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Super Witches

Written by Akane :: [Monday, 28 October 2019 11:49] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:36]

Art by Himmely

Warning: This story contains extreme cruelty, strong language, explicit gore and disturbing imagery.

Agnes Fairfax was born the 4th of July of the year 1693 AD in the coastal town of Plymouth, which had been recently annexed to the Colony of Massachusetts. From the start her parents knew she wasn’t normal. The birth was both painless and bloodless and she came out of her mother with a head full of radiant violet hair that was as long as she was tall, eyes wide open and smiling gently. She was surrounded by a translucent, golden sphere made of pure energy. It was like a miracle.

The little girl engaged her family with a “Greetings dear mother, beloved father. I have been yearning for so many months to meet you. Unfortunately it is just now that I have developed my ability to speak. That’s why I couldn’t get in touch with you before.” Mr. and Mrs. Fairfax were dumbfounded by their second daughter being able to talk right out of the womb.

Abigail, the blonde, first daughter of the family hugged tight to her mother’s skirt, obviously scared by the unnatural powers of her newborn younger sister. She was only 8 years old and in all her short life she hadn’t seen anything like that, especially in such a pedestrian town where nothing ever happened. And she had already assisted in three different births. “I-Is she possessed by the devil?” She asked timidly, trying to avoid eye contact and trembling.

The baby tilted her head, curious as to why they would think that, for her this was the normal way to be born.

She floated inside her golden bubble and addressed her sibling. The heat she produced was abnormally warm. “Oh no my dear sister, as far as I know I haven’t been possessed by anyone. This is me and I’m…” She looked at her mother. “I have been musing about it for the last days while I was in your very comfortable womb, what is my name?”

Their parents didn’t know how to react. On one hand, they felt extreme joy for their baby girl not only surviving the birth (which wasn’t a certainty in the 17th century) but also being so intelligent and well spoken. But on the other hand, they also felt an innate fear of the unknown. For some reason, they felt threatened by this infant, and the prospect of this miracle actually being a curse.

At this point in time the Salem Witch Trials were already well known throughout New England and especially the region of Massachusetts. Everyone was suddenly becoming even more Puritan than before and the accusations of sorcery and Satanic cultism were perfect excuses to get rid of someone you didn’t like, especially if that person was weird or eccentric. Really, anything that looked out of the ordinary to the eye of the regular commoner was instantly judged and most often than not punished by the most horrible torture method they could think about. Like getting burned at the stake, drowning, getting your head cut off…

No, it wasn’t the moment to doubt about their daughter. While she obviously had magical powers of an unknown origin, perhaps they were benign and derived from God, instead of evil. Perhaps she wasn’t a witch, and just a loving child deserving of their care and protection.

Mrs. Fairfax took the gamble and decided to go along with it, a mother will always love her daughter no matter what. “What about Agnes? I think that’s a very popular name in this region and age. I’ve been thinking of it for a while, can I have it?!”

“It really is, your name will be Agnes, Agnes Fairfax.” The father added.

“Thank you, I really love it!” She observed them for a minute, and by reaching into their minds with the same naturalness that comes with breathing she learned everything about them and processed it with her prodigious, limitless engine of a brain. “Ok so mommy is named Abitha, a faithful housewife. Daddy is named Benjamin, a proud carpenter! And you are… AHHHHHHHHHH!” Her eyes lightened up. “You are my older sister, my dear Abigail!” She floated over to her with an almost magical smile on her face and took her big sis’ hands with her much smaller ones. “I already want to play with you and give you lots of hugs!

Abigail couldn’t help but to smile at that reaction, as well as her parents. Perhaps a witch in their family wasn’t such a bad thing, perhaps it was a plan designed by God Himself.

In any other kind of family, someone like Agnes would have been outright killed at birth for her strange supernatural abilities, but the Fairfax were more open minded, and besides, she was pretty kind and well behaved, so as long as they could adapt and pretend like she had no powers in the outer world, they could be able to protect her from the less than understanding townsfolk and live a normal life together.

Two years passed and, as expected, Agnes developed in a completely differently way than other girls her age. For starters, she had an unnatural growth rate that made her look like a seven year old despite being two. Since this could have raised suspicion between the inhabitants of Plymouth, her parents had to lie and say that she had been born years before she actually did and that she suffered from a disease for the first years of her life that prevented her from getting out of her bed and stunted her growth. In other words, the opposite of reality.

Since the Fairfax were well respected everyone believed this for a while. Agnes had superpowers but they were at first limited to basic psychic abilities like telekinesis, telepathy, mind reading and mind control-this last one she used to make their pet dog perform otherwise impossible tricks to cheer up Abigail whenever she was sad, dog that she got to fully cure with her magical hands when it got sick later on. In this state she was easy enough to cover for since she only had a few quirks that she could perfectly pretend she didn’t have. But as months passed she gained other powers like strength so powerful she could lift their entire house or speed so incredible she could travel to a town miles away and back in a few seconds. Once she even had an accident at her father’s workplace and got cut with a saw but her wounds regenerated in less than an hour. After that, Mr. Fairfax learned that his tools couldn’t even scratch her anymore. She had become completely impervious to damage. A true goddess in the making.

Fortunately enough, she was so gentle and well intentioned that there were little people that disliked her. She used her superior empathy and her mind reading powers to delve in the psyche of others and know how to treat them and make them feel good around her, fundamentally becoming friends almost instantly with everyone she met and trying to help them like a good samaritan.

There was something she couldn’t hide though, and that’s the fact that she was extremely more intelligent than the rest of the kids at school. She easily surpassed both girls and boys in her grade (which was five years beyond where she should have been to begin with) and was put in the same one as her older sister, which confused the older kids as she kept dominating them and even lecturing the teacher at times without realizing it. Of course, this occasionally caused her to get disciplined by the humiliated and jealous instructor when she accidentally acted like an smartass, but the attacks of his stick were nothing to her virtually invulnerable body so she had to pretend she was hurt by it.

Of course it all wasn’t sunshine and rainbows for our little Miss Perfect. She was sometimes victim of bullying and ostracizing by her peers. Even when she tried her best to make others happy, some kids would talk bad of her behind her back. A particular bully named Jonathan Conway frequently tried to push her into the mud every time she wasn’t looking. She knew why this stuff was happening but preferred not to act on it since she felt she had the responsibility not to get angry with those less fortunate that her. Besides, it’s not like they could hurt her or anything. It still took a toll on her young and innocent soul. “I don’t know what I have done to them. They won’t let me play with them anymore, I just want to be their friend.” Agnes cried as her loving sister hugged her.

“It’s okay sister, I’m here for you. I will always be here for you.”

“Thanks, Abigail…” She hugged her back. Abigail couldn’t believe how warm she was, she couldn’t comprehend how other kids could hate her, even those that she had helped in the past. It wasn’t the first time she had to defend Agnes from bullies and she would keep doing it because she loved her little sister more than anything else in this world.

But the worst came when those jealous, rotten kids started poisoning the minds of their parents, telling them that no kid her age should be that pretty (in the sense that she was tall, lean, with perfect hair and possessing all her teeth unlike other people of her time) and smart, specially since she was a girl, and that she was always patronizing them.

The teacher humored them and started spreading rumors that insinuated that she wasn’t from this world and that people should be careful when she was around.

An event happened after that in which a farmer managed to observe Agnes's powers up close and it didn’t help her case at all. She was playing with her sister next to his henhouse and they sneaked inside to see the chickens come from their eggs. Agnes held one of them with her hand and her eyes lightened up when she witnessed the miracle of life for the first time in her short life. However, something went wrong. A bigger, deformed creature shared the egg with the cute, newborn chick and it quickly went crazy, showing his incredibly sharp teeth and ripping its twins’ head off before emitting a creepy screech and looking at them with bloodshot eyes. That was not a chicken. It was a mutation, a monster. The girls fled from there, terrified by the unnatural creature. What Agnes didn’t know was that she had created that being with an early development of her creation ability. But since it was still in an immature and subconscious state, the new chick she had created came out imperfect and evil. The farmer approached the mutant chick in horror and disposed of it with a hammer, since he didn’t want to touch it. It was pretty aggressive and could have bitten him.

Plymouth’s townsfolk started adding ‘the Fairfax child’ to their daily gossiping rituals, and the words witch, curse and damnation were very frequent in such conversations.

As it was expected, with the schizophrenia and bloodlust of these difficult times, the people of Plymouth didn’t waste time organizing a meeting in secret after the lights on the Fairfax household went out. They discussed it for a while alongside the mayor and a judge. There was some dissenting at first with some of the families closest to the Fairfax defending them-though never Agnes herself since everyone was pretty much aware that something strange was happening with her. However, when the sorcery and Satan worshipping accusations started coming in, they knew it was over. Most of the things Agnes did were definitely proof that she wasn’t a normal person and in 1695 that meant she was a witch. After a while they decided to kickstart an official collective accusation. The City of Plymouth vs Agnes Fairfax.

After the sinister gathering ended everyone went back to their homes. Unbeknownst to them, Mrs. Fairfax had been awaken by the lights of their torches and instantly understood what was happening when looking at the terrifying and silent procession from the window. Abitha knew the moment was coming, she had heard about the rumors people were spreading lately. She had to think of a plan, and fast if she wanted to save her daughter.

