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Involuntarily Djinn Part 3

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Involuntarily Djinn part 3


Cinder opened her eyes, but something was different. Much different. For one, she wasn’t groggy whatsoever, she felt as though she had already been up for hours, she felt revitalized, strong and energetic. But that was the least of what was different.

Her vision had a clarity she hadn’t dreamed possible. The most mundane objects which surrounded her peaked her interest like never before. She could even look across the room and see a spec of dust on a counter as if it were a small fur ball. She felt like a blind man, opening his eyes and seeing for the first time. But then she listened, she heard Kaylen on the phone. The neighbors bickering about something, but in on one of the most telling conversations of her life, she listened to Maria and Ross. She moved her hair away from her ear as she focused her hearing to them talking upstairs in their bedroom.

“So no powers what-so-ever?” Ross asked.

“Absolutely none.” Maria replied

“How do you feel about that?”

“I don’t know. I got so used to having powers, I forgot what normal feels like.” Maria answered.

“So. What does normal feel like?”

“It sucks! It really really sucks.” Maria confessed.

“Aww come here.” Ross hugged his wife. They had both assumed that the object that gave her power was destroyed by the Sun, and that its destruction had stripped her of her power. Ross was however quite thankful that the same was not true for her looks. Maria’s body was unchanged.

“I’m really going to miss flying.” Maria moped.

Cinder mouthed the word silently, “Flying?”

“You were the perfect Superwoman. I can’t imagine anyone with that kind of power, who’d use it so responsibly.” Ross replied.

Cinder mouthed another word silently, “Superwoman?” And then she stood up and went to her closet. She remembered when she unpacked her things, she found nearly a dozen different Supergirl costumes. Cinder walked over to the closet and looked once again at all the Supergirl costumes tucked in the corner. “Okay … what is going on?” Cinder turned to the door and grabbed the knob, it squashed within her grip. “Oh my God.”. Anything and everything Cinder grabbed pulverized within her grip. “Am I fucking high?” she had to ask herself.

Cinder finally went upstairs, cautiously. As soon as she stepped upstairs she saw Kaylen eating cereal at the kitchen table.

Kaylen looked up at her and did a double take. Kaylen had seen his cousin come into the kitchen before in the exact same attire, but something was definitely different. He didn’t mince words. “Cinder? Have your boobs always been that big?”1

Cinder looked down, she hadn’t even noticed until now. They were bigger, most certainly bigger. Just before she responded the doorbell rang.

“That’s probably Dillon.” Kaylen assumed and left the kitchen.

Cinder grabbed her breasts, they were large, firm and round. Much larger, rounder and firmer. She looked under her shirt and mouthed the words “Holy fuck.”. Cinder went back downstairs to get a better look in privacy. She removed her shirt and looked at a pair of tits that hadn’t existed 12 hours ago. “Oh my God.” she whispered as she flexed her chest, getting the softest part of her body to bounce. Her breasts were firm, they were perky, and they were massive. Cinders smiled brightly, was this actually happening?”

Cinder needed to be around people, if only for confirmation of what every sense of her being was telling her was true. She hurried into her work out gear not realizing that she had changed in a split second. Cinder ran her hands down her body. She wore a tight grey t-shirt with the words GRL PWR on the chest. The shirt was tight, so tight that It had usually flattened her chest if she wasn't wearing a sports bra with padding. Not anymore, even without a bra her breasts easily fought off the compressing factors of her tight shirt. It was a miracle that her shirt hadn’t ripped.2

Cinder rushed over to her phone and raised it to get a good selfie of herself, if anything to confirm that what she was seeing was in fact real. She looked at her fantastic body and how great she looked. Oh, it was real all right. Everything was real, everything was so amazing surreal and very real! She posted her pic to a social media account with the caption, ‘does this shirt make my boobs look bigger?’

She couldn’t wait for the reactions, now she needed to get out of the house.


Kaylen opened the door for Dillon. “Hey, I’ll be ready to go in a bit. Help yourself to a drink in the fridge.”.

“Is your sister around?” Dillon asked, “I have to ask her something.”

“Nah, she’s in Hawaii for a week.”

‘Hawaii’ Dillon thought, ‘well that sucks. That really sucks!’. Dillon entered the kitchen just as Cinder got up the stairs.

They both looked at each other lustfully. “Oh hi.” Dillon broke off the awkward moment.

“Hi.” Cinder stated somewhat confused, one look at Dillon she’d easily concede that he definitely wasn’t her type. Yet she was most certainly into him.

“Who are you?” Dillon asked.

“You can call me Cinder, I’m Kaylen’s cousin. Just staying here for another week.”

The most embarrassing moment of Dillon’s life followed as he stared at Cinder’s breasts and then said, “I wish you’d stay here longer.”.

“Uhh Okay, I’m going to go.” Cindy said as she left through the back door. But as she left the house, two pressing thoughts resounded in her head. Why the hell was she into that guy? And, of course she should stay longer at the Youngman’s home, why should she have to switch schools?” Cinder did a few stretches, before she ran from the back yard onto the street. It was literally a blur. She travelled from the backyard to the street in an instant. Did that happen? Was she high? Come to think of it, where did she end up going out last night? The reality was, she had no recollection what had happened last night. She remembered getting dressed to go out and then… nothing.

Cinder began running as she literally zipped through the town. It didn’t take her long to realize that she could reach impossible speeds. She began running West, out of the town, out over acres of farm fields, across a lake, over rough terrain until she found herself in the mountains. “HOW THE FUCK!?” She screamed as her voice echoed for hundreds of miles.

Cinder thought back to the conversation she heard, “Superwoman.” she said out loud. She was super-fast, she did have super hearing. Could she be Superwoman? Cinder walked over to a boulder, no bigger than a meter in width and height. She went to kick it, and was right about to, but she held off the full extent of her strength, worried she might break her foot. Even still the effect was dramatic. The boulder launched into the air, it sailed high into the sky before smashing into pieces as it collided with the side of a mountain.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?!” She screamed again, her voice causing reverberations and a small earth quake. Did she cause that? One way to find out, she thought. She screamed as loud as she could, and as soon as she stopped, she heard the rumbles of the earth.

Cinder made a fist and began driving it into the ground. Her petite, but dull fist cut into the stony ground like a hot knife through butter. “How?” she wondered out loud.

‘Fly!’ She thought… ’Her aunty would miss flying’. So did that mean? Her shocked expression turned into a wide mouth smile as her feet left the ground. “FUCK OFF!” she screamed as she floated higher and higher. It didn’t take long for her to understand her flight powers, if she wanted to go faster just flex her calves. If she wanted to go right, just lean right. Understanding her flight powers felt as natural as walking or running. She rocketed into the air Flying freely and soaring effortlessly in the air. She even flew next to a passenger plane, as she casually waved to some of the passengers before veering off. She flew for some time, before landing on a mountain top.

She had powers, incomprehensible powers. But now she regretted not paying attention to comics and super heroes. What other powers did she have? She wondered. She tried remembering the movie man of steel, one of the only superhero moves she’d ever watched. She remembered a few scenes from that movie, she remembered Superman getting shot in the eyeball. Ridiculous she thought. But then she remembered Superman getting blasted in the chest with a Gatling gun, she couldn’t help laughing thinking how much better that scene would be if it were her boobs deflecting all those bullets. Then she remembered Superman blowing, she remembered thinking how ridiculous it was that Superman could blow so hard. She looked across the cliff and noticed mountain goats feeding on an adjacent cliff. ‘Well here goes nothing’ she thought as she began inhaling deeply.

As air filled her lungs, she already knew she’d be able to blow hard, but when she pursed her lips and finally blew not even her wildest imagination prepared her for the end result. A gust of wind left her lips at such a pace nearby clouds changed their directions dramatically. The wind hit the opposite cliff side and every mountain goat was blasted high into the sky, past the mountain they were grazing on and smashing into the cliff side of the adjacent mountain.

Cinder couldn’t help but laugh as her Supervision zoomed in on the goats as their bodies crashed into the next mountain. She directed her super breath to the clouds and gleefully watched as the clouds soared away. Oh! This was a dream, a magnificent dream come true she thought. Then she envisioned what she could do to those who had crossed her. A smile crept on her face as she stepped on a large stone, and then effortlessly crushed it.

She would have stayed there all day, but she reflected on what her aunt had said, and now worried that there was so much more information she was missing out on. She hurried back home.


Dillon and Kaylen returned after going to a games shop. Dillon said he was going to use the washroom, but instead he sought out Maria. She was folding laundry when he knocked on the door.

“Hi Mrs. Youngman.”

“Oh, hi Dillon. You and Kaylen back so soon?”

“Yeah, just left to pick up a game… So, do you remember what we discussed last night?”

“We discussed something last night?” Maria asked.

“You don’t remember?”

Maria contorted her face in confusion, “Not at all. Want to remind me?”

“Sorry, maybe it wasn’t last night, maybe it was a while ago.”

“Okay… What was it about?”

“Just about Cindy.”

“What about Cindy?” Maria asked.

“Umm we were talking about colleges.” Dillon lied, “And you told me that Cindy was planning on going to a particular one. I wanted to know the name.”

“I think she was planning to go to King’s college, but she hasn’t made up her mind.”

“Cool, when is she getting back. Wouldn’t mind asking her myself.”.

“She’ll be back next Sunday.”

“Thanks.” Dillon stated as he left the laundry room. ‘So, how did this work?’ He wondered. Was Cindy secretly crushing on him in Hawaii. Were her boobs bigger? He was eager to find out. He hung out with Kaylen for a while longer before anxiously departing his house to creep on Cindy’s face book page, Hoping to see if she posted anything new and if she looked any different.

Unbeknownst to Kaylen and Dillon, Cinder had snuck back in the house. She watched Dillon for some time and waited for him to leave before she engaged with Kaylen. “So, what’s his deal?”

“Who, Dillon?”


“What do you mean?”

“Does he have a girlfriend?” Cinder asked.

“Are you seriously into Dillon? Really!?

“I don’t know – he’s kind of cute… I guess.”

Kaylen laughed.

“What?” Cinder asked.

“I don’t know… It’s been an F’d up year. First, he starts dating Lisa, then it almost seemed like Mom was into him, and now you like him.”.

