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Elza Sabini's School for Enhanced Individuals

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 24 August 2019 02:51] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:36]

It’s the year 2485 and Super Goddesses and the side effects of their existence are already rooted in human culture. Interstellar travel is widely available and many planets with intelligent lifeforms are connected with each other. However, those are just a few of the many changes mankind has experienced during the last centuries.

The one that we have interest in exploring now is the proliferation of Enhancement between those that haven’t necessarily met with a Super Goddess beforehand to obtain their powers. We define Enhanced as a person that has received special powers thanks to the reality-warping abilities of a Super Goddess, as well as physical and mental improvements that go against the laws of nature and logic. Picture, if you will, a person that despite having a relatively average muscle mass, can still lift a skyscraper. By the year 2150, the Enhanced population on Earth did not even reach a measly 2%, but as of today every other human being has been augmented in some degree of the Enhanced spectrum.

At some point during the first half of the 25th century a few Super Goddesses, although most notably Shizuka, started spellbinding the clothes and accessories they designed with enchantments that Enhance people once they put the article in question on. Such extremely powerful items that surpassed even the legendary weapons of ancient legends became a mass-produced commodity the moment it was proven there was a terrifying demand for them. Naturally, it’s as easy putting two and two together to realize that people want to look younger and become stronger and more intelligent but those weren’t the only benefits that came from Super Items, as they eventually got collectively nicknamed as, there was also the chance that your purchase came with a secret superpower that wasn’t described on the catalog, adding to the typical Enhanced attributes. This luck factor was incorporated to the concept so poor people that couldn’t allow more expensive articles had some edge at times when compared to those that bought luxury Super Items in bulk.

On an unrelated note, while males could also abuse this system with their own lines of clothing designed with their tastes in mind, the Super Items became widely associated with the fetishization of young women. That is because feminine Super Items tend to be based on the fetishes of the Super Goddess that owns the corporation that produces them, and with that comes extreme sexualization. The most common Super Items tended to be stuff like latex bodysuits, long opera gloves, nylon pantyhoses, spandex tights, high heeled boots, revealing swimsuits, extravagant glasses and weirdly enough volleyball knee pads while jewelry like complexly designed earrings, necklaces and rings were the next most popular choices. Some of these articles also happened to be the strongest of their class, an entire Super Outfit of them being able to concede temporary ultipotence until the wearer decided to change clothes.

As expected, it took no longer than a decade for the Enhanced population to grow dramatically in numbers. The only ones that were left out were those too poor to even allow the cheapest of Super Items or those that wanted to remain as regular humans, this contingent harboring both nostalgics and skeptics. The latter affirming that using such articles would put you under the control of the Super Goddesses that made them and that they were the first step towards some sort of evil plan for world domination.

Obviously, this couldn’t be further from the truth since the fact was that if a Super Goddess desired to conquer Earth she could have done that a while ago without any resistance at all, feats so easy were completely under their radar. It’s not even that they considered it immoral but that they deemed it unnecessary and not enough of a challenge to even acknowledge it, let alone try it.

Wouldn’t this cause a divide between the different layers of the population, you ask? Yes it did, for a while. As you can imagine, Enhanceds are objectively superior in every practical way to normal human beings; they can work harder, faster and better and outdo their normal peers in any physical or intellectual endeavor, all while never aging, always in their prime and eternally gorgeous. Enhanceds quickly took over all the Nobel Prize ceremonies, broke every sports record and virtually dominated at beauty pageants and porn tag search numbers whenever a Super Goddess wasn’t competing, then became overrepresented in the upper echelons of the workforce. If an student was successful, they were more likely to be an Enhanced. Your boss was probably an Enhanced instead of the opposite as well as your politicians. The most prosperous entrepreneurs were, of course, Enhanceds. And the worst part of it was that they would never EVER retire, having endless energy and youth to work with.

This early period was known for what was basically a caste system with the poor, uneducated, normie class with very few outliers, most of them peak humans descended from a Super Goddess or another very powerful Enhanced, then the rich, beautiful, divine Enhanceds in different subclasses depending on their power level. The problem was that crafting a revolution against such mighty masters would have been useless and it would probably have led to a pathetic aftermath.

Against such rampant inequality and the growing discomfort of regular people, the Super Goddesses decided to ‘offshore’ some of their most profitable businesses to outer worlds which caused a mass migration of settlers looking for new career opportunities and with interest on a life in advanced alien planets, more adequate to their inhuman talents.

This worked in calming the tensions between castes for a while but of course it wasn’t perfect since a great deal of Enhanceds didn’t want to leave Earth anyway. A lot of them were kind hearted individuals that didn’t have a single problem in sharing their little blue planet with their Unenhanced brethren but this wasn’t the case with those that didn’t understand that great power comes with great responsibility.

It was an extremely common sight to observe Enhanced girls molesting men in public spaces like hovertrains and shops, despite them not needing to use the former due to most Enhanceds being able fly or at least levitate using their psychic powers. In other words, they had made an sport of deliberately hunting humans for sex. Some of them would pick the little men up and shove them inside their clothes, clashing against their bigger, stronger bodies to oppress them with their giant boobs and squeeze their dicks with their juicy thighs until they came so hard that they passed out. The streets weren’t so safe anymore for those that were randomly deemed prey of an Enhanced’s sexual drive. Enhanceds were more often than not polygamous due to their heightened desires and as such tolerated that their partners fucked normal humans whenever and wherever they wanted, without opposition. It also extended to petty cruelty, since an Enhanced could physically hurt or destroy the property of an Unenhanced, sometimes without repercussions because some of them were too powerful for even the Enhanceds on the police to arrest and contain them. The most morally oriented Super Goddesses like Paula, Paige and M’Wela sometimes helped with this stuff but not all of the time since they had always left very clear that they weren’t mankind’s nannies and they had their own lives and passions to care about instead.

