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DARALA STARR – SEASON 2 – Chapters 19-21 (FINALE)

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Chapter 19 "A Most Troublesome Creature"

Darala felt pain in her side when she ran and glanced down at the wound. She tapped her wrist communicator and said, “Computer, I received a wound from that infernal robot during our battle and it’s growing more painful. I’ll need medical attention when I reach the ship.”

The computer said, “I will attend to you immediately, Darala Starr.”

Within less than a minute the pain was subsiding and the wound was closing.

“I’ve adjusted the bio-regenerative settings on your belt,” the computer said. “That will help you before you reach the ship.”

“Thank you, computer,” Darala said, now feeling the pain subsiding.

They were still running with superhuman speed, dashing through the trees when they arrived at a dirt road.

Jason said, “Wait!”

They all stopped.

“What is it, Jason?” Tina asked.

Jason said, “The Torellian. I secured him in a mining shed before we came for you, Darala. I don’t trust him and I don’t think we should leave him there.”

Darala’s face grew serious. “That little creature has caused more trouble than he’s worth.”

Darala tapped her communicator and said, “Computer, can we take a passenger with us?”

The computer said, “Please elaborate.”

Darala said, “The Torellian is a menace and a danger to this planet. In good conscience I cannot permit him to stay. Can we make arrangements for him to be sent back to his home?”

The computer said, “Using one of the escape pods and with a trajectory correction before our entry into the Tau Ceti system… it is possible.

Jason said, “Then I’ll go back and get him. Tina, you and Darala head for the ship. I’ll meet you there.”

“Be careful,” Tina said and embraced him.

“Don’t worry,” Jason said, “I think I can handle that little worm.”

Tina kissed him deeply and then a moment later, sprinted off with Darala, the two of them blazing away with super speed. The ship’s computer said, “Darala Starr, I am now in low Earth orbit and decelerating. I will be landing in exactly five minutes.”

“I read you,” Darala said, still running. Darala and Tina leaped over large boulders and trees, their leg muscles pumping larger and larger with more strength and speed. Tina felt the buzzing of arousal as her strides grew wider and her speed increased.

Suddenly, they broke into a clearing and Tina recognized it.

“Is this where you landed last time?” she asked.

Darala said, “Yes, these are the same coordinates.”

They both looked up into the sky, waiting for the appearance of Darala’s ship.

Darala said into her wristband communicator, “Computer, we are at the landing sight.”

The computer answered, “I am nearly there, Darala Starr.”

And it wasn’t but only a few moments later that Darala’s ship grew from just a speck in the sky to its full size as it descended gracefully from the heavens into the clearing.

Darala smiled and could think of nothing else but going home to Tau Ceti Alpha.

The ship’s computer said, “Well, Darala Starr, I think it’s time we got underway.”


Meanwhile, Jason Prince found the mining shed and the knotted steel bar still securing the doors. Jason grabbed the ends of it and with his incredible strength, began to untangle the bar, the steel creaking and moaning in pain. Jason’s arm muscles were like bulging bands of rippling hard iron, his bare hands literally pulling the steel bar apart at its ends, unknotting it with superhuman strength.

The steel gave one last shriek as Jason straightened the last of it, now pulling it free from the door handles. He threw it aside and it clanged loudly on a rock. Jason pulled the doors open and the Torellian squinted against the daylight.

“My eyes!” he shouted. “Now, Jason Prince, tell me, is Darala Starr safe?”

Jason folded his arms across his rippling chest muscles.

“Yes,” he said, “Darala is fine.”

“Is Mayor Tina safe,” the Torellian asked.

Jason said, “I doubt very much that you, Torellian, have grown a heart enough to care about anyone but yourself.”

Jason reached in a pulled the Torellian out by his arm, not to hurt him, but to be firm.

The Torellian swallowed a lump in his throat, “Then I suppose I will take my leave.”

Jason said, “You are more right than you know, Torellian.”


The hatch to Darla’s ship lowered to the ground, forming a ramp. Darala took a deep breath and sighed, looking around the forest and at the late afternoon orange sky.