“I never said I liked him. I was just curious. Wait… Your mom?”

“You never heard that from me.” Kaylen backtracked “But I’ll Tell you what. Put on a Supergirl costume, go to his house and ask if he’d like to go to comicon… And guaranteed, he’s all yours. I think he's even going to a Comicon tommorrow"

“He likes Supergirl does he?”

“He’s practically obsessed.”

“Interesting.” Cinder added as she walked away from Kaylen and then up the stairs, her X-ray vision already confirming where Maria was. She walked in on her in the laundry room. “Hi Aunt Maria.”

“Oh hi.” Maria said surprised that Cinder was behind her.

“What are you up to?”

Maria glanced at Cinder’s chest, before quickly looking back at her eyes “I was thinking of what to make for dinner. Any advice?”

“Actually, actually I’m here for your advice.”


“If you had superpowers? What would be the first thing you’d do?” Cinder asked.

Maria’s heart sped up, “That’s an odd question, why do you ask?”

“Silly really. College assignment.”

“Your college is asking you what you’d do with Superpowers?”

“I know… Right?”

“I guess I’d try to understand those powers, before I did anything.”

“Hmm Interesting. Thanks Auntie.” Cinder said as she left back down the stairs. Cinder smiled as her aunt did what she had predicted, she'd gone to the garage and spoke to her uncle about what was discussed. Her super hearing not missing out a single word.

“Ross. I think we might have a problem.” Maria exclaimed.

“What is it?” Ross asked as he stopped what he was doing and paid attention to his wife.

“I think Cindy might have my powers.”

“My brothers kid? Or our Cindy?”

“Your brother’s kid!”

Ross laughed, “Trust me, if she had that kind of power the world would already know about it. Why do you think that?”

“She asked what I’d do with Superpowers.”

“That’s it?”

Maria paused, “Her chest is bigger… Much bigger!”

“Does she look different… Like you do?”

“No. I guess not.”

“She’s not taller? more fit? Legs that go up for days? He said with a smile as he looked at his wife.”

“No… but…”

“Maria you’ve gone from listening to everything, knowing everything. Being able to do anything, to being mortal… being one of us. I can see how that might make you paranoid. Maybe she’s just wearing a different bra? Maybe it’s that time of the month? Who knows.”

“Yeah. You’re right.” Maria conceded.

“Do you miss your powers?” Ross asked.

“More than you know. But I don’t miss being controlled. Being controlled by Lisa was awful. Did I tell you she made me worship her?”

“What?” Ross asked with surprise.

“Right outside our door. She literally told me to get on my knee’s and kiss her feet.”

“And you did it?”

Maria half laughed “Yeah. It was like, I needed her so badly! I couldn’t resist her. Like a part of my soul was being held hostage by her.”

“Well, thank God you don’t have to deal with that anymore.”

Maria nodded in agreement. “I will say, having super powers was nice. But being controlled like that was absolutely awful. Thank God I have a person like you in my life, that was responsible enough to do the right thing.”

Cinder picked up all the information she needed. The power they discussed were hers now, but what did Maria mean she was being controlled? Now Cinder was suspicious of Dillon. She crushed on Dillon too hard, more than anyone she’d ever met before. But his body type wasn’t anything like her usual type. He was half the size of Mark, her ex, and he was a total geek… And not in the ‘going to be rich someday’ geek kind of way. Cinder wasn’t going to be manipulated like Maria had, she would cautiously try to get to the bottom of things. She’d be careful, she’d be smart, and she’d be sure no one was in control of her


The next day was a Sunday and Dillon and a few of his friends, not including Kaylen had gone to a comic-on. They checked out the scene, and obviously the hot girls dressed in cosplay. But there was one that was extremely hot, and familiar. It was Kaylen’s cousin.

“Holy shit!” Dillon whispered.

The guys he was with looked at the girl. “Fuck she’s hot!” one of them said.

“I know her!” Dillon stated excitedly.

“No you don’t.”

“That’s Kaylen’s cousin.” Dillon argued just as Cinder looked at him.

She was wearing an ultra-tight, blue leotard with an elongated Red S that ran all the way down her voluptuous body. She smiled as she looked at Dillon. “Oh, Hi Dillon, what are you little maniacs up to?” she asked.3

“You’re into cosplay?” Dillon asked.

“No.” Cinder replied as she looked down her body, “This is how I usually dress.”

One of Dillon’s friends nudged him, as if to say, stop asking stupid questions.

Cinder pretended to look around knowing Dillon and his friends stole looks at her chest as she pretended be looking for someone else. “I was supposed to meet some friends here, but I can’t find them anywhere. And as you guys can probably see, I don’t exactly have a spot for my phone.”

“Want to hang out with us? Until you find your friends.” Dillon’s friend asked.

“Yeah… sure… why not.”

“What’s your name?” Dillon’s friend asked.

“Call me Cinder.”

“Cool name.”

“Thanks.” Cinder replied. Cinder wasn’t meeting anyone, she was there for Dillon, but it was Dillon’s friends who did all the talking. Dillon himself remained quiet and shy. Cinder had fun playing with the little nerds, she didn’t need x-ray vision to see that they wanted her.

“So are you dressed as Obsession?”

“Who?” Cinder asked.

“Superman 574… I think that’s right… Or maybe it was…”

“Yes.” Cinders replied, “That’s exactly who I am going as.”.

“Cool, why did you choose her?”

“Umm, just liked the costume… I guess.”

The rest of the day was perhaps the longest day of Cinders life. The one bonus was that she got to hang with arguably the best-looking person she had ever seen in her life, Dillon. But in a way, Cinder was conflicted. She believed she was scheming for answers, but she also acknowledged that she was doing something which most likely was right up Dillon fetish isle. She had to ask herself, was this really her scheme? Or Dillon’s?

They hung out for most of the day, Dillon only said a few words as he mostly kept to himself. By the end of the day, Cinder finally told Dillon’s friends that she needed to talk to Dillon about a private matter regarding her cousin. Dillon’s friends left, and Cinder and Dillon found themselves walking down a residential street alone.

Dillon would have given anything for a scenario like this, walking down a street with Superwoman. Especially one as hot as Cinder, But reality was much more awkward than fiction. Practically every car that drove by stared or honked, some even yelled out dirty slurs.

“HEY SUPER SLUT! WANNA FUCK!” Someone called from a car as it passed.

Dillon noticed his shoes were untied, but just before he tied them, he said, “Now would be a great time to use your laser vision if you got it.” he joked as he kneeled and began tying his shoes.

Cinder’s eyes squinted, her eyes sparkled briefly before twin beams contacted the car well down the road. Upon contact the car erupted into intense flames, but still continued down the street before crashing into a parked car. Cinder’s mouth was wide open in shock.

As Dillon stood back up, she took him by his arm. “Let’s go this way!” directing him away from the scene of the crash.

“Umm okay… Why?”

“Because it’s the long way.” she said hintingly.

Cinder couldn’t believe what had transpired, she likely killed the occupants of the car. But that didn’t matter to her in the least. She fried a car with her eyes, with her fucking eyes! She thought triumphantly, how cool was that?

Meanwhile Dillon took notice that Cinder’s mind was somewhere else, but their elbows were locked. He began thinking about what had happened previously, after he had touched the stone. His first day of school, Lisa was into him. Sure, she didn’t have the body of Cinder or Maria, but she had a beautiful face. He threw Lisa away for Maria. He was willing to bet the same thing was going to happen with Cinder, like some sort or satirical loop. He was sure Cindy would return from her trip, her breasts looking absolutely fantastic. He was sure that Cindy would be all over him and easily suggestable. He was sure that he’d go for Cindy and then lose Cinder through the process. And finally, he’d lose control of Cindy, and she’d absolutely lose her shit on him for trying to control her. No, Not this Time! He declared in his mind. If Cinder was into him, he wasn’t going to blow it.

“So what is it you wanted to talk to me about?” He asked Cinder as they turned down a back alley to avoid the attention her costume drew.

“I was actually hoping to spend some alone time with you.”

“Really?” Dillon asked.

“Is that so strange?” Cinder asked.

“I’m just flattered… that’s all.”

Cinder smiled, her chest was tactically positioned so that it pressed on Dillon’s arm. She was sure it was driving Dillon crazy with desire.

The two finally got to Dillon’s house, and Dillon needed to know. Before Cindy got back from Hawaii, was Cinder into him? As shy as he was, he blurted it out. “You know, I really like you, and was wondering if you wanted to go on a date?”

“I’d like that, what do you have in mind?”

Dillon was taken back by the question. “Uhhh…”

“Do you have a car?” Cinder asked

“Uhh no.” Dillon didn’t even have his drivers license but he wasn’t about to admit that.

“Tell you what, why don’t I come over to your house, maybe we’ll watch Netflix and chill.”

“Yeah that sounds good.” Dillon responded but couldn’t believe his luck, was this actually happening?

Cinder was excited about the date, she had an agenda, but she worried that she was being controlled by Dillon. Once again, she asked herself, was this her plan? Or Dillon’s?


Cinder showed up at Dillon’s house late in the evening, she was wearing a pink top and black and white striped yoga pants. Her breasts looked great, pert and huge in the pink tank top. Dillon couldn’t help but count his blessings that he’d be sitting on the couch with this beautiful woman tonight.

Cinder was briefly introduced to Dillon’s parents before they went down stairs. They spoke on the couch for a while and then Dillon went upstairs to get something to drink. As soon as Dillon came back downstairs Cinder stood up and deliberately stretched, giving Dillon an inviting look at her body. Cinder looked up at him. “Oh, I didn’t see you there.”6 4

“I brought you a coke.” Dillon said as he handed her a drink

“Can I ask you something?” Cinder asked.

“Uhh… Sure.” Dillon answered as he tried to shake off his desires for her.

“Are you a butt guy? Or a boob guy?”


“I couldn’t help but notice.” Cinder explained, “That you haven’t checked out my tits once today.”. Cinder lied, Cinder caught him checking her out on multiple occasions.

“Well, I… I mean… I’m not going to stare.”

“You’ve never been with a woman like me, have you?” Cinder suggested.

Dillon thought back to Maria, “Actually I have.”

“I don’t believe you.” Cinder stated.

