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A Shared Gift

Written by Furlough :: [Sunday, 24 November 2019 22:19] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 30 November 2019 12:05]

A Shared Gift

by Furlough


It was early in the afternoon, and I headed off to the café with a mixture of excitement and dread in the pit of my stomach. That’s where I’d meet with them again, as I did a few times every week.

I didn’t have an awful lot of friends I met up with regularly, so it always made me happy to have someone to spend time with. But every single time we got together like this, the same questions would always start to flare up and kick around in my mind, bothering me to no end.

The whole deal had begun when I first met Cadence a few years back. I work a boring desk job at a big company, and most of the time I’m perfectly happy to clock in my hours and quickly scramble off home, spending as much of the rest of my day as I could manage away from the stresses and dullness of a world I didn’t much care to get to know better. However, one day, someone announced they were going start a book club with regular sessions where people could meet up after work. The whole thing didn’t last very long, as the organization for it was a poorly thought out mess, but the idea of it was enough to catch my eye and inspire me to be a part of it for the short while that it remained active.

That was where Cadence and I hit it off. She worked in a different part of the company, and so we had never had a chance to meet before, but we quickly came to find that we had pretty similar interests. When the whole book club thing fell apart, we offered to stay in touch with each other, and made a sort of date at the café that would become our regular meeting place. Nothing more serious came of it at first, and although we’ve been keeping it up for a few years now, it still hasn’t. However, I don’t want to sound ungrateful putting it like that – the way we’d meet up so often not only meant that I had someone to hang out with, but after a while, Cadence decided to start bringing along her younger sister, Aubrey.

There’s not much that’s changed between then and now. Every so often, we’d meet up, talk, laugh, and overall just chew the fat for a while. It was, and still is, a pretty sweet deal, I think – but in truth, I’m painfully aware of my wish that it could be more.

It took me a while to really get to know Cadence and Aubrey, but the more I did, the more smitten I became with the both of them. They weren’t mind-blowingly sexy or anything – they were actually rather plain in appearance – but there was no denying that there was an eye-catching cuteness about their frames that never failed to draw me in. They were short, with modest, lanky figures and dark olive skin – their parents or their grandparents or something had moved here from somewhere out in the Middle East, but the two girls had lived here their whole lives. Their subtle, modest outward charm was complemented both by the nerdy interests they shared with me and by how outspoken and confident they were about them, never afraid to smile and laugh and joke, no matter how irreverent or silly they may have seemed while doing it.

I was falling for the both of them, and I knew it, but I couldn’t bring myself to say or do anything about it. Even if I suspected that one or both of them might have similar feelings about me – which I did – I didn’t want our friendship to fall apart because I said the wrong thing, or because dating one of the two sisters would make it too weird to continue hanging out with both. It was a catch-22, a dilemma where I just couldn’t win no matter what I did.

Still, I forced these thoughts out of my mind as I reached the café and joined the two sisters at our usual spot. The rest of the afternoon flew by in a haze of pleasant, idle chatter, the three of us sharing what had gone on over the course of the past few days in our everyday lives. It generally amounted to a good time, which was usually the case, and yet I could never quite shake off the sensation of my silent desire to profess my love for the two sisters gnawing at the back of my mind.

It was getting dark when we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways, and I set off home at a brisk pace, not wanting to be out on the streets for one moment longer than was necessary. As I went, the shadows and colours on the pavement blended together in such a way that my brain didn’t even register the weird object poking up from the ground until after I’d slammed the front of my foot into it, stumbling and nearly falling over forward.

Once I got my bearings again, I took a brief glance back to see exactly what it was I’d just tripped over, and it caught my eye instantly. The object took on an odd multicoloured shimmer in the low light, as if it were covered in oil, but as I examined it more closely, I could see that it was bone dry. Whatever was causing it to glow must have been a part of its own composition.

