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Kneel Before Roz – Part 9, Washington

Written by Dru1076 :: [Saturday, 09 February 2019 11:57] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 09 February 2019 12:42]

The impossible super strong mega Roz had no trouble locating the capital, though she had no idea really where to find it. Using her ears, she scanned the entire North American continent until she found the President and his advisers. The fact that the serious group of men were all discussing Roz aided her in finding them faster. With a happy grin, determined to keep her parents off the governments radar even if it meant destroying the whole government, Roz aimed herself for the District of Columbia and accelerated rapidly to become the fastest moving object on Earth.

The country rolled by beneath her at a blistering pace, only a blur to the captives in her necklace, and the clouds were driven back by her astonishing wake. Roz rejoiced in the feeling utter freedom her dominance over gravity gave her, and flexed her quads to smash past her current speed record.

Roz laughed at the panicked generals in the situation room, as they were informed that their target had left the Gulf of Mexico and was headed straight for Washington moving too fast to track. They scrambled more jets to add to those already patrolling the capital, and the National Guard posted throughout the city already were reinforced and put on high alert. In what was announced as a drill, they had deployed tanks and anti aircraft guns all up and down the national mall and around the national monuments.

Roz hovered in the clouds high over the Lincoln Memorial and crossed her arms over her wonderfully perfect breasts while she waited for the fresh preparations to be completed. She scanned the city, and discovered several places she needed to visit once she dealt with business. They gave her plenty of time to uncover potential fun. The Smithsonian had plenty of toys, and the IRS offices looked like they needed some Super Mega Roz auditing, and she even spotted a hidden trove of nuclear weapons.

Once all the extra troops were in place and the extra planes had taken up their positions in the formations, Roz revealed her presence to them in a dramatic and hard to ignore way.

With a mighty powerful flex of her divine super strong muscles, Roz tore the cloud hiding her apart with a terrific booming shockwave. The turbulence knocked the nearest formation of planes straight out of the sky, sending them spinning and tumbling to the ground helplessly out of control. The others, a little further out, fared better but didn’t have an easy job of stabilising their aircraft.

“Hello there, pansy boys! I’m the super strong mega muscled ultra God Roz. I’m here to smash the shit out of you dumb assholes and meet the President! Guess you knew I was coming, yeah? Nice of you weak cunts to set all these toys up for me to fuck over with my super duper mega muscles!

She was instantly the target of two dozen heavy machine guns, the hot lead guided by computers to accurately strike her super hard invulnerable body. There the lead was shattered to hopeless ruin, and Roz merely chuckled with mild amusement. Then she dropped out of the stream of lead, letting gravity take hold of her immense weight and steering herself to the White House lawn. She slowed her descent, and stopped to hover ten feet above the grass.

Men shouted at her, running about all dressed in body armour with heavy weapons until she was surrounded. Mega Roz smiled and put her hands on her hips, arrogantly sneering at their weakness. They couldn’t stop her. But she was sure glad they were stupid enough to try.

Delicious hot lead pleased her divine super strong muscles, and she hovered there patiently enjoying the insistent pleasure of their bullets. The barrage of machine gun fire began to wane, and with a short playful laugh Mega Roz dropped to the ground. Kaboom. The men in black combat gear were thrown violently off their feet by her immense impact, and when she hoisted her arms and flexed her divine super muscles they were smashed to pieces by the shocking and appalling wave of pure unapologetic muscle God power.

“Take that, you weak little pussies.”

She took a step forward just as a sniper round splattered to hopeless ruin upon her naked left breast, and walked toward the building. Mounted machine guns on the roof spat larger bullets that teased her with delight. A rocket propelled grenade roared down from a second story window and smashed itself in a glorious violent explosion upon her super hard impossibility of a six pack. Roz laughed, her nipples hardened, and she playfully aimed her finger at the man holding the spent rocket launcher. Light bulged brightly on her fingertip, blinding onlookers and making them cry out in pain. They shielded their faces and looked away as the ball of light flashed brighter and shot forth to strike the target with deadly accuracy. The stunned man looked down where he’d been hit in confusion, the ball having lodged itself in his gut without appearing to do any damage. And then he screamed, his veins glowing brightly as he fell to his knees and exploded violently. Every man in the room was fatally injured by the force of the blast.

Roz fired off a more of her deadly energy, taking out targets as they ran out of ammo or lost the will to the fight anymore. Anybody still delighting her super strong muscles with their weapons was given opportunity to do so. Not only did it feel fantastic, it was important to Roz that they understand how terribly outclassed they were. She wanted them to see her magnificent omnipotent body soak up their heavy weapons, and how her wonderful invincible muscles mocked their excellent training and modern weapons.

Mega Roz had reduced the special agents on the grounds to a tattered confused mess by the time she set foot in the building. She found the massive halls agreeable, and put her hands on her hips as she stopped a moment to admire the magnificent old style of the place. Bullets ripped across her naked chest and a brave soul with a shotgun popped out of a room to blast away, his war cry very nearly as loud as the shotgun. But not remotely as booming as Roz’s laughter.

“Nice try, fuckwit.”

With bullets still firing at her, Roz walked past the stunned shotgun guy and grabbed him by the face as she passed. Her fingers crushed easily into his skull and she smashed him into the wall where her was deeply embedded next to a painting. Grinning, Roz strode regally down the hall enjoying the erotic massage. They retreated before her, until she had ten men between her and the presidents door, with many men behind her and everybody firing machine guns, shotguns, or pistols. The only blood drawn by the guns was theirs, however, as fragments of lead filled the air. Roz stopped and grinned at the ten secret service agents in front of her.

“Okay pussies. You assholes had fun with your guns, yeah? Well… now it’s my turn, and you shit burgers are gonna get fucked over hard by my unstoppable mega God muscle power. Fuck yeah. Feels good. Keep shooting me… go on. Hahahahaahahahah. What a stupid pack of fucktards. Trying those puny steel guns against these almighty and all powerful mega had muscles! You weak cunts are pretty stupid, yeah? Let me show you MY guns, you squishy little turds.”

