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Involuntarily Djinn, Part 2

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Involuntarily Djinn part 2

by dkc


What had Maria gotten herself into, first Dillon and now this. What the hell was wrong with her? Maria kicked herself mentally for being in her situation. She let Lisa walk all over her. Not only that, she practically loved it. Maria knew she could throw that little runt into outer space, if she so chose, and yet Maria had kneeled before her. Maria closed her eyes with embarrassment, she actually kneeled before some 18-year-old high school kid. She grumbled to herself as she changed out of her clothes and got into something more comfortable.

Maria envisioned the past, when Lisa had actually instructed her to kneel. Maria imagined her feet hovering in the air, her eyes glowing, her heat vision igniting the little jerk. Perhaps, while she was running around in flames she’d blow her across the lawn. She let the rage vent through her imagination, before reality sunk in. Although her mind had gone down a particularly dark hole, Maria wasn’t going to kill people with her powers, especially not some confused young girl. Maria had got herself into this situation, she wasn’t blind to the fact that everything was her fault. She was the one who slept with Dillon. She literally stopped, and face palmed herself after the thought, she slept with Dillon multiple times.

She even bought every Supergirl costume she could get her hands on. Now that she was over Dillon she almost wanted to rip them to shreds. She opted to hide them in the down stairs guest bedroom closest, instead. She needed to think, and working always seemed to take her mind off of things. She decided to re-adjust the living room. Moving at super speed she moved the TV, then the couch and the arm chair. In less than 10 minutes she had completely reorganized the room.

Kaylen walked up the stairs from the basement and looked at the living room. “I was literally here 20 minutes ago? How did the living room get rearranged so fast?”

Maria thought for a moment, “Ummm… Your dad helped me”

Kaylen thought about it, that still didn’t make sense, but what other possibility could he possibly draw.

“Do you like it?” Maria asked referring to the living room.

“It’s okay” Kaylen said as he grabbed something from the fridge and went back downstairs.

Maria was still feeling anxiety, she needed to talk to Ross about her situation, but she’d need to leave out some key details. Maria reluctantly went upstairs to talk to him, she had already concocted a version of the story she wished to disclose. “We have a problem” Maria said to him.

“What’s up?” Ross asked.

“I was flying… and someone saw me”

“Umm-ok… Did they recognize you?”

“Yeah… she was actually just at the door earlier today. She said she’d keep her mouth shut if we gave her 10 grand”.

“We don’t have that kind of money…” Ross thought for a moment. “Let her tell people, it’s not like anyone would believe her”

“I know but… I really don’t want to deal with this…” Maria stated obviously upset.

Ross nodded, “We’re tapped. I mean, I can try and get a second mortgage, but I doubt there’s much equity in this house…”

Maria thought about it for a little while, “There’s got to be a way I can use my powers to make money legally”

“Like what?” Ross asked.

“Like anything!”

“Name something?”

Maria thought for a moment “I could win some money at the casino?”

“Illegal” Ross stated, “next”.

“Winning money at the casino is illegal?” Maria half laughed.

“It is if you’re cheating” Ross argued

“I wouldn’t be…” Maria stopped herself, “fine I’d be cheating. But maybe just this one time?”

Ross paused as he sat down on the bed “I can’t believe I’m actually contemplating this…”

“Really?” Maria said with surprise.

“Well, with you not working, and the added expenses… the new window. Your shopping habits. Maria… we’re broke. I’m not saying yes, I’m just saying, I’d listen to your ideas”

“I could use my x-ray vision and look at the cards coming out of the card holding thing” Maria suggested.

Ross shook his head.

“What! Why not!?”

“Because I know how you play black jack, and I think after you win a few thousand dollars you’ll be busted. They won’t know how you’re cheating, but they’ll know you’re cheating”.

“How would they know?”

“Okay – lets play out the scenario. You have seventeen, the dealer is showing a ten. You use those super eyes of yours, and see that his other card is ten, so you know the dealer has twenty. You then see that the next card in the shoe is a four… what do you do?”

Maria scrunched her face as if to suggest the question was a no brainer. “I’d hit of course”

“No” Ross said as he shook his head.

“What are you talking about? I have 17, dealer has 20, I hit, I have 21… Simple!”

Ross rolled his eyes, “What do you think the casino is going to think, when you’re hitting 17’s with success?”

Maria placed her hands on her hips as she was starting to get upset, “You told me to always hit 17’s!”

“Those are soft 17’s… .okay, lets just move on” Ross thought for a moment. An idea came to him. “Maria. How fast are you?”

“Are You kidding?” Maria exclaimed “This fast!”

In a blink of an eye Maria’s clothes had changed. She was now wearing a white shirt and green shorts. Ross saw a movement, but it was just a blur.

“Was that fast enough for you?” Maria said confidently.

“Maybe…” Ross looked for his phone, he grabbed it and some souvenir dice. “Let’s go to the office desk” they walked to the next room and Ross went to the opposite side of the table. Ross began filming, “Okay I’m going to roll the dice to you, just as they stop tumbling, I want you to reach down and change the dice position as fast as you can.

Maria nodded “I can do that”

Ross rolled the dice. As they rolled toward her she used her senses, to seemingly slow down time to a near stop. The dice landed on 3, but she flipped the dice so that one of them was a 6, making the result 7.

“Did you do it?”

“Yeah, you rolled a two and a one, I changed the one to a five and made seven”

Ross reviewed the footage on his phone, his phone was Hi Def and he could view the video frame by frame. At no point did he catch Maria switching the roll. He became more excited about the idea, but still he had his doubts. He conducted the same test, time and time again. At one point he witnessed the dice do something odd before they stopped, but he didn’t see Maria. Then he caught something, in freeze frame slow-motion, he caught the blur of Maria’s arm as she changed the dice roll. “I’m not sure how good the casino’s cameras are, but my camera just caught you”

“Okay” Maria conceded, but what if I just do this. Maria looked down at the dice, and rolled one off its base just by looking at it”

“You have telekinesis?” Ross stated in shock.

“Are you really that surprised?” Maria asked.

Ross nodded his head with excitement “Okay. We’re doing this”

“Seriously!?” Maria asked.

“Yep - but let’s go over what I want you to do. You need to do it exactly like I say. Stand at the opposite end of the shooter…”


Two hours ago, Maria was at home talking about the plan with her husband, and now she was in Atlantic city walking into the casino. Maria kind of enjoyed walking through the casino with her new body. When she was heavier she was practically a ghost, now everyone stole looks, or obviously just took them with long lusting stares. She was ID’d as soon as got to the far end of the craps table.

Maria was wearing a beige, low cut top, with high waisted dark blue pants. The low-cut top fit around her body nicely and accentuated her firm chest. Maria carried with her a small purse. She unzipped the purse and handed $100 bill and her ID to the dealer.

The dealer raised his hands, “No Ma’am cash on the table please. Just your ID”

Maria giggled and handed the ID to the dealer, who handed it to the box man. The box man looked at the ID closely, then looked at her, obviously surprised by her age. He then gave it back.

100 in chips, were pushed to Maria.

The dice were passed to the man on her right. “Pass, to the pretty lady” the man said.

Then the dice were passed to Maria. Ross told her exactly what to do. She was excited to do it “Pass!” she said enthusiastically.

The table groaned at her, “Oh cmon give it a try” someone said.

“No, I’m really not that lucky she insisted”

Despite the table giving her a playfully hard time, she held her ground. The shooter on her left rolled for quite sometime before he rolled out and the dice were passed to the opposite end of the table. This was it. This is what Ross told her to do.

Maria put all of her chips in front of her down onto the table, and pushed them toward the dealer, “Across the board, two units each! Always working!”