“It’s just that, I’m not treating you like I did her… Because honestly… I don’t think you could handle it.” Dillon stated awkwardly.

Cinder giggled, “I don’t believe you. Show me.”

“Seriously?” Dillon asked

“Seriously!” Cinder answered.

Dillon placed his hands on her waist, and then moved them onto her breasts.

Cinder smiled as his hands rested on her breasts, it felt good, but she wanted more. So much more. “That’s it? That’s all you got?”

Dillon squeezed.

Cinder gasped, the feeling she felt course through her body was electric. She clenched her teeth hard and fought off the urge to tell Dillon how good that felt. Cinder began kissing Dillon passionately. “Show me what else you did?” She said as she removed her shirt. Cinder almost laughed as her large breasts had a seemingly hypnotic effect on Dillon.

Dillon snapped out of it, he bit hard into Cinder’s large breast while he ran his hand below Cinder’s waist line. Cinder had never known pleasure as she experienced it now. She bit her lower lip as he rubbed two fingers as deep as he could against the tight fabric around Cinder crotch region.

Cinder pressed her breasts against Dillon’s face. Neither she or Dillon realized that the same action would have pulverized any other human’s face. Cinder clenched her teeth hard as Dillon bit down upon her breast. There was no way that should have felt that good, Cinder thought as she practically orgasmed.

Cinder was an experienced girl, especially when it came to men, but never had she been with a man whose very touch could pulsate with such electric ecstasy. She didn’t care, she could be with him for the rest of her life. “Fuck me.” She whispered into his ear as she started unbuckling his pants.

“Dillon! It’s a school night!” Dillon’s Mom annoying voice called from upstairs.

Dillon rolled his eyes. He desperately wanted to continue, but at the same time did not want to risk getting caught by his parents. “I can’t.” he reluctantly confessed.

“Rain check?” Cinder asked.

Dillon walked Cinder upstairs and managed to convince his mom that he needed to walk Cinder back to the Youngman’s house. And the two of them began walking back to Cinder’s place together.

“So! What is it about Supergirl you find so attractive?” Cinder asked.

“What?” Dillon asked, a little uncomfortable with the question.

“Kaylen told me all about your thing for Supergirl.”

“Of course he did.” Dillon rolled his eyes "Wait… Is that why you dressed… "

"Maybe" Cinder said with mischevious smile.

“I don’t know, she’s hot, she's powerful, she’s good, she’s super… Pick any.”.

“I don’t think I’d make the requirement. You see, I’m not very good.” Cinder confessed almost seductively.

“That’s why you’d make the hottest Supergirl. Imagine being Superwoman, with all those powers, and not being good… But rather, being any one you want.”.

“You mean I could fry my ex with my laser eyes? Blow my enemies into the air with just a puff of my super breath?” Cinder stated while laughing.

“And laugh at the police when they try and stop you.” Dillon added.

“That does sound nice.” Cinder stated with a smile

Dillon finally got Cinder back to the Youngman’s house and she shared a kiss with Dillon before he departed.


Cinder had no problem staying up all night. She entertained herself by using her x-ray vision on different items and floors throughout the home. She managed to distract herself until around 1 AM, until her boredom overtook her. Along with her boredom was her urge to be with Dillon again. The urge was always there, but now it became overwhelmingly powerful. She opened the closet and looked at the Supergirl costumes once more. She wanted to keep her secret, but she really wanted to be with Dillon as Superwoman more than ever. She had an idea that might accomplish both tasks at once.

Dillon was up as well, as his thoughts focused on Cinder. How he regretted not taking a photograph of Cinder in her Superwoman costume. She looked fantastically hot, maybe not Maria Youngman hot but to each their own. Dillon imagined himself with her, not just Cinder simply wearing a Supergirl costume, but Cinder as literally Supergirl. Oh, how he wished his fantasy would come true. His imagination was interrupted by a knock on his window.

Dillon got up and went to his window, and quickly opened it. “Cinder!” He stated in shock “holy shit how did you get up here?”

“Climbed silly.” Cinder lied, “Now help me up before I break my neck.”

Dillon pulled her up, amazed of how light she was. Cinder was wearing jeans and a long sleeved black T shirt, she looked fabulous.

“What are you doing here?” Dillon asked.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I thought we’d have some fun.”

“What are you talking about?”

Cinder pulled out a little baggy with two pills in it. “So… Wanna have some fun?”

“I don’t do drugs… Sorry Cinder.” Dillon confessed

“You’ll want to do this one.”

“No sorry… I can’t…”

“Just this one time, please!” Cinder asked sweetly “for me? I promise, only good things will happen. And I promise it’s not addictive or anything like that.”

Dillon shook his head, ‘Good God how far would he go for a hot chick?’ he wondered. Dillon swallowed the pill, “I’m going to regret this aren’t I? When does it kick in?”

“It’s usually kicks in immediately.”

“I don’t feel anything.” Dillon stated convinced he was unaffected. “Wait! You’re wearing a superwoman costume! Holy fuck your wearing a superwoman costume!”

“I am?” Cinder looked down at her body. She loved the mind trip she was giving Dillon. She literally gave him two baby aspirin’s, but her body was more than capable enough to give him the mind trip of a lifetime.

Dillon rubbed his eyes, “I swear to god, you’re literally in a Superwoman costume. Like red skirt, red boots, Red S… Like holy fuck!”

“Well Dillon that’s because I literally am Superwoman.”

Dillon laughed uncontrollably “Like what the fuck! Did you just say that? Or am I tripping?”

Cinder floated in the air as she placed her hands on her hips, “I don’t know Dillon, are you tripping?”

“HOLY SHIT!” Dillon screamed. The scream woke up his parents. “Shit shit shit shit! Fuck I wish they’d leave me alone tonight.”

Cinder looked through the wall, her thoughts entered Dillon’s parents mind instructing both of them to leave them alone tonight.

Dillon heard his mom turn from his room and return to bed.

Dillon was beyond shocked, “This is Un-fucking Real! You’re like floating!”

Cinder smiled, “just relax and enjoy the trip. Tell you what, tell me to do something that only Superwoman can do, and describe to me what you’re seeing.”

“Ok ok ok… shit ummm, I can’t even think. Blast me with your laser vision!”

Cinder placed her hands on her hips and blasted twin beams of light out of her eyes, her eyes even made a high-pitched squealing sound. Cinder made sure the beams were visible, but non-lethal.

“HOLY FUCK!” Dillon cried out “You shot beams out of your eyes! What a fucking trip… and I don’t even feel fucked up!”

“I’m using my x-ray vision on you now Dillon. I can see you’re turned on.”

“Okay are you saying that? Or am I imagining it?”

“Take your pants off, lie on the bed.” Cinder demanded

Dillon obliged.

She looked at Dillon and smiled, she’d definitely had bigger, yet she wanted him none the less. “Now let’s have some fun.” Cinder stated as she hovered in the air crossed legged as she floated above Dillon.

Dillon was describing what he was seeing, assuming Cinder wasn’t exactly seeing the same things he was. “You’re floating over me, and now you’re floating down on me…”UHH!” Dillon moaned.

They both gasped as her landing was perfect. Cinder wasn’t wearing her red super panties underneath her skirt, that much Dillon knew for certain. Or, maybe Cinder was naked in bed with him, and he was just imagining her in a super girl costume. Either way Cinder pumped into him rhythmically for several minutes. He gasped as he climaxed. “Holy fuck! I just had sex with Supergirl!”

“How was it?” Cinders asked.

“Fucking amazing.” Dillon stated between breaths. Dillon then reached out to her, and felt the smooth fabric across her body, “I can totally feel your costume.”

“Well don’t waste the experience feeling my costume.” Cinder exclaimed, think of something wild before the drug wears off.

“Can you fly? I mean - I know you can float.”

“Mmhmm.” Cinder replied.

“Super breath?”


Dillon was completely hard again, “Can I fuck you while you fly?”

CInder smiled, “Most definitely.” She got up opened the window to Dillon’s room and floated out. She stood there hovering in mid-air. He rubbed his eyes hard. It was dark outside but he could clearly see Cinder hovering. “Coming? Cinder asked.

Dillon nodded, as he began climbing out his window. It’s not real he warned himself, none of it was, but him climbing out of his window might be real. If he jumped, he’d likely break his neck. Yet he did it anyways.

Cinder’s body bounced slightly in mid air if only to soften the blow from Dillon’s jump.

“Ready? Cinder asked.

“Ready? For what?”

They blasted high into the night sky. Dillon could see his breath, the fast moving frigid air was way too cold, this was a bad idea. The air hurt his skin. “No… Too cold… Go back.”

“Relax.” Cinder assured him as she slowed down. She smiled and whispered “Come inside me.”

Dillon fumbled, the cold and the height making things far more difficult. But as soon as he entered her, he felt warmth. The warmth extended all over his body and the air didn’t bother him at all.

Cinder closed her eyes in bliss, and hooked her legs around Dillon’s body “Ready?” she asked sweetly.

Dillon seemed confused but then Cinder turned on the speed. He gasped as speeds reached extremes. Dillon had been on some wild roller coasters in his day, nothing compared to this as Cinder flew high in the clouds before dropping altitude at an extreme pace and zipping across a desert landscape. He could feel the wind blasting into him, but not painfully as it once had. Dillon could see the terrain pass so fast, he found it hard to breathe. Before he knew it, Cinder landed with him on his deck.

“How was that?” Cinder asked

“Holy shit! Holy shit!”


“Yeah.” Dillon replied having caught his breath. “What a fucking trip!”

Cinder giggled, “Dillon you were running around the back yard with your arms stretched out. Were you flying or something?”

“No. we were.” Dillon blinked hard as he saw that Cinder was in her civilian clothes. “Your costume?”

“Okay, lets get you to bed.” Cinder stated as she walked back into the house with Dillon.

“Like… you were flying, and I think you flew me across America, because I could have sworn I saw the mountains and desert.”.

Cinder put Dillon in bed, "The drugs work a little too good with people with an overactive imagination"

“Am I going to remember this?” Dillon asked her.

“I really don’t know.”

“Cause, I really wish I’d wake up remembering this.”

“Well I guess we’ll see tomorrow morning.”

