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Double Life

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 30 March 2019 23:02] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:33]

Art by MadiBlitz

Edited by HikerAngel

The muscles of the behemoth’s powerful jaws snapped shut, long-razor sharp fangs tearing away the dying animal’s flesh with terrifying ease. The photographer’s lips settled into a sly smile as she squeezed off a shot. Planet Xigal had been unknown until very recently, and its female visitor had no desire to alert the natives to her presence. Slim legs coiled around a stalactite, hanging upside down, not a single one of Hilde Schneider’s golden locks was out of place—as if they were completely unaffected by the planet’s gravity.

“A little longer… just stay there a little bit longer...” the gorgeous woman muttered in a slow, deliberate tone, barely above a whisper. It was an incongruous sight. The small woman speaking to the mammoth creature in dulcet tones more resembled a mother telling her child a bedtime story than a photographer in the presence of one of the largest, most intimidating creatures ever recorded.

The lens of the magical camera zoomed towards the creature, its focus always perfect, without the slightest bit of blurriness. The photo’s resolution was amplified to millions of pixels despite the ten-mile distance between photographer and subject. A blinding flash of light burst from the camera, illuminating the entire cavern. This was no ordinary flash. It delivered the precise lighting that its owner had previsualized in her mind beforehand. The composition of the photo was flawless.


As soon as the picture was taken, Hilda Schneider knew she had won her seventh Pulitzer. She sighed, knowing she would have to come up with another victory speech, this time for publishing an in-depth take on an alien predator’s life cycle. She would project it into the material world directly from her mind. For someone like her, foreseeing the future—even recreating it in real-time with actual, faithful sound—was a non-issue. However, she knew that this wasn’t a good idea. Bedazzled by the future highlights of her career, she had inadvertently played the whole scene from her mind directly onto the floor of the cave as if projecting some kind of giant hologram.

If the blinding flash of the camera wasn’t enough to alert the monster to Hilda’s presence, the hologram certainly was!

It turned, spotting the intruder instantly, a deafening roar vibrating the stalactites as it blew the woman’s blonde hair back. Hilda arched a sculpted brow, impressed by the beast’s well-developed system of echolocation. She was well-studied in all branches of science but never had she run across documentation of an animal with senses so acute.

It made sense, however. This planet was quite close in proximity to its star, its surface flooded with intense radiation that could fry any living being in a matter of hours. The development of a sensory system well-suited to its cave-dwelling environment seemed a natural evolutionary path.

Now that her position had been revealed, Hilda had no doubt that the behemoth would soon find her. Animals in this part of the universe had adapted to extreme living conditions, their speed and strength were unparalleled by anything on Earth.

The purple, four-legged monstrosity leapt forward, closing the distance to Hilda rapidly, the tentacles on its face trailing behind like billowing flags. As it neared, its horns lowered threateningly.

Hilda smiled, her expression unconcerned as she slung the strap of her camera across her body. She seemed eager to meet the latest subject of her photography, untroubled by the galloping monster’s ground-shaking snarl.

As it reached her position, it sprang into the air, a new set of insectoid legs forming as it soared through the air. The legs crunched into the cave’s ceiling, adhering to the rock like glue to a gemstone.

Hilda merely smiled. She reached out, as if to pet the creature, but it responded with a kick to the face. The blonde woman flew across the cave, her limp form smashing into a pile of rocks.

But there was no need to fear.

A few seconds later, a small cloud of dust billowing from the strewn stones where she’d landed, she stood. The young woman appeared perfectly healthy. Her clothes were slightly dirty, but aside from that, there were no outward signs of damage on her curvaceous form.

Brushing the dust from her clothing, Hilda’s lips curled into a warm grin.

The beast cocked its head, clearly surprised at its prey’s miraculous recovery. What it didn’t know was that no force in the Universe could even hope to inconvenience someone as powerful as the buxom blonde woman at the base of the cave. This little attack hadn’t even reached the level of nuisance to such a being.

The huge alien beast, however, sprang from the ceiling, spinning as it plunged toward her, knowing no other way than to attack. It rammed her again and again. Each time, Hilda simply laughed, her lilting giggles like those of a child having the best time of her life as her body was tossed about like a ragdoll.

After a while, however, Hilda grew bored, deciding to make a different game of it. She began to nimbly dodge out of the creature’s path as it charged, darting this way and that, always there just long enough for the beast to build up a head of steam, then gone just before it struck.

Each time, the monster would bellow in frustration, craning its neck to see Hilda behind or off to its side, wearing a mischievous smirk. Eventually, its attacks began to slow until it finally collapsed onto the cave floor in an exhausted heap.

When it did, Hilda strode casually toward it, reaching out a hand to pet its strange hair. The creature snorted but did nothing, succumbing to a touch it was too tired to do anything about. The blonde woman’s eyes took on an affectionate cast, looking upon the hideous alien caringly, seeing its beauty.

“Calm down, big boy,” she whispered in her angelic, soporific tone. “I won’t hurt you. I just want to preserve you forever.” A lengthy pause spaced out each of the sentences. “I’ll go back home now. You can keep eating.”

Hilda continued to caress its massive head, her soothing voice lulling it into a blissful meditative state. It closed its eyes, feeling safe, experiencing an inner peace it had never before known. It seemed to know that the being it had just met was special. She was a friend. It felt as if it had known her its entire life.

Calming such a beast was an easy task for a Super Goddess. Unquestionably the strongest ‘predator’ in existence, the beings were able to influence and control lower forms of life as a result of their natural role as rulers of the Universe. Animals instinctively behaved in their presence. They knew God when they saw Her.

