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Interview with a superwoman

Written by Thefirstone :: [Sunday, 03 March 2019 21:41] Last updated by :: [Friday, 08 March 2019 14:21]

Celia Jacobs’ guest was a woman with curly red hair that reached down to her shoulders, bright, sparkling blue eyes and a thin, toned and moderately curvy frame with C-cup breasts. She wore a floor-length yellow cape and a white, form-fitting bodysuit with black rubber gloves and boots. There was a blue insignia on the stomach of the suit, a combination of a lowercase E and the cross-and-circle “female” symbol.

“Hello everybody! Today I have an extra special guest with me: The Emissary, one of the most powerful members of the Lines of Defense.”

The superheroine waved at the camera, stood up, bowed for the audience, then sat back down.

“Thank you for joining us tonight. And thank you for choosing my show to appear on.”

“You’re welcome,” said the Emissary, in English but with an accent neither Celia nor any of her audience could place.

“Okay, first question: It is basically common knowledge that you’re an ambassador, hence the name, from a version of Earth in an alternate reality, but there are multiple theories about the source of your power. I’ve heard different people say that you were experimented on in your home universe to give you your powers, that a difference between the atmosphere of our Earth and yours makes you powerful while here, and a few others. So, do any of the theories have any basis in fact?”

“No. Every human woman on my Earth has the same kind of powers I do, although nobody knows why. That’s just how it’s always been.”

“And what are those powers, for anyone watching that doesn’t know?”

“Strength, speed, reflexes, reaction time and durability thousands, if not millions of times greater than any man in our world and any ‘normal’ human in this one. Senses of a similar caliber and the potential to develop X-Ray and microscopic vision through meditation and training, which I have. Flight, heat vision and ‘super breath’ as some call it here. And powerful pheromones that can affect anyone attracted to women.”

“What about the men in your world?”

“Not only do they lack our power, there have been no recorded instances of any men having or developing powers of any kind. Again, nobody knows why.”

“Whoa. Okay, on that note, what cultural impact would you say this has had?”

“Well it depends on the time and place. Some more progressive countries are surprisingly similar to this country, although most physical jobs are usually occupied by women. In many cases, society was and still is highly matriarchal, but there are areas, and an entire country, where both sexes live separately and baby boys are sent to live with their fathers.”

“How do things like marriage work?”

“Well, in many cases homosexuality is seen as the norm, and people reproduce through artificial insemination. As a matter of fact, heterosexuality often faces similar opposition in our world to homosexuality in yours, especially from the Sisterhood, the largest religious group in the world. Partially because it’s not uncommon for women to look down on men, due to either condescending pity or… let’s say more hostile prejudices, and partially because heterosexual sex can often be dangerous for the male partner, although there are women who make a living teaching muscle control classes to help women avoid harming their partners, so it has become somewhat more common for a woman to have a relationship with a man. However, since men have similar lifespans to men in this world and women live several centuries on average, a significant minority of women admit to seeing it as similar to ownership of a pet. In fact it’s not uncommon for a woman in a committed heterosexual relationship to have lesbian sex with friends occasionally so they can have sex without holding back, although there is a subculture of women-mostly relatively young-who see this as unfaithful and avoid sex with anyone but their husbands.”

“How exactly did your people reproduce before artificial insemination was possible and the classes you mentioned were offered? Did women just kill their men?”

“Not always, but often. It was generally seen as sad but necessary, although there were and still are female supremacists who don’t see anything wrong with it.”

“Lastly, before we run out of time, what, if you don’t mind my asking, was your life like before taking up your current career path?”

The Emissary blushed. “Well I, believe it or not, am actually a princess of my home Earth.”


“Yes. My mother, Queen Lyla the Fifth, is recognized as the most politically and physically powerful woman alive in our world, and as queen of the Global Palace at the South Pole, where ambassadors from every nation meet once a year. As her fifth daughter, I’m in no danger of taking the throne any time soon, but when an attempt on her life went wrong and the weapon the assassin used exploded, opening a rift connecting our respective universes, she chose me as our Emissary in your world, hence my super-name.”

“May I ask your real name?”


“Interesting name.”

“Thank you, I guess.”

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