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Involuntarily Djinn

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Involuntarily Djinn


The Youngman’s were a typical Midwest family, they had an average home and two grown children. Their lives had a mixture of financial difficulties, good times and bad. Despite it all they were happy, and their family was described by those who knew them a close knit. They were on their annual camping trip when something happened that would change the course for their lives forever.

Maria Youngman was the mother of her now two grown children. Her daughter was now 20, and her son’s 18th birthday was the week before Halloween. Maria worked as a secretary to a medium sized trucking company, and she was married to a good man. She met him in high school when she was 15 years old, and he was 16. She got pregnant at 18 and the rest was history. Her Husband, Ross Youngman, got a job with the city as garbage collector, and he worked there ever since.

Definitely not the jobs Maria or Ross had envisioned they’d have after High school, but it paid the bills and a afforded a few luxuries. They had bought the family camper 10 years ago, and every July 4th they took their annual camping trip.


Maria had always been a bit of a heavier set girl, but now she was obese. Maria weighed 260lbs but despite this, her husband Ross always encouraged and supported her. Never told her that she should diet, or that she was eating too much. He said that she was beautiful, and perfect exactly the way she was. But Ross wasn’t exactly impartial, and Maria’s body was anything but beautiful. However, despite Maria’s weight, she did have a pretty face. Her weight, for the most part, stayed off her face.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the need for change becomes obvious, Maria was no exception. As the family went on a 10km hike up some valleys and down some hills, the same distance they’d always gone every year. Maria laboured and strained for 6 out of the 10km, before she finally sat down.

Ross turned back to her, “Hey sweet heart. Want to take a break?”

“No, take the kids and go on, ill meet you at the camp” Maria stated as she sat upon a volcanic glass like rock, oddly suited to the surrounding environment, as she caught her breath.

Ross nodded “I’ll send the kids down and…”

“No Ross. I’m not going to risk the kid’s getting hurt because I’m too fat to keep up. Please, just go down without me” She stated angrily. More upset with herself than she was at Ross.

Ross paused for a moment. “Maria… Cindy is 20, she’s with her boyfriend, and Kaylen is soon to be 18, who’s with his best friend Dillon who’s older than him. They’re grown up and certainly old enough to…”

“Please! Just…” Maria stated angrily.

“Alright babe… suit yourself” he kissed her on the cheek as Cindy approached them.

“What’s with Mom?”

“She needs time to reflect, she’ll join us after”

Maria sat on the glass rock and finally caught her breath. But she needed a little more time to reflect. She knew she was overweight. It was obvious, now more than ever, she needed to change that. She was done feeling this way, she was committed to changing her habits. If only the road wasn’t so difficult, she wished she’d be successful this time. She wished it with every fibre of her being. It’s not like she wanted the body of athlete, although that’d certainly be nice.

Maria wondered if she lost her weight, would she lose her breasts? She hoped not. It’s not that she wanted big tits, but at least with large breasts you can still retain an hour glass figure, while still being big. Without her tits she might as well have been humpty dumpty.

In mid reflection the large rock she was sitting on cracked in half. She fell awkwardly onto her side. ‘Oh! this was the cherry on top’, she thought. Her fat ass cracked a boulder in half. Perfect. The only thing better would be some hikers who inadvertently recorded the comedy.

Maria got back up to her feet and noticed something. A shiny object caught Maria’s eye, laying within the cracked boulder. It was multi-colored pearl, about the size of a jumbo marble, and it seemed to shimmer. ‘That’s strange’ she thought as she reached down to pick it up the strange glimmering marble. What happened next would change the course of Maria’s life, forever.

The bright colour of the marble bled off of it and then into her hand. Her hand shimmered briefly before the shimmering moved up her arms and across her body. Her entire body tingled. She felt a wave of intense heat coursing through her blood. It felt as if she was getting taller, and most certainly losing pounds at an intense pace. Her clothes began to loosen dramatically until her oversized clothes were nothing more than loose drapes that hung off of her. Maria had to physically hold her pants up so they wouldn’t drop. She could feel her panties had already fallen, trapped now between the holes of her pant legs. Her eyes were wide, as she stood there in complete shock.

Maria looked under the neck line of her loose shirt, briefly, and was mesmerized at what she saw. She saw the body of a woman, chiseled to feminine perfection. A woman who could be either an athlete, or a dancer. A stripper or a porn star. She couldn’t believe it, she must have been hallucinating. Either way she decided to hurry and tell Ross. She zipped down the path, running a kilometre in mere seconds. Having realized how fast she had travelled she ran back. Kilometres of trails just zipped past her in seemingly fast forward. She took in a breath, not because she needed to, but to help her calm down. “Okay… what the heck is going on?” she said out loud. Did she just do that? Did she really just run that fast?

Her ears began picking up sounds. She could hear her daughter talk to her boyfriend. She could hear Ross talk to the boys about sports. This was impossible, but what she did next made her squeal in terror.


“Honey you here?”

“I’m in bed” Maria called.

Ross took a few steps and saw that Maria was lying in bed, a thick blanket was draped around her. He looked at her, Maria’s eyes had a look of shock, as she held the covers all the way to her chin.

“What’s wrong. You sick?”

Maria didn’t know how to explain, “Ross, I think something happened to me out in the woods”

“Well what is it? were you bit?”

“I don’t know… I mean, no… I mean…”

“Well, let’s see it”

“I don’t think I’m ready to show you”

“Cmon! Lets have a look at it!” He grabbed the covers but Maria’s tight grip ensured it didn’t budge. “Maria… You might need to go to the hospital. Let me see how it looks”

Maria braced for his shock when he pulled the covers away.

Maria was naked, her body looked nothing like the way it had looked before. She was now fit and slender, her legs were long smooth and shapely, and her breasts were big round and firm. Ross would have had an instant erection had it been any other woman. But it wasn’t any other woman, it was his wife. The shock of seeing her body so radically transformed countered any physical desires he had and replaced it with genuine concern. “What… the… fuck” Ross finally stated.

“I know!… I mean, I don’t know!… I mean” Maria grabbed the blanket and covered her body up.

Ross looked at the wall of the RV in stunned silence. Could it be that he was being punked? How the hell would that work? No matter how you spun it, he was witnessing something truly impossible.

“Say something” Maria sated nervously.

Ross looked at his wife compassionately, “How the hell Maria?”

“I found a rock, it was glowing and shimmering, I picked it up and it turned me into… this”

Ross nodded, “Okay, let me see you… Maybe I’m just crazy, and it’s not as different as I thought”

“Oh trust me… It is!” Maria said as she removed the blanket and stood up. Ross was about 5’ 10” tall, his wife had been around 5’4”. Now she stood at least an inch taller than him, coupled with her out of this world body, and perfect breasts she looked like a goddess. Every part of her body was smooth, and had a healthy glow to it. The only thing that hadn’t radically changed was her face. If it weren’t for that, he’d never have believed that this was his wife.

“Is this for real?” Ross asked as he touched the side of her body.

“There’s more”

“How can there be more?” Ross asked as his eyes were transfixed on his wife’s stellar body.

“I think I have powers”

“What? What do you mean? What powers?”

“Like… super powers”

“Like… telekinesis?”

“No… Like…” Maria could hear Kaylen approaching the RV. “Kaylen’s coming! Quick, tell him something?” Maria said as she jumped back into the RV’s bed covering herself up.