The dealer repeated what Maria said, and Maria giggled happily that she remembered what her husband had told her to say. The dealer gave her $38 dollars in change. She knew exactly what to say next. “Spread it around!” she said as she giggled excitedly.

The table smiled at her as everything she said felt like a victory. The dealer took her money and randomly increased the amount bets on a few different numbers.

“Are you working Maam?” The dealer asked.

“Sorry?” Maria asked

“Are your bets working?”

“Yeah! You bet!” she said excitedly. She had already told the dealer that she was always working, so she repeated what her husband told her to say “Always working!”

Now it was show time, Ross gave her specific instructions. A very simple rule, if it’s a 7, change one die to whatever number she wished. If the roll wasn’t 7, leave it alone. She didn’t quite exactly know how that worked, but she trusted Ross. And Ross reassured her that as long as 7 didn’t come up, she could not lose.

The shooter looked up at the woman at the end of the table, oh how he wished he could be the shooter forever. If only so he could visually imprint the beauty that was at the end of the table forever into his mind. Before he rolled the woman made eye contact with him, he could not get over how hot she was. He deliberately tried rolling the dice so that the die would rest at the end of the table, if only so that he could make the woman look down and expose more of her cleavage.

IMG 4366

The dice were rolled, Maria’s super senses kicked in. The dice practically froze in time as they finally rested on an 8.

“HARD 8!” The dealer stated as he positioned the ON button on the 8.

The dealers began paying her, but once again she remembered what Ross had told her. “Full press! Full Press!” she said excitedly. The dealer doubled the money on the 8 and gave her a bit of change.

A three was rolled and she won nothing, but she didn’t lose anything either, but then a six, then a 5, then another 5 was rolled. Maria excitedly chanted “full press!” every single time she won as the stacks of chips grew higher and higher on her numbers.

Then the moment she had anticipated arrived, the dice bounced her way and landed on 6 and 1. Show time, she thought. Everyone was still staring intently at the die when Maria made her move, she slightly squinted her eyes, with her mind she carefully moved the one off it’s base. She almost had to laugh as she could have sworn she heard a baby rattle as she focused.

“NINE, Nine field roll nine!” The stick man called out.

“FULL PRESS!” Maria yelled out as the crowd started laughing

Eight, four, twelve, Six, Ten were all rolled before once again the die began rolled onto a 4 and 3. Again the crowd seemed to freeze in time as Maria looked down and turned the 4 off it’s base.

The stickman called the number out “SIX! SIX! HARD SIX!”

Now when Maria called out, the players joined in with her in a ritual chant “Press! Press! Full Press!”

A crowd began forming as everyone congratulated the shooter for his run of luck. He rolled a ten, and then a 5 and then another ten and then once again a 7. This time a 5 and 2. Maria smiled as this time she simply raised her eye brow to flick the two off it’s base.

“TEN! TEN! HARD TEN!” the dealer called out.

Maria cheered with the crowd. As she chanted “PRESS PRESS FULL PRESS!”

The man rolled for 40 minutes straight. Dozens of people chanted every time Maria hit a number. “FULL PRESS! FULL PRESS!”

“Lady” the guy next to her said “You’ve got at least $30 000 dollars across the board. You sure you don’t want to take some of that down?”

Maria was genuinely shocked, “$30 000! What!?”

The dice were rolled again and landed on 12.

“What do I do!?” Maria genuinely asked.

“Just say that’d you’d like to cash out”

Maria excitedly stated, “I’d like to cash out!”

When all was said and done Maria cashed out with $37 552.00


Ross waited up as his wife came home, he waited on the bed nervously. She opened the bedroom door. She did not have an impressed look on her face.

“What happened?” Ross asked nervously.

“Remind me never to follow your advice again” Maria said angrily.

“Aww crap! I knew this would happen. What went wrong?”

“What went wrong!? Maria said as unzipped her purse and pulled out several of 100 dollar bills. “This!” she said as she tossed the money in the air. “Then a little bit of this!” Maria tossed another stack of 100’s in the air. And finally, Maria reached into her cleavage and tossed a whole wad of 100’s into the air”

Ross couldn’t believe it, “How much did you win?”

“$37 500!” Maria stated excitedly. She kissed Ross as passionately as she could without hurting him. “Oh Ross, you should have seen it! I was like full press! And then the crowd was cheering! Everybody was winning! What a rush! When do we do it again?”

Ross looked at the money, “Maria… I think we were a bit desperate for cash, but, you don’t think we should do that on a regular basis? Do you?”

“Why not? It’s not like I’m going to bankrupt the casino? And everyone around me was winning so much! I can’t believe how fun that was”.

Ross looked at the mountain of cash, “Okay, tell you what. Lets wait a month… Let the security camera write over itself and maybe take a trip down to Vegas in December”

“Shit Cindy’s coming” Maria turned into a whirl wind of speed as she collected all the bills on the floor.

The door knocked twice before Cindy entered “Hey guys”

“Hi sweetie!” Maria replied casually.

“I know I shouldn’t be asking this but…”

Maria interrupted her “You and Brent want to take off to Hawaii for Stefani’s wedding, and you need some money”

Cindy thought for a moment, “Uhh yeah, how’d you know?”

“Sweetie” Maria stated firmly, “I hear everything. So - here’s the deal. No sex in the house? And I’ll give you the money”

Cindy scrunched her face, “We don’t have…”

Maria pointed her finger at her daughter firmly. “Don’t lie to me. I know you’re a big girl, and you can do whatever you like. I just ask that you be smart, you be safe, and you do it somewhere else. Your father and I didn’t do it in our parents’ home, and I expect the same respect for our home”.

“Ew! Mom!”

“Yeah exactly!” Maria confirmed “We’ll pay for the trip for both you and Brent. Consider it your Christmas gift. IF, we have a deal”

“OH MY GOD! SERIOUSLY!” Cindy screamed excitedly as she ran over and hugged her mother, and then her father. After Cindy finished hugging her parents she looked at her mother. “Okay mom - you look great and all, but your boobs… way too firm… Just saying” with that Cindy left the room.

Ross thought about it for a moment, “You could hear them having sex?”

“Oh God, you don’t even want to know half the sounds I hear around here”


The next day Maria knocked on Lisa’s door at the address she was provided. Her super vision confirming that only Lisa was in the house.

Lisa opened the door and looked at Maria’s long jacket and blue pants and pink t shirt underneath. “Not masquerading as Superwoman today?” she asked her.

“No. Here…” Maria reached into her jacket pocket, pulled out an envelope

“Don’t give it to me out here, someone will see. Come inside” Lisa insisted.

Maria used her sonar like hearing, making sure there were no recording devices in the home.

Maria stepped inside the house.

“Can I get you something to drink?” Lisa asked

“No. Lisa, look, I’m just here to drop off the money. I hope this will make amends for whatever it is I did”.

Lisa became angry, “For whatever it is you’ve done? You say that like you don’t know…”

Maria sighed “I know exactly what I did wrong. And, like I said, I’m sorry”

“Okay. Let’s see it?”

Maria reached out and delivered a wad of cash into the hands of Lisa, the envelope was filled with 100-dollar bills.

“Nice” Lisa said as she flipped through the bills. “You might as well take your coat off and get comfortable. I have to count it”.

“Tell you what, I trust you, okay”

“I have to insist. Sit down and take your coat off while I count it”

Maria complied.

If Lisa was honest with herself, she would have acknowledged that she was at least Bi-sexual. She found herself turned on by Maria, and that bothered her. Maria had taken off her coat, and underneath she wore a pink t-shirt. It was relatively loose, with the exception of around her bust. But, in fairness, what T shirt Maria’s size wouldn’t fit tightly around her breasts? Lisa conceded.

Lisa’s thoughts went back to when she saw Maria as supergirl, how the costume squeezed at her body especially her breasts. Oh, how she’d love to see Maria’s breasts in the flesh”.

