat that is no longer there. Locked in a very equalized power struggle where they both continue to grow in size and power. Zara freaks out and decides to rush past all the onlookers, so she can reach the morgue as soon as possible. Zara quickly dashes through the morgue entrance filling the entire double-door entrance with her breasts. Once inside she immediately looks for something to the barricade the entrance with. Meanwhile, the exaggerated nurse continues her pursuit, effortlessly knocking away or walking over anyone that is between her and Zara. The stocky nurse is no longer visible between the exaggerated nurse’s expanding breasts by the time she finally reaches the morgue entrance. The nurse simply tries to power her way through the morgue entrance with her now over 160-inch bustline and increasing strength with no success. She pushes and pushes breast first into the stalwart doors with no success. At the same time, the normal patient and nurse pairs runaway to escape the explosive violence. Zara had stuffed a couple vending machines and mashed together as many metal objects as she could get her hands on into a double doorway-sized wall that must weigh several hundred pounds. Fortunately for Zara, the makeshift wall shows no signs of giving in to the nurse’s relentless force.

Zara explores the morgue, confident that her pursuer can’t get in. While exploring the morgue she has to pass through a normal person-sized hallway. She ends up powering through the hallway while adding several feet of spacious, debris-cluttered width in her wake. When she finally finds where some of the recently deceased are stored, she sees many rows of metal drawers stacked from floor to ceiling. She also unexpectedly finds out that the wall behind her is all mirror. Additionally, Zara notices that she looks different than how she looks before her hospital visit. Her nurse hat is gone somehow, and her nurse uniforms is not fitting as well as it did. She had somehow grown taller and bustier while milking those people in need of help. She estimated that she now stood around 8’8” and her breasts were now way too big to fit in her custom-tailored uniform. Going in, she remembered her bust measuring 300 inches, but best she could estimate; she probably currently outgrew 410, maybe 420 inches. When you get as large as Zara has become, mere inches are difficult to accurately estimate. She vainly attempts to cover up her breasts with her nurse top by compressing her massive breasts into the wall; in order for her arms to get close enough to cover her nips and areolas, but she is simply too big for the top. At least, the mirror is big enough for Zara to be able to at least see herself completely. Despite how big her breasts have become, she feels fortunate that at least her breasts are not laying on the ground. She’s thankful for her height and giant boob perkiness. It took Zara a year to grow as much as she has. It is confusing to her though, how the aggressive patients and nurses have exponentially grown so much, so quickly. Maybe a reaction to the aggressive situation? She did grow a lot in a comparably short time as well.

Zara discovered the potency of her milk over the course of the past year. She first consumed her own milk when she noticed that she was lactating unexpectedly. Having never been pregnant before, she was confused as to why she was lactating. The first time she tasted her milk, she found out that it not only tasted sweet and delicious, but it was also addictive. She made it a habit to drink some every day in progressively larger amounts. This addiction brought out increased overall physical size, strength, and an overall good health as side effects. She hasn’t gotten sick since she started drinking her own milk. Over the course of the past year, she also worked nights at a strip club to earn money and to spite her snooty, rich parents; whom she greatly despises. Physically, Zara went from a 5’5” slender, fairly attractive girl with perky D-cup breasts, into a 7’2” muscular amazon with an attractive hourglass figure, and a 300-inch bustline. For reference, Z-cup breasts would be a 78-inch bustline for a 7’2” Zara. In realizing what Zara’s milk did to do her, she eventually convinced herself to give her gifts to the world. And, what better way to showcase her potential, then to resurrect the dead and empty out a hospital.

Zara looks at the wall of stored dead and decides that it’s time to show the world that she can resurrect the dead. She walks up and opens shelves until she finds a dead person. Checking the toe tag, she learns that this 5’3” male named Dave died 2 days ago in some sort of accident. She has to do some guess work to point her gigantic nipple over the man’ mouth. It takes a few missed lactation attempts to get her milk into his mouth. A few pints of milk coat his throat, and drip deeper inside him. Zara stands back and waits. Zara kneads her breasts while she prays for success. Continuing to knead her breasts, she kisses her right breast and whispers,” I love my girls.” Hoping, waiting, and kneading away her nervousness she watches for any sign of life.