Sure enough, the next morning a mob of angry townies carrying pitchforks and torches forced the wooden door open. Agnes didn’t even have time to deactivate her newly learned superpower. Now she able to shape space however she wanted and even make things pop out of thin air. This way she had turned the interior of her family’s humble shack into a giant, luxurious mansion much bigger than the house that contained it and filled with expensive furniture. She wanted her parents and sister to have the good life they deserved. Usually she would just reverse her magic whenever someone else entered the house as to not raise awareness of her growing magical power but this time she was too slow and everyone saw it. The enraged townsfolk frowned at this new discovery, which had just confirmed the rumors. On top of that, she was floating around and laughing alongside her older sister. Agnes was definitely a witch if she could do this kind of stuff. However Mr. Fairfax blocked the entrance and confronted them. “She’s a good girl, please let us go… We won’t bother you ever again, just let us go. I’m sure we can sort this out as good Christians… a good Christian should forgive and forget, right?”

“I’m afraid that’s impossible.” Answered the town’s reverend, who lead the march. “Besides, a good Christian would never protect a servant of the Devil. She must be judged by a trial of fire at the stake and executed by law if we find that she’s a true witch. Although that has just been made apparent without the need of any trial.”

“Back off!” A desperate Mr. Fairfax grabbed a shovel and tried to get them off his face with it.

“If you want to chose that path Benjamin, so be it. Gump, get rid of him!” A giant, towering brute with arms as thick as a normal man’s torso put the reverend behind him. He had a stupid smile in his face. He was Gump, a mentally disabled man that was abandoned at the doors of the Church by a prostitute thirty years ago. The reverend basically raised him and became his father figure but now he was using his awesome physique to threaten a neighbour and parishioner.

“Gump bweak wittle man!” The monstrous manchild proved that what he lacked in brains he possessed in strength as a simple blow to the head with his enormous fist dented Benjamin’s head, causing him to kiss the floor, knocked out cold. He spasmed for a while, bleeding from his nose and foaming at the mouth. After a few seconds he was dead as a doornail with a silly expression on his face. Tongue out and eyes pointing to different directions.

Abitha and her daughters screamed when it happened as Agnes hugged her sister and both started to cry. The little kid’s heart was being torn apart string by string.

Their mother was panicking, her hands trembling and hyperventilating. “Well, are you going to hand us your daughter? Or do I need to tell Gump to kill you too for defending a witch?”

“Gump stwong! Gump wike to gif evil doers fowever sweepies!” He giggled childishly in an obnoxious, high pitched tone.

“MOTHER NO!” Yelled Abigail, hugging her sister tight.

“Well, what’s it going to be, Abitha? I remember you were a pious woman before, you never missed a mass. But after you had that demonic child…”

“W-Wait… I… I surrender… I…” She put her plan into motion. Her husband was dead but she could still save her daughters. “I’m the true witch, everything that Agnes does is actually caused by me. I wanted my daughter to be superior to the rest so I made a pact with Satan and gave her unnatural luck and fairness. If you should punish anyone, it should be me…” She was bawling her eyes out now. Abitha was about to perform the biggest sacrifice possible for her little angels.

“How do we know you aren’t lying?”

“I’m not lying, I’ll… I’ll go through the stake to prove my power as a witch… You’ll see…”

“Are you sure of this, Abitha? If you just want to save your daughter…”

“I’M NOT LYING! I swear this is the truth. Can you… Can you please spare Agnes? She’s just a little girl, you wouldn’t want to leave Abigail as an orphan AND without her beloved sister, would you? Please spare her, please…” She pleaded on her knees, at her most pathetic.

The reverend took a moment to think and went to discuss it with the main organizers of the mob, the richest men in town. “Agnes!” She took her daughter’s hands into hers.

“M-MOMMY DON’T DO IT PLEASE!” She sobbed, acting like a true child for the first time in her life. “I DON’T WANT YOU TO GO, I WANT US TO BE TOGETHER!”

“No, my dear Agnes. It was good while it lasted but the world is not ready for your gifts… You have to live to see a better tomorrow…” She hugged her and Abigail and kissed their foreheads. “Please use your powers to get out of here as fast as you can with your sister, I’ll distract them to give you some time to escape!”

“B-But mother…”

“No… You have to obey Agnes. Please do it…” She smiled but her eyes clearly expressed distress. “It was a pleasure to watch you two grow. I’ll die happy knowing that you will still live…”

It sounded like the reverend was already coming back so Abitha ended the conversation with them. “I love you…” And she went back to the door.

“The people here don’t believe your lies Abitha, so give us the girl.” But neither Agnes nor Abigail were there anymore. “You made them disappear with your dark arts, so it was true, you are the witch…” Gump suddenly took Abitha by the arm and easily dragged her away from her house. “You will be judged accordingly, as you asked.” Abitha had to go through a walk of shame where all the townies that pretended to be her friends in the past now wished to see her dead and thrown putrid food, mud and rocks at her. Such was the horrifying power of their ignorance and unfounded fear.

Meanwhile the magical girl managed to escape by using her limited teleportation ability to reach the other side of the town in an instant. They were scared and crying but Agnes was particularly broken. Not being able to speak, with a cold stare and a worrying lack of blinking. “Agnes, wake up! We have to go, father and mother sacrificed their lives for us! We can’t stay, we are in the middle of the town!” She shook her little sister but that didn’t wake her up from the trance.

The siblings heard the sound of the mob coming from afar and hid behind some barrels. They were dragging a maimed and bleeding Abitha to the main plaza. They started preparing the stake and she was eventually tied tight to it.

Agnes and Abigail got to see the injustice with their own eyes as her mother was calcined by the fire, her screams a trauma they would never forget. But while it was horrible, they couldn’t look the other way, their brave mother had protected them and it was their responsibility to survive now.

Something snapped inside Agnes's fragile, little mind and her magically enhanced empathy suddenly disappeared, replaced by a dark void of negativity that ate away everything good and pure that still resided in her heart. There was no innocence anymore, no good intentions. Only hatred. Her factions contorted as she frowned and let her rage take over her for the first time in her life. She wanted revenge, to make them pay. To take back everything they had stolen and steal everything of theirs back. But not now, her privileged mind was already starting to plot something perfect with a processing speed superior to our modern industrial supercomputers.

“A-Agnes…?” The last sight of her sister before teleporting out of the city terrified her, and the hellish lightning created by the flames on the background only added to her menacing visage. The town of Plymouth had unknowingly provoked the wrath of a God.

October 30, 1716. The colonial government was informed two weeks prior by the pertinent authorities that a representative from The Crown was going to visit Massachusetts and that she was a high ranked noblewoman from Sussex. The duchess Bella Bedivere had a decades long history as the matriarch of her family since she had prematurely become a widow without male heirs or any close male relative that could take on her job.

The mayor was told that she was going to arrive by boat in the morning, if nothing weird happened and that he was in charge of showing her around Plymouth, where she would stay for a full week at the villa that the old Duke of Sussex had ordered to build back in the mid seventeenth century but never got to use because he died before being able to visit the colonies. The mayor had made convicts clean it up for her in exchange for less time in jail.

He had also summoned a few people to give her an impressive welcome to America. If Lady Bedivere spoke good about the colony back in England, they would probably be more sympathetic taxation-wise. After all, American settlers didn’t have any relevant political representation in the parliament of their motherland. Yet.

How convenient, as soon as they all arrived and positioned themselves, a gigantic old galleon with looks that evoked the times when America was discovered but adorned with fashionable red and white garments came out of the fog. Some were worried that it was too big for the port but it slowly and steadily stopped next to them without any incident. A powerful looking British sailor dropped the anchor and the disembarkation commenced.

These people were genuinely hired by the British Crown and they finished the process in a matter of minutes. They did their work without complaining, without even talking, it was almost eerie how robotically they handled their jobs.

Eventually they connected the ship to the pier with a large wood plank and extended an extremely expensive and frilly purple carpet over it.

Everyone was prepared to start chanting and praising her like the professional bootlickers they were but as soon as she came out and started to walk down the board they went silent, incapable of pronouncing the shortest word. Not only them, the breeze between the trees, the sound of birds, crickets and frogs in the distance, the busy background noise of the port and the town as a whole… Everything just went quiet for an instant as the most beautiful creature to have ever graced Earth’s soil appeared.

The letter the mayor received must have had the wrong information on it because the Duchess was supposed to be in her late 50’s, yet this woman didn’t look a day over 20.

She stood at seven feet tall, which not only made her the tallest woman of her time, but also the tallest living human being, everyone else looked like midgets in comparison. Yet her build wasn’t bulky, but slim and gracious, with delicate arms and hands and long, thick thighs and the widest hips they had ever seen, creating a sumptuous gap between her thin legs. Her waist was non-existent and was followed by a perfectly flat tummy that was connected to the biggest pair of breasts ever, so big in fact, that they looked like they were about to burst and destroy her clothes. They proudly protuberated like a pair of torpedoes, refusing to sag in the slightest. Almost as if they laughed in the face of gravity, a concept that had fairly recently been described by Newton but that had still not reached hillbilly types like most Plymouth’s citizens. Not even nursing mothers could stack up to this ultimate example of femininity.