Dillon’s alarm went off. His eyes opened, and he looked at the clock. 7AM. He remembered everything – the dream that is. Cinder hadn’t come over last night and given him drugs… Or had she? “Wooooah!” Dillon stated out loud as this was by far the most tripiest dream, event, situation he had ever had.


Cinder was on her way to classes, it was a last-minute decision. Afterall who needs classes when you have God like abilities, but she was very curious about what people were saying about her behind her back. She also loved how her new tits looked in her little number and wanted to show it off.

Her phone buzzed, it was a text from Dillon ‘Was that a dream?’

Cinders smiled and replied, ‘Was what a dream?’

‘You didn’t come over last night?’

‘Of course, I came over, you walked me home, remember?’ Cinder laughed out loud as she could see Dillon was writing and erasing his next message, absolutely confused by the surreal experiences she put him through.

‘I had the wildest dream about you’ he finally texted.

‘What a coincidence’ Cinder replied before putting her phone away.

Cinder walked down the hallway, pleased with how the boys and girls stared. She promised herself that she’d subdue her emotions and control her powers while she was in school. Her ability to subdue her emotions and control her new powers lasted all but 5 minutes. She looked hot, she knew she looked great! All it took was over hearing a few students’ comments to drive her to the brink. They talked about how desperate she was after losing all of her friends, and that’s why she got her boobs done.

But it was Mark’s comment to his friends that triggered her. “Boob job? It was a face job she needed.” his friends laughed hysterically.

‘THAT DOES IT!’ Cinder thought angrily. She was tempted to walk up to Mark and put her fist right through his face, she settled on cutting classes and hurrying over to his apartment. She took the elevator to the 9thfloor and walked down a hallway and to the door of his place. She looked at the door, and simply just pushed the locked door open. The lock fracturing and the door splintering as she simply opened it. She walked into the apartment and looked at his big screen 4K TV. She smiled as a low dose of heat emitted from her eyes, slowly melting the screen. Next, she went into his room and the first thing she saw, made her think.

Mark had a Superman T shirt hanging on his closet door. She had never seen him wear it before, and yet there it was, as if to remind her that that’s exactly who she was. It gave her a wicked idea.

She took her shirt off and put on Mark’s T shirt, she fastened it around her waist so that it fit snug around her chest. Next, she took a selfie of herself with a message, ‘Guess where I am?’ and sent it to Mark.4

Mark was in a lecture when he looked at his phone. Cinder had taken a selfie, it was clearly at his apartment, and she was clearly wearing his shirt. He got up and left his class and called Cinder immediately.

“Hello?” Cinder stated nonchalantly.

“Are you fucking kidding me! Are you at my place?” Mark stated angrily.


“Get the fuck out! Before I call the cops!”

“I think we need to talk.”

“I think you need to get the fuck out of my apartment! You psycho bitch!”

There was a pause at the other end of the line before Cinder finally spoke, “You really don’t want to piss me off Mark. Get to your place now. Let’s have a conversation, or there won’t be much usable shit left in your apartment… Are we clear?”.

Mark hurried off the campus and to his apartment. He didn’t call the cops, there were things in his apartment he certainly did not want the police to find.

Cinder smiled as she opened the balcony window and stepped outside. Her mind drifting off to what Dillon had told her. As Superwoman, she could be any woman she wanted to be. As she looked down at the large t-shirt she had over top of her body she had no doubt it was time to become Superwoman. A much different kind of Superwoman. She knew she could make it back home, change, and get back well before Mark made it back.

Mark saw that the door was broken as soon as he got to his entrance. “You got to be kidding me.” He hurried into the apartment and saw Cinder dressed in a Superman costume. Red boots, tight blue leggings, tight red underpants, and the iconic Red and yellow S warped across her impressive chest. Finally, a thin red cape that rested across her back. The sight of her looking like this took him off guard. “What are you doing here?” he asked angrily.

“Like I said, we need to talk.”

“We have nothing to talk about, now get the fuck out! Or I’ll call the cops.”

“You’re going to call the cops on Superwoman?”

“Uh, yeah. I’ll make sure they send a mental health team with them while their at it.” Just as soon as Mark finished his statement, Cinder disappeared.

“Don’t ever fucking call me mental again! EVER!” Cinder yelled from the kitchen, behind Mark. She clenched her fist and hit the fridge with it.

Mark had a lot of questions; how did she move so fast? was certainly one of them. But now after seeing what her tiny fist had done to the fridge. He couldn’t explain how she caused so much damage, but that was hardly an excuse for him to adjust his attitude “Okay you psycho bitch! Now you owe me a new refrigerator!”

“What did I say Mark?” Cinder stated calmly as she approached him.

Mark brought his fist up in a threatening manner, “Get away from me!” Cinder got within range of Marks fist, but he had never hit a woman in his life and wasn’t about to now.

Cinder pushed him, it was a casual push, but with dramatic effect. Mark was literally pushed off his feet, his body flew in the air until he hit the ceiling at the far corner of his living room. He fell to the floor and got up slowly “What… the … fuck.” he stated slowly as the wind had been knocked out of his lungs.

Cinder walked toward him again,

“GET THE FUCK BACK!” Mark screamed as he grabbed a souvenir Nolan Ryan signed baseball secured in a glass cube. “I’m warning you!” he stated as he motioned his arm as if he was going to throw it. He did throw it.

The glass encased baseball literally froze in mid-air as Cinder observed the seemingly stopped motion, of all things. She realized that time had not stopped, but rather dramatically slowed. She started laughing hysterically, “oh now this is fucking cool.” she said just before she had a funny idea.

She walked over to Mark and picked him up slowly, and then carefully positioned him in front of his own throw.

“AGH!” Mark screamed as the baseball he threw dinged him across the head. His head was cut as he tried to understand what had just happened. Too many weird things had already happened, he was done with this. He bolted toward the door but smashed into Cinder’s super body which appeared out of nowhere.

Not even her impressive chest softened the impact. Dillon fell backwards and landed on the floor.

Cinder smiled at him, “You know, everything makes more sense when you start believing I’m super.”

“You’re not super!” Mark exclaimed as he got up “You’re a fucking psycho witch!” with that he hit a woman for the first time. He didn’t hold back, he swung as if he were in a desperate fist fight and Cinder let him connect, unblocked.

Mark heard a crack and saw Cinder’s smiling arrogant face unflinchingly looking at him. “Uhhhh.” He said as he looked at his fist, now with at least two broken knuckles.

“Now? Are you ready to talk?”

“What the fuck are you?” Mark asked nervously.

“Like I said, everything makes more sense if you allow for the possibility, that I might be superwoman.”

“That’s impossible!”

“Or.” Cinders stated as she placed her hands on her hips, “You believe that I can just naturally blow this hard.”. Cinder had already tested this power, she knew she could kill him if she wasn’t careful. So she blew gently.

Mark was blown off his feet, thrown backwards, blasted out his patio window and nearly over the patio deck.

Cinder started giggling uncontrollably, “Oh my God, I was being so careful too!”

Mark was breathing heavily. A surge of adrenalin triggered his fight or flight instincts. He chose to fight. Being blown out the patio window did have one advantage, he ended up next to his sporting goods. He grabbed his aluminum baseball bat and didn’t hesitate at all as he charged Cinder and cracked her in the stomach with the baseball bat. The baseball bat made an audible pinging sounds as it reverberated off her invulnerable belly.

“Ooo.” Cinder stated as Mark swung again. “That’s the spot!” she commented as the bat deflected off her super boobs. The bat then deflected off her head and Mark dropped the bat, his hands hurting from the intense aftershocks the bat made.

Mark gasped, “What do you want from me?”

“Are you ready to talk?”

“Yes… What do you want?”

“I want to know whose idea it was?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m going to play a fun game with you, it’s called give me a stupid answer, and I break a bone.”.

Dillon nodded as he tried to collect his senses. “It was Melonie’s idea all along, she convinced Charlotte to go along with it. And I got to fuck Charlotte, so I was good with it… I’m sorry.”

“Yeah… you're sorry because now you’re dealing with Superwoman.”.

“No. I really am sorry. I said shit about you because Melanie paid me to be mean to you.”

“What? How much did she pay you?”

“A hundred bucks.”

Cinder was getting more angrier by the second, “You got paid a hundred bucks to mean to me? And so, you called me an ugly Packy!? For a hundred bucks?”

“How is this possible? How… how.” Mark gasped as he was hoisted off the ground as Cinder held him in the air. “What else! Tell me everything!”

“Melanie suspected you were with a guy she was seeing, and Shannon told her that Paul had cheated on her with you. So, they came up with a plan in August, that’s when Paul came to me with the idea. Please don’t kill me.”

Cinder was about done with him “Let’s play hide and seek, you run and hide, and if I find you I get to kill you… Deal?”

“Please, please… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry. Look, all those things I said, I was lying. I like you, I really do.” Mark said as he tried to sweet talk Cinder. He knew she really liked him not that long ago. His only chance, he hoped, was that maybe she still liked him.

Cinder placed her hands on her hips as Mark put his hands on hers, she looked him in the eye as his hands ran across the tight fabric of her arms. She didn’t know what to feel. She still had feelings for Mark, not that long ago she’d do anything to be with him. He kissed her neck, felt her ass and finally grabbed her breast.

Cinder’s hadn’t responded until he had touched her chest, he did manage to slightly push her boobs together, albeit with great difficulty. His touch was nothing like that of Dillon’s, now she knew what she was going to do. “You want to fuck Superwoman?” She asked.

“Oh yeah.”

“Well then let’s do it.”

Before Mark knew it, he was on his bed,

“You don’t mind if I change into something more comfortable, do you?”

“Of course not.” Mark stated almost nervously.

Cinder literally got naked before her clothes hit the ground.

Mark looked at Cinder’s body, her body looked incredible. Her chest looked spectacularly round, large and firm. As soon as she climbed into bed with him, he went for her chest. He’d never felt breasts as firm as Cinder’s.

Cinder smiled as she lowered herself overtop of Mark’s face. She watched what happened next with curious satisfaction, as she shifted her breasts side to side. The effect was devastating and solidified her God like status. She felt no remorse as Mark painfully attempted to fight off the softest of her flesh. Worst yet, she found his suffering to be enjoyable. It set a nasty precedent in her psyche.