These delinquents would use painfully derogatory language and insults to refer to what they considered ‘lesser apes that had chosen not to evolve like the others’ and went unchecked for a while.

Fortunately, Super Goddess Elza Sabini had a solution for this problem. Transforming her original high school at the Japanese city of Fumagawa into an educational institution for high powered Enhanceds, with the goal of teaching them how to use their powers responsibly and without incidents.

Why would someone go to a place where you will technically get brainwashed to act nice? Well, it was easy. The high level of the education and the possibility of being around Super Goddess Elza and perhaps making her notice you and enter her harem was too good for any self-respecting Enhanced to pass up.

The ESSEI (or Elza Sabini’s School for Enhanced Individuals) was founded in the year 2481 and to this day it has been proven to produce incredible results at handling aggressiveness and signs of misconduct in their students. As such, global Enhanced crime has been reduced in a 67% while Unenhanced discrimination is at an historical low.

How can you transform a whole contingent of millions of superpowered beings into perfect angels that wouldn’t hurt a fly with a single school? For Elza it was a simple matter, discipline.

The institution was composed of a regular Japanese styled building for the classrooms, including a floor for lectures, other for seminars and another one for indoor club activities alongside the teachers room and the headmistress’ office. A gym that was used for conferences, basketball, volleyball and weightlifting. Courts for outdoor sports like baseball, tennis and soccer, a track and a swimming pool. And the ‘cherry’ on the cake was the traditional Sakura tree garden on the back, the biggest natural reserve on Earth.

Of course, Headmistress Elza made sure every single facility on campus was adapted to the needs of the students.

For starters, the whole school perimeter and the land about a hundred km² around it was sealed from existence with an invisible magical barrier that couldn’t be trespassed without the authorization of the Super Goddess, which meant the center couldn’t be accessed or escaped except for her between 9AM and 2PM, no matter how powerful the students were. This technically made ESSEI a part of a different dimension and as such it was recognized as an independent nation by itself, despite being surrounded by Shizuka’s Empire, which at this point in time already had expanded beyond the main islands of Japan to a few regions of continental Asia, northern Australia, New Zealand and a ton of islands on the Pacific including the entire Hawaii archipelago. It’s not like the petite Super Goddess conquered all that land in a war or anything, it’s just that in this world of fragmented, independent cantons, some of them just want stability and belonging to a bigger nation, so they joined her empire for convenience.

Not even the corridors between classrooms were normal, distancing each room with hyperspace tunnels that were as large as galactic superclusters, these tunnels had the mass shadows of planets and stars projected onto them which for the higher level Enhanceds happened to feel like comfortable massages, lower level ones would just teleport from one classroom to another or depend on their stronger partners to survive in this madness of a place. This was possible because the interior of the buildings was warped just like Prosperia and had so much space that even the entire Universe couldn’t contain it, let alone the pile of bricks that apparently reigned it in.

Classes were also different from ordinary ones. Laboratories the size of countries with science fiction tier equipment and every sample from all elements of the periodic table and cells from every living tissue were commonplace in the chemistry and biology classrooms while entire libraries containing every single published book ever both in paper and digital formats had been provided to the language and literature ones. Math and physics were taught in existential vacuums and the ultipotent teachers would magically recreate any condition or experiment that they wanted to show their students and even agree to help them prove their own theories.

And these were just knowledge-based subjects which had to be taught here because none other university in the planet was able to follow the pace of an Enhanced’s learning curve. Their superior intelligence, memory and interest in learning put them way above the requirements to master puny Earth levels of knowledge so they had to go to ESSEI to learn stuff appropriate for their prowess and to interact with their intellectual equals. After all, ESSEI did not have age restrictions and people from every age range on the Enhanced spectrum (which could range from teenagers to immortal people with centuries on them) had access to this distinguished institution as long as they were powerful enough. The division between years was made with power levels in mind, so weaker Enhanceds couldn’t go to more complex classes that would make their minds explode while ultipotents had the pleasure to be taught by a few Super Goddesses at times. If an Enhanced became stronger with time, whether by the acquisition of better Super Items, or by any other mean, she would instantly be promoted to the next year.

There was however another branch of subjects that dealt with teaching how to properly control their urges to use their reality crushing abilities while minimizing the damage caused to others as well as proper etiquette and ethics as to avoid discrimination against their lessers. Between these there were all the R’s as they eventually became known as: Responsible Use of Strength and Speed, Responsible Transformation and Transmutation, Responsible Creation and Destruction, Responsible Mind Alteration, Responsible Sex Drive Control, Responsible Reality Warping, Responsible Enhanced Ethics and Responsible Time Travel. All essential to teach Enhanceds how to behave in human society without destroying it completely.

Of course, since even inside the school there was this obvious power and knowledge disparity, some students were prone to bully their weaker classmates or abuse their senpai authority to get an advantage over them. That’s why the Student Council existed.

In a regular Japanese school such an organism has a plethora of powers over club financing, school politics and relations between students and teachers but there would be other smaller institutions like the Discipline Committee who had the task of looking after the safety and correct behavior of their fellow classmates. At times, both of them would be displayed in Japanese fiction, especially anime and manga, as authoritarian and draconic organizations that had more power than the teachers and the principal and would go as far as to hurt students if they stood in their way towards total school domination. The president and the rest of the Student Council would be portrayed as corrupt teenage bureaucrats with too much power in their hands while the Discipline Committee would serve as their thugs and enforcers, forcefully making sure everyone would follow the policies enacted by their dog whistlers.

Well, in ESSEI this concept went further beyond to the point that both groups were merged into one, with the only difference being that the Student Council wasn’t corrupt, just extremely serious and authoritarian to the point of severely punishing Enhanceds that misbehaved or trespassed the line they weren’t allowed to with their powers. At times it made the school look like a police state with surprise, routinary checks in both clubs and lectures and outfits that looked like they were designed by the secret son of Hugo Boss and David Bowie.

