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You Are Lucky

Written by OmniScribbler :: [Saturday, 20 April 2019 09:27] Last updated by :: [Monday, 22 April 2019 23:36]

There are lots of words to describe mirth. Laughing, giggling, chuckling, even smiling. Alice guffawed. It was a noise slightly unbecoming of the short 23 year old. Even more so as it was directed at the even shorter pile of old wrinkles that was the form of the owner of the shop Alice and her friends had decided to wander into.

“Did you hear her?” Alice choked through her giggling. “She says she’ll place some stupid curse on me, and all it does is make people tell the truth to me!”

Brenda gently touched Alice on the shoulder. “Alice, that’s not fair. The moment you stepped in here, you started making trouble for her. The nice lady asked you to be quieter and more respectful, but you just got louder, ruder, and more careless. You are generally much nicer than this. What’s gotten into you?”

Alice immediately straightened and said, “You’re right. I’m sorry for laughing at you, and for breaking your statue of the fat dude, and making a mess of the other stuff.”

“It’s a booduh,” Tamara chirped up.

“Pretty sure it’s pronounced Buddha,” Brenda corrected.

“It doesn’t matter. Can’t I pay for the statue? Or help clean up, at least?”

“Just leave my shop. You’ve done enough.” The old woman said, not unkindly.

The old woman muttered, “Anata wa ungayoi,” and turned away to pick up the pieces of the statue.

Alice had no idea what it meant and hesitated, unsure of how to proceed.

“Come on Alice, let's get out of here. It’s almost lunch time.”

The trio exited the shop and headed to the food court.

“Let’s get Chick-Fil-A!”

“No Tammy, we went there yesterday,” Brenda countered.

“What about that new Thai place that opened up?”


“I’m down.”

They went to the Thai place.

Alice grabbed a menu and started browsing.

“Careful not to get too much,” Tamara joked, “You don’t want to get fat.”

“Good idea,” Alice replied. “I’ll try a veggie curry with a small brown rice.”

Brenda looked quizzically at her. “Really, Alice? You love pad Thai, though.”

“Yeah, but we had fast food yesterday and I want to watch my figure,” Alice replied, patting her stomach.

“I don’t know why you even bother,” Tamara pouted. “You were already blessed with like the best genes.”

Alice sudden felt a rush of energy. Had her breasts always been this big? And was the chair suddenly narrower? She knew she had been pretty big in those area but maybe she was still growing. Her face and skin felt better too. But she usually felt this good right? Wasn’t this how she always felt? She had always been like this.

“I know girls who would literally kill to have a body like that,” Brenda added.

“Guys can we just order instead of constantly talking about my body?”

“Well, sorry if you have the hottest body around. It’s kinda hard not to talk about it.”

The rush of energy returned. Alice’s blouse was definitely a few sizes too small now and her pants felt like they were about to explode.

How did I even fit either of these on this morning? Alice thought as she rubbed her prodigious backside.

Her skin seemed to glow with a healthy sheen. Her nails looked like they had just been manicured. Her knees suddenly bumped into the bottom of the table and she realized that she had forgotten to angle her long legs to the side. It was then that Alice noticed all the stares. Of course, this was normal… wasn’t it? She was always the center of attention when she went out. Her golden locks, which she remembered had just been cut to shoulder length, tumbled past her deep neckline and ended up about half way down her back. Alice fingered a few strands of hair, marveling at how lustrous and healthy it looked. That hair stylist must have used some new product because I definitely don’t remember my hair looking this good, Alice thought.

They placed their orders and a few moments later, their food came.

“Ugh, they got my order wrong,” Alice complained. “At least it’s a dish I like.”

Brenda looked up from her soup to see a plate of noodles in front of Alice, instead of the curry she had ordered.

“I can think of two reasons why the waiter might have been distracted when we were ordering,” Tamara giggled. “Not that it matters what goes in that pretty little mouth of yours. It’s like you just… send your food to all the right places.”

