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Space Girl

Written by conceptfan :: [Tuesday, 12 February 2019 16:48] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 13 February 2019 22:14]

Space Girl

by Conceptfan

Written for SWM Valentine's Day 2019 Workshop.

A series of Haikus with a SciFi theme. Still counts as "Valentine's Poetry" because it expresses love for a trope.

Beauty unsurpassed
From a far distant planet.
(She's super-powered)

Omnipotent girl.
Invulnerable goddess.
Here to conquer Earth.

Manicured fingers
On a slender up-stretched arm
Hold packed bus aloft.

Cruel grin, slow wink.
Easy toss launches vehicle.
She throws it a mile!

Bullet strikes her chest.
Lead bends, flattens, ricochets.
Her breast is unharmed.

Faster than our minds,
The girl moves near speed of light.
None can escape her.

Effortless gesture.
Flick from feminine digit
Sends soldier flying.

A frozen kiss blown
Seductively turns dozens
Into solid ice.

She laughs as tank-shells
Explode against her body.
Nothing can hurt her.

Lovely eyes glow red
Beams vaporise their target
Her powers don't end!

Futile metal screams
As she tears a tank in half.
Men spill at her feet.

Gorgeous pouting lips
Slowly part. Teeth flash. Pucker.
Then she blows us away.

Hands on hips she gloats,
Magnificent chest thrust out,
Admiring her work.

Her conquest complete,
Her power unstoppable,
The planet now hers.

Happy #*@£ing Valentine's Day everybody.

Conceptfan Jan 2019.

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