Her clothes were strange even for the time, it could be said that they were avantgarde and totally not what was expected from an English noblewoman of the early eighteenth century. For starters, she had black boots with golden high heels that went up to almost her butt (which was enormous) and sheathed the lower part of dark, striped overalls with suspenders. Her upper clothes were divided in three sections: A sleeveless, frilly white blouse that struggled to contain her bombshell tits, which were coronated by a big, fat, greenish blue ribbon. Two separated sleeves and a neck piece of the same aesthetic as the blouse managed to let her hairless armpits and arms exposed. Her tiny hands were covered by elegant, white gloves. Different jewels adorned the outfit, from all classes; rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, topaz. Her earrings were also composed of these precious gemstones.

From her neck piece, a short cape of the same cloth as the overalls hung triumphantly, providing her with an almost heroic air. Apparently the greenish blue ribbon was part of a theme, since other smaller examples of such an accessory were attached to her ankles, wrists and even held her extremely long hair in a nice ponytail that almost reached the floor.

Oh, and her hair, that was one of the biggest indications that she was on another level compared to the lowly peasants. Silky, thick and shiny, the wind didn’t even faze it a bit. It also had an unnatural light violet color. The welcome committee suddenly had a feeling of deja vu about it but it passed as soon as the sudden obvious notion that English noblewomen usually had hair of atypical colors materialized in their minds. But of course! Naturally, it was an empirical truth that such thing was the case! Her hair color wasn’t uncommon at all, and certainly it didn’t remind them of anyone they had met in the past! Not even her vibrant and beautiful purple colored eyes changed their idea that the Duchess was a totally unfamiliar person.

They were so silly to even question that in the first place! And besides, they were still glued to her eyes. Those grape colored pools of wisdom, intelligence and kindness were so big and expressive they looked like she was eyeing everyone at the same time, and they complimented her calm, and gentle smile, giving her an air of grandiosity and nobility, not just in title but in personality. Her nose was tiny and cute and her meaty, naturally glossy and pink lips opened to reveal a perfectly white row of teeth. Almost no one in this era, not even rich people, conserved all their pearly whites at that advanced age.

To put it bluntly, Lady Bedivere was perfection incarnated in the most womanly and attractive body possible. There was literally no one else on the world that looked that good, or any woman who dressed that elegantly, and frankly, unexpectedly manly. Ironically, she projected a much more composed and pure aesthetic than any other woman despite dressing much more scantily clad than what the norm was back in that day. In the early 18th century, it was common for ladies, especially aristocrats, to cover their body completely under tons of clothes. Showing so much skin was usually associated with easy women and witches. Yet the townsfolk was so in love with her natural grace and beauty that they subconsciously forgave her little dress code transgression, choosing to admire her statuesque perfection instead.

Women were not excluded from this feeling. Their pussies instantly got wet, having their first ever impure lesbian thoughts with this magnificent human being that could humiliate any man with just the power and confidence that her presence emanated. They had sinned, but they didn’t care, she was a dreamboat. As if she had noticed such a reaction, Lady Bedivere put on a smug smile. The men didn’t take too long to cum in their pants too, as soon as she came close enough to hit them with her powerful pheromones. How was it possible that a person could produce such an entrancing and sweet smell? It was extremely pleasant and aphrodisiac but also potent and pungent enough to make you lose track of your mind, like some of the men, who were staring at her like idiots, to the point of drooling.

Even her way of walking and moving was perfect, she didn’t waste any energy with useless movement, creating an harmony of clacks with her heels as she finally stepped on the wooden pier. When she was close to them, Lady Bedivere snapped her fingers to wake them up from their erotic stupor and they finally noticed the person accompanying her. She was an equally impressive woman. Extremely hot and similar looking but with blonde, short length hair tied in a tight bun and red eyes. She was almost as tall as the Duchess and wore a Victorian era maid dress, which the people from 1716 were still not ready to recognize. Her eyes looked dead, disinterested and cruel, and her lips were sealed tight in a serious expression that chilled their bones. Despite their daintiness, these two were so tall and powerful-looking that they could probably easily rip their heads off. They were as breathtaking as frightening.

“Good morning, nice and hardworking people of Plymouth! My name is Bella Bedivere, Duchess of Sussex. And this is my trusty maid Aleksandra. I never go anywhere without her. She is Polish so forgive her if she isn’t too talkative.” The serious and deadpan maid nodded and then Lady Bedivere flashed a charming smile. Her voice was naturally harmonious, soft and gentle like a mother’s but still extremely confident, deep and with an underlying tone of unshakeable authority. The hard etched English accent did help to sell you on her nobility. However, neither the mayor, nor any other townie could talk back. They were so mesmerized, and honestly humbled by her presence. It was a weird experience, grown men and women feeling so little compared to someone else, but that was the kind of superiority she projected. It was a like a shy kid’s first time meeting a beautiful woman, just red cheeks and uncomfortable silence, with their head down and their thoughts clouded. If there was something that would make adults appear like tiny children, this would be it. A Super Adult, something that makes regular adult look small, pathetic and childish. Her commanding aura was something from another world. “Oh dear. Mister mayor, are you perhaps feeling a tad under the weather? Your face looks pale and you are not speaking up.” Her genuine look of concern made him instinctively try to comfort the statuesque beauty. He took his hat off and after a few pathetic attempts filled with stuttering he remembered what he was trying to say.

“Welcome to our humble town, Lady Bedivere. We are honored to have you here. As you can see your arrival has been a matter of joy to our fellow Plymouthians.” He gestured as rehearsed and everyone started clamoring for her again.

“If my experience at Massachusetts starts with such a warm and lovely welcome party, I’m excited to know about the rest.” So at first she was intimidating, but actually she appeared to be a really sweet and gentle person. That calmed everyone a little.

“And I will show you, Milady.”

After that everything appeared to go normally, the mayor walked next to the Duchess. He looked like a dwarf next to her and the maid but everything went alright. They talked about the culture, the food and the beauty of New England’s nature and its simple yet Christian people. He couldn’t stop staring at her when she wasn’t looking, to the point of getting caught constantly by the maid, although she limited herself to just ‘hmpf’ stoically at the mayor’s lecherous manners. There was something both otherworldly and kind of eerie about how every single of Bella’s expressions looked artificial and calculated, the way she moved and talked was too perfect, even the way she breathed was always constant. However he credited it to the harsh and repetitive etiquette training nobles had to go through, apparently it encouraged them to act very machine-like. Everything was probably rehearsed previously.

What was difficult to stand was her powerful pheromone smell which almost drove him crazy with sexual desire. Everytime his cock deflated, it got erect again in seconds.

Apparently Lady Bedivere was also very erudite and intelligent, she was very interested in history. And whenever the topic derived to science or literature, she started to ramble enthusiastically with an impressive, encyclopedic knowledge of stuff he had never heard about. Some of that stuff sounded too futuristic and perhaps even magical, so he advised her to stop talking about that in public, not only because he couldn’t follow her pace but because the people of New England were very superstitious, to a default and she could get into trouble despite being a noble. This was America and the rules were different to Europe.

Near the end of the visit to the village, it was time for him to show Lady Bedivere her villa but before the mayor could speak up, she slightly tilted her head to the right.

There he was, Jonathan Conway. He was one of the fishermen at the port, worried because of a recent bad strike of luck regarding his catches. If he didn’t sell some good fish soon his family would starve. “Look at me” Jonathan heard in his head, and instinctively turned to his left. He and Lady Bedivere gazed at each other and as if he had recognized her, he suddenly turned pale and started shivering with his pupils completely dilated and an unshakeable fear growing in his heart. He was scared shitless, and as someone this frightened would normally do, he tried to escape.

Bella Bedivere winked at him and Jonathan Conway was no more. He literally ceased to exist right there, nothing to replace him in his spot. His rod fell into the water. The noblewoman curled her sensual lips to form a smile.

“Is everything alright, Milady?” The mayor asked, worried about Bella breaking her character. Losing herself for a few seconds was the most human thing she had done that day.

“There is no problem at all, Terence. I was just enjoying the sight of this beautiful sunset.”

“It has gotten late. Care if I show you your residence for the next weeks? Your father-in-law, the former Duke, built it half a century ago to accommodate for this kind of situation.”

“Of course, I would be honored.”

The gigantic estate was situated over a hill, overseeing the whole port. It was white with red tiles and three floors, extending from more than three hundred feet. It had many bathrooms and dormitories, as expected from a house that was supposed to hold a few dozen people. There was a beautiful garden around it too, filled with violets, the favorite flower of Lady Bedivere, according to the letter.

“Well, there it is. I hope it is to your liking. We have prepared everything for you before you arrived so you feel as comfortable as possible. But of course, nothing is good enough for an indescribable beauty like you, Milady.” In his pitiful, small mind, he thought compliments could eventually wear her down so he could lead her to bed. He had heard that English noblewomen were actually easy lays behind all that uppity behavior somewhere before.

“That’s very commendable, Terence. I believe I will enjoy my stay here.” She plucked one of the flowers and smelled it, enjoying it greatly. “And you guessed my favorites, that is also wonderful.” The mayor noticed her hair was exactly the same color. Perhaps it was because of that.

“If you need anything just…”

“Don’t worry my dear Terence. I don’t need anything with Aleksandra at my side. She takes care of me.”