She raised her arms and flexed up an appalling display of demoralising divine power, smashing the men in front of her hard up against the wall and crushing them into the surface with loud snaps of bone and much screaming. She held her pose and chuckled at them, amused by their frailty and very happy about being such an unreasonably powerful muscle God on a world so full of entertaining playthings.

“Pretty fucking awesome, yeah? How the does it feel to get so brutally fucked over by this super duper muscle God? Do you like that, fucktards? I think it’s fucking great, flexing up my super hard muscle God power and watching the world smash and burn. It’s so cool! It kinda gets me all hot and bothered, yeah? Just like you squishy weak cunts are all getting boners right now cuz I got my hot as fuck tits in your faces. You can see how hard my nipples are? Yeah? I can destroy diamonds in these nipples they’re so hard. And speaking of hard… do you think I’m flexing hard right now? Hahahahaahahahah. Not even fucking close, dickheads. I’m being very careful so you dumb fuckers can listen to me explain as this shit before I smash you to bits with my super muscle God power.” She laughed as they struggled hopelessly against her divine force field, desperate to escape the impossible power she held over them. With a wink, she flexed down harder and destroyed the lot of them, crushing them hard against the wall and knocking the security door into the Oval Office.

Ignoring the toys still shooting her in the back, Mega Roz happily walked into the presidents office. It was empty. But she already knew it was empty. She knew exactly where the president was, because she could see him with her wall and floor piercing eyes just as easily as she could spot the hallway leading from the invisible hidden door in the wall. Without even slowing down, she strode clean through the steel security door, her super hard breasts and super strong muscles bullying their way easily through the supposedly impenetrable barrier like it was a bead curtain.

Boom! A hand grenade exploded right at her feet, making her smile but not slowing her down. She heard shouting and bullets splattered on her face and eyes. She sucked one that had missed into their mouth and spat it into man so hard she killed four of them and silenced the opposition in the hall forever without lifting a finger.

The passage led her down to the secret bunker door. Inside she could see twelve heavily armed men surrounding the president and his wife in a large room filled with computer screens and several aides were cowering among the group. They had all been present at the briefing about her parents. They were top of her shit list, and she was going to cross them off.

The huge steel door in from of her was four inches of special impact resistant alloy. Roz just walked right into the cold surface without even acknowledging its existence. Her hard nipples led the way, and her proud breasts noisily led the way as she easily smashed her way through the bunker door. Her super strong muscles bullied the alloy so violently aside that three men were dead from shrapnel wounds.

The remaining recruits team opened fire immediately and Roz enjoyed end the wonderful insistent impact with a scornful and annoying smile.

“I hope you watch very closely what I do to these squishy weak assholes, Me President. Because these super hard, super strong, absofuckenlutely invincible muscles are coming for YOU next, you low life mother fucker!”

One of the secret service men rushed forward with an angry “Fuck you!” And he shoved a shotgun right in her face. Boom. Boom. Boom. He screamed then on pain, slumping at her feet and bleeding out from all the deadly shot her body had spurned so ignorantly away. Before he could crawl away, she flipped her foot under his ribs and sent him spinning into three other men. All of them were destroyed against the wall by the power she had so callously deployed through the deceptively slight movement of her foot.

“So far you’ve seen my super muscle God muscles at work. But you ain’t seen nothing yet bitches. Go on. Reload. I’ll wait. Anyway… like I was saying. You’ve seen my muscles fuck you over. I’m super fucking strong. And you’re weak as shit bullets can’t hurt me. You’re hand grenades can’t hurt me. Your bombs and missiles… they can’t fucking heat me. Cool, Yeah? But my super muscles can sure hurt you weak squishy fucktards. You’re such puny little shit stains! And I’m so fucking strong! Sucked the fuck in, losers. But guess what!? I got all sorts of other shit I can do to fuck your over! I got powers I haven’t dreamed up yet, bitches! Cuz all I got to do is dream shit up! How fucking cool is that? Like my finger cannon! Or my lava vision! Or my… mega God mind-muscle!”

Giving herself the power of telekinesis, Roz held up a hand and the new onslaught of bullets they had just started up was stopped and frozen in the air in front of her. In astonishment, the gunmen stopped and gaped at the floating bullets. With a casual gesture from Roz’s hand, the bullets all blasted at the nearest man and tore him to shreds.

“Or how about my power to grow myself into any size I like?”

She watched their terror increase with smug satisfaction as she grew inch by inch to tower ten feet tall in front of them. Her muscles had already been frightening. Now all hope drained from their faces and they went deathly pale. Their guns lowered in defeat and even the president tried to surrender to save his life.

What was left of the security detail cowered away from her and dropped their weapons. Mega Roz loomed over them and chuckled. “Where are you going you little pansies?” She reached out and closed a massive hand over a man’s head and crushed her fingers closed with a sneer. Another man was taken by the shoulder and lifted up to used as a weapon on two others. Then Roz laughed, stepped back, and spread her arms.

“Come to Mega Roz, you puny little fucktards! Hahahahahha!”

The men felt the crushing power of her thoughts physically ensnare them and pulled them remorselessly into her open arms. They had no chance of fighting the powerful tendrils of her thoughts. Once she had them, Mega Roz closed her arms and destroyed them completely. Her immense strength was untested by the awesome display of power as she mercilessly destroyed the hopelessly trapped men in her massive arms.

“Or how about my power to make you my slave for ever and ever and ever? With my… um… lets see now… um… turn you into a slave with my… with my tits! That works, yeah? Ready to be my bitch, Mr President? Better than me pressing you into the wall with my super hard muscles, yeah?”