Maria couldn’t explain why, but she felt the need to show Lisa her chest. The idea didn’t even seem like a ridiculous one. Maria grabbed her shirt and began lifting it up.IMG 4368

Lisa looked in shock as Maria nearly pulled her shirt off her chest, exposing only her under boobs before Lisa asked, “What are you doing?”

Maria was stunned with herself, why the hell was she lifting her shirt? “Sorry! I don’t know what came over me!” Maria said as she put her shirt back down and stood up, “Look, please, I did everything you asked. Are we good?”

“We’re good” Lisa stated.

Maria hastily left the house as Lisa’s eyes followed her.

‘Weird’ Lisa thought.

Maria left immediately, why did she find Lisa so irresistible? She strongly suspected that it had something to do with the same reasons she found Dillon irresistible. She didn’t want to find out. The further away she was from the both of them, the better.


A week past and Maria’s life increasingly returned to normal. She loved her powers, being able to do chores at super speed, flying to Europe just for a cup of coffee. But Maria figured her favorite superpower was being able to eat whatever she wished and not gain a pound. She loved watching her soaps and having nacho’s and cheese. Or Chips and dip. Maria snacked all the time and her waist line had no chance of gaining an inch. Although her daughter constantly warned her, “You’re going to gain the weight back” Little did she know her mother was a God. That simple calories had no chance of increasing her Mothers weight.

It was mid afternoon on a Thursday, Maria was eating snacks watching soaps, when she heard the footsteps approach her door. Her X-ray vision saw that it was Dillon. She closed her eyes with dread. ‘Fuck, what should she do’ she thought. ‘Not to worry’ she tried convincing herself that she was over what happened. She certainly didn’t feel the same way about him. But what if she was wrong?

Maria paused before she opened the door, wearing a thick housecoat in an attempt to hide her curves, she opened the door and asked. “What is it Dillon?”

“Can we talk?”

“I don’t think that would be appropriate”.

Dillon became frustrated “You cant do that to someone, and just leave like that!… It’s not right!”

Maria sighed, Dillon was right, she wasn’t sure she knew what she was going to say to him, but she let him in anyway.

Dillon continued his protest “Like it seemed you really liked me, and then nothing… Like do you know how much that hurts?” Dillon asked, clearly, he was emotionally upset as he couldn’t help tearing up.

Maria practically rolled her eyes but spoke sympathetically. “Look, Dillon here’s the thing. I find you to be one of the most handsome men I’ve ever met..” She lied “But, I’m nearly 40. I’m married with two children, as you know, and I recently lost a lot of weight. I just don’t think my mind was in the right place. I thought I was this young girl again who can re-live her youth. The reality is that I’m 40. You’re 18! Think about it, you want to be 28 years old and dating a 50-year-old? Of course not! Would it be fair for you to dump me in the next 10 years? Absolutely! And where would that leave me? I’d lose my husband. My kids would probably never speak to me. You have to understand, I’ve never been desired before. I mean, It was me, who pursued Ross in high school not the other way around. So, I’m just acclimating to this new way of life”.

Dillon nodded, there was truth in her words. She was right in some ways. “Just so you know you’re really hot. Like the hottest girl I’ve ever seen”.

“Thank you, Dillon, and you know what, I’ve never heard anyone refer to me as that. So, can you forgive me for getting a little too wrapped up in this? So, Can we keep what happened… a secret?”

Dillon sighed, and then looked at Maria. “One last kiss?”

Maria felt like she was going to throw up in her mouth. “One last kiss” She agreed as she walked him to the door. Kissed him on the lips and closed the door as he left. ‘Oh thank God that was over with’ she thought.

Just as soon as she closed the door the phone rang, she looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Gary, Ross’s older brother. “Hi Gary” she answered.

“Hi Maria, just the lady I wanted to talk to”

“What’s up?”

“So, I talked to Ross, and he said I needed to talk to you” Gary stated almost nervously.

“Obviously I’m not going to like this” Maria insinuated.

“It’s about Cindy”

Maria knew it wasn’t about her daughter Cindy, but Gary’s daughter Cindy. Maria’s daughter and Gary’s daughter were born weeks apart. She made the mistake of telling Gary’s wife at the time that she would be naming her child Cindy. When Gary’s wife gave birth before she did, Gary’s wife named their daughter Cindy. Irritated by this, Maria had no intention of changing her daughters name, so she named her daughter Cindy. Now they both had daughters named Cindy Youngman, and the family ridiculed Maria for copying Gary’s daughters name. Suffice to say, their relationship was off to a rocky start.

“What about Cindy?” Maria asked.

“She’s having some issues in college, her boyfriend dumped her and…”

“Get to the point Gary” Maria said firmly.

“I was hoping she could stay with you, for awhile… Just until the end of the semester. Your home is only a few miles from the college and...”

“No” Maria answered.

“Look, her boyfriend just dumped her, and her friends… well… I think she might do harm to herself, and family would be…”

“Did Ross agree to this?” Maria interrupted.

“He said it would be up to you”

Maria sighed, “Of course he did…”

“Look Maria, I’ll pay room and board”

“Don’t worry about it Gary, I’ll give her till the end of the semester. Mid December. That enough time?”

“Perfect! Then I’ll enroll her in a school in Texas or California. Thanks for doing this Maria”

“Don’t mention it”. Maria hung up the phone, regretting the agreement moments later. While her own daughter Cindy, was a sweet compassionate girl, Gary’s Cindy was the evil counterpart. Maria supposed she wasn’t always like that, her parents divorced when she was 12, but they had fought viciously with each other up until that point. Cindy’s mom was East Indian, and her father a typical redneck - combine that with some family disfunction and Cindy turned out to be a regular fire cracker.


Dillon finally was getting over Maria, and life slowly returning to normal for him. He even started talking to Lisa again. But only after she gave him 1000 dollars to repair the stuff she broke. Lisa wasn’t interested in hooking back up with Dillon, she just wanted information.

One morning Lisa saw Dillon studying in the library “So, are you and Mrs. Youngman doing your thing?” Lisa asked as she sat down with him.

“No that’s long over with”


“Yeah. You know what? I haven’t even apologized to you. Sorry by the way. I know I shouldn’t have…”

“Don’t worry about it” Lisa interrupted “I get it. Mrs. Youngman’s hot” Lisa confessed.

“So weird. She never used to be. She was fat and short. Now she looks like a Goddess”

“The camping trip? That’s when you last saw her before her transition?” Lisa asked.

“Yeah, we were on a hike and she had to stop because she was out of breath. That was the last time I saw her before her transition”.

“Is that the time you found the stone?”

Dillon thought for a while, “You stole my lucky rock!? Didn't you?”

Lisa rolled her eyes, “I saw it, I remembered you said it was lucky, I took it and threw it in the river”

Dillon didn’t overly care, “Too bad, maybe the Rock had something to do with why Mrs. Youngman liked me” Dillon eyes looked up as he reflected. “It’s Crazy… never mind”.

“No tell me” Lisa insisted.

Dillon thought for a moment, “Don’t tell anyone”

“I wont”

“It was like, if I wanted it, she’d do it. Like I didn’t even need to tell her to do it. The whole Supergirl thing, totally my dream girl. And she totally acted like Supergirl”

“Without the powers of course” Lisa insinuated.

Dillon nodded “Obviously” but mentally he couldn’t help but wonder how Maria did certain things. “But it was weird. This one time I was leaving her house, and I remember thinking how badly I wanted to see her cleavage, and then she pulls down her shirt… Right out of the blue, shows me her cleavage… Crazy right?”

Lisa couldn’t help but smile a little, recalling a similar situation. “That is crazy” Lisa replied. “Do you have pictures of how Maria used to look?”