There was nobody else around, discounting the possibility that I’d just embarrass myself gawking at that weird object. Out of a sudden impulse, I stooped down and scooped it up. It was some kind of stone, about the size of the palm of my hand, small enough that I could easily close my fingers around it. As I turned and moved it, the weird, multi-coloured light it gave off continued to impress me, and I figured it must be some kind of unusual mineral or gemstone ore. I wasn’t keen on just standing there guessing at what it was, though, so I swiftly pocketed the strange knick-knack and carried on home.

Once I was in the comfort of my own apartment, I produced the weird rock again, looking it over more closely. For about an hour, I did some rudimentary research online to try and figure out what it could possibly be, but came up short of a definitive answer. I considered taking a picture and positing it on some specialized forum to try and fish for something more concrete, but held off on that as I suspected it was just some weird, dirty chunk that’d just get me laughed at. If nothing else, it’d be a shiny paperweight I could hold on to for a while.

I left the rock on my night table for the time being. Tired and frustrated from my doubts both about the rock and my relationship with the lovely sisters, I got into bed and drifted off to sleep, thinking about the latter all the while, my thoughts and fatigue distracting me from the faint glow that had begun to ebb more intensely from the direction of the stone.



The next day, I got up and went to work as usual, trying to finish up a bit early as I knew I was due to meet up with Cadence and Aubrey. At first, the thought of it seemed weird; I could have sworn I had met up with the two of them the previous day, and we usually waited a few days in between coffee dates, but I also had an uncannily distinct memory that said I had agreed to meet with them today, so I couldn’t bring myself to just up and blow them off.

As soon as I arrived and saw them sitting there, I sensed something was off. The two usually dressed in pretty utilitarian, modest attire fit for the cold weather that pervaded the city – sweater jackets, scarves, coats, that kind of thing. When I saw them that day, they were wearing a combination of thin short-sleeved shirts and fingerless wrist warmers that left their elbows bare, and black miniskirts with stockings going up to their knees that afforded a rather generous view of their thighs.

Maybe it was just because their clothes were so different from the usual, but the sight of them in those ensembles left me to remark how fit and shapely they really were – something they really didn’t show off in what I usually saw them wearing. The sight of their curves made me wonder how I had ever managed to think of them as ‘plain’ or ‘lanky’, and tugged painfully at my knowledge of the fact that, no matter how wonderful they were, it was something I could never hope to have for myself.

“Heya,” I said, matter-of-factly as I sat down next to them.

“Hi there, Perry!” The two of them said practically in unison, like teasing schoolgirls.

I was about to make some kind of joking remark asking how they were managing such outfits with how cold it was out there, but I felt a curious sensation the moment I sat down, like the temperature rising slightly, at least to the point where wearing such revealing clothes didn’t seem so outlandish.

“You girls are looking… pretty good today!” I uttered, still wanting to at least insinuate how odd the sight of their clothes was to me.

“Aww, thanks, dude!” Cadence offered quite casually. “That’s real nice of you to say, but you do know we dress like this every day, right?”

Now that was weird. Why would she say something like that? I was quite sure we all knew that wasn’t true. Were they playing some kind of joke on me?

“Oh ho,” I chuckled, trying to play along, at least for now. “You know me, wiliest charmer alive.”

“You sure are,” I heard. Aubrey was the one who had spoken that time. “That’s why we like you so much, Perry. You always know just the right thing to say to bring a little perk to us every day.”

“Not every day,” I said, still speaking with a mock swagger. “Just when I’m lucky enough to get to see you ladies.”

“That’s just what we meant, thought,” said Cadence. As she spoke, she shook her head with a smile, as if in disbelief that I was ignorant of such a simple fact.

But it wasn’t a fact… or was it?

Now I was really starting to get weirded out.

I tried to steer the conversation in a different direction, and we got to talking about what was going on in our own lives. That carried on for a bit, but the conversation ended up cut short quite a bit sooner than I was expecting, about a half hour prior to the time we usually said our goodbyes for the day.

“Hey,” Aubrey started saying, her voice slowing nearly to a whisper, “isn’t it about time that we, um… got going? We were going to have that... thing... looked at together today, remember?”