The president was of course the strongest Enhanced in the whole academy, Gina Sabini. A towering ultipotent that dressed in latex fatigues with a killer underboob window, short gloves, shoulderpads, a miniskirt, a pantyhose and military boots. She even wore a dictator hat with the letters S and K engraved in gold, meaning “Seitokaichou”, Student Council President in Japanese. This appearance was handcrafted by her to display her position as supreme authority and discipline enforcer at ESSEI, while her lightning shaped earrings, fiery red mane and blood colored eyes betrayed her lineage. She was the daughter of Super Goddess Elza Sabini, the headmistress, although to be more precise she was her former biological mother who had decided to officially change roles because she worshipped her daughter that hard.

Her job and that of her underlings was to make sure nobody bullied others or caused any problems inside the school by arresting and processing those who did. She would not tolerate any kind of unacceptable behavior or lawbreaking since her devotion to her mother-daughter motivated her to hell and back. If anyone was going to destroy Elza’s dream of making the Enhanceds better people it wasn’t going to be her. On the contrary, she was going to be her right hand in this enterprise.

"Y-Yes mother, I'll get back to my patrols now that lunchtime is over. Are there any situations I should know about? Do you want me to look out for anyone in particular? Anything you want, just name it and consider it done." The redhead proclaimed enthusiastically as an oversized white gloved hand petted her head in the darkness, its owner not answering. “Very well mother, it’s time. I love you, I promise you I’ll do a great job today too!”

The 185 cm of imposing, uniformed goddess stood up and walked towards the exit of the headmistress' office, then summoned some magic sparkles to fix her bed hair and wrinkled clothes after being treated to some love by the most important person in her life. Gina changed the cock-crazed and submissive look on her face with astounding speed to her typical, rehearsed stern look, proper of a true president. Outside two ladies at both sides of the door waited for her; a blue eyed beauty, taller than her with pink twin braids so long they reached her juicy ass and with enormous tits covered by a variant of Gina's uniform but in red, and another one smaller than her in ochre fatigues with a beautiful, blonde loose mane and olive green eyes. She was a hyperactive little urchin that couldn't wait to roast her president. "My my prez, the headmistress sure has a preference for you! Is that lipstick on your neck?"


The stain instantly evaporated and Gina stared smugly at her partner. "I get that you don't want to get a promotion Sayuki but you shouldn't try so hard at it. I'll tell the headmistress about your jokes next time, let's see what she thinks about them."

"Oh come on!" She protested, puffing her ultipotent cheeks. "She's your mother AND your daughter, of course she's gonna be on your side!"

The three started walking down the corridor. And by walking I mean carelessly moving at lightspeed like it was second nature for them, it didn’t even tire them. And by corridor I mean hyperspace. "Yesterday I went back home for my mother's birthday and fucked her in front of my father, it was great! He was so upset and powerless to stop me! I also gifted her a Super Item, with that choker she can easily dominate daddy and turn him into her bitch!" A latex-clad schoolgirl flying past them declared.

"Haha, yeah, playing with mortals is the best, u-uh…" They suddenly noticed the Student Council and shut their mouths. "H-Haha… I mean uhhh, nothing like family right? Imagine being one of those delinquents that bullies Non-Enhanceds. Pffff, I'd never do that." She was lying. But that was the respect and fear Gina and her friends inspired.

"Remind me to check their records later, Yukari-chan." She crossed her arms and closed her eyes, trying to get their horrible conversation out of her mind.

"Simple, no problem. You will also be happy to know I have compiled all the complaints by teachers and students alike from the start of the morning until now, Seitokaichou-sama. Sending them to you right now." The calmer, pink haired aideé telepathically offered a barrage of extremely detailed and graphical information to her boss.

"Ah it's a relatively uneventful day but these students must be knocked down a peg anyway, we have some repeat offenders here and there but nothing we can't handle with our level of power. Yukari, Sayuki! I’ll leave these ones for you." Their names and locations were instantly transmitted to their almighty minds. "I'll go to the big laboratory and the gymnasium then we will meet again at the club corridor!" Her thunderous voice was heard through the entire school this time. Every person in the building was now aware that the Student Council was hunting delinquents.

She forced the entrance door to the gym open with no problem at all, her powerful but dainty, gloved fingers displacing the alien metal ore made to resist forces that could power up an Universe sized city for quintillions of years screeching in protest against her ultipotence. Two women were inside, four times bigger than Gina. They were wearing schoolgirl uniforms turned into swimsuits just like Elza did when she was a teenager but with black opera gloves instead. The blonde American also had a nylon pantyhose while her Japanese classmate chose to put on volleyball knee pads that morning, showcasing her tree trunk legs. Of course these were Super Items as well as their expensive looking jewelry. These two were without doubt exceptionally powerful Enhanceds, closer to her own level than to a normal human being. After all, how could they have forced the door to the gym when it was closed?

The president was not scared at all though. She was able to see them from afar in spite of the room being enormous. There were hundreds of giant courts of basketball, volleyball and tennis between them. After all, Enhanceds needed a bigger area to play than regular humans because they hit way harder and moved way faster. The nets were all higher than Mount Everest which made the entire place have its own atmosphere and 'sky' The roof could only be seen by people with Super Vision like ultipotents and Super Goddesses.

The two giantesses were bullying a little man. An almost naked, powerless, middle aged normie by rubbing their thick asses into his face while he cried and moaned with a giant erection out of his underwear, unable to get the sexual release he needed since they stopped him from cumming with their minds. The blue eyed, blonde Enhanced picked him up like he weighed nothing and tossed him away just for the her red eyed, brunette friend to catch him. He was terrified, feeling that was accentuated by the presence of his big titted molesters. "P-Please l-leave me alone! W-What have I done to you?"

