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Super Catwoman – Part 2

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Super Catwoman – Part 2

When Robin started to become Batman’s sidekick he was a teenager and that was just recently. He feels happy and proud to be his sidekick. Helping Batman to fight crimes gives him great satisfaction. However he is a teenager who is still growing up to become a man. He is curious and fascinating on girls. When he saw some girls who are in great body figure and voluptuous, especially having big boobs, he would be excited and full of imaginations.

He was having the greatest imagination after he had knew Selina Kyle aka Catwoman through Batman. He had a crush on her when he saw her. The tall and slender and yet fit Selina. Having the right proportion on the right place although she doesn’t possess big boobs but her boobs size and shape are just nice and her tight latex is like amplifier that emphasizes her boobs well. The way she presents her body figure is what always mesmerized him. The way she sway her body while walking especially her butt like it is alive. Standing high and swaying her butt to left and right while walking is Robin all time favourite when watching her from the back.

However he can just imagine and hide his crush on her because Selina is Batman’s lover although they have not officially announced anything regarding it.

This doesn’t stop Robin to continue admire Selina and sometimes when he is in sexual need he would having a private session while watching the footages of Catwoman in action. Watching she fights and teasing her opponents is good enough to trigger his lust on her.

This night when he is in sexual need and having his private session he suddenly heard someone’s talking.

“Well, well, well… I came here just to ask you do you know where Bruce is. I didn’t expect to see this, hehe.”

Robin was shocked because he could have known someone in his room earlier. Batman trained him well on this but he didn’t know someone is in his room. He is nervous and quickly put on his pants and strike an “R” dart to the direction he heard the voice.

He didn’t hear the sound that his dart hit someone or something but he heard his dart being captured.

“Who’s there!?” Robin said nervously and embarrassingly as his private session was interrupted and exposed.

Robin’s room was dark and only the light from outside. He saw someone was standing behind the curtain as he saw a human figure behind it. Robin could see two huge orbs that bulged the curtain. His eyes grew bigger and heartbeat increased, “Those are really big! Who is she?” Robin wondered.

“Just a kitty here Robin. Don’t be shy, hehe.” Selina said and she slowly began to emerge and her huge boobs were the first to emerge from the curtain. She ever so slowly moved forward so the light from outside of the window illumined the tops of her bulging orbs of soft boobs flesh, making them seem even larger. She paused a while to let Robin saw her full boobs for a few seconds and then she pushed the curtain aside with the hand that holding Robin’s dart and showed Robin her full glory of her magnificent body.

Robin’s jaw dropped with a mesmerized look. He couldn’t believe there is a female could possess such perfect body figure and beautiful face. Long legs, wide hips, narrow waist, flawless face and the most amazing is Selina’s huge, gravity defying boobs. Robin couldn’t help but his sight couldn’t leave Selina’s boobs. So huge, round and firm. So much flesh that her boobs flesh are literally spilling out of her latex. Her latex on her boobs side was so tight and it seems that the latex was on the verge of tearing apart. So gorgeous and he had never seen any female could do that.

And gosh… the cleavage. So long and deep cleavage and it could drive any man crazy. Robin is crazy now and having an instant and never before hard erection by just seeing Selina’s body figure.

“See something you like?” said Selina and she pointed to Robin’s crotch with a playful face expression.

Robin looked to his crotch and felt embarrassed as he covered his bulging crotch.

“It’s okay. That means you are a man, hehe.” Selina giggled.

“But how? Selina you have been missing for several weeks without any news. Batman and the justice league were using all their effort to look for you. Where were you? And… what happened to you? You look different! Like, damn!” Robin couldn’t describe Selina’s drastically change and he couldn’t help to look from Selina’s top to toe and from toe to top with an unbelievable look. Every time his sight stopped longer on her boobs.

“Well let’s say I was lucky. I was captured by Bane and I injected myself with Bane’s venom so I could have the strength to fight him to escape but things gone another way. I became taller and… sexier… hmm…” Selina said and her hands ran around her curves to emphasize her change with a satisfaction grin.

Robin gulped while watching Selina touching her body. “What happened then?” Robin asked. When Selina spoke about taller Robin only realised now she is taller than him and her boobs are level with his face. “This is hot!” Robin thought.

“I escaped, obviously. With my new power.” Selina said with a wicked smile and poked Robin’s dart into her boob. Her boob dimpled slightly at the point and then the dart began to bend further and further before snapping loudly.