Alice made a grumbling noise and tucked into her noodles. Tamara talked about a show she had started watching while the other two mostly just listened. When the bill came, Tamara discovered she had forgotten her wallet. “Hey Alice, could you cover me? I’ll Venmo you or something. I mean, you are, like, super loaded, anyway, right?”

“Yeah, sure thing,” Alice replied, reaching into her red Saintonge bag for her card.

As they walked away, Alice felt her large silk top begin to shift slightly. She knew that was just her body metabolizing the food and sending the excess to her more curvaceous areas. Her clothes had been a little loose moments ago, but now they were getting a bit snug as she filled out even more. Her breasts in particular were getting a little heavy.

“Whoa! It really does just go straight to your tits,” Tamara said, lightly poking Alice's more prodigious than usual chest. “That’s incredible! You are probably super strong, carrying all that around all day.”

Alice felt it immediately this time. Her body suddenly felt weightless. The strain on her lower back disappeared. She no longer felt any strain in her calves. Memories begin to flood into her brain of her breaking things all through her childhood and learning to be extraordinarily careful.

But… no. That was not her childhood.

She was just a normal kid. She wasn’t supposed to be this hot. She wasn’t supposed to be super strong.

And then it hit her.

That old woman said, ‘All that those say about you is true.’ I thought that meant that people can only say things about me that are already true, but maybe… just maybe…

“Hey Tammy,” Alice turned to her friend, to discover her still fascinated by her bust.

“Yeah?” Tammy replied, still not really looking her in the eye.

“I need a favor. Could you tell me I have purple hair?”

Tamara blinked at that looking up at Alice. “Uh… you have purple hair?” Instantly, Alice’s ruby locks shifted hue until her hair shone a vibrant purple.

“I mean, it's not like we can’t tell you have purple hair,” Tamara added. “It’s obvious, isn’t it?”

Alice stared at her, baffled. She had memories of her with red hair and new memories with purple hair, but it appeared that her friends only remembered the latter version.

“What’s up, Alice?” Brenda asked, concern showing on her face. “You look troubled.”

Alice took out her phone and delicately typed the words ‘I cannot fly’.

“Read this,” Alice told them, “but not out loud.”

The other two nodded.

“Okay, so both of you agree that this is a true statement?”

“I mean, you do have a private jet, so—” Tamara started.

Brenda interjected, “Yes we get it, you don—”

“Not a word, not a word!” Alice almost shrieked back. “Okay, just… tell me I can fly now.”

The other two looked at each other and replied in unison, “You can fly.”

Nothing changed visibly but a sudden swarm of euphoric and terrifying memories flooded Alice’s mind, memories of her learning to float, then teaching herself to move faster and with greater precision. Drifting among the clouds, almost being hit by planes, getting caught in thunderstorms. Alice looked at her friends. Then at her phone. It still read ‘I cannot fly.’

“Do you still remember what my phone said and your reaction to it?” Alice asked hopefully.

“Yeah, it said you can’t…” Brenda trailed off lost in thought. “But you can can’t you? You’ve always…” Realization dawned on Brenda’s face. “Oh my god. You weren’t—” She stopped herself. “That curse from the shop makes things we say about you true… doesn’t it?”

“OH!” Tamara exclaimed. “That must be why you are like a sex goddess, right?”

Brenda looked in shock and horror at Tamara who let out a little “Oh…” as they both turned to the now literally glowing girl in front of them.

Alice felt good before. She had an absurdly healthy body. She had superhuman strength. She could fly. She had hair that was smooth and silky, vibrant eyes, high cheekbones, long and perfect eyelashes, lips that were as perfect for smiling as they were for kissing, and a complexion that could make a bottle cry. She had a body rarely seen outside wet dreams, one that could cause accidents on the street, if she really strut her stuff.

As Alice looked down at herself now, she knew one thing for certain.

She was pathetic.

Less than pathetic.

Comparing herself then to what she was now was like comparing a little baby lizard to a dragon. The queen of dragons, no less.