The President gaped at the magnificent bare chest of the Amazonian mega God before him. Her nipples were hard, but as she spoke they hypnotically swelled larger and grew moist. She reached up with a naughty smile and tweaked one with her powerful fingers. The president scooted quickly to suck on her breast the moment she offered it to him, and she giggled. He hit her nipple, and massaged and groped her shamelessly in front of his wife. And Roz wasn’t using her mind powers on him yet. She licked a sensuous hot smile at the beautiful First Lady, and the watched the woman go wobbly with lust. The room was filled with Roz’s presence now, the air itself infused with seduction at her mere whim. And the wife was soon biting her other nipple. With a happy laugh, Roz enjoyed their attentions a moment before clamping a hand carefully in each head and completely enslaving them for eternity.

“That’s it, little slaves. Drink up! Bite harder! Oops… don’t worry! Hahahaha. You don’t need that tooth, Mr President. Tastes good, yeah? Remember… when you wake up… no retreat; no surrender. Make them fight me to the very end, mr President.

The liquid that the large diamond hard nipple produced tasted heavenly. Beyond wonderful. The second drop seemed to take a long time to come, but the president was soon stunned by the choking force of the insanely tasty milk Roz fed him. It came so fast it hurt, and even came out his nose. But it was so wonderful to taste he tried to gulp it all down hungrily. His wife was reacting in the same way. At least… she was for the first few gulps. Then, unlike him, his wife started to grow seam splitting, rock hard, super strong muscles. She was getting taller as well as broader, and all he could think of was how wonderful that milk tasted. More… He must have more!

Roz moaned in shameless pleasure. They were hers the moment she had flooded the room with her seductive scent. Now that her milk was altering their minds and bodies, making the First Lady a super strong Amazon while all the president got was a massively extended lifespan and a bigger cock, they would only ever be happy again by making Roz happy. Both of Mega Roz’s new slaves were turned into her deeply devoted and loving servants. With her telepathy, She could actually feel the milk altering their minds. They wanted to serve her. They needed badly to make Roz happy. They wanted to be her slaves. But at the same time, they were made smarter and healthier… though the First Lady was the only one turned superhuman.

Roz callously released released her currently ecstatic toys and they dropped to the ground while the magic liquid she had willed into existence and produced on a whim altered them President of the United States and the First Lady on a genetic level. Leaving them to allow the changes to take full effect, Roz calmly walked back out of the bunker and into a predictable hail of bullets and several hand grenades.

With a cruel unquestionable command, Roz made the last secret service agents still in the White House drop their weapons and rush her. Clearly confused, they delivered fully committed punches and kicks to Roz’s giant invulnerable body that crippled them for life. She had hardly even felt their blows, and was amused by the feathery assaults they mustered. Even those that struck her breasts shattered their far weaker knuckles. With callous abuse of her staggering physical superiority, the ten foot tall Roz backhanded a man and shot him brutally into a wall. Her hand came back and slapped into the side of a face, instantly shifting the man’s features and shattering his whole skull. Once they had broken themselves upon her, Roz playfully whacked them with her open hands and ended their pain forever.

Walking back out onto the lawn, leaving none of the security services behind who wasn’t at least crippled by her touch, Roz decided against flying and began strolling across the grounds toward the Washington Monument. By the time she had smashed through fences, now under constant heavy fire from multiple directions, and strode onto the Ellipse her new presidential slave was stirring to find his super sized wife marvelling at her magnificent and incredibly powerful new body. He was moving to give orders for fresh deployments and more air support as soon as he was in his feet.

Mega Roz merrily swaggered across the Ellipse and playfully smashed apart the gate that led her out into the road. Trucks of national guardsmen spearheaded by two tanks rolled up the road and stopped to form a line of fire. The commander in the field yelled the order to open up in her, and nobody hesitated. Roz stopped to soak up the thick wall of munitions. Boom. Boom. Kaboom. Wide eyed at the size of the giant muscle God, the men bravely put up a fight in the face of certain defeat.

“Is that all you got, little pansies? Maybe you weak cunts should run away before you get fucked over by my mega muscles. But don’t worry. I don’t mind smashing the lot of you to bits with my invincible super strength. This ain’t work, bitches! This shit is fun for me!”

Mega Roz strode over to the nearest tank and sank her hand deep into the front end, bending the whole frame and making the steel scream horribly in helpless protest. Dragging the tank easily with one arm, plowing up the road without even noticing, Roz walked over to the other tank and smashed her free hand into its armor plate. With a scornful sneer, she smoothly lifted both tanks into the air and crashed them together with explosive destructive force. A dozen men, not counting the tank crews, were torn apart in the astonishing explosion while Mega Roz laughed happily.

She held her hands out and beckoned at the two trucks, both some distance away, and willed them into her steel crushing grip. At her silent command the trucks were dragged forward quite fast to smash into Roz’s super strong hands where they were both lifted and smashed with even more force as the tanks had been. The large trucks were obliterated and the shocking destruction ranged out to encompass two dozen men. The remaining trucks were knocked aside, and even though they survived the rest of the men were lucky to escape with minor injuries.

Two large military drones flashed past the scene and delivered large entertaining bombs, and she laughed as the shell shocked men all got to see further proof of her insane invulnerability to even heavy ordinance.

Roz chuckled, and walked over to two wounded men. She smiled down on them for a moment, letting her dominating presence overwhelm their frail masculinity before she addressed them.

“Do like my body? You do, yeah? Of course you do. I mean… how fucking amazing are these muscles. Perfect, yeah? So big and hard. So strong. And sexy, aren’t they? The way they curve like that, the way they flow into each other. The way they flow with health. I like them too. I fucking love my super hard mega God muscles. You will never know how absolutely wonderful it is to be inside this insane super strong body.”

The man she reached for first screamed and rolled away. “Please! We surrender!”

Roz laughed, and grabbed hold of the rolling mans ankle with a sickening crunch of pulverised bone, and then crushed the fingers of her other hand around the upper arm of his friend. “Okay. So you surrender. I don’t give a fuck. And anyway… I really need your help with something. It won’t take long, yeah?”

