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Corruption – Part 3

Written by HikerAngel :: [Monday, 18 November 2019 15:54] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 16 November 2019 13:14]

Part 1 of this story is by Luchodemeyer. I've continued the story with his permission.

Corruption – Part 3

By HikerAngel with permission/ideas from Luchodemeyer and editing help from Lfan

Tears rolled from Lizzie's gorgeous blue eyes as she spoke with the lab tech who was preparing her next treatment.

"I just feel so terrible about breaking up my best friend and her boyfriend. I didn't do anything at all! He just... he has this fantasy about Supergirls, and when he found out I was one, it was like I became the center of his attention. This whole thing is a curse!" Lizzie said to the tech in frustration.

But, for the first time, she realized that she didn't really mean it. Looking in the mirror each day to find out how much more beautiful she had become was thrilling, as much as she tried to deny it. She was already well beyond the level of attractiveness that any normal woman could hope to achieve, and she was growing prettier – as well as stronger and smarter – by the day.

The lab tech considered. He had been working with these Supergirls, these queens, for the past 12 years. They were all incredibly haughty and conceited. Usually by the time they were ready for the second of their three treatments, they were unbearable. Not this girl, however. She seemed better than the others, more human, more caring. He had never had one of his queens venting to him about their guilt over accidentally stealing another girl's boyfriend.

He had been waiting for someone like her. Someone who wouldn't be corrupted. Someone who might be able to resist the ultimate corruption that accompanied ultimate power. The Supergirls needed a leader who was benevolent. They needed someone who could rule them and get them to serve the rest of humanity rather than expect humanity to serve them. This girl seemed the closest to meeting that profile than any other he had come across in his many years. He decided to risk it. She would be the one.

He tripled the dose of the Supergirl formula that would unleash the second phase of the girl's development and injected her with it.

Lizzie's back arched as she felt the formula enter her bloodstream. Somehow, it felt much stronger than last time.

Marjorie entered the room, carrying a bundle of red and blue fabric with an "S" shield on top. Her eyebrow rose as she watched Lizzie's features undergo an accelerated transformation to become truly breathtaking. This girl is really going to be amazing! she thought. I don't think I responded quite as well to my second treatment... She shrugged the thought away, knowing that it wasn't possible. The Supergirls all looked slightly different, but they all shared a relatively consistent level of beauty and abilities. This girl must just be progressing a little faster than normal. That's all.

"Here is your uniform, Lizzie. You will need to begin wearing it now that you've had your second treatment."

"What?" said Lizzie, wiping away her tears. "I seriously have to wear that thing?"

"You do," said Marjorie with an air of absolute authority. "The first two reasons are purely practical. First, no human clothes will be able to fit your body soon. This will."

"Second, this uniform is virtually indestructible and can handle flying at high rates of speed as well as hypersonic collisions and other situations in which you may find yourself in your new role."

"The third reason is behavorial. The public needs to know that you are their queen and that they must treat you with the proper respect. Should they fail to do so, you must punish them. Should you fail to do so, then I will." Marjorie's gaze was icy as she made the last statement. Lizzie gave an involuntary shudder, having no doubt that she didn't want anyone to suffer Marjorie's discipline for disrespect.

Lizzie took the uniform from Marjorie and put it on, eyes locked on Marjorie's defiantly the whole time, even as she obeyed her.

The lab tech watched silently. He hoped he had made the right decision...


It did look good on her, Lizzie thought as she modeled the uniform in front of the mirror.

And she looked amazing. Beyond amazing, really. Lizzie still had another month of development, and another treatment to go through, but if she didn't know better, she would swear that she was just about as beautiful as Marjorie and the other supergirls already!

Platinum waves of luxuriant hair fell over her shoulders and down her back. Her eyes were achingly blue, making the azure sky look dull in comparison, capped in thin, arching brows. Her cheekbones were regal and refined, making her look every bit the queen that the lab techs told her she was. Her lips were lush and luscious, making a silent promise that their kiss would be ecstasy for the recipient.

