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The Exchange Student

Written by Akane :: [Sunday, 02 December 2018 12:47] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:29]

Art by HIKAREK and NoviceBum

Young Nadia Gasana couldn’t believe what was happening to her right now. The world around her faded into a mishmash of colors and shapes as the speed of her ride went well beyond what any vehicle on Earth could reach. Her enthusiastic screams alluded to the great time she was having, and her journey into Prosperia hadn’t even started yet; this was supposed to be their equivalent of traveling by plane, and there was no comparison.

“Oh no!” the teenager yelled, but it was unheard because of the powerful air current formed around them. Nadia’s baggage flew away and fell right into the Atlantic Ocean. She hadn’t been told her day would turn out to be so exciting. Seconds ago, Nadia was standing on her porch, kissing her parents goodbye and meeting her pen-pal Jeanne. This incredibly beautiful and well developed Prosperian student had to do the school exchange with her. She was taller than her dad and talked in a sweet, exotic, African accent. But her most impressive characteristic was her pearl white dress, it looked so out of this world and dreamy. Why didn’t the rest of the world dress like that? Perhaps her exchange family would provide her with magnificent clothes too? After all, she had just lost all of them except the ones she was wearing.

The person carrying Nadia was flying at high speed, cutting through the atmosphere like a hot knife through butter and laughing at gravity, with her lustrous platinum blonde hair trailing behind her. That was Aisha, a beast of a female that could only exist in a fantasy setting or weird porn story of some sort. She was six feet tall with muscular limbs, juicy thighs, and long legs. Her black and yellow flight attendant outfit possessed a boob window that showcased her impressive cleavage. A smug smile formed by her perfect lips appeared on her sweet face as she wasn’t struggling a bit with her astonishing velocity, and she knew that impressed Nadia.

Aisha was the first person of her kind Nadia had seen in her life. Her golden eyes, pointy ears and her almost earth red skin betrayed the fact that she wasn’t a member of the human species. “I’m an elf if you want to know. I read your mind and caught you wondering.” “Come on; you are pulling my leg! Elves are a race that only appears in fantasy!” Nadia answered skeptically. “Surely those ears are only for show!” Nadia pulled at them, and Aisha giggled at her scared expression when they didn’t come off. “Not anymore! Elves exist in Prosperia, thanks to M’Wela!”

Nadia could only wonder at this point what kind of mystical land was Prosperia; so far, nothing that she was seeing was normal. It was true that Super Goddess M’Wela had been the queen of the mysterious African nation for the last few years, and the entire region around it had become prosper and internationally relevant very quickly. But still, this sounded like one of those young adult novels with utopias everyone her age read. There were rumors that Prosperia had already become the nation with the highest GDP in the world for God’s sake! But an elf? A fictional race? Existing in this world? No way. “And many other races too…” Aisha stopped all of a sudden in the middle of the African countryside. There was nothing in front of them apart from bare nature, and only the sounds of birds and a river in the distance hinted at them being alone. “Why did we stop? Moreover, Why are we in Africa already?!!! That only took three minutes!”

“Well, I could have gone faster, but I didn’t want to hurt you. I had to apply a psychic barrier so the friction wouldn’t disintegrate you.” How she said those words was so casual. Nadia was dealing with mindblowing levels of power here.

“Psychic barrier…” She was incredulous, but she couldn’t find a better explanation for how she didn’t instantly die at those speeds.

“Yes!” Aisha smiled, looking as cute as a button. “Ah, true. Not everyone over there has these powers, yet…” That yet sounded very suspicious. “But anyway, I’m what you would call an Enhanced.” Aisha bowed respectfully.

“Enhanced?” Nadia had to take some of her clothes off. It was even hotter here in southern Africa than in California. She was a cute and shapely Afro-American sweetheart that would grow into a sexy and confident woman one day. She tied her locks into a braid to avoid sweat problems and raised her gaze, discovering there was nothing in front of them.

“Yeah, M’Wela makes some of us more powerful to both give us purpose and to facilitate our work.” Aisha’s amethyst earrings glowed intermittently. “My job is to bring people into Prosperia from the Outer World. To accomplish this task the goddess made me ultipotent.”

“What does that mean?” This M’Wela person acted very strangely for a goddess. Did she turn some of her people into superpowered demigods? But not all of them? That seemed a bit pricky…

“It means I can do everything I want with just a few limits, one of them being that I can’t impose my will over M’Wela’s changes on reality.”

“But that’s a lot of power! With all due respect Aisha, aren’t you unhappy with your state as a glorified plane? If what you are telling me is true, then you are a goddess. Why reduce yourself to this? It makes no sense, a ultipotent being shouldn’t be tied to a job, or a master of any kind. Also, why did we stop here? There’s nothing here.” She was getting impatient.