“There, there…” Hilda whispered soothingly, the massive creature before her purring like a kitten as she snapped a cute selfie of the two of them. 

Hilda blinked as another vision of the future suddenly came to her. Humans would discover this planet eventually. When they did, she would make sure to come back, taking one of this beast’s descendants as a pet.

“I have to go…” she breathed, kissing it on the forehead before vanishing. magically, without a trace.

The omnipotent blonde appeared in the middle of an empty street in Dublin. Instantly, everyone in the area stopped cold, smartphones rising to capture photographs and video of the remarkable woman. She was, after all, the perfect, ridiculously gifted Hilda Schneider. The curvaceous blonde was staggeringly gorgeous, easily the hottest Pulitzer prize-winner ever to exist. She was also the singer and lead guitarist of the internationally famous alternative-punk band Oral Cumshot.

Some thought she was simply a mind-numbingly powerful Enhanced whose upgrade had run amok. Others thought she was a different sort of genetic anomaly, unable to explain the exact nature of her seeming omnipotence. It seemed to occur to no one, however, that the flawless woman could be a Super Goddess’ alter ego.

Perhaps, it was because Hilda Schneider hadn’t been born a Super Goddess. How could she have been? After all, the youngest Super Goddess had been born on New Year’s Eve 2099 at 11:59 PM, on the last chilly breath of the 21st century. Hilda hadn’t been born until May 11th of the following year.

“She does look a bit like that youngest Super Goddess, and they’re both really powerful,” people often said. “But they are totally different people. I don’t even think they’ve met each other! They are in different places at the same time!”

It never occurred to any of them that such things could be well within the capabilities of a Super Goddess.

In fact, Hilda was a conscious effort of the German Super Goddess Brunhilde to live a second life free of the need to juggle her colossal duties with the more down-to-earth affairs of a regular person. Brunhilde was Hilda Schneider. Hilda Schneider was Brunhilde. Thanks to her reality-warping abilities, however, no one, aside from the other Super Goddesses, was aware of this fact. Not even her family and closest friends. Not even Ultipotent Enhanceds. Her powers made it so. No matter how hard they tried to piece together the mystery that was Hilda Schneider, no matter how strong the evidence presented, they were simply unable to make the connection. It defied logical explanation. But Super Goddesses were hardly constrained by simple concepts like logic and perception.

Despite the public perception that she was a step down from a Super Goddess, however, Hilda was still one of the most beloved celebrities on the planet. Her supermodel-like 180 cm frame, huge, bouncy breasts, endless legs, succulent thighs, and delicious ass gave her an hourglass figure that could make any other celebrity green with envy. And her staggering sexuality was only further enhanced by her razor-sharp sense of fashion.

Today, Hilda wore a comfortable, sporty black tracksuit. Its sleeves were rolled up, its tight, lycra pants torn full of holes that left her perfect, pale skin bare to the hungry eyes of all onlookers. On her feet were mountaineering boots, fully capable of journeying across the worst hellscapes of the galaxy in the neverending search for the perfect photo. Her high-tech camera hung languidly from her swan-like neck, a comfy scarf draped over the strap. Her flaxen locks were crowned by a cute beret that hinted at a surprising intellectual side. In her handbag was a pair of fashionable sunglasses that she would don if she wished to change her look, the chosen frames perfect for either emphasizing her cool or enhancing her ability to intimidate.

The most eye-catching parts of her attire, however, were her Earth-shaped earrings. Each looked like a miniature hemisphere of the planet, real oceans, continents, and atmosphere moving in exact time with the planet. Not visible to onlookers, but equally amazing was the exposed mantle and core of the planet, its sheared vertical surface pressed against the flawless flesh of her earlobe.

The earrings were exact duplicates of the planet, created by Brunhilde in a moment of boredom so that she could explore and investigate how the miniature versions differed from the real thing. Often, she would visit her creation by shrinking a clone of herself, photographing everything she found interesting. The deviations in history, culture, and ecosystems stimulated her divine curiosity, showing her what the world would be like without Super Goddesses at all. To her surprise, they seemed to be doing just fine, completely unaware of the fact that they were simply accessories on their creator’s ear.

While cut into halves, her miniature earth was actually a single unit, held together by Brunhilde’s reality-warping powers so that its inhabitants didn’t notice. Brunhilde had built an accompanying moon and solar system as well, though she kept those securely in an alternate reality, not wishing to keep the jewelry in her ears from becoming unwieldy.

Brunhilde walked seductively toward a cafe, swaying her hips to draw every surrounding eye. She knew she was hot, and she wanted to make sure that everyone in her vicinity knew it too. Her powerful pheromones and heartbreaking sensuality caused bulges in the pants of the men and damp spots in those of the women. The goddess waved at the cute, short-hair goth girl working as a barista as she approached. The moment they made eye contact, Brunhilde’s full, glossy lips curled upward, her smile utterly angelic. The act drew a blush of crimson from its intended recipient, and she quickly snuck away from her place behind the counter.

“Hilda?! W-what are you doing here?!” she asked the goddess, emerging from the doorway with a smile. “You told me you were going to take some of those weird photos of yours! I didn’t expect you back so soon!”

“Well,” she replied, pausing in her characteristic way after the word. “I wasn’t away for too long after all... Morgana… So I’m ready for our rehearsal…” Her odd, lengthy pauses were her trademark, the gentle, almost soporific way of expressing herself making her occupation as a rock vocalist so unexpected and novel. Her voice could change, her pace accelerating when the situation required it. When it didn’t, however, she simply preferred to take her time.

“Ah, I see,” said the girl, her pink and blue hair shimmering in the sunlight. “I’m off in half an hour, so just wait here for me, okay? I’ll give you a free coffee for the trouble,” she winked.