“Oh, right,” Cadence responded, evidently in on whatever it was her sister was talking about, exactly how I wasn’t. “We should probably scoot a little early, then, right, Perry?”

“I, uh,” I said, coming up totally blank as to what they could possibly be referring to. “I must have zoned out whenever your brought this up before, girls, sorry. Could you remind me what...”

“Don’t worry, Perry,” said Cadence, looking me straight in the eye in a way I knew for a fact she never had before, “I’m sure it’ll all come back to you once we get going. Or are you playing coy? That’s a different way of doing things for you...”

I smiled nervously, noticing that Aubrey was shooting me the exact same kind of look.

“I-I’m afraid I really don’t—”

“Let’s just go,” Aubrey said. “We’ll, uh, tell you on the way, ‘kay?”

I didn’t know if I wanted to utter another word, but I found myself rather unable to do so as we left the café and went out to the streets. Usually, this is where the girls and I would separate and go our own way, but that time, the two of them led me off in a different direction, one at each side of me, clinging to my arms.

Now I was definitely sure things were different. Nothing like this had ever happened between us before. It seemed almost like a dream.

The three of us headed into an alleyway off a main road, a narrow but clean-looking space that appeared rather peaceful. This route was quite a ways off from anywhere I’d ever been myself, or anywhere I’d ever known the girls to have gone on their own, so I opened my mouth intent on asking exactly where we were going.

I never got the chance.

Before I knew what was happening, the two girls used their combined strength to shove my back up against the wall and pin me there. I could merely stare in a haze of shock and heavy breathing as Aubrey took hold of my coat and began to take it off of me, while Cadence suddenly cupped her hands around the base of my head, leaned forward, and kissed me.

It was undeniably a pleasant feeling. The warmth of her lips and her touch was soon mixed with a new sensation: one of a pair of hands beginning to caress my chest and arms through my shirt. I knew it had to be Aubrey.

I still had no idea what was going on, how this was possible, but the longer the moment grew, the less I cared. Somehow, I had gotten what I wanted. Even if this was some kind of practical joke or setup, even if it was a dream, something I would never experience again – I knew this was what I wanted, and so I became determined to savour it for as long as I could.

After what seemed like an eternity, Cadence finally broke off our kiss and stared at me with an impish smile and eyes full of longing. With no hesitation left, I threw my arms around her and pulled her close once more, returning her gesture with equal passion. That kiss was much shorter, though, and I found myself looking at her beautiful features once more.

Had she always been this beautiful? What a stupid question, I thought. Even if she looked exactly the same as I thought she always had, the fact that we were doing this now made her a million times sexier in my eyes.

“Why, Perry,” she said in a sultry whisper, “I thought you didn’t know what we were up to.”

“You know me,” I replied, the bravado in my voice now coming off as naturally as could be. It made me feel good, far more confident than I ever had before.

My attention was diverted momentarily as my thoughts were brought back to the hands caressing the rest of my body. Looking down, I could see Aubrey putting her all into it, and decided to reward her love as well. Taking her head in my hands as Cadence had done with me a moment earlier, I brought her close and shared one more kiss with her, one which she reciprocated with a contented moan. As I lent my attention to the younger sister, I could feel Cadence pressing up against my back and wrapping her arms around my front, clinging to me in her own passion, her soft breasts creating a pleasurable touch.

The haze of pleasure carried on for a few more minutes, but it stopped just short of taking off more of our clothes. We were still in public, after all, and although the area had remained relatively quiet, we didn’t wanna take any more risks. However, all of our business attires had quite a few more wrinkles to show for our shameless display of affection, and the contented grins that were now plastered on each of our faces told the whole story when viewed alongside our dishevelled appearance.

The girls waved me off with a shared giggle as I began to head off in the direction of my home, and I shot them the most confident look I think I’d managed in my whole life. All the way home, and for the remainder of the evening, I couldn’t help but smile and think of what had just happened to me, what that meant for my being and my life.