Alice stood, all eight glorious feet of her, and looked down at her trembling, awestruck friends. She felt good before, there was no denying that, but that was nothing compared to the ecstasy she was in now. Her every breath sent ripples of ever-increasing pleasure through her body. Her thighs gently rubbed against each other. Her billowing, golden-violet mane just barely tickled her ankles. Her breasts rubbing the underside of her silken kimono. All of these combined sensations sent constant rivulets of pleasure through her. Simply existing gave her more pleasure than any normal human could withstand. She smiled, knowing that no matter how good she felt now, there would always be more. She leaned down and put a hand through Tamara hair to rest behind her head. Tamara went rigid.

“A little thank you gift, Tammy,” Alice whispered as she gave the smaller girl a long, deep kiss.

The sound of her voice was better than all the orgasms the four boys Tamara had ever been with were able to get out of her.

The kiss had sent Tamara into such a quivering, euphoric high that she collapsed onto the ground. A slowly growing damp patch was forming on her jeans.

Alice turned to Brenda who was madly groping at her crotch as she watched Alice through fluttering eyelids.

“You have always been such a good friend, Brenda,” Alice said as she leaned in placing her perfect, full lips next to her ear. “I’ll give you the honor of the final command.”

Alice playfully nibbled Brenda’s ear sending the poor girl into a shudderingly powerful orgasm.

“Make me more, Brenda. Make me the goddess I am meant to be. Give me everything.”

That final word sending Brenda to even greater levels of pleasure.

A barely conscious Brenda blearily began mumbling, “You… are…


“You are unbound. You are limitless. You are infinite you are a goddess you are unstoppableyouareimmovableyouareallthatisallthatwasandallthatwillbeyouareomnipotent!” Brenda became frantic. Her mind began to unravel. It was just too much for her to handle, too much for anyone to handle. Her body reacted with violent need to reach beyond this endless climax, to what lay beyond. Her eyes burned from the vision of what Alice had become at her command. She couldn’t focus. Couldn’t think. Couldn’t. Couldn’t. Can’t. All that was left was her raging ecstasy and her desperate desire for a release that her body physically could not give her.

Brenda glanced over at Tamara’s equally convulsing body but saw with some horror that her eyes were empty of life. Alice was simply too much for her and her soul couldn’t take it. Brenda closed her eyes, but even then she could see all of Alice that the mortal mind could comprehend.

Then a calm came over her. Her body stopped shaking. The once blinding radiance was no longer blinding, just bright. Alice had moved over to Tamara and helped her to her feet.

Tamara mumbled, “Darkness. My light. You are my light. So dark. So cold. My savior. My Goddess.”

Alice responded serenely, “Shhhh… It’s okay now. I’m sorry I put you through that. But it’s alright now. You’re safe.”

Tamara started crying softly. Brenda felt tears stream down her face as well.

“Let’s go somewhere private,” Alice said.

Brenda blinked and they were no longer in the mall. It didn’t even look like they were on Earth. They sat on a beach of azure sand by a sea of molten rock. The sand was soft as cotton and felt good on Brenda and Tamara’s bikini clad bodies as they lay there looking up at the night sky.

“Sorry for changing your clothes without asking,” Alice said, “but these seemed more appropriate for the occasion.”

“No problem,” Brenda replied, admiring her new swimsuit.

“Can I keep this? It’s super cute!” Tamara squealed.

“Of course!” Alice smiled but the smile faltered slightly after a moment.

“What’s wrong Alice, erm, Goddess?” Brenda asked.

“I always am and always will be just Alice,” she replied warmly, “But I don’t think I am what you would call human anymore. What you did pushed me beyond the the power of anything in this or any universe. I have reached a level of transcendence beyond anything ever conceived. I no longer feel pleasure or pain happiness or any of that. I am pleasure. I am happiness. You said it yourself, Brenda: I am all that is, all that was, and all that will be. I exist beyond the confines of this reality.”

“So you’re like the fourth panel of that brain meme?” Tamara asked.

For the second time that (relative) day, Alice guffawed. A hearty belly laugh that lasted several seconds.