“Uh yeah, I went camping with them the year before last” Dillon claimed as he flicked through his old photos. “There” he said as he zoomed in on her.

Lisa looked at Maria’s frumpy fat stocky body. There was no way in hell that Maria could go from that, to the glorious bomb shell she was now. It was time to get to the bottom of things.


It was six in the evening when the door bell rang. Maria immediately saw that it was Lisa. “I’ll get it!” She hurried to the door, instead of simply opening the door, she opened it went outside and closed the door behind her. “What are you doing here?” Maria asked angrily.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking”


“I saw a picture of you. You were really fat. Like super fat”.


“So, then I got thinking about how impossible it’d be, to go from that” Lisa then gestured to Maria with her hands “To this. Then, I thought about how this” Lisa then gestured to Maria’s body once more. “Would ever consider fucking Dillon. But then suddenly you stopped being with Dillon. How come?”

“Lisa you’re crossing lines!”

Lisa giggled, “I’m a clever girl, and I think I’ve figured you out. Not everything, but some things. There’s a reason why you stopped liking Dillon. I’m willing to bet, you like me now”

“Ridiculous” Maria stated firmly

“But then I thought, if Maria was really into me. Her nipples would become stiff and firm, poking through the thin fabric of her shirt”

Maria swallowed nervously as she crossed her arms over her bust.

Lisa started laughing, “Oh my god! Your nips are so pointy right now, aren’t they?”

“Okay. I think it’s time to leave” Maria stated angrily.

“Is it? Or Is it time you showed me your tits?”

“Are you insane?” Maria asked. There was a pause, but then Maria lifted her shirt. She looked at Lisa, who was intrigued by Maria’s perfection. Maria bit her lower lip finally asking, “Do you like them?”

“I do” Lisa stated mischievously and then asked. “Do you like me?”

Maria shook off her confused state of mind, she lowered her shirt and looked angrily at Lisa. With clenched teeth, she asked, “How are you doing this?”

“How am I doing what?” Lisa asked with a coy smile. “You mean how am I getting you to kneel before me and kiss my boots?”

Maria wanted to do it, she needed to do it. She got down on her knees and kissed Lisa’s boots repeatedly.

Lisa had a massive grin on her face “Come to my house tonight, and I’ll tell you everything. My parents aren’t home and there’s a hot tub in the back, so dress accordingly, 8PM sharp!” Lisa said as she walked away.

Maria got off her knee’s, again shocked by her behaviour “I’m not going to be there” Maria argued.

“We’ll see about that” Lisa grinned.


Lisa was in the hot tub and Maria was a no show. Maybe she overestimated the amount of influence she had on Maria. One thing she was sure of, she did have some influence. She was certain Maria was head over heels for her. There was only one thing she wanted from Maria, and that was her body. Lisa was convinced something supernatural was happening. There was no way Maria’s body was made by hard work and surgery, it had to have been made by magic. Lisa wanted that magic desperately. Lisa was a pretty girl. But she craved that next level beauty Maria had. It was 8:15 PM when she heard someone clearing their throat. Maria stood behind the hot tub, in jeans and a tight white t-shirt.

“You came” Lisa said with a smile.

“I wasn’t going to” Maria said firmly. “Tell me how you’re doing this? Now!” Maria demanded

“Come in the tub, and lets talk about things” Lisa said coyly.

“Missy – you don’t want me as an enemy” Maria stated angrily.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me? I’m not asking you, I’m fucking ordering you! Get in the tub, slut!”

Maria couldn’t believe she found herself wanting to get into the tub with Lisa, especially after being talked to like that. She found Lisa’s authority over her sexy, but a part of her desperately fought for control. “Maria removed her jeans and stepped into the tub with Lisa”.

Lisa smiled as she looked at Maria, who sat uncomfortably across from her. Maria’s hair was up, and she had a look of disgust on her face. “Oh - don’t look at me like that, you are in a hot tub with the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen. You’d do anything for my affection”.

Maria’s facial expression changed, from aggressive to lustful.

Lisa moved in beside her “That’s better. Now, you are going to tell me, how you got to looking like the way you do”

“What do you mean?” Maria asked

“Don’t play dumb! Tell me now. How did you get this body?” Lisa asked as she ran her fingers along Maria’s breast.

Maria gasped and closed her eyes as she felt Lisa’s fingers walked across her boobs, a tingle corresponded with every touch “Okay, I’ll tell you everything, but just squeeze”


“Squeeze them, Squeeze them hard!”

Maria gasped as Lisa pressed deeply into her breasts. Maria grabbed the back of Lisa’s head and began making out with her.

“Mmm” Maria moaned.

Lisa had never been kissed so passionately. She had to admit, she loved it. But Lisa got the feeling Maria loved it even more, it was time to turn things up a notch “If you like that” Lisa stated. “You’re going to love this?” Lisa went under the water, she grabbed Maria’s rear and pushed her head between Maria’s legs and went after Maria’s Nether region, still covered with her black bikini bottom. Her tongue pushed and wiggled the tight smooth fabric directly covering Maria’s most sensitive spots. Maria ‘s mouth opened in shock as Lisa flicked her tongue. Steam began emanating from Maria’s eye’s as her neck jerked backwards and she looked up into the sky. Twin beams of energy fired from Maria’s eyes. Enough power to run the entire town for a week blasted from her pupils, and if she had been looking in any other direction the effect would have been catastrophic. The light from the intense energy partially illuminated the neighbourhood before blasting off into space.

Lisa merged from the water. “How’d that feel?” she asked oblivious to the power Maria displayed.

“I need more” Maria said as she moved toward Lisa.

“Nu-uh. You have to tell how you got your body. Or no more”

“I touched a rock, shaped like a sphere, it turned me into this”

“Wow! So the reason why you obey me is because I have the very same stone… .But then, why didn’t I get your gifts?”

Maria kissed Lisa’s neck, “Is that what you want?” Maria asked, “You want to be me? I can do that for you..”

“NO! I don’t want to be you!” Lisa protested. “I want to be me, but with a body like yours”.

Maria was in an almost hypnotic state, she closed her eyes and thought about how she could possibly grant Lisa’s wish. Maria’s thoughts went deep into her own subconscious. With her eyes still closed she said to Lisa “Imagine yourself with the body of your dreams”

Lisa got excited, ‘is this actually happening?’ She thought as she visualized herself being taller with smooth shapely long legs, with big firm breasts and a flat solid stomach. A rounded pert and full ass.

Maria opened her eyes and looked at Lisa. “Make me cum and you’ll get everything you want”.

Lisa smiled, she went under the water again and began working on Maria below the water.

Maria closed her eyes throughout the experience, as she imagined Lisa. Tall like her, with a fit body and fantastic breasts, and then she began to climax. Maria lifted her wet shirt overtop of her breasts as she massaged them vigorously.

Lisa popped out of the water as they both caught their breath, “A deal’s a deal” Lisa said

Maria nodded, as she stood up so that her large breasts hovered overtop of Lisa’s face.

“What are you doing?” Lisa asked.

Maria smiled, “Suck!”

Lisa noticed a golden drop coming from Maria’s nipple. She sucked on Maria’s large breast, and felt a tingling feeling as the golden drop touched her tongue. Not long after, Lisa gasped, she could feel it. A warm fuzziness coursed through her body. She looked down at her body, it was working. It was most certainly working. Her body seemed to rise out of the water as her legs grew, long shapely and toned just like she dreamed. Her Stomach tightened, and her breasts tingled. Her bathing suit straps strained, as if by magic, her breasts expanded to her dream size.

Lisa stood up, as she expressionlessly looked down at a body that didn’t seem to belong to her. The straps from her bikini top were tight, very tight. Her body was perfect. Impossibly perfect! She looked up at Maria, as if to gauge if she was seeing, what she had just witnessed.