“Tell him what?”

“I don’t know… Something! Anything!”

Kaylen opened the RV’s door, “Hey Dad, mom back from the hike yet?”

“Uh yeah, she’s in bed resting…”

“Cool. Are we going boating later?”

“Uh, yeah… Maybe in a bit. I’m just going to rest with your mom for a bit. Why don’t you hang out with Dillon. We’ll grab come grab you soon”

“Sure Dad” Kaylen replied and left the trailer.

“We’ll grab you soon?!” Maria said angrily.

“Well what else was I supposed to say?”

“How am I supposed to go out in public like this?”

“Hold on, lets back up. You said you have Superpowers, what do you mean?”

“You know your Superman comics?”


“Kind of like that”

“C’mon Maria… That’s impossible”

“And me looking like a porn star! Is in the realm of your idea of possible?” Maria stated angrily.

“Good point. But trust me when I say, nobody could have Super powers… it’s literally impossible… It’s physically impossible”

“Oh?” Maria stated as she bent her knees and hovered in mid air. She tilted her head as if to say, told you so, but her eyes caught a glimpse of Ross. “Oh my God Ross, are you getting turned on?”

“No” Ross stated as he looked down at his crotch to see if it was that noticeable.

Maria pointed at her eyes, “Uh yeah… X ray vision”

Ross looked at Maria with the kind of passion, she had not seen in a very long time. His hands grabbed Maria, and his arms cradled her feather like body. He kissed her passionately as his hands ran all over her dramatically improved body.

She enjoyed his gentle caresses especially when he squeezed her breast, it felt fantastic, only he wasn’t squeezing nearly hard enough. Her hand went over top of his as if to instruct him to squeeze harder.

Ross gasped and then let out a yelp, she let go of him immediately. “Oh my god are you okay?” Maria asked as she looked at his hand. It was already beginning to swell. “No broken bones, Thank God”

Ross pulled his hand away from her, “X-ray vision again!? C’mon!”

“I told you Ross! I’m Super!”

“But Maria! That’s impossible”

“Yes! I know! And yet here we are!” Maria said in frustration.

“Ok, we need to figure this out. This is crazy”

“You’re telling me” Maria said as she felt her breasts all the while looking down at them. “Ross feel my chest. I won’t grab your hand this time”.

Ross didn’t have to be asked twice, Maria watched as his hands rubbed her breasts. “Like squeeze them hard, as if you wanted to hurt me”

Maria’s breasts felt smooth, warm and perfect. His touch was rough, and he squeezed as hard as he could. Despite this, Maria’s breasts only dimpled slightly.

“Jesus it’s like there’s something under your skin that’s made of steel” Ross commented.

Maria grabbed her other breast and squeezed and lifted it, her breast responded dramatically different than Ross’s attempt. “They feel normal to me”

Ross thought about it, if his wife had become some kind of superwoman, of course her chest would feel hard. If she was a superwoman, then of course she’d have super tits, so to speak. Ross’s thoughts were running away on him. “Okay, Let’s test what’s going on with you” Ross stated “Maybe this will just go away. But if it doesn’t, maybe it’d be best if you get used to your powers, like test them, so you don’t end up hurting anyone. Are the kids around?”

Maria looked at the wall of the RV, “No, they’re down by the lake”.

“You can look right through the RV’s wall?”

“I thought we already established that?”

“Yeah. But, let me have sometime to actually comprehend it”. Ross took in a deep breath “Okay” Ross said as he stood up. “Let’s go, let’s see what you can do”.

“Do you want me to go outside naked? My old clothes have no chance of fitting?”

“No worries, I’ll grab something from Cindy’s tent”

Ross took a pair of jeans and a blue work out top from their daughter’s tent and returned to the camper.

Maria put on the jeans, and then the top. She was certain the top would rip as she stretched it over her breasts. Remarkably it held up.

Ross looked at Maria in stunned silence. The clothes were ultra tight on her body and showed off a physique Ross did not think possible without photo shop. “Maria… You’re beautiful”


“Ross, you always say that”

“I mean, you’ve always been beautiful. But now the most beautiful girls in the world would tell you… That you’re the most beautiful girl in the world”

Maria smiled and moved into kiss Ross, as they kissed Maria sucked gently Ross’s lower lip, as she usually had done.

“Okay… Ow!” Ross said as he moved his head away from her.

“Seriously that hurt?” Maria asked.

“Let’s figure out what you can do? Before something bad happens” Ross concluded.

The two of them walked for awhile to a secluded part of the forested camp site. Making sure no one was in the vicinity.

“What do you want to try first?” Ross asked.

“Every girl’s dream of course” Maria stated as she began to lift off the ground.

“Now Maria be careful” Ross warned as Maria’s feet continued to advance further and further from the earth.

Maria’s mouth was wide open in shock as she ascended. Her hands remained on her hips as she was about to hit the tree line, “Holy!” she said as continued to ascend.

“Wait! Wait!” Ross called out. “Come back!”

Maria did what Ross instructed, “What is it?” she asked, as she floated back to the ground.

“What if you fall, or hit something really hard?… Maybe we should see if you are as durable as… well… as Superman is”

“Well we know my breasts are”

Ross nodded, “I’d agree”

“Okay, what do you suggest?”

Ross grabbed a baseball sized rock “Okay. I’ll hit you with the rock, tell me if it hurts” Ross lobbed the rock at her, at a pace that Maria doubted would hurt her even if she didn’t have super powers. The rock hit her abs and fell to the ground.

Maria reached down, picked the rock up. “Cmon Ross you got to do better than that!” She said and then threw the rock back at him. Ross didn’t see the rock, but the crack it made as it flew past his head at supersonic speed sure was loud. The rock blasted past his head and hit a tree, and then went right through it.

Maria covered her mouth. “Oh God! Ross, I could have killed you!”

Ross blinked a few times, thankful that he was still alive, he commented. “I’d suggest a career as a pitcher for the MLB if it weren’t for the fact you’d kill every catcher behind the plate… Holy fuck!”

“Okay… Okay… My bad… From now, I’ll be careful” Maria stated with her hands still clasped around her mouth.

Ross nodded in agreement as the two of them began walking up a path, as they discussed their options. They discussed what they wanted to do, how they wanted to proceed.

While Maria and Ross were gone, Dillon entered the trailer. Dillon had been friends with Kaylen since the beginning of high school. He seemed innocent enough, kind of a comic book nerd. He had black hair and wore thick glasses. He was a thin kid a bit shorter than his peers standing at 5ft6. He grabbed a Diet Coke from the cooler and was about to leave when he spotted an interesting stone on the floor of the RV. It was a sphere, and kind of looked like a perfect sphere. He picked it up and felt a slight tingle. It was an odd feeling and it dissipated nearly as quickly as it set on. He couldn’t explain why, but the stone almost felt lucky. He intended on keeping it, as he put it in his pocket and left the camper.


Later that evening, Ross had to explain to his kids where their mother was. Ross and Maria had come up with a cover story. The only thing that seemed plausible, however unlikely. He explained that their mother Maria was sick of being over weight and that she intended on going to a fat camp in the vicinity, to change her life.

As unbelievable as the story was, not long after Ross told the unlikely story. Maria called Ross’s cell. Ross put her on speaker, and she explained herself to the kids that she was going to be gone for a few months. That she loved her children and that she’d call every day.