He tried to escape rather pathetically by slipping off her hand and crawled towards the wall after breaking his bones by falling from ten feet but the two bullies flew in front of him faster than sound speed. "Let's test my new bra!" Exclaimed the Japanese one, then activated her Super Item. Suddenly thousands of terrifying images were projected into the man's mind. Everything around him became like an acid trip, a nightmarish one at that, every shape twisted in ways that looked like they were trying to reach for him and kill him. The two schoolgirls particularly looked like horrifying monsters. "We will eat you alive…" He started to scream so hard he ruined his own eardrums, his fear becoming more intense with each passing second as his tormentors laughed like maniacs.

His weak regular body reached his limit and his heart suffered a stroke. He passed away and laid on the ground surrounded by a puddle of his own piss. "Eww, this geezer peed himself. SO gross!" Using their combined power they easily resurrected and cleaned him up. The much smaller male, still naked, felt confused for a while but it didn't take long for him to remember and understand his situation which made him cry even harder than before. "Come on, wake up sleepy-head! We just got our new pet, you can't die so soon! Especially not before the fun really starts~" The long haired blonde applied her crimson lipstick Super Item to her plump, bimbo lips and blew a kiss which reality warped him into a ball of human flesh and they started passing it to each other through the volleyball court net, giggling as he passed out from the sheer amount of terror and intense speeds and pressure.

"Wait Alice, I have an idea! Watch this!" As the ballman fell to the floor, the red eyed beauty stroke a pose like one from a childish magical girl show and shot blue beams through her eyes, the man was transformed into a block of ice in contact.

"Fucking nice, Tomoko! That new ring you've bought at CoCo's gives you ice powers." Alice rushed to check if it was true because it could happen that some Super Items were fake, fabricated by weaker Enhanceds instead of Super Goddesses and as such only able to produced simple illusions. "Holy shit…"

"Having fun? You two should be in class by now." Gina had instantly teleported in front of them, not wanting to tolerate this injustice any longer. "Girls, you know you are too powerful and smart to be acting like stupid children. Why are you doing this?"

"Ah come on, give us a break you bootlicking, party pooper piece of shit!" Alice proclaimed, using one of her Super Items, her latex pantyhose, to buff her entire body up, causing her to transform into a mountain of muscles and power and dwarfing the president even more. "I'm tired of you Student Council bitches not letting people have fun. This is a school, not a prison. If we want to bully vermin it's none of your business." She cracked her knuckles. "Leave us alone or else…" They were evidently freshmen, considering that they didn't know her very well or what she was capable of. This bravado was understandable.

The ultipotent enforcer pulled out a red book with golden letters from her hammerspace cleavage. "Ahem." She was about to recitate from the rules of the center. "Article 12, Section 1. No student is allowed to bring Non-Enhanceds into the school grounds without the headmistress' permission." She glared at the man trapped in a block of ice and used her hot super breath to slowly melt it, then willed a warm blanket into existence to wrap around his almost hypothermic body. He was shaking in fear and hyperventilating. This naturally rubbed the two bullies the wrong way. "Article 401.889., Section 1. No student is allowed to remain in any of the sports facilities whenever official practice and/or matches aren't taking place. Section 4 adds that jewelry-based Super Items are not allowed in any case inside the sports facilities and Section 78 prohibits the use of the equipment for anything other than official practice and/or matches." Yeah, there were these many rules and a lot more. They were so numerous and detailed because Enhanced students were so intelligent that it was expected that they would keep track of them all with ease. You might think that this was a tad authoritarian, perhaps even Orwellian, as if the students had no liberties at all. But the truth was that most of those laws were in place to prevent ultipotent Enhanceds from doing evil stuff, and with that level of power you needed to leave everything crystal clear as to prevent the exploitation of whatever loophole they could find with their infinite IQ, no matter how small it was, since they were dealing with reality warpers here. "Article…"

She was suddenly hit in the face with a force equivalent to a million times the meteor that killed the dinosaurs back in the Cretaceous period. Alice's hand was as big as Gina's entire body and it was a clean punch with all her power put in it. "Why don't you go back to your mommy, you silver-spooned cunt? We do whatever we want!" However, for her surprise, Gina kept reciting. Alice expected her to cry and leave them alone at best, and to die at worst. But here she was, unharmed, as if she didn't even notice such a brutal attack.

"As I was saying, uhhhh… here. Article 9, Section 1. Students are not to harm and/or molest Non-Enhanceds inside or outside the school grounds. There's an addendum recommending a harsher punishment for those that do it using magical powers and another one about ganging up on single Non-Enhanceds."

"Shut up!" Tomoko joined her friend in landing a frenzy of punches and kicks that shattered the planet sized gym’s magical foundations at such speeds that would look like a blur to a regular spectator. However she kept passing the pages without budging or changing her deadpan expression, clearly learned from her mother from all those years at her side. The much smaller Enhanced was leagues beyond them in power and no matter their size their hits felt like nothing to her.

"Are you done?" Gina's expression turned frighteningly fast into a predatory smirk. They had given her the ultimate excuse to apply non-lethal force in their arrest. "Aaaaaaand, last but not least… Article 20, Section 1. Students are not allowed to disobey orders from the Student Council, followed by Section 2 which doesn't allow you to attack me in any way and Section 3 which adds insults to the no-nos, all with the same addendum that decrees extra punishment for doing this to the president. Do you know what this means? You have infringed so many laws that I will have to jail you. You are too dangerous to remain free."