“No Tammy,” Alice replied, smiling widely. “I’m more like… the infinitieth panel of the brain meme.”

Awestruck, Tamara could only manage an “Oh.” in response.

“So what now?” Brenda asked. “You can do anything and everything now, so you’re the one to ask. Is there an purpose to life? Some grand plan?”

“Now, you make a choice. I can send you back to live your lives like normal… or you can come with me. You won’t exactly be my equal, but you will both be the second most powerful beings in all existence… if you want.”

Brenda and Tamara were both taken aback at that. In unison, they responded, “… What.”

“What?” Alice asked.

“So… so you’re saying…” Tamara began, “first, that you became… literally God… and now you’re saying you can just make us gods too?”

“Goddesses! Yeah!” Alice chirped.

“I… I… I have no words.”

Brenda added, “I can’t comprehend what simply existing is like for you. I don’t… I don’t know if I could even handle it!”

“Well, I handled it fine. You have my word as a Goddess that I will ensure without a shadow of a doubt that you two won’t be overwhelmed.”

“I’m…” Tamara began, chuckling. “I’m game!”

“Brenda?” Alice asked.

After a moment, Brenda asked, “Wait, what about our other friends, our families? Do we just leave them behind?”

“You can either make them forget you ever existed, or you can send an avatar to live out a normal life with them. You would experience everything your avatar does – it’d be literally identical to your old human self for everyone but us three.”

“Look at that…” Brenda mumbled. “No strings attached. Astounding.”

“Actually, about that,” Alice interrupted, “I won’t take away or dull down your human tendencies. You will have the powers of goddesses, but your humanity will remain yours. I will not interfere in what you do with yourselves.”

“I guess there really is no reason I shouldn’t join you two,” Brenda said finally.

Alice’s smile broadened. Suddenly, there were two Alices. One all but tackled Tamara to the sand and began assaulting Tamara’s mouth with her own. The other swept Brenda off her feet walking off while princess carrying her and kissing her passionately, catching them both quite off-guard.


Alice’s tongue did things to Tamara’s mouth that could only be describes as orgasmic. Tamara didn’t know that her mouth could ever give her more pleasure than her womanhood, but she was brought over the edge of orgasm multiple times from Alice’s oral contact. Then Alice began using the rest of her body. Alice’s hands clutched at Tamara’s ass and lower back. Her colossal chest completely enveloped Tamara’s less than modest bust. Their legs intertwined and their hips grinded against each other. They kept at each other for what felt like minutes before Tamara came up for air.

“Go down on me,” Tamara moaned. “I’m going crazy! Please!”

Alice obliged. She effortlessly lifted the smaller woman up and began to work on her vagina the same way she had done to her mouth moments before. Tamara clutched at Alice’s violet locks amidst roiling waves of ecstasy as she came over and over from Alice’s incessant assault. Soon, Tamara became vaguely aware of changes to herself. Her small B-cups had ballooned to perky D-cups, standing proudly on her chest. Her body became tighter and leaner. Her hair, while remaining short, gained a health and lustor to it. She felt her legs lengthen slightly and her rear expand and tighten at the same time. Her waist narrowed while her hips widened. While her eyes were closed and she couldn’t see her face anyway, she still felt it shift slightly becoming more narrower and longer.

“Hmm.. I think you’re just about ready,” Alice said, still playing with Tamara’s lower lips.

“Ready for what?!” Tamara gasped through what was probably her hundredth orgasm in the past few minutes. “You aren’t thinking of stopping or anything, are you?”

Alice scoffed, “Hardly, but you might want to brace yourself.”

Alice took in a breath and then exhaled, slowly moving up Tamara’s body causing the other girl to shudder. Energy began to bubble within Tamara. It was like every one of her cells had been supercharged with a thunderstorm of ecstasy. Actual arcs of lightning began appearing all over Tamara’s body as the energy welled up inside her.

Alice looked puzzled as she held the wriggling Tamara in the crook of one arm and tapped her chip thoughtfully. “There was supposed to be a lot more than this…”

“More?!” Tamara exclaimed. “You mean this isn’t the power you were talking about?!”

