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Dazzling Diamond – Reality Check

Written by Woody :: [Monday, 18 February 2019 13:16] Last updated by :: [Monday, 18 February 2019 13:40]

Authors note: What would you do if you thought that someone stole your idea but the reality is far more complicated than you first thought? The latest adventure of my superheroines the Dazzling Diamond and the Asimus Avenger.

The Dazzling Diamond woke on the ground surrounded by scorch marks. It was a sunny day and she was out in the middle of a field. She looked and 10 feet away was the Asimus Avenger also surrounded by scorch marks.

“Asimus are you ok.”

“Yeah Dazz, I think.” the Avenger replied. “What was that?”

“I’m not sure but the storms cleared up.”

“Are you able to get us home?”

“No probs, give me your hand.”

Asimus grabbed Dazzling and she went to teleport them home.

“Ahh Heather. I can’t teleport home.”

“WHAT! You’re kidding right.”


“Has this happened before?”


“Well what do we do?”

“Let’s go get help.”

The heroines walked down the hill and saw a town in the distance. After about 30 minutes walking they hit the town. Suddenly the girls realised that everyone was looking strangely at them. Several people were pointing at them and laughing.

“Do you think they’re laughing at us.” Asimus said.

“Surely they know who we are.” Dazzling replied.

The two heroines walked up to a young lady who had her head buried in a phone with headphones in.

“Excuse me.” Asimus asked as she tapped her on the shoulder “Where are we?”

The young lady recoiled “Get away from me you freak.” she asserted as she shoved Asimus out of the way.

“Don’t you know who we are.” Asimus continued.”

“Yeah, a couple of freaks in weird costumes.” she quipped then walked into a shop.

Dazzling grabbed Asimus and turned a corner. “I think we’re overdressed if you get my drift.” she said.

“Yeah good point, we alone.”

They checked they were clear then transformed back into Stacey and Heather. They were clad in their active wear from an earlier jog.

“Well we can change back at least, that’s something. What’s going on.” asked Heather.

“I have no idea.” Stacey replied. “But somehow nobody knows about us, I thought everyone knew about us.”

“Well it’s not like we’re inconspicuous. Where are we Stacey?”

“Again I have no Idea, but let’s find out.”

They walked around the corner and ran into the same young lady as she was walking out of the shop. Just as she was about to put her headphones in Heather stopped her.

“Excuse me.” Said Heather “our car broke down and we need a tow, we missed the sign of the town. Where are we?”

“Gees it must be new people harass me day.” she retorted, “But at least you’re not dressed like the other two I just ran into; looked like they were straight out of a comic book.”

“How weird.” interjected Stacey, “Sorry but where are we.”

“You’re in Sydbourne.”

The girls exchanged glances then Stacey resumed.

“How far are we from Craters?”

“I’ve never heard of Craters Sorry.”

“Thanks for your time.” Stacey said as she grabbed Heather and the girls walked off.

“Sydbourne.” said Heather “Do you have any idea where we are.”

“Not a clue, but I’ve lived in Craters most of my life and I’ve never heard of it.”

“And we can’t get home.”

“Well apparently nobody even know where home is.”

Suddenly the heard a scream.

“Well, we’re not in Craters anymore but I know when we’re needed.”

“Yep.” said Stacey as her and Heather turned the corner.

Seconds later the superheroines Dazzling Diamond and Asimus Avenger turned the corner and saw a young lady getting set on by a gang of thugs.

“Stop there.” Asimus yelled.

The gang stopped, then burst out laughing.

“Why are they doing that?” Asimus asked the Dazzling Diamond.

“Who the hell are you supposed to be?” The leader said between fits of laughter.

“Your worst nightmare.” said Asimus as she charged the brute and knocked him 6 feet in the air.

The Dazzling Diamond joined in and the two heroines fought the gang.

The gang was no match for the duo and they scampered off in a few minutes. The girls went to the young lady, who looked like she was in shock.

“Are you ok?” Dazzling said to the girl.

“Are you the Dazzling Diamond by any chance?” she stammered.

“I’m the Dazzling Diamond, this is the Asimus Avenger.”

“Can you please repeat that?”

“I’m the Dazzling Diamond, this is the Asimus Avenger.”

“That’s what I thought you said.” said the girl, who promptly fainted.