Robin gasped and couldn’t believe it. “You… you are super now?” Robin asked excitedly.

“Yes I am!” said Selina while she put her hands on her hips and pushed out her chest to display the Supergirl’s power stance. While pushing her chest out an audible sound from the stretching latex was heard and her boobs almost touched Robin’s face. This cause Robin’s already hard erection throbbing. Selina laughed happily.

“Am I too much of a woman for you, hmm?” said Selina seductively and tracing her finger around her huge round boobs.

“You are so beautiful Selina.” said Robin with a shaky voice as he felt really horny and was trying hard to hold on it.

“Why are you holding it Robin? I want you to do it.” said Selina with a grin as she decided to have some fun before getting to the real deal.

“I can’t. You are Bruce’s. I can’t do anything that disappoints him.” Robin said.

“Oh come on! It’s a secret between us two.” said Selina and shrugged her shoulder with an innocent look made her boobs bounced ever lightly.

“Oh no, I need to get out to cool myself down.” Robin thought and ran to the door. Before he reached to the door he hit something soft on his face and something hard on his body. The thing that he hit didn’t move a millimetre but he bounced onto the floor and looked up what’s in front of him and what he saw stunned him. The thing that he hit was not a big rock or anything but just Selina. Selina used her super speed to get ahead of him and let him collide her without any effect on her but just a slightly bouncing of her boobs.

Selina was still remaining her power stance standing in front of the door. Selina bow her upper body looking down on Robin and made sure her huge boobs were hovering above his face.

“What’s the rush? It’s not good to hold your ejection while you are already full of it. It hurts.” said Selina with an evil grin and looked to Robin’s crotch again.

“You see? Your dick is still hard. After you ran into my boobs and felt their softness with you face, don’t you want to have more of these?” said Selina while squeezing her boobs with both hands. Her boobs dimpled deeply, far deeper than the dart able to.

“Selina! Please! I can’t!” Robin said while trying to crawl backwards on the floor.

Selina remained her smile and walked sexily towards Robin. Robin gasped again when he saw Selina walking up towards him as her hips swayed left and right sexily without much effort. “That was hot! I can even see her hips swaying so much from the front of her! How is that even possible?” Robin dick became harder.

Robin crawled until his back reach the wall.

“I just saw you trying to masturbate by watching my footages and I saw you checking on me like always. That’s a bit disturbing back then but now I am asking you to do what you always wanted to do on me and the best part is, I have become better. Don’t you want to fulfil your wildest dream?” teased Selina.

Selina grabbed Robin’s neck and pulled him up slowly like he is a rag doll with her left hand. Robin tried to break free from her grip by hitting her wrist but it’s useless. Robin balled up his fist and hit Selina’s belly with all his might but Selina ignored it as she felt it like love taps. Selina pulled Robin up until their eyes levelled with each other. Selina pulled off Robin’s pants and saw his dick hard as a steel rod.

Selina looked into Robin’s eyes and said “You know, I was hot. But back then I was not hot like this.” Selina looked down onto her boobs with a sexy look, licked her lips and bounced her boobs up and down dramatically. Robin’s eyes grew bigger looking this amazing body muscle control.

Selina put her lips to Robin’s left ear and said seductively “I am going to tear you apart…”

Selina pulled him up until his hard dick levelled to her boobs and Robin finally couldn’t hold it anymore and eject the best ejection of his 18 years of lifetime. He ejected all his semen onto Selina’s huge boobs. Selina welcomed his semens by watching him all this time with a casual look and she licked some of it by pushing up her right boob to her mouth and swallowed it. She felt something. Something similar to when she swallowed Bane’s semen and she became stronger but this is really light compared to Bane’s.

“Now I understand. I wonder how strong can I become if I get Superman’s semen?” said Selina with a evil wicked grin.

“Please Selina.”said Robin weakly while he is still being pulled up by Selina. “Get help, something wrong with you….”

“Ya something wrong with me as I am super strong and super sexy that my level of superb is out of this world. Ya this is wrong hahahaha.” Laughed Selina as she lowered down Robin until their eyes levelled again and she hugged Robin by summoned a little effort.

Selina’s boobs compressed a bit to Robin’s chest but soon her boobs flesh were all over Robin’s chest. Her hug dig the last breath of Robin and he passed out. Lying limp on Selina’s embrace.

“Bruce no longer my target. Superman is.”

To be continued…

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