Melonie was leaving class and cutting through a park when she got a call from a blocked caller. “Hello?” She answered.

“Hey Mel, can we talk?”

“I’m a bit busy Cinder, I’m going to class.”

“Oh? You’re not walking through a park to get to your car?” Cinder asked.

Mel turned around to see if she was being followed, nobody was behind her but when she returned to her original position. Cinder was standing beside the walking path. She was proudly wearing the full Superwoman outfit. Her hands were on her hips, and she had an arrogantly smug look on her face. Mel looked up and down her body. “Okay, you’ve officially lost it.”.5

Cinder thought for a moment, “How so?”

“Look at yourself?”

Cinder looked down at her body and then back at Mel “And?”

Mel rolled her eyes “Look, I’m going to be late so if you’ll excuse me.” Mel nervously walked past Cinder.

Cinder let her walk up the path for a moment, “I wouldn’t go that way, it’s really windy.”

Mel shook her head, there wasn’t so much as a light breeze out that day. Suddenly a gust of wind violently hit her, It caused her to stumble backwards fall and then slide on the cement all the way back to Cinder’s red boots.

“What the fuck!?” Mel yelled as she slowly got to her feet. The concrete gashed her elbows, and knees. “WHAT THE FUCK!?”

Cinder laughed, “I warned you.”

Mel didn’t know how, but it was clear Cinder was responsible for what happened. She wasted no time, she hurried into her purse and pulled out pepper spray. “Get away from me!”

“Or you’ll spray me with that?”

“I’m fucking serious Cinder!”

“So I spoke to Mark, and he admitted…” Cinder stopped in mid-sentence as Mel began spraying her. Some of the spray came out like a mist, while most of it came out like a narrow stream of fluid. Cinder puckered her lips and carefully sucked in much of the fluid into her mouth.

Mel looked in shock as Cinder was unaffected by the spray. Not only that but she swallowed whatever was in her mouth.

“Ooo spicy.” Cinder commented as she patted her tummy, and then let out a slight burp. Cinder blew that burp into Mel’s face. She imagined that the burp would smell and be unpleasant. She hadn’t expected Mel to grab her face in agony as her skin painfully melted off her face.

Mel screamed in agony. And Cinder was on the verge of remorse, after causing her friend so much suffering, however she countered that feeling of remorse with anger. “Oh Shut up!” Cinder yelled as her red boot punted her.

Mel’s body flew over the park’s trees before it landed twisted and deformed into a car’s windshield.

None of this was her fault Cinder argued with herself, there are consequences for bullying and meanness. Consequences her former friends put on to themselves. If anything, they should have had to suffer more! Especially for what they put her through. Sure, they endured a few minutes of suffering, she had endured weeks of anguish. No, she wasn’t going to feel bad for what she did. Hell, she was just getting started!


Shannon got out of the washroom and stepped into her room. She came face to face with Cinder. “What the hell?”

“You burned me Shannon, so now I’m going to burn you.”

“What are you talking about? What are you doing here? Why are you dressed like that?”

“Like this?” Cinder looked down at her body. “Oh funny thing happened, I woke up as Superwoman.”

“Okay… Cinder… Listen.” Shannon compassionately tried to explain “We knew you had at one point or other cheated with all of our boyfriends. But maybe we took this too far… You’re clearly out of your mind.”

Cinder laughed, “Oh how I wish I could drag this moment out for an eternity.”. With that Cinder floated into the air, “Tell me, who’s out of their mind now?”

Shannon couldn’t even comment, she just stared in disbelief.

Cinder floated backwards at a quickened pace. Her back hit the wall, but instead of stopping she simply blasted through it.

“How the… What the Fuck?” Shannon cried, looking at Cinder who was floating outside her parent’s home. “How is this possible!?”

“Oh! it’s about to get better!” Cinder stated

8Twin beams from Cinder’s eyes blasted into Shannon’s room, immediately igniting it. The flames were hot and intense, and Shannon was nearly burned alive but managed to get to her door and dive into her hallway before the flames consumed her.

Cinder smiled as her heat vision continued blasting into the home. Cinder floated around the home, her eyes cutting into the home and narrowly hitting Shannon as she ran down the stairs, in an attempt to escape the blazing inferno. Shannon opened her front door and hurried out of the house and fell before Cinder’s floating boots.

“How is this happening?” Shannon screamed. Shannon then gasped as Cinder effortlessly picked her up by the waist line of her jeans and flew into the air.

“Cinder we’re too high! CINDER STOP!”

Cinder smiled as she continued higher and higher. The clouds were now below them and Cinder could see the curvature of the planet. “What a view, Hey Shannon.” Cinder asked. “Shannon?” Shannon was either unconscious or dead. Cinder didn’t bother finding out as she let go of Shannon.

It wasn’t until a height of 15000 feet before the cool wind and air woke Shannon up. She screamed as she plummeted back to Earth.

Cinder’s hovered there, impressed with herself. Knowing without a shadow of a doubt no one could cause her harm.

But then Cinder reflected on what Maria had said, that when Maria had this power, she was being controlled. There was only one person who she suspected had control over her. That person was Dillon. Her recent actions had consequence, and if she wasn’t careful she’d have to reap those consequences. There was one more girl she needed to deal with, that was Charlotte, but now she felt more than ever she needed resolve whatever it was that was happening between her and Dillon.

To get the answers she needed she needed to go straight to the source. No more spying, and listening in. Maria was going to answer her questions directly.


Ross was driving Maria home after having a nice late lunch date. Ross looked over at Maria who was checking out her stomach. “What are you doing?” Ross asked her.

“I feel so bloated.” Maria complained. “I swear to God, I had eaten like 6 big macs, fries, a milkshake and an Ice cream and never once felt bloated. Now, after a bowl of spaghetti and a coke, I feel like my stomach is going to burst.”

“Well your stomach is much smaller…”

“ROSS LOOK OUT!” Maria screamed as a woman appeared from no where right in front of Ross’s vehicle.

Ross tried to turn, but it was too late, he hit the woman. But instead of the woman bouncing off the car, she seemed to be travelling along with it. Not only that but Ross had turned his steering wheel to avoid the collision, yet they were still moving forward, and much to Ross’s shock, upward.7

Maria looked stunned at who was carrying the car, it was Superwoman but more importantly that Superwoman was Cinder. Most definitely Cinder. “Ross…” Maria said nervously.

“I know.” Ross stated as they watched helplessly as Cinder had taken them off the road and into a wooded area.

“What do we do now?” Ross asked.

Maria became angry and got out of her car. “Alright you little runt! How did you steal my power!?”

“I didn’t steal them, I guess you can say I was bestowed with them.” Cinder stated with her usual cockiness.

“Give them back!” Maria demanded

“Why? Is there a burger eating contest you need them for?”

“Why you…”

Ross interrupted Maria’s outburst “Cindy? Why did you bring us here?”

“You have answers, I need them. So, you mentioned Aunt Maria was being controlled. Explain!”

“I never said…”

“Oh God.” Cinder rolled her eyes “it was the other day when you were in the garage. Look, I have super hearing, so just assume I’ve heard every conversation you’ve had for the past few days.”.

“Cindy! You may have power, but you have to use it responsibly.” Maria argued.

“Oh! that you count on – you should see how responsibly I’ve been using it. Now uncle Ross… Please answer my question. You really don't want to see me displeased..”

“Don’t tell her anything Ross!”

Cinder looked over at Maria, “Brave. Considering you know exactly what I can do to you. And while I’ll admit I’m not going to hurt my uncle… his pathetic wife? A completely different story.” Cinder grabbed Maria by the throat and used her flight powers to hoist her in the air.

“Cindy stop! I’ll tell you everything!”

Cinder let Maria down and looked at Ross.

“Maria had tricked a young girl who had control over her, to relinquish that control over to me.”

“How?” Cinder asked firmly

“There was a marble or artifact the girl had in her possession, but once I touched it, I had control over Maria.”

“Where is the artifact?” Cinder asked.

“I threw it into the sun.” Maria exclaimed. “I woke up the next day and my powers were gone.”

“So then, if the artifact is destroyed, then nobody has control over me.” Cinder thought for a moment…”Did you tell Maria to destroy the artifact?”

“No, I relinquished my control over her…”


“Ross!” Maria stated angrily.

But Ross continued, “I simply wished that Maria be her own woman.”

“Interesting.” Cinder thought for a while, “So! I take it you two can make it back home from here?”

“You’re going to leave us here?” Maria stated angrily.

Cinder smiled as she began floating in the air, “Just do what I’m doing Aunty. Ohhh! that’s right! You can’t! And why?” Cinder traced the S on her chest with her finger, “Because I’m Super… And you are not.” with that Cinder flew off in a flash.

Maria looked off in the distance Cindy flew. “There is no God.” she whispered under her breath.

“I wish that was true.” Ross replied “But I have a suspicion that that’s exactly what people will be calling her in a few days.”.


Cinder reached behind her and pulled her cell phone from a pouch located high on her cape. She called Dillon but there was no answer. Cinder flew over to his house and X-rayed it, still no Dillon. Cinder used her supervision across town, her super hearing was zoning in on hundreds of people at a time as she floated high above the town.

Finally, she spotted him in the most obvious place. He was downstairs playing video games with Kaylan at their house. She flew to the home, managed to go down stairs to her room undetected. She changed into different clothes, but whereas she’d usually change out of her super suit, this time she kept it on. She wore a white button up long-sleeved shirt over top of her tight blue costume, along with tight black suit pants which covered her leggings. The only thing off with the ensemble were the red boots. Keeping the uniform on was all part of her plan, part of her reveal once she got Dillon to fall for her plan. She zipped into the basement living room where the boys were.

“Why haven’t you answered my calls?’ Cinder asked angrily.

Both Kaylan and Dillon were surprised that Cinder was behind them. “My phone must have been on vibrate… Sorry.” Dillon offered.

“Kaylan I’d like to speak to Dillon alone please.”

“Uhhh sure.”. Kaylan and Dillon exchanged awkward looks before Kaylan left them alone.

“Okay, you seem really upset.” Dillon pointed out.