“Great! Someone finally knows who we are and they faint, what do we do now?” asked the Asimus Avenger.

“Get her up there.” Dazzling said and pointed to the roof of the cinema.

The heroines then carried the girl to the roof. She was 5’4”, thick glasses, dressed in an orange turtleneck and a full length skirt. She came to with a start.

“So, is this a sick joke?” she snipped.

“Would you rather us have left you with those guys?” The Asimus Avenger replied.

“So you are the Dazzling Diamond and the Asimus Avenger.”

“And you’re the only person who seems to know who we are.” The Dazzling Diamond chimed in.

“Don’t get me wrong. You look like what I thought you would but there are no drawings yet.”

“What are you babbling on about.” Dazzling asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m Cassandra White, nice to meet you.”

“I was going to guess Velma.” Asimus chimed in.

“Nice to meet you too. You seem to be the only one who knows us. That’s a little unusual.”

“That’s nice to know you have that wit Heather, and Stacey; your composure is next level.”

“Why did you call us Stacey and Heather?” Dazzling asked.

“That’s your names isn’t it? Look, if you are Stacey and Heather I can show you something that might answer some questions though I can’t understand it myself. I think I can help you but I also think that you don’t have many options. I can explain everything but you’re not going to believe it, well you might, but it’s pretty far-fetched, but it’s the only explanation I have so far. I hope this earns your trust.” She then grabbed a piece of paper and jotted down something on it. She then got up and approached the heroines. She gave them a piece of paper.

The Dazzling Diamond and Asimus Avenger opened the paper then looked at each other. “Ok you have our attention Cassandra. Where are we?”

“Let’s go back to my place – It’s across the road. I’ll explain there.”

Asimus turned to the Dazzling Diamond.

“Do you trust her?”

Dazzling looked at her paper “Yeah I do, I can’t explain it but yeah, I do.”

“Well, I trust you.” Asimus said then turned to Cassandra “Lead on Cass.” Asimus motioned.

The three girls then walked to Cassandra’s in silence. They got in the door and Cass drew all the blinds.

“Wow you’re both more beautiful than I could imagine, but you don’t need to stay in your hero form. You’re safe here. Also Stacey you can’t reveal your secret identity to anyone unless you can trust them can you. Try it.”

Dazzling Diamond got up.

Asimus stopped her “are you nuts.”

Dazzling diamond replied “She’s right, I can’t reveal my identity to anyone unless I can trust them. DD DEACTIVATE.”

A light engulfed the Dazzling Diamond and when it subsided Stacey was back in her active wear.

“OK well that settles it. I can trust you. Heather what she said is true. You can trust her.”

The Asimus Avenger then took off her medallion and in a flash transformed into Heather. She tucked her pendant back into her top.

“I can’t believe your real, I mean this is fanciful but this is amazing. The Dazzling Diamond and the Asimus Avenger in my unit.”

“Cass, you said you had answers.” Stacey interrupted.

“Sorry I’m fangirling, it’s not every day your creations come to life.”

“What are you talking about.” said Heather.

Cass turned to Stacey.

“Stacey Kenton. You’re 25, 5'7", work in an office. Love dogs almost as much as you love your boyfriend Simon. Upon saying the phrase 'DD Activate' you transform into the Dazzling Diamond, Crater’s first superheroine.”

She then turned to Heather.

“Heather Phoenix. 24, 5'10" and a café owner. Stacey was your best friend growing up and you two were inseparable. Current custodian of the Amulet of Asimus. When required you use the pendant to transform into the Asimus Avenger, protector of the innocent throughout the ages. Together you are the greatest crime fighters Craters has seen.”

“Ok, how the fuck did you know all that.” Said Heather.

“There is no easy way to say this: you two are characters I write stories about. I write stories about you in Craters.”

Cass then went and opened her laptop.

“I can’t explain how you’re here this but look at these.” and she opened a folder.

She opened a file called “Two Sides of a coin.”

“Stacey, when you told Simon you’re the Dazzling Diamond, did it go like this.”

Stacey read to story. It was just how it went down. She was nervous as hell when she told her boyfriend she was a superheroine, he was just about to get in the shower. Her jaw hit the floor.

“But how?”

“Stacey, it was my first story, and Heather, this is how you became the Asimus Avenger right.” Heather then read a blow by blow account exactly as it happened.

