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Julie Torpor worked as a broker on the top floor of an office building in Brisdale. She was 5’6.”, short brown hair, with a slim build and a rather conservative dress sense. She wore glasses and was always tired. Coffee was her lifeblood, but it didn’t work half the time.

The reason she was always tired is Julie had a problem, she was a narcoleptic. She had been diagnosed 6 months ago but the symptoms had been around for about 2 years. She could be anywhere when the narcolepsy struck and its duration varied, sometimes minutes, sometimes hours. More often than not it struck when she was at work. Her employer knew of the condition and they allowed her the time she needed to sleep. It must be said though they had forgotten about her a few times and she had been locked in the office on more than 1 occasion. Julie’s narcolepsy was different in that she could feel it coming on. When that occurred she went to a special room with a bed to lie on and a bookcase full of office books. Though the office was supportive Julie had earnt the nickname Winks after the 40 winks she regularly took.

Julie was also a massive fan of Dozer. Dozer was a superheroine who also called Brisdale home. She wore a red and white suit, knee high red boots and a red mask that covered her blue eyes. She came to prominence when she first appeared after an earthquake. She single handed lifted several support beams of a destroyed building and saved the lives of many people. Since then Dozer was around whenever help was required. She could do anything, she could fly, she was bullet proof, super strength and intelligence etc. She was just like Supergirl but she wasn't kryptonian, she was human.

Julie Loved what Dozer did for the city. The citizens felt safe and protected. Crime was low because Dozer had a knack of showing up right when she was needed. Julie had all the merchandise and statues of Dozer. She was her number one fangirl.

One Wednesday Julie walked into work with her customary double shot cappuccino and sat down at her desk. Her cubicle was a mini ode to Dozer. Posters on the walls, a deck of playing cards with Dozer on them, she had also just added a new figurine that was released two days ago to the collection. She thought the worst thing Management could do would be to implement a clean desk policy. Her piece de resistance which she was most proud of was a signed framed pic of Dozer that she bought online. She was convinced the signature was a fake but it was a real photo of Dozer. Most people have pics of love ones, she had Dozer. She opened her email and started to trawl down the to-do list. Replies from clients, urgent jobs that needed doing, it was the usual stuff. She sighed as she sipped her coffee and started with her first job of the day.

As usual a rather lacklustre client had been late and had sent through a monster job that needed to be completed. She had laid the groundwork yesterday but today was the grind. The radio in the background was playing the number 1 song of the day, which was fine but she had heard it 3 times already, twice on the commute to work. “Can they play something different.” she thought.

After the song had finished the announcer said “There is a breaking story down at the docks. A hostage situation is taking shape.”

I’m sure Dozer will save the day.” she thought to herself “I really would love to see her.” She got up and grabbed another coffee.

The TV in the office had been turned on for updates on the hostage situation and Julie continued with her job. About 25 minutes later Julie felt an internal pull, it was her narcolepsy. Julie knew she had about a minute until she fell asleep. She saved her progress and got up and spoke to her manager who nodded. She went to her room and locked the door. Then she fell asleep

Meanwhile at the docks the hostage situation was in full swing. It started as a result of a dispute between the workers and management which had started out as a peaceful protest. Things escalated however when one of the workers stormed the barricade. As he was being set upon by the guards he set off a small explosion nearby. Placards were strewn everywhere as everyone scattered, people were running in fear in all directions and the worker used the distraction to get into the office. He pulled a gun and had management cornered. He wanted to be paid all his entitlements that he was owed after he was made redundant after 5 years on the job. The standoff was in full swing in the office and the protestors were now behind a second barricade of SWAT police 50 metres back. The head negotiator was on the megaphone. Suddenly there was a blast of wind as Dozer appeared behind the police cars but out of the view of the public.

“What’s the problem Inspector Jones.” She enquired

“Dozer. It’s good to see you. We have a rouge protestor who stormed the compound after an explosion.” the Inspector replied

“I came as soon as I heard that. Was anyone hurt in the explosion.” asked Dozer

“No, it was an intentional distraction blast. It was away from where anyone would be injured thankfully, he just needed the crowd to scatter and he executed it perfectly.” Inspector Jones continued

“That requires a bit of planning. How long…”

Dozer was cut off as phone was handed to the Inspector. The officer mouthed the words “It’s him.”

“To whom am I speaking?”

“Release the hostages and we’ll talk.”

“She’s not but why would she even be here?”

“Understood.” and he hung up the phone

“You need to lay low Dozer. He said if he captures a glimpse of you he fires on the hostages.”

“Well shit.” Dozer replied

“He also said he has speed triggers placed at the door and windows. If any are detected a bomb goes off somewhere else in a crowded area in Brisdale.”

“Well there goes that idea. Why is this guy working here? He should be in the espionage sector, he’s thought of everything.”

“Research says he’s a uni drop out in electrical /chemical engineering. Got the job here after that happened, he never went back.”

“But he definitely kept his skills up.”