I had no idea how it had happened so suddenly, but there was no question that the two sisters were now in an intimate relationship with me. The three of us, together, all at once. It was my dream come true. I was hopeless to explain it, but I knew it was real.

Unable to bring myself to do anything but think about my inexplicable good fortune, I decided to head off to bed. I couldn’t take the sisters off my mind as I lay there. I wondered if we’d ever shared that bed before – or how long it would be before we would again.

Once again, the rock at my bedside began to emit a strange light as I started to drift off. It was a bit brighter now, a bit easier to notice, but I was far too distracted to pay it any real mind. Before I knew it, I crossed the wall of sleep once more, my consciousness extinguished in a blur of lust and fatigue.



As soon as I realized I was awake, I practically jumped out of bed and raced to wash up and get dressed. Not for work, I remarked with unsubtle smugness in my own mind, but for my usual date with the sisters.

As Cadence and Aubrey inevitably barged into my mind and quickly came to dominate my every thought, I couldn’t help but wonder, as I had many times before, just how it was that an average joe like myself had managed to not only earn the attention, but the friendship, of such an incredible couple of girls. It had to do with work, that much I recollected, but the precise details evaded me as the memories of those drab times were quickly overridden by the mark the two had left on my life.

In the time before I had met them, I recalled, I had the odd money troubles from time to time, as my salary really didn’t allow much room for me to pursue the pleasures and amenities I wanted rather than just needed. The two of them had just about put an end to that, however, through a combination of their connections to the company’s top-level administration and their own, rather immodest wealth. Even then, as I held their wonderful figures in my mind’s eye, I struggled to think what I had ever done to fall into such good graces with them, that I would earn such kindness and generosity.

Still, I thought, that was all the more reason to do and look my best whenever the time came to meet up with them. Coffee today, we had agreed – or had it been yesterday? The thought left my mind quickly enough, as I thought that if I’d had the good fortune of seeing them the previous day, it would most certainly have been on my mind right then, and the very notion of standing them up for any reason was simply unthinkable.

As I approached our usual meeting place, it seemed as though the streets made a gradual shift – the dirty grey pavement of my neighbourhood giving way to shinier, sleeker masonry, just like you’d imagine would pervade a neighbourhood populated exclusively by the fabulously wealthy. The atmosphere practically peaked as I arrived at the café – vague notions of a cosy, homely little place echoed in my mind as I looked over its façade, but they all seemed patently ridiculous in contrast to the opulent, luxurious storefront I then beheld. Perhaps it had been a more modest joint once, but that had to have been before the sisters took it upon themselves to supply their patronage.

As I came in, the staff instantly recognized me and showed me to the third floor balcony, which commanded a majestic view of the street below. There, in the rather spacious and sparsely populated VIP area, the two of them turned their heads and greeted me with beaming smiles.

I tried my best to return the expression, despite my knowledge that my ordinary visage would never be able to measure up. Even knowing them so well, whenever I looked upon their incredible frames – lustrous, shining dark manes cascading over sleek, majestic faces covered in pairs of designer glasses worth three months’ worth of my upgraded salary each, crowning fit yet deliciously voluptuous bodies tightly wrapped in dresses woven from expensive, luxurious materials, which fell away just above their knees to reveal long, luscious legs which went on forever, finally ending in delicate feet clad in similarly opulent heels – I was rendered completely stupefied, failing to find words which came even close to adequately furnishing their incredible beauty.

“Hi there, tiger.” This time Aubrey was the first to speak.

“Morning, girls,” I offered, making a conscious effort to appear as confident as possible.

“Morning, you,” Cadence replied. “Sit down and let’s talk for a bit, yeah?”

