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Asimus Avenger – Origins

Written by Woody :: [Friday, 12 October 2018 22:41] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 13 October 2018 09:05]

Heather had Stacey over for a coffee. The old friends had recently found out they were both superheroines after Heathers Café got robbed. Stacey AKA the Dazzling Diamond had been showing Heather the ropes about being a superheroine.

“How did you get your pendant anyway.” Stacey asked. “There must be a reason you have it.”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” replied Heather

“Heather, we can transform into superheroines and have superpowers, I think I can handle this.” Stacey replied

“OK.” said Heather, “But promise not to laugh.”

“I won’t.” Stacey gave her a reassuring hug

“What you need to know is that before this I had no confidence. I had just been in a rut and nothing seemed to stick. I had thought about moving back to Craters for a while for a new start.

5 weeks ago I was on my way home after giving notice from my old job. It was my regular walk home and I noticed a new age shop called “The Mystic Warrior.”. I normally wouldn’t have thought twice but that day I felt like something was drawing me to step inside.

I walked about and perused the aisles. There was meditation tapes, crystals, incense, the usual sort of stuff. The attendant was an old lady. She asked how I was going and said that I looked a little down. Now I’m generally a reserved person but something about her and the place made me open up. I told her that I was feeling low and about to start fresh in Craters. She asked why I was in there and I mentioned I felt drawn to the place for some reason.

She said she’d be right back and ducked out the back. After about 5 minutes that seemed like eternity she reappeared with this pendant. She gave the pendant to me and I tried it on. I felt a vibration from the pendant and I jumped a little, then the pendant started to emit faint glow.

“That’s weird.” I stated

“Ahhh.” the old lady said. “It appears that the Amulet of Asimus has found a new home.”

“The amulet of what.” I asked.

“I’ll be right back.” the lady said and disappeared out back for another 5 eternal minutes. She returned with a dusty old book.

“They say this pendant picks its owner. Take it and this book and I wish you good fortune.”

I offered to pay but she said that there was no need. The amulet was where it needed to be.

“So an old lady just gave you the amulet?” Stacey asked “Cool.”

“Yeah I suppose but that’s nothing on what happened that night.” Heather said

“Oh go on.” Stacey motioned eagerly

“I wore the pendant home and looked in the mirror. It really did look great on me but I could still feel a slight vibration. I put the book down on the shelf and the pendant on the nightstand. I went about my business and later went to bed.

That night I was woken by a bright light in my room. It was the pendant glowing on my nightstand. I could feel myself being drawn, almost called to the pendant. What happened next blew my mind.

I grabbed the necklace and closed my eyes. Suddenly my mind was filled with visions or a warrior in blue, with flame hair and a blue eye mask helping others. Suddenly I felt a pull and I was lifted off the ground. In my mind’s eye I was merging with the heroine. All of a sudden I felt an intense heat. It was almost unbearable. I went to scream but I couldn’t. My muscles were being pulled and massaged, like I was being moulded and shaped. When my feet hit the floor I looked and was amazed. The pain was gone and I was wearing the blue costume I saw.

I raced to my mirror. I was the warrior in my vision. The same blue suit and all. My hair was now a flame red as opposed to the ginger. Also my cleavage was way more pronounced than I ever had with a push up bra. They were defying gravity. Suddenly in my mind’s eye I saw the medallion being removed and the warrior transforming into a young woman. I removed the medallion and I was back to myself. Well I looked like myself but I felt amazing. I looked down most of the changes had stayed. My clothes and hair had reverted back but my body had retained the changes of the transformation.

I changed out of my pyjamas and I didn’t recognise myself. My body was amazing. I was ripped now with a washboard stomach and muscles everywhere, but at the same time I was still femine and not bulky. I could feel all these new muscles. I loved it.

I somehow got back to sleep and woke up feeling better than I had ever felt before. I went back to the mirror and the changes appeared to be permanent. I went to get changed but my bras no longer fit. I went from a 34 B to a 30 D overnight.