After several minutes of patience Zara sees Dave move. Dave slowly sits up while his wounds slowly heal. He looks around, eyes blinking and adjusting to the dim lighting of the morgue. Zara says, “ Hi there!” in the best welcoming voice that she could muster in the moment. Dave reacts by getting up and walking toward Zara until he stops to change direction toward Zara’s nipples. Zara smiles, then steps back to reorient herself to give Dave convenient access to Zara’s giant nipples. Dave tries to suckle Zara’s nipples, but he cannot get his lips around a nipple. Zara feels Dave’s face entering her nipple, so she pumps out whatever milk she can. Dave drinks with all his might. Wounds disappear, and Dave looks like a normal human being once again without stopping to take a breath. Unlike the other people that have drunk from Zara’s teat, Dave does not build additional muscle or grow in overall size; unusually Dave’s genitals blend back into his body, and physically disappear altogether. While losing all sexual organs, Dave gains growing mammaries. The mammaries grow to an M-cup size and stop. Surprisingly, Dave stop suckling to sniff out something more attractive. Zara has a hard time believing there is anything more attractive than her extremely massive breasts and their addictive milky nectar. Zara turns to one side to watch Dave do whatever it is he’s going to do. Dave follows his nose back to the wall of the dead, and eventually reveals another dead body lying on a closed shelf. Zara audibly gasps when she realizes that Dave is doing what she just did to Dave. Sure enough, Dave stand over some unknown dead woman’s body, and tries pumping breast milk into the woman’s mouth. Zara is just staring in awe, watching Dave try to feed the dead. Milk eventually leaves one of Dave’s mammaries. Dave stands back and waits with anticipation. Zara finds herself kneading her own extremely massive breasts in unison with Dave kneading his comparably microscopic breasts. Zara stands tall and proud, hands on her hips as she thrusts her breasts forward like a proud parent. Many intriguing minutes pass, and Dave actually succeeds in reviving the once dead woman. The woman’s resurrection is a repeat of Dave’s resurrection with the woman (name Linda) drinking from Dave’s teats instead of Zara’s. Zara, Dave, and Linda spend almost an hour spelunking and reviving all the recently dead people that they could find.

Glowing with confidence, Zara and all the revived genital-less dead head to the morgue’s entrance. When Zara stands in front the makeshift wall of vending machines and various metal objects she is surprised to notice that her breasts are now much wider the makeshift wall, and thus the morgue entrance that she walked through a little more than an hour earlier. Her confidence gives her the courage to push forward through the barrier that she created. Zara forces her extreme size and strength through the morgue entrance. She creates a new, much wider and taller morgue entrance for all the revived people to follow her through. Zara, now standing 10’4” in height and a 500-ish-inch bustline, looks over the open courtyard area to not find even a single soul wandering around. Zara happily commands the revived dead to scour the hospital to find and heal every person that they can. Zara screams, “Heal everyone!” while she proudly raises her arms into the air. Her overwhelming confidence causes Zara to grow again in size. Her height increases to an astounding 16 feet tall, with her bust expanding to a ridiculous 710-inches. She has amazingly grown so much in this hospital that she could comfortably carry her old self within her current breasts. All the people she helped today would now look like adult-shaped children compared to her current size. Heck, her old self wouldn’t even stand above her crotch compared to her current height.

