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DARALA STARR – SEASON 2 – Chapters 6-8

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Chapter 6:Strange Signs and Breaking Locks

Sheriff Tim Keys was a younger man who had served as a deputy in another city some two hundred miles from Pleasant Valley. He was ambitious and also inexperienced from what Tina could ascertain. Nevertheless he seemed like a good man, intent on keeping the town a safe and peaceful place to live. That was Tina’s intent as well.

As Tina drove through the gate into the driveway, she thought back to what had just happened. The rock. The steel horseshoe. Darala’s ship computer suggested Tina now had seven times her normal strength! The thought was electrifying, and Tina wanted to put her new strength to more and more tests. On the way to her office she’d thought about leaving as soon as her meeting with the Sheriff was finished, going back home, changing into her satin shorts and t-shirt, and trying more feats of strength.

Tina wore the belt beneath the dress slacks of her fitted business suit. Before she entered the building she took a very deep breath, feeling the capacity of her lungs enlarging, the Tau Ceti life support energizing every part of her body. This was truly a dream come true!

Tina apologized to the Sheriff for the delay and said hello and shook his hand. He reacted suddenly to the unexpected pressure of her grip.

“Whoa, Mayor… that’s some grip you have there!”

Tina quickly eased her hand and gently pulled it away.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I… I’ve been working out.”

Sheriff Keys discreetly examined her frame, unsure of what to make of her. She had a very strong grip. He liked that.

“Well,” he said, “It’s nice to finally meet the new Mayor of Pleasant Valley.”

“Very nice to meet you,” Tina said. “Now, what may I do for you this morning?”

Sheriff Keys glanced down at his coffee cup and then back at Tina and said, “Mayor, I know this is going to sound a little weird, but… do you believe in UFOs?”

Tina knew what she had to do—pretend it was all nonsense.

“UFOs,” she said, her smile turning into a slight smirk.

“You know… space aliens from other planets?” Sheriff Keys said.

Tina sat down behind her desk and said, “Well, if I’m being honest, I don’t believe in them.” Tina was now an actress, she supposed.

Hesitant, Sheriff Keys said, “Well, the reason I ask is that some people really do believe in them. And there have been some strange things going on here over the last year or so: strange lights in the sky, an alien superwoman, and now a superman?”

Tina said, “Well I thought the whole testimony of former deputy Brown was very sketchy. Didn’t they decide he was a little… you know… nuts?”

Sheriff Keys said, “True, but the reporter who was rescued by this so-called superman… she’s as sharp as a tack. She swears he tore her car door off its hinges and lifted the whole thing. Towed it more than fifteen feet before lowering it back to the ground. There’s no one strong enough in the world to do that.”

“Well actually,” Tina began, but caught herself. “Actually, you’re right. But from what I heard there weren’t any other witnesses to confirm that.”

Sheriff Keys leaned in. “Maybe there are.”

Tina asked, “What do you mean?”

Sheriff Keys said, “Two counties over, I got a call last night about a man who chased down a robbery suspect in a car. He actually caught up with the car and subdued the criminal, and supposedly managed to bend the barrel of his pistol with bare hands.”

Jason, Tina thought.

Sheriff Keys continued, “Add to that strange lights and noises coming from the woods out here, power surges and outings. Something is afoot here in Pleasant Valley and I’d sure like to get to the bottom of it.”

Tina’s mind was racing. It would seem Jason was not too far away. She needed to find him, she decided. And fast.

“Well, Sheriff, I think we both agree that we want Pleasant Valley to be peaceful and safe for everyone. Please keep me informed and I’ll be happy to do anything to help.”

The Sheriff agreed and said goodbye. Tina sat alone in her office for several long minutes after he’d left, thinking about everything he’d said. Not just about Jason, but about strange lights and noises in the forest. Surely Darala wasn’t responsible for any of that. So who else could possibly know….

“The Torellian,” Tina said sharply

There was a knock on the door.

“Yes?” Tina said.

The door opened and Mary leaned in.

“Hi, Mayor, I’m sorry to bother you, but, do you have a key for that office padlock? I used it for my bicycle chain because I left my lock at home by accident.”

Tina opened her desk drawer and fumbled through it. There, in the back was the key. But an idea struck her and she said, “Hmmm. No, I don’t see it.”

Mary’s head sank, “Looks like I’ll have to take the bus home today.”

Tina said, “Don’t worry, Mary. Why don’t you show me where it is.”

A minute later they were standing over Mary’s ten-speed that was chained to a small bicycle rack. The padlock itself was medium sized and definitely locked tight. But Tina wondered if she could….

“Um, Mary, why don’t you go back upstairs and I’ll… try my hand at this.”