Just to be sure I grabbed the pendant and closed my eyes again.  I saw the warrior again then felt myself being lifted. This time there was no heat, but it felt energising. Again I touched down and I was the warrior. I was a superheroine. I took the medallion off and transformed back into my pyjamas.

My confidence was sky high and I threw on whatever clothes I could find that fit and raced down to the Mystic Warrior. I wanted answers but when I got there, there was no Mystic Warrior. The shop had just disappeared. It was like it had never existed in the first place.”

“So you have this pendant, became a superheroine and had no idea what to do next.” Stacey said.

“That’s where, well, you come in. See Like everyone I know what the Dazzzling Diamond has done saving Craters. I figured since I was moving here anyway who else but another superheroine to help teach me the ropes. And when I found out that one of my best friends was her! That was just icing on the cake.”

Stacey blushed.

“You mentioned something about a book. Do you still have it?” she changed the subject

“Yeah, let me go get it.” Heather left and returned with a dusty old book.

Stacey looked at the book and removed some dust. “You, ahh, never looked at the book did you?”

“No I figured it was just some freebie.” Heather said

“You might want to check it out.” Stacey said handing Heather the book.

“No shit.” Heather said.

The Book was titled “The Amulet of Asimus.” and had a picture of Heathers pendant on the front

They both opened the book and read it.

Heather started “Is this…”

“… the history of your pendant. Yep.” Stacey concluded

“This states that the amulet is a totem to call the Asimus Avenger.” A warrior through time who helps the innocent.” Heather read

“The amulet binds itself to those it considers worthy and bestows them with super strength and invulnerability. They also have enhanced senses and enhanced endurance. That explains why I’m bulletproof now.”

“The outfit of the Asimus Avenger is a blue suit with a plunge. The blue represents the sky and the endless desire to do what’s right. Their hair will be red like fire to represent their passion for right and just causes.”

Heather continued reading aloud “If the power is needed the user need just hold the pendant and close their eyes. Images of the Asimus Avenger will be seen and she will be called into action. If Quick action is needed and you cannot hold the pendant you need only say ‘Asimus Awaken’… WOAH!”

Upon mentioning the phrase the pendant transformed into the medallion and Heather thrust forward and floated mid air. Stacey took a step back as she saw the medallion start glowing then attach itself like a belt and emit beams of light that wrapped themselves around Heather. Suddenly the light was gone and Heather had changed. Gone was her outfit and in its place was a blue form fitting full bodysuit with a v plunge over Heather’s deep cleavage. Heathers hair seemed brighter and almost emanated a light. It was a fire red, and her long locks flowing. Her face was obscured by a form fitting eye mask.

“Shit it’s also voice activated.” Heather said as she removed the medallion and transformed back, She tucked the necklace back into her top.

“Nice trick if you need it.” Stacey said. “file it away under useful information.”

They flicked through the book together reading about the Asimus Avengers throughout time. When they got to near the end they stopped. There was a picture of Heather entering the store and receiving the pendant. Underneath was the caption “The latest Asimus Avenger.”

“But that only happened a few weeks ago, and it looks like it’s been in this book for centuries, how.” Heather said dumbfounded

“So you’re cool with a mystical pendant that turns you into a superheroine but your pic in a book freaks you out.” said Stacey

“What can I say. I’m weird like that.” Heather retorted

Stacey got up. “Heather, that’s an amazing story and an amazing gift you have. Thank you for trusting me with your secret. I just have two things to say 'One – DD ACTIVATE'.” With that Stacey’s neck snapped back, her arms went wide and she started spinning, suddenly in the blur a white light started shinning and engulfed her. When the light subsided Stacey was gone and the Dazzling Diamond was there.

She continued: “Two – you have proven yourself to be both a good friend and a capable heroine. How would you like to be my crime fighting partner Heather, or should I say Asimus Avenger.”

Heather got up, took the pendant and closed her eyes. She then transformed into her alter ego

“Asimus Avenger hey, I like it. Dazzling Diamond, Let’s do this.”

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