The next day, they packed up to leave. All except the camper, and Maria’s belongings which they left there. Ross paid for 3 months worth of time which certainly was not in his budget.

“I can’t believe were leaving Mom” Kaylen stated.

“Well” Ross explained. “I think that hike we took really did something to her. I think she wants to look after herself, and maybe come back a changed woman”.

“So what fat camp is she at?” Cindy asked as she overheard Ross and Kaylen talking about the situation.

Ross sighed, “Okay kids, its more that just fat camp. We’ve been saving a bit of money, and your mom is going to have a bit of surgery”

“What kind of surgery?”

“Lipo, tummy tuck, spinal realignment and… breast…”

Cindy started laughing, “Mom?! We’re talking about Mom… Right?”

Ross nodded, “Look, I think the next time you see her, she’s going to look like a changed woman. But no matter what she looks like we need to support her”.


Maria had quit her job over the phone and called home often, but she stayed at the camp site for months before she felt confident enough to control her powers. She learned a great deal about her powers during that time. She learned that there didn’t seem to be an object on earth which was more durable than her. She learned how to focus her super hearing. She learned she could hold her breath, indefinitely. She could also exhale her breath at a rate she dared not test to its full extent. She also learned that whatever she wore, became as durable as she was. Didn’t matter what she attempted to pull over her, the fabric seemingly became invulnerable. Every night she’d call Ross and explain what new superpower she had discovered, and what she was doing with her time”.

A few months had passed, and she figured it was time to come home. She was still hundreds of miles away from home. She already knew she could run that distance in less than an hour. Cars driving down the highways didn’t even notice the human blur as it sped past them just off on the right side of the road.

Before she got home, she went on a bit of a shopping spree with her credit card. She had to admit, shopping for clothes was fun when your body looked as good as hers did. She’d received compliments from every store she entered.

It was October when she finally got back home, and her kids were waiting for her as a cab pulled up to the drive way. Her children didn’t even believe it was their mom.

The woman who got out was beautiful. Far too beautiful to be their relative never mind their Mom. She had the body every woman would envy. Her legs were long, her tummy was tight, and her tits were huge. Not to mention the fact that she was tall, supermodel tall. It blew her kids away.

Her face remained the same, thank God for that, otherwise she wouldn’t have been recognizable.

She hugged her kids. “Ohhh! I missed you guys!”

“Mom! Fuck! Like… You look like a Goddess!” Cindy exclaimed “You’re taller than me! How is that possible?”

“Well none of it was pleasant. I’m glad it’s over”

“That doesn’t explain how you could be taller than me?” Cindy still insisted on answers.

“When they realigned my spine, I guess I gained a few inches”

“A few inches!?” Cindy exclaimed, “more like a foot”.

“I’m wearing high heels sweetie, I didn’t grow all that much”

The reunion was intense, as Cindy had questions about everything. Ross and Maria continued deflecting, until finally Cindy stated she wanted a similar surgery and wanted to know how much her mother paid for hers.

They deflected the best they could until finally they turned in to go to sleep. Day 1 of Maria’s return was finally over.

“Alone at last” Ross said, eager to finally have his wife back.

Despite the time Maria had taken out in the forest, learning how to control her powers. There was one moment she eagerly anticipated and dreaded, and that was time alone with her husband.

They began kissing, and Ross grabbed her breast and squeezed and pushed. Her breast hardly moved. Maria couldn’t help but feel for Ross as he struggled to make an impression on her ultra firm body. Her breasts may have appeared to be soft and smooth, but to Ross they may as well have been boulders made of lead.

“We have to be really careful Ross, if I lose control, even for a second. Really bad things could happen. I have to ask… Are you okay with this?” Maria asked.

“Of course, I am, no matter what state you are in, I’ll always love you”

After a few weeks, the Youngman family finally seemed to return to a state of semi-normalcy. Maria and Ross spoke about their finances and the kids and their school. Her children stopped behaving weird around her and Kaylen eventually invited Dillon over to play some X-Box. Dillon was over most of the evening but hadn’t yet run into Maria.

Dillon heard Maria’s voice in the background and turned to see her, but the woman who was there looked nothing like the Mrs. Youngman he remembered. She was absolutely beautiful. Her body was thin, fit, she was taller and her tits were out of this world. “Who the fuck is that?”

“That’s my Mom… Remember… She left to get some work done, if it isn’t obvious” Kaylen answered almost irritated.

“Are you fucking kidding!” Dillon asked in a disbelief whisper “Your Mom is fucking bang-able”.

Maria looked over at Dillon as soon as he said it. Perceivably out of ear shot from Maria. But of course, Maria heard everything.

“Dude!” Kaylen said in irritation “Not so loud”

Maria walked over to the boys, “Kaylen, don’t you have homework?”

“All done Mom”

“Well it’s 9 and it’s a school night so…”

“Okay Mom”

“Hi Mrs. Youngman” Dillon greeted. “You look fantastic, whatever you did… It definitely worked”

Kaylen looked at Dillon clearly irritated.

Maria’s head slightly tilted as she looked Dillon in a way she had never noticed before. Her body tingled, as she imagined Dillon touching it. A cold shiver went down her body, causing her nipples to tent out from the striped orange and white sweater she wore. Maria noticed the effect, she quickly thanked Dillon for the compliment and walked away as she tried to shake off the feeling.

Dillon looked at her ass she walked away. He then looked at Kaylen, and with a wide smile, and said “Duuuuuuude”.

Kaylen rolled his eyes. “Okay. Time to go”

Dillon left the Youngman’s household and walked down the steps and around the garage where he ran into Maria. “Hi Dillon” Maria stated.

“Oh Hi Mrs. Youngman. Aren’t you cold?”

“Not really…” Maria answered as her mind drifted off as she looked into Dillon’s eyes.

The silence was brief, but awkward all the same. Dillon tried to keep his eyes focused on Mrs. Youngman’s eyes, but desperately wanted to look at her fantastic chest. God how he wished he could see her cleavage. “Like I said before Mrs. Youngman. Whatever you did… they look great...I mean you look great!”

Maria smiled, she hooked her index finger on the top of her low-cut sweater and then pulled it down, “Really? Do you like them?”


Dillon looked in shock as she showed off a large amount of cleavage.

Maria snapped out of it. What the HELL was she doing? Yet… She wanted to do it again. Maria refocused, pretending as if what she had just done, did not just happen. Nothing happened, she simply adjusted her sweater she tried telling herself “Actually, I wanted to talk to you about Kaylen. I couldn’t help but notice his grades are slipping”

‘Ummm… what?… They have?’ Dillon stated as he tried to reorganize his disorganized thoughts. “Well I could come over some more, maybe help him with school work”.

“I think that would be a great idea!” Maria stated. “You know, you look different. More mature”

“Umm Thanks?”

Maria left back into the house, as Dillon turned to see her killer back side and then asked himself, ‘did Mrs. Youngman just hit on me?’

Maria went to sleep that night with her husband, and all she could think about was Dillon. Why the hell did she feel so attracted to him, she was restless as her thoughts constantly went back to him. So finally she snuck out of bed. Maria went downstairs to the kitchen and then left through the back door. She floated high into the sky, and then flew over to Dillon’s house. Her vision zoomed in on his house, and her x-ray vision found his bedroom. He was still awake. She flew to his bedroom window and looked inside. To her shock she caught Dillon in a private moment.