Cinder may not have been that good in school, or sports, but she had always been a fantastic liar. Combine that with some decent acting skills, she got away with most things. Now it was time to put on another performance. She didn’t know if Dillon controlled her, in many respects she believed everything she’d done with Dillon was through her own will. But there were obvious red flags. Like the time she incinerated a car when Dillon told her to do so. Or the fact that she could crush a human skull with her tits, but certainly not DIllon's/ Cinder wasn’t going to risk being controlled, by anybody, and now she concocted a story to relinquish that control from Dillon.

“I am upset!” Cinder sated as she started tearing up.

“What’s wrong?” Dillon asked as he hugged her.

“I don’t know if you know anything about my culture.” Cinder stated as she wiped away her tears. “But my mother has arranged for me to get married in India this Summer.”


“I just got off the phone with my Dad and he said it’s a good idea.”

“Wait, Kaylen’s uncle said it was a good idea?”

“I know right!?” Cinder stated through tears.

“But it’s up to you isn’t it… You’re an adult.”

“Oh God Dillon I wish that was the case, I wish nobody could have control over me but me. But that’s not the case.”

“So you’re going to marry this guy?” Dillon asked clearly confused.

“What choice do I have?”

“Of course you have a choice!” Dillon argued “You’re not even living with your parents!”

“It’s complicated Dillon. The wedding date has already been set.”

“This sounds sooo ridiculous.”

“I wish it was.” Cinder hugged Dillon, “I wish that I could make up my own mind. I wish no one had control over me.”

“So do I, Cinder.” Dillon stated, and although Cinder seemed to be experiencing a traumatic moment in her life, Dillon loved how her breasts felt as they pressed across his chest.

“Say it.” Cinder stated while she was crying. “Say you wished that nobody could control me.”

“I wish nobody could control you.”

Cinder felt something, she was still into Dillon. And Dillon still could touch her body like no one else could, but something felt different.

The door bell rang, and Cinder’s x-ray vision focused on the man at the door.


Kaylen answered the door. “Hello.”

A middle aged, clean shaven man in a suit smiled at Kaylen, he showed him his badge. “Hello, my name is detective Hadley I’m looking for Cindy Youngman. Is she here?”

Kaylen smiled, “you’ll have to be more specific. You see technically there are two Cindy Youngman’s living in this home. But one of them is in Hawaii.”

Detective Hadley wasn’t impressed, but his demeanor didn’t change. “I’m looking for the Cindy Youngman who’s currently not in Hawaii.”.

“Yeah sure, I’ll go grab her.” Kaylen walked to the kitchen, opened the door to the basement. “Cindy someone is here to see you.” he called out.


“Wait… your name is Cindy?” Dillon asked

Cinder smiled, “Cinder is my nick name. My full name is Cindy Youngman.”

“But that would mean…”

“That would mean… what?”

Dillon thought frantically, he didn’t want to say something that would give away what he’d done. But he had to know. He decided he’d start off slow. “Cindy pass me the remote.”

The command seemed innocuous but poorly timed, Cinder started laughing. “Dillon are you trying to control me?”

Dillon frantically tried to remember what he specifically told Maria to do. He did say Maria’s daughter, didn’t he? or did he say Cindy. Cindy’s chest was large, perhaps too large for her thinner frame. He had to ask. “Cindy… has your chest always been that big, or did that recently happen.”

“Well that’s an inappropriate question… Don’t you think?”

Kaylan called out to the basement once more “Cindy. Cops want to talk to you.”

“The cops?” Dillon asked.

“I’ll explain everything to you when I get back.” Cinder stood up and walked away from Dillon.

Dillon felt out smarted, but so what, he convinced himself that if the truth be told it was morally reprehensible that he’d have control over someone. No harm no foul, and Cinder may have figured it out. But she didn’t seem mad. Not only that, he didn’t even know he was in control of her… SO he did nothing wrong.

Cinder came up the stairs, “Can I help you?” she asked.

“Cindy Youngman?” the man asked.


“Do you know Mark Meechum?”

“Yeah, we dated for a while… Why?”

“Mark’s gone missing. Do you mind if we go down to the station, so I can ask you some questions?”.

Cinder may have had all the powers of Superman, but her heart rate spiked none the less. “I have a guest over.” Cindy advised.

“He can come too.”

Cinder opted not to involve Dillon. “Kaylan, can you tell Dillon I’ll be back in a bit.”

Cinder went outside with the detective she was put in the back seat of the patrol car that was parked next to an unmarked police vehicle. The vehicles left the suburb and drove to the police headquarters in the city’s downtown. Cinder knew one way or the other, she’d get out of her predicament. Her only question was, would she get out of it without using her powers.

Cinder was put into an interview room, and there she waited. She listened in on several people talking, none of them mention Mark. Finally, Detective Hadley came into the room. “Hello Cindy… Is it Cindy, or Cinder?” the Detective asked

“My friends call me Cinder.”

“Mind if I call you Cinder?”

“I guess so.”

“Cinder I’m just going to ask you a few questions, but before we begin, I’m going to read you your rights.”

“Am I under arrest?”

“No. Absolutely not. It’s just a formality, unfortunately we have to read it to innocent people as well.”. The detective read Cinder her Miranda rights and then asked her a few yes or no questions before proceeding. He asked about hers and Mark’s relationship. He asked if Mark had ever been emotionally of physically abusive toward her. He asked her what she personally thought about Mark and finally he asked when the last time she’d seen him.

“I really can’t remember.” Cinder answered.

“Would you remember if it was today?”

“Probably.” Cinder answered as her attention deviated to a blank wall to her right.

“So… was it today?”

Several memories crossed Cinder's mind, some of those were the text messages she sent to Mark this morning from his apartment. But it was the body she left behind that had her concerned the most. She had become so consumed with her power that she didn’t even bother hiding the body. “Umm, you know actually, I did have to pick up something up from his place this morning.”

“What did you have to pick up?”

“It was an old purse, just had make up in it, that’s all.”

“And what time was that at?”

“I don’t remember. This morning I guess.”

“Who let you into his apartment. I’m assuming it was locked when you got there?”

“I just sort of pushed at the door, and it opened.”

“Did you notify Mark that you were in his apartment?”

“I think so.”

“Did Mark meet you at the apartment?”

“No. I left before he came.”

“How did you leave?”

“What do you mean?” Cinder asked.

“I’m assuming you went up the elevator to get to his apartment. Did you take the elevator down?”

“Ummm… I might have taken the stairs.” In actuality Cinder just jumped from the balcony and flew, but she was aware there were cameras in the elevator.

“Why did you take the stairs?”

“Because before I left I broke Mark’s TV and I knew he’d lose his shit if he found out.”.

“So I guess you’d say you had animosity toward Mark, may I ask why?”

“Well… I did… but that’s in the past now.”

“What changed?”

“I don’t know.” Cinder stated as she shrugged her shoulders “Stuff.”

“Can I read to you what Mark texted his friend at 0934hrs.”


The detective pulled out his note book and read it out loud. “That crazy bitch is in my apartment. She’s probably destroying my place. If you don’t hear back from me, she probably killed me lol. Is there a reason why Mark refers to you as crazy? A misunderstanding maybe?”

Cinder looked at the detective, her temperature rising. “He knew I didn’t like be called that.”

“Called crazy?”

Cinder was getting annoyed. “Yes.”

“Do you have a history of mental illness?”

“Why would you ask that?”

“Just trying to understand why Mark Meechum would refer to you as crazy. Perhaps you can provide me an alternative explanation. Maybe there’s a history between you two that you could shed light upon.”

Cinder smiled at the detective, “You need to watch yourself.”

“I don’t mean to offend you. I’m just curious as to how angry you need to be… In order to lose all control.”

Cinder looked at the Detective, her eyes slightly squinted “Not very.”

“So.” The Detective asked, confident he had his suspect right where he wanted her. “How did you end up killing Mark Meechum?”

Cinder pointed at her breasts,

The Detective looked.

“You’re staring at the murder weapon.” Cinder stated

“I don’t know what you’re saying, that you slept with him?”

“You see, I have the body of a God, and when that body meets mortals like Mark Meechum… well, unfortunate things happen.”

Detective Hadley looked at Cinder and got straight to the point. “Did you kill Mark Meechum?”

Cinder stood up, “Have a nice day officer.”. She walked past the officer and opened the door to the interview room but there were two police officers waiting outside. She paused for a moment, just long enough for Detective Hadley to accuse her of murder, he once again read her, her rights.

“Cindy Youngman you’re under arrest for the homicide of Mark Meechum.” The detective stated and then attempted to handcuff Cinder but her arms weren’t budging. “Place your hands behind your back Cindy.”

She stared at the officers in front of her “Shame it has to come to this.” Cinder stated. “But I suppose the world was going to find out about me, one way or the other.”.

“Cindy. We don’t want to use force… but… ugh!” The detective grunted as he attempted to pull Cindy’s arm behind her back with no result.

“I’m so done with this.” Cinder stated as she placed her finger tips on the chest of the largest Police officer in front of her and simply pushed.

Detective Hadley couldn’t believe what he had witnessed, Cinder literally pushed an officer so hard he had blown through the wall and into the next room. The next officer grabbed Cinder, but she just grabbed him by waist and tossed him into the air. The officer’s head smashed into the light fixture and his head and neck got caught in some wiring, and so now he simply hung there from the ceiling.

Detective Hadley pulled out his gun as other officers turned the corner. “Don’t go near her!” Hadley warned. “Cindy! Get on the ground now!”

“Make me.” Cinder said with a smile. There was a delay before she giggled and turned away from the police officers, only to confront more just down the hall. Cinder placed her hands on her hips, “So, you boys want to have fun?” Just as soon as she finished her statement, time seemed to stand still. She walked over to Detective Hadley and hoisted him in the air by his under wear. She moved over to another officer and tapped him in the crotch. She methodically went to every Police officer and manipulated their bodies in some way or form. Satisfied with her mischief she raised her hands and said, “Let the fun begin!”

Police officers all in unison were either thrown, pushed, tossed or awkwardly manipulated so that everyone of them fell to the ground in agony.

A female officer rounded the corner and attacked Cinder with her retractable metal Baton. “Oh, this ought to be fun.” Cinder commented

The officer struck Cinder on her thigh while screaming “Down on the ground!”

“Try again.”

“I said down on the ground!” the female officer striking her in the thigh once more.

“Really?” Cinder asked.