“No need, sweetie…” Brunhilde pointed at the clock outside the coffee shop. A beam of emerald energy lanced out from her slender index finger, and the clock’s minute hand instantly lurched forward, speeding halfway around its face.

Morgana stared in awe as everything around them began to move at a pace so fast it was dizzying. Her limited, human eyes couldn’t keep up—until the hand of the clock slowed to normal speed once again, the motion of everyone around slowing to match.

Another flash of magic caused Morgana to blink in surprise.

The young barista looked down, noticing that she wasn’t wearing her barista attire any longer, instead dressed in a black leather jacket, a skull-imprinted tee, and a tastefully torn skirt with six belts looped about her waist. Fishnet pantyhose adorned her shapely legs until they disappeared into spiked leather boots.

Looking up in surprise, she briefly noticed that some of her coworkers had already left for the day, while others leaned against the wall of the cafe smoking cigarettes and laughing.

Her eyes settled on Brunhilde. “W-what did you just do?”

“Just tampered with time a little… No big deal, sweetheart… Altering time locally won’t interfere with the larger world, I promise… Now, you are free to come with me to rehearse…” She patted the smaller girl on the head.

The confused teen was shocked, struggling to grasp the full extent of her friend’s astonishing powers. Brunhilde never failed to find a way to surprise her. “Since when have you been able to do that?!” she asked, biting her lower lip. “I’m beginning to think that you’re not just an Enhanced…”

Brunhilde smiled, hugging Morgana, pressing her face into her massive chest. Morgana nestled in, delighting in the pillowy feel of the gorgeous woman’s luscious breasts. She had discovered that was a lesbian through her overwhelming attraction to the stunning blonde, and she sometimes wished that the powerful woman viewed her as something more than simply a friend or younger sister. But what could she do? Brunhilde was a literal goddess, with new powers to show off every day! She, on the other hand, was an ugly duckling—with personality issues to boot!

“Hmmmpppfff. I get it. I get it!” the smaller girl conceded. Brunhilde was too kind, as well as too magical, to resist. Morgana felt both aroused by her enticing pheromones and inviting breasts as well as calmed by her soothing demeanor. The teen herself was normally rude and annoyed with those around her, but with Morgana, she was different. Whatever the blonde goddess found cute, she had to hug and kiss. Including Morgana. And Morgana just didn’t have it in her to be anything but polite around the stunning blonde goddess.

“Let’s tell the boys… okay…?” Brunhilde smiled, reaching out to the other two band members, using her telekinesis to bring them to their rented warehouse in the industrial district.

Too busy to bother herself with traffic on her way there, Brunhilde picked up her surprised partner, carrying her piggyback-style, and leapt upward. The terrified teen clutched the larger woman’s warm, voluptuous form as they sailed through the sky. For the blonde goddess, flying was simply second nature.

They landed just outside the warehouse, startling the other two members of the band as they smoked weed in the back alley. Tommy, a peaceful stoner with long, shaggy hair, played bass. Richie was the drummer, the animated boy a crazy punkhead with leather clothes and a rainbow-colored mohawk.

Most would have been surprised to see a Super Goddess in the company of such lowlife teens, but she was completely comfortable in their presence. She had a lot of fun with them, even if she was superior in every sense of the word. They made her feel alive in a special way that no one else could. She would join them in protests, burning and breaking things. She fought by their side as they made trouble at pubs, sneered arrogantly at their elders, and joined in as they spray-painted walls with graffiti. In fact, Brunhilde excelled at the latter, her artwork often becoming three-dimensional and interacting with the real world. Once, she sprayed a vampire mouth onto a poor dog as it passed by, instantly bringing it into the ranks of the undead. Realizing her mistake, however, she resurrected it, apologizing quickly to its baffled owner.

“Oy! We gonna rehearse or wot, you little cunts? I don’ haf all day!” Richie protested in his deep cockney accent. “I swear to me mum!”

“Yeah, yeah,” countered Morgana. “Don’t get your panties into a bunch, Richie. We only have half an hour until I have to go help my father at the shop. So let’s get going!”

“Take it easy, eh?” A red-eyed Tommy interjected.

Brunhilde giggled delicately. Her friends were flawed but also very fun, and the music they made together was transcendent. The goddess was by far the most civilized and well-spoken of the four, but that also served as the core of her appeal to the masses of fans. She looked and behaved like a princess, but her voice and riffs were wild on stage. And that was the important part.

Morgana plugged in her keyboard, and the band started rehearsing.

Their sound was fantastic, but Brunhilde felt that it wasn’t living up to their capability. They were already word famous and had played at many of the largest possible stages. But now they needed a new challenge to bring out their best again.

The Super Goddess mused on the notion while teleporting to her Dublin apartment. It was late, however, and she decided to get some sleep. She didn’t need it, of course, but she was hoping that it would help her to find inspiration—in her other life.

Brunhilde’s beautiful forest-green eyes opened after a few hours. There was complete silence around her, accompanied only by the chirping of birds and melancholic light of the early morning as it streamed through the skylight of her monumental bedroom. As the goddess awoke, her voluptuous naked body covered in the finest silk sheets, realized she wasn’t in Dublin anymore. She was in a place she recognized better than any other.

The Von Wittgenstein Estate.

It was a giant mansion in the depths of the Bavarian Forest with stables, a vineyard, and hundreds of acres of forest on every side. Originally, it had served as home to a German nobleman in the late 18th century. It had changed owners with each subsequent generation until it had come into the possession of Brunhilde’s astoundingly wealthy family. 

