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Written by HikerAngel :: [Wednesday, 20 November 2019 03:53] Last updated by :: [Monday, 03 February 2020 17:14]


by HikerAngel

The sky was a silent, cloudless blue. It was still, so still that Scarlett’s cape barely fluttered.

This was her favorite part. The joy, the freedom… the flying.

She stretched her arms out, delighting in the moment, enjoying the sky. She tilted her head back, waves of thick blond hair shifting in sheets, pouring down her shoulders and contoured back. She closed her eyes and smiled. She felt the hesitant touch of the meek summer breeze against her face, her legs.

The swells of her breasts stretched the shield of her uniform into attractive curves, her blue uniform clung to the aesthetic shape of her athletic body. Softly hanging red fabric covered her upper thighs, which tapered to high boots.

Her eyes shot open as she heard their need far below, urging her into action.

The muscles in her slim waist flexed as she twisted, reorienting in the sky. Then, she exploded in speed, instantly rocketing to the city thousands of feet below.

Her red-clad toes touched down gracefully outside the bank as the man burst through the wall, clouds of brick and dust swirling in the aftermath. He approached her, emerging from the cloud like a magician making an entrance in a Vegas spectacle. Seven feet of bulging, hulking muscle, his eyes found hers and he gave a confident smile. He dropped his cargo to each side and readied himself to crush a heroine, cracking his knuckles and heading directly for her.

She gulped in rare uncertainty. This was the one challenge she wasn’t certain she could meet. She admired his black-uniformed physique, muscles iron, rounded, creaking with power. Could she beat him? She had no genetic advantage this time. He was from her world. She would need everything she had… and that might not be enough.

He was on her in an instant, her hesitation his advantage. Huge fists crashed into her face, driving her into the ground. The impacts of her invulnerable body to the pavement, cracking and cratering. Over and over he struck, blood began to splash across the ground. She moaned and writhed, her body a virgin to pain. So much pain. How had she thought she could beat him? He was huge, merciless, strong. His muscles rose and clenched with every strike. She was just a girl! He pounded her stomach next. Left, right, left right. The weighty blows tore her perfect uniform, leaving bruised abs in plain view.

“No more!” she cried. “I can’t.”

He gave a silent smirk and cocked another fist, ready to deal a killing blow to the unprepared girl.

Then, he saw it. A golden beam focused into her. She began to stir and cough, roused by this strange energy. He turned to find the source.

The golden beam led back to a strange man, a regular man. But he was a man with desire for her, the fuel for his adolescent fantasies. He wanted her to be stronger, to be more. His will became real, a superpower he hadn’t known… not until it was needed. Fantasy mixed with reality, and she became as he saw her--strong and sexy, sleek and powerful.

As he began to realize what was happening, what he was doing, the mysterious man’s expression turned from shock to intensity. He saw the villain from the corner of his eye, but he left his gaze on her, knowing he was helping her. He saw the monster’s deadly eyes lock onto his body. He knew this moment might be his last. He didn’t flinch, didn’t falter. He poured his power, his will into her, feeling her rising might.

As the monster readied red death for the mysterious man, the beast felt a blow from behind. It sent him back through the wall from whence he came in a crumble of more brink and pulverized concerete.

The girl sent an appreciative glance to the stranger, still feeding from his golden glow. He watched in awe as he made the girl a woman.

Power swelled into her, filling her, arousing her. Her flowing blond hair grew more luxurious and full, vibrant platinum waves rolling down her cape. Her face grew gorgeous, regal and fair. Hers was now the face of a vengeful goddess of beauty, flawless and fierce.

Her breasts, firm and full before, swelled to new glory. Voluptuous and heaving as she recovered her breath, they were unequaled symbols of new feminine might.

Her abs, on display through rended uniform, grew more defined as the bruises faded. Canyons formed between their edges, obliques sketching down their sides. As she moved, they rippled with power, their appearance proof of Scarlett’s rapidly rising strength.

Looking down, the gorgeous girl smiled, running slender fingers over her stomach’s carved ridges before slipping down to her burgeoning hips.

The red cloth of her daringly short skirt rose still higher as her hips as ass firmed and rounded, their contoured curves becoming innocently provocative.

Scarlett’s gaze traveled further, smile widening as she watched a symphony of striation erupt from the sexy smoothness of her slender, lengthening legs while she moved. They faded to slim perfection when relaxed. Adding inches to her height, their flawless, firm flesh meandered sinuously downward until they finally disappeared in her knee-high red boots.

Most mesmerizing of all were her cobalt eyes, brilliant, huge, and luminous, framed by lashes so long. They softened in wordless thanks as her chin lowered in an appreciative nod to the man who had saved her, who had made her who she now was.

She felt strong, so very powerful. She wiped the blood from her mouth in a crimson swath across full lips, the lipstick of war. Her features hardened in new resolve. She was ready.

She heard his roar before she saw him approaching at his full speed.

It was slow.

But she wasn’t waiting. Not this time. She was an instant missile, launching toward him, her slender fingers clenching to fists before her. She felt the crackle and crunch of fracturing ribs as her fists connected with his massive chest.

He howled in pain as he began to fly backwards. She rocketed around him with beyond incredible speed to arrive at his back as he traveled toward her. She planted a roundhouse into his back, feeling the pops of displaced vertebrae and arresting his momentum. He spun to the ground, sliding through pavement as if it were mud, until his momentum was finally arrested.

His pained gasps left him speechless. He couldn’t move, paralyzed for now by his broken back.

Scarlett took a moment to walk over to her mysterious benefactor. She planted a passionate kiss on his open lips, sending his eyes wide in surprise. Slowly, his wide eyes dwindled, his arms closed around her. His eyes closed in pleasure as the soft sensations of her lips on his, electrified him in quiet ecstasy. She smiled in the kiss, knowing he enjoyed it, satisfied with the giving of her moist, heartfelt thanks.

After a long moment, she pulled slowly away. She licked her full, kiss-moistened lips. Her long, bold lashes fluttered open to again reveal those dazzingly azure eyes, which found his in awestruck delight.

“Thank you so much!” she said. Her soft lips smiled warmly, her head cocked coquettishly, and her long lashes half closed. “Call me…” she said, giving a languid wink, knowing what she wanted to give as the rest of her reward.

But that would wait until evening, the dessert with which to end her magnificent day. For now, she had business to attend. She turned away from the mysterious man, maintaining her smile as her gratitude remained. She strode over to the hulk, still half inside the pavement of the road. She grabbed the back of his tight shirt and pulled him from the ground.

The mysterious man's knees went weak as she flew off with her quarry, the black-clad villain in her grasp. Still thinking of her soft lips, his mind took a moment to wrap itself around her last words to him. If only he could…

He felt something in his hand. A scrap of paper! He raised his hand and looked. Ten digits looked back at him.

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