He was on his tablet and staring at a busty woman in a Supergirl shirt with one hand, while using his other hand for another. The woman in the picture wasn’t as busty as Maria was, and she certainly wasn’t as super. Watching Dillon through the window felt wrong. Maria knew that, but she couldn’t help herself. While Dillon touched him self, she touched herself, ‘so you like Superwomen do you? What a coincidence’ she thought mischievously.


“Dude! My marks are higher than yours! Why would my mom want you to tutor me!?”

“Don’t know. But that’s what she said”

Kaylen shook his head, “You just want to see my Mom!”

“No way man! Well… ok...maybe a little, but do you blame me?”

“Uh yeah, a little, aren’t you dating Lisa!?”

“Sure, but what’s that have anything to do with it, I don’t plan to date your mom. She’s married remember”.

Kaylen looked over and saw Lisa coming “Speak of the devil”

“Hey guys! What’s going on?” Lisa asked. Lisa was a spunky thin girl, with shoulder length straight black hair, pretty face, but featureless body.

“I think your boyfriend has a crush on my mom” Kaylen commented.

“Shut up dude… No I don’t” Dillon stated angrily.

“Sure sure”

Lisa didn’t take the comment seriously and the subject matter changed abruptly.



Later that day Dillon came over to do homework with Dillon. An hour passed when Maria finally came into the room. “Knock knock” she said.

“What is it Mom?” Kaylan asked

“Garbage day tomorrow. Don’t make me ask twice” Maria practically sang.

Since she had gotten back, Kaylen’s mom never asked him to do chores. So, he didn’t complain when she asked this time. He got up, told Dillon that he’d be right back, and went to put the garbage out.

Maria entered the room where Dillon was, “Hi Dillon, can I ask a favour?”

Dillon turned to see Maria, she was wearing a green tank top and white shorts. He couldn’t help but look at the cleavage she proudly displayed. “Uh, sure Mrs. Youngman”

“Kaylen’s birthday is less than a week away. What do you think of helping me set up a surprise party? Like a Halloween party? Think he’d like that?”

“Yeah I think he would”

“Do you think we could keep this a secret from him? Just between you and me?”

“Fore sure” Dillon replied.

“Great, looking forward to your help”


Lisa, Dillon’s girlfriend had been annoyed with Dillon. “What the hell’s wrong with you? You’ve been going over to Kaylen’s all week. We barely spend anytime together. Maybe you do have a crush on Kaylen’s mom”.

“That’s ridiculous!” Dillon countered,

“Is she hot?” Lisa asked.

“She lost some weight, she looks good… But that’s besides the point. You’re talking about Kaylen’s mom… She’s like 40 years old!”

Lisa was starting to get annoyed, “Do you want to break up with me?”

“No!” Dillon exclaimed.

“Okay” Lisa said as she nodded her head. “I can handle a break up… But if you cheat on me? I’ll seriously lose my shit!”

“Relax! It’s Kaylen’s 18th birthday tomorrow, I’m planning a surprise party with his mom. You know all this… You’re coming to the party. After tomorrow though, I promise I’m all yours” Dillon stated.

Dillon’s cell began to ring, he looked at the caller ID, it was Kaylen. “What’s up?”

“Hey Dillon, It’s Maria”

“Oh, Hey Mrs. Youngman”

Lisa rolled her eyes.

“I’ve been really busy getting things for the party” Maria said. “But I’m kind of behind. I know I shouldn’t ask this. But would you be willing to cut school to help me out? With Ross at work, and Cindy at school, you’re pretty much the only person I can ask”

“Uhhh, Yeah”. I can do that”

“So, see you around noon?”

“Will do” Dillon responded trying to be discreet.

“Perfect see you then” Maria said as she looked at the costume she had bought. The costume was a blue leotard with the red S on its chest. The costume was several sizes too small for her, and in any other circumstance would certainly tear before it fit over her body, or anyone’s body her size. But her body responded well to the clothes she wore. Her clothes proved to be just as durable as she was once they were on her body. She bit her lower lip, wondering what Dillon would think of it. She was fully committed to her plan.

“What she want?” Lisa asked.

“Just wanted me to pick up some stuff before I came over tomorrow”


The next day, Maria zipped at super fast speeds around the house as she got the place ready for the party. In less then a half hour, the job was done. Now it was time to put on her costume. She was excited to do so. The leotard zipped up in the back, and so she unzipped the back so that she could put her slender legs through. As soon as she pulled the costume up to her crotch, she could feel how tight it was going to be. She could feel the costume press against her skin harder than any substance on earth could. Next, she began putting her hands in through the sleeves. The spandex like costume stretched down her sleek arms, exemplifying even the most mundane of her female perfection. Then she pulled the S symbol over her chest. It stretched and warped as the costume was attempting to compress her chest, But her soft flesh only gave so much. The costume formed on every part of her upper body. This all occurring with the back still unzipped. Now she tried zipping up the back, the effort required incredible flexibility and incredible strength, as the act of simply zipping up the costume required thousands of pounds of pressure. She could feel the costume tightening all across her body as the zipper got higher, and higher. Maria finally managed to do it, albeit, with great effort. Even for her,

The long red cape had hooks in it to attach to sliders along the underside of the collar of the leotard. But the costume was so incredibly tight, that all Maria had to do was tuck the cape underneath the costume. The laced up red boots she put on were boots she had recently purchased, they went up to her knees, and hugged her skin all the way to the top.

Finally, she put on the red skirt, it was so short, that if she turned too quickly, it didn’t leave much to the imagination. Maria looked in the mirror and loved what she saw. She imagined becoming a real-life super hero. Imagining herself saving people in this get up? She smiled as she conceded there’d be a lot of losers pretending to be in trouble simply to get saved.

But today was all about Dillon. She needed him to make the first move. There was something that seemed more ethical about what she intended to do if she wasn’t the initiator. She felt bad for her husband, she still loved him, but this feeling she felt for Dillon was out of control. She figured it would be a one-time thing. They’d kiss, his puny body wouldn’t be able to keep up with her super body, and that would be that. It’ll be out of her system and then she could move on.

The door bell rang, she looked at the door using her x-ray vision. She smiled mischievously “Come in!” she called out.

Dillon entered and placed his books, and his costume, by the door having come straight over after lunch. “Mrs. Youngman?” he called and then looked at the house, it was already fully decorated “Holy shit! Place looks fantastic!”

“Thanks” Maria said as she strolled down the steps

Dillon’s eyes practically bulged out of his head when he saw Maria. She looked hotter than anyone he had ever seen before. It literally felt as though Mrs. Youngman read his mind, and delivered exactly what he wanted to see. His heart practically took a 100 meter dive into his stomach, “Holy shit. Ummm… Like… Holy shit!” Dillon said as he looked down nervously, having clearly checked out Maria’s body for far too long.


“I knew it” Maria pouted as she got to the bottom of the stairs. “It’s too much, isn’t it? I think I have my puffy Marie antoinette costume from way back. I should change”.

“No no! You look great! It’s just that, I’m so used to remembering how you used to look, that anything you wear now is a bit of a shock. You look great! Honestly!”

Maria smiled, “You think so? My chest doesn’t look to big in this?”