In moments, a sharply dressed waiter with a butlerly demeanour appeared and produced a new, deceptively comfortable chair for me to sit in, and I joined the girls’ repast. Looking down over the street and into the distance, I could see the old company building, stirring dread feelings of boredom and emptiness, it seemed, from a time long past. I was still technically employed there, but because of the arrangements the girls had made for me, I only had to show my face once in a blue moon to perform some utterly meaningless task as an excuse to collect a handsome paycheck. The people there, I couldn’t help but notice, shot me more than a few ugly looks, but did nothing more. They knew they couldn’t do anything about it, not when the sisters were involved.

Cadence and Aubrey, I remarked, were practically social royalty, and not in the petty high school cheerleader sort of way – though seeing the amount of control they held over everyone else, you’d hardly be able to tell the difference. They weren’t stupid rich or anything, but they had just the right connections to make coasting through life on the lap of luxury a breeze, at least as long they didn’t stray too far from their comfort zone. Anyone who knew of them was aware of that, and tried their hardest to suck up to them to try and share in that good fortune. I’d seen many a pitiful sycophant try to obtain the sisters’ favour, and yet, the more I thought of how ridiculous it was of them to think that they’d ever manage to earn that privilege, the more puzzling it seemed to me that I, someone with nothing special about him, had managed to not only do just that, but become the sisters’ favourite confidant for their day to day activities.

“Oh, Perry!” Aubrey suddenly offered. “Did Cadence tell you yet about that charity drive she did the other day?”

“Aubrey!” Cadence suddenly exclaimed in a bratty scolding outburst.

“He’s Perry! He’s gonna find out eventually!”

“I guess, but did you have to bring it up right now?”

“Did I, ah, just hear something I shouldn’t have?” I asked the sisters with a quick chuckle.

“It’s nothing,” Cadence said, a bit annoyed, but still holding on to her cool.

“If it’s nothing, you might as well tell him,” Aubrey insisted. I could see a mischievous smile forming on her face.

Cadence gave an exaggerated sigh, clearly not enthusiastic about discussing the subject. “I did a charity drive through some of the streets nearby last weekend,” she said. “Nothing too fancy. It did okay.”

“It did better than okay!” Aubrey all but shouted. “Didn’t you see the videos yet, Perry?” She asked, turning to me this time. “She rode around in the hood of a limo wearing a bikini! There was a huge crowd and everything, and people were practically throwing bags of money at her—”

“AUBREY!” Cadence shot out, going red in the face. She crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out at her sister for a second, then went quiet.

Aubrey, for her part, was in giggling hysterics. She leaned into my shoulder for a moment, her hand rubbing back and forth along the top of my back. I was a bit embarrassed at the moment, but the touch of Aubrey’s delicate hand combined with the mental image of Cadence in a bikini – one that did not contrast too much with the flattering attire Cadence was wearing then – made me very excited, very quickly. Before long, it began to show not only on my face, but in the tightness that began to strain my pants.

Aubrey’s giggle fit died down quickly enough once she opened her eyes and saw just what it was that had just perked up its head between my legs. She looked over at her sister, who was still pouting, with her devious smile, and nudged her arm.

“Hey,” she half-whispered, “if it bothers you that much, why don’t we all go back to Perry’s place so you can show him how much cuter you look when you’re out of that bikini?”

I watched with bemused excitement for Cadence’s response. She looked up at us for a moment, annoyance still showing in her eyes, then looked around for a bit, before begrudgingly crooking her frown upward into a subtle grin.

“Do you have to speak so loud?” she teased.

“If you want privacy, we better get to a quiet place soon,” Aubrey said. As she finished speaking, her hand wandered down to my crotch, her fingers probing for the contours of my member before she squeezed it suddenly, forcing a quick rictus to form on my face.

Cadence gave a quick scoff. “Okay, you children, let’s get going.” She got up from her chair and began to walk out, the staff practically kowtowing to her as she passed by. Some of the men stole some quick glances of her backside just before she disappeared downstairs – like any heterosexual man, myself included, they didn’t like seeing her go, but loved watching her leave.

I was quickly brought back to attention, however, as I felt a quick caress from Aubrey’s hand.