The standoff continued for the next hour. All over the City people were gathered at TV screens. Julie’s office was no exception. “Dozer’s bound to show up.” One person said. “Where’s Winks, She’s mad for Dozer, she’d love it.” The manager replied, “Her name is Julie, and she had a bout of narcolepsy about 90 minutes ago. She’s in her room. You remember the time we tried to wake her for that Dozer parade, we shook her and she slept through the whole thing. Now she locks the doors so she can sleep in peace. It was a HR recommendation based on reading they did. It was something about not waking narcoleptics. Let her go, if she comes out she comes out if not we’ll fill her in.”

The standoff continued with a back and forth, with demands and counter demands, threats and concessions. While the head negotiator was earning his salary, Dozer was sitting with the inspector. Suddenly she looked up with a twitch and focused. She could hear a faint buzzing sound. Then she had an idea.

“Give him the getaway car and the money. I have a plan.”

“Have you lost your mind, we don’t negotiate with people who have hostages.”

She then explained her idea

“Are you sure? This is pretty serious and if you’re wrong Dozer.”

“I wouldn’t say it if I wasn’t. And how often have I been wrong.”

“Fair point. That’s crazy enough that it just might work.” Said Inspector Jones

And Dozer zoomed off, careful not to be seen and to trip the sensors

At the office 20 minutes later the TV News Anchor appeared on screen. “The police have given into the man’s demands and a car has been pulled out in front.” The man was then seeing jumping into the car and driving off. SWAT stormed the building and released all the hostages without incident.”

“I’m surprised that Dozer didn’t show up.” said one of the workers. “I guess Win… I mean Julie didn’t miss anything after all. Also can I get sleep breaks as well.”

“Do you have narcolepsy?” replied the manager.


“Well there’s your answer.”

Across town a speeding Civic Type-R was cutting though the cars like a knife through butter. The hostage taker was high tailing it with a bag with $57473.24 he claimed he was owed in entitlements to the airport where a Cessna had just been fired up with a pilot and two parachutes. Suddenly in front of him a red blur appeared and stopped the car. The airbag deployed and the stunned assailant got out. Dozer was there.

“You weren’t supposed to get involved, now they all die.” and he pulled out a phone detonator

“Ahh before you push it, have you checked the bag.”

“Yeah it has all my money.”

“Are you sure about that?”

He opened the bag and gasped. Gone was the money and in place was his bomb

“But how, I took every precaution.” He said

“Yeah, about that.” Dozer replied as she grabbed the man and the bomb and took to the skies. She hurled the bomb 300 metres in the air then detonated it harmlessly.

The TV has been left on in the office when suddenly the news flashed on. “Quick. It’s Dozer.” called the secretary and they all raced over.

Dozer was back at the docks with the assailant in handcuffs with the police. The office cheered. “How did you catch him?” the reporters asked

Inspector Jones stood up. “Dozer had the idea to track the location of the second bomb based on the sound of the trip sensors were emitting. We couldn’t hear it but she picked it up. She located the second bomb and notified us. When we got word that she located the bomb and had taken it with her, we released the suspect and when he left we told Dozer what car he was taking. I left the rest up to her. Thanks Dozer for saving the day.”

“No Problem.” she said then took to the skies

“What second bomb.” asked a reporter?

As the inspector continued to answer questions about the new information being a second bomb, the news reporter came back on screen. “Dozer saves the Citizens of Brisdale again today. We now return you to your regular programming, full details tonight at 6.”

As the rest of the office walked back to their desks two workers started talking. “Winks would have loved to see that, I don’t think I know a bigger Dozer fan.”

“Loved what.” said a voice behind them – It was Julie, coffee cup in hand, looking dozy from just waking up. “Julie you missed a siege at the wharf and Dozer saved the day.”

“Dammit.” said Julie “oh well I’ll catch it on the news tonight, and do you have to call me Winks.” she said as she went back to her desk. She opened up the web and on the news sites were all pictures of Dozer and the heroic deed of the day.

“I can’t believe I missed seeing her again. One day I’ll see her.” She said as she looked at the clock. She had been asleep for 3 hours. Julie yawned, “Looks like more overtime again, dammit.” she said as she reopened her job and got back into it.

Unbeknownst to anyone earlier that day

As Julie got to her room she shut the door. She lay on the bed and as she falls asleep she unconsciously says “sleep right.”. Her unconscious body starts to float. A small bead of light appears above her and starts to spin around her. The light travels to her heels and as the light moves up her body they magically transform into boots. The light continues and her clothes change with each spin and a red and white suit is revealed. The light then changes her glasses into a red mask and she spins upright. With a final burst of light Julie transforms into Dozer. Dozer unlocks a secret passage behind a bookcase in the room that leads to the roof and flies off to the docks.

Dozer returns after the event is over, locks the secret door and says “sleep tight.”. The light returns and circles Dozer. The light spins and the mask changes back into her glasses, Dozer’s uniform changes back into her clothes, her boots become her heels. The change complete, Julie wakes up from her narcolepsy and goes back to her desk.

Julie is the Superheroine Dozer, but no one knows this is the case; not even Julie herself.

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