“Uhh… Well… You look perfect”

“Aww thanks Dillon” she said sweetly as she walked toward him she deliberately tripped over the carpet at the entrance of the door. She deliberately fell face first. She used her flight powers just so, so that Dillon could easily catch her.

He did, an arm wrapped around her body. But his hand grabbed her breast. Her breast yielded to his grip. For the first time since acquiring her powers, her breast yielded to someone else’s touch other than her own. If her nipples were any longer or sharper they would have cut into Dillon’s palm as they immediately sprung to attention. She stood up and looked at Dillon, seemingly angrily.

Dillon let go of her immediately, raised his hands knowing full well he had grabbed her boob. “I’m sorry I’m sorry I didn’t mean it”

Maria still looked angry as she stepped into Dillon, “Dillon did you just grab my…”

“It was an accident”

Maria’s plan worked to a tee. The problem was, that she hadn’t expected Dillon’s hands on her body to feel so good. Why was he able to squeeze her chest like no man had done before?

Dillon looked down and easily spotted her bullet hard nipples tenting the spandex material of her tight blue Superwoman costume.

“Now Dillon” Maria said as she stepped into him, her breasts pushing his body and pinning him against the wall, “Don’t make this awkward”

Maria was a good 5 inches taller than Dillon in her high heeled boots, he could feel her breasts compressed against his body and it felt fantastic. They looked into each other’s eyes, Dillon looked down, not sure what to do. He found himself with a bird’s eye view of Maria’s stacked chest pressing into his body.

Maria put her fingers under Dillon’s chin and raised it so that they were looking at one another, and then she kissed him. It took Dillon a moment, only so that he could ask if this was real and count his blessings, but he returned the kiss.

Maria closed her eyes, locked in the passionate embrace, unlike her husband Ross, Dillon wasn’t complaining that she was kissing too hard.

Dillon’s hands were politely high on her waist, she broke off the kiss and grabbed his wrists and placed them on her large breasts. She watched with satisfaction and curious interest as Dillon caressed them as if they were delicate kittens. “Squeeze them… hard… As hard as you can!” she ordered

Dillon wasn’t going to say no to that. He squeezed her breasts and they dimpled deeply.

Maria gasped in shock, she had not expected this. His fingers sunk deeply into her chest and it felt beyond fucking fantastic “OH FUCK!” Maria moaned, “How are you doing this?”

“What, this?” Dillon practically put everything into his squeeze. Her breasts were like firm gelatine in his hands.

Maria bit her lower lip in ecstasy she grabbed the back of Dillon’s head and forced it onto her breast. He complied, and as he bit down, Maria felt a surge of electric ecstasy course through her, the likes of which she had never known. “OH! We’re doing this!” she stated, as the electric pulse like feelings ricocheted across the entirety of her body.

For Dillon it seemed like a dream, he could have sworn Mrs. Youngman picked him up and zipped him into the bedroom at super speed. But of course, that was impossible, his feelings of being with maybe the hottest girl in the world was obviously playing tricks on him.

The costume came off, in what looked like a blur of speed to Dillon. Maria’s naked body looked like smoothed curved perfection. Maria grabbed the back of his head and pressed it hard into her breast. Harder than she should of, hard enough to bend solid steel. She heard a squeal. It was her own, as Dillon’s hand reached between her legs and his fingers entered her nether region. Nobody could enter her since she gained her powers. And as good as it felt, she needed answers. “Wait Wait Wait! Do you have superpowers?”

“Uhhh am I supposed to say yes?....Like a role playing thing?” Dillon asked.

“No – Just be honest! You went camping with us! Did you gain Superpowers. You can tell me!”

Dillon didn’t know if she was playing, he answered honestly. “Ummm I don’t think so”

“Oh fuck it” Maria conceded as she didn’t care anymore, as she grabbed him and forced herself on him.

Maria thought that once she had attempted to be with Dillon, her feelings for him would fade away. But Dillon seemingly pulled off the impossible, he was not only able to squeeze her breasts to an extent only a God like Maria could. But he entered her. Maria had become accustomed to getting creative when satisfying herself. Some of the most durable objects she used became a steaming pile of junk after she was done, but not Dillon. She pounded him hard and fast, and at one point she vibrated 1000 beats a second, squeezing her muscles the entire time.

Again, Dillon thought his mind was playing tricks on him, as Maria vibrated on top of him at a speed not humanly possible, it caused him to orgasm. Maria wanted more. After he was done, she went after him again, and again.

As Dillon finally felt he’d run out of steam, and was done. Maria stalked him for more. Dillon laid flat on the bed, with his limp dick resting to one side.

Maria placed his softness between her cleavage and squeezed. She once crushed a rock doing the exact same thing. Remarkably, Dillon loved what she was doing, and she felt his member grow once more. She could feel it push aside her cleavage, stiff and firm.

Maria gasped with a smile as she couldn’t believe it, even as she pushed, as hard as she could on either side of her breasts. Dillon wasn’t in pain, she didn’t flatten his erection into a pancake. She was rough, and firm, twisting her breasts as she pushed at them in different angles, giving Dillon a sensation, he would never forget. She even felt his ejaculation.

“Holy Fuck!” Dillon said nearly out of breath.

“Oh were just getting started” Maria challenged.

“Shit it’s almost 3! Kaylen will be home soon!” Dillon said as he got up and put on his pants.

Maria rolled onto her belly as she watched Dillon change. Her elbows were on the bed, as she rested her chin on her folded fingers and watched him change. Two pressing thoughts reoccurred in her mind. Either Dillon was lying about not having powers, or she didn’t have hers. She figured she could kill both birds with one stone. Squinting her eyes, she generated a low pulse of energy that blasted out of her pupils and into Dillon’s butt.

She was fully prepared to jump on the bed and yell “HA, I knew it!”

But instead, Dillon jumped and slapped his ass, letting out a yelp! “What the hell just happened!?”

“What do you mean?” Maria played dumb.

“It felt like my ass was on fire!”

“Oh shoot, there is a burn mark on your butt now that you mention it. Do you have a lighter in your pocket?”

“No! nothing!”

“Weird” Maria played dumb as she coyly smiled. Dillon went to the washroom, and Maria acknowledged that the idea of Dillon and her being a one-time thing, had backfired. She initially thought that once she had been with Dillon, she’d realize that he was as fragile as everyone else. Now she felt as though she needed to be with Dillon, perhaps permanently.

Dillon couldn’t believe his luck. Even if Maria didn’t want anything to do with him from this day forward. His mind would always remember this moment. He changed in the washroom into his costume for Kaylen’s birthday.

Maria decided to change up her costume, realizing that it was maybe a bit much for the party. She simply removed the skirt and the cape and put a tight pair of jeans over top her legs. Keeping the leotard on she grabbed her old pair of glasses and put on a button up shirt, but not buttoned up.

Her husband came home from work and walked into the bedroom, while Maria was in the master suite. Maria heard him from a mile away. “Dillon’s here?” Ross asked

“Yeah, he said he had a spare and that he wanted to help with decorations” Maria lied.

“Or maybe he’s got a crush on an older woman. He’s been hanging out here quite a bit lately.”

Ross hugged Maria and kissed her. “Nice costume by the way. If you finally decided on being a superhero. Is this that what you’d go with?”

“We already had the talk… And I have no plans on being a superhero anytime soon.”

“Lucky me. I have you all to myself” Ross said as he groped her breasts, hardly able to even dimple them with his rough squeeze.