She didn’t answer. Instead, she twirled her fingers, and a few violet sparkles came out. Suddenly a big, translucent dome made of pure energy emerged out of thin air, emitting a funny buzzing noise. “See, that’s the dimensional rift M’Wela created to separate Prosperia from the Outer World. Non-powered people and even most Enhanceds can’t see this. Or even...” Then the godly elven amazon created a gate on the energy construct with her fingers. Nadia could see that a whole new realm existed beyond the rift; it was nighttime over there. “Do this. That’s why I’m ultipotent. The job of people like me is guiding tourists like you into the country while keeping it safe from the rest of the Earth. Prosperia doesn’t exist in the same dimension as the rest of the world. It couldn’t because its size is about twice bigger.”

“What? Are you telling me you have a country twice the size of Earth inside this little patch of land?” Nadia thought she was going crazy, nothing of this made a lick of sense.

“Hey, calm down, cutie! You will have a great time. Everyone is pleased with Prosperia after visiting it, particularly kids your age!”

“Hey, I’m not a kid!” She answered in a typical teenage fashion.

“That’s true, I’m sorry.” The elf turned her wide frame towards the girl as she put her manicured hand on her shoulder and guided her through the portal.

The explosion of an unrecognizable and sweet aroma in the air puzzled Nadia, who felt a step short of losing her senses by the sheer, overwhelming potency of the smell.

In front of her, there was a paradise full of greenery and flowers of impossible colors that formed a picture that would make Van Gogh blush, something so dreamy and unreal it could only exist on another planet. Since Prosperia technically existed in a pocket dimension, it made sense. But still, this countryside looked like something beyond her wildest imagination. If heaven had to look like something, it would be this.

She came to her senses after a while. Aisha smirked as the teenager run around the fields with the purest air to ever exist filling her lungs and the comfortable warmth of a calm summer night making her feel weirdly nostalgic. It wasn’t like anything back home. She fell into a field of wheat and formed an angel shape on it with her body. A few seconds in Prosperia and her heart was filled with love for a place she had never been to, but for some reason, she knew it was her true home. The clean, starry sky was the culmination of the perfect but straightforward stage M’Wela chose to create in that godforsaken part of Africa.

Nadia noticed some purple lights in the distance. “Those are farmers, and you shouldn’t be stepping on their crops.” Aisha laughed and lent her a hand to stand up.

The beautiful girl shook the wheat off her clothes. “Is the rest of Prosperia going to be as incredible as this place?” Her mind was still blown.

“Even better. But it’s late, and you surely want to meet your exchange family. I will take you to Mutegaraba, the capital!”

Both retook flight, and this time Aisha slowed down so Nadia could appreciate the sheer enormity and biome variety of Prosperia. There were lush fields filled to the brim with different kinds of crops that existed on Earth plus others that didn’t, all surrounded by cute, small communities. She was surprised to find that despite their futuristic level of farming technology, the houses were pretty traditional and simple, except for the radiating violet light. At some point, they crossed a few deserts and mountain ranges, which led to the central region. She could have sworn she had seen rivers made of honey and geysers spilling giant popcorn.

A wet region composed of swamps and lagoons appeared under them now. It was filled to the brim with strange endemic wildlife that would be considered mutant or even alien in the Outer World. “What are those white lakes made of? Milk?” Asked the curious teenager.

“Ummm… how do I say it?” Aisha tried to explain it, but she realized that it was going to be difficult for a foreigner to understand. “M’Wela poured her seed into those. It’s very nutritious, and sometimes women go there to bathe and get pregnant. It’s useful if you want to get genetically perfect children.”

“What? Seed?!!!”

“Yeah. When it runs out, M’Wela simply shoots another blob of it and fills a few kilometers of the craters. She’s very potent, you know.”

“But… I was under the impression that M’Wela was a goddess. A woman.”

“Yes, she is a woman.”

“Oh.” Nadia understood and stopped pestering Aisha. Nothing was impossible with a being that had the power of a Super Goddess.

Nadia thought that at that point, nothing could surprise her anymore. After all, an omnipotent goddess was in charge of the country so she could pretty much bend reality to her whim and make this place prosper just as its name implied. Her thrilling rollercoaster of a day wasn’t over yet though. Aisha had finally reached the biggest metropolis in the country. The tall amethyst colored skyscrapers and deceptively humble houses under them projected a very bizarre but captivating image. The size of the capital alone dwarfed entire first world countries, and the moonlight made the citadel surrounded like mountains look like a disco. The place was bursting with life as tons of voices could be heard from miles over the tallest building. This was the true face of the wealthiest and most advanced city in the Universe.