Mary said, “But it’s locked.”

Tina reached for her hair, pretending to search for a bobby pin.

“I’ll pick it with a hair pin, don’t worry,” Tina said. “Mann the phone.”

Mary shrugged. “Okay,” she said, and walked back into the building.

Tina glanced around to make sure she was alone. She stopped fussing with her hair, and instead grabbed the lock in the palm of her hand. With her other hand she wrapped it around the ends of the chain, just above the ringed steel lock. She took a very deep breath, feeling the flow of her new might.

Tina tightened her grip on the lock and the chain and unleashed her strength. The lock was only able to resist a second or two before it began to deform and bend in her grip. It was difficult, but Tina breathed in deeply again and focused her strength into her hands. The lock protested with a sustained cry and irritable screech as Tina deformed the steel, twisting it against the chain until the mechanism could no longer hold on. With a final, terrible screech the steel broke free from the housing and Tina pulled it free of the chain.

Tina quickly felt that arousal again. It seemed to happen whenever she overpowered steel with her bare hands. She let out a deep breath to try and control herself. She stood up and examined the mangled steel lock in the open palm of her hand.

“You did it!” Mary said excitedly.

Tina quickly closed her hand over the lock and moved it behind her back so Mary couldn’t see what she’d done.

“Uh, yes,” Tina said. “The hairpin worked!”

“Thank you, Tina! I mean… Mayor,” Tina said. The she asked, “So where is the lock?”

Tina could feel the deformed steel in her closed hand and she said, “Don’t worry about it. I’m going to buy another one and make sure I keep the key handy.”

Mary nodded and disappeared back into the building.

Tina discreetly opened her hand to look at the crushed lock once more.

I can’t believe I have super strength, Tina thought.

Quickly then, she dropped the lock into a trash bin, brushed off her hands and went back inside her office. Finding Mary inside, Tina said, “Mary, please keep an eye on things for me, I need to run a few errands. I’ll be back after lunch, okay?”

“Okay,” Mary said. “Oh, I almost forgot, someone called for you, her name is Julia Warren. She’s with the Omega Utility Company. Guess she wanted you to know that they’ve fixed the issues they were having with the power grid.”

Tina said, “Did she leave a phone number, I’d like to talk to her more about that.”

Mary said, “No, she didn’t leave a number. In fact, when I asked for it, she hung up on me, which was kinda rude.”

Tina nodded. “Thanks, Mary. I’ll be back in a few hours.”

Quickly then, Tina drove back home. She was so excited to share with Darala what she’d done to the padlock, she hurried to the guest house and knocked loudly on the door.

“Darala? Darala, it’s me,” she said in a strong voice.

There was no response. Tina knocked again. And again.

She turned the handle and found the door unlocked. She leaned in and said, “Darala?”

Quickly it became clear Darala was gone. But where, Tina wondered. And why? And then a thought came to her . The Torellian!

Tina decided to change into her satin track shorts and a tight t-shirt. Her muscles were growing even still like sculpted iron and she wanted to intimidate the little Torellian worm with her newfound strength and stamina. Oh, yes, she was going to have a long talk with him!

Chapter 7:Encounter With A Giant

Kelly and Jim were enjoying the cool breeze that danced through the forest north of Pleasant Valley. The plan was to backpack to the top of the mountain and camp for the night, just the two of them. The hike had been more challenging than they expected, so they stopped for a water break.

“It’s so beautiful up here,” Kelly said, her blond, feathered hair glowing in the sun. Jim agreed and said, “True. But not as beautiful as you are.”

Kelly smiled and kissed Jim deeply. She couldn’t wait to be alone with him in the tent tonight. Suddenly, that thought was cut off by a loud sound.

“Was that thunder?” Kelly asked, startled.

Jim examined the clear blue sky.

“There’s not a cloud in the sky,” he said.

Then they heard something strange… a mechanical sound, followed by what sounded like large footsteps, one after the other.

Kelly lowered her voice and said nervously, “Is that a bear?”

Suddenly, they both saw a dark shape shifting through the trees about fifty yards away. Suddenly, they heard the sound of a massive breaking tree limb and the shape became clearer. It looked like…

Kelly screamed and Jim yelled, “Come on, let’s get out of here! Run!”

Both of them started running frantically back down the trail, trees swirling past them dangerously. Finally they arrived back at Jim’s truck which was parked off the main road in the dirt.

They threw their backpacks in the bed and were about to climb inside when they heard that mechanical sound again. And then, Jim saw it… a massive boulder the size of a car rolling toward them.

Jim grabbed Kelly and they lunged out of the way, just as the big rock slammed into and crushed the pickup truck!