“Is that right? In that case I will stop pestering you. It’s late and you must be tired. I advise some rest! Hmmm…”

“Is something wrong?”

“I just wanted to ask since you got here, Milady, and I can’t quite get the thought out of my head. You look really young for someone your age, and I say it as a compliment. But may I know, how is it possible?”

“Well. I’m actually a time-travelling 23 year old, incredibly powerful and terrible witch that has come to terrorize your town. I casually rewrote history and the memories of everyone in the entire world so I could impersonate the real Bella Bedivere after killing her by shrinking her into the size of a little mouse and then stepping on her!” She said that with the most unreadable of smiles and Terence got scared for a moment. He stood silent for a few seconds but then erupted in a hearty laughter.

“I see you also have a great sense of humor, Milady! That was very funny!”

“Indeed. I couldn’t resist to tell this joke after being told about your past history with witches and trials.”

“How can you stay so youthful then?”

“That’s a secret. A beautiful woman never reveals her secrets.” She winked at him and made a ‘shhhh’ motion with her finger then disappeared after the gate to the estate closed behind her. Her mannerisms were about two centuries beyond her time but they clearly could stimulate any man no matter the era.

Terence felt the luckiest man alive right there. He had been able to spend a whole day with this beauty. And not only that, she winked at him. He held his heart, it was pounding fast. “And she’s also so feminine and adorable… Heavens, I think I might have fallen in love with her! A married man my age!”

Things started going wrong just that night, a huge thunderstorm transformed the town into a perfect closed space. Ships couldn’t get near the port and people were told not to travel between cities because they were in a real risk of dying. Some of the weaker wooden houses were completely ripped apart from their foundations. The rain fell like knives and almost managed to bring down tile roofs plus the lightning destroyed some trees, fortunately not causing a fire.

But that wasn’t the worst thing, once the morning came and the weather calmed a little, a strange, thick fog emerged from the bay and started creeping around the streets of Plymouth rather unnaturally. Parents were horrified to find that their babies and toddlers were now prey to an horrible skin disease that made them look like human blackberries, red and purple bumps eating their skin away. There was no cure and any method of trying to alleviate the horrible pain just made it worse, eventually every firstborn under the age of 7 died, leaving the town in a state of utter sadness and distress. In just one swoop of destiny, the whole community was completely torn apart.

Hours after the debacle, there was a line of sobbing mothers giving comfort to each other, waiting for the burial of their children. The death toll was so massive they had to open a new cemetery just for them and there was so much work to do everything was chaos. Not only that, but apparently even a few adults disappeared in their sleep during the night. They were nowhere to be found and with such a commotion going on at the moment, nobody was actually looking for them.

Lady Bedivere and Aleksandra attended to this grim ceremony, aptly dressed in black clothes and covering their faces with veils. Standing silently as the mayor came to talk with them, palpably nervous and scared of her reaction to such a catastrophe. “M-MIlady…I’m glad to see you are alright.” He whispered. “I hope you are not disturbed by this, we don’t have a clear explanation of why this happened but let me tell you it isn’t due to sanitation problems. The storm must have brought a wretched disease with it. Fortunately, nothing happened to you or your assistant.”

The giant noblewoman tilted her head to address him, she was crying. mayor Terence almost squeaked when Lady Bedivere crouched, as if she was talking to a child and grabbed his hands with hers, they were extremely delicate and warm. The softest thing he had ever touched. “Don’t worry about such petty concerns. This is a real tragedy and I won’t stand around doing nothing. I will secure help from England. I know it won’t comfort those who have lost their dear children, but some economic help will at least make their lives a bit easier.”

“I-I don’t know what to say… that’s astounding generosity coming from you Milady… I-I don’t know if we can accept it.”

“Nonsense. You ought to accept it for your people, Terence. I’m very sorry for what has occurred here, I feel like it’s my duty with God to help. After all, it all happened just after I arrived.”

“No Milady, please no, don’t ever insinuate that you have something to do with this. If anything, your presence here calms us all.”

She let out a small but sad smile as one of the mothers broke into tears and yelled “GOD HAS ABANDONED US!”

“What do you think, Milady? I don’t want to be blasphemous but with things like this happening it becomes hard to believe that He has a good plan for us.”

“Oh, don’t talk like that. I don’t think He has abandoned us at all. In fact I fully believe that he is watching over us and his will is that we shoulder on and keep living like good christians.” But what kind of God would let this happen? Terence thought. It seemed too much like a senseless sacrifice with no greater plan at hand.

“I really hope you are right.”

“Oh and Terence. Please contact the governor of Massachusetts. I need you two at the villa this afternoon. We have to discuss what to do after this horrible event, and we must officially send and ratify a missive to ask The Crown for help.”

“It will be done as hastily as possible.”

“God bless you.”

“You too.”

The hours passed and the governor was fortunately visiting a neighbouring village. He was contacted and called to an audience with Lady Bedivere alongside mayor Terence.

They were received by Aleksandra with a single, uninterested nod. It crushed their souls for some reason, like they were completely out of their depth, even below the service in importance.

The towering woman closed the gigantic doors in a second- she was probably very strong due to her size, then escorted them towards the first hall to the left to meet Lady Bedivere. The governor wasn’t aware of it but Terence felt a weird sensation that made him shiver. He could swear the decoration, size and shape of the place was completely different than when he went to inspect it a week ago to see if the criminals were doing a good job in restoring it to its original look. Not only that but the house was now full of Bella’s personal effects, and she had a ton of porcelain dolls. Very human-like and dressed in impossibly ornate dresses that were a century ahead of their time. But he didn’t know that, he just know something felt… off.

Aleksandra couldn’t contain a terrifying smirk as she lumbered behind them, casting a shadow over the two that they could swear was moving on its own. Not only that but Terence heard some voices in the distance, they were familiar and were asking for help. Perhaps it was just his imagination. The governor almost shat in his expensive pants when he thought a doll followed him with her eyes.

Eventually they reached a tea time room with the cushiest and most avantgarde armchairs they had ever seen. And they were relatively rich too. Seemed like English nobility was on a whole different level. Lady Bedivere was waiting for them, next to a table made of laminate diamond that held a tray with three cups, spoons and a cream dispenser, plus some pastries and crumpets. Her way of sitting was arrogant and condescendent, as if she was in her throne as queen of the world, and the weirdest part of it was that she perfectly fit the bill. Both men suddenly felt an instinctive need to kneel before her in respect and kiss her feet.

“Please be good and sit down.” The doors and curtains suddenly closed by themselves and a bunch of very real will-o-wisps appeared and gave the room a dark, esoteric and terrifying atmosphere. The two men weren’t aware of what was happening. Lady Bedivere snapped her gloved fingers and they felt as if a pair of powerful and enormous hands were forcing them to sit, horrified and confused by the situation. Her smile was still as calm and perfect as ever, but this time it had a hint of maliciousness. She clapped slowly and soundly. “I can’t believe they were so stupid to believe all this shit, Abigail.” Terence suddenly felt pure terror at the mention of that name.

“You said it sis, that they were retarded enough to come. So sanctimonious, so desperate, so fragile…”

“Have some tea, my sister made it for you after all, you shouldn’t reject a gift from a goddess.” Lady Bedivere proudly declared after leaning in. “You did say earlier on that God was a He. Oh how mistaken you were.” Then she magically stretched her index finger many feet to activate a weird device in the middle of the room. It was a metal box that started broadcasting animated images and making noise. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. “Oh yeah, this is a TV. It’s pretty fucking great, advantages of being able to visit the future whenever I want and shit.”

“M-Milady please explain what in God’s name is happening… I don’t understand anything, these weird things that you can do, that strange device… and… you two being goddesses? Are you blaspheming? If this is a jest I don’t like it at all.” Terence was trying to make sense of all of this but no matter how many answers he imagined, new questions quickly arose with them.

“Oh dear, still talking about that pitiful, inexistent excuse of a God you worship so much eh? Sorry but I have to tell you that everything was a lie. We played you for the fools you are.”


Bella ordered his mouth to shut up, so it got instantly sewn together so he could never speak again.

“Don’t worry, you won’t need your voice any longer. Abigail, you have a new toy to play with.”

“Yay!” The formerly stoic maid showed her true, cheerful personality as her uniform shapeshifted into one very similar to her sister’s but with burgundy ribbons. Her hair was now tied in a short blonde ponytail and her eyes retook their original almond color. Despite her being an adult, Terence instantly recognized her, and then figured out who Lady Bedivere truly was. How could he have been so blind to something so obvious?

“Because we clouded your mind so you wouldn’t recognize us.” She said after reading his feeble mind like an open book. “Yes, indeed, we are Agnes and Abigail Fairfax. Remember us, Terence? You approved the decision to burn our mother at the stake two decades ago. It’s nice to meet you again!”

“T-The Fairfax sisters… s-so you were actually witches all the time…” The horrified look on his face when the governor was slowly and painfully morphed into a doll that looked exactly like him by a casual beam from Abigail’s magical fingers was priceless. He started to sweat cold as tears flowed from the transformed man’s porcelain eyes. Then he recognized the townies that were missing this morning, sitting on top of the marble chimney. This was the worst possible situation to be in.