“You mean lucky me” Maria stated, “for having a loving supportive husband”

Kaylen’s sister, Cindy diverted Kaylen until evening, until every-one had arrived, but it was the arrival of a specific female that caught Maria’s attention. She walked right up to Dillon and kissed him. Apparently, Dillon had a girlfriend. She shouldn’t have been jealous, or so angry. She actually had to resist the urge to burn the girl with her laser eyes.

The Birthday party started, and Kaylen was genuinely surprised. They all wore fantastic costume’s, and they were all were having a fantastic time. Maria was pleased with herself. But, she waited patiently for Dillon’s girlfriend to leave his side. Using her super speed. she zipped over to Dillon.

“Woah!” Dillon said, surprised that she was standing beside him.

“You didn’t tell me you had a girlfriend” Maria said, obviously annoyed.

“Mrs. Young…”

“Would you stop calling me that!” she stated angrily under her breath.

“Maria” Dillon corrected “I didn’t expect what happened… To happen. I mean did you?”

“Of course not!” Maria lied.

“I don’t even know what happens next”

Maria sighed in frustration “Neither do I” she said angrily and then walked away.

“Okay!” Luke said as he put his arm around Dillon’s shoulder “When the FUCK?! Did Mrs. Youngman get so hot?”

“I guess she had lipo-surgery and got her tits done over the summer” Dillon answered,

“You think?!” Luke said sarcastically as he checked out her pert ass and her long legs. “Kudos to the doctor”

“What are you guys talking about?” Lisa asked as she came back from the washroom.

“Kaylen’s Mom transition?”

Lisa opened her mouth in shock, “That’s Kaylen’s mom? Jesus how old is she?”

“38 or 39?”

“She looks like she’s in her mid 20’s” Lisa exclaimed “I thought she was his sister or something. I got to say, Like wow… No wonder you’ve been coming over here so often?”

“C’mon, you’re being ridiculous” Dillon argued.

“Would you choose her over me?” Lisa asked.

“Of course I wouldn’t!”

Luke started laughing.

Lisa became annoyed “Are you fucking kidding me? I’d choose her over you!… And I’m not even gay. Could you stop bullshitting me all the time?”

“Christ… How else was I supposed to answer that question?” Dillon stated in confusion.

Maria smiled as she heard everything. At times, even with the body she had, she felt fat and ashamed. A feeling that unfortunately was engraved into her psyche. But every whisper she heard only inflated her ego. She walked around the house listening to conversations, several of them, all complimenting her fantastic body.

“Are those the best tits you have ever seen?”

“How the hell could anyone look so good?”

“She did that in a few months? Like fucking wow!”

“Honestly… Is her body not perfection?”

She even heard whispers about her son and so she was eager to talk to him. “Hey you? How’s the party” she asked Kaylen.

“Mom. Thanks for everything”. Kaylen genuinely thanked her. “It’s really good, I love it, but… could you please leave”

Maria smiled, “Is someone embarrassed of their mom?”

“When every kid in the house wants to bone my mom, embarrassed isn’t exactly how I’d put it”

“Tsk” Maria became annoyed.

“Mom, I think you look great, and I’m so happy about your weight loss. But could you let me have the house to myself for tonight. Maybe go out with Dad?”

“Okay fine… Oh, just so you know, I overheard that Melanie has a crush on you”

“What? Shut-up! What did you hear?”

“Her exact words were, I don’t know why he hasn’t asked me out yet? The conversation was definitely about you”.

Kaylen smiled, “Thanks Mom” he said as he hugged her.

“I’ll go get your father and get out of your hair”.


The next few days Maria was having a hard time getting Dillon out of her head. The problem compounded itself when every time she thought about Dillon she’d day dream. She’d think about the way he touched her, the only man who could touch her like he did. She’d try and get her husband to satisfy her. But the improvised love making was filled with, Ow! Not so hard! I can’t breathe. Maria could easily satisfy her husband, but evidently there was only one person on earth who could satisfy her.

She tried staying occupied, not having a job, and having super powers compounded her boredom. She needed to get away. Since the first time she floated back, at the camp site, she had promised Ross that she wouldn’t fly.

Ross was right, if she were to lose her powers for whatever reason, she’d fall to her death. But Maria needed a quick getaway, and if time proved anything, is that her powers weren’t going away anytime soon. It was cold outside, and likely there’d be nobody at the lake, and she thought that, there would be a good place to think. Maria put on her swim suit and over top a pair of Yoga pants, and a white shirt. She went outside and looked at the sky.

Now was the difficult part, how could she get high enough in the air, fast enough so that she wouldn’t be spotted. She always knew she could fly fast if she wanted to, she just didn’t know how fast. She looked up at the gray sky, took in a breath, bent her knees and blasted into the air.

Her lift off was so fast that it blew out the kitchen and patio windows, as the sonic boom echoed through the neighbourhood confusing residents who happened to be home at that time. Maria couldn’t be bothered with the damage she caused as she flew well beyond supersonic straight up in the air. She blasted above the clouds, and then through the thin layers of the upper stratosphere. Before she slowed her ascent. Now, she could see the curvature of the earth.

She began laughing as she acknowledged how truly super she truly was. She could see the lake she had intended on visiting, it literally looked as if it were right below her. The lake wasn’t an option anymore, no chance, Maria was going to Hawaii. Flying in the thin air, her speed was far faster than she imagined, and when she dipped back into the atmosphere, her body ignited like a match stick. A streaking ball of flame re-entered earth’s atmosphere before Maria realized she needed to slow down. She thought, certainly all of her clothes would have burned off her body, she was wrong. Her clothes were perfectly intact.

Maria spotted a secluded island and landed on it, she smiled contently. Only 10 minutes ago she was in a cold dreary place. Now she was sitting on a beach on a beautiful hot day watching the waves roll in. These powers were fantastic! She lay on the beach for hours, at one point looking at the moon, which seemed translucent on the bright sunny day and thought, she’d definitely visit it one day.

Swimming in the ocean and relaxing on the beach did wonders for her mind, for the first time in a long time she wasn’t thinking about Dillon. But then she noticed a Cylinder-shaped stone in the sand, nearly 5 inches in length and had a thick circumference, her mind deviated to Dillon again. How the hell was he able to touch her the way he did? How was she able to touch him the way she did? She was overly curious. She reached over and grabbed the rock, she observed its density and knew she could crush it to pebbles if she liked. She placed the stone deep between her cleavage and then pushed on either side of her large breasts. It didn’t take much to crack the rock in half, but she was curious how much damage she’d do if she put everything she had into the squeeze, like she did with Dillon. Hollow pops could be heard as steam began to seep between her extremely tight cleavage. When she released the pressure, all that remained was sand, dust and glass.

The conclusion was unmistakeable. Dillon had superpowers, he was just hiding it, like she was. What else could it be? She thought. Somehow the same event that had affected her, had to of affected him. There didn’t see to be an object on earth that could survive her strongest touches. Yet Dillon had no issue with getting titty fucked, booty smashed, or squeezed by her impossibly strong embrace. Maria felt naïve for falling for his tricks.

When Maria returned she walked up to bed, Ross was waiting for her.

“Where have you been? I’ve been worried sick about you?” Ross stated.