IMG 4375

She finally grabbed her breasts and gasped with pleasure as she confirmed their perfection. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” Lisa screamed as she jumped out of the hot tub and ran inside the house. She looked at herself at a full-length mirror in the mirror. “I’m fucking hot! Like really fucking Hot!”

“You most certainly are” Maria commented.

“Oh my God, are you still here? Don’t you have a family? Go home, I’ll summon you when I need you. Now Shoo!”


“God!?… LEAVE! I got to get changed, there’s a house party tonight, and I can’t wait to make my big reveal”

“Wouldn’t it be fun if we went to the party together” Maria suggested

Lisa rolled her eyes, “Yeah! Cause I’ll be the coolest kid in town when I show with some 40-year-old mom. Would you get the fuck out, already?!”

Maria began walking out of the house, she was sad, she wanted to spend more time with Lisa. But then she snapped out of it, if only for a moment. Maria was fully willing to give that nut job everything, even all of her powers? She Imagined what that crazy bitch would have done with her powers? Now Maria realized how dangerous she personally was. How she herself could be controlled and yielded like a weapon. Evidently, she could even grant people things she had no idea she had the ability to even grant. The stone! She thought. The spherical rock was the key and Lisa had it. She admitted to having it in the hot tub.

Before Maria left the house, she scanned the house with her supervision. She scanned Lisa’s bedroom, there were plenty of shapes and objects that presented itself inside Lisa’s room that looked like the object she looked for. One stood out. It was located between her mattresses. Using her super speed she zoomed into Lisa’s room, lifted her mattress and much to Maria’s relief found the rock.

She drew a sigh of relief but wasted no time as she ran out of the house, flew into the air and literally crashed through her master bedroom window.

“JESUS!” Ross exclaimed as glass flew all over the room.

“Ross grab the rock!” Maria hurried as she tossed it onto their bed


“Just do it!”

“Fine, relax” Ross reached for the rock and felt a weird feeling run through him. “Okay- what just happened?”

Maria had no intention of telling him. The secret was too big, and at no point did she ever want to feel like she was a slave, like the way Lisa made her feel. “Could you do me a favour and put in it in a really safe place for me”

“Uhh sure”

“No… .I mean… Now?”

“Okay sweetie, I’ll do it right now” Ross returned after a few minutes, “Done. Want to tell me what that was all about?”

Maria smiled as she could feel a lust for her husband, a feeling that had dissipated once she received her power, only now to return 10 fold. “Is that a command?” she asked him.

Ross rolled his eyes, “Obviously not. But something happened… Right?”

Maria walked up to him, still in her wet white T-shirt. “Put your hands on my breasts”

Ross did so, but he simply rested them on her breasts. Maria looked at his hands “Now squeeze”

Ross obliged. As he did so, he recognized immediately that something was different, his fingers dimpled deeply into her skin. Ross was able to squeeze his wife’s breasts, and they conformed to the pressure from his finger tips. He looked at Maria in shock, “Maria your powers, is something wrong? Did you lose them?”

“Nope. Things are exactly how they should be” Maria stated as she closed her eyes and savoured her husbands touch.

“How is this possible?” Ross asked just as Maria kissed him. His wife kissed him passionately. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, something she refused to do after gaining her power for fear that she would knock out teeth.

Ross squeezed her breasts, it almost seemed to him that he had super strength. He had become so accustomed to the idea that Maria’s breasts, as perfect as they looked, were concealing a firmness to them not humanly possible. He had to ask, “Do I have superpowers?”

Maria smiled, “Only when it comes to me”

Ross squeezed Maria’s breasts, hard, she closed her eyes and moaned slightly. “Does that hurt?” he asked.

“There’s nothing you can do, that can hurt me” Maria said with a smile.

Ross thought for a moment, “Does this mean we can…”

Maria smiled, “Pick your position”


Lisa got dolled up excitedly, she was eager to show of her new body. She walked out of the washroom. Her dress was tight, her tits were great, and her body was perfection she looked at her back side in the full-length mirror. Her pants were too short now, but that was okay. She had an incredible profile. She couldn’t help but smile, as she wondered which boy she’d flirt with first.

Lisa went into her room to get her purse. As soon as she entered her room she noticed a problem. Her mattress was off kilted. She felt a wave of panic, she rushed over to the mattress and lifted it, already knowing it was gone. “BITCH!” Lisa screamed. “THIEVING BITCH!”

The cab arrived at Lisa's house, but she wasn’t going to the house party, not any more, now she was going to Maria’s home. She was going to make an example out of her, she’d force her to be her lap dog and walk around on all fours. “UggggggggH!” she grumbled as the confused cab driver looked at her in the rear-view mirror.


Maria heard the cab pull up to the house while she pumped her hips over top of Ross, only Ross and her were home, and so Maria didn’t have to worry about the kids answering the door. The door bell rang repetitively.

“Who’s that?” Ross asked.

“Don’t worry about it” Maria said as she felt as though she was going to come. Maria closed her eyes as she savoured the feeling of her husband being inside her.

There was a violent banging at the door. “MARIA I COMMAND YOU, COME HERE NOW!”

“What the hell?” Ross asked as he could easily hear the screaming through the broken window.

Maria became angry, but she wasn’t leaving Ross until she climaxed. Ross watched as his wife re-positioned herself. “Hold on tight” she warned as she became a blur of micro thrusting movements. It lasted all but a few seconds. Maria and Ross gasped at the same time, before she got off him.

Maria pointed downward, “I’m going to go deal with that, can you give me a bit of privacy”


“Do I even want to know?” Ross asked

“You definitely do not”

“Okay” Ross conceded.

Lisa was about to bang the door again when Maria opened the door. “Give it back!”

Maria was wearing jeans and yellow sweater, she leaned along the door frame, “Give what back?”

“Don’t play dumb with me. I know you stole it!”

“Stole what?” Maria asked dumbly

“Listen to me – you fucking whore! Give me back the rock or I swear to god I’ll make you my lap dog. I know what you are…”

“You don’t know who or what I am!” Maria stated angrily “But You REALLY want to know!?” Maria ran away from Lisa, changed downstairs in the guest bedroom and then came back. For Lisa it was a blur, Maria disappeared and mere moments later returned dressed as Superwoman.

“What is that supposed to scare me?” Lisa stated, in truth it did,

“No” Maria said firmly “This is!” Maria grabbed Lisa and the two of them flew into the air. The feeling of speed and cold air overwhelmed Lisa, she couldn’t scream even if she wanted to.

Maria flew just fast enough to scare Lisa, but not fast enough to hurt her. As soon as she was well outside the city limits, she dumped her to the ground.

Lisa hit the dirt, as her purse hit the ground, spilling its contents. She looked up at Maria fearfully. Her breath quivering from the cold and impossible act.

“See this?” Maria said as she floated in mid air with her arms half extended. “You could have had it all” Maria pursed her lips and blew a gust of wind at Lisa, Lisa gasped as she fell backwards and slid. She stopped in mid slide, as a gust of wind now hit her from the opposite direction and pushed Lisa back to Maria. Lisa slid back to Maria’s red boots as Maria gingerly touched down.

Lisa felt like crying, a combination of fear and confusion as she tried to come to grips with the power Maria displayed. “What do you mean? I could have had it all?”

“I wonder what would have happened if you wished to have all my powers? What would a monster like you do, with this kind of power, I wonder?”

Lisa took a few breaths as she cried out “I WISH I HAD ALL OF YOUR POWER!”

“Oh Lisa” Maria pitied as she watched Lisa sneakily grab a fist sized rock from the ground. She turned her back on Lisa, curious as to what she might do with it. “I have the stone now. So the only person who’s in control of me… Is me!” Maria exclaimed with her back turned.