The goddess yawned, the act staggeringly cute. As she did it, thousands of flowers in the surrounding gardens blossomed prematurely. She floated out of bed, her blonde curls flowing loose in a silky caress of the ebony furniture. Humming a beautiful lullaby composed by her mother, Lisa, she approached the window.  All the animals outside paused and perked up, their ears shifting toward the beautiful sound. It looked almost comical, like a moment drawn straight from a cheesy 1930’s animation, but the animals began to dance. Mice, squirrels, deer, foxes, and even a pair of bears joined in the choreographed revelry. A flock of red and blue birds, not indigenous to Germany, swooped in, whistling to the lilting tune. The avian counterpoint melded with the Super Goddess’ voice to form music so utterly captivating that it appeared even the trees were shaking their branches to the rollicking rhythm.

Turning to her enormous mirror, as tall as the high-ceilinged wall, Brunhilde admired her reflection. Her perfection was undeniable. She bit her lower lip, falling in love with herself yet again as she began to caress her matronly mammaries. Her eyes descended her curvaceous magnificence until they found the lucky streak of hair that covered her private parts. It was almost as if her own body were attempting to censor itself, preventing her from indulging in manic masturbation at the sight of her own body.

Brunhilde snapped her fingers, the unusual birds gliding through her window in compliance with her unspoken desire, transforming into a cartoonish tornado of red, black, and blue about her. Their feathers morphed into cloth, molding themselves into their stunning mistress’ idea of an exquisite gown. Puffy sleeves formed over her shoulders, flowing downward until they stopped just short of her elbow. Jet black gloves wove between her fingers. A revealing bodice wound together, its tightening strings pulling inward to form a cavernous cleavage. A long skirt hid her breathtaking legs, sporting a delightful floral motif. Shiny, dark, high-heeled boots poured over her feet, and a lace-edged wide-brimmed hat appeared over her head, an emerald brooch and rose blossoms decorating its gaudy center. The waist of her gown drew inward so dramatically, that it appeared she was wearing a corset. The whole outfit was frilly and feminine, combining a deep and dignified navy blue with flourishes of garnet red. It revealed Brunhilde’s personality while still hugging her sexy curves in flamboyant enough fashion to impress anyone at a party. It radiated power, wealth, and a delightfully creative sense of fashion, while at the same time hinting at her ladylike maturity.

The formal, classic style was typical for Brunhilde whenever she chose to use her original identity. If someone didn’t know that she belonged to the prestigious Von Wittgenstein family, they would have thought she was a princess straight from a fairy tale. 

Brunhilde’s eyes twinkled with an alien, emerald light, and suddenly the twin halves of her miniature Earth spawned on each of her attractive ears. “I finally… feel you all again… my cuties!” She giggled. “I’m glad to see everyone is fine…”

Her amused whisper met the ears of everyone on the divided planet, the startled inhabitants having no idea they lived within the earrings of an omnipotent blonde. She would pay another visit to her little world later to take some pictures, but first, she needed to attend breakfast with her family.

The goddess floated out of her room to be received in the most incredible palace ever built. From the outside, the estate looked much like any typical French chateau. But Brunhilde had made numerous changes to the interior. The walls and ceiling were made of pure gold, the stairs of Italian marble, and the garish chandeliers on both the floor and ceiling were the first indication that some of the house’s inhabitants lived upside down. Brunhilde was among them, her hair, hat, and dress in perfect order, defying gravity as she swept along the grand hall.

At times, the ghosts of the family’s ancestors emerged from the walls, speaking to each other in frantic conversation. They remembered their long-lost pets with unfaltering nostalgia, while random strains of pure magical energy traveled through the rooms, creating a mysterious neon fog.

The house was full of extremely valuable vases, armor, canvas, and countless other items worth millions. Many were rare, some absolutely unique, with no known counterpart in the world. The busty Super Goddess stopped as she went, pausing to admire one of her favorite works of art—the portrait of her great grandmother, Greta von Wittgenstein. The woman was beautiful, looking vibrantly youthful in the painting, the spitting image of Brunhilde.

“Guten Morgen!” she greeted, waiting patiently for an answer.

As she watched expectantly, the woman on the canvas began to move, her body impossibly forming into three dimensions, despite the fact that she remained within the two-dimensional confines of the framed canvas. She smiled at the sight of her gorgeous great-granddaughter, speaking affectionately back. “Good morning, dear Brünhild, You look quite fetching this morning. That dress is so pretty, though you shimmer with even greater radiance, young one.”

The woman’s voice was far more delicate than someone would expect from a deceased-but-reanimated relative. Contacting the dead by summoning them into inanimate objects hardly presented a challenge to the limitless goddess. She did it routinely when she decided that the wisdom of her ancestors would be useful. Besides, the idea of knowing long-lost family members appealed to the stunning blonde. She had enjoyed hearing their fascinating stories ever since she had first invented the maneuver at age ten.

“Nein, meine liebe Urgroßmutter! I’m Brunhilde now… Brunhilde!” Comically, the all-powerful blonde puffed out her cheeks. She didn’t wish to be called by her birth name Brünhild von Wittgenstein. It wasn’t because she loathed her family. Quite the opposite. She loved them all. However, she found both the name and surname extremely boring and complicated. As a result, she insisted on being called only by her first name. It was easier to pronounce and more artistic, to her way of thinking. “I have a feeling… today is going to be a great day… One to celebrate… I will tell you everything… when I’m back…”

“Just don’t get into any trouble, young lady. You may be all-powerful and the pride of this family, but we certainly don’t want you to get upset. Beautiful flowers should never feel down.” A giant, caring gloved hand pushed out of the portrait to stroke Brunhilde’s sculpted cheek.

She blushed. “Danke, oma… I won’t… I promise!”