“Oh Terence, you don’t know what you are dealing with. Witches you say…” She charmingly giggled and gestured with her finger and the cup of tea moved by itself next to his face, then she made it so the cup exploded into a lot of tiny china bits that cut Terence’s face. The liquid was still floating in the middle of the air, conserving the shape of the cup that was containing it before. Agnes looked at it and her eyes turned red, her heat vision raised the temperature of the liquid to hundreds of degrees celsius like its magical mistress desired it, then it launched itself into his face. The screams were like music to the witch’s ears, as Terence’s face was being devoured by third degree burns and yet he couldn’t move no matter how much he thrashed about. But then he fell to the ground unceremoniously.

“You are free to go, for now. Go tell everyone if you want. We will have our revenge on this stupid village anyway, it’s not like you can stop us.” The two witches laughed maniacally as Terence stumbled in his initial attempt to flee. He run down the now hellish halls being pursued by monstrous shadows that almost ate him and the eyes of the dolls that were once innocent people. He managed to squeak by the jaws of one of the shadows on the wall and jumped face-first into the mud, still screaming in pain because of the burns on his face, which was now heavily disfigured. He grabbed his face and rolled downhill to alert the rest of the town as the doors to the villa closed. The siblings’ laughter was heard all around Plymouth, just before a gigantic lightning destroyed the town hall, making people get out of their houses to see what was happening.

As they were discussing the weird laughs they all for some reason were able to hear and the fire at the center of the town, the sky quickly turned dark, but a weird purple shade of it.

In the meantime Terence was being treated at the town’s hospital. His face was still burning and he couldn’t stop yelling in pain. The nurses tried to settle him down but it was too late for him, parts of his face were completely cremated with parts of his skull exposed. It was a miracle he was still alive. “BRING ME THE REVEREND, WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING WITH THOSE WITCHES!” He kept repeating.

After insisting too much they decided to fulfill his request and inform the reverend. He was having dinner, alongside Gump. “What happened? Can’t you see we are busy?” He barked after being interrupted by one of his helpers. He was already an ancient man.

“It’s the mayor, he requests your presence at the hospital.” She whispered in his ear. “It’s about witches.”

He silently stood up with a worried expression on his face, put on his robe and his clergyman and stormed out of there with Gump and some useful items that he was provided for the situation in which he would have to face a witch. “It… it was Agnes from the very beginning… she was the real witch… all the time, not her mother… We made a terrible mistake and it’s time to… to… correct… it…”

Mayor Terence was struggling to speak with those terrible injuries but just before he could keep reporting his findings a powerful feminine voice boomed through the hospital. “HAHAHA! Are you really trying this? Holy fuck, you truly are pathetic!” All the windows opened at the same time, letting in a cold, vicious wind. Every patient in the hospital started screaming as their eyes were suddenly crying blood, all their vital organs failing at the same time. They were dead in seconds, the nurses unable to take care of all of them at the same time.

“Y-You… S-She’s here…” Mayor Terence struggled to breathe, he wasn’t dead yet and that was somehow a dreadful thought to him.

“I’m omnipresent you fools. I’m always here, and there, and everywhere! You can’t hide from me. I see and hear everything… even your thoughts… hehehe…” A pair of giant gloved hands with piercing purple eyes between them suddenly materialized in the middle of the room. “Ahhhh I didn’t think you would call our friend the reverend, but it’s perfect for me. I’ll show him how I kill you just to send him a message.”

“NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Terence’s body was picked up by the enormous hands as a purple vortex appeared on the floor and quickly started sucking everything around it. Those that couldn’t hold on to something were absorbed by it, never to be seen again.

The mayor protested but it was useless, he wasn’t strong enough to contest Agnes. “It was a pleasure, Mr. Mayor. But those lewd thoughts of yours made me decide on giving you an existence worse than death! Welcome to the Nightmare Dimension!”


“Nah, fuck you.”

“Terence no!” Yelled the reverend with his cracked, octogenarian voice. But it was too late, the vortex closed as he got sucked into a realm of nightmarish monsters that would make the rest of his life a living hell. He lost his sanity in the first few minutes but he didn’t know that time worked differently and he would be tormented by those terrors for eons.

“Did you see that, little man? Try and stop me, if you have the balls to do so that is. HAHAHAHA!” Then her projection disappeared.

The reverend wished that this day would have never come and he was terrified so, feeling Gump was not enough, he went door by door asking all the able men he could find for help.

He got to form a group of eighteen men, including Gump and himself and they climbed the hill with a few torches, pitchforks and even some firearms for good measure.

It was the moment of truth and even if their hands were trembling in fear, they found the resolve to fight back against the witch, who had by now already been accused of being the one who killed the children too. “Come foul witch, and face your destiny! You have been flirting with forces forbidden by our Lord but your time is over. We will not tolerate concubines of Satan in this good, Christian town. Don’t hide or we'll force the doors and come for you instead!”

An explosion of smoke and bats erupted from the door as a smug, devilish Agnes Fairfax floated above the fog of the night. Her size and a face filled with bloodlust made her even more menacing than before. She looked a bit different, with a weird, dark makeup under her eyes that mimicked eyebags and gave her a mean and cruel appearance. “HAHAHAHA!” An earthquake caused by her laugh made some of them fall right into the mud. “So you’ve finally come. You should have stayed at home you fools, now I’m going to destroy you.”

“I don’t need this!”

“Yeah, I’m out of here, I’ll gladly live in another town, I didn’t even have anything to do with the burning of his mother!” Two of the men were terrified enough at this point to start running for their lives, but it was to no avail as Agnes only needed a flick of her hand for one of them to be horribly dispatched.

The poor idiot started AUDIBLY twisting and screaming in pain as his arms and legs bent in ways that they shouldn’t, his bones cracking and his muscles being torn apart. His body started swirling on itself as if someone was wringing a towel to get the water out, although in his case it was blood and other bodily fluids. It kept going until the guy did literally look like a wrung towel but Agnes didn’t allow him to die until the very end, when his wrinkled mess of a body fell into the floor. “Bang!” The witch enthusiastically yelled before shooting the other guy with her finger, causing him to explode into meaty bits and staining the rest of the group with blood. She blew at her finger, which caused smoke to come out like a gun just after firing.

“Sorry but I cannot allow you to leave. Not so early anyway, I have to torture you first.”

“W-Why are you doing t-this? I-Is it for your mother?” The reverend bravely asked after putting himself in the frontline, he had his crucifix on his back, hidden from her.

Agnes chuckled. “Well, perhaps at first I wanted revenge for my parents and all that. But it has become something else with time. You people are so fucking backwards and evil I thought I would have some fun if I made you pay for it. Making you feel what you made me feel, you know? And it’s being great so far…” She stood on a thoughtful pose for some seconds. “Hmmm you made me think of humans as inferior pieces of shit, as cattle, and you shouldn’t have done that. Not with someone as powerful as me that’s for sure. You can hide behind your fake God all you want but the truth is that you are horrible, criminal pieces of shit and you deserve some fair punishment. And since your God doesn’t even exist, I might as well deal the punishment myself. I judged you all in this town guilty, regardless of if you took part in the mob that killed my parents or not. After all, you made me hate humans as a whole. Your weak, pathetic species exists just to be abused by me now. And the best part of it, it’s that I’m still the good guy here. You are the imperfect, wretched sinners that kill people indiscriminately and I’m Karma personified coming to bite you in the ass. Isn’t that great?” It became obvious that she had been preparing this speech for years, and at her moment of triumph, she was more than enjoying it. However, after she stopped talking, a barrage of small explosions hit her body.

The reverend’s men had shot her with their rifles. “Shut up you demon, you will pay for what you did to those children and the mayor…”

“OH WILL I?” Naturally, she was completely unscathed, not ever her clothes were damaged. Agnes removed the dust on them with a smug expression on her face. “I fear you don’t have any chance of beating me. I’m completely invulnerable and countless times more powerful than all of you put together. But please keep trying, it’s making my day.”

Three men attacked her from different sides, two grabbing her arms to immobilize her and another one charging with a pitchfork. The first thing they noticed it’s that she didn’t move one bit, it was like trying to push a mountain, and she was so big next to them, they felt like pipsqueaks, but the plan was apparently working.

Unfortunately for them, the pitchfork broke the moment it made contact with her skin, not making her lose any momentum. The guy fell over because of the failed impact but Agnes easily picked his entire weight like he was a sack of potatoes, between two of her ultra long, purple manicured nails. “Tsk, I hate it when human trash like you touches me.” She then threw the man upwards in a clean motion. He kept ascending after his screams ceased to be heard. He never came back down.

The other two men holding her realized they were stuck to her and couldn’t escape. A childish little laugh escape her lips as her shadow creeped behind them, took the form of a gigantic mouth with sharp canines and devoured them, leaving only the lower half of their bodies still standing. After they dropped, their intestines and other viscerae scattered around.

“Any other volunteers? I can do this all day, I frankly love it.” They shot her again but still, no hint of damage in her perfect, seven feet tall body. She magically made their rifles start shooting automatically without recharge just to show them how futile it was, while putting on sexy and elegant poses nonetheless. She even made her already melon sized tits expand a little just so they could soak all the damage like nothing. “This feels great~” She said with a seductive voice, and despite their hatred and fear for her, they got a boner. Yes, even the reverend.

