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Corruption – Part 4

Written by HikerAngel :: [Monday, 18 November 2019 20:58] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 21 November 2019 09:01]

Part 1 of this story is by Luchodemeyer. I've continued the story with his permission.

Corruption – Part 4

By HikerAngel with permission/ideas from Luchodemeyer and ideas from Lfan

Lizzie thought about Marjorie's interaction with Charlotte outside the school. Maybe she had been right. Charlotte could not go around disrespecting Supergirls. If Charlotte had said something like that to Marjorie without Lizzie present, she would probably be dead right now. Lizzie realized that she couldn't accept it either. Behavior like that from mere humans? It was against the natural order of things. She needed to do something to teach Charlotte a lesson, to ensure that she would never behave like that again, that she would show the proper respect. But what…?


Marjorie flew directly to the lab from her interaction with Lizzie, demanding to see the records of the serum ingredients ordered and administered over the past two months. Something was not right here. Lizzie seemed to be stronger than she was! And Lizzie still had another round of treatment left. Marjorie should still be twice as strong as Lizzie was at this point in her development. Instead, it seemed as if it might be the other way around!

The lab tech complied with Marjorie's orders, careful not to think about anything but completing the request. He knew that Supergirls could sense thoughts to a degree.

When Marjorie disappeared into another room with the records, the tech quickly called Lizzie, leaving a message that she was to come to the lab immediately for her third treatment. The tech already knew he would be dead in a matter of hours. He just hoped Lizzie would get here before he was. He needed to finish what he had begun…



Lizzie arrived at the lab as quickly as she could after listening to the tech's message. She asked for him to be paged at the reception desk. When he arrived, he seemed out of breath, as if he had run the entire way to reception.

"I'm confused," said Lizzie. "I thought I wasn't due back here for another three and half weeks…"

"There has been a change of plans. Your final treatment had been accelerated," the tech said, trying to focus on her eyes as his gaze kept trying to shift to Lizzie's incredible body. She was unbelievable, already more beautiful than the even the sexiest of the Supergirls.

"Okaaay…" Lizzie said. This seemed strange, but what did she know?

She walked with the tech back up to the lab. He seemed to be hurrying her up there. He sat her down, then picked up the triple dose of the final serum that he had already prepared and asked her to swallow it down. Her skin was impenetrable, making needles useless. Lizzie felt a strange warmth from inside her. This dose had felt even stronger than the last.

Lizzie gasped. She hadn't felt pleasure with the treatments before, but she did now. Her back arched, and her outrageously long eyelashes fluttered to a close. Lizzie's muscles seemed to quiver. They bulged, not to bodybuilder levels, but she did look like an incredibly defined fitness model. They seemed to grow harder, impossibly hard, impossibly dense. Her muscles exhibited incredible striation even through the tight blue fabric of her blue suit. She felt good, strong. So strong. Power began to ripple the air around her, rising from superhumanly firm, carved muscles like steam on a frozen day.

Creaks and crackles came from her suit, as the growing swells of her breasts and hips strained its supposedly invulnerable material to the breaking point. Her eight cobbled abs were displayed in perfect relief, with every ridge and ravine of her ripped abdomen showing in her costume as if it were painted on. Her legs, still slender and shapely, began to grow ever longer, the contour of every muscle displayed as if it were the life's masterwork of the most skilled renaissance sculptor.

As the final rush of unbelievable power roared into her, Lizzie tried to control her breathing. The power was almost overwhelming as Lizzie fought to take it all in. She heard ringing in her ears as absolute, unadulterated power surged from her center through the rest of her magnificent body.

The tech breathed out, relieved. He had done it! He had created a Supergirl Queen to rule above them and finally change their attitude toward humanity! He looked at her in complete awe. If he only knew what he had really done… The formula was still working its wonders on her body, already supreme even among goddesses. Soon, she would be unstoppable. As long as the formula had enough time to work…

The door burst open, and Marjorie – as well as two other Supergirls – entered the room. Marjorie approached Lizzie from the center, the others circled around to each side.