“Ross… I’m super. Relax”

“When I came home the windows were smashed”

“Yeah, I jumped, and I must have gone a little too fast”

“The windows blew out because you jumped?” Ross asked.

“Pretty much”

“I know you’re powerful… but… Sometimes I think I can’t comprehend how powerful you’ve become”.

“I flew around the world today” Maria said casually


“Yeah, got to Hawaii in under 15 minutes”

Ross thought for a moment, “You know, the world has no idea how lucky it is”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you’re practically a God. I mean, what is it that you can’t do? I couldn’t imagine what might have happened if someone else got your powers”

Maria smiled at the polite comment, she spun in one spot and removed all of her clothes. She hovered above Ross. Her head nearly touching the roof as she crossed her arms over her large breasts. “I think this God needs to be worshipped”


The next night Maria snuck out of her house again, she was convinced that Dillon had superpowers, and she would go to Dillon’s house and confront him about it. She took to the air and landed on his roof. Her X-ray vision could see him in his room playing a game on his tablet.

“Stop playing games Dillon! I know you have super powers” She said in a firm voice. Not loud enough for anyone inside to hear inside the house, unless you had superpowers.

Dillon didn’t seem distracted, he just continued playing on his tablet. “Dillon! The gig is up!” She said again this time tapping her foot on the roof.

Dillon heard a bang coming from the roof, he looked up for a while before, going back to his tablet.

Maria sighed, Dillon wasn’t acting, he genuinely didn’t hear her. She was now convinced that Dillon didn’t have powers. So, the secret as to why he was immune to her super strength was a complete mystery. Was it that, she was in love with him? And that her powers allowed her to be with those she loved? But she never once looked at Dillon in that way. She conceded that the idea of being with him would have been a repulsive one.

Maria was frustrated as she flew back home. The way she felt about Dillon felt like the way she felt within the first couple of days of quitting smoking. She really needed to have him, just one drag, that’d really hit the spot. But she was a disciplined woman, and a married woman. She’d resist it.

On Halloween she received a call from Dillon. On her personal cell. She let it ring several times before she answered it. “Shouldn’t you be in school?” she asked.

“I was thinking about Halloween and I couldn’t help but think about you”

“Okay” Maria said casually.

“I was wondering if you were going to wear the costume, when you were handing out candy tonight?”

Maria tried not to fall through the rabbit hole again, “Dillon, I think this is somewhat inappropriate”

There was a brief pause before Dillon responded “You know what, you’re right. I shouldn’t have called”

“Wait” Maria stated as she needed time to think. “I am wearing the costume… and if you’d like to come over for some candy… I think I’d like to give you some”.

“Okay” Dillon said as he hung up the phone.

‘Fuuuuuuuuuck’ Maria thought in frustration. She went up the stairs and got into her super costume.

Not surprisingly Dillon arrived within minutes.

Dillon’s heart dropped as he saw Maria, looking so good, in her costume. “God your hot” Dillon moved in on her.

“Stop!” she said and then pointed to the couch, “Sit”

“What’s going on?” Dillon asked.

“I need to find out what’s going on. Why I’m into you, and why… you can touch me the way you do”

“Your hot, everyone could see that, why are you so surprised by that?” Dillon said as he sat on the couch.

Maria walked up to him, “Dillon, I’m not just any woman”

“Right” Dillon stated “You’re Superwoman”

Maria rolled her eyes, he was absolutely right, but he had no idea. “Give me your arm”. Dillon did as she requested, she grabbed it and began squeezing gently.

Dillon let out a yell and Maria let go of him, “Your really aren’t super…”

“Wow! You have a grip!” Dillon said as he massaged his wrist. “Are we role playing again?”

Maybe the affect was over, maybe he no longer had power over her.

Maria placed her hands on her hips as she pushed out her bust, “Are you waiting for an invitation?” she asked, feeling certain that his touch wouldn’t have the same effect as it did before. Dillon stood up and his hands went on her breasts, and then he squeezed.

Maria gasped in shock, as Dillon’s fingers squeezed deeply into her breast. She kissed him passionately and the two of them fell on the couch. Eventually she broke off the kiss, she moved her chest so that her erect nipple was in line with Dillon’s mouth. I want you to bite down… Hard! As hard as you can!”

Dillon did what she asked, but nowhere near as hard as he could.

“Harder, bite harder!” Maria demanded. And so he did.


Now Dillon was biting as hard as he could, and he could hear the playful moans as he bit aggressively into the tight blue costume over top of Maria’s firm large breasts.

Maria got off of him, seemingly out of breath. In what seemed like a blur, Maria took off her clothes, it almost seemed like she was naked in less then a second. She pulled Dillon toward her and guided his face down to her nether region.

Maria’s eyes practically rolled to the back of her head as she had the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. They made out, and made love, all day. Until three, and they knew someone would come home soon.

Maria sighed as she looked at Dillon, “What are we going to do about this?”

“Uhh, I don’t know, haven’t really thought about it. I mean, I really really like you. But I get that its unpractical”

“What is? Making love to Superwoman?”

Dillon smiled, the fact that Maria even said that was such a turn on. His body responded.

Maria noticed his reaction, she smiled coyly, “You love Superwoman, don’t you? What if I really was superwoman? The Superwoman. Would you like that?”

Dillon was fully aroused, “Okay you need to stop that”

“Would you like it if I could shoot lasers out my eyes? Fly at supersonic speeds? Have incredible super strength? Deflect bullets off my super boobies?”

“You’re killing me over here” Dillon said as he adjusted uncomfortably.

“If I was Superwoman. Actually Superwoman! would you fly away with me? Forget about this life and just make love to me forever on warm beaches?”

“Absolutely yes!” Dillon stated, believing that Maria was just role playing.

Maria looked at Dillon in the eyes “I am Super…”

The door began to open.

Maria’s super senses were usually quite acute, but when she was focused on something important, she could usually ignore the world around her. This time she’d completely disregarded Ross coming home.

“Shit!” Dillon stated as he hurried to the back door. Maria followed him. He was about to leave when Maria stopped him.

“Can I see you again?”

“Definitely” Dillon said as he fled the house.

Ross immediately spotted the super costume on the couch as soon as he entered.

Maria was able to run past him, upstairs into her bedroom, find a pair of pants and a shirt, put them on and re-appear behind Ross just as he found the costume. “Hi sweetie!” she said.

“Hey!” Ross said as he picked up the costume. “Going as Supergirl again?”

“I was thinking about it, but the costume is a bit tight. Kaylen had mentioned that his friends found it distracting.”

“Pretty sure it’s you they found pretty distracting”

“Aww your sweet” Maria said as she kissed her husband.

“You ever remember the old TV show, Lois and Clark? and Clark could like spin out of his super costume, I gotta ask… Could you do that?”

Maria smiled mischievously as she grabbed the costume back from Ross, “You mean like this?”

To Ross Maria looked like a blur before she revealed herself as Supergirl.

Ross looked at his wife with lust and affection, “I’m pretty sure I’m the luckiest man on the planet”.

Maria smiled as his hands gripped her with all of his strength, despite his best effort, he barely made an impression. She was Iron and he was Kleenex and so she cautiously kissed him while replying, “I’m pretty sure that you are”


Maria was convinced. She had to tell Dillon about her powers, and she imagined how her life would turn out afterwards. She imagined being with him under the stars in so many different parts of the world.

She called him the next day, during lunch hour.