“We better go catch up, tiger,” she whispered to me, “don’t wanna miss out on the good stuff.”

Immediately, I sprang up to my feet and offered my hand to Aubrey, helping her get up. As the two of us ran after Cadence, I couldn’t help but be impressed at how deftly Aubrey could move and hop downstairs, even in heels – even though her physique was anything but modest, I hadn’t chalked it up to possess that kind of dexterity. Still, I couldn’t help but find it rather hot, especially with what it implied for what would soon take place.

Once we were out on the streets, heading back to my place, Aubrey playfully led her eager hands to wander the edges of my body a little more, uncaring of how the people surrounding us might look upon her. Cadence, who’d been keeping her distance, suddenly got closer and began doing the same. The journey back home continued on in this way, fraught with indiscreet displays that made me forget anything that did not have to do with the two girls of my dreams.

What happened once we actually got there, however, completely eclipsed the thrills I had gotten up until that point. After racing upstairs to my humble, slightly run-down 4th floor apartment and closing the door, the two sisters practically jumped on me, quickly tearing every scrap of clothing off the three of us with animalistic passion, making it a wonder that nothing got ripped up.

We bumped into the walls a few times, but soon enough, we made it to the bedroom. By that time, the girls and I were completely naked, save for the fancy pairs of glasses left on each of their faces, a detail that only served to make them look cuter and hotter when juxtaposed with the incredible allure of their magnificent bodies. As we piled onto the bed, I ended up laying on my back with the two incredibly gorgeous sisters looming over me, with expressions of impish confidence lining their faces. Seeing how utterly smitten I was with their all-pervading beauty, they mischievously turned to look at each other and started kissing and touching one another.

The effect was immediate, as my heavy breathing became intermingled with excited, gasping moans and twitching in all sorts of places; precisely the effect they’d anticipated. Interrupting their rapture for just a moment, the two sisters then descended upon me, smothering me in a symphony of pleasure and primal sensations the likes of which I could never have imagined. The melody of our lovemaking grew in volume and intensity for what felt like hours, no doubt raising a ruckus that would be impossible for the neighbours to ignore. I cared not, for it was the work of the two most beautiful women on the planet, the girls of my dreams, the idols of my life. Our passionate entanglement went on well into the night until we finally had no choice but to collapse, drained, into a heap of fulfilled, pleasured contentment.

The stone was still in my room, very close by, though at that point I was hopeless to even acknowledge its existence.



The first thing I could perceive of as I awakened was their scent. It was quite impossible to ignore; it would have been even if I were a complete stranger who’d been fortunate enough to pass them on the street. My own fortune, of course, was far greater than that, which was amply evidenced by my presence in the room which now choked with the sweet perfume they seemed to exude wherever they went, which lingered in the air mixed with the primal pungency that left little question as to what we had spent the entirety of the previous night doing.

I had a hard enough time believing that I had the chance to fall in favour with two world-famous fitness supermodels like them, let alone share my abode with them within the luxurious high rise duplex they had decided to purchase and make into our little cradle of decadence once they heard I lived in the area. And yet, tilting my head slightly upward, I was quickly able to confirm that the two of them were indeed there, their statuesque, chiselled-yet-slender bodies peacefully wrapped up in a rippling pond of satin fit for a monarch. There was little room to make that distinction anyway, as the wealth the sisters had amassed was most certainly enough to purchase a small country or two.

I cannot say if it was a few seconds or a few hours that passed, but as I stared at the two Amazonian beauties before me, the one whose head lay closer to me, Aubrey, gave a low, contented moan of drowsiness. This was more than enough to arouse me. Even though the slight stirring of the sheets that then resulted was completely involuntary on my part, it did not go unnoticed, as Aubrey gave off a knowing, low-pitched giggle that only served to arouse me even more before slowly opening her eyes and smirking in my direction.

“Good morning to you too, cutie,” she half-whispered in a way that always managed to get me flustered in spite of all the things we’d already done. “Last night was super fun, but I think I might have hogged you a little too much. I’ll just go ring up the servants to bring us some breakfast from the fancy restaurant down the street and give my sissy a chance to play with you, mkay?”