“Well, I suppose it’s time for me to be underway. I’ve been away from Tau Ceti Alpha for too long,” Darala said.

Tina drew close to Darala and put her arms around her. Darala hugged her back.

“Oh, Tina, I am so happy for you and Jason,” Darala said.

Tina hugged Darala tightly and said, “Darala, I’m going to miss you. You’re so thoughtful and kind. You gave me such a wonderful gift also.”

Tina lifted her arms and flexed her bicep, which grew into a stunning bronze peak.

Darala smiled sweetly at Tina and said, “Dear, Tina, it was my pleasure. But always know that your real strength, is in here…”

Darala put her hand over the center of Tina’s chest. “You’re heart.”

Tina felt tears about to come as she was already missing her dear friend. Finally she looked down at the belt, and very gently she removed it from her waist.

Tina held the belt gently in both her hands, and then passed it to Darala, who received it.

“This is yours, Darala,” Tina said. “I don’t know how long my super strength will last without it.”

The ship’s computer said, “Having made my final calculations based on the readings of the belt… I cannot say for sure, either, Tina Carter. But with twelve times the strength of a normal Earth woman at present, you are Earth’s new superwoman. Only time will tell how long that will last.”

Tina nodded and said, “Well, Darala, I guess this is goodbye.”

“You got that right!” a voice shouted from the trees. Suddenly the cry of a young woman, “Mayor Tina! Mayor Tina! Help me!”

Chapter 20 "Final Showdown"

Former deputy sheriff Brown’s face was grim as he pointed his revolver at Mary’s head. He held her around the neck, his movements were jumpy and erratic. At once Tina was ready to run at him and try to pull Mary safely away. But Tina was not fast enough to stop a bullet. Tina’s adrenaline was rushing and she felt a fit of fierce anger growing inside.

“Brown! Let her go, right now,” Tina said in a strong voice.

Mary was crying, “Tina, please help me!”

Brown said, “Don’t try and be a hero, Mayor. And tell that alien friend of yours to also back down.”

Darala had her fists clenched, and wanted to grab Brown and throw him over the tallest tree in the forest.

Darala said, “Brown! You let that girl go. I suspect you’re here because you want something I have.”

Brown said, “Give me the belt, Doctor Starr.”

Darala shook her head, “I’m sorry, Brown, but that is something I cannot give you.”

Brown pressed the gun against Mary’s head, harder than before.

“I’m not bluffing,” he cried. “Give me the alien belt! I must have its power.”

Tina took very careful steps forward and said, “Listen to me, just listen. Don’t be so foolish. You don’t need Mary. Please let her go. Just let her go and we’ll talk about the belt.”

Brown said, “Do you think I’m stupid, Mayor? As soon as I let her go your alien friend will attack me. I’ve seen what she can do and I’m not taking any chances this time!”

Tina said, “Darala will not attack you, Brown.”

Darala nodded, “That’s right, I won’t. In fact, I’ll step slowly back into my ship so you can approach.”

And indeed she did. Darala took very slow steps backward. Brown wrestled Mary forward another few feet until he was closer to Tina.

“Okay, Mayor,” he said, “You get the belt from Doctor Starr, and throw it to me, and then I’ll release the girl.”

Tina was boiling angry, but did her best to calm herself and keep a cool facade. She turned toward Darala who held the belt in her hands.

“Tina, perhaps we should give him the belt,” Darala said, “I don’t want anything to happen to Mary.”

Tina approached Darala and in a low voice said, “Darala… that’s a bad idea. We can’t give him the belt.”

Darala smiled and said, “Trust me, Tina. But just remember, as you get closer, those sudden gusts of wind can catch people off guard, so be careful.”

Tina was confused. “Gusts of wind?”

Darala inhaled slightly, and pursed her lips. And suddenly Tina remembered.

Darala whispered, “You can do this, Tina.”

Darala handed Tina the belt. Tina nodded and turned toward former deputy Brown.

“I’ll bring the belt to you, now,” Tina said. And she began to walk very slowly toward him, Mary squirming nervously in his grip.