“Oh, and another thing, my dear child. You overslept. Your mother is already awaiting your arrival in the dining room, and you shouldn’t make your siblings wait any longer. You know how cranky they get when they are hungry!”

“Of course… see you later, oma... I love you…” The painting became normal again as Brunhilde enthusiastically clutched the train of her frilly dress and gracefully descended the stairs, breathing in the sweet scent of the delicious waffles that the entourage of cooks had prepared.

Once she reached the dining room, Brunhilde found her siblings lined up along a fifty-foot table, salivating at the otherworldly selection of food prepared by the Enhanced servants, who stood by stoically as they ate. With their superior bodies, the staff looked gorgeous, their powers so great that the everyday chores of the house were quite easy for them. Their true task was that of pleasuring their Super Goddess each night, each of them honored to be members of her vast harem.

To call the von Wittgenstein a large family would have been a true understatement. Brunhilde had eighteen brothers and sixteen sisters, twenty-nine of them younger than the Super Goddess. Lisa, her mother, was rabbitlike with her libido, giving birth every nine months for most of her adult life. She had been known for her fertility even before Brunhilde, but staggeringly, her pace had actually increased once she had delivered Brunhilde. She had finally stopped about a half-decade ago. After she’d birthed Brunhilde, she no longer even needed the typical nine-month gestation period, requiring only a quarter of a year between births. Her body had also grown far more beautiful and voluptuous since then, her face not appearing to have aged a day. Her breasts had grown larger and larger over time, milk pouring out of them even after she had ceased giving birth.

This was, of course, a side effect of life by the side of a Super Goddess. After prolonged exposure, the human body eventually grows into the peak of its genetic potential. Her parents and all of her many siblings had become talented, superintelligent demigods with perfect physiques and a brilliant future in any endeavor they deemed worthy of pursuit. Still, however, they paled in comparison to the servants, Brunhilde’s personal harem. The Enhanced maids and butlers were capable of toppling nations by themselves if not put on a leash. Thankfully, they had no desire to do anything like that.

Most of her siblings had finished the meal, though a few continued to nibble.

“You sure took your time, Brunhilde. Father had to go on a business trip an hour ago, but he made some time to play tennis with us. You should have woken up sooner!” said her oldest brother, a famous rom-com actor and underwear model. He was seldom lacking for female company.

“It’s okay… Hans… I will go back in time later… and enjoy that good time with you… besides… I can visit Father whenever I wish…”

“Hilde? Could you teleport me to work after breakfast? They told us to get to the laboratory early today, but I completely forgot!” begged Helmut, one of the younger members of the family. He was a renowned chemist that worked at a major fashion brand’s perfume division. Brunhilde nodded, accepting his request with her usual half-lidded gaze. Her sleepy eyes tended to give her a gentle, mysterious air.

Her family knew about her omnipotence, so they often asked her for favors. She didn’t have problems granting their wishes. It wasn’t as if her magical powers had a limit or required that she put forth any effort whatsoever. It would have been natural for her siblings to be jealous, given her evident superiority. But they weren’t. Not really. She helped and loved them all. Each was successful in his or her own right as well, so they didn’t engage in such childish pettiness.

Brunhilde felt a light tug at her dress. Turning to look, she saw that it was Laura, the newest sister of the entire brood.

“Can we go shopping together later? Pretty please?” the cute 6-year-old pleaded. As a peak human, she was extremely intelligent and articulate—particularly for her age. She knew Brunhilde was a busy person. Today alone, the Super Goddess was to help her siblings and parents as well as rehearse for an upcoming performance at the opera. The curtain was to be raised the following week, Brunhilde, of course, headlining the show as its lead.

In her first life, Brunhilde sang opera rather than punk rock. She was universally lauded as the best mezzo-soprano in the business. If she so chose, she could alter the register of her voice to become the best in any vocal range, but she was content for now with her natural range.

“Yes… no problem, sweetheart… I will buy you the prettiest clothes…” She patted the young girl on the head and giggled, lifting her up to give her a kiss on the cheek.

“Go play with her a little… okay, Adele…?” Brunhilde said, turning toward the nearest maid, handing Laura to her. She didn’t want the child to see what was about to happen, and the bright-eyed girl had already finished her meal.

Everyone went silent as their almighty sister sat on her chair, licking her lips hungrily as she eyed the impressive breakfast. She gestured and another maid came to her aid. The cup she brought with her contained cream but no tea. The goddess casually removed the part of the outfit that covered the maid’s breasts, instantly making the woman feel horny and embarrassed. Next, the Super Goddess told the woman telepathically to lean down. The whole family stared in awe at how Brunhilde started milking the giant tits of the maid, causing the woman to pant and moan. Her goddess, the woman she loved and worshipped sensually every night, was tugging at her full breasts with dizzying strength and impossible precision. She had been trained not to become instantly aroused by the presence of her superhuman lover, but she simply couldn’t resist, soiling her panties as her head tilted back in pleasure. Her eyelashes fluttering, the pupils within transformed into heart shapes.

The maid’s nipples began to drip a reddish brown liquid. It wasn’t milk. It was tea. Brunhilde had milked tea from the maid’s erect nipples, simply because she desired it to be so. Once the cup was full, the Super Goddess ceased her sensual massage.

“I’m fine for now, Didi… you can go to the bathroom… and change yourself…” Brunhilde smiled smugly at her servant, the act bringing the servant to orgasm once again. She enjoyed being the sexual alpha among those she chose as partners.

“T-thank you, Milady!” Her mistress was the only one able to make Didi lose her well-trained composure.

“And… if you’re a good girl… I might impregnate you… tonight…” The playful goddess gave Didi’s ass a naughty spank as the maid demurely left her presence.