Marjorie turned a penetrating gaze toward the lab tech, who trembled in fear. "I know what you did. Your life will end a moment after hers does." Marjorie's eyes flipped back to Lizzie with those final words. All three Supergirls lunged at Lizzie at once, using every ounce of their speed and power as they attacked in choreographed precision.

Lizzie's world seemed to slow. These Supergirls, moving with all of their previously unsurpassable speed, moved as if through thick liquid. Lizzie glanced from side to side at the slow motion attack, trying to remember all of the powers at her disposal now that she had received her final treatment.

Lizzie looked to the left and fired an inferno of heat vision at the Supergirl that approached. The girl's face slowly contorted in pain as the blast turned her flawlessly tanned skin pink, stopped her forward motion cold, and flung her backward through the wall at supersonic speeds.

Lizzie looked right as she sucked in a lungful of air. A thread in her unbreakable suit popped as her burgeoning breasts thrust outward in gravity-defying perfection. Air exploded outward with power than made a hurricane seem like a light summer breeze. The face of the Supergirl in her sights registered surprise before she crashed through the wall, tumbling into the sky like a cannonball.

Lizzie looked forward just in time to see Marjorie's fist impacting her unyielding, shredded abdomen. The bones in Marjorie's knuckles gave way in a chorus of staccato snaps, no match for the insanely ridged bricks of muscle that were Lizzie's unmatchable abs. Lizzie clenched the slender fingers of her right hand into a fist as she felt power flow through her arm. She swung it upward and into the svelte abs of the Supergirl before her. Marjorie's abs of steel felt like putty as Lizzie's fist pounded them inward, traveling several inches into the Supergirl's seemingly soft stomach. Marjorie's breath left her in a whoosh and agony wrote itself all over her features. Her shoulders caved inward.

Lizzie didn't want to knock Marjorie away as she had the other girls. She wanted to teach this mere Supergirl what a real Goddess could do. Lizzie's left hand came around to grip Marjorie's red cape, which tore a little as Marjorie rose and rebounded from the incredible impact of Lizzie's right fist.

Uncaring upon hearing a whimper escape Marjorie's lips, Lizzie ripped a right cross into the girl's mouth, splashing blood across the far wall and generating the telltale crunch of a dislocating jaw. Marjorie's cape tore a bit more in Lizzie's grasp as she slumped into unconsciousness. Lizzie released the cape and Marjorie crumpled to the floor.

The fight had taken less than a second. Three invulnerable Supergirls downed with ease in the most magnificent display of power the world had ever seen.

Lizzie stood alone before the cowering lab tech, the pinnacle of female perfection – still gaining beauty and strength by the minute. The tech gulped, the potent combination of fear, awe, and desire stripping him of his ability to speak.


The "fight" with the other Supergirls now over, Lizzie turned her attention to her former friend. Lizzie suddenly knew how to punish Charlotte, the perfect way to display her dominance over the insolent human. Her lush, ruby lips smirked as her brilliant mind formulated its plan.

She flew to Mark's house instantaneously, knowing somehow that Charlotte was there too. Charlotte's thoughts were completely clear to Lizzie, forming in Lizzie's mind before Charlotte could even comprehend them. Charlotte was begging Mark to come back to her, to be with her. Lizzie felt the echoes of lust for her in Mark's mind, permanently imprinted on his pysche. She smiled. Wait until he saw her now…

Lizzie landed in a shower of broken glass in the middle of Mark's bedroom.

Mark's jaw dropped and eyes widened as the room seemed to dim from the spotlight that was her heartstopping form. Lizzie's face was angelic in its magnificence. Mark's eyes found Lizzie's, and he was instantly lost in their mesmerizing beauty. Huge, luminescent, azure eyes, framed by the boldest, blackest lashes stared into his, ending the possibility of any thought from entering Mark's brain outside of marveling at her insane perfection.

Lizzie's tongue licked her lips, moistening them in an erotic display that managed to pull Mark's gaze from her hypnotic eyes. He ached with the desire to touch them with his own. Lizzie felt his arousal overcome him as he orgasmed, clothed and wide-eyed, ogling her regal face. The corners of Lizzie's lips turned up in a slight smile of satisfaction. He hadn't even looked over her body yet!