She was closing the distance and suddenly Brown shouted, “Stop! Stop right there! That’s close enough. Now, throw me the belt.”

Tina said, “Just another few feet. I don’t want the wind to catch the belt and carry it away.”

Brown chuckled derisively. “Wind? What wind? There’s not so much as a breeze out here.”

Carefully Tina inhaled, her chest growing, her bust pressing hard against her tank top, her muscles swelling. Mary was astonished at how large Tina’s chest had swollen.

“Tina?” she asked.

Tina pursed her lips tightly, and then in one massive effort, pushed the air from her lungs out through her lips. The gust of wind was sharp and explosive! The force of it caused Brown to stumble backward. But so did Mary. She tumbled on the ground away from Brown who scramble-crawled his way back to his feet. He aimed the gun at Tina and fired, but Mary bumped him and the shot went wild into the air. Furious now, Brown began firing indiscriminately.

Tina leaped through the air, launching fifteen feet high, coming down behind him. A moment later, Brown found himself flying through the air, catapulted from out of nowhere! He tumbled on the ground and glanced up only to see Tina standing over him, her satin shorts gleaming in the late afternoon sun, her muscles tan and rippling with superhuman strength.

And only a moment later, he realized he was no longer holding his gun. Tina had the revolver in her hand. She reached down with her free hand, grabbed him by the collar, and lifted him off the ground with what seemed like effortless strength. He kicked his feet to no avail and began to panic.

“How are you…” he gasped “…so strong?”

Mary approached Tina and threw her arms around her middle while Tina effortlessly continued to hold Brown aloft.

“Oh, Tina,” Mary said. “Thank you! You saved my life!”

Darala approached Brown’s hanging form and said, “Well, former deputy Brown, it looks as though your scheme is over.”

Tina looked down at Mary and asked, “Dear Mary, are you all right?”

Mary said, “Oh, Tina… I mean, Mayor Tina… I’m okay, thanks to you!”

“Okay,” Tina said, “Now take a few steps back for me.”

Mary did and watched as Tina, with complete control of her strength, lowered Brown single-handedly to the ground slowly, inch by inch. Brown’s feet once again touched the ground and he was badly stunned.

Tina said to him, “Now you listen to me, Brown. I’m only going to explain this once.”

Tina lifted the revolver with both hands until it was in front of her chest and right before Brown’s eyes. She fastened it in a firm grip.

Tina said, “I don’t believe in violence.”

A moment later the unbelievable happened: the revolver began to slowly deform as Tina’s grip tightened on it. Beneath the sudden sound of alarmed, crying steel, Tina continued and said, “Violence never solves problems and gentle answers turn away wrath.”

Screeeech! The revolver was deforming more and more, disappearing into Tina’s powerful hands as she was now crushing it! Brown’s eyes were massive, astonished, and even fearful.

Mary’s eyes also were huge, her mouth hanging wide open. “Oh…” Mary gasped “…superhuman strength.”

Continuing to crush the gun in her hands, her forearm muscles rippling with strength, Tina said, “But if you ever try and harm another person in my town…”

The steel gave a terrible cry and squeal as Tina pressed her hands together like a hydraulic press!

“You’ll leave me no choice but to deal with you personally,” Tina said.

A moment later, the horrible cry of the steel ceased, and Tina opened her hands. The revolver was nothing more than a deformed, tightly rolled ball of solid steel. Even Darala was astonished!

Mary said, “Mayor Tina…, you’re… you’re a superwoman!”

A man’s voice from behind them said, “Yes, she is!”

Tina whirled around and saw Jason approach them, the Torellian in his tight grasp. He pushed the Torellian away. Tina handed the ball of crushed steel to Mary and then ran to Jason, into his arms where they kissed deeply. Mary stared at the crushed gun in the palm of her hand in awe.

Brown scowled at the Torellian and said, “What are you doing here, you idiot!”

The Torellian said, “Looks like you’re a more substantial idiot than I, former deputy Brown.”

Jason lifted Tina in his super strong arms, kissing her even deeper than before. Mary stared in wonder and Darala cleared her throat.