An officer slowly was getting off the floor, pulled out his taser. He fired the electrified prongs at Cinder.

Again, time stayed still as Cinder simply took the female Police officer and manipulated her body so that she would get hit by the electrified prong. Right in the head.

Cinder laughed as the Female officer screamed in agony as she was briefly tazed.

Another officer threw a punch as Cinder, “Missed me.” She mocked. He threw another punch. “Missed me again!” He threw a third punch this time Cinder made sure the punch was lined perfectly with her slender nose.

“AAGGGH!” The officer screamed as his knuckle and wrist broke against Cinder’s unflinching face.

Hadley was on the floor near Cinder, he had seen enough and personally decided that lethal force was required and necessary. He fired, one aimed shot.

Cinder gasped as she looked down at Detective Hadley “You totally shot me, Right in the boob!”

Hadley was too close to have missed, but her white T-shirt didn’t even have a hole in it.

Cinder had her hands on her hips as she stared down at Hadley “But let’s be honest, you only hit me because I allowed it. I kinda wanted to know how it felt… you know… to get shot.”

Hadley lined her up again and fired three more shots. Alarms sounded, and more Police officers through out the building began responding. Hadley knew he had shot her, but she remained unaffected. He aimed this time at her head and fired.

Cinder smiled with the bullet caught between her teeth.

“How?” Hadley desperately wondered out loud.

Cinder unbuttoned her shirt revealing part of the warped S of her ultra-tight costume. “Play times over.” She said angrily as her eyes zoomed in on an officer.

Beams of intense heat began ripping apart Police officers in the hallway. The beams cut deep into walls, and at times right through them, causing secondary explosions through out the building.


“Why do you suppose Cinder was taken by the police for questioning?” Kaylan asked, but Dillon was extremely distracted and didn’t answer.

“Dude. What’s on your mind?”

“You’ve known Cinder for awhile… Right?” Dillon asked.

“My whole life.”

“Has her chest always been that big?”

Kaylan laughed, it was an awkward question, but not necessarily under the circumstances, he too noticed transition. “No man, the other day she’s coming up the stairs… and I’m like, Cous, Your tits are huge. She seemed more surprised than I was..”

“When was that?”

“Saturday morning.”

Dillon thought for a moment, “I think I fucked up.”

“What do you mean?” Kaylen asked

“Did you notice anything off with our Mom when she got back from her trip?”

Kaylen half laughed “Ummm have you seen my Mom since she got back from her trip?”

“No, I mean… Her actions.”

“Umm… not really…” Kaylen lied.

An emergency broadcast messaged both of their phones, warning them to vacate the city. Kaylan hurried to the TV and turned it on. Downtown was on fire, and the news reporter was focused on military personnel entering the downtown core.

“What the fuck is going on?” Kaylan asked. And then both of them watched in shock as the cameraman focused in on Cinder in a Superwoman costume.


Only two hours ago Cinder destroyed Police headquarters. Even she had to admit the escalation of what came after happened quickly. As military jets were now buzzing the burning city.

Cinder was floating 10 meters off the ground, she had used her heat vision on several people, cars and buildings. The red sky behind her telling a tale of incredible destruction. Now she used the full extent of her super breath on the street below. Cars, windows and people were helplessly blown off their feet as the one-way road and the buildings adjacent to it caused a destructive wind tunnel that swept down the road.

Cinder had zero doubts about her God like abilities. At no point had she felt threatened, and at no point was she hurt by any of the number of bullets that smacked into her. She imagined she’d be doing this all night, until there was nothing was left. She knew she may have stepped out of bounds at the police station, she even regretted her decision of destroy the building. But that decision was made, and it seemed highly likely that a simple ‘oops sorry’, would suffice. Now she needed to prove to everyone, civilians, law enforcement, military that she was indomitable. There was no prison, bomb or army that could subdue her. She fully intended to keep her tale of destruction isolated to the downtown area. She was sure that eventually her attackers would come to their senses and offer her very desirable terms.

Cinder saw a news helicopter travelling above her, she puckered her lips and sucked in the air. Even though the helicopter was nearly 200 meters away it tilted toward her. The helicopter was out of control as it sped toward Cinder. The rotors of the chopper foght with everything it had against the directional wind.

The helicopters blades smashed into Cinder's body, breaking off with every slash, before the helicopter careened away and crashed into a building. Cinder couldn’t help but laugh, the world seemed like her sand box, and everything in it were just toys.

The helicopters explosion was just enough of a distraction for her to completely miss the supersonic missile that came down on her. The missile missed, just narrowly, however the missile did smash into the back side of her cape. It hit with such a velocity that it tugged the cape off her body and smashed it into the ground in a massive explosion.

“No!” Cinder cried out, while the flames and debris did nothing to her, or her costume, her cape was vaporized in the explosion. She liked the costume, but now she’d have to get a new cape. Fuck that pissed her off. Cinder took her rage on the buildings in front of her. She trained her vision on the city buildings and let loose. Building after building began igniting like match sticks as her heat vision lit up every building like a christmas tree. She focused so hard, with so much intensity that she even became tired.

10A Swat had formed up behind her, lined her up and opened fire. Cinder smiled as she felt the gentle drops from rounds deflecting off her body. She turned her head and observed the men firing their weapons in vain. Bullets careening off her body as if they were made of rubber and she was made of steel.

She turned to the men as they continued to fire. It was like that part in man of steel, the part she thought was ridiculous. She couldn’t help her smile as her red boot stepped forward and the bullets were now sparking and rebounding off the Red S of her glorious chest. Fiction, as ridiculous as it might have seemed, was now her reality.


The door opened, and Ross and Maria hurried in, “Kaylan are you here!”

“Yeah, we’re in the kitchen!”

Maria hurried into the kitchen, “have you seen Cinder?”

“Haven’t you? She’s all over the news.” Kaylan answered

“Oh my God -what is she doing.” Maria whispered.

“Maria.” Dillon reluctantly stated, “We have to talk.”

Maria ignored Dillon as she watched in awe of what Cinder was doing to the downtown core on the news. How could she be so evil, even for her it seemed too malevolent.


“Quiet Dillon, I’m listening!” Maria shouted and then looked at Ross, “What are we going to do?”.

“I know everything.” Dillon blurted. “I know you touched a stone that made you look the way you do. That if someone else touched the stone they’d have control over you. What I didn’t know – but fuck I should have, was that you had super powers.”

Kaylan looked over at Dillon “Dude – what the fuck are you talking about.”

“Go on.” Maria insisted.

“The stone fell on your lawn, I picked it up, and you came to me that evening. You wanted to be with me…”

“When?” Maria asked.

“Would have been Friday evening.”

“Then what?”

“Then I asked you to transfer whatever it was that was in you… into Cindy… Just that, I didn’t know there was another Cindy in the house, and that your Cindy was in Hawaii.”

“Why don’t I remember any of this?” Maria asked

“Because I instructed that both you and Cindy have no recollection of what happened.”

Maria ran her hands through her hair, it made perfect sense, that was the missing link.

It was Ross who asked the most important question. “Dillon! Where is the stone now?”

“At my house, in a safe place.”

“Dillon, we need to get that stone before Cindy destroys the entire city.”.

“Or the entire country.” Maria added.


Cinder let the swat do what they wished, shoot her, stab her, club her and then she heard the swooshing sound of a distant missile. She turned and faced the direction of where she heard the sound, just in time to see the missile barreling down on her. She had all day to step out of its path, but she wanted to show the world that their missiles were useless against her, that she could easily shrug the missile off as if it were a straw. She was wrong.

The missile crashed into her belly causing her to double over. It then glided forwards, still pressing into Cinders belly causing her to fly backwards and into the building behind her before it exploded into a furious fireball.

The Swat team that was attacking her, and the building she hit were blown to pieces. Debris began falling from the sky as Cinder sat upright, her hair slightly messier than it had been before. “What a rush.” Cinder stated as she blew at some of her hair that had fallen across her face.

Cinder brushed off her body and then noticed the zipper along her back was broken. “Really? What a piss off!” She exclaimed. Obviously, she needed to grab a new costume.


Despite being powerless, Maria was in far better shape than any of the boys as she encouraged them to hurry.

They ran across the street, they cut through backyards all in an attempt to get to Dillon’s house as quickly as possible. The sky above downtown was red, and the streaking sounds of jets flying high overhead in the darkened sky made their ominous presence known.

Dillon was out of breath, but he continued to hurry. So many people were dead. Potentially all of it was his fault. He could see his house was in sight, and he caught his second wind.


At super speed Cinder entered her bedroom and methodically began deciding what costume she should wear. There were so many to choose from. There was a black one, with a silver S, that would be fitting. There was the obsession costume she wore to the comic-on. A costume still in a plastic seal that red new 52. There was also a similar costume to the one she had destroyed, without the leggings, and had a very short red skirt, but the costume looked like it was meant for someone far smaller than Cinder was. It was amazing though, how everything she wore seemingly became just as durable as she was. She decided on the smaller sized Supergirl costume, Cinder reasoned that it’d be for the best for the world to know that it was her, and her alone who had was responsible for so much mayhem and destruction.


“Wait outside my window, I’ll throw it down to you!” Dillon yelled as he gained a sizeable lead as he stormed into his house. He all but bashed the door in as he entered his home and then hurried up the carpeted stairs. Two stepping up the stairs, he tripped, but continued to hurry on all fours as he got to the top of the stairs.

He ran into his room and slid on the hard wood floor, right to a specific section of the hard wood floor. He got his nails into the seems of the hard wood as he began lifting one of the sections out. A section that had a hollowed-out part of the floor underneath it where the stone was resting. But the section slipped off his finger nails and sealed it shut. “FUCK!” Dillon panicked as he once more got his finger nails in the tight seems of the hardwood flooring.


Cinder was all set, but there was no way she was leaving before she checked herself out in the mirror. Cinder posed multiple times for the mirror, showing side boobs, her fine ass and body before realizing that she needed to take a selfie.

Her heart sunk into her stomach. Her phone had been in a pouch, in her cape when it had blown up. “FUCK!” Cinder screamed breaking the windows of the house. She giggled immediately afterwards as she probably deafened Kaylan and Dillon. Come to mention it, Cinder thought, where were Kaylan and Dillon?” she wondered as she X-rayed the home.