Nadia stared at that idyllic paradise and figuratively dropped her jaw. “Am I gonna live here for two weeks?” She had so many questions at this point, but her constant bedazzlement with everything she came across prevented the girl from becoming a question machine. She simply enjoyed the moment, silently bathing in the vastness and power of that place.

“You are going to love your school! But first, let’s take you home!”

“Please, Aisha, I need to sit down…”

“Alrighty!” This time Aisha touched Nadia and quite literally teleported both of them in front of a house. It was very similar to others in that neighborhood with two floors, made out of rock and glowing amethyst, and a big garden with pretty flowers on the grass. It looked like a modern version of the Rockstones’ house.

“Is this where Jeanne lives?”

“Yes, your new home!” Aisha sighed. “Well, I had fun with you, Nadia, but I have to report to M’Wela if you know what I mean. Hehehe.” But Nadia didn’t know what she meant. “See ya!” And just like that, she faded into non-existence, leaving her alone.

The door opened and Nadia felt shivers running down her spine. Of pure excitement, of course. If a quick look for a few minutes was enough to get her this riled up, what would living here be like? Now it made sense that Jeanne was such a formidable individual.

Two towering people with flashing smiles appeared and greeted the teenager with a flower necklace they carefully put on her neck. “WELCOME NADIA!!!”

They were so beautiful, didn’t look a day over twenty… Jeanne’s mom, Mrs. Kayibanda, was a gorgeous Rwandan woman. Her pen-pal told her that she was supposed to be roughly around the same age as her mother, but this angelic creature made American supermodels look like..shit. However, Mr. Kayibanda didn’t look African at all, more like East Asian. How could this be? Anyway, he looked like a ripped underwear model.

The news made it seem like Prosperia had not much diversity, and Jeanne didn’t resemble him in the slightest. Was he a second husband? Did he take her wife’s surname purposefully? Nadia’s head was going to explode with so many doubts.

“Thanks. Nice to meet you at last! I am Nadia Gasana, Jeanne’s pen-pal.” She was nervous but still came off as respectful enough. Her parents had taught her good manners.

“Yeah! Jeanne told us, telepathically! Oh my, you are such a cutie! Don’t stand out there please, come inside!” Jeanne’s mom enthusiastically guided Nadia through the hall. It was a pretty typical household, and her pen-pal didn’t tell her about her family that much, but Nadia deduced only a few people lived there. Then she noticed how big the rooms at her sides were, by the sheer number of bedrooms and bathrooms it started to look like this was some kind of hotel. But… it didn’t make sense at all. The house wasn’t that big on the outside, why was it so spacious inside?

Nadia was suddenly received by a barrage of greetings coming from the forty people that were waiting for her in the living room. From kids to adults, those were all Jeanne’s siblings. They hailed from every conceivable culture on Earth and came in all sorts of heights and physiques. There were even some elves and a baby that looked like a fantasy dwarf, beard included, eating in his little chair. Each one of them was performing a different activity and ignoring the futuristic TV on the background.

“Hello…” Nadia waved back, a bit overwhelmed. Was she supposed to share the house with this whole troop for two weeks? Nah, they just happened to be throwing a party before I came, haha. She thought to herself.

“Well, Nadia, these are Jeanne’s siblings!” Sure, a Super Goddess was the queen of this country, but did that mean her subjects were as fertile and prone to reproduce as her? This was overkill. “Uh… she is…” Mrs. Kayibanda started naming each one of her children, Nadia stared vacantly at them and nodded. She couldn’t hope to remember them all even if she made a conscious effort. “Oh sorry dear, I’m sure this is pretty overwhelming. You don’t have families this size back in the States, right?”

Nadia nodded. “Well, not really.” Mr. Kayibanda guided Nadia back to a clean and avantgarde kitchen as her wife tended to their family.

“Look, the most important thing about Prosperia is that everyone here is a big family. We don’t have a government per se or operate under any ideology.” The patriarch told her as he started preparing a nutritious dinner for Nadia. “So we are encouraged to form more and more bonds in our inner circle. Everyone here works to the bone to feed their family technically speaking.”

“But I was told M’Wela was a queen in school!” Nadia interrupted.