“Oh honey, this is barely a drop in a universe-sized ocean! Only a few atoms, really. Oh! I know just what you need.”

Alice penetrated Tamara’s snatch with three divine fingers.

That was when Tamara discovered that everything up until this point – the groping, the licking, the kissing, and the hundreds of orgasms she had received – were all just foreplay.

Tamara let out a voiceless scream. Endless amounts of power flooded her body which now glowed white hot from trying to contain the fires raging within her. She was a shot glass trying to contain a veritable multiverse of power.

Alice held her closer and whispered, “Don’t fight it, just relax and let it permeate your being.”

“I… I can’t, it’s… it’s too much!” Tamara gasped.

“You’re still clinging to your former human mindset, dear. This power just isn’t compatible with such restrictive limits like that. You have no limits and push beyond even that.”

Alice’s fingers began working even deeper within Tamara.

She finally gave in and surrendered herself to the flood of power, merging with it, becoming one with it. She became the power as much as it became her. She looked into Alice’s endless gaze and saw the maelstrom of maelstroms churning in the depths of her being.

“Alright, time for the grand finale!” Alice cheered.

A still dazed Tamara barely had time to react as Alice dropped her and took a step back. Tamara watched as Alice squeezed one of her own enormous breasts. A white drop the size of a marble oozed out into her hand. Light began to pour from Alice’s hand until a swirling pearly white orb the size of an overstuffed softball had formed.

“You see, first I had to prepare your body.”

Alice stepped closer.

“Then I gave you a taste to prepare your mind.”

Another step.

“And now, you can finally take the power. Your power.”

Alice moved her hand forward. The orb traveled a short distance into Tamara.

Tamara had already been trembling in the afterglow, but now the ground shook with her. The air pulsed with her heartbeat. Reality was twisting itself into knots around her very presence. She made a fist. That slight exertion alone was enough to violently remove everything, save for Alice, around her for miles around. The sand, the basalt under the sand, even the crashing waves of magma all fell before an immeasurably small amount of the power that was now at her fingertips.

“Well? How are you feeling?” Alice asked gleefully.

“Like… like a million orgasms all at once. No, that doesn’t do it justice. It’s like… an infinite number of little shocks are constantly poking every nerve in my body and simultaneously creating new ones. I just keep getting even more sensitive! It feels…”


“So good. It feels really fucking good.” Tamara floated over to Alice. Mere moments ago, Alice had towered over Tamara, but the once shorter girl was now a few inches taller with a leaner musculature. However she was slimmer than Alice, whose hourglass figure still dwarfed Tamara.

“I think it’s time for me to serve my goddess.”

Alice giggled as Tamara picked her up and started replicating Alice’s earlier work with forces that could have ripped apart the strands of time. Alice let out a blissful sigh, “Took you long enough.”


The Alice carrying Brenda kept walking away from where the other Alice and Tamara were making out.

Brenda was a bit confused. “Um… Alice? Where are you taking me?”

Alice just smiled and shrugged. It was about then that she realized Alice was somehow walking up an invisible flight of stairs. Something very strange was happening to her with each step, though: her senses became more acute. She became aware of subtle scents within the alien air. The colors of the landscape – already quite striking with human eyes – became even more so. And most notably, Alice’s hold on her felt better and better.

Brenda squirmed in the goddess’s arms, struggling to maintain her composure. It felt even this might push her into orgasmic bliss! Alice glanced down at her and giggled.

Some part of Brenda was playfully annoyed that Alice did that… but at the same time, she had become so beautiful, so incomprehensibly powerful, that anything she did seemed worthy of nothing short of reverence and awe. She could become lost in the unparalleled beauty of her perfectly proportioned face, her crystalline eyes, her comforting arms, her endlessly abundant breasts, her infinitely fertile hips, her long sleek legs, her—

“We’re here,” Alice said.