Carefully Dillon peeled back the board, taking no chances that it might slip from his fingertips he put his knee to the board when it was high enough. Finally, he reached down and grabbed the stone.

Fighter jets flew by creating a sonic boom that shook the neighborhood. It fueled Kaylan’s anxiety and he screamed out loud from below Dillon's bedroom window. “DILLON! HURRY!”

Dillon got to the window and desperately tried pulling it open before he realized the lock bolt was down on the window.


Noises and conversations were all background noise for Cinder, although she could hear practically everything and anything from a range of 10km she ignored most of it. Hearing her cousin scream for Dillon to hurry, she couldn’t help but worry that either of them were in some sort of distress. She certainly didn’t want anything bad to happen to her cousin, and unfortunately, she was still into Dillon.


Dillon opened the lock. Opened the window, and then tossed the stone to Kaylan.


Cinder was in the air and looking in the direction of where she had heard Kaylan’s scream. Her eyes zoomed in and she watched Dillon toss a small marble like stone from his window. She panicked. She knew precisely what that was. “NO!” She screamed before blasting off in that direction.


Kaylen reached out as the stone was inches from his hand


Cinder landed, looking angrily at Kaylen. But then her expression changed, and she smiled, “Would anyone like to explain to me what this is?” She asked as she opened her hand revealing the stone. “Is this the thing you threw into the sun Aunty?”.

“Look what you’re doing!” Maria screamed “You destroyed the city!”

Cinder blew gently at Maria causing her to tumble down the grass “Uncle Ross, tell your wife that if she’s not careful… I'll have to turn her into a popsycle.”. Now Cinder looked at the stone, “Now what do I do about this guy?” Cinder asked referring to the stone.

Police cars began pulling up to the house, their guns drawn at Cinder. Cinder could care less as she focused on the stone and what she was going to do about it. If what Ross said was true, then Maria had tossed this very stone into the Sun… but the stone came back. The same would probably be true if she threw it in the ocean. There was only one spot that it could truly be protected it was inside her. Cinder opened her mouth and swallowed the stone.

Maria watched in shock as Cinder gulped down the stone, what would happen now was anyone’s guess.

Cinder felt a cramp in her belly, and then pain. She clenched her fist as her body began to illuminate.

Ross pulled the kids away from her, assuming she was going to blow. She became bright, so bright everyone averted or shielded their eyes. When the light subsided, Cinder remained smiling, then snickering, then laughing. “I KNOW EVERYTHING!” she declared triumphantly.

The Police opened fire, and Cinder was barraged with a hail of gun fire. But instead of the bullets bouncing off of her like they usually did, they were being absorbed into her. As if the Police were shooting into thick water.”

1211They stopped firing as Cinder appeared as if she was chewing something, she raised her finger, as if to ask someone to hold on while she swallowed her food, and then she puckered her lips and blew. Her lips flared like that of a fully automatic weapon. It even made a sound similar to that of a machine gun as every cop was riddled with bullets.

“YOU MONSTER!” Maria screamed as she charged at Cinder.

Cinder looked on at the devastated police cars, all the while letting the thick smoke from her mouth slowly seep out as if she had just taken a drag from a cigarette. Cinder then turned her attention to Maria who was charging at her. She simply inflated her cheeks with air, and Maria ballooned in size. Maria became so cartoonishly large, that her arms and legs could barely touch the ground.

“I know what I am now.” Cinder explained. “I know everything.”. Cinder turned to Dillon, “You and Maria were the first to touch the stone. And while that event took place at separate times, the stone knew in advance that Dillon would touch the stone, and knew what Dillon wanted, what he dreamed of… And that was, of course, Superwoman. Am I right?”

Dillon was too nervous to say anything.

“So, the powers of the stone manifested themselves as the power of Superwoman in Maria and as well in me. But let me assure you, there’s far more power within it. Allow me to demonstrate.”

Cinder reached for a strand of her hair and pulled it off. She stretched it and as she did it brightened. Dark clouds formed in the blackened sky and began rumbling before an intense lighting bolt electrified her strand of hair. Her eyes glowed with God like power, her hair was now turned bright white as she held the lightning bolt in her hand like some comic rendition of Zeus, before she threw the bolt of lightning.13

Ross, Dillon, Maria and Kaylen watched in awe as the burning downtown core erupted into a massive mushroom cloud, the blast wave approached them as it moved like a wall across the city and then the town. Cinder smiled as the blast wave approached her. She created a force field that protected her family and Dillon as the wave of destruction passed.

“What have you done?” Kaylen said in shock as the wave of destruction continued well beyond them.

Cinder didn’t respond, she felt a wave of relief after she demonstrated such power. As if she relieved a pressure growing within her body, but that pressure was returning. She once again needed to alleviate it. It almost felt as if, if she didn’t, she’d explode. She clenched her fists and a massive earth quake began rumbling. Cinder looked at the moon and let loose the power from her already glowing eyes. Twin white beams hit the moon.

Dillon gasped in shock as the moon fractured into 8 large pieces.

Cinder once again felt relief, but not for long. Once again the pressure within her was growing. It was clear to her that the only way she could survive was to continuously use her destructive God like powers. Cinder thought hard about what was happening to her, and how she could alleviate it.

She pulled off another strand of her glowing hair and began wrapping it clockwise around her finger. The moon began to reform, and so too did the once destroyed city. Time began reversing quickly. The world around Cinder changed from day to night, repeatedly. Even the season changed from winter to Fall and then to summer before she stopped.

She stood in front of Dillon’s house on a warm July day. Her hair was still white, and she still wore her Superwoman outfit. The pressure inside of her was relieved, but once again it began building up. She fell to her knee’s and coughed up the stone. The stone dropped to the ground, and the power within her dissipated. Her hair returned to a dark brown and her eyes stopped glowing. But she still had all her super powers.

Cinder smiled as she was more than happy to relive the past few months. She wasn’t planning on keeping her powers a secret. No sir. She’d go to the hospital, explain her powers. Let the media expose her as a Superwoman, and let the world rejoice, or tremble to her God like status. She looked at the stone, curiously, she’d need to hide it in a very safe place.


14Cinder couldn’t help but smile as she finished giving her hundredth interview. She had become a celebrity over night. The world desperately wanted to know who she was, what her political views were, what her likes and dislikes were, and how powerful she was. From a few thousand followers on Instagram, her following jumped to a billion, the first time in history that had ever happened. She wasn’t just super, she was a super star, a celebrity, a rock star. Life wasn't good. it was fantastic. It was downright Super. She flew high above the clouds contemplating her new life. One thing was fore sure her friends wouldn’t try scheming behind her back. She wondered how they’d treat her, and she regretted not dealing with Charlotte before she reversed time.

Despite how perfect everything felt, and how much she looked forward to the future, there were two unfortunate issues that she was aware of. The first one being that she was still attracted to Dillon, although she had contemplated vaporizing him with her heat vision, that might mean never being satisfied by another person ever again. The second was that she had an overwhelming desire to live with her Uncle and Aunty. She knew the thought was irrational, yet she couldn’t fight it. She decided to live in their home, but she was definitely going to make changes.


Maria had always been a bit of a heavier set girl, but now she was obese. Maria weighed 260lbs but despite this, her husband Ross always encouraged and supported her. Never told her that she should diet, or that she was eating too much. He said that she was beautiful, and perfect exactly the way she was.

But there comes a time in everyone’s life when the need for change becomes obvious, Maria was no exception. As the family went on a 10km hike up some valleys, the same distance they’d always gone every year. Maria laboured and strained for 6 out of the 10km, before finally sitting down.

Ross turned back to her, “Hey sweet heart. Want to take a break?”

“No, take the kids and go on, ill meet you at the camp.” Maria stated as she sat upon a volcanic glass like rock, oddly suited to the surrounding environment as she tried to catch her breath.

“I’ll send the kids down and…”

“No Ross. I’m not going to risk the kid’s getting hurt because I’m too fat to keep up. Please, just go down without me.” She stated angrily. More upset with herself than she was at Ross.

Ross paused for a moment. “Maria… Cindy is 20, she’s with her boyfriend, and Kaylen is 17, who’s with his best friend Dillon who’s older than him. They’re grown up and certainly old enough to…”

“Hey guys!” Kaylen yelled out as he ran toward his parents with Dillon’s phone.

“What’s up?” Ross asked.

“Check this out.”

They all watched a news story of how Superwoman was real, and that her name was Cindy Youngman. “I don’t know how I’ll use my new-found abilities.” she commented to the media while wearing a superwoman costume.

“This isn’t real?” Maria stated. “This can’t be real.”

Her daughter Cindy was looking through her phone, “Mom… It’s on every major news station.”.

Maria watched in shock as video’s emerged of Cindy doing impossibly super things. ‘Life wasn’t fair’ she thought. ‘How could a girl like Cindy get this kind of power. She knew what she’d do if she had that kind of power, she’d use it for good and to help people. She doubted very much that Cindy had the morale aptitude for wielding such power. ‘Some people have all the luck’ she thought to her self.

“Ready to go?” Ross asked.

“Yeah.” Maria stated as she pushed herself off the large rock and began walking back to the camp site.

15The Youngman’s wrapped up their trip and headed home. Maria was glad to be home as she entered her home and then stopped in mid step as she looked at her couch. Cindy was lying on her living room couch in a Superwoman costume, she looked at Maria. “Oh God Aunty, tone down the jealousy.”

“What are you doing here?” Maria asked.

“I’m going to stay here for a bit. I’ve already moved you and Ross to the basement, hope you don’t mind.”

“Why would you want to stay here?” Maria asked.

“That’s a great question… But what can I say, the heart wants what the heart wants.” Cinder replied.

Ross, Cindy and Kaylan entered the house all looking at Cinder with surprise.

Cinder began giving them direction, “Kaylan, go fetch Dillon for me. Ross go grab some pizza, like 6 large pizza’s. Cindy if you can check my phone and let me know if I have any messages that’d be great. And Maria get your fat ass to the gym, you disgust me.”

“NOW HOLD ON!” Maria protested.

That was the last time Cinder ever heard protest, as the Youngman’s became a slave to her every whim. Apparently living here wasn’t that bad after all.


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