Dillon answered his cell. “Hello?”

“I’ve been thinking about you” Maria stated, “Can I see you?”

“I’m kind of at School” Dillon replied.

“I’m in the area”

“I’m kind of with Lisa”

“Really Dillon? You’re going to choose her over me?” Maria stated as she flew high into the air, not caring in the least if someone might spot her.

“You know there’s no comparison” Dillon reassured

“Well, I’m around the court yard. By the maintenance shack if you want to see me”.

Dillon was with Lisa and her friends and he tried to be quiet as he spoke to Maria. He looked at Lisa, briefly. “I’ll be right back”

He walked a little while, around the court yard and saw Maria. She was wearing a tight white T-shirt, and a pair of tight jeans. She looked so hot. “How is it that you’re not freezing to death?” Dillon asked.

“I guess when you’re this hot, you can’t get cold”. Maria stated confidently.

Dillon nodded, “You know what? that actually makes sense”.

“I booked a room at a local hotel for us this weekend” Maria stated.

Dillon smiled “I love it”.

As they spoke Maria’s acute hearing picked up someone coming. She looked and saw that it was Lisa. She had plenty of time to be discreet and disappear, instead she began kissing Dillon.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” Lisa yelled as she rounded the corner.

“Uhhh!” Dillon stated nervously.

“You fucking slut!” Lisa shouted as she stormed right up to Maria and slapped her. Maria didn’t flinch and the hit hadn’t moved her head a single millimetre. “OWWWW!” She Lisa screamed as she cradled her hand.

Maria smiled content with the pain she caused “Maybe Dillon needs a woman in his life, not a little girl” Maria said as she pushed her bust into Lisa. Lisa fell backwards and landed in a small puddle as she gasped and then cursed and yelled at Maria,

“See you tonight” Maria said as she kissed Dillon and then looked scornfully at Lisa as she said, “Lover”


Maria had gone shopping, to different parts of the world to get a variety of different costumes. She laid all of her costumes on the bed of the hotel suite. She couldn’t wait to try them all on and show Dillon who she really was. After zipping in and out of different costumes, she settled on the full body costume. It looked nearly identical to Christopher Reeves costume, but the way her chest looked in the S, in the light blue costume, perfection! Now, she needed to think what power she’d use for the big reveal.


Dillon’s break up with Lisa was harsh. She swore she’d tell Kaylen what she saw. She was furious and argued with Dillon all the way home. Thank God his parents weren’t home, Dillon thought. She had come inside to collect some things from his house, but the whole ordeal became a shouting match. Just when he thought that it was over she called him while he was in a cab on his way to the hotel room. He hit ignore, and she called again. Dillon realized that she’d just call continuously until he picked it up.


“I forgot my book at your place”

“I’m not home”

“Well come back home! I was only there 15 minutes ago!”

Dillon wasn’t thinking correctly, all he could think about was Maria. “Look, there’s a key under the mat in the back yard. Just grab your book and leave” he said as he hung up. As soon as he said it he had an unsettling feeling roll over him.


Maria thought about using her heat vision but that would probably set off the alarm. Super Strength? There really wasn’t much that breaking, or lifting, in the room, would be all that impressive. Maybe get him to try and hurt her, ooo that would be fun.


Lisa got inside Dillon’s house and went to the living room where she grabbed her book. But she wasn’t done, she stormed up into Dillon’s room and began absolutely thrashing the place. She smashed his x-box, broke his tablet, threw his dresser to the ground and as she did so, a spherical stone fell to the ground. Dillon had told her about the rock, how he felt so lucky with it. He even said it was the reason why she said yes when he asked her out. Lisa stood over top of the stone and reached down. “Well it’s my lucky rock now! Asshole!” she stated angrily as she grasped the stone. As soon as she grabbed it, she felt a strange jolt. Lisa thought nothing of it, as she stormed out of the house.


Dillon got to the hotel suite and looked at Maria who looked like his wildest dream come true. He immediately became hard as he aggressively approached her.

Something seemed strange as Dillon approached. Maria was not into him at all, furthest thing from it. Still, she allowed him to grab her breasts.

“Holy Shit!” Dillon said as he grabbed her large firm breasts. “Are you flexing? Your tits feel so hard”

Now Maria knew it was over, she moved away from Dillon “Look, I made a huge mistake. I’m sorry”

“What!?” Dillon said completely confused.

“I’m sorry I have to go” Maria began grabbing all the costumes from the bed.

“Maria!? I just broke up with Lisa”

“I know… I’m so sorry” Maria apologized “… But this!?” She waved her hands to signify everything. “This isn’t going to happen”

Dillon couldn’t believe this was happening, “Are You Serious!?” He yelled as she left the apartment in her super costume.

Maria hurried to the roof where she got to the top and blasted off. She mentally kicked herself as hard as she could. ‘YOU SLEPT WITH DILLON!?” LIKE WHAT THE F…” Her heart almost beat out of her chest when she noticed Lisa was ringing the door bell of her residence, undoubtedly to tell her family what she witnessed. Maria zipped into the house “I’ll get it!” She called out. She was still in her costume, but she decided to answer the door anyways.

Lisa was especially shocked as she stared at the much taller woman, dressed as Superwoman. Maria was incredibly hot, she had to at least concede that, but she was on a mission. “Oh! Well if it isn’t Super Slut! Find any other Highschool boys to make out with, or were you just after mine?”

Maria closed her eyes as Lisa’s language hurt more than she realized “Look, I’m sorry. Please don’t tell my husband. Honestly, I’ll do anything you ask”

Lisa rolled her eyes, “First break up with Dillion!”

“Consider it done”

When Lisa looked back at Maria she accidently looked at her chest and how it looked in her tight costume. God Maria was so hot, she thought, and then something happened that caused her to do a double take. Maria’s nipples began to firm, tenting out of her costume. Maria folded her arms high over her chest, embarrassed by the situation.

“I want 10,000 bucks!”

“I’ll get you the money” Maria stated reluctantly.

“And another thing”

“Name it”

Lisa smiled mischievously, “Let me feel your tits”

“What!?… Listen young lady”

“Forget I mentioned it. So, I guess I’ll talk to your husband some other time?” Lisa said cockily.

Maria dropped her arms down, ‘what in God’s green earth had she gotten herself involved in’ “Fine!” she said “Make it quick”

Lisa placed her hand’s on Maria’s breasts. Lisa pressed deep into them. There was aggression in her squeeze, she seemed to be pushing her nails into her tits with hostility and the intent to cause pain, but Maria did all she could to prevent herself from gasping at her wondrous touch.

Lisa had expected Maria to fall down to her knees, or squirm away in pain but she didn’t. Maria seemed like she was actually liking it. In fact, Lisa found herself liking it.

Lisa wasn’t satisfied. She was still wanted more. “Get on you knees, and beg me!”

Maria got down on her knees, “I’m sorry… I really am”

‘How pathetic’ Lisa thought. Didn’t matter how hot Maria was, she obviously had her issues, and Lisa had proven her point “I want my money by tomorrow! Don’t fuck with me again!? GOT IT!?” Lisa yelled as she turned and left the porch.

Maria watched Lisa leave. She found herself needing Lisa’s touch. She’d do anything if she could be touched by Lisa one more time, and then a prevailing thought snapped her out of her lust…

‘Oh no… not again’

To Be Continued

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