At that moment the two drones came charging in for another pass. Timing it to perfection, Mega Roz tossed the screaming men at the drones and destroyed the remote controlled weapons with deadly accuracy. Leaving the road behind her and heading across the lawns toward the Washington Monument, Roz noticed the news helicopters had arrived and she gave them a wave. More soldiers arrived, and the happy God of invincible power carried on with her devastating game under a barrage of heavy fire once more. They had the President ordering them onto the offensive now, and they were throwing themselves at her with increasing force. The extra troops and sustained effort did not help them. But it did help Roz to have a wonderful time.

Looking down the National Mall Roz was very pleased to see lots of tanks, lots of trucks crammed with heavily armed national guardsmen, and she could see fully loaded choppers coming in large numbers. The super strong invincible mega muscle God grinned, and swaggered over to the Washington Monument while more soldiers took firing positions and added their assault rifles to the cacophony of machine guns thrilling Roz with a dense hail of lead.

Ignoring the insistent violent storm of steel jackets constantly peppering her invincible muscles, Roz stopped at the base of the monument and looked up at it. A bullet splattered on her naked eye as she considered how to have some fun with this incredibly tempting toy. As an idea took shape, she gave the towering structure an evil smile, and gently floated halfway up the west facing wall. In order to carry out her plan, Roz could see that she had to make some major changes to the design of the obelisk. Being hollow, and so thinly walled, it would be impossible to do what she wanted to with it. This impossible redesign work would have been impossible if Roz wasn’t an obscenely overpowered mega muscle God, and she knew it. But Roz was, quite happily, a mega muscle God of obscene and stupefying power. And with a whim she gifted herself with the required ability, and placed her hand on the stone wall of the monument. Her hand glowed with gold light, and the monument started to glow too, until the glow was so brilliant that every witness had to turn their faces away and shield their eyes or risk permanent blindness. When she lowered her hand back to her hip, and examined the results of her experiment, Roz was thrilled to see her new power worked perfectly, and she had transformed the hollow stone structure into a single solid block, and the aluminium tip of the pyramidium had been transformed into a super alloy with a greater density than any metal ever to exist shaped into a perfect handle. She grinned at her success, and hovered gracefully up to check out the handle she’d made.

With her free arm gangling loosely at her side, Roz reached out and gripped the perfect sized four foot alloy handle with her hand in the thumbs down position. Even though she had invented a new vastly stronger metal, the super strong invincible muscle God was not in the least surprised that her incredibly powerful fingers sank into the super alloy like it was thickly cushioned. It felt harder than tanks did, much harder. But it was still soft and weak to her insane strength.

Sliding her thumb around and getting a good super alloy squishing grip around the handle, Mega Roz hovered in place and raised her arm a few inches. And the entire Washington Monument, reforged into a much heavier solid block of stone, was torn from its foundation and was held with terrifying ease in the smiling super god’s hand. The bullets stopped a moment as the national guardsmen were stunned to witness this appalling feat of strength. All the flagpoles around the monument shifted and leant away from it as the ground around the obelisk was lifted and shifted. Ignorant of the tonnes of earth she displaced, ripping the buried base through the man made hill with callous abuse of her astonishing power, Roz turned her wrist and span the Washington Monument to hold it in front of her with clear ease. Laughing, Roz made most of her audience go pale by giving her new toy a few playful swings. The mega muscle God was very pleased with the sound her ridiculously oversized weapon made as she swang it about in the air, each small movement of wrist translating into massive arcs to the other end.

“Fuck yeah! Check this out you weak cunts! Pretty cool, yeah? Get ready for a shit storm, you pathetic little pansies… cuz here I fucken come! Hahahahaahahahah!”

Those nearest the now nightmarishly armed super God shamelessly turned and ran from her, and those a little further out turned to run too. Even the closest tanks were taking a “fuck this” approach and making a hasty exit. But all they did was increase their tormentors fun. The way they all went from brave determined killers to scattering like spooked rabbits thrilled her almost as much as how easy it was to swing the solidified Washington Monument around with one hand. But to be fair, she really didn’t care if they ran or stood their ground.

Flying quickly up behind a fleeing mob of heavily armed men, Roz held her cartoonish oversized stone club around and through them, tearing up a foot of earth and obliterating every man caught in the huge five hundred foot plus arc with reckless abandon. Then she surged forward to sweep up over a fleeing tank and smashed the monument down on it like she was swatting a fly in a countertop. She drove the tank twenty feet into the roadway, and lifted her weapon free with wonderful ease to reveal a smoking ruin. Boom. Boom. Boom. She smashed three more tanks, then flew over to in front a row of empty trucks attempting escape. Laughing, she playfully swang the massive obelisk back and forth knocking the trucks this way and that, sending them one by one to soar into the buildings lining the mall.

Flying over them and landing in the path of a large group of routed guardsmen, Mega Ros hefted her toy in one hand and laughed at them as they spotted her and ground to halt.

“Going somewhere, pussies? Think you can just fucking shoot me and then run off? You’re not going anywhere, you weak fuckers. But don’t feel bad. No one else is getting out of here alive either! Hahahahaha! Get some of this shit up you!”

Absolutely thrilled at how devastating each blow was, Roz bashed the earth violently a dozen times with brutal force, tearing up the ground and mincing her doomed playthings. She smashed and bashed away with reckless abuse of her divine strength until they were all utterly destroyed, then the playful super strong muscle God joyfully smashed up the ground a few more times just for the fun of it.

Rocketing up into the sky, a little distracted by how much fun she was having with the Washington Monument, Roz brandished her oversized weapon in one hand and raised it to the sky triumphantly. “Fuck yeah! Pretty fucking awesome, hey pussies? I could smash the whole city in no time with this thing!”

