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Dazzling Diamond - Old Friend and a New Ally

Written by Woody :: [Saturday, 06 October 2018 07:52] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 06 October 2018 16:04]

Stacey had just finished work and was meeting up with an old friend. Heather had been friends with Stacey since childhood but moved away when she was in High school. She had recently moved back to Craters and it turns out that she worked in the cafe opposite Stacey.

“You didn’t tell me you were stunning.” said Stacey when she saw Heather. Heather was 5'10", with her ginger locks in a messy bun, glasses and an ill-fitting work uniform. She also had a necklace with a little medallion pendant attached

“Thanks Stacey but gees; you’re unbelievable.” replied Heather. She hadn’t seen Stacey in years, and definitely not since the accident. The two friends gave each other a hug and sat down and to a coffee just after closing the store. It was just the two of them and they started talking

“Hey you have that superheroine in town don’t you.” Heather piped up after a while

“Yeah, The Dazzling Diamond.” Stacey replied.

“I would really like to meet her one day.” said Heather.

“Why is that?” Stacey asked

“Just to thank her, and maybe get some advice on a couple of things like confidence etc.”

“Why don’t…”

Stacey was interrupted as the doors slammed open and two gunmen burst their way in.

Stacey looked immediately for an exit but was halted by her friend. She couldn’t just leave her alone even if she was the Dazzling Diamond. She stayed with Heather as the men ransacked the café.

“Please don’t hurt us.” said Heather discreetly hiding the necklace. “We’ll give you all the money.”

“Excellent.” one of the thugs said grabbing Heather “Lock her in the cool room. And take her friend with her.”

The other thug pointed a gun at both Stacey and Heather and motioned. Heather tried to resist but Stacey put a calming hand on her. She knew she could get them out of this

They were pushed unceremoniously into the cool room and the door locked behind them.

Heather turned to Stacey

“Are you ok Stacey?”

“Yeah I’m fine, are we stuck in here.”

“Not really. I can get us out of here but it’s a little strange. You know the Dazzling Diamond?”

Stacey looked at Heather and said coyly “You’re not her are you.”

“No of course not but I’m looking for her.”

“Why are you looking for the Dazzling Diamond?”

Heather reached and grabbed a necklace she was wearing.

“I need to you keep a secret, I’ve never told anyone this before.” Heather said. “I want to meet the Dazzling Diamond for advice on being a superheroine. I’ll get us out of here Stacey but please don’t tell anyone about this.

“What are you talking about.” Stacey said

“Just watch this.” Heather said

Heather grabbed her necklace from under her shirt and closed her eyes. Before Stacey’s eyes the pendant grew to a medallion the size of Heathers palm and floated in the air. Suddenly Heathers eyes jolted open and her body thrust forward and floated in the air. The medallion started glowing then attached itself like a belt and emitted beams of light that wrapped themselves around her. Suddenly the light was gone and Heather had changed. Gone was her work outfit and in its place was a blue form fitting full bodysuit with a v plunge over Heather’s deep cleavage. Stacey then realised that Heather had the body of a goddess. Heathers hair seemed brighter and almost emanated a light. It was a fire red, and her long locks almost touched her butt. Her face was obscured by a form fitting eye mask.

“Oh My God, you’re a superheroine.” Stacey jumped back

“Yes Stacey but I’m new at this. I’ve never fought anyone before. I don’t even have a name yet.”

“Well I hate to say it but no time like the present. Can you save us?”

Heather then ripped open the door to the cool room. “I got this. Thanks Stacey.”

Heather walked back into the entrance

“Hey dickheads. Get out.” She said to the robbers.

The thugs looked around and saw Heather, They took a step back

“Who are you.” one asked

“It doesn’t matter, get out of here or I’ll make you.” she replied

“Piss off.” One thug said and fired his gun at her. Heather saw the bullet hit her chest and compress on impact. She was bulletproof

“Cool.” Heather Said. “That’s nice to know.”

“Shit, let’s get outta here.” the thugs said to each other

“Not so fast.” A voice said behind them. It was the Dazzling Diamond

Between the two superheroines they easily subdued the thugs. She and Heather then held them until the police arrived and after they were arrested Heather shut the doors. It was just the two superheroines. Heather then raced to the cool room however Stacey wasn’t there

“Have you seen my friend Miss Diamond.” Heather said

“Don’t worry Heather. I got her out before we dealt with the thugs. But I would like to get to know you. I thought I was the only superheroine going around. I love your costume.”

“Thanks.” said Heather “But I’m new at this game, I wanted to meet you actually. What am I supposed to do?”

“Well you helped your friend didn’t you? That’s a good start. I’ll tell you what. Let me get you home – Just tell me where it is and I’ll get you there

When they arrived at Heather’s her and the Diamond sat down.

“Dazzling If I change will you keep my identity secret.”

“Us superheroines have to stick together.” she said “I won’t tell but don’t feel you need to tell me.”

“I trust you. I mean you must have a secret identity so you know what it’s like.”

Heather then got up and took off her medallion. Her outfit transformed in a flash to her work gear and her glasses and she tucked the now shrunken pendant necklace back into her top.

“My name’s Heather. I hate to impose but can you please help me..”

“No problem.” The Dazzling Diamond got up.

“Hang on, You already knew my name was Heather. How did you know that?”

The Dazzling Diamond replied “well since we are talking secret identities….”

She took a step back


A light engulfed the Dazzling Diamond and when it subsided Stacey was there in the gear she met Heather in

“What the fuck! Stacey!.” Heather said

“You know it. How could I not help my friend out? So, about this superheroine caper; What do you want to know?”

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