"W-What?!" Both exclaimed as the smug law enforcer appeared behind Alice's back and cheekily punctured the blonde's legs and arms a few trillion times with her precise and hyper fast fingers, leaving her no chance to even react. Before she could even know what happened her impressive muscles popped and quickly deflated as a tire. "H-How can you even do that? Those were real muscles!" Of course, the president's magical powers didn't give a shit about the worthless laws of physics.

"You look like a skeleton now, it's okay, you were a little too fat for my taste anyway." Alice's body suddenly became paralyzed, she couldn't move anymore. She quickly realized that her body was too thin and frail to support her colossal bone structure.

"W-What have you done to me you bitch?" She flailed pathetically but it was to no avail.

"For every insult like that, a few more weeks are added to your sentence." Gina noticed that Tomoko was flying away as fast as she could, completely terrified by the power display of the ultipotent.

“You idiot, my knee pads make my flying speed faster than light! You can’t catch me!”

The all powerful seitokaichou sighed and used her fingers to frame the escaping delinquent between them. She closed the gap between her fingers and as she did that it seemed like Tomoko was now being captured between them. Gina had just ignored the distance between them and her gigantism and simply picked her up from there. She was now in a miniature size and couldn't escape her grasp. "I like you better at this size. You make a cute, little fairy." The diminutive Enhanced struggled to escape her fingers but she was too small and weak to do so. Not like being in her original size would have helped much. The president materialized a little birdcage into existence and teleported both Alice and Tomoko inside.

"Let us out, let us out!" They yelled in a funny, high pitched voice.

"No can do, you two are degenerate delinquents, and I'm putting you under arrest. Once I process all of the paperwork, I'll let the headmistress decide your fate… I really hope you learn to behave real soon or you'll eventually be denied your powers and access to this school." She took a tennis racket and sent them to the school dungeon with a beautiful and clean backhand, then hurried to attend the poor, abused man who was lying on the floor in a fetal position and sucking his thumb. "It's okay mister, they are gone now. I'll send you to the infirmary and our ultipotent nurse will cure your physical and mental wounds, then return you back home. I promise those two idiots won't ever hurt you again, not on my watch that is." She smiled gently and teleported him away.

Her next objective was at the laboratory where Super Goddess Irina was now giving an incredible class on pharmacy. Knowing she had no time to spare, Gina rushed, instantly turning into a light javelin that pierced the space-time continuum so hard she literally took 0 seconds to reach the door. Once she entered the room the Russian goddess instantly stopped lecturing her pupils. The place was gigantic but the actual desks and blackboard were fairly normal and pretty close to the door. Irina was wearing a long, white coat over her usual gothic dress and her face veil was completely opaque to dodge visual contact and make her social experience less of an ordeal. The blonde was a well renowned introverted and couldn't stand being around people but she had made an effort recently because of the help from her good friend Elza and decided to personally instruct at ESSEI for a while as a test of her commitment to dealing with her main flaw. Of course, with her level of knowledge and by virtue of being the most science inclined Super Goddess (which by default made her the best scientist in existence), her lessons were so advanced that only the most powerful and intelligent of Enhanceds could participate in them. 95% of the people attending were from senior year, or in other words, ultipotents. The rest could barely follow what Irina was teaching.

Gina approached the Super Goddess and respectfully kissed her black cross shaped earrings, causing her to blush and tremble. She was getting more used to physical contact but this was going a bit overboard. "Sorry if I have startled you, professor Volkoba. I heard your complaint about the troublemaker in this laboratory. Just let me know what the issue is and I'll be out of your hair in no time."

"O-Oh my, w-well yeah… There's been… this girl has been slacking off. She's certainly inside the laboratory section of the classroom but… but she hasn't come out in hours… She's clearly making drugs for some shady purpose but I-I h-haven't asked her why…" A lot of whispering from the students started coming up about how Irina wasn't how they expected her to be. She sounded so cool and professional when lecturing but now she was acting as a shy spastic. "P-Please c-cla-" She tried to control them and painfully cringed when they didn't listen.

Gina roared with the rage of a thousand suns. "SHUT THE FUCK UP, MAGGOTS!" Everyone went silent again. Unlike those freshmen from before, these senior students knew the full extent of the president's authority and power very well. "Sorry for that my goddess. Well, if you knew the problem why didn't you punish her? Using school equipment to produce hyper addictive drugs and then smuggling them out of school grounds for sale to Non-Enhanceds violates at least a dozen different rules. This person could be expelled."

The Super Goddess modulated her voice to such a low frequency that only Gina could understand her. "W-Well you see… I'm afraid I'm still… too passive and… cowardly to go and tell her so I was hoping you could help me take care of it… s-sorry if I'm bothering you Gina…"

This warmed the bitter seitokaichou’s heart and made her smile and put her hand on Irina's shoulder which caused her to stammer. "It's okay, I completely understand! Leave it to me, okay? And don't worry about calling me for this stuff ever again, that's why the Student Council exists after all. Please, resume the lecture."

"O-Okay… Thank you! W-Will do!" Irina cooed timidly but gratefully as Gina left that zone of the laboratory and approached the depths of the never ending facility.

"She has made some progress with socialization." Gina happily observed as she floated around the place, looking for the drug lab. Of course, the maze was easy to navigate with her mind numbing velocity and perfect memory. She eventually found the Enhanced in question. A blonde shortstack with glasses. She must have been a lower level Enhanced since her vision hadn't been augmented yet. "Hey you!"

She dropped a test tube with a gooey, steaming substance that would have probably addicted a regular human forever but for two Enhanceds like them it had no effect. Still, it was so crude that Gina thought of a thousand different ways of making it better at what it was set out to do on the spot just by looking at it."Oh fuck! You scared me, what are you doing here? I did nothing wrong! I'm just testing the lab, Super Goddess Irina doesn't want to teach me because my brain is not developed enough for her teachings." Yeah, she was definitely new here, not knowing how easy it was for Gina to know everything about her.