In a total change from her peaceful, resting form just a few moments prior, Aubrey gracefully threw off the sheets covering her body and jumped out of bed, getting to her feet in just a couple seconds. She spun around in place, as though being able to sense how much I desired to admire the power of her naked body, which displayed tantalizing, womanly curves and muscular ridges of strength in equal measure. Continuing on with her little display, she pranced away from the bed doing ballet-esque pirouettes and leaps the whole way, commanding her incredibly agile body with expert grace, a massive grin plastered on her face all the while.

I scarcely had time to fully appreciate that show, however, as just a few moments later, Cadence let me know just how wide awake she was when she slid out of the sheets and crawled on top of me with impossibly quick and precise motions not unlike those of a snake. Sure enough, this serpent of temptation had me ensnared in seconds, as she casually directed her womanhood towards my organ, which had been standing at attention for quite some time, and began steadily riding me without missing a beat.

“Better not leave me hanging this time, Perry!”

Her voice hadn’t lost its old timbre, which served to turn me on to no end. Old timbre? I vaguely remembered something being different, something that had changed somehow, but Cadence’s lovemaking seemed as if it was draining my already-spent body of all its remaining energies even as she herself glowed with as much life and energy as ever.

The rest of the day was a blur; I think I caught a couple glimpses of a weird rock ornament set next to the bed which seemed strangely familiar, but I could only glimpse it briefly as the carnal pleasure the sisters seemed intent on never ceasing to share with me claimed all of my attention and stamina, even as my consciousness dwindled to a point where I could not help but pass out once more in a muddy daze of pleasure.



This morning, it was Cadence who decided to wake me, massaging my chest with her electrifying. sensual touch. I could tell she looked forward to it by her massive, satisfied grin, though I couldn’t imagine her contentedness compared even slightly to the pleasure I felt just by being in her presence.

Then again, I had no real way of knowing. Along with her sister Aubrey, Cadence was one of the two sole heirs to a continent-sized empire, which meant that the sisters had been given access to an exorbitant amount of wealth since the moment of their birth. They had taken full advantage of that fact, not only training their bodies to the apex of human perfection, but taking them even further beyond by privately funding the development of experimental human augmentation programs. That decision had certainly paid off, as the sisters had been subjected to several procedures which had given them abilities ordinary folk like myself could only dream of. For one thing, they didn’t need to sleep, ever, and they could go without food far longer than ordinary humans without losing an ounce of their already prodigious strength.

Not that food was ever a problem for them, I thought to myself as I crawled out of bed and surveyed the estate surrounding the imperial palace. The miles and miles of gardens stretching out beyond one of the wings were home to one of the most opulent menageries in recorded history. There were everything from elephants to iguanas, flamingos to lemurs, tortoises to lions. Lions I had seen Aubrey and Cadence wrestle naked from time to time, and win. Made sense, since they had broken all of the world’s old weightlifting records and had developed skin so tough bullets would leave them with a nasty bruise at worst.

I had no idea how they did it, a fact of which I was reminded as Cadence put her hands on my shoulders to massage them again, her breasts pressing up slightly against my bare back. Her skin felt silky smooth and incredibly soft, her touch amazingly delicate. It was baffling to me how those same hands could easily tear metal sheets apart without any resistance, and those same breasts could shrug off an armed mugger’s assault – probably moments prior to crushing said mugger’s weapon into a ball of scrap and beating him into submission.

And yet, she always knew precisely the right moves to make me feel like I was in paradise. In a way, I suppose I was, or at least as close to it as I’d ever get on Earth. That’s speaking from a strictly geographical perspective, of course – if we were to talk about sensations, then nothing could ever compare to the sheer ecstasy of sharing a bed every night with the two most beautiful, powerful titanesses the world had ever seen. Even if my own stamina was pitiful in comparison to theirs, there was an undeniable sense of bliss in witnessing their displays of power and pleasure, the way in which they took full advantage of the incredible strength contained within each of their bodies, even when I was so spent I could do nothing but catch a few sights amid a haze of lust and slumber.