A plate full of weird-looking blue pasta adorned with some edible dressing was presented in front of Nadia. Even if it looked too alien to taste good, she didn’t want to offend her host and their culture, so she started to eat as he spoke. “That’s just how people see her in the Outer World because her job is to maintain our good relationship with other countries. It’s true, however, that she founded the country and made it a cool place for everyone to live. We are indebted to her, and we would gladly accept to be ruled by her, she’s like a mother to us all. However, she stayed humble and let us govern ourselves as a family which she considers herself a part of, and we consider her our mother, in turn.”

Nadia had never heard of anything like that; this country was undoubtedly strange. How could someone consider millions of people they couldn’t even interact with most of the time as a family? She was, however, too concerned with frantically devouring everything that was on the plate to pay attention to these inconsistencies. She couldn’t understand how something so weird-looking could taste that good. Everything in Prosperia was a miracle. Mr. Kayibanda smiled warmly and added. “Well, I think I will stop bothering you with this boring stuff, hahaha! You seem hungry and probably tired from the jet lag and all this strange stuff you are experiencing today.”

She couldn’t believe she had finished it all in about two minutes. But it was true; her eyes were starting to close by themselves. She was pooped despite only having been out of home for half an hour—too much to handle for a normal human like her.

Mrs. Kayibanda came back from the living room and lifted Nadia like a princess with her powerful, amazonian arms. “Shhhhhhh,” She said to her husband before they kissed. It was late, and all that shock left Nadia in a state of utter slumber. The beautiful matron went up the stairs and into one of the bedrooms and lovingly tucked Nadia in one of the beds next to the other kids of the family. She kissed her in the forehead and shut the lights off.

The next morning Nadia was awakened by one of the siblings at the same time everyone was getting ready for school. Somehow the same baggage she lost during her flight with Aisha was carefully placed next to her bed. She then showered and dressed hastily to join the others downstairs. The breakfast table was so crowded, the size of the room had to correct itself automatically with magic so they could all fit. She got bombarded with questions, so many that she couldn’t begin to explain herself. After their mother calmed them down, they got quiet and waited for her to answer. Their eyes were as big as plates.

“Well… My name is Nadia Gasana; I live in California… my father works as a pediatrician, and my mother is a nurse… They originally lived near here in what was the old Rwanda and moved to America to escape the civil unrest caused by the goddess and her enemies. I was four years old back then and I didn’t understand what was happening, but I have always desired to go back to the place where my parents fell in love with each other. Although I’m sure it has changed so much it’s completely different now, being part of Prosperia and all. I got interested in Jeanne as a pen-pal because I wanted to come here, but I didn’t expect to make such a good friend.” The entire family stared at her incessantly, perplexed at her story.

After the delicious meal, Nadia was ready to go to Fahr-Martin High. She was accompanied by five of Jeanne’s siblings, who were around her age. She was a bit jealous of how beautiful and charismatic they were; back home in California, they would have taken over her school with ease. Nadia saw that the streets of the city weren’t any different from the Kayibanda household; everyone was incredibly sexy and competent, belonging to different races and even species. They told her that about 30% of the population of the country descended from M’Wela herself, and the rest either migrated from the old Rwanda or came from other countries with the prospect of improving their lives in the new utopia everyone was talking about. That explained the racial diversity, but did M’Wela really have that many children? True, she was a Goddess, but it was an impressive feat nonetheless.

The kids took a bus, and Nadia was stunned to find that the bus driver was a distant uncle of all of them. It seemed everyone had a place in the family that this country embodied, despite being so big. On the way, she could see some Enhanceds flying around between the crowd and doing the heavy-duty jobs big machinery would otherwise do back in the States. For example, a very powerful Enhanced, an elven traffic officer who looked similar to Aisha, was casually lifting and juggling with electric cars, trucks, and motorcycles that were parked in the wrong spot and then carefully putting them in more suitable spaces. Another one was cleaning the streets by spitting water and soap with the intensity of a hose. Indeed, everyone had a place and work to do in this perfect utopia, which had unlimited resources and was continually expanding demographically and geographically.

Apparently, having public sex between adult members of the family was common, which explained why there was an orgy in the middle of the street for everyone to see. Those Prosperian hunks fucking their hot wives like there was no tomorrow and switching couples with other marriages were quite a sight to behold. Nadia had to close her eyes as she walked and take the hand of one of Jeanne’s brothers. They laughed at her purity, for they understood that mature Prosperians had higher libidos thanks to their superior bodies and pheromones, plus they were extraordinarily fertile and open about sex. Of course, having a divine piece of ass such as M’Wela around didn’t help. To help her calm down, they told her that cultural differences were always shocking, and she should be tolerant if she wanted to fit in for half a month.