Zara feels filled with positive energy, while her now far too small nurse uniform is left in tatters somewhere like her past self. Her presence radiates through many hospital rooms placating the people that haven’t drank from her teats. Zara in turn can empathically feel everyone (alive or dead) through out the aura of her presence. Her need to heal everyone, combined with her growing empathic presence overwhelms her senses, causing her passion to burn ever brighter. While overwhelmed, she pays close attention to an 11-foot tall iconic granite statue of a nurse in a vintage nurse uniform. The statue is posed in a loving, giving position with arms out and palms open to everyone. This inspiring statue is standing in a large fountain that is filled with water. The water pours out of the granite robe of the pleasant statue. Zara is fixated on the statue as she walks toward it. Her body rapidly grows as she steps closer to the statue. She takes smaller steps and has to rotate her chest and neck downward in order to maintain eye contact with the granite statue. Overshadowing the 11-foot tall statue with her now towering 23’ 8” frame of ripped, massive muscle and gigantic breasts. Zara bends down, grasps the loving statue with her right hand, and rips the statue out of the gracious fountain fairly easily. She lifts the statue close her face for inspection. Zara smiles, and gives the statue an appeasing kiss on its head. She then places the lovely statue atop her stunningly titanic 1620-inch bust. It fits comfortably at the center of her over 32-foot wide bust with plenty of space between it and the rest of the world. The statue looks like a happy baby amidst tons of soft flesh, as Zara arches her neck forward to give it another loving kiss. Zara’s overflowing passion for world peace and love sparks an outcry for love. Zara stands in the large fountain’s water, stands tall, and then raises her hands high into the sky while crying,” I love everyone!!!”. Her body reaches an unexpected limit on her passion. While she cries out, her body petrifies completely. The 11-foot statue becomes permanently affixed to her mammaries, as Zara becomes a statue herself. The stone encased nipples partially erode just enough to let her breast milk flow. Unfortunately, Zara becomes a permanent fixture of the hospital’s courtyard, and a fountain of life-giving milky nectar for everyone to consume. Her body transmutes from stone to a very dense and very heavy metal composite. While Zara is now a permanent center piece of this hospital’s courtyard, she is still radiating a calming aura throughout the entire hospital’s campus.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the placated hospital. The exaggerated nurse (named Nina) is no longer at the hospital. Her thirst for Zara’s breast milk eventually faded away, returning Nina to her senses. After she realized what the hell happened to her, she walked her extremely exaggerated and naked physique off of the hospital campus, and went home to figure out what she should do with her new life. Her ending measurements are 8’6” tall, with a 220-inch bust, 24-inch waist, and a 108-inch hips. These extremely unrealistic and should be physically impossible measurements are amazingly supported by an extremely sturdy body with superhuman strength. For example, Nina can now bicep curl 100 metric tons, and thus lift much, much more; she can also now withstand a point-blank blast from an atomic bomb while her body converts the after effects into sustainable nourishment for herself. The stocky nurse’s dead corpse is still stuffed in Nina’s cleavage. Nina will find the nurse’s body eventually and pay her the proper respects a fellow nurse deserves.

The female patient with the prosthetic feet (named Lindsey) also left the hospital, when she felt breast milk desire fade away. While not as extreme as Nina, Lindsey has a more realistic 6’8” height, and 70 – 36 – 50 measurements. She returns to an athletic lifestyle where her well above professional athlete physical capabilities net her celebrity status until it is deemed unfair for her to participate in competitions.

The male patient (named Edgar) has a crisis of sexual identity from trying to get used to his hermaphrodite body. He seeks out psychological help, and after several years; he comes to terms with his new existence. He ends up living at 7’6” tall, will rocking an 78-inch bust, 44-inch waist, and 50 -inch hips. He also has a complete set of child-birthing capable internal organs, and an astounding 18-inch long (minimum) penis. He becomes an icon in the porn industry, while fighting for equal rights for all races and genders.

Emma returns to her family and previous life totally unaware of how she was awoken. She doesn’t acquire any special physical characteristics, but is able to maintain a healthy long life.

The resurrected people accomplish Zara’s goal of helping everyone at the hospital. This comes at an awkward cost, because they never leave the hospital. They just wander the placated halls of the hospital, breast feeding everyone they come across. These new staff members of the hospital cause quite a social stir amongst the community, until a rocky compromise between genital-less staff and surrounding civilians is reached.

Overtime, more and more are affected by Zara’s unique milk. Some of the affected replicate Zara’s end by becoming fountains of life-giving milk too.

The End?

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