But the feeling of Cadence’s lovely touch on my mortal body was interrupted as we both suddenly witnessed a cloud of dust rapidly moving towards us from the distant fields. At once Cadence knew what it meant, and she shot me a smile and a wink before she leapt down towards it with the agility of an Olympic athlete. We’d been sleeping on a bed placed on a raised outdoor dais bordered by a canopy of delicate silken curtains, a structure like something of a fairytale describing the lavish palaces of an ancient eastern noble. It was this vantage point that afforded me a view of Cadence breaking out on a run towards the other source of movement, quickly kicking up a veritable dust storm of her own from the earth below her feet.

I could come up with some clichéd phrase about an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object to describe what happened next, but such a comparison would be completely frivolous. The sisters’ reflexes and motor control render any such imagery completely irrelevant; I have no doubt that if they wanted to, they could easily collide into some kind of sonic boom that would disable ordinary mortals for miles around while they themselves walked away unscathed just a moment later. But as there was no need for them to engage in anything but pleasantries here, all that resulted from their encounter was a loud clap and another explosion of dust, one that gave way to two intertwined frames. The image of the two immensely beautiful sisters frolicking together inspired thoughts in me not only of angels, but of what the mighty Grecian gods of old would have been like if they hadn’t been so concerned with their warlike intrigues. When their power and love came into harmony, the result was something that was otherwise unthinkable among our mortal minds… something divine.

The very sight of the two super-human sisters engaging in such an enthralling act of love put me into a sort of trance – a feeling I knew I was in no way unfamiliar with, but which felt oddly potent compared to what my memory had the power to conjure up. The daze continued as I perceived them slowly approaching me, carrying me back into the bed, and having the compassion to share their love with me. No matter how many times it happened, the pleasure was so strong that all my other sensations were eclipsed. I glimpsed upon the multi-coloured stone set upon the back of the luxurious bedstead, a precious metal that had been installed at the sisters’ insistence. I vaguely recalled having been the one who brought it to them, having found it one day – but my memory dared not stretch back beyond that, not wanting to stray an iota farther from the indescribable bliss that filled my senses every instant that the two were nearby.

As the revelry carried on, that notion did not change. Except that, for a moment, I dared to wonder. The pleasure I was experiencing was, beyond a doubt, the absolute best that a mortal human could ever hope to achieve at that moment. There was no question that I was at the truest apex of bliss possible for any creature of my own ilk – and yet I dared to wonder whether that was really true. For if the power of these two divine nymphs, so far above every other being in existence, was not the limit of what the heights of pleasure could offer – what could possibly lie beyond?



The moment I awakened, I was newly reminded of a rather corny truth: the fact that I was invariably left breathless whenever my eyes scanned the space around the bed. It had nothing to do with the fact that the room that housed it was floating a handful of kilometres off the ground, nor the incredible view its ample windows afforded by virtue of its position. Rather, it was the sight of the two that shared that room and that bed with me.

The two were off doing something else when I awoke, of course. They didn’t need to sleep, or even rest – I doubted whether there was anything in the world capable of making them tired, or even slightly strained. But that didn’t change much, as the very moment I awakened and drew a single conscious breath, both of them were able to perceive it immediately. Of course, their remarkable hearing and perceptive abilities were actually among their least impressive traits, as I was quickly reminded when Cadence looked back at me with a smile just before her feet gently left the ground, allowing her to glide through the air with all the grace of an angel to greet me.

Although it must be said that, whenever it crossed my mind to compare the sisters to any manner of divine creatures, it wasn’t just to do with the incredible powers they possessed that allowed them to fly, perform amazing feats of physical strength, and survive dangers that would obliterate the bodies of mortal men without so much as a scratch to show for it. Rather, my mind was momentarily drawn to particular depictions of