The school was a surprisingly utilitarian building where everything was no different from what her American school teachers told her about Africa. The only difference was the fact that the stuff that teenagers were taught here was of college-level in the States. The feats showcased by mere kids in the gym were beyond olympian, but she was exempt from physical education and thus didn’t participate, she would have been ridiculed anyway.

Nadia had a lot of trouble keeping up with the rest of the class, but thankfully she received a lot of assistance. It wasn’t that bad. She learned a lot of history about Prosperia too, how M’Wela offered a nation of peace and prosperity to Rwandans when she was 17 years old while the army tried to stop the ones that wanted to join. At one point, they tried to kill her with tanks. Naturally, they couldn’t hurt her, so she defeated the army by herself without killing anyone and hid with her followers behind a circular barrier of mountains she artificially formed with her telekinesis. Later the UN court ruled in her favor, and the Rwandan government was forced to give part of their territory to her. M’Wela then founded Prosperia and created the dimensional rift to accommodate the ever-growing population without having to ask for more land.

In the middle of an uninteresting biology lesson, Nadia heard a rumble outside the school and took a look through the amethyst window next to her. A lot of people were forming a circle around someone on the street. 

It was her!

There she was, lying down with her head resting on the feet of a fountain with carved cherubs. Her magical, black mane covered with African violets was so long it touched the floor. The plaza was full of people waiting for her blessing in a line, both old and young.

M’Wela Mutegaraba, the first Super Goddess and Queen Mother of Prosperia, was completely naked. Her voluptuous and motherly body fully exposed as her delicious ebony skin bathed her godly curves. It was an image that Nadia would never forget because it constituted the objective standard of perfection for feminine beauty. The otherworldly chiseled face that surpassed every other creature in nature. The gorgeous purple eyes that radiated with life. The plump, dark lips that demanded to be kissed. The gentle gaze that instantly calmed your heart, like they stared directly into your soul to cure it with true love and compassion. Nadia was blushing without realizing it.

The Super Goddess moved around like a dream, as if time and gravity were suggestions to her. It was something difficult to explain but still hypnotic nonetheless. Nadia couldn’t stop watching how a young boy lying on her large 2-meter body was sucking on one of her plentiful breasts, nutritious milk coming out of her engorged nipple. Her little moans were music to everyone’s ears and made them want to fuck her even harder.

She looked incredibly pregnant, and it took a few seconds for the miracle to happen. As M’Wela breastfed the kid, another one came popping out of her. It wasn’t a baby, though, but another nine year old. It had all been seamless and lacked any of the complications of natural childbearing. The kid came out being able to talk and walk without the placenta around him. He even jumped around for a bit, like he was celebrating something and then joined his partner, sucking M’Wela’s other gigantic breast.

Then it happened. The most incredible thing that Nadia had ever seen in her short life. An elderly woman and a middle-aged man were instructed by M’Wela to get inside her vagina, and they both agreed. The goddess’s magical pussy easily absorbed both of them in a single slurp, and it took no time for her belly to get big again. It was like she was cooking them inside.

The teenager poked one of Jeanne’s siblings, who was sitting next to her, in the shoulder to get his attention; she was disturbed by the imagery. “Did you see that?! Super Goddess M’Wela is outside doing something weird!”

He smirked smugly and replied slowly. “Don’t worry, Nadia, she sometimes teleports to random places in Prosperia and bestows her blessings upon the people. We consider her a mother, and we accept her help when she gives it. Nobody cares because this happens all the time.” He turned around to pay attention to the lecture.

This didn’t bode well for Nadia; it was pure nightmare fuel. But then she understood what he meant by blessing. After a while, both absorbed people were born again, sliding from her insides right into the street. The woman now looked like a busty 30-year-old, and the guy was now in his early 20s!

“See? She’s taking people inside her womb and granting their wish to become younger. Those that do this are considered her biological children; it’s like you are born anew.” Another classmate whispered behind Nadia.

“I see,” M’Wela did indeed look like an archetypical fertility Goddess, but the exchange student wasn’t aware that she also acted like one.

After making dozens of people younger and fucking every single adult of the group, the African queen instantly vanished from the street like nothing ever happened, and everyone continued with what they were doing before she appeared.

After that incident, the next eleven days were pretty much normal for Prosperia. Nadia still had to get used to the loud fucking of Jeanne’s parents every time their children weren’t around, the demanding intellectual requirements of the school, and the sheer promiscuity of Mutegaraba’s inhabitants. Fortunately, the food and commodities were top-notch and she had found pretty good friends in Jeanne’s siblings. She learned that Jeanne was astounding both her parents and the people of her school with her intelligence, good manners, and impossible beauty. It was funny to see how she was taller than the biggest jocks of the school’s football team. She had become popular, so much they didn’t want to get rid of her. Nadia wasn’t as popular in Prosperia, but it sure was addicting to live there.