Jim and Kelly ran as fast as they could, not looking back at the dark monster that was pursuing them.


Darala Starr was standing in front of the Torellian in his locksmith shop, her arms folded, her super chest muscles tight with ready strength. She had every intention of staying at Tina’s place and waiting for her return, but something wasn’t sitting right with her, and she suspected the Torellian knew more about Jason and other strange things than he was letting on.

The Torellian nervously said, “Doctor Starr, this is an inconvenient time! I’m very busy today.”

Darala looked around the store. It was empty. She turned her intense gaze back on him as he fiddled with what looked like a gas mask in his hands.

“Yes,” she began sarcastically, “I can see you’re very busy. There are so many customers. How do you keep up with all the work?”

The Torellian snorted, “Your sarcasm is not appreciated, Doctor Starr. Now please leave me in peace.”

“Not until you tell me where Jason Prince is,” Darala demanded.

The Torellian shifted his eyes and said, “I… I don’t know.”

“I don’t believe you,” Darala said. “You must know more than you’re telling.”

Suddenly, a voice came from behind them, “He does.”

Surprisingly then, The Torellian pulled the gas mask over his face.

Darala turned around and was engulfed in a vaporous cloud that made her feel suddenly, alarmingly faint. Darala stumbled on her feet, trying to use her strength to stand, but the vapor was overpowering her and she couldn’t breath. She tapped her wristband communicator and struggled to say, “Com… puter… Jason”

All at once she fell to the ground, gasping for air. She fought with all her might, but it was no use. A moment later, Darala Starr fell into a black hole of unconsciousness.

The Torellian waited another several minutes until the air cleared before removing his mask.

Former Deputy Brown in civilian clothes removed his gas mask and forged a crooked smile.

“So she’s not invincible,” he said.

The Torellian stared down at Darala’s sleeping form.

“Don’t underestimate her,” he said. “She’s stronger than fifty of us.”

“I’ve seen her in action. But without her belt, her strength will fade. That’s what you told me.”

“Yes,” The Torellian said, “That’s correct.”

“Then where is it?” Brown said. “She doesn’t have the belt. I need that belt! That was part of the deal!”

The Torellian said, “I don’t know where it is!”

“You said the man, Jason, he had it,” Brown said. “You told me it changed him. He gained super strength!”

“That was the first belt,” The Torellian said. “Doctor Starr arrived yesterday with another. I don’t know where it is.”

“It must be on her ship,” Brown said. “We have to find the ship!”

The Torellian glanced down at Darala’s wristbands, a scheming thought entering his mind.

“I gave you what I promised—the Tau Ceti Superwoman.”

He looked over Brown’s shoulder and saw a white, unmarked van parked out front.

“You should pull your vehicle around the back,” The Torellian said. “It’s too conspicuous out front. You’d better hurry, the new sheriff drives by here once a day.”

Brown seemed momentarily unnerved and exited to move the vehicle.

Quickly the Torellian leaned down and very carefully removed Darala’s bracelets.

“I’ll have to examine these very carefully,” he said to himself. “Perhaps I can even control Doctor Starr’s spaceship.”

There was a pounding on the back door. The Torellian quickly and discreetly placed Darala’s bracelets on his workbench amongst a mess of tools.

He recomposed himself, unlocked and opened the back door as Brown stormed in past him.

“Now, help me get our… superwoman into the van. I’m taking her to the lab. Miss Warren is waiting,” Brown ordered loudly.

The Torellian nodded, and between the two of them, they carried Darala Starr out back of the shop and placed her unconscious form in the rear of the van.

Brown stared at the Torellian and said, “You’re coming with me.”

“But I have work to do here,” he protested, his eyes glowing green.

“Get in the van,” Brown ordered him, now pointing a pistol at him. “Now! Miss Warren will want to meet you personally since you helped capture the superwoman.”

The Torellian felt for his key ring.

“I must lock the door,” he said. Quickly he shut the back door and made sure it was secure. Brown kept the pistol pointed at him.

Reluctantly, the Torellian made his way to the van, and then they pulled out and drove quickly away. It was only a few seconds later that Tina began pulling up to the lock and key shop. She noticed the white van far down the street, pulling away and making a left turn, but she didn’t think much of it at the time. It wasn’t until she parked and examined the area, that she grew terribly alarmed.

Chapter 8: Clues and Crisis

Tina stood tall, her long legs bulging with new muscle beneath her satin shorts. Her biceps and forearms were like bronze in the sun and pulling her waist in tightly was Darala’s silver belt. Tina could feel her strength increasing, hour by hour. It was the most incredible sensation she’d ever known.