Brenda somehow failed to notice Alice taking her through the planet’s atmosphere and into space. Alice wasn’t even holding her anymore, she was “standing” in her line of sight.

“Oh my god…” Brenda uttered, righting herself and somehow “standing” on whatever plane Alice was. “It’s beautiful…”

“Goddess,” Alice clarified. “And thank you!”

“But… but why are we here? That beach was so comfortable… .”

“Well, if I do what I have planned to you, the beach wouldn’t last very long, now would it?”

Brenda was at a loss for words. She stammered, “I, uh… what? Sorry, what was that, about the beach?”

The slightest movement of Alice’s eyes produced a full-length mirror to appear between them.

“I think you may have neglected to notice a couple key changes,” Alice said. Brenda instantly knew what she meant.

Her entire body had changed. She used to be almost mousy, standing at 5’ 0” with few curves to speak of, but now…

Now, she was a fertility goddess in her own right. She was some four feet taller, with breasts actively leaking milk, producing amorphous blobs of ambrosia floating before her. Her hips were practically mountains, quivering at the sheer intensity of the pleasure coursing through her very soul. Her hair had quintupled in length and spread in every direction, going from an unremarkable brown to a deep, luminous blue. Stars twinkled within her sea of hair. She was intimately familiar with each and every one of them: she was their guardian, their mother. She felt the energy they produced as if it was her own. In fact, it was. It and so much more. Further within her cosmic menagerie were entire galaxies… even universes! And even that wasn’t close to all the power she now had at her very beck and call.

Brenda stared at herself in the mirror for a long moment.

“… Alice?”


“I think I’m going to explode.”

She just barely managed to get out that sentence before doing so. Entire universes worth of raw power were unleashed through her form. She writhed in ecstasy beyond ecstasy, euphoria beyond euphoria, moaning and screaming, wishing only for it to never end. That alone ensured it never did. She, Alice, and Tamara all existed beyond time now, so causing something as meager as this to simultaneously last forever and not last forever was beyond effortless.

Alice, being pleasure itself, felt bit of orgasmic ecstasy that Brenda felt, but she was more than used to it, allowing her to remain perfectly calm and seemingly unaffected by it all. It helped that she knew this would happen the moment she swept Brenda off her feet on the beach, so she was more than prepared, keeping the beyond-deadly energies perfectly contained in a perfect sphere spanning twenty miles out from the two goddesses. Despite that, however, Alice revealed in the hypernova of pure ecstasy Brenda had created, in no small part because Brenda was enjoying it so much.

For a simultaneously short and eternal period of time, the alien beach was intensely illuminated by an iridescent sphere of light, like a new star was born not far outside its orbit.

Deciding to step it up a notch, Alice approached Brenda’s endlessly writhing and discharging form, encountering absolutely no resistance from all the energy pouring wantonly from her. She casually reached down and stuck two fingers inside Brenda’s vagina. Without moving them, she fired a beam of literally infinite power into her.

The resulting sensation put Brenda’s ongoing explosion to shame. It was as if she was producing no energy at all. It did make sense, though. Even as powerful as she was, Alice was still greater by leaps and bounds.

This feeling, this euphoria, would stick with Brenda for all eternity and beyond. Her body went limp, allowing Alice to catch her and hold her in her arms again, with both the sphere of power still roaring and the beam of infinite power still shooting into Brenda.

“This is more than I could have ever asked for…” Brenda whispered. “More than I could have ever dreamed…”

Alice smiled lovingly. “Anything for you.”

“Then… can we stay like this for a while?”

“We can stay like this forever.”

Brenda closed her eyes, suffused in absolute bliss.

“I’d like that.”

In the back of Alice’s mind, she made a mental note to go back and thank that old lady at the mall for this amazing gift.


The old woman in the shop watched the trio of girls leave her shop, then she stood up.

And up.

And up.

Her wrinkles smoothed out. Her grey lifeless hair lengthened, strengthened, and became a vibrant purple with golden streaks in it.

Alice smiled.

“Be seeing you real soon, little girls.”

With that, she and the shop faded away.

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