Lisa moved into strike Maria over the head with it. Maria saw it coming from a mile away. Lisa cocked her fist back delivered the strike.

Time practically froze as Maria reflected on how she should handle this moment. There was a lake near by, and she walked over to it and dipped her feet in the perfectly still like water. Even her feet hadn’t generated so much as a ripple. She thought for a moment and then returned to her position.

For Lisa, she saw that she was about to strike Maria over the head, as her fist came down, Maria disappeared but just as suddenly, reappeared. The Rock smashed across Maria’s skull, and Maria fell to the ground.

Maria looked up at Lisa fearfully, “What? My powers!? How?”

Lisa smiled angrily and pounced. She smashed the Rock overtop of Maria’s face. Maria begged for mercy, but Lisa gave her none. She smashed the rock over and over until there was no movement coming from Maria. Despite having delivered intense blows to Maria’s face, Maria didn’t have a blemish on it. A detail Lisa overlooked as she panicked, believing that she had just killed someone.

Lisa began covering Maria with dead leaves and old branches until her body was completely covered. Lisa then went to her purse where she grabbed a pack of matches, she lit one and then lit the pack of matches. She made a small hole in her pile of dead leaves to place the burning pack of matches. It didn’t take long before the leaves combusted into a large fire.

“BURN BITCH!” Lisa yelled as she watched the flames engulf Maria’s body.

The fire extinguished with a mighty bright flash as Maria blasted out of the flames, hovering 6 feet in the air. “You think you can burn a God?”

“Ohmygod ohmygod… please don’t kill me” Lisa cried as she fell backwards.

“I’ll do to you, what you were going to do to me. Is that fair?”

“No Please! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!?” Lisa pleaded.

If Maria was being honest with herself, she knew at no point was she going to hurt Lisa, aside from some bumps and bruises. In a way, she hoped her mind set would change after she witnessed Lisa bang a rock over her head, and light her on fire. The reality was, she could be no more angry at the attempt of causing her pain, than she would a little puppy who tried to eat her. Still something needed to be done. “I’m sorry Lisa, you know too much” Maria said sadly. “But, I’ll leave it up to you on how you die” Maria lifted a boulder and tossed it high into the sky. “Perhaps you’d simply like to go out like this?”

Lisa looked up as the rock blasted straight up into the sky.

“Don’t worry” Maria said coyly, “It’s not coming back down”

“Please… Maria…”

“Or maybe you’d prefer this?” Maria pushed her head forward as two intense beams of heat fired from her eyes into an old oak a dozen feet away from Lisa. The tree exploded, blasting debris and shrapnel everywhere.

Lisa screamed as a piece of shrapnel pierced her arm. “I can leave! And never come back?”

“Hmmm” Maria considered. “Go on?”

“I’ll pick up my things and leave today!”

“What about school?”

“I’ll go to school in a different state – please – I’ll do anything you want” Lisa cried.

Maria contimplated for a while as she walked around a terrified Lisa. “I gave you 10,000 dollars already, and I’ll give you another 10,000 dollars. And if you don’t tell anyone about me, I'll let you keep your body” In truth, Maria had no idea if she could undo the changes she made to Lisa’s body, but Lisa had no idea what Maria could or could not do. “Come back to this town, or even drive by it. I take your body away, and then when you try to explain to anybody how you got your body, I’ll take your life”

“Wait… You’d give me another 10 grand? You’d let me keep my body? You’d do that for me?” Lisa asked

“I’m not going to kill defenseless little girl. But if I feel threatened…”

“No, I promise, I’ll do anything you want”

Maria’s telescopic vision zoomed in on a road, and beyond that road was a small town. She pointed with her finger. “There’s a road, just down there. Turn right on that road and follow it. In a few hours time you’ll come across a town. I’ll find you there, give you your money, and it’ll be up to you to get the hell out of here… Are we clear?”

“Yes… Thank you Maria… But… It’s really cold”

“Go!” Maria demanded


Cindy dreaded the idea of living at her Uncle’s house, but her father insisted on it. Yes, she was getting herself in trouble at school and was almost expelled, but she had a handle on things. She had 3 close friends in college, all 3 betrayed her. Charlotte had cheated with her boyfriend Mark, they did it right on Cindy’s bed. To make matters worst, her two other friends Shannon and Melanie, knew about the arrangement the entire time. They insisted that Cindy had it coming, they believed that Cindy had cheated on their boyfriends in the past. In fact, she did, but the girls didn’t have proof of this, so retaliating against her seemed ridiculous to her.

Despite the fact, that she literally caught Charlotte screwing Mark. In hindsight it seemed like a deliberate production in intent and design, as if Charloette planned to get caught. It was when she decided to forgive Mark that she learned the awful truth. That Mark had always been obsessed with Charlotte, that the only reason why he agreed to date Cindy was that Charlotte promised him three dates and a guaranteed fuck if he went through with the plan.

The plan was simple, make Cindy fall head over heels for Mark. A task which was made easier considering how much Cindy was already into him. The plan was set, and the results were devastating for Cindy. Mark had to physically restrain Cindy from tearing Charlotte apart.

A week later she had no contact with Charlotte or the girls, but she heard that Charlotte and Mark had gone on 3 dates and called it quits. She was eager to get back together with Mark, and that was when she discovered the ugly truth.

After insisting that they go out again, and getting a bit too touchy feely with Mark, Mark firmly rejected all of her advances, until it became too much. Then he laid out his intentions, that the only reason why he agreed to go out with her, was so that he could have a chance with Charlotte. That all of her friends were in on the deception, that she was a joke. And that fucking a packy was the hardest thing he had ever had to do.

The verbal shots came in like a flurry, each one hitting like hammers, none more devastating as the last insult. Like a boxer who had just been punched to near knockout, the last one punched Cindy back to her senses. To say she created a scene would be the understatement of the year. Cindy lost her shit, attacked Mark with a ferocity, even Mark’s size and girth genuinely had a hard time restraining.

The police investigated, and concluded that the fight was consensual, despite the fact that Mark hadn’t thrown a punch, and that he looked like he’d been in a cage with a tiger. Narrowly avoiding expulsion Cindy plotted angrily. Alcohol and drug use turned her rage into a depression, and now she was at the end of her rope.

Her father, who loved her deeply, knew Cindy well and concocted a story that her cousin Cindy needed someone to talk to. That for her cousin’s benefit, she should stay with her uncle until the end of the semester. Cindy reluctantly agreed.

Cindy knew what to expect, but when she arrived at the household Maria’s new look caused her jaw to drop. Like Maria’s family when they first saw her transition, it took some time for Cindy to get used to how hot Maria had become. She sat down with her cousin Cindy outside on the patio discussing it.

“Don’t you think it’s strange?” Cindy asked, “How hot your Mom got?”

“Definitely!” Her cousin agreed. “But it is what it is…”

“And your house is always so clean… It wasn’t before… And, I don’t even notice anyone cleaning it”.

“Mom had to quit her job, so she could take the time off for the surgery and the recovery time. For whatever reason, she likes cleaning the house now”

“How long was your Mom gone for?”

“Three months… Maybe more” her cousin answered before changing the topic. “Have you ever been to Maui?”

“I’ve been to the big island, but not that one. Why?”

“I’m going next week!”

“That’s awesome… but… so… You’re going to leave me alone with your family?”

“Relax, I’ll be back in a week’s time. How long are you staying with us?”

“Just to the end of the semester”.

“Hi ladies” A voice interrupted them.

“Hey Brent!’ Cindy greeted her boyfriend, “This is my cousin, Cindy”

“Cindy and Cindy… Interesting” Brent said curiously.