A volley of rockets tore through the sky and detonated one after the other upon her mighty muscular body, and even with the huge stone obelisk in her hand she was able to make some quick moves to collect the few missiles that were going to miss. Giving the planes who had fired the missiles an evil smile, mega Roz flexed her thick powerful quads and chased the advanced fighter jets down with her weapon dragging behind. It only took her a few seconds to catch them, her speed making the edges of the stone glow red. Laughing happily, she brought the cartoonish club in her hand around in a frighteningly fast arc. The rear plane was destroyed completely, and when she easily arrested the swinging motion of the monument, a second plane was obliterated from the sky with return swing. Pleased with the results, she swatted the planes from the sky with energetic and viciously powerful strikes. The pilots were horrified by the looming mass of them Washington monument bearing down on them and tried to dodge, but it was impossible to evade Roz’s deadly accurate blows. Her unmatched super strength allowed her to control the movements of her weapon easily, and she never missed.

Flying about above Washington, Mega Roz gleefully chased down and demolished every plane she could see. Before she knew it, she was hovering over one of the airfields the planes had flown out of. Grinning at the doomed hangers and runways, Roz drifted down over the base with her massive weapon held casually out to her side, looming over dozens of structures and upturned faces.

“How’s it going pussies? I’m the super strong, invincibly powerful muscle god who’s going to fuck you over. I know what you’re thinking. It isn’t fair. She’s much too strong for us. We can’t kill her because she’s all invulnerable and shit. We can’t even hurt her, and yet Mega Roz can just fuck us over at will with her all powerful unstoppable mega muscle God super strength. Go ahead and cry, little pussies. Wah Wah Wah. Boo. Fucking. Hoo. It’s time for all of you to get down on your ducking knees and kneel, mother fuckers. Kneel before Roz!”

Some of them, she noted with smug satisfaction, actually obeyed her. But it didn’t matter if they knelt or not, their doom was upon them and nothing could save them from her now. Taking the monumental weapon in both hands, wielding it playfully and swishing it around threatening her audience with certain obliteration, Mega Roz brought the massive stone obelisk down on some hangers beside the runway. Then the towering weapon was torn from the deep crater it had made, pieces of of buildings and chunks of earth flying everywhere, and arced over her head to be smashed with ruthless super strength on more buildings with equally catastrophic results.

Roz drifted about the base randomly bashing the buildings into the ground with titanic strikes. Each super powered blow sent a shockwave of devastation blasting out, and made the whole area shudder dramatically. Drones managed to land a few lucky strikes, but those on the ground were unable to manage the courage to fight back under her nightmarish assault. They fled, they took cover, some stood stunned, and some knelt and prayed to Mega Roz for mercy. But there was no running. There was no hiding. And there was no mercy. It only took the super strong muscle god a little under three minutes to level the base and thoroughly plow the ruins deep into the earth. She even made sure to churn up the runways before she left the new landscape of upturned soil, rock, concrete, and steel to seek more fun and locate the rest of her real targets in Washington.

She flew back to the National Mall, smashing her mind boggling weapon down with appalling force into any police car or national guard vehicle that she spotted along the way, and stopped in mid air over the long open space between herself and the capital building. Most of the toys who had been at the fateful briefing hours earlier were in there. Two were in another building that she had figured out was home to the NSA. As much fun as smashing the shit out of them with her makeshift super weapon, Roz wanted to get more up close and personal with the people who had already once tried to hurt her parents. She looked around for a suitable place to put her new favourite toy, and grinned at the Lincoln Memorial with a devilish idea forming in her mind.

Flying up toward the building protecting the statue, Mega Roz swang the Washington Monument around in what looked for all the world like a callous one handed swings. Roz was in fact employment very accurate and careful control of her divine muscles, and the result was just as she intended. The building was destroyed in such a way as to leave the statue standing in the open air and completely undamaged. Floating down toward the seated form of Lincoln, Roz grinned at her idea and touched her to the massive statue with her free hand. Lincoln glowed with a dazzling light, and the stone was reforged into a new shape. The blinding light of Roz’s transformation power faded to reveal a seated statue of an obnoxiously smug faced Mega Roz with a crown on her head and one arm hooked to display a massive imposing bicep. Her chest was arrogantly bare and perfect in detail, and her nipples were carved hard and at attention. Her free hand had been left held out in a fist with a hole for something. And when Roz approached that hand and slid the handle she forged into the Washington Monument into the empty hole, it was a perfect fit. The stone looked like stone… but like the Washington Monument the structure that once been Lincoln was now made of much sterner stuff.

Drifting back with her hands on her hips, Mega Roz regarded her self portrait with great satisfaction. Like the flight of a bee, the upended Washington Monument appeared to blatantly defy the laws of physics. But the new design held and there sat a flawless reproduction of Mega Roz, crowned as a queen and wielding the weapon of a true God of destruction. She turned in the air and floated toward the fearful regrouped national guard between herself and her current targets in the capital building. The surviving national guard were fewer in number but seemed more determined to take her down.

“Kill that fucking bitch!”

The insult in the order hurt more than the delightful erotic teasing of the bullets ever could. And she really didn’t give a fuck about being called names. She wasn’t even really offended. But she would punish them for calling her a bitch anyway, both the weak officer who had issued the command and all those who followed it. But certainly not before she gave them the chance to use up every loaded weapon and every ounce of hope had become utter despair. Flying ten feet off the ground she allowed herself the pure delight of letting them shoot her with tank shells, RPG’s and various bullets.

“I don’t know about how you feel, little pussies… but I never get tired of this shit. Do you have any idea how fucking great this feels? It’s like a thousand lovely little kisses a second. So much strength. So much power. So much fuck you in your face invincible super muscle God power. Hahahahaahahahah. There’s nothing you can you do to stop me! Look how my super hard, super strong, invincible mega God muscles fuck over all your shitty pissant weapons! You’re so fucked! Kneel before me, little pussy boys! Kneel before the almighty unstoppable power of Mega Roz!”