A little mind scan and… "Yeah you match perfectly with the profile they gave me. Sarah Reeves, you were accepted just today in the academy, and you are a low level Enhanced." She detected that the only Super Items she was wearing were the wool sweater over her school uniform and some leg warmers. Was she even capable of lifting a car by herself? "It's very suspicious that you were allowed inside this classroom since the equipment was taken from the future but you shouldn't even know that. It seems you were aware of all this stuff beforehand, to the point of knowing about goddess Irina's fear of talking to others. You took advantage of her and got past every security measure, am I right? Well it's over since it's forbidden to smuggle drugs created here outside school grounds, let alone sell them to regular humans. Do you know how dangerous this is?"

"Why do you care? Do you think you are the fucking law?" She tried to appear brave but the truth was that Gina's scary eyes were melting her resolve. Her pheromones alone were so powerful a weaker Enhanced like her was already in heat. If she had the chance she would instantly dig into her ass or tits and start sniffing like crazy. Ultipotents like Gina made the atmosphere denser and the gravity heavier just because of their presence so Sarah started sweating and had to kneel.

"Yes, it happens that I'm the fucking law in this place. Headmistress Sabini chose me specifically to bring scum like you to justice. And now it's time to tell you what you did wrong exactly." The president started citing every article she infringed with its respective recommended punishment.

"W-Well, it's true I have cooked drugs up in this lab, I'll admit to that, but you can't prove I wanted to smuggle them." With a simple motion, Gina raised her hand, frightening Sarah who thought she was going to get her head slapped off her body. Instead, the powerful seitokaichou slowly unscrewed the top of her head, as if it was a lightbulb on a socket, then started searching for something inside her brain. She was surprisingly not dead despite this. "W-Wait! What are you doing? S-Stop!"

"Oh, care to explain what this is then?" Gina produced a small cloud from Sarah's brain and showed it to her, it was supposed to be the physical representation of her ideas and memories. And this one was showing her in an Unenhanced state, planning a hit on the ESSEI alongside some members of the Japanese Yakuza. They were talking about selling an Enhanced-tier drug to regular mortals and that Sarah was going to be the mole. They provided her with low level Super Items and signed her up, then told her that with the equipment on ESSEI even a weak Enhanced like her could create a magnificent narcotic.

"T-That doesn't explain a thing, you could have created that memory yourself." Gina ignored her and snapped her fingers, restoring Sarah to her original state, plus making her mouth talk and repeat one of the lines she used in the pat. It sounded low quality and full of radio noise. "Yeah, I can infiltrate and make the drug in a matter of minutes, since they have Super Goddess Irina in that class, it should be easy to convince her to leave me alone to my devices."

"Uh oh!" Gina feigned a surprised look to mock her. "This is some pretty incriminating evidence here young lady. It seems you guys did your homework but thankfully you weren't aware of my existence." With a flap of her magical eyelashes, Sarah disappeared. She and the Yakuza gang were teleported to Elza's office.

Suddenly, Gina was alerted by a distress call from Sayuki. She seemed, appropriately enough, very distressed, which was weird for an ultipotent like her. Only Super Goddesses were more powerful. The president flew towards their designated meeting point, the club corridor. There she found Yukari therapeutically making out with Sayuki, who was crying. "What’s going on in here?" The president demanded to know.

Sayuki, the usually cheerful jokester, started to sob as she diligently answered. "Well, it's about the gymnastics club. Other clubs asked for my help because they were being bullied and even kicked out of their assigned meeting rooms, so I tried to go sort this out myself but their members are all incredibly powerful and they fucked my ass. I’m still sore."

Since Gina was acting professional, she didn't show her obvious rage to her underlings. No delinquent was going to mess with her unit. "Wait here, Sayuki, I'll make this right." Then she stared at Yukari. "Could you please tax the clubs yourself?"

"Indeed, Seitokaichou-sama." She entered the sculpture club and the entire scene could be heard from afar. "I hope you have the money, guys"

"W-Well, the truth is that we needed it to cover some vital expenses for the club this month. C-Could you wait a few days more?"

"Like that statue of Super Goddess Jennifer with a giant penis? Was that necessary?"

"W-Well, in a way… y-yes…" He swallowed. “It’s made with one of Jennifer’s actual menstruations, you have to understand how rare and expensive that material is!”

"You are getting suspended guys. The gardening club has already requested an expansion, they will be happy to know there's a room available."

"Nooooooooooo! Please let us stay, we'll do anything, please!" This was the everyday reality of ESSEI for the Student Council. 'Club Vermin never learns' as the president always says.

Gina sensed the trail of ultipotent power from afar and followed it, quickly reaching the bathroom. Despite it being as large as Norway, it was fully covered in a white liquid. She smelled it and confirmed it wasn't semen, but milk. Tasting it a little, she was amazed at how yummy it was, definitely the best milk she had ever tasted with the exception of Elza's, who let her suck on her giant tits once in a while. "Ultipotent milk… How did they get so powerful?" The milk was very condensed and sticky, and navigating it was like walking through a swamp. It came to her waist. "Gee, I get that lactating feels good but why would you go this far?"

She opened the window and saw one of the baseball courts. Three students dressed as gymnasts stood triumphantly over the the members of both the soccer and the baseball teams, stepping on their faces and lashing at them with their ribbons as if they were whips. Their tits were enormous, expanded to inhuman proportions. The two betas of the pack had them twice as big as their heads while the alpha bitch went hyper, her melons dwarfing the rest of her body. Of course, their passive lactation was slowly filling the field with no problem. Each of the betas was punching and kicking the respective leaders of the baseball and soccer clubs but despite their godly physical abilities they could not hold the barrage of hits of their opponents, which quickly k.oed them with unparalleled grace and flexibility. It was like an hypnotic dance, beautiful but deadly.