“Tell you what, call me Cinder, that’s what my friends used to call me”

“I have to use the washroom, hang out with Cinder for a bit, I’ll be right back” Cindy said to her boyfriend.

Cinder waited for Cindy to go inside, “Cindy forgot to mention that she was dating a stud”

“Thanks – I’m flattered” Brent stated shyly.

Cinder unbuttoned her jacket and propped her elbow on the chair, “So Brent… Tell me about yourself”.

IMG 4364

Brent glanced at Cinder’s chest, she couldn’t help but smile. Cinder was a modest C cup, but compared to Cindy her chest was enormous, Brent was obviously intrigued.

Brent talked to Cinder for awhile before Cindy returned, she immediately noticed, despite the cool weather Cinders had unbuttoned her coat. She was disappointed with her cousin “So, should we go?” she said to Brent

“Aww where are you guys going? Do you mind a third wheel?” Cinder asked

“Sorry Ciner, we have to plan our trip, but we’ll hang out when we get back” Cindy stated as she dragged Brent away.


A week had past, and within that week life had seemed to return to normal. Except for the arrival of, the other, Cindy. Ross had asked Maria to be especially kind to Cindy, and to his shock that was exactly how she behaved to her. Even as Cindy made remark after remark about Maria’s body, she seemed to take it with a grain of salt. Cindy of course was being especially complimentary, Afterall Maria’s body could not be legitimately criticized, it was the way she demeaned her old body which was truly insulting.

Having Cindy in the house wasn’t as bad as everyone thought. Both Cindy’s seemed to get along, but Cindy made sure her boyfriend Brent didn’t come visit.

Maria loved waiting on Ross, every day she was eager to satisfy any of his pleasures. Only seven days since he touched the stone, Ross was literally in heaven. As time passed, all Ross needed to do was think of what he wanted and without suggesting it, Maria would deliver.

Working in the garage, Ross simply thought that he could use a Beer, and Maria would deliver. Thinking he’d love to have lasagna, sure enough Maria cooked it. If he wanted to see Maria in a particular dress, sure enough she’d be in it.

Ross was in paradise, and maybe it was that bliss that caused him to lose sight of what was obviously happening. Somehow, Maria was his slave. The thought should have crossed his mind sooner. But now that he thought of it, he needed to resolve it.

The day had finally arrived when Cindy would leave for Hawaii, they were all at the dinner table chatting. Brent’s parents picked up Cindy and they left to the airport.

Now Maria Kaylen and Ross’s niece were all at the dinner table talking when Ross noticed his strudel was cold. His wife was walking by and so he lifted his plate “Hey sweetie, can you warm this up?” he asked, assuming his wife would put it into the microwave.

Maria placed her hands on her hips and slightly squinted her eyes, “That warm enough for you?”

Cindy and Kaylen were busy having their own conversation, they didn’t realize what transpired. The rays that left Maria’s eyes were invisible. Still, it would have been a curious sight to see the strudel miraculously heat up. Ross finished having dinner, and Maria insisted that she would clean up. She even refused Cindy’s offer to help. Ross finally realized he needed to address the issue.

He got into his bedroom and simply said, “Maria we need to talk”

Maria literally zipped up the stairs and appeared in front of him, “What is it Ross?”

“Are you happy?”

“Of course, I’m happy! The question is, are you happy?”

“How could I not be? You’re literally perfect!”

Maria smiled, “Perhaps I should be rewarded for my perfection?” Maria stated as she draped her arms over Ross’s shoulder.

Ross had slept with his wife a dozen times a day since he touched the stone, even though he was in the mood, yet again, he needed to focus on the conversation. “I don’t know sweetie… I’m thinking you should start working out”

“I can do that!” Maria announced happily.

“Yeah, maybe start now. I’m thinking a thousand push ups, and thousand squats. But at regular speed”.

Maria turned into a blur as she put on her work out clothes. “I’d love to do that” she exclaimed as she began doing push ups. She did them at normal speed but even though her count reached 100, her momentum didn’t strain in the least.

Ross read the news paper the entire time when he finally suggested, “Doug Peterson and I were thinking of going hunting next week. You know what would be cool, if you came along. You could use your superpowers to help us spot a deer. Hell, you can even use those laser eyes to kill one”

Maria was still doing push-ups when she responded, “I’d love to do that, I can’t wait!”

Ross had seen enough, he should have seen it earlier. Whoever this was, it wasn’t his wife. “Maria you hate working out. And you detest hunting”

Maria continued doing push-ups, “Ross, you're being ridiculous. I just love spending time with you. I always have”.

“I’d very much like you to finish doing your push -ups, but anytime you wish to stop. You can” Ross suggested.

“If you don’t mind” Maria said, “I’d like to finish my work out”

“No, you don’t. Maria! You’re doing it because I asked you too”

“Ridiculous” Maria commented as she continued her push ups.

“So, you really want to do push – ups?”


“Okay, but I want you to stop now”

Maria stopped and stood up, she had done 367 push ups and hadn’t even broke a sweat.

“I thought you wanted to do push-ups?” Ross asked.

“I thought you wanted me to stop?”

“Maria I’m trying to get you to see, that you’re not in control, as much you’d like to think you are”

“Now that’s ridiculous!” Maria claimed

“Come here my darling” Ross asked.

Maria came to him and Ross took her hands. “Maria, I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I should have figured this out earlier”

“Figured what out?”

“Maria, will you obey me?”

“Of course” Maria stated.

“Then listen to me carefully” Ross stated sternly. “I want my wife back, I want her to have her own free will, as she has always had”.

“Don’t ask for that” Maria stated angrily.

“I’m not asking, I’m demanding it, I’m wishing for it!”

Maria felt light headed, and then she fell onto her knee.

“Are you okay?” Ross asked

Maria blinked a few times, “I think so”

“How do you feel?”

“The same… but different” Maria thought for a moment, “Ask me… No… Demand that I sleep with you!” Maria insisted.

Ross smiled, “I demand that you sleep with me”

Maria tapped her husband on the nose playfully, “No!”

Ross rolled his eyes, “I’m glad that I’m being rewarded for figuring this out”

“And how long did it take you to figure it out?” Maria asked.

“As soon as you started working out, then I knew fore sure, but I had been suspicious for a few days. You’re not mad are you?”

“Well you did get me to do a thousand push ups”

“I was just trying to prove a point”.

“I know” Maria teased.

“That girl who was screaming outside the window, did she have control of you?” Ross asked.

“Unfortunately” Maria sighed

“That’s why you needed the ten grand? To give to her. Did she make you do anything bad with your powers?”

“She didn’t know I had superpowers… thank God. But don’t worry, I paid her another ten thousand. She’s out of our hair”.

“Maria what would happen, if someone else touches the stone?”

“I suppose they’d control me, like you were able to”

Ross thought about the implications “I’m not saying this to flatter you… but, your God like. I’m terrified what someone might do if they get a hold of that stone. Imagine what that girl would be capable of, if she knew what you were capable of”

Maria nodded, “I know”

“We have to get rid of that stone”. Ross concluded

Maria nodded again, “I’ll probably lose my powers. Probably this body”

“I’m okay with it… If your okay with it. If that’s what you’re asking” Ross answered.

Maria and Ross headed for the garage. Ross moved the freezer, underneath the freezer was a large crack in the paving, and within that crack was the marble like stone.

Ross handed it to Maria, “What are you going to do with it?”

“The only thing I can do… Get rid of it”

“Where?” Ross asked.

Maria pointed up

“you’re going to throw it into space. I know your strong but…”

“I was thinking more like… flying it to outer space”

Ross couldn’t help but half laugh at the notion, his wife was talking like she’d just fly into space as if it were no different than going to a convenience store.