Despite the deafening roar of tanks firing and machine guns barking, and despite the cracking booming explosions engulfing Roz in rapid succession, her voice overpowered it all and her words drilled painful into the ears of everyone in in the city or the surrounding area. She mashed her hands into her magnificent chiseled abs and admired her hard impregnable muscles with shameless narcissistic joy. The tank fire slowly eased off, and stunned gunmen began to stop reloading and just stare in awe at their impossibly invulnerable opponent chuckling under a hail of deadly lead. Before the fight died completely within the fading fires of their hearts, Mega Roz moved to play a more ruthless game with her confused toys.

Letting gravity take her to the ground, she bent her knees a little to prevent the inevitable crater of her impact from being too deep, but she still knocked dozens of men to the ground with her earth quaking impact. Bullets pinged off of her sultry smile were scornfully broken upon the naughty glint in her dazzling eyes, and most of the frontline tanks fired shells into the terrifying muscle god’s torso before she took her first ground shuddering step. Happy with the way the men attacking her struggle to stand, her mere footfall knocking a lot of them on their asses, Mega Roz injured the closest men badly with her next step. Deliberately twitching some power from her quad into the ground she created fissures that unbalanced several buildings and generated several screams of fear and surprise.

The men grew even more pale as she drew near, struggling to stand and fire while the truly imposing nature of her ten foot height became more apparent with each ground shuddering step. She only smiled at the desperate terrified men before her and swaggered forward shaking all of Washington with each unstoppable stride.

As best they could in the violent earthquake she was creating, the guardsmen retreated without anyone needing to order it. She laughed at their backs and watched the tanks begins to leave. But she wasn’t about to let them go anywhere. With a playful cry of joy she sprang off her toes and came down to drop an elbow into the top of a turret. With a mighty boom the tank exploded and the only identifiable thing to survive the ghastly impact was Roz’s indestructible divine body. The ground shuddered as she strode out of the smoke and grabbed a tank that had stalled. She easily pressed her large super strong hands into the metal, and tore the tank into jagged halves only to them smash them together again hard enough to obliterate it completely. Hundreds of chunks of torn broken metal were smashed mercilessly upon her impossible super hard muscles as she laughed at the fleeing mass of men.

“Where do you stupid rabbits think you fucking going? This is the second time you silly little shit stains turned and ran! Man the fuck up, you pussies!”

Nobody knew why, but every man stopped in his tracks. Without being able fight it, they succumbed to Roz’s almost subconscious desire that they stand and fight. Now she was able to walk right up to them and they kept shooting the entire time. She walked straight up to a man, and he stood his ground in spite of his deep desire to run. He dropped his gun and pulled a knife, charging forward and breaking his blade on her wonderfully pert breast. She chuckled and pulled him forward by the chest, her fingers easily crushing through his body armor into his ribs, and his skull was demolished upon the breast he had assaulted. Towering over her toys, she waded through them destroying them brutally with callous and abusive overuse of her incredibly unfair strength advantage.

Even as she created an horrifically messy scene, destroying their much weaker bodies with super strong blows that would have destroyed the tanks just as easily, she remained meticulously clean. And though she didn’t need to hit them harder, she still slammed the tanks with ten times the force she used on the men. Those tanks she didn’t simply punch into torn ruin she sank a hand into and hoisted easily off the ground, either tossing them at other tanks or smashing a few men into the ground with so much obscene physical power that men and tank were buried deep.

The doomed men, never knowing why, stood their ground blasting away while Mega Roz continued to concentrate on smashing the tanks apart. It wasn’t long before she was down to three tanks, and at that point she began reaching for the infantry again. Crushing one last tank in on itself and tossing it at a passing drone, she happily turned her gaze to a trio of determined machine gunners standing nearby. She sneered at the fear in their eyes and upon her whim they and every other gunman dropped their useless weapons and charged the towering musclebound God with knives and improvised bludgeons.

Tightening her fists with cruel superpowered force, Roz laughed at them and started striking her unwillingly but eager assailants with abusive overpowered blows, bullying through their attempts to block with pure insolent and unstoppable power. One of them crossed both arms quickly over his face only to have the belligerent fist of the mega muscled super God smash its way through arms, actually bursting his forearms apart before brutally demolishing his face. At the same moment, a knife was snapped on the side of her gut, and she backhanded the sneaky man and sent him flying in three separate directions. Sinking her fingers cruelly and deeply into another attacker, she pulled him down into her rising knee. Slapping another and grabbing a new target in the return swing by the back of the skull, crunching her fingers into the bone, grabbed another man the same way and rammed both of them into the skulls of other soldiers.

She was having so much fun obliterating her toys that she wasn’t even bothering to make sure they got in some good shots too. Now as soon as the doomed men were forced within her reach she destroyed them, and she she did it in many different ways. All of which involved the callous overuse of her amazing mega God muscles. She used her entire body, becoming a playful tornado of destruction as she swept through her hopelessly outclassed opponents. She snapped a finger into the face of a man, hooking her free hand around a collarbone at the same time and ripping away an arm and several ribs in the process of tossing the man negligently over her shoulder. She threw the pieces in her hand off to the side without appearing to target anyone but taking off a charging guards head with direct hit. Someone rushed in and showed her some fantastic karate moves. They made three powerful and clean strikes on three of the most damaging pressure points, and each one produced a painful grunt and a snapping of bone. Sadly for him, all the vocalisations of pain and audible bone fractures were his. Roz laughed at him, and head butted his face so hard five men were killed by his skull fragments. To his credit, he got a hand with three broken knuckles up in time to uppercut her nose with his palm. But in the end his wrist broke, and his hand was mashed up and spat out along with his skull.

Roz was having a wonderful time tearing them apart. But as she pushed the sole of her foot into a man’s gut and shunted him brutally into a trio of others, she noticed one of her targets in the Capital Building was preparing to leave. She grinned at the thought of anybody escaping her, but decided to wrap up this little brawl and take care of business.