As she looked down over her body, Lizzie noticed that the tight blue uniform covered everything and nothing. The dramatic swells of her spectacular breasts molded the fabric into mouth-watering curves. Her toned arms stretched the tight material with sinews of feminine steel, the muscles visible and defined but not large. As Lizzie clenched her slender, manicured fingers into a fist, however, she knew with certainty that the power that they held was immense.

Lizzie's gaze fell to the ripped, diamond-hard bricks of her abs. Each participant in the eight pack visible at all times, but popping into exaggerated, carved relief with every movement of her ultra-sexy body.

Lizzie turned slightly to the side to present the paragon of perfection that was her ass. It was cloaked in the flowing red cloth of her skirt, which hung like a curtain ready to reveal the greatest show on earth.

She turned back to face the mirror directly, watching firm hips, their elegant lines flowing outward from her tiny waist before tapering to slender, shapely, sinuous legs that seemed to never end.

She may need to revise her assessment. She wasn't sure that Marjorie or any of the other Supergirls had a body that was quite the match of hers. She tried to fight the joy that accompanied that thought but couldn't, and the corners of her mouth turned upward, vermillion lips parting into the most dazzling, brilliant smile she had ever seen. The sunlight seemed to dim in comparison.

She really was a perfect creature! Maybe she did deserve to be worshipped, to be treated as a queen, a goddess. She tried to shake her head and rid herself of the thought, but as her gaze rose once again to the feminine perfection in the mirror, it lingered in the back of her mind.


Lizzie strode into school in uniform, as ordered. Riveted eyes followed her every voluptuous curve, her every graceful movement. Men and women alike stared at the newest queen to join the ranks of the Supergirls. Seeing the "S" shield on her prodigious chest, several of the freshmen kneeled before her, a sign of respect for this being they knew to be so vastly superior.

Seeing their actions, Lizzie's exquisite features softened. "Don't kneel. It's just me. Yes, I'm becoming a Supergirl, but my transformation isn't finished. You don't need to do that!"

Secretly, she felt a bit of pride that they had felt that such a gesture was appropriate. They had looked upon her perfection and fallen to their knees. She thought back to her time in front of the mirror this morning after yesterday's Supergirl injection. How could they help it? They were looking at a goddess. It wasn’t like she had asked them to do anything, they were just doing what came naturally to them, right? Still, she wanted to be modest.

Lizzie detected feelings of desire from the men and many of the women as she walked down the hall toward her locker. She smirked as she read their thoughts, the things that they wanted to do to her sensational body. She might have to try some of them sometime...

As Lizzie arrived at her locker, Mark stood there, completely in awe, a bouquet of flowers held in his quivering hand.

“Th..these are for you,” Mark stammered, unable to look her in the eye.

“Why thank you! That’s so sweet!” Lizzie told him, giving him a knee-weakening smile.

Lizzie tried to bring herself down to his level, to relate to him as she had before her second treatment. It was difficult, but she summoned the willpower to do it. Her smile faded as she thought Charlotte.

“I’m so sorry that you and Charlotte…” Lizzie began, the last vestiges of her smile disappearing. A lump formed in her throat as the guilt for hurting her friend intermingled with the incredible feelings of desire that she could sense from Mark.

“It’s okay. You wanted me to try, to give up my dreams of meeting a Supergirl. But then… you…” Mark’s voice began to fail him.

“I understand. I’m sorry. I should have been honest with you,” Lizzie said. It felt strange to apologize to a mere human, but she managed to do it.

Mark’s desire for her so strong that it was almost overwhelming. Lizzie wondered idly what would happen if she kissed him. The thought of giving him such a gift from a goddess like herself was intoxicating, the anticipation of the power she would wield over him giving her a brief thrill. But she shouldn’t, she couldn’t! she tried to tell herself. She listened—for now.