“You’re always such a show-off,” complained Brunhilde’s closest older sister, Esther. She was a beautiful young lady, but her body was much more normal in appearance than those of the other adult females in the family. Esther didn’t hate her all-powerful sister, but did wish that she weren’t so cocky with her gifts.

“Remember that you have to rehearse for the opera today. Being a Super Goddess doesn’t excuse you from being professional.” Esther had a vested interest in ensuring that her sister remained focused on rehearsal. She was Brunhilde’s official agent.

“Hey, Esther… you seem… a little cranky today… Just relax…! I have a little present for you…” Brunhilde below a kiss toward her sister. The wafting breath exploded as it touched her sister’s cheek, a splash of lip-shaped red appearing on her left cheek. As soon as the mark appeared, the young woman began to transform. Her breasts and ass grew larger, her lips plumper, hips wider, and hair fuller. She was beginning to look like some sort of bimbo!

“T-tsk…” Esther had to tie her thicker hair into a cascading blonde ponytail so that it didn’t drag on the floor. She had always secretly desired a body that could compete with those of her mother and sisters, even if she would never publicly admit it—especially to Brunhilde. But this? This was overkill.

“If you don’t like it… I can change it… but I would try it out for at least a day…” Brunhilde smiled, genuinely concerned. She merely wanted to help her sister with her inferiority complex. 

“Whatever,” replied Esther, wiping her newly plump lips with a napkin. “Just be ready later. I’ll pick you up.” She stood up, walking confidently to her office in the far wing of the opulent manor. 

Using her super vision, Brunhilde looked through the walls, her eyes dancing delightedly as she watched her sister celebrate her newly Enhanced appearance. Another good deed done.

The rest of the breakfast proceeded normally, Brunhilde the last to finish her chocolate waffles and tea. As with everything else, she enjoyed taking her time. She could easily have wolfed down waffles by the dozen, her otherworldly metabolism able to keep her figure intact regardless of the number of calories she consumed, but she simply chose not to.

When she set down her utensils, the maids began to clean up, their movements a whirlwind of activity. The table was cleared within seconds.

The matriarch of the family, Lisa von Wittgenstein, appeared from behind. “Good morning, sweetie!” She hugged her beloved daughter. “We just had a visit from an Enhanced woman. She says she wishes to speak with you about a matter of utmost importance. She’s waiting on the porch.”

Brunhilde noticed that her mother appeared slightly nervous. The Super Goddess scanned her mother’s recent past, confirming that the visitor was someone she knew well, so there was nothing to be concerned about.

“No problem, meine Mutter… I will deal with the woman… I know her quite well… She’s a good person… Don’t worry…”

“Then this must be a huge opportunity for you!” said her mother, the look of concern in her eyes evaporating.

“I… hope so…”

The goddess rose from the ground, floating slowly toward the front door of the gigantic home. Brunhilde passed through the main hall, so large that it contained an entire zoo within its walls. Full of exotic animals, dinosaurs, and even some mythological creatures like unicorns and cyclopes, it was perhaps the most impressive display of wildlife ever assembled. A team of maids were tasked with feeding and taking care of them, their Enhanced bodies more than capable of dealing with any unruly beasts. The extent of these maids’ enhancements was incredible, leaving the women easily capable of incapacitating a Tyrannosaurus with a single finger. Brunhilde had altered spacetime within the house so that it could hold far more than even its colossal exterior would indicate.

Once Brunhilde swept through the entrance to her family mansion, she twirled in the air, reveling in the fresh air of the magnificent forest that surrounded the sumptuous estate. Craving something sweet, she reached out a hand, plucking a small branch and biting into it as if it were a pastry. It was so sweet that she moaned in satisfaction, licking the flavor from her perfect lips. The tree wasn’t made of wood and leaves at all, having been transformed by Brunhilde into living black forest cake. Inspired by German tradition, Brunhilde had turned the woods around her land into a confectionary Schwartzwald. Each tree possessed a chocolate trunk, with apple-sized cherries in place of leaves, and cream running through it as sap.

The Super Goddess entered the garden, its borders so vast that a normal person couldn’t see where it ended on the horizon. As she did, she found herself overshadowed by a monumental rectangle floating in the sky. She smiled gently and lowered herself into an elegant curtsy to greet her guest.

“Ave, Super Goddess Brunhilde. My heart and soul are overjoyed at the idea of seeing you again,” said the visitor.

“Long time… no see…” Brunhilde answered with a smile.

A gorgeous, well-endowed blonde dressed in a sexy nun costume made of black latex descended slowly before her, her blue eyes warm as they drank in Brunhilde’s desire-inducing appearance. “Indeed, my Goddess.”

The woman’s voice was delicate. Angelic even. It belonged to one of the most important heroines of modern mankind, Helga Kampfmann. Known as Saint Helga, she held a 500-foot tall cathedral in her right hand, her feet hovering above the ground. The woman was an Ultipotent Enhanced. Such a weight was barely noticeable to her.

St. Helga was the founder and current head of the Church of the Super Goddesses, a religion created for the sole purpose of worshipping those like Brunhilde—the true gods. Helga herself had become an Enhanced by the grace of Super Goddess Shizuka when she was a small girl with her parents on a trip to Japan. After the encounter, she had decided to dedicate her life to honoring her blessing through good deeds. 

Her charity foundation had become the most important in the world after only a few decades, distributing food and medicine all over the world. She had also opened a number of schools in underdeveloped countries. Most of the members of the church were women and Enhanceds, though they didn’t keep regular men from praying or partaking in church activities.