“Hahahaha. Thanks for the fun, little pansies!” Mega Roz declared, making the nearest ears bleed with her booming superhuman voice. She stomped the ground, sending out a shockwave that knocked everyone on their ass and killed quite a few. “But time’s up for you clowns. Cuz it’s time I flexed up a super muscle God shit storm of mega mighty, all powerful Mega Roz Muscle, and fucked you weak little cunts over good and hard. Are you ready? Pansy boys? Ready to get seriously fucked over? Go ahead and fucking cry if you want. But don’t feel bad! You little shit stains had no fucking chance of ever beating me. I’m always going to win! Hahahahaahahahah! And the cameras are rolling, dickheads… so when I fuck you over all the puny little people at home will see. You’re not going to get smashed to pieces and torn apart in vain! You’re going to help me make ALL the pathetic little people understand how totally fucking awesome I am. Pretty cool, yeah? Here we go then! So long… suckers!”

As she spoke, quite a few men had regained their feet and had been charging at her. The mob was closing back in fast when Mega Roz leaned back and hooked her biceps up in a display of stunning divine power that blasted from her body and shattered all the remaining men so completely that even their teeth were pulverised. Windows in the grand buildings all up and down the mall shattered, and the city trembled with Roz’s mocking laughter.

With the ground now cleared all the way to the Capital Building, Roz floated up and smiled as she moved to the massive dome that dominated the building’s design. An evil smile drew across her lips as she decided upon a way to deal with her targets inside the massive labyrinth of a building quickly and easily. It was a solution only available to omnipotent muscle gods. And the idea made her laugh as she approached the dome and reached out a hand for it, her palm and fingers already beginning to sparkle with her special gold light.

The moment her hand touched the surface of the stone, the gold glow brightened and spread, swelling from within the structure itself until the whole dome was shining more brilliantly than the sun. When the light faded, the dome had been replaced in a mockery of reality into a massive black rubber plunger, with the words “Draining the Fucking Swap for REAL” repeatedly embossed around its rim in fancy letters. The huge wooden handle was short for the size of the head, but overall Roz was very pleased with her creation. Flying up to the handle she floated next to it and happily sank her hand into the super strong wood she had created and got a solid grip on the splintering super dense wood.

“The government of this country has been corrupt for too long!” Roz declared, her booming voice dripping with false sincerity. She saw those inside the building she was toying with cover their ears in pain. “There’s been open bribery through campaign contributions for decades and it’s got to stop! If nobody else will stand up and do something, I guess it’s up to me. I don’t mind. I get it. You weak little pussies out there don’t have the guts to do anything because your a weak bunch of smelly fucktards who are just so pathetic you’ll do fuck all to help yourselves. But don’t worry, you puny little losers! I’m not a frail fucking shit stain like you weak little cunts! I’m gonna drain the fuck out of this swamp, bitches.”

Without further warning, Roz hovered in place as though standing on solid ground, and leaned over to push the nightmarishly huge plunger down and send a strong breeze running through the halls. Then she reefed her arm upward, popping the plunger back to its dome shape and continuing to stretch it a little. Inside the building, everything and everyone was thrown violently toward the giant plumping tool by a wind that did not entirely understand. It didn’t matter if they were behind closed doors. Because in that first heave the doors were all destroyed. With a giggle, Roz pumped again, and was very pleased with the result. She pumped again and again and the chaos and destruction in the building was immensely satisfying. With each pump she pulled more and more of her puny little toys into her nightmarish trap, all this powered by her single super strong arm.

As they reached the plunger itself, the helpless toys were sucked up and stuck to the walls. They were then subjected to a sickening ride as the wall was blown in and out by Mega Roz with reckless abandon, and more people came flying up to stick to the rubber wall. She was quickly finished with her work, and had all her targets plus a lot more besides.

Pushing the handle to the side until the rubber peeled off of the stone and she held the loaded plunger in her hand, Roz looked at the massive plumbing tool and casually upended it with a turn of her wrist while she scratched her chin with her free hand.

“Now that I’ve drained the swamp… what the hell am I going to do with you scumbags?”

The giant plunger in her hand shrank until it looked like a normal sized plunger taken from a regular household kitchen cupboard. But inside, glued to the rubber walls, lay the entire US government and hundreds of their staff. There were screams of horror as they looked up at the gigantic happy smiling face of Roz as she loomed over them.

“How’s it feel to get turned into little ants? Look how small all of you are now! Hahahahaahahahah. To be fair, you little pukes are no more helpless against my super muscle God powers than you were before. You weak cunts could be a thousand fucking feet tall and I would still kick the absolute shit out of you. But now at least it will be easier for you stupid fucktards to realise where you boring mortal squishies fit into the scheme of things. I think I’ll keep you weak fuckers around for a while so you can all think about how sorry you are that your President tried to hurt my family. I mean… check it out you fucking morons!” Mega Roz flexed up a bicep and proudly showed them her magnificently perfect muscle. “I am an almighty, all powerful, bona fide muscle God. I’m invincible. Taking me in was a very bad idea. Seriously. Let me show you something.”

Roz pressed the cup of plunger to her chest and held it there, allowing her captives to hear the amazing inner working of her divinely powerful body. Her massive heart thumped with the sound of an astronomical body. Baboom. Baboom. Baboom. Steady and unstoppable, the sheer power of it made the tiny listeners pale. And then she loosened many a bowel with the smooth and gentle swelling of her muscles, her flex chilling them with the titanic sounds like planets being ground apart. The monstrous soul crushing sounds tore sanity away from most and conjured images of whole mountain ranges being forged and pressed to the sky.

“Sounds fucking awesome, yeah? I got to live with that every day. All that Galaxy smashing muscle, all that divine mega God power pulsing through my veins. So much strength. So much unstoppable fucking power. You can’t fight this shit, you little bitches. You don’t stand a chance. I can fuck you up a billion ways before breakfast without breaking a fucking sweat. You can’t fight me. You can’t make me bleed. You can’t kill me. All you weak cunts can do is get smashed to paste by my super strong muscles. All you can do, you puny little bitches, is kneel before Roz! Can hear that heart? It sounds bigger than a galaxy, yeah? Lucky my skin keeps all that booming contained. Want to see what would happen if it didn’t? I fucken do! Let’s find out, yeah?”