They left through the back door together, and then Ross watched as Maria bent her knees and took to the air. She flew fast and straight, until she was in outer space. Maria flew out deeper into space and then she looked at the stone one last time, and then tossed it toward the sun. She couldn’t help wonder, would her powers be eliminated once the stone burned up? Maria was a responsible woman, she knew that, despite how good her powers felt, nobody should have that kind of power. If she were to return to the way she was… So be it! She declared as she watched the stones journey for a little longer before turning around for home.

Ross was in the kitchen, when Maria came through the back door. “It’s done. I suspect that it’ll be destroyed soon, and I’ll lose my powers. Probably revert back to my old self” she said as she placed a dusty rock on the kitchen counter.

“I’m proud of you” Ross insisted, “What’s that?” he said as he looked at the chunky rock Maria left on the table.

“A souvenir”

Ross slightly laughed “You went to the moon”

Maria smiled “I went to the moon”

“Incredible” Ross Muttered.

“So” Maria said with a smile “Wanna test drive these while you still can?” Maria said as she pressed her breasts together giving Ross sight he wouldn’t soon forget.

“Absolutely!” Ross exclaimed,


The stone like sphere hurdled toward the sun, its momentum slowed for thousands of kilometers, but suddenly it stopped and reversed its direction, as if some sort of tether had pulled it back. The marble like stone sped back to earth, it past the moon and then entered the atmosphere.


Dillon was on his way to Kaylen’s house to drop off his x-box game. He no longer enjoyed going inside Kaylen’s house. It was way too awkward for him. His intention was to drop the game off in the mail box.


Maria closed her eyes as her husband ran his hands all over her body, she ripped his pants off and pushed him onto the bed. Maria got on top of him, and let her large full breasts run down his face and chest before she sat on top of him, and began pumping her hips softly.


The stone burned through the atmosphere over the Atlantic, and it’s trajectory suggested it would splash into the ocean, but it did not, it continued toward the Eastern sea board, the wind cooling it from the extreme temperatures it had reached. The stone travelled across the mid west, it travelled with purpose. As the stone passed over Maria’s home, it stopped in mid flight and simply freefell to the earth.


Maria smiled at her husband as she assumed a cross legged sitting position. She used her flight power to simply bounce up and down while Ross was still inside her. “I call this the genie position” Maria said, trying not too laugh.


Dillon heard a thump, as a sphere like stone landed and then bounced on the Youngman’s lawn. Dillon walked over to inspect it. There it was, his lucky rock, ever since he lost it, he’d always wondered if this was the reason why Maria had liked him. How could it be here? WHo threw it? He reached down and picked up the stone, and the same tingling sensation ran through his body.


Ross screamed in pain, and tried to push Maria off of him.

Maria saw that Ross was in severe pain, and so she carefully got off him. He was bruised, and sore, but he would live. But Maria could sense something was wrong, very wrong. She used her X-ray vision and spotted Dillon with the stone.

“Oh No! No! No! No!” Maria cried.

“It’s okay… I think I’ll be okay” Ross stated, believing his wife was sad about hurting him.

“I have to go. I’ll be right back!”


Was this why Maria liked him? Because he had the stone, Dillon wondered as he looked at the remarkable sphere. He smiled, as he conceded, he’d be smarter about it this time. Dillon put the stone in his pocket and left back for home.

Dillon got all the way to his house and walked up the driveway when he saw Maria waiting for him.

“Give me the stone Dillon” she said firmly.

“What are you talking about Mrs. Youngman? What stone?” He replied dumbly.

“Please Dillon. I need it. I can see it bulging out of your pocket”

Dillon keyed in his garage code, as Maria eyed him with irritation.

“Dillon… I need the stone… Now!”

“I’d like to keep it though” Dillon answered

“Okay, I can accept that” Maria answered.

Dillon was taken back by the unusually quick reversal. He reminded himself of the power the stone had, he tested it further. “You should take your jacket off”

Maria obliged.

Dillon looked at Maria’s chest, she was wearing a green t-shirt, the fabric conforming perfectly to her incredible body. “I’ll tell you what, flex your boobs twice if you like me, and once if you don’t”

Maria flexed her breasts twice, the rhythmic bounce of large breasts immediately turned Dillon on. He motioned for her.

Maria knew that as soon as he touched her body, she’d lose control. She used all of her strength, all of her will, for one last fight. One last plea. “Dillon, I don’t want to be with you! I love my husband! Please don’t do this to me! I’m begging you”

Maria gasped, as Dillon did it anyways. She kissed Dillon passionately as Dillon squeezed her breasts.

“Yes! Yes! Squeeze them hard!” Maria insisted,

Dillon stopped.

“Why are you stopping?” Maria asked

“This isn’t right”

“I’m sorry about what I said before, forget I said it…” Maria insisted as she attempted to guide his hands to her breasts.

“No… You’re right. I just, need time to think” Dillon said as he sat down and pondered.

“Dillon listen…”

“Quiet please” Dillon insisted,

Maria remained quiet.

A thought, popped into Dillon’s head, could it work? Why not give it a try, he thought “Could you transfer whatever you are to Cindy?”

“Which Cindy?”

Dillon laughed, “The only Cindy you have living at your home”

“I could do that, but Cindy won’t remember you like I do…”

“But she would like me, because I have the stone. Right?”


Dillon nodded, “And if I do this, would you keep your body?”

“If you wish”

Dillon again thought about it. Cindy was good looking as she was, if he asked for her to have the same body as Maria, it would be extremely suspicious. No. He needed to be smart, methodical and not greedy. But, her boob size could use a little more upsizing. “If I wish that you give, whatever it is you have, to Cindy. I want Cindy to look the same, except her boobs should be three times… No… four times bigger!”

“I can do that”

“And I don’t want you to remember us, you and I… Didn’t happen, Never happened!”

Maria nodded.

“Neither Cindy, or you, will have no recollection of what happened”

“Is that what you wish?”

“That is what I wish”


Cinder was getting ready to go out, she was in the bedroom’s washroom doing her eyelashes. As she felt she was in the privacy of her own room she was just wearing black high waisted jeans, and no top, as she looked carefully at herself in the mirror. Cinder had no idea where she’d go, but she was sure she wasn’t going to be cooped up in the basement all night. No she was going to get drunk, maybe high.

She paid far too much attention to herself, not realizing that Maria was looking at her through the open bathroom door. Cinder covered her chest in shock, “Oh my God Aunt Maria! Don’t you knock?!” Cinder walked past Maria and went to grab a shirt to cover herself, but Maria grabbed her by the shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Cinder asked

“This won’t hurt” Maria stated in a neutral voice.

“Want won’t hurt?” Cinder asked almost nervously.


Maria ripped open her shirt, her heart began to glow, and then her breasts became bright. SO bright, Cinders had to shield her eyes. “What the Fuck!”

Cinders gasped as the energy blasted into her. Like a whirlwind, her body absorbed all the light. Cinder’s hair was blown backwards and her body seemed to be fighting against a powerful wind, although everything in the room was undisturbed. It was done, Cinders blinked multiple times.

Maria simply turned toward the bedroom door and walked out.

But Cinders transformation was far from done. Lightning bolts began sparking from her body. The snapping sound the electric bolts made, felt wonderful. Her eyes began to glow, and so too did her nipples. Light and radiation emitted from her body with such intensity that it shone through the walls and ceiling. Cinder rested her hands-on top of her breasts as they became larger. Her nipples became even brighter as bolts of electricity sparked from her glowing nipples.

IMG 4365

Her eyes closed, and her illuminous body darkened. The room was now pitch black as every light within it had ben destroyed. Cinders blinked a few times, before lying down and going to sleep.

One thing was certain, tomorrow would be an entirely different day. An important day. A day she’d remember she awoke to discover she'd transformed into a God, an extremely vengeful God

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