“Perhaps, Mary, we should give them a moment together,” Darala said. Mary nodded and dropped the ball of steel in the dirt at her feet.

Darala approached Brown and the Torellian, flexing her chest and shoulder muscles, dropping her fists on her hips.

“I’m stronger than both of them put together,” Darala said. “So I won’t indulge you with a demonstration.”

She glanced at Brown and said, “You, former deputy Brown, will be going to jail.”

Brown said, “There’s no proof of anything.”

Darala said, “Mary will testify against you. Additionally, my ship has been recording all of this by way of a super definition camera with sound. And I’ll make sure before we leave that it’s in a form that matches your current technology.”

The ship’s computer said, “I am creating the media necessary for local law enforcement as we speak, Darala Starr.”

Brown lowered his head in defeat.

Darala then turned her stare at the Torellian.

“And as for you, Torellian,” Darala said, “I have a very special surprise for you.”

Confused by this, the Torellian said, “Surprise? For me? What could it possibly be?”

Darala looked back at her ship and said, “A ride back home to your world.”

The Torellian said, “What! No, no please! I can’t go back there. They don’t like me there, that’s why I came to Earth.”

Jason grabbed the Torellian from behind and said, “Farewell, Torellian. Can’t say we’re going to miss you.”

Tina smiled and planted fists on her hips and Mary came to her side and put her arms around her waist.

Darala took the Torellian and lead him into her ship. They vanished inside for what seemed like a few minutes. And then Darala emerged by herself, carrying something in her hands. She approached Jason first and handed him what looked like a VHS tape.

Darala said, “The computer assures me this device will be readable by your technology.”

Seeing the tape, former deputy Brown scowled and cursed under his breath.

“Dear Jason,” Darala said and drew him into a long embrace. “I don’t have the words to say how I feel right now. I love you and Tina so much.”

Jason said, “We love you, Darala. More than you know.”

He wiped a tear away and Tina ran into Darala’s arms and cried.

“Darala, please don’t go,” Tina said. “Not again. I can’t bear the idea of not seeing you again.”

Darala gripped her tightly and said, “Dear friend, don’t worry. Take care of each other and know that I will always be thinking of you both. Always.”

The ship’s computer said, “And who knows… perhaps Darala Starr will be assigned another voyage to Earth in the future.”

Darala said, “After all, I am a scientist. And there is much to learn here about this wonderful planet.”

With final, tearful goodbyes, Darala walked away and vanished into her spaceship. A few moments later the ship lifted from the ground and began to accelerate, faster and faster until it was only a freckle in the sky and then only a memory.

“Oh, Jason,” Tina said tearfully, and embraced him. He gripped her tightly, kissing her. Then he looked into the sky.

“I don’t think we’ll have to wait so long to see our friend again,” Jason said. “I think Doctor Darala Starr will return. Someday.”

Tina echoed his word, “Someday.”

A moment later a police cruiser bounded into the area, kicking up a cloud of dirt as it stopped suddenly.

Sheriff Tin Keys alighted from the driver’s side and Sheriff Diana Dunn from the passenger side.

Sheriff Tim said, “Mayor Tina? What are you doing out here?”

Sheriff Diana Dunn appraised Jason and said, “Jason Prince, the wonder man. We meet again.”

Jason and Tina approached them. Jason extended the VHS tape to Sheriff Tim and said, “Sheriff, on this tape you will find evidence that former deputy Brown kidnapped this young girl and threatened to kill her.”

Mary was standing at Tina’s side and said, “It’s true! He took me from the Mayor’s office at gunpoint.”

Sheriff Tim Keys glared at Brown who suddenly turned and ran away, as fast as he could.

Tina was about to break into a charge with her super-speed to catch him, but Sheriff Keys took off running after him, his gun drawn.

“Freeze! Right where you are!”

After a few more futile strides, Brown collapsed in the dirt, and Sheriff Tim grabbed his handcuffs and subdued Brown.

While out of earshot, Sheriff Diana Dunn folded her arms and looked at Jason and Tina.