“W-What are you…?” He barely managed to say, so terrified that his legs were almost moving on their own.

“Oh, are you really that interested? In other dimensions I would be called a Super Goddess. And in a normal situation there would be many women with this kind of power at the same time. But in this one? Only me… ” This all sounded like Chinese to the 18th century villagers, her speech had also changed to a flawless, posh British accent to a form of speak so modern they couldn’t grasp it. “Yes, Super Goddesses. Women that are born with the potential to become omnipotent, and that, unlike me, are usually empathetic with shitty humans like you. I myself became almighty at 3 years old, a few months after leaving this town for Britain. Since then I have accumulated almost endless knowledge and travelled to many different planets, time periods and even realities. My mastery over everything and everyone is absolute and it’s all real. Unlike your pitiful God’s…” She crossed her arms. “Unfortunately for you, your cruelty two decades ago changed something inside me and now I’m unable to feel sorry for you whenever I fuck you up. Too bad!” The men didn’t understand at all, they couldn’t believe or even process all of this in one sitting. It was too much! “My… you really seem confused right now, eh? Well, since you are so insistent in calling me a witch, why don’t we make a new term for me so we are all happy? What about Super Witches? Yeah, I like it, it’s befitting of the things I’m going to do to you, since you wanted witches to exist, you will get one. The most powerful one. A Super Witch!”

Again, her speech was interrupted, but not by the villagers this time. It was Abigail, flying high and supporting an the entire burning town hall in one of her tiny hands. “Hey there, sis! Having fun?!” The shadow of the building loomed over the scared mortal men.

“Pretty much, why don’t you participate?”

“That’s a great idea!” Then she cruelly dropped it and it flattened ten of the men that were left.

“Phew! That was a good one, but I would have preferred if you had them suffer more!”

“It’s okay, they are still alive, suffering from the pain of being crushed.” She winked and stuck her tongue out in a cutesy but eerie way. “I don’t think I’ll let them die.” The mighty witch floated down, next to her taller, younger sister and they both embraced passionately, then engaged in a lewd French kiss in front of the prudish New Englanders.

“N-Not only witches b-but also… i-incestuous sodomites… You two will go to hell, there’s no way God would allow this!” The reverend barked in an almost instinctive, self-righteous fit. His backwards customs were stronger than his fear of death.

“You religious primates are so boring with your stupid morals, can’t you see they don’t matter to goddesses like us…?” Declared Abigail. “Also you pretend to act tough but there’s nothing backing you up, old man.” Then she noticed the last of the men that weren’t Gump or the reverend were escaping.

“Will you take care of that, sis?”

“Of course, he will make the perfect doll!” Abigail then pursued him at 300 miles per hour. She didn’t take long to catch him and turn him into a doll with a cute kiss. The nicest way to die between all of his pals. However she still lead him to believe he was safe for a while, before suddenly appearing and finishing him. She liked to toy with her prey.

“Well, we are alone now. It seems your little whatever-this-was failed to accomplish shit, reverend. What are you going to do now? Perhaps if you kneel I will have mercy and kill you fast.” She started to approach the reverend, but Gump jumped in front of her.

“G-Gump, no!” Gump was the most important person in his life. He had raised him since he was a baby, and he had always protected him in turn, but this was out of his league. Yet his mind was so limited he couldn’t understand this fact after all those things that he saw.

“Dun wurry daddeh, Gump stwong! Gump can take on the wimpy witch!” Despite him being a towering absolute unit, he was still five inches short of Agnes's height. He had become used to be the big guy and threaten people just with his stature and powerful frame. But now it was different, the Super Witch’s purple, demonic eyes were cleaving into his soul, his low intelligence rendering him unable to comprehend why her presence was so undermining to his confidence.

“W-Weave d-daddeh alone, meanie!” He started punching her with all his strength but she didn’t even flinch. “Huh… Huh… Huh…” He had never needed to throw more than one punch so this tired pretty quick, and his fists were broken against her harder-than-metal abs, prompting him to sob as he kept hitting her. He couldn’t understand why it was hurting so much and that confused him further.

The difference between the two was quite astonishing. Agnes was a taller goddess with a perfect body, skin, face and hair, all her teeth intact and an immeasurable intelligence. She also smelled like sex. While Gump was just a brute more akin to a monkey than a human. And despite this, she still was so much more powerful than him. This level disparity was almost insulting. How could someone be born as unlucky as Gump but others get to be Super Goddesses? Nonetheless, she loved the benefits of this genetic unfairness and the power it gave her over him. “Ah, I remember you. You are the one who killed my father. What if I return the favor?” She pushed his forehead with her index finger, making his feet dig into the mud and pushing his body away.

“WET GO, WET GO!” His face was red with anger and humiliation and he kept trying to reach her but couldn’t, stopped by a single finger a few centimeters away from her.

“Haha. Yeah, no problem. Allow me…” The all powerful goddess pierced his brain with her nail, instantly killing him, then kept pushing down with her finger. It took just two seconds for her to squash Gump’s entire body into a flat, meaty pancake with blood as a sauce. His bones and muscles completely pulverized by the effortless force of the Super Witch.


“Hey, this is your fault. It wouldn’t have happened had you educated him well. Telling him to hurt people… how horrible coming from a man of God like you.”

“W-What do you know about God?” His fear prevented him from fleeing, he knew it would be useless. So he mustered all of the courage that was left in his heart and pulled his crucifix.


“Oh come on, don’t be fucking ridiculous.” The unaffected Agnes stole the crucifix at light speed and inspected it. Wow, it was even made of silver. How arrogant and superstitious, poor people could have eaten for a week with the money this was worth. “Did you really think your fake God would have saved you from me? He couldn’t even beat me if he was real.”

“I b-believe in Jesus, h-he is real. H-He will give you what you deserve!” The reverend pissed his pants, he had no options left. Was she really a goddess? Nothing contradicted that notion at this point. Was he mistaken in believing in the Christian God?

“Let’s put that to test, shall we?” She snapped her fingers and the real, authentic Jesus of Nazareth appeared where they were.

“W-Where am I? Is this part of your plan too, Father?” He said in ancient Yiddish, which Agnes could easily understand since she could speak and understand any language that existed, had ever existed or would ever exist with perfect fluency.

“This is your messiah, look at what I do to him!” She again used her magical shadow to eat Jesus, his screams were very human despite coming from a God.

“Y-You are lying…” He didn’t know what to believe anymore. This had to be a very well elaborated illusion. It was impossible for someone to be more powerful than God.

“Not really, even my sister Abigail here could beat Jesus.”

“Hey!” The blonde teleported back to the garden.

Agnes brought Jesus back from the Nightmare Dimension with a snap of her fingers. He was wounded, with amputated limbs and hyperventilating. “F-Father came to save me, b-but those demons were t-too strong for him and devoured him. I-I thought I was going to die t-too… W-Who are you and how are you so powerful?” He was really scared, it was unusual of a self-proclaimed omnipotent to feel fear and to be completely defeated. But Jesus was feeling just that, him and by extension God’s position as the most powerful beings in existence was no longer a thing.

“Okay!” The always cheerful Abigail jumped towards Jesus and he tried to evade at lightspeed but Abigail was faster than that and blinked behind him. With a gentle breeze from her kissable lips, he turned Jesus into dust, not only erasing him physically but conceptually from time and space in their dimension. “Well, killing God was pretty easy!” She said after appearing next to them again.

“See? And she is only an Ultipotent Enhanced. Know what that is? I can also make people better versions of themselves, almost as powerful as I am if I wish, and I decided to make my dear sister ultipotent. It seems that was enough to destroy your pathetic God like he was nothing. And this was him at his hypothetically strongest. Apparently he couldn’t even lift a rock that he created specifically for it to be too heavy for him.”

“Yeah that’s retarded. Paradoxes are only for dum-dums that still follow the laws of logic.”

“Indeed my cute sister, we definitely don’t do that.”

The reverend was just sobbing on the floor now, lying in a fetal position. “Why… How… Why… How…?”

“Well, now that that’s settled and you comprehend our power level compared to you puny mortals it’s time for your life to end. I have something special in mind for you!”

Agnes's delicious voice turned lyrical as she started singing one of her favorite lullabies from her mother, it was sweet and lovely but also had a strange, creepy quality about it. The musical notes materialized from thin air, as her song was heard by everyone in Plymouth.

Abigail pressed her foot against the reverend’s head, keeping him down. “Oh wow, that’s mom’s!”

“Don’t mistake it for genuine love. I don’t care about her anymore and I won’t resurrect her, but I genuinely do like that song.”

Crying and stressed mothers begged their children not to leave the house. They wouldn’t obey, their eyes were looking into the horizon and no answer would come out of their mouths. They were completely hypnotized by the prodigious beauty and power of the Super Goddess’s lullaby.

About a thousand of them, from all ages between 7 and 13 met at the main street and marched together in line, almost like soldiers. Not thinking, just obeying. At this point not even their fathers could restrain them, for some reason they were too powerful, much stronger than any adult man and swatted their elders like flies just to keep walking.