Lizzie strode into her first-period class and caught the lecherous thoughts of her teacher, Mr. Marionetti, as he tried to seem as if he wasn’t devouring her heartbreakingly exquisite body. She smiled. This would be fun.

As she sat in the seat directly in front of her teacher, she made sure to catch the hem of her skirt at the top of the chair, giving him an unobstructed view of her firm, rounded ass. She felt a surge of arousal come from Mr. Marionetti, as he licked his lips lasciviously.

She crossed her smooth, firm legs with a twist of her supple hips, making a show of sliding their flawless flesh along their endless length as she did it. She could feel him struggling to contain himself. She knew that he wouldn’t be able to rise from the desk without showing the class the bulge in his pants. She was certain that it wouldn’t take much more to push him over the edge, but she managed to hold herself in check, the ever-weakening voice of conscience in the back of her mind managing to hold on for dear life.

In her next class, her teacher bowed to her. Half of the class had kneeled. She smiled and didn’t bother to offer relief from their shows of respect this time. It took to much effort to offer to let them stand. Besides, if they wanted to be respectful, what was wrong with that? That was a good thing, wasn’t it?

Lizzie went through the remainder of the day, no longer bothering with humility, accepting the supplications and signs of respect paid to her by the students and staff of the school. She was beginning to enjoy the ostentatious display of her awe-inspiring body. These humans clearly gained pleasure and enjoyment out of seeing her perfect form. Paying proper respect was much like paying to enter the Louvre, it was the cost of being granted access to view a masterpiece. It was beginning to seem perfectly reasonable to her as she thought more about it.

As she walked out of the school at the end of the day, however, Charlotte stood in her path.

“I can’t believe how much of a bitch you’re becoming,” Charlotte said angrily. “I can’t believe I thought you were my friend. I can’t believe I ever trusted you.”

Lizzie felt anger surge within her, but she forced it down. She couldn’t believe this human’s disrespect. It was inappropriate, yes, but deep inside a small part of her remembered what she had done – the deception of her friend, the destruction of her relationship with Mark, the taking of her dream. She considered. She hadn’t taken the girl’s dream, it had just happened to her. She hadn’t destroyed Charlotte’s relationship, she had merely decided to show who she really was. Charlotte had been her friend, however, so she was going to overlook it just this once.

“And you were doing so well today until now,” a familiar voice said behind her. Marjorie’s voice. Had Marjorie been watching her somehow?

Lizzie turned to face her fellow Supergirl. The other woman was supposed to be her superior until the final treatment, but somehow Lizzie sensed that she was superior, better even that this perfect goddess before her.

Marjorie began to walk around Lizzie, clearly intending to get to Charlotte, to discipline her. Not knowing what Marjorie intended, Lizzie grabbed Marjorie’s arm.

“What do you plan to do to her?” Lizzie asked.

Marjorie pulled her arm back—and failed! Lizzie’s grip was too strong. She tried again, and again she couldn’t.

“What is going on here? How are you so…?” Marjorie’s eyes narrowed.

Lizzie strengthened her grip, and Marjorie winced.

“This is… not possible,” the haughty Supergirl hissed between clenched teeth, clearly in pain.

“Leave my friend alone,” Lizzie said, her voice commanding.

“Fine. But this will be the only time,” Marjorie said, managing to also look perplexed as she fought through the pain.

Lizzie released her grip, and Marjorie gave her one last puzzled glance before quickly flew away.

Lizzie turned to a stunned Charlotte and, for the first time, rose from the ground. Floating ten feet above Charlotte, Lizzie looked down on the girl, her face elegant and cold. Lizzie said, “This will be the last time that you disrespect me.” It wasn't a request or even a command. It was a fact.

Charlotte continued her defiant stare, but Lizzie could feel the girl’s mix of fear and envy. Lizzie turned in midair and flew home.

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