Roz dropped from the sky and entered through the huge gaping hole she’d made in the roof of the capital building. She hovered ten feet off the ground and she popped the plunger off her chest. She tossed the plunger up, and it hovered under her influence in the air and shrank until it was very very tiny, then it flew into a hole that opened in her custom Roswell pendant. Once inside, or floated right to Garry’s waiting hand and its tiny size was suddenly proportional.

“Hold on to them Garry. Make sure they can see the screen, yeah? I dont want them to miss this.”

Roz put her hands in her hips and wilfully reduced the amount of protection her skin gave the world by absorbing her heartbeat. Holding back a great deal, suspicious of just how easily she could wipe out the whole city with this this playful experiment, Mega Roz watched the world become completely dominated by the simple beating of heart. BOOM BOOM. BOOM BOOM. BOOM BOOM. Each pump cracked the walls and trembled the foundations. It only took four beats to weaken the structure enough for the fifth to shatter the whole building around her. The sixth beat pulverised the flying debris even more. Roz leaned back and laughed, watching the beats of her heart continue to thump the heaped ruin of the capital building and collapse other nearby structures.

Pleased with the results of her test, Mega Roz restored the protection her skin offered the world from the inner workings of her divine body. Then she grinned and flexed up a devastating shit storm of destruction that shattered the debris field and cratered the broken foundations. The capital building was utterly destroyed, the US government were her hostages, and President was her personal slave. There were only two more people she needed to deal with before she could indulge the many distractions the city offered her, and Mega Roz headed over to the heavily fortified building nearby ready to take care of business.

Landing with a callus destructive impact on the street, demolishing parked cars and tearing up the asphalt, Roz put her hands in her hips and strode toward a mob of guards. They had pistols and sub machine guns that deployed a noisy hail of lead upon Mega Roz’s naked torso. The metal slugs splattered into ruin, rudely spurned by the invincibly strong muscle and reduced to fragments.

“You silly cunts aren’t real smart,” Rox observed coolly, plucking a piece of bullet from her hair and nonchalantly flicking it at a determined shooter with enough brutal force to make him pop like a balloon. “You do know about Nellis? Yeah? How those nukes got fucked over by my super muscles? And here you are shooting popguns at me. Your brains are as weak as your puny fucktard muscles. Can you work out what happens next, pussies? Hahahahahahahhahaha!”

Roz leant back and rocked on her heels, flexing her mighty legs and pumping up her titanically strong biceps to unleash a wave of muscular doom upon the guards outside the building. Every window was shattered, and the men were forcefully thrown and held against the building.mshe laughed, intensified the flex, and crushed them into the cracking stonework. Releasing her flex and letting her massive arms dangle, she was hit with a booming impact from a missiles fired by a passing drone, and allowed the smashed corpses to drop the ground. Several of them remained pressed into the wall until Roz walked toward the door and shook the world around her with millions of tons of super hard muscle packed into her huge imposing physique.

The door was too small, so she bullied her way through the thick masonry beside it. Roz’s thick powerful legs easily plowed through the stonework and she walked into the lobby. Assault rifles opened up, accompanied by shotguns and a trio of hand grenades. She drew two of the grenades to her hands and pressed them to her nipples with a grin. The pressure from her hand forcing them into her breasts preempted the timer and they blew apart against her hard flesh to deliver fantastic erotic delights. On the floor, the third grenade explodes to scatter hot sharp shrapnel up the length of her frighteningly beautiful muscles. She chuckled, pressed a hand indulgently into her cobbled abdominals, and flexed up her other arm releasing a detonation that buckled the walls and killed every man that didn’t take cover. When the firefight resumed, it was much less intense. Rox strode into the lobby quaking the floor and creating cracks and fissures. She stopped in the middle of the room, shamelessly tweaked both her nipples, then dropped one hand to her hip and finished off the rest of the room with a carefully gauged finger flick. Her finger struck her nipple with the exact amount of force required to smash everything in the room to broken pieces without the damage spreading to encompass the whole building.

Bulling her way through the wall into the next room, she was unsurprised to be shot at again. With a casual looking wave of her hand, Mega Roz generated a gold light within their guns and suddenly the weapons flowed brightly and transformed into cruelly spiked clubs, heavy and deadly.

“Try using those, if you pussies are strong enough!”

They were, as it turned out. If only just. Angry and keen to hurt her, the confused men needed only little nudge from her divine will to charge and attack. The clubs battered away bringing her great pleasure, but they tired very fast. She grinned, and backhanded one into the wall where he became lodged. She head butted a club in its third strike upon her face and shattered it completely, killing three men with its deadly shards. Roz calmly allowed the rest to tire themselves out, her arms crossed arrogantly over her wonderfully sexy breasts. When the last man collapsed, tired out from swinging his weapon and clanging it hard against her almighty super strong body, she dropped a hand to her hip and pinched a nipple with the other.

“Is that all you national security guys got? What a bunch of puny weak cunts! Fucken die already, you pathetic space wasting pukes!”

With her targets in the top secret hidden basement bunker, and only a few scattered toys left to play with in the building anyway, Roz so no need to employ as much self control this time. Giving her nipple one more pinch, squeezing it enough to make it glow brightly with heat, she smiled an evil “You’re so fucked” smile and flicked her erect nipple with reckless abusive force. It felt fucking fantastic, sending a flood of pleasure signals firing through her supercharged synapses. The world suffered greatly at her overuse of such awesome divine super strength. The whole building was violently destroyed by an appalling shockwave of destructive force so great it took down the whole block before it subsided. The walls of the room she stood in were pulverised to dust, and the broken chunks of the building were sent soaring over the city.

“Fuck yeah. So much strength! So much awesome fucking power! Kneel before Roz, you puny little pansies! KNEEL! BEFORE!! ROZ!!! HAHAHAAHHAAHHAAHAHAHAH!!!”

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