On Day 12, Nadia received an unexpected visit. The sweet smell of cinnamon filled the kitchen as she was finishing her mock homework with some help from Mr. and Mrs. Kayibanda. When she was around, they were respectful enough not to bother her with constant kissing and groping, which otherwise happened very often since they both worked from home.

The back door suddenly opened by itself, letting a gentle breeze sweep in, Nadia could instantly recognize the African violets that came from outside and whimsically floated down until they reached the floor. The air felt heavier, and her head was spinning, what was this potent aroma? She couldn’t think straight.

As M’Wela entered the room with unparalleled elegance, another miracle happened. With each step of the goddess, a patch of grass and flowers magically materialized under her feet, including newly created animal life in the form of small insects. The odor of her pheromones became so intense that the first thing Jeanne’s mother did when she saw her was pushing her husband aside and quickly greeting the goddess with a wet kiss that lasted half a minute as they both rubbed their bodies together and caressed each other. Despite this, Mr. Kayibanda wasn’t jealous at all and smiled as she saw his wife making out with the superior Super Goddess. Was doing this a thing in Prosperia? M’Wela choosing a random household when she had time to spare and fucking someone’s wife as appeasement? Or perhaps it was just another cultural difference that Nadia couldn’t appreciate.

“Mommy, please, please make me feel good, hngggg~” She could have never imagined someone as motherly and nurturing as Mrs. Kayibanda calling someone else that, but it made sense. She was tall but M’Wela was actually built like an amazon. Her body was two meters of grade A muscle covered in a layer of healthy baby fat that made her look like a primitive sex idol, even Aisha paled in comparison to this literal goddess. Even if she was currently covered in a beautiful white dress with amethyst gems, you could still outline her perfect body, wide hips, and balloon sized tits. It was almost transparent; her delicious, chocolate body half exposed, half-hidden from their gazes. She was surrounded by a mystical purple aura and unexplainable glitter that trailed behind her as she approached, swaying her tremendous hips and killer ass. Nadia could also appreciate more African violets functioning as wristbands.

The words that were heard right then and there were something Nadia would never forget. They came with a voice so soft and gentle they could calm an enraged monster. The turmoil in her heart caused by witnessing a Super Goddess gaze at her from such a close distance instantly disappeared because of that reassuring voice—the voice of a mother. “Yes, my children, I have come to meet our guest from the United States. I am most curious about her, but first, I have to make you another one, Marie.” M’Wela knew the name and look of every person in Prosperia despite not having met most of them. It was par for the course for a Super Goddess like her to hold unreal quantities of information like that in her infinite memory brain. After all, while she was there, her clones were having sex with her harem, officiating a hundred different marriage ceremonies, and traveling to China for the Summit of G-21. She took her job as a foreign affairs representative very seriously. She always impressed everyone that attended or watched it on TV with her elegance, charisma, beauty, and wisdom about politics and international law.

“You mean a baby? Now? Here? I’m honored, mommy.” Ms. Kayibanda was clearly in heat. She licked her lips in anticipation; her pussy was completely wet. She looked at her husband while panting and sweating, completely overtaken by M’Wela’s sexy presence, asking for his approval with dilated pupils and losing her mind at the thought of being fucked by her queen and mother.

“Yes, sweetie. You can.” He answered in a calm tone, coupled with a kind smile on his face. Deep inside, he was more jealous of her wife than of M’Wela.

“Oh, dear, in that case...Let’s go!” M’Wela lifted Marie with one of her fit arms and walked towards the bedroom to give her the sex of her life and impregnate her. We will talk later, sweetie. I am excited to get to know you. Was that M’Wela’s voice whispering in her mind? Could she do that? If that was the case, not even her most private thoughts were safe from her.

“Hey, you okay with that, mister?” Nadia asked Mr. Kayibanda, quite worried about what had just transpired.

“Yeah sure, she does this all the time. And if that means having mommy around for a bit to take care of her child, then I’m all for it.” She referred to her as his mother so naturally, just like her wife did a moment ago.

“She said she wanted me. I hope it isn’t for something bad; Did I do something wrong?”

“Don’t worry, Nadia. I’m sure it’s for something good.”

The teenager had to go outside to finish her homework on the garden table because, in the kitchen, she could still hear the orgasmic screams of Mrs. Kayibanda while she was pounded by the Super Goddess.

Eventually, M’Wela came out, followed by the couple; they were all crying tears of true happiness. In the arms of the goddess, there was the fruit of their love, a little baby girl.