As a responsible seitokaichou, she had to step in, so she materialized in front of them. “You three, cease this madness right now!” She recognized the leader, Kaguya Tsubaki. A rich girl from Osaka that was turned ultipotent by Super Goddess Shizuka in the past because she birthed three of her children. At some point power went to her head and she tried to steal Gina's rightful place as her mother's helper in the last Student Council elections. She lost fair and square but never let it go, claiming that Gina was only president because of nepotism and that Elza herself rigged it all. "Kaguya. Heh… Well, well, well… I never thought I'd see the day where I get a second chance to fuck you over, but here we are." Gina's smile was so smug it could melt the poles. Finally she had an excuse to be a bitch to her, her post-election tantrum had costed her some credibility between the students of the academy and she had never liked her to being with. "I hope you posh cunts have an explanation to why you are bullying weaker Enhanceds and bothering other clubs. The gymnastics club has its own small gym for practicing. Yet you are here, outside."

"Ah Gina-chan. You are as stupid AND UGLY as always. It seems proper for a flat womanlet such as yourself to be jealous of someone like me but I'm afraid you won't ruin my fun this time. OHOHOHO!" She had made herself taller recently just to tower over Gina and make herself feel better. "We challenged these guys to a match for their courts fair and square. And we beat them. But these weaklings thought they could cheat us and started a fight. This might look bad, but you came a few minutes too late so you're only seeing the aftermath- they started it." It was painful but also true. The rules made it very clear that clubs could gain leverage over others if they defeated them at their preferred activity, because losing meant they had been rendered pointless. However, Kaguya was ultipotent so that was too easy for her. Gina had to act if she didn't want all the clubs as a whole to disappear with the expansion of the gymnastics one.

"I see, it seems I can't do anything to you legally. That's a shame. What about the boobs, though? Have you become a fetishist or something?"

"Big breasts display femininity, and ultimate femininity brings ultimate power. I'm just displaying that power. But someone as masculine and brutish as you wouldn't understand. OHOHOHOHO!" The other two bitches had finished what they were doing and joined in the laughter.

"You sure these two are not ultipotent? I could arrest you for handing out ultipotence like candy."

"Naaaaah, I was the one who beat your friend up! It was easy to do, these two just joined in the fun. But she must have thought we all were ultipotent judging by me. It makes sense if you think about it."

"Well then…" Gina snapped her fingers and her two aideés appeared, alongside a very confused sculpture club president. Yukari was comforting a sad Sayuki with her motherly breasts.

"What is this?" Kaguya squinted in confusion.

Gina grabbed the Michelangelo's David looking motherfucker by the collar. "Hey you…"

"René, Seitokaichou-sama."

"Yeah, that, René. Your club is in serious debt to the Student Council, right? Wanna pay that debt back right here, right now?"

"B-But of course, what should I do?"

Yukari, always on point, handed him a registration paper. "Register me as president, René. If you do that, I'll pay the debt out of my own pocket." Gina proposed.

"B-But I like being president… also… can you even promise me you'll keep your word?" He let out a funny chirp after Gina put on the scariest face he had ever seen. "O-Ok, ok!" He signed the form.

"What the fuck are you trying, Gina?" She twirled her drill-shaped bangs in exasperation.

"Well, it's very simple. Since I'm the president of the sculpture club now, I can challenge your club to a duel. If you win, I'll let you be." She stared at her perfectly manicured nails. "But if you lose… you'll have to give the courts back to their original owners and also dissolve your stupid gymnastics club. What do you say?"

"Heh, okay. I'll be magnanimous Gina, you can choose the game. After all, I know I can kick your ass at gymnastics. I have a lot more experience at it, OHOHOHOHO!" Her enormous milk cannons shot a stream that eroded an entire hill a kilometer away.

Gina smirked. "How about I challenge you to a breast fight? Let's see whom's lactation is more powerful."

"Are you an idiot? I give you an easy way out and you choose my specialty? Have you seen their size?" She proudly puffed them out, casting a shadow over the president.

"Yeah, very pretty. But can they beat my much smaller ones? Draw your weapons…" Gina removed the chest part of her outfit thanks to her easy access underboob window, showing her comparatively (to a normal woman) enormous tits.

"Your funeral…" Kaguya removed her white spandex leotard completely, standing naked and filling the entire court with her powerful pheromones, causing erections even in the club members that were unconscious. Her two followers couldn't resist and started kissing and rubbing her beautiful armpits and tits. "Like what you see?" Her nipples were colossal and already leaking. "I'll smother you completely like the tiny bug you are, OHOHOHOHO!"

"Shut up." Gina stretched her boobs so they could both reach Kaguya's respective inverted nipples. Given the gap in size, this workaround was needed for Gina to properly compete.

Both combatants shot their load at full power, draining their powerful milk bags at a slower rate than the infinite liquid was being produced. They were trying to outpush each other and at first Gina was doing pretty well, giving Kaguya the challenge of her life. "W-Well, w-well well… not so tough now, eh?" It was an extremely erotic experience for both of them and they were victim to hundreds of orgasms per second. Kaguya herself was dripping like crazy.

"V-Very impressive, you are an ultipotent after all… what about this though?" Suddenly, Kaguya doubled her production, achieving a decisive advantage over Gina.

"O-Oh my Super Goddess…"

"OHOHOHOHO! After this Headmistress Elza will beg me to replace you as her daughter! I might even turn you into my slave!"

"Heh…" Gina smirked dramatically. "I doubt it."


Suddenly, the president's lightning shaped earrings started glowing. Elza's divine energy was being channeled through them and redirected at Gina's tits. The truth was that even if the powers of a Super Goddess and an ultipotent Enhanced weren't that different, a Super Goddess would always win a power struggle against an ultipotent Enhanced due to a superior level of magical authority. "I'm so sorry for you Kaguya. My mother gifted me these so I could call on her power whenever I met someone so powerful I couldn't defeat… you are fucked!"