Eventually they reached the slope and climbed the hill, slowly and ominously. As soon as they were in front of Agnes, she stopped singing, and the spell was broken. All the kids and tweenagers looked around, confused as to why and how they had been taken to Lady Bedivere’s villa. They didn’t remember that happening, and as they talked with each other about it, nothing made sense to them. “SILENCE!” Agnes said calmly, but amplifying the volume with her magic. And they all shut up instantly, her presence was too much for them to rebel or even ask about anything.

“L-Leave them alone, t-they are just kids…” The reverend struggled to say between sobs, and Abigail dug his head into the mud even further. He screamed in pain.

“Oh I was a kid back then too, but you decided it was cool to kill me, right? It doesn’t really matter that much to you, you piece of shit hypocrite.” She puffed her gigantic chest. “Besides, I need some people for my new army.” Her eyes lightened up as an evil smile crossed her lips. “The one I will conquer this pathetic planet with…”

“Are we doing that now?!” Abigail was clearly excited by the prospect. Like she had been asking her sister for years. But Agnes was waiting for the perfect, most dramatic moment to finally go and do it.

“Yes! So please my dear old sister, choose one of the girls here. We need a new witch general!”

“Oh yes, I’d love to have another girl friend!” She started looking for the perfect kid. They were all scared shitless and didn’t dare to move. She was so big and imposing. “Ahhhh there are so many of them, and a lot of them are very cute too! It’s so hard to choose!”

“ME! ME!” One of the older girls raised her hand with a look of determination in her face. She was holding a thick, red book on her other hand. Her hair was long and brown and her eyes green like emeralds. She had a beauty spot on her face. “I want to be a witch!”

“Oh, we got a volunteer here! Splendid!” Agnes quickly read her mind and every memory of hers to understand what this was all about. “Ah I see, so you are not so different to how I was…” She reached to her, crouched and stroke her hair. “Damn, you are really pretty. Why do you want to join us, exactly?”

“I hate this town! I hate the church and I hate the reverend! Everyone in this town treats me like I’m worth nothing because I like books and learning. They bully me all the time and I’m too weak to fight back.” Tears started flowing down her cheeks during her rant. “Apparently women can’t be smart, I think it’s unfair and I want to change it! Make me powerful, please, I want to be the most knowledgeable person in the world! I want to be strong so nobody can bully me ever again, I don’t want to keep being oppressed!”

“My my. That’s the attitude, right Abigail?”

“Yup, she reminds me of you when you were little, that fire in her eyes…I like her, I like her a lot!”

“Me too. But first we need some proof… ” She chuckled to herself, all of this was just a game for her. “That she won’t betray us. Let’s test her courage! What is your name, young lady?”

“Alessa. Alessa Collicott, your omnipotence.”

“Awwww she’s so educated and lovely. She knows how to refer to us. What if you show us to what lengths you will go to become an Ultipotent Enhanced like Abigail and rule the world as a trinity?”

Agnes clapped her hands and every single child except Alessa suddenly entered a trance-like state. “Wow…” Alessa said, in awe of the Super Goddess’s power.

Then she started to make circles with her index fingers, the heads of the children followed her movements and suddenly their eyes turned into literal spirals like a cartoonish representation of hypnosis. Then apparently, their body was also affected by it as their arms quickly mutated into swords. The reverend saw that and started panicking and begging for forgiveness. “Too late for that now…” Said Abigail as she magically conjured some ropes and a gag so he would stay put.

“The order is yours, my dear Alessa.” The witch grabbed her shoulders and smiled at her in approval. This was Alessa’s wish since she was a toddler, becoming someone powerful and important, someone respected for her strength, intelligence and wisdom. Someone completely independent from the rules of a primitive society. And she would take this opportunity with no regrets.

“I want him dead.” She put her thumb down, like a Roman emperor at the colosseum.

“So be it.” Agnes snapped her fingers and the kids jumped towards the impotent reverend and started stabbing him in every place of his body while laughing like little devils. Alessa first looked at them with a frightened expression, but the screams of terror and pain coming from the reverend started warming her soul up to cruelty, and when she saw how his kidneys and eyes popped outside the crowd of killer infants, she started to laugh like a maniac. She was free now, and all it took was killing someone she hated. “Ahhhhhh, that’s great Alessa, embrace that hatred. Humans are cattle, and now you are going to become something superior.”

“Yes, yes! I have been waiting all my life for this!” Agnes kissed the teenager’s forehead and an explosion of light surrounded her. Her being was synchronizing with every version of herself, from all points in time and all the different possible timelines. Her body suddenly felt hypercharged with power, like she could take on the whole Universe by herself, and it was true, she could. Her mind expanded, and suddenly everything around her felt easy to perceive, understand and process. It was like she had been blind all the time, and now she could finally see, and it felt incredible. It was… magical.

When it stopped, the reverend was already dead, completely unrecognizable. She was now in a greater level of existence. Already an adult, as tall as Abigail, she was like a perfect version of her former self. Her outfit was the same as her two witch sisters, but with red colored ribbons and her beautiful hair was tied up in a ponytail that cascaded down a spherical bun. Her expression was calm and smug, she was clearly already comfortable with her position and power. “Thank you Agnes, being ultipotent is the best thing ever. It felt so great to transform… I think I have orgasmed about ten billion times in the last few seconds, I just thought it would be a total lack of decorum to show you two.” Her expression turned into one of disgust for a second. “I can’t believe I was trapped in that imperfect body for all those years. It makes me want to puke. Yuck!”

“It’s alright Alessa, don’t be a prude. We’ll have all the time in the Universe to have sex later.” She licked her lips in anticipation. “What do you have in store now that you can bend reality? Are you going to give your dear birth town a proper send off?”

“Yeah, that would be a good way to test your new powers!” Abigail added.

“Alrighty then!” But as she was about to do something, her own father appeared between some bushes. He was crying but also had a expression of pure rage on his face. He had seen everything, her daughter ordering the execution of the reverend and turning willingly into a witch. He loved her with all his heart but it was his duty to end this. He had to kill Alessa. He grabbed a knife from his pocket and leaped forward, trying to stab her in the back of the neck.

With a swift movement, Alessa turned around and her ponytail slapped her father in the face. The hit was so powerful his head exploded into a cloud of blood vapor. “Who was that?” Abigail asked.

“Who gives a shit?” The newly created Enhanced answered.

“That’s the spirit!” Agnes went up and kissed Alessa in the lips, then they smiled to each other. Abigail got a little jealous and puffed her cheeks.

“Well, if nobody else wants to interrupt me, I will perform my first magic trick ever!”

Alessa positioned herself in the middle of the garden and removed her cloak, making a cauldron with a dubious looking, dark green, bubbly soup appear in the angle it was hiding. She stirred it with a large wooden spoon she took from the hammerspace inside her cleavage and it took a few seconds for her to literally create life from nothingness.

As she laughed maliciously, like a proper witch should, a whole flock of flying monsters started appearing from the cauldron’s primordial soup with no end. They were uncannily human looking, like tiny, ugly fairies with demonic bat wings and barbed dicks bigger than their entire body size. “Genius.” Stated Agnes, predicting what Alessa wanted to do. “Your mind is so cruel and devious. It was a good decision to choose you as third witch.”

“I’m honored, my love.”

The flock of fairy monsters flew down to Plymouth and started attacking everyone. With their superior strength they could easily pin down both men and women and start raping them with their gigantic dicks. Some of them would even die from the pain. Whenever they felt hungry they would also straight up eat people with canines stronger than any man-made material.

“So what’s the idea?” Abigail asked, using her superior vision to contemplate every single rape scene at the same time from a kilometer of distance. Ignoring the walls on the houses with her omnivision ability.

“All those tiny humans will give birth to the prole of my monsters. We’ll have an even bigger, stronger army soon, heh heh heh…”

“That’s if someone survives the pregnancy.”

“Oh they will, I created them with those concerns in mind. By tomorrow we should have a few thousand fairies more at our disposal.”

“Well Alessa, want us to show you our humble home so we get to know each other better?” Both Agnes and Abigail looked at their new partner with bedroom eyes, she corresponded and the three of them walked into the mansion, holding their hands like girlfriends.

A simple snap of Agnes's fingers was enough for their army of hypnotized killer children to follow them into the villa, and when the last one entered, the doors closed. Everything was silent now, with the only background noise being the city of Plymouth and the screams of its defenseless inhabitants. In flames, being completely raided and destroyed by Alessa’s army of fairy demons.

During the night, a few surviving men tried to assault Agnes in her sleep. They burst through the window and despite the darkness, they managed to pierce her bed with swords they desperately stole from a dead blacksmith. It obviously didn’t work since she wasn’t sleeping in it. The lightbulb on the ceiling suddenly turned on by itself, illuminating the bedroom. Agnes was standing right in front of them, naked, flaunting her unfair perfection and smiling.

“Y-You witch, h-how…?”

“Idiots, witches don’t need to sleep.” It took one second for all of them to be absorbed into her biomass and disappear completely. They didn’t even have time to react. Her marvellous body didn’t even change a bit. “Ah, you didn’t know? We Super Goddesses have a passive power that absorbs lower lifeforms. We have to turn it off so inferior trash like you can exist in the same room as us… I wasn’t paying attention to that right now though, tough luck! I hope you enjoy being part of me forever and having no volition!”