“I don’t know how the two of you possess the power you do. Perhaps it has something to do with that spaceship, or whatever it was, that just left this area,” Diana said. “That’s how we found you.”

Jason and Tina never blinked and Mary looked down at the ground, avoiding eye contact.

Jason said, “Spaceship? Sheriff, I think perhaps you’ve been watching too many movies.”

Sheriff Diana grinned and said, “Perhaps. But I know what I saw at my office today. I guess, if I’m being honest, I envy you both: wonder man and wonder woman. What an incredible gift you both have. I hope you will always use it for good.”

Jason nodded.

Sheriff Tim Keys returned to the area with a squirming and dust-covered Brown. He put the man in the back of his squad car and said, “We’ll take it from here. But how did you both get out here this far? And what was that object we saw? Looked like a spaceship.”

Sheriff Diana said, “I think I’ve been watching too many movies, Sheriff. I was mistaken. Must have been a reflection from a plane or something.”

Tim glanced at her, puzzled, then back to Tina and Jason, noticing their satin shorts, tanks and the size of their muscles. Especially Tina’s.

“You know, Mayor” he said, “I never realized you were so…, so…”

Tina smiled and said, “Strong.”

Chapter 21 "There's No Point in Keeping This a Secret Any Longer" (SEASON FINALE)

Months had passed since Darala’s departure, and Jason and Tina were married, Tina becoming known as Mayor Tina Carter Prince. The honeymoon was like nothing they’d ever experienced. With their new gained super strength, when they made love, the climaxes were beyond reason and Tina had to be careful with the furniture. Their bed had decorative iron bars at the head of it, and with her superhuman grip she found herself bending those bars in the heat of their lovemaking, spreading them apart and then collapsing them together through a loud, creaking groan each time.

It was a challenge sometimes, not to use their incredible strength in public for just showing off. When they would go out for a run, they would dash with super speed along with trails no one normally took. And when they found opportunities to bend steel, they would try thicker and thicker bars to test the limits of their might. In those months since Darala left, their strength had not diminished by the tiniest margin.

Having finished crushing a steel barrel, Jason said, “I hope we'll be able to keep our strength.”

Tina smiled and proceeded to bend a black iron pry bar an inch thick.


The steel folded in her bare hands, crying for mercy, the gleam of her new Dolfin shorts bright in the midday sun.

“I feel as strong as ever, Jason. Maybe even stronger.”

Tina continued bending the bar, curling the ends past each other, stressing the steel so much it could only howl and squeal in agony at her strength.

Still the Mayor of Pleasant Valley, Tina was in her office regularly with the intent on making the city a much better place for all while Jason decided to take hold of the antique business and build it into a much larger operation.

It was one beautiful Saturday morning when Pleasant Valley had a small town fitness fair to celebrate the upcoming 1984 Olympics. There was a run around the town scheduled and there were so many enthusiastic people in their fitness clothes ready to join.

Tina had a special satin outfit made for the occasion with very tight shorts. She was on her way, driving to the office when she spotted something on the outskirts of town. It was Sheriff Tim Keys squad car, off on the side of the road and it looked like… there had been an accident!

Tina quickly pulled off the road and ran to his car. The front bumper had smashed into a tree. And while the damage overall didn’t seem too bad, what was especially peculiar was the fact that no one was in the car. Tina swiveled her gaze around the area and then spotted the Sheriff, laying flat on the ground, his eyes closed.

“Sheriff Keys,” Tina exclaimed, running to him. “Can you hear me?”

But there was no response. Tina felt his pulse and it was stable. She looked back at the car and then up the road. There was no one else around. She had a decision to make. Quickly, Tina ran to the cruiser and grabbed the radio handset from inside. She clicked it on and said, “Dispatch, this is Mayor Tina Prince.”

A moment later, the reply came over the radio.

“Mayor? What are you doing on the Sheriff’s radio?”

Tina said, “There’s been a crash. It’s not too serious, but the Sheriff will need medical attention. Please send an ambulance.”

The dispatcher replied, “Will you need a tow truck?”

