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The Towers' Syndrome – Epilogue

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Evelyn was terribly afraid as she got ready to knock on the door. Her knuckles had not yet met the wood when she heard:

“Come in!”

The voice was deep and attractive, but to Evelyn it would always be associated with that of a monster, a woman that had killed thousands, if not tens of thousands of people, and that now slept in the room where so many elected Presidents had slept before.

She turned the doorknob and pushed the cart inside, turning her head to the side when she saw the monster lying in bed, stark naked.

There was a chuckle.

“No need to be bashful, Evelyn. You can look,” the woman said.

“Yes, Miss Towers,” Evelyn said.

“You can call me Sienna,” the superwoman said. Then, she sniffed her nose and said: “It smells really good. I think I will enjoy living in the White House.”

Evelyn swallowed hard. It was a mistake, she soon realized, since the woman’s impossibly deep eyes widened, and she chuckled again.

“You know, you don’t need to like me. You just need to serve me.”

The woman’s fingers started moving in a weird dance and the different dishes Evelyn was carrying in the cart started their own choreography, floating around the room before landing around her in bed.

“There’s enough food for two. Join me for dinner,” the naked woman said.

Evelyn felt a chill running down her spine.

“No… thanks Miss To… Sienna. I already had dinner.”

She was floating in the air before she could realize, her limbs not responding to well to the instructions her brain was giving. She screamed as Dr. Towers guided her to the bed with her fingers, making her sit right next to her.

Evelyn was terrified to be so close to the monster. Being next to her, her figure towered over her even more than she had expected. Her terror raised a couple of notches when the woman’s elegant fingers closed around her jaw and a vicious force started pushing it to the point Evelyn felt it would shatter.

“You are a cute little thing Evelyn. And helpful. But don’t ever say no to me again, understood?”

Evelyn nodded as well as she could, considering the circumstances, and the woman let go, laughing in the process.

“I’m not interested in hurting you. As a matter of fact, I just wanted to have a chat.”

That was something was not interested in doing at all, but she just nodded. Dr. Towers then winked, and the large wall TV switched on.

“Look, they are going to replay my afternoon’s speech at the UN.”

Sienna dwarfed the podium at the General Assembly room  as she looked across the room to a terrified audience.

“Dear Ambassadors, my speech here today is merely a formality. By now, you all know what I’m coming to say. Let me make it official, though. I am currently the supreme ruler of the United States of America. It is my intention to be the supreme ruler of the entire world. I am here to offer you the chance to surrender the power of your governments peacefully. I will accept no conditions. Once I am in charge, I will make the changes I see fit to the current organization of the world, to its laws and to its forms of government. I will not accept discussing any of those changes with you in advance. By now, you should already know that you have no alternative but to do as I say. Let me make the consequences of defiance clear, though. Any country that rejects my offer will suffer severe consequences, up to its total annihilation. I will not make any concessions with dissent. Your governments have twenty-four hours to provide their answers.”

Sienna’s face lightened a bit as she got ready for her last remarks at the podium:

“I intend to make the world a better place. But it will be done my way”

The naked Sienna looked at the very uncomfortable Evelyn, unwillingly sitting next to her, and said:

“They were scared shitless. I could even smell it.”

She chuckled as she mocked the ambassadors but changed her expression when the images from the UN faded and new images appeared. The anchor explained that President Volkov of Russia had gathered the Duma to announce his response to Sienna Towers’ request.

The translation was a bit rusty. Sienna frowned when she started hearing it.

“… Russia is one of the oldest and most powerful nations in the world. We prevailed against Napoleon. We prevailed against the Nazis. And we will certainly prevail against a woman claiming to be a false god…”

There was clapping from the audience at the Russian Parliament.

Evelyn saw the change in expression in Sienna’s face and feared for her life. She dreaded the combination of the rage she was showing with the powers she knew she had.

The naked superwoman stood up from bed and walked to the window, opening it with care. She then turned to Evelyn and said:

“Keep the food warm for me. I’ll be hungry when I come back!”

Sienna’s body shot to the night sky, getting out of view an instant later.

Evelyn did not know too well what to do, so she stayed in bed for a minute, startled as she kept looking at the speech that had made her master so upset. She wondered what Miss Towers would do. She felt a chill when the TV images gave her the answer. Volkov was still on screen, the interpreter still translating his aggressive speech. And then, he was not. The signal from the Duma was lost and the screen remained black for a full minute. Then, the black was replaced by the image of a vast flatland with a broad river, a characteristic mushroom shaped cloud forming on its center.

The anchor’s voice came back excitedly.

“Moscow… is gone! We were broadcasting President Volkov’s speech live when the signal from the Duma was lost and now we have confirmation that the city of Moscow has vanished, having been attacked by a nuclear missile or by a weapon of similar yield…”

Evelyn was appalled.

Sienna flew back through the window and walked towards the bed.

“You are still here,” she said in a flat voice.

“You… you destroyed Moscow!” Evelyn said, shocked.

“I warned them” Sienna replied coldly.


Fiona got a crash course on Astronaut basics, but despite her natural skills, she kept getting on the way of the crew as they worked in the rendezvous with the Magellan 5.

Captain Chen, who was from Oregon despite she had first assumed that he would be Chinese, briefed her on the details of their mission and on the implied risks of trying to match orbits with a probe that was travelling from deep within the Solar Sytem. The Magellan would still do the bulk of the work, firing its reverse thrusters in the precise moment in order to get captured by Earth’s gravity.

After three days, Fiona decided to stop trying to help and to focus on getting out of the way. No one said anything, but she could perceive that the rest of the crew were thankful for it. And so, she just observed. She had seen plenty of limit situations, so she understood the difficulty of what that crew of the Hermes was trying to accomplish just by looking at their reactions.

By the time Captain Chen called it a success, Fiona had counted at least five occasions where the crew had acted as if they were going to die in the next five minutes. Everyone’s relief was very evident once their orbit was matched with that of the Magellan and Felix Bolstrom, the geologist in the crew, announced that the Magellan had captured a comet the size of the Hermes.

Two hours later, the scanner completed its first analysis and Bolstrom announced:

“We have a perfect match.”

The End

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