“How do you know this.” Stacey asked.

“Like I said. I wrote it. Look at the date I saved these.”

They looked at the date – it was 6 months ago.

“So, you write about two characters and we’re those characters?” Heather asked “That’s bullshit.”

Cass then gave her a hug. “I can’t explain it but now you’re real and in my living room. Superheroes and Superheroines don’t exist in my world, well not the costumed kind like you.”

Stacey Continued “So you created everything about us including our superheroine personas and looks? But I’ve known Heather since we were kids.”

“Stace I can’t explain it but yes. I created everything about you.”

Cass went on. “Describe what happened and how you got here.”

Stacey started.

“Heather and I were out on a run when all of a sudden the skies clouded over. Then it started raining and a storm came out of nowhere. We got under cover then saw a building wall fall down. We transformed then raced to the scene. Then all of a sudden we both saw this ball of lightning float down between us then we woke up just outside Sydbourne.”

“Well that’s awesome, but Stacey I haven’t written that.” Cass said “Sounds like a cracker of a story though. I might use it in the future. Ball lightning hey; that’s an incredibly rare phenomenon, Scientists can’t explain it at all. Now I know why no one knows much about it.”

Heather chimed in “That ball lightning thing hurt. Look I’m scared, and Stacey won’t admit it but she is as well. Cass; we’re in a foreign place, no one but you knows who we are, I’m in a strangers unit who knows not only knows I’m a superheroine, but every single detail of how I became a superheroine. Stacey is the ONLY person I have told that to. So how the fuck do you know this. I’m also not buying the “I’m a character deal.”

“Honestly, I have no idea. If a storm sent you here then maybe a storm can send you back. I’m a writer not an astrophysicist. Differing dimensions are new to me as well, and that if Ball lightning happens. Let me check the forecast.”

Cass opened up the weather app on her phone. “We’re not forecast to have a storm for a week so you’re stuck here until then. This is a stupid question but Stacey, did you try and teleport home.”

“First thing I tried – I can’t teleport here.” Was the reply.

“Heather, is your super strength and invulnerability affected.”

“Well I haven’t been shot at but I still have my strength, Wait how do you know about that.”

“She knows your entire backstory.” said Stacey, “knowing of your super strength surprises you, plus we did save her earlier, she saw it in action.”

“Interesting – so physical abilities aren’t affected. Well I live alone so you can stay here. I freelance so I can work from here and help nut out what to do with you two. I’ll get you home girls.”

“Cass, I trust you. After all this is crazy but I’m starting to think I wouldn’t exist without you.” Stacey said.

“What?” said Heather “Stacey are you drinking the coolade? Am I the only one who thinks this is crap…?”

A couple of days later Stacey was out for a walk and Cass and Heather were sitting on the sofa.

“How are you going Heather?”

“Well I’m apparently a figment of imagination stuck in a reality that’s not my own. I’m just super.”

“There’s that sarcastic sense of humour. Do you like being a heroine?”

“Are you kidding? I love it. It’s helped to give me a purpose in my life. It’s awesome being able to help people and stop bad guys, and being Stacey’s wing woman is awesome. Can I ask you something Cass?”


“So you say you wrote Stacey and me like this? Why did you do it?”

“Well I wanted to write about a superheroine so I created the Dazzling Diamond, and I figured generally people work better in Duos and I didn’t want to make Simon a hero so I came up with the idea for you. I figured I may as well make you a young confident women, and here in this world the superheroines in stories are attractive so, well, I followed the tropes. My life is pretty boring really, just work and home and mostly work from home. I don’t have anyone special. I love to write and I suppose I started to live vicariously through you two. Your adventures are great fun to write. Plus you’re everything I’m not. Smart, funny, gorgeous.”

Heather interrupted “What do you mean we’re everything you’re no?”

“Look at me.” continued Cassandra “I’m short and bumbly and a shy nerd. You and Stacey are gorgeous extroverted heroines. You guys have the traits I wish I had. You personally Heather, Your fierce determination and fight I wish I had, your looks aren’t bad either, and I’ve always wanted to be a redhead, a natural one not a dye job.”

“You know how I called you Velma?”


“I kind of think she’s hot.”

“What are you saying?”

Right then Stacey burst through the door.

“Heather, suit up, we’re needed.”

“What?” said Heather.

“Look down out the window.”