Tina looked at the big car and said, “Um… no. No, that won’t be necessary.”

Tina put the radio down and stood tall. She placed her hands on her hips and took a deep breath, her chest swelling with power, growing tight against her top.

Tina made her way to the back bumper of the huge sedan, and reached underneath for a good hold. Feeling a secure grip, Tina squatted down, her tight satin shorts gripping her hips, which were now rippling with her iron-hard muscles.

Tina closed her eyes and lifted, and she heard a groaning creak as the back of the car lifted and the wheels slowly left the ground! Tina continued to lift until the bumper was about chest height, as if she was curling a barbell rather than a two-ton sedan! The frame of the car moaned irritably, the sound of momentary stress-related shrieks coming from the shocks and axel.

Very slowly, Sheriff Keys began to open his eyes, hearing the strange sounds of stressed metal. He turned his glance sideways and could not believe what he was seeing!

Tina pulled and began to tow the entire car backward, step-by-step away from the tree! The weight was immense, but Tina’s grip was sure, her legs and arms harder than steel, holding the weight with no signs of weakening.

Sheriff Tim very slowly sat up, his eyes wide with awe, his mouth agape.

Tina cleared the car and then, with superhuman control, began to squat, lowering the car very slowly, the wheels gently touching the ground, the car issuing one final, long groaning creak as the weight of it settled from Tina’s grip back to its own frame!

Tina’s chest heaved with deep breaths from the effort, her satin top tight against her chest. She brushed off her hands and then noticed the Sheriff staring at her.

Tina started to say, “It’s not what it looks like, I didn’t really… I mean…”

Sheriff Tim stood up and said, “I didn’t believe Diana when she told me about what you and Jason did to her jail cell. But now…”

Tina sighed. “Well, I don’t suppose it’s worth keeping a secret any longer.”

Tina walked to the front of the sedan and examined the damage. The huge chrome steel bumper was bent into a semi-deep V shape.

Sheriff Tim examined it also.

“Guess I’ll call the body shop,” he said.

Tina said, “That won’t be necessary.”

Once again she squatted down, her tan legs bulging with muscles that grew tight against her shiny shorts.

Tina put one had on the front grill of the car, the other over the bent steel bumper. She took a deep breath, remembering and almost feeling the rush of strength from Darala’s belt. And then she applied her strength, and to the dumbfounded astonishment of the Sheriff, Tina straightened the steel bumper with her bare hands, the metal moaning and howling from the stress, unfolding to the will of her strength. Tina pulled harder, inch-by-inch reforming the steel, the crying and screeching of the metal growing louder until it was done! Tina released the steel which now looked almost as good as new! She stood up and once again brushed her hands off. She regarded the Sheriff’s uncomprehending stare, She gently touched his shoulder and said, “Sheriff Diana Dunn was telling you the truth about Jason and I. We have been given a very special gift. And since I’ve had that gift I’ve prayed for wisdom on how and when to use it.”

Sheriff Keys asked, “But how? How did this happen? Was this connected to the UFO we saw in the forest?”

Tina smiled and then looked back at her car, resting in the shade.

“Maybe you should come by my office sometime and we can talk.”

A moment later they heard a siren and an ambulance appeared in the distance.

Tina said, “That’s for you. In the meantime, I have a fair I need to get to. You’re going to be all right.”

Tina walked away and toward her car. Carefully she pulled out in front of the ambulance and drove away.

Out of sight, something happened. Sheriff Tim Keys’ face changed, transforming into that of Julia Warren.

With her voice, the Julia Warren thing said, “Oh, yes, Mayor Prince. I will be stopping by your office.”

The ambulance pulled up and the EMT who stepped out was shocked to see the fully transformed Julia Warren.

“Where’s the Sheriff? I could have sworn I saw him standing over here a minute ago,” the young EMT said.

Julia Warren said, “He got a ride with the Mayor back into town. He’s feeling just fine.”

The EMTs looked at each other and the one said, “Are you okay, ma’am? Were you in the accident?”

Julia warren looked at the young man and said, “I’m fine. Very fine indeed.”

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