"NO NO NO NO! That's not fair, that's cheating!" Gina's stream had multiplied by thousands of times in power and Kaguya simply couldn't compare anymore. She was instantly torpedoed against the ground into a very deep crater which quickly got filled with milk. Her body became a giant ball after being forcefully fed by Gina who was just orgasming and not even paying attention at the moment.

"WHAT THE FUCK, GYMNASTICSCHADS? WE HAD THIS!!!!!!!" Both beta bitches yelled in unison and hugged each other after watching their leader get destroyed in complete disbelief. Their short reign of terror as queens of ESSEI had ended as fast as it started. Without an actual ultipotent like Kaguya at their side, they were nothing.

"T-This is just like in the elections… y-your mommy cheated for you… don't you have a sliver of pride in your whole body…?" She was completely covered in white and made an effort in floating out of the hole.

"No but…" Gina's tits started expanding and expanding, becoming bigger than her body and turning into milk balloons that eventually outgrew Kaguya’s. "At least I'm bigger than you, chestlet." Then she whacked the haughty ojousama with her giant gazongas, flattening her like a sheet of paper. "We are done here, girls. I'll go inform my mother now. By the way, those two are not ultipotent, so you can handle them."

Sayuki cracked her knuckles and licked her lips in anticipation for beating up the other two gymnasts. "Delinquents like you two should be punished and expelled." Yukari calmly stated.

The terrified goons tried to escape by flexing and folding their bodies like human origami figures so many times they started compressing themselves into something so small they effectively became part of non-existence. But since Sayuki and Yukari were ultipotents, it wasn't hard for them to follow them.

Gina sighed and with a pleasant smile reduced her tits and teleported back to her mother's office. It was dark like always, with the only highlight being the expensive mahogany desk in the middle. She was waiting, sitting in her chair, and then stood up in all her glory.

The Super Goddess was more than half a meter taller than Gina and with that size came the maturity of an elegant and classy woman, and of course, an even more incredible body. Elza's tits, ass, thighs and legs made her daughter's body look like an underdeveloped midget's. She wore long, white boots with high heels and buckles. Her godly pussy was covered with a purple thong. Her upper body had a professional but magical look to it with a simple white shirt and a red tie. Her characteristic dark, striped jacket, which transitioned into a long cape gave her an air of authority and competency. Finally, her usually very long red hair was contained in a cute bun, with a bang covering half her stoic face. Her beautiful crimson eyes, immovable as always, as well as her kissable lips, now painted with liquid gold, reminded everyone of her omnipotent nature.

She had even given up her old shark teeth earrings, which she used to forge Gina's lightning shaped ones. Now she was flaunting others that were more mundane looking but somehow extremely fitting with the rest of her sexy headmistress aesthetic. Also, for nothing more than extra style points, she had decided to wear glasses.

To sum it up, she was sex appeal made flesh, and her presence made Gina's body tingle in excitement and love for her mother, who had been her daughter long into the past, but the president of the Student Council cherished her new life so much that she couldn't even remember about that time. Gina kneeled and kissed Elza's trademark gloved hands, which she had never removed from her beautiful arms since they day she put them on for the first time, centuries ago. Then stood up to kiss her earrings as the tradition called for. "I did what you told me mother, I took care of those delinquents."

"I'm very happy with your work today, my daughter." With time, Elza had learned to communicate with others a bit better, although her expression was still that of a poker face and she couldn't speak a lot either. "My daughter." The Super Goddess repeated, then stroked Gina's beautiful hair with the love any mother-daughter would have for her daughter-mother, sending her to a dimension of bliss and gratification. Whenever Elza congratulated her like this, it made her truly happy like nothing else could. Not even her ex-husband, whom she divorced a year after this new status quo started on a very peculiar Mother's Day.

Without realizing, Gina had started sucking on Elza's finger with her eyes closed like a baby, losing track of time in the process. It was so comfortable and warm being next to her and being able to touch and love her. "O-Oh, sorry mother." Elza was talking to her with telepathy now. "Yeah… Of course, you have an appointment now. You say you'll hang out with me after that? Of course I'm excited! I have a lot of cute stuff to show you!" She was acting really frantic, like a kid on Christmas Eve. "Okay then, see you later mother!”

When she got out of the office she found who was the visitor Elza was waiting for. The much taller African woman with dreadlocks, diamond earrings and a long, white dress entered the room and kissed Gina in both her cheeks, making her blush. "Good afternoon, little rascal!" She was her legal 'father' M'Wela Mutergaraba, Super Goddess and Queen-Mother of Prosperia. Yeah, her full name was actually Gina Mutegaraba Sabini since two centuries ago Elza and M'Wela officially married each other, to the amazement of the entire world. Their wedding had the highest number of spectators in the history of TV but no one could remember who wore the dress or the suit. Weirdly enough M'Wela was the more dominant, traditionally masculine figure of the two and had turned Elza into her pretty, feminine wife, despite their contrasting appearance.

Elza, who was taller, had to crouch to properly kiss her she-husband and instantly blushed and smiled as warmly as the day she became a bride, a thing she didn't do anymore with anyone else, not even Gina. "My lover…" She whispered, then embraced the Prosperian against her plentiful breasts, who were at eye level for her. M'Wela playfully slapped Elza's ass. "I think I'm gonna make you pregnant again if you keep teasing me like that…" It didn't take long for both of them to start fucking right then and there, with the intimacy and love proper of the lovebirds they were.

Gina took the hint and closed the door, being instantly received by Yukari and Sayuki, who had already completed their task. "Mother's Day is close. I should talk to Dia and get them something cool." She thought to herself.

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