The girls looked down the window and saw 3 men advancing on a young lady.

“Do what you need to do?” Cass said.

Stacey got up and stood in the lounge room.


With that Stacey’s neck snapped back, her arms went wide and she started spinning, suddenly in the blur a white light started shinning and engulfed her. When the light subsided Stacey was gone and the Dazzling Diamond was there.

“That is so cool.” Cass said.

“Here, take this.” Heather gave Cass her pendant and stood next to the Dazzling Diamond.


Upon mentioning the phrase the pendant transformed into the medallion and floated out of Cass’s hands. Heather thrust forward and floated mid-air. The medallion started glowing then attached itself like a belt and emitted beams of light that wrapped themselves around Heather. Suddenly the light was gone and Heather had changed into the Asimus Avenger.

“Just as cool.” Cass said.

Then the two heroines raced downstairs. Cass raced to the window and saw the action. She saw her heroines walk up and take on the three guys. The Dazzling Diamond struck first with a jumping punch, the girl screamed and ran off as the men attacked the Asimus Avenger and Dazzling Diamond. One man even grabbed a pipe and swung it at the Asimus Avenger. He was amazed when it bounced off her harmlessly. Shortly thereafter the men were subdued and the girls returned upstairs.

“Oh my god you two were awesome.” Cass said.

“Thanks.” said Heather as she took off her medallion and transformed back into her street clothes.

Dazzling said “Cass, mind if I have a shower.”

“Yeah sure, second door on the right, towels in the cupboard.”

“Thanks for that.” She said as she walked off.

That night Stacey an Cass were eating when there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it.” Heather said. She had just got out of the shower and was wearing a towel and peered through the peephole, it was two police officers.

“Ahh Cass do you know any cops.”

“No, why?”

“They’re at the door.”

“See what they want.”

She opened the door and saw the officer mouths drop at the 5’10 redhead goddess in just a towel.

“Can I help you.” she enquired.

“Y-y-y-y-yes ma’am.” one stuttered.

He copped a backhand over the head.

“Ma’am we are from the Sydbourne Police Department. We had reports that two vigilantes dressed as superheroes sighted in the alley below. Did you see anything?”

“No sorry.” Heather replied.

“If you see them can you give us a call, they helped save the day but they need to stop going it alone. We don’t need these vigilantes putting themselves into danger.”

“No problem officer.” Heather said as she closed the door.

She overheard the junior officer walking away “Holy crap she was the hottest woman I’ve ever seen.”

“What did they want?” asked Cass.

“It seems our little escapade downstairs drew attention, Stacey I know it’s what we normally do but we should probably hang low for a bit.”

“Agreed.” said Stacey.

The Storm they were waiting for was getting its own attention; it was growing and expected to be huge. There had been a warning sent out not to go into the storm.

As it arrived Cass said “Shall we see if we can get you home.”

“I’m going to miss you.” said Heather.

“Me too.” said Stacey.

“Heather, did you mean what you said about Velma.”

“Every word.” Cass blushed.

The girls headed out to a nearby sports field in Sydbourne. It was pelting down with tremendous winds and suddenly a lightning bolt hit nearby resulting in a simultaneous Thunderclap.

Then the girls saw it. A ball of lightning appeared.

“Goodbye Cass.” the girls said and the Asimus Avenger kissed her on the cheek. The girls ran into the ball.

Later The Dazzling Diamond and Asimus avenger came to. They were surrounded by rubble of a building.

“We’re back.” said Dazzling Diamond.

“Looks like it.” Said the Asimus Avenger. “Can you get us home?”

“I’ll try.” and she grabbed the avenger and teleported to her place.

“So glad I can do that again.”

“Do you seriously believe we’re just characters in someone’s mind?”

“Not really, but she really did know a lot about us.”

“That’s for sure. What was on your bit of paper to make you trust her?”

“My dog’s name, well soon to be dogs name, I pick him up next week. I haven’t told anyone his name.”

“Mine was my teddy bear’s name, only my family and you know that.”

Just then the doorbell rang.

“Better change back.”

Heather took off her medallion as she walked to the door and answered it.

“What the?!” she then fainted.

Stacey ran to the door when she heard Heather fall.

It was Cassandra.

“That ball lightning’s a bitch isn’t it – I’m going to need your help.”

to be continued…

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