The nuns’ habits looked similar to those found in Catholicism with veils and coins. However, the rest of their uniforms bore little in common with those of other religions. From the neck down, they wore outfits that resembled latex bodysuits, each uniquely tailored to the nun who wore them. It was well known that this choice of outfit was made with the hyper-sexual nature of the Super Goddesses in mind. At the end of the day, they were the Church’s saviors and gods, and their behavior should be modeled at every opportunity.

The Church of the Super Goddesses was a benign religion, lacking the membership of any of the Super Goddesses. The goddesses themselves didn’t care about being worshipped. Though they were happy about the good deeds done in their name, they remained impartial toward all religions, choosing not to endorse any single one as the true and only. It would only cause problems in the long term, something that they saw easily with their advanced minds and ever-growing wisdom. Human faith could be a prickly matter, and involving themselves in it would do more harm than good. As a result, quite ironically, the Church of the Super Goddesses wasn’t sanctioned or condemned by any Super Goddesses, its existence simply tolerated.

“What brings you here… Helga… my dear…?” Brunhilde ascended until she was face to face with the saint. The nun kissed her earrings, a customary greeting for a Super Goddess. Brunhilde gave her an intimate hug, pressing her lips to those of her follower. The Super Goddess’ tongue probed the Enhanced woman’s mouth as gloved her hands explored her curves, finally reaching her magnificent breasts—larger, even, than those of the Super Goddess. Helga gasped as Brunhilde’s fingers pressed into her flesh.

“I… I…” Helga murmured, unable to muster the right words. Her Goddess had just made out with her!

Brunhilde sat in the air, her legs crossed. She wore a smug expression. “Don’t worry… I’m in a good mood, sweetie… Anyway… Did you need something…?”

The Super Goddess noticed that Helga, normally composed and charismatic, was completely mesmerized—almost hypnotized—by Brunhilde’s teasing. The nun was sweating and trembling, unable to speak. Nervous, she tossed the cathedral upward, catching it as it returned. She did it several more times, as if casually tossing and catching a ball. The people inside screamed, grabbing onto the pews, fearing for their lives.

“Calm down…” said Brunhilde reassuringly. “I’m a Super Goddess, yes… but we are simply friends… okay…?”

She stroked Helga’s cheek, and the nun slowly came back to her senses and relaxed. “Sorry, my Goddess… just being in your presence is intoxicating. I lost myself there for a moment, but I promise: it won’t happen again.”

The beautiful nun shook her head. “It’s just that meeting Super Goddesses like you is always a religious experience for me.”

“It’s okay… Helga… Why… would you come here? Need me… for something?”

“Well, um, first of all, please forgive me for my transgression, Goddess. I won’t be so careless and clumsily in your presence again,” she gave a floating, deferential curtsy. “Secondly, I came here to ask you for a favor. I know that we aren’t worthy of such a gift from a Goddess, but we were organizing a charity concert to help children in the most underdeveloped, rural areas of the world…”

“Um… sorry for interrupting…” spoke Brunhilde in measured tones, looking up at the building that loomed above them. “…but… why are you… carrying around your Berlin cathedral…? Is the core diocese… of the church… moving to another city…?”

“A-ah! This? Well, the other followers found out about my plans to visit you and wanted to come see you in person. Some of them can’t fly or teleport, so I simply brought them along like this to make things easier.”

Two dozen nuns and priests of the Church appeared in the windows of the massive overhead structure to gape at Brunhilde in awe. They were thrilled to actually meet one of the objects of their worship, leaning out for a better look. Several nearly fell in an attempt to get the best possible view.

“Hey, Goddess! Please look at me! Look at me!” one yelled.

“I love you, my Goddess,” cried another.

It was instantly obvious that these people were obsessed with the Super Goddesses. Many were possessed of the notion that they would solve all problems if they simply prayed enough. But the Super Goddesses played by their own rules—including Brunhilde.

Despite their general benevolence, they were still women with their own desires and distinct personalities. They had no desire to play God in the conventional sense, serving others perpetually. They could hear the prayers, of course, but, often, granting their requests would only make those who made them weaker and more dependent over time. It simply wasn’t healthy for them to alter the world on the whims of their supplicants. Super Goddesses could be selfish as well, so it was unlikely that the situation would change in the near future.

“Please forgive them, my Goddess. Sometimes they act like children,” said Helga, looking slightly embarrassed.

“No problem, Helga… I can see that they are all good people…”

“Thank you for the kind words, my Goddess. As I was telling you, we are organizing a concert to raise money. Unfortunately, our most important artist canceled at the last minute, and…” Helga suddenly seemed alarmed, as if realizing something. “I’m certainly not saying that you’re my second choice! Not at all! We knew you were busy, which was why we didn’t contact you sooner! Still, at this point, our options are limited, so I was wondering if you might be willing to bless us with your amazing voice at the concert?” Helga looked hopeful, nervously rubbing the fingers of her free hand together.

“I accept,” said Brunhilde nonchalantly.

“J-just like that?” stammered Helga, shocked at the speed of the Super Goddess’ casual response. “Are you sure, my Goddess? I’m certainly not attempting to discourage you, but…”

“Ha!” interrupted Brunhilde, taking Helga’s latex-covered hands in her own and smiling. “We will… have so much… fun… raising money… for the kids…”

Helga’s head tilted to the side, nearly overcome with the sweet smile on Brunilde’s breathtaking face.

“I will also… bring along… a surprise…” the goddess announced, recognizing a second opportunity within Helga’s request.

“A surprise?” Helga asked, her eyes curious. She forced her excitement down, however. “I can hardly say ‘no’ to anything, given your graciousness, so I accept. It’s decided. Super Goddess Brunhilde will sing at the Church’s Spring Fundraising Concert, 2118 edition. What wonderful news!”