But for the moment she was deeply concerned about what she was seeing on the ground. In the dusty dirt behind the building were two sets of footprints, and what looked like drag marks made by boot heels. Also, there were tire imprints that looked like they might belong to a van, not a car. After several moments, Tina had a deeply unsettling feeling. She didn’t know how she knew, but she was almost certain that Darala was in trouble.

With no one around, Tina quickly made her way to the back door of the building. Predictably it was locked and Tina knew what she had to do.

She wrapped her fingers around the metal door handle and braced her other hand against the frame of the door. Tina took a deep breath, inhaling that powerful Tau Ceti pressure into her lungs. She felt a surge of strength, and pulled on the handle. The metal deformed almost immediately in her grip with a tortured squeal.Tina drew even harder against the handle, her fingers bending the steel until the whole mechanism began to bulge outward in a hideous cry of protest. Tina felt arousal sweep between her hips as the steel obeyed her strength, the housing of the lock now bulging outward until the whole thing came apart in her hand!

Tina threw the lock aside and pulled the door open. She made her way inside the Lock and Key and called out, “Torellian! Torellian where are you!”

The shop was eerily quiet, and faintly Tina smelled something that made her cough. This was all wrong. Tina swung around to exit, but saw something that caused her heart to skip a beat: Darala’s Bracelets. They were resting on the Torellian’s workbench.

“Oh, no,” Tina said. She grabbed them both and exited the building quickly to catch her breath.

With no one else around, Tina slipped on the bracelets and decided to try what she’d seen Darala do when she wanted to talk to her ship: she tapped the bracelet and a little glowing hologram panel lit up.

“Hello, computer?” Tina said into the bracelet. “This is Tina Carter. Computer, can you hear me? Please answer!”

After several moments of silence, the ship’s computer said, “Tina Carter, I’m surprised to hear your voice. Where is Darala?”

Tina said, “Thank goodness you can hear me! I think something’s happened to Darala. She’s missing and I think she may have been kidnapped.”

“Do you mean to say Darala has been captured?” the computer asked.

“I’m afraid so,” Tina said. “I’m wearing her belt and her bracelets. I’m still gaining strength too.”

The ship’s computer said, “Yes, Tina. I am monitoring your vitals and stats. You are close to having ten times your normal strength. Your adaptation to Tau Ceti infusion is truly remarkable.”

“Yes, it is,” Tina said. “It’s more wonderful than I’d ever imagined. But I’m worried about Darala. Without her belt… I need to find her and return it.”

The computer said, “Darala has time, but not indefinitely. The sooner you find her, the better her chances are to preserve her immense strength.”

Tina glanced up at the rooftop of the building, wondering. She decided to give it a try. Tina squatted down, her powerful legs tensing with iron strong muscles. She felt her shorts pull tight on her hips and between her legs. Tina exploded upward from the squat, and to her amazement she flew fifteen feet in the air and landed squarely on the roof of the lock and key!

She laughed out loud for joy!

“I can’t believe it! Computer, I just jumped onto the roof of this building!”

The computer said, “Yes, Tina. In addition to your new strength, your speed and agility have also multiplied.”

Tina ran to the other side of the roof to have a look down into the street. The white van was long gone, but Tina made a note of where she remembered seeing it turn.

Tina said, “I think I have an idea the direction they took Darala, but I’m going to need help.”

The computer said, “Jason Prince.”

“Yes,” Tina said. “Is there any way you can help me find him?”

“Hold on, Tina Carter,” the computer said. “I’d endeavored to locate Jason Prince by the signature of the original belt, but there was a strange energy source that was preventing it.”

“Yes” Tina said. “It seems there are very strange things happening here indeed!”

The computer said, “Yes, I believe I may have located the signature of the original belt. And I am seeing Jason Prince’s vitals also. He is… he is stronger than ever: twenty times his original strength.”

At the very thought of it, Tina felt the tingling of her arousal start. She took a deep breath and did her best not to think about what Jason must look like and what sort of feats he could perform.

“Computer,” Tina said. “Where is he?”

The computer said, “From a spectral map of the area, it looks as though Jason Prince is in jail.”

Tina planted a fist on her hip and said, “Computer, please give me the exact location. I’m going to get him.”

Tina approached the edge of the building and looked down at her car. The height made her a little nervous, but she took a deep breath and jumped. To her amazement she landed perfectly in a squat fifteen feet below. She uncrouched with perfect control, her super legs bulging with sharp, defined muscles.

Tina said into the bracelet, “Computer, I’m going to start driving. Please guide me along the way to Jason.”

“Yes, Tina Carter,” the computer said. “It will be my pleasure.”

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