“Don’t tell me you just had sex with her, got her pregnant, and already popped out the baby!” Nadia exclaimed, referring to the cute little creature she was carrying.

“Ah, yes, sweetheart! I present you our new daughter Isha. Pregnancy is complicated, so I accelerated the process a bit with my time-bending abilities! Marie did not think it was a problem.”

“True, I want to enjoy my maternity alongside M’Wela right now!” She looked incredibly well-groomed and rested despite having been recently fucked by a Super Goddess and delivering a baby.

“This is truly a blessing,” Mr. Kayibanda said, completely bewitched by the beauty of his wife’s daughter. Nadia still couldn’t understand how they treated this situation like it was normal, particularly him. “Mommy, when will my turn come?” The Asian hunk asked.

“Later, dear. I think I will take my time now with our adorable Nadia over here and explain to her what I want. Alright?” She smiled gently with her eyes closed and talked with so much love and care, just like a true mother would. Although she still was strict when needed apparently. She came off as zen at times.

The couple let them alone to take care of the newborn Isha. M’Wela floated in a relaxed way in Nadia’s direction. Now that the goddess didn’t leave a trail of grass and flowers behind her, she could appreciate that M’Wela was barefoot, and her feet were dainty and well-groomed as expected from someone of her beauty and class.

She sit cross-legged in front of Nadia, with her eyes still closed and a genuine smile on her face. She was so tall that they still could talk face to face in spite of this. “Well, hello, Nadia. As you surely know already, I am M’Wela Mutegaraba, Super Goddess and Queen Mother of Prosperia. Although you probably are aware by now that I am not a queen.” She laughed tenderly. “I have pretty impressive perception and empathy abilities so I know you saw what I did yesterday and due to that you do not trust me that much. That is a little sad because I wish to become your friend, so I wanted to invite you to go for a stroll together tonight and talk about stuff. If you are fine with it, of course, sweetie.” M’Wela didn’t get a quick answer. Nadia wasn’t a fan of being so transparent to someone. It was true that everything about M’Wela screamed she was meant to be loved and revered. Her dashing looks, her pretty voice and cute accent, the motherly aura she projected... “At least we agree in that you can not go back to the states with a bad idea of Prosperia and its people because of good old me, that would not be okay. So I promise not to scare you anymore and make amends.”

Nadia’s will power finally surrendered in front of this African angel of pure perfection. “Of course, I would be honored, Your Majesty. Just come to pick me up whenever you want.”

M’Wela burst into a hearty laugh. “No dear, please no. Call me M’Wela. And don’t worry, I will be living here for a long time to take care of my daughter, so let’s go once I’m done with that for today!” Nadia nodded.

The Super Goddess appeared to be a kind and responsible individual, caring for lives lesser to her to a great extent. She also seemed committed to her new daughter, despite having created her in a matter of minutes. Could such a nurturing person exist, or was this just a charade? To which point was this a happy utopia where everyone loved each other sincerely and genuinely instead of a cruel experiment by a sociopathic omnipotent woman who wanted to be worshipped and admired without opposition? Was everyone this joyful and compliant with her desires because she forced them to be that way? Or was she really considered the mother of everyone in the country? She was the biological mother of a significant portion of it, after all. With a being that could bend reality to her will with utter ease around, everything had to be approached with a relativistic point of view. An intelligent young lady like Nadia was aware of this.

“I’m alright with that.”

“Then all is said and done! I am excited for the time I will be able to share with you, Nadia!” And with that, she teleported herself back inside the house as Nadia started thinking that maybe she could give her a chance. After all, being omnipotent wasn’t a sin. She deserved an opportunity despite her weirdness and dubious acts. Perhaps everyone truly loved her that much.

The rest of the day went as expected, except for M’Wela staying with the family. Her presence was intoxicating, and Nadia experienced it first-hand when they tried using the jacuzzi in the garden. M’wela’s perfect, naked body reminded Nadia of her heterosexuality not being a certainty.

Later the Super Goddess decided to prepare dinner for everyone. Expectedly, the food was on a whole other level than anything else she had tasted before and made her mother’s and even Marie’s cooking feel like trash. M’Wela wasn’t as bad as she thought, she was pretty nice and interacted in a very down to Earth and humble way with Jeanne’s family and Nadia. She rarely ceased smiling and having fun and always had time to interact with someone at the table. Nadia caught her staring at her daughter Isha with so much love and pride in her bioluminescent, violet eyes. Why would an almighty being like her look at an inferior human with that much reverence? It was like Isha was a miracle to her.

Inevitably, the time came. M’Wela approached Nadia, who was sheepishly reading a book. “It’s time to talk.”