Helga’s happiness was pure, though she remained puzzled as to the nature of the Super Goddess’ surprise. “The concert is in three days, my Goddess. We will be eagerly awaiting your arrival in Cairo at 9:00 PM.”

“I’ll be there, Helga… Have a wonderful day… my dear…”

“You as well, my Goddess. And thank you again! You Super Goddesses are the gift to the world that keeps on giving. You, in particular, are a true miracle.” Her flattery finished, St. Helga gave Brunilde a demure curtsy and flew back to Berlin, the giant cathedral held high overhead.

Three days later, the Church was ready, the most important concert in the history of mankind ready to begin. All the biggest stars had been invited to perform. But Brunhilde’s appearance had been kept secret. Most attendees didn’t know of it, and even the organizers had been kept in the dark. The arena had been constructed by St. Helga herself in a matter of minutes. Thanks to her Enhanced prowess, she had delivered an absolute marvel of engineering, capable of holding a million souls. It was the largest stadium ever constructed. She hadn’t needed to purchase any land or obtain any permits because she held the massive structure over international waters with her absurdly powerful telekinesis abilities.

Attendees entered the stadium by means of a pure energy bridge that the Enhanced woman had created from the port of Cairo.

The swanky soiree proceeded as planned, ending with an unforgettable performance by Narita Futako, a famous Enhanced pop star from Imperial Japan. The audience roared, applauding thunderously at the conclusion of the incredible show. Hundreds of billions of dollars had been raised for the cause. Performances by hyper-attractive Enhanceds could be an intense sexual experience, of course, so by the conclusion of the show, the semen flowing down the steps of the stadium has reached knee height, the nuns working rapidly to clean it up. The crowd began to gather their things, ready to leave for home, pleased by the wonderful experience.

However, as they began to move toward the aisles, the latex-clad presenter appeared, using her magically augmented voice to project her voice across the entire arena without the assistance of any microphone. “It’s not over yet, folks! We have a very special appearance prepared for the grand finale. The icing on the cake! Ladies and gentlemen, I’m honored to present…

...Super Goddess Brunhilde!”

After a moment of absolute silence, the roar was deafening. “She had reserved a place in her busy schedule to come here and delight us with her unsurpassed, operatic voice!” she cried over the still-tittering crowd. People continued to mumble, their eyes wide in anticipation. It was a complete shock, since Super Goddesses typically chose not to participate in Church activities.

As the curtain lifted, the lights dimmed. Brunhilde appeared at center stage, surrounded by a self-cast halo of pure white light. She wore a pastel pink idol dress, combining traditional motifs of wedding dresses and angel garb. Her curly hair was drawn back, tied into a cute ponytail.

“Guten Abend, everyone! We hope… that the next few minutes… will be among the greatest... of your entire life…” The crowd looked confused at her use of the word ‘we’ since Brunhilde was the only one visible. It was a spectacular privilege to see a Super Goddess in person, particularly for those outside her native country, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It was evident from the moment she opened her perfect lips that Brunhilde had already stolen the show. The moment fans were allowed backstage, Bruhilde would be mobbed. Then, the stage lights flared to life, illuminating the area around the Super Goddess.

It was Oral Cumshot, performing with Super Goddess Brunhilde!

A wave of excitement washed over those assembled in the stadium, applause and whistles deafening the entire city of Cairo for a half minute as people from around the world knew that they were about to witness the greatest musical collaboration in the history of the planet.

Everyone was present. Morgana at the keyboard. Tommy on bass. Richie settled in behind his drum set. And Hilda Schneider on guitar.

Brunhilde smiled slyly, amused by her own trick, cloning herself in order to perform both roles on stage at the same time.

People were quick to draw comparisons between both hotties, since they looked absolutely identical. Brunhilde’s magic, however, prevented them from connecting the dots. So they simply dismissed it as mere ‘uncanny resemblance’. Even the most powerful Enhanceds of the Church, including St. Helga herself, could penetrate the deception. 

The performance was spectacular, one of—if not the—best performances ever produced on stage. Donations poured in, pushing the total pool far past any hoped-for targets to generate an amount in excess of $2 billion. It was the most lucrative concert ever held. Spectators were singing and dancing to the music, the combination of Hilda and Brunhilde’s voices proving to be dizzyingly intense, an unforgettable sound. They sounded exactly the same, albeit in different pitches, but no one noticed, the music sweeping them away in its enveloping magnificence. They lost themselves in its magical flow, following along as Hilda performed a record-breaking riff that lasted for countless minutes. Esther watched them on closed-circuit television from a backstage dressing room, fanning herself because their performance was simply too much for her to handle. She never made it to the finale, fainting before the concert ended.

By its epic conclusion, the whole arena, including the human members of Oral Cumshot—and even the Enhanced nuns—had all passed out from inescapable ecstasy. Bearing witness to not one, but two Gods in one night, producing such a divine sonic experience was simply too much for any to handle.

The clones exchanged a glance, posing for Brunhilde’s floating camera with cheeks and ridiculous breasts pressed together. Living a double life was fun, even when both identities came together.

“Perhaps… I should try… other new lives…” Brunhilde thought to herself as one of her selves disappeared. Hilda Schneider was all that remained now, going around the stage to wake up her friends. It was time to clean up and grant interviews to the press and fans. The band had done a wonderful job with the impossible task of keeping up with two Super Goddesses as mere humans.

Hilda smiled as Morgana blinked her eyes awake, staring amorously into those of the Super Goddess. Little did Morgana know that Hilda had already decided on her companion for the evening. It would be the young keyboardist, the reward for her brilliant performance a night of unbelievable lesbian sex.  

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