The next morning Abigail was enthusiastically showing Alessa the interior of their villa and talking to her about her new position as the undisputed ruler of the Universe and concubine of Agnes. Alessa found herself enjoying their personal library. She managed to learn, understand and retain eons worth of knowledge of interplanetary culture, science and history in a matter of minutes. “See, this is why you never show mercy to humans, you have to think of them as nothing more than children. Not even that actually! Think of them as disposable pets you can abuse and kill at your leisure! After all, what do you think of a being that can’t fly without the help of crude machines? That can’t enter the minds of others? That can’t even manipulate nature how they see fit? That are mortal…? They aren’t even aware of aliens! Imagine thinking you are alone in this Universe. How foolish. Those limitations are as stupid as they are. We don’t need to respect or give any undeserving worth to literal evolutionary dirt.”

“Don’t worry, I love all of this. I can’t wait to torture some more humies once we conquer the world.” She answered with an evil tone in her beautiful voice.

“Pfff. We already have the entire British Empire at our disposal, we might not even need to intervene at all for that to happen.”


“Yeah, Agnes became the supreme ruler of it years ago. We have pretty much transformed all our subjects into zombies by now.”

“And why didn’t the rest of the world know about such a thing?”

“Because Agnes didn’t want them to know so she made some tweaks to the fabric of reality here and there. Y’know, minor stuff. She was still preparing her revenge and didn’t want some pesky international status quo changes to ruin it. But oh dear, it was pretty bloody. I would say we easily wiped out half of the population of the British Isles that day. The colonies fell in line after being notified of the bloodbath and Agnes's status as the new queen and empress.”

“Wow, I’m impressed! And where is she now?”

“Oh yeah! About that, at this time of the day Agnes is usually playing with her little piggies. Wanna come to the basement with me and see?”

“Always a pleasure!”

They descended using a stair to a place that wasn’t there before. The stone steps progressively became more crystalline and with more separation between them, as the staircase started to take the shape of a spiral which was circling around an existential vacuum. Since the witches didn’t need light to see, they elegantly reached a little warehouse at the bottom, miles under the foundations of the house.

Agnes had assembled a room with five tables supporting a different model city each: 1935 Coventry, 1423 Paris, 1797 Kyoto, 870 Bagdad and a futuristic looking one that wasn’t labelled. The displays were enclosed with rectangular plastic walls which gave them the appearance of a terrarium, short enough to let the witches see everything from the perspective of a giant. Very high pitched, hardly audible, human screams were coming from them. The model cities were filled with tiny, real people panicking at the sight of their gigantic oppressor towering over their cities. The purple haired Super Goddess slammed her fist on Notre Dame and it fell over a hundred unfortunate tinies, killing them instantly. “Oh, Alessa! Wanna see what I do here? It’s my little passion project. I pick towns from different eras and countries at random and turn them into miniature versions of themselves to have fun with the humans that live in them. It’s to keep stress at bay!” She guided her to a little miniature farm, a bit bigger than the other models, same with the people that inhabited it. “This one is new. I created it with a bigger size to enhance the personal interaction between me and the cattle. I have killed three of them so far and I have to say it gets very emotional at times.”

“P-Please Goddess Agnes, don’t punish us, we have done nothing wrong.” By the way they dressed, it was clear they had been Amish once. But now they were forced to worship her to live. The father was on his knees. “Please, if you want to take someone, please take me first. Spare my family I beg you…”

“Actually that’s a pretty good idea Jebediah but… you have been a good boy so far and I fear your here brother has been masturbating while thinking about me.”

“NONONO THAT’S NOT TRUE, PLEASE DON-” Agnes lifted his entire body as the children cried and tried to pull him down to no avail. No matter how much they struggled, they couldn’t compete with the strength of a giant goddess.

“Don’t lie to me Noah.” She willed a TV into existence and it played a recording of him jerking off while mumbling her name. He passed out in his bed.

“I-I can explain my goddess, y-you can consider it a compliment. Y-You are so perfect, beautiful and magnifi-A-AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She screamed his lungs out as Agnes tightened her fingers around him.

“I couldn’t care less about what trash like you thinks of me.” Then she started ripping apart each of Noah’s limbs one by one, making sure he suffered the most possible. He started praying for forgiveness, then for help and finally his words turned into incoherent rambling and childish crying as the 30 year old farmer was being turned into a human pillow by the cruel Super Goddess. Her calm smile turned sadistic when he finally begged for death. Alessa was already in awe of Agnes's capability for cruel punishments but she wasn’t expecting the next thing she did. She threw the limbless body of little Noah to the miniature pigs, and they started devouring him alive. Agnes had made sure his family could hear him scream in pain.

“W-Why are you doing this…? Y-You are so cruel…” The family hugged each other, lamenting the death of another family member.

“Oh yeah, Jeb? That sounds like defiance, and you know what we do with defiant pieces of shit ‘round these parts…”

“NO PLEASE I DIDN’T MEAN TO!” But it was too late. Agnes had already picked him up, and in front of his wife and six children she closed her hand and crushed him hard, completely destroying his body. She then dropped him in front of them, turned into a shadow of his former self, with all his bones broken, guts spilling out.

“Hey, Alessa. What do we do with the mother? Come on, I’ll let you try. I’m sure you have a great imagination for stuff like this.”

“Hmmmmm…” Her Enhanced brain took two seconds to come up with a perfect idea. “I got it!” Alessa created a little sun out of nothing, then took a magnifying glass from a tool rack nearby. The beautiful brunette pointed the glass at the mother, who suddenly turned pale at the sight of the goddess’s sadistic smile. The tiny star produced a concentrated light beam through the glass and it hit poor Mary directly. She screamed like an operatic soprano as the heat became unbearable and soon enough she was melting on the floor

“MOMMY!” Her children went to help her but it was too late, their mother was a horrifying pile of high temperature goo and touching her burned their fingers.

“I knew we made the right choice with you.” Agnes kissed Alessa in the lips, her display of absolute cruelty and wits made her horny. Then they started making out on the floor as the children cried for their mother and begged Agnes to bring her back from the death. Thing she could easily do but wouldn’t because morality was a spook.

In the meantime, Abigail was having fun introducing a can of Zyklon B in the atmosphere feeder of Kyoto’s model city. She giggled as the little feudal Japanese citizens asphyxiated slowly and painfully inside a building-tall cloud of killer gas that filled the entire terrarium, experiencing one of the most horrible deaths possible.

Then she noticed her two partners having sex next to her. “Oh come on! Well I’ll have some more fun myself then!” She sat next to the TV after willing a chair into existence and enjoyed some Saturday morning cartoons that wouldn’t be created until 240 years after their current time. She was laughing so hard at the childish slapstick humor that her mind didn’t even notice Agnes and Alessa fucking on the ground anymore. However there was some white noise that was ruining her concentration.

The kids on the farm terrarium were sobbing and pleading for their lives. “P-Please bring back mommy and daddy, please… ” Begged the oldest of them.

She approached them, curious. “Oh! Is that what you want, little ones?”

“Yes, please. If you won’t bring them back, please kill us too.”

“Nah, instead I’m going to take you to a place of fun and color!”


Abigail grinned and zapped them all with her index finger, the beam transported them from the farm to the TV. Now they were coexisting with the cartoons she was watching, and they were clearly scared and confused. It probably felt weird too, since they were 3D objects existing in a 2D space.

The cutesy and friendly cartoon animals stared at them for a moment, smelled and licked them with their hyper long tongues and, as if they had collectively decided that they were a threat because they didn’t share their bidimensionality, suddenly became aggressive, turning into monstrous versions of their former selves. The kids tried to run away from the terrifying creatures but the toons, who were able to bend the laws of reality inside their own animated TV show, eventually managed to close the gap by cutting the road in front of them and forming a cliff that lead into nothingness. The kids were predictably eaten alive. Abigail laughed incredibly loud at what for her was just another gag from the show.

“I say it’s time to wipe this stupid town out of the map.” Said Agnes while dressing after the sex. In real time it took just a few minutes but for her and Alessa it had been a few million years. After all, that’s what it took to make a Super Goddess cum if you weren’t one of them.

“Yeah, let’s go!” Abigail took three items from the futuristic terrarium and made them grow in size when they were outside. They were extremely advanced flying brooms, made of metals not discovered yet and equipped with state of the art software. The best a witch could ask for.

The three goddesses flew out of the villa at high speeds, mounted on the brooms and when they got far into the sea, Agnes stopped and looked back with her usual smug smirk. “Sayonara, Plymouth.” She blew gently from her kissable lips and a colossal hurricane formed instantly, becoming stronger as it crossed the ocean. The moment it reached the shore it destroyed the port like nothing, and then ripped through the houses, leaving the city in ruins.

“Is that it? I think you have been pretty lenient.” Alessa added.


“Take a look at this!” The ultipotent witch summoned an entire group of comets and asteroids with utter ease. She started laughing frantically as the remnants of the city were being destroyed by the colossal rocks of doom, causing enormous explosions that could be seen from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. The power of the impacts was so great and had so much range that the entire state of New England became a bay in about ten minutes. It was heard all around the world. “There… That’s how you do it, phew!” Alessa recomposed herself and fixed her hair with her hand.

“Ah! I get it, so you were venting right now!” Abigail guessed.

“Yeah, kinda haha…”

“That was really good.”

Agnes nodded. “Indeed. I fucking love Halloween.”

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