She followed the Goddess outside, and both walked together under the magical, starry sky of Prosperia. She noticed how animals naturally approached her as they progressed through a virgin forest illuminated by the shining fruit on the trees that surrounded them. Squirrels, little rabbits, and even birds came to greet her and she gently petted them in turn. Even these wild creatures understood the power and beauty of such a magnificent woman. As if she was Mother Nature incarnated.

Although Nadia wasn’t precisely different to them, M’Wela caught her once staring silently at her with a permanent blush on her cheeks. ”You know…” The Goddess kickstarted the conversation because she understood that the poor girl was nervous and confused. “When I was a baby, I did not have all my powers, and no one else like me around to protect me. I was born special, in an impoverished rural zone in northern Rwanda. My mother died shortly after my birth, and later in my early years, I had to fend malaria off.” Something extraordinary happened as all the stars in the sky started dancing around and forming shapes. Shapes that Nadia could recognize as being an animated representation of M’Wela’s life and memories projected straight from her mind. It was an incredible thing to see.

“And… how did you survive?”

“Well, I suffered a lot, and people didn’t accept me at first, but I strived to survive, and I achieved it somehow. Fortunately, after turning three, I developed fully-fledged omnipotence, and I was able to cure my malaria and help my village.” She stopped next to a thick tree and let Nadia take a look at the fruit. Diamonds… She can make diamonds grow from trees. She was in absolute awe and listening to her words with a perplexed expression.

“I’m so sorry about that; I didn’t know. In school, they told us that Super Goddesses are omnipotent, and with all the incredible things you do, creating this great nation included, you look invincible.”

Two strings of perfectly aligned diamonds materialized from inside the tree and floated towards M’Wela’s ears, becoming her earrings. She made a mirror pop out of thin air to see how she looked. Splendid, of course. Like a true queen.

“My dear… It is not your fault, seriously. No one is judging you. After all, I did create an international conflict when I founded the country back in 2034. I was a teenager back then, so of course, I thought the best option was to rule myself, but after a while, I learned that with love everything is possible, including working together and living in peace. That is why they don’t need me anymore, but I haven’t abandoned them, I cannot. They are all my children, and I love them so much it hurts. I could not leave them alone, ever.”

“Nadia,” M’Wela said, “Knowing what being vulnerable feels like makes me appreciate the ones weaker than me. I want to protect and cherish them.”

The entranced teenager finally exploded and confessed her feelings. “I don’t want you to go either! I don’t know what it is, but in just one day, I have grown so attached to you, and I don’t want to leave Prosperia either! It’s so good living here! If only my parents could move in.” Nadia lamented.

“Oh, dear…” M’Wela was genuinely surprised and played with one of her majestic dreadlocks as she thought a proper answer for that outburst. “Are you sure of that, little Nadia? It sounds like you are asking me to arrange that for you. Decisions like this one are what shapes our lives, so you better choose wisely.”

“I…” Nadia meditated her next choice of words for a moment, but she couldn’t snap from the whirlwind of feelings that were causing a ruckus in her heart. “I wanted to come here for a reason! And now I know what it is, my parents lived here back when it was dangerous and not cool like now so… so… I must tell them to come back so we can live together here. I want it! Please, M’Wela!”

The Super Goddess nodded with a gentle smile on her face and embraced Nadia in a hug that broke down all her inhibitions. Tears slipped from Nadia’s eyes as she felt what true love was. M’Wela started to ascend further and further up into the night sky, and she didn’t stop until all the trees and mountains became mere dots. From up there, the entirety of Prosperia could be seen. In this layer of the atmosphere, Nadia would usually have frozen instantly, but M’Wela’s body was enough to keep her warm and safe. “Mommy…” She muttered as she hid her cute face in M’Wela’s breasts.

“See those stars, Nadia? Your future is now beyond them! I will grant your wish.” She proclaimed, and happily so.

“Really?! Thank you, mommy!” Nadia hugged her tighter.

“You will need to explain to your parents that Prosperia welcomes them with open arms. It is safe, and they will prosper in their homeland again, so they should come back.” The amazon Goddess twirled her fingers and performed a spell. Suddenly, all the stars in the sky disappeared and printed themselves on Nadia’s clothes, which now resembled a dress containing the whole Universe. “Now that they belong to you, you may have an example to show them how wonderful things are here… perhaps with an elegant dinner…?” Those last words were pronounced in a cheeky and flirty tone.

“Are you saying you are going to come too?!” Nadia was really excited at the prospect.

“Oh, of course, dear! I would never pass up the chance to meet your parents~”

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