Lizzie turned to Charlotte, her moist lips mouthing the word Sorry before giving a broad, victorious smile that showed she wasn't. Lizzie's mind reached out for Charlotte's, sensing her jealousy, her awe, her desire, her hatred, her love. Perfect, Lizzie thought.

Lizzie tensed her arms, the blue fabric of her suit swelling over the carved perfection of feminine muscle, as it bulged slightly in response. The air rippled around them as if over pavement on a sweltering day, showing their unrivaled power. Somehow sensing this impossible power, Mark's gaze attempted to move down to her arms, but they were hopelessly distracted by the voluptuous, shield-clad, perfection of her awe-inducing breasts. Their mouth-watering curves caused a thin thread of drool to slip from his trembling lips.

Clenching her ridiculously ripped abs, Lizzie ran perfectly manicured fingers along the ravines between them, the languid movement of her hand enough to draw Mark's eyes from one focal point of hopeless admiration to the next. He came again.

Charlotte gasped as she saw the power that Lizzie commanded over him, over her. How could she stand against this Goddess? She needed to love her, to worship her. How had she behaved so badly? Mark should Lizzie too! Of course, he should. Everyone should love Her.

Lizzie's smile broadened, draining the rest of the room of its color as if light itself were paying its respect to Her idyllic beauty.

Lizzie shifted Her hips gracefully, causing Her tiny red skirt to swish and show the contours of rounded, firm, feminine hips and ass. Their ultrafeminine curves, the consummation of aesthetic perfection.

Charlotte dropped to one knee and bowed her head, hopeful that Lizzie forgave her.

Lizzie dropped Her hands and slid them down Her hips to upper thigh. Sexy, smooth skin snaked over endless, shapely sinew on its long journey to the form-fitting red boots that stretched to the shape of Her sleek, sensuous calves.

Mark collapsed to the floor, quivering and shivering as another orgasm racked his desire-addled body. Lizzie had never so much as touched him.

Charlotte prayed in supplication to her Goddess in love, in fear, in ultimate respect. Lizzie sent a thought into the poor girl's mind as she flew back to the lab to pay a visit to the technician. Go to the Hall of the Supergirls and tell them to prepare a throne for the Ascension of their Goddess.

Lizzie landed before the lab tech, who managed to smile even as he trembled before Her impossible beauty. Lizzie sensed his hope that She would be kind to humanity. She sensed his elation at having succeeded in creating Her to do just that. She focused Her power into his mind as She imprinted a desire to make Her even more powerful. She pushed with ever more strength until it became his complete obsession, until he forgot his original goal, lost in the mission to add to Her already supreme power. As She finished, She scanned his thoughts and smirked, satisfied. There were no more thoughts of helping humanity--only of helping Her. She would be back to see what else he could do for Her later. Lizzie flew away to survey the world that was now Hers while Charlotte prepared the Supergirls for Her ascension.


Lizzie flew into the Great Hall of the Supergirls, landing without breaking stride in a catwalk gait. She strode with supreme confidence through the exquisite grand hall, noticing the three injured Supergirls to the side, being tended to. She smiled coldly, cruelly. It served them right for thinking that mere Supergirls could stand a chance against their Goddess. Any others who challenged Her would die before they even finished the thought.

She sensed the thoughts of all the women in the hall – every feeling of every Supergirl as clear to Her as if they were Her own. She projected Herself into their minds, Her ultimate power. She bathed their thoughts in the knowledge that She was their ruler, all-powerful, all-knowing. She climbed the steps at the end of the hall one at a time, slowly, regally. Reaching the top, She turned.

Lizzie gave a beatific smile that caused every Supergirl to drop to their knees in worship as She sat on her throne, a cruel Queen among goddesses. Lizzie's hand lowered to Charlotte, whose head was bowed as she kneeled beside the throne. Lizzie began to stroke Her pet Charlotte's ebony hair. Lizzie roamed Her spellbindingly brilliant eyes over the pathetic Supergirls kneeling throughout Her domain, content in the knowledge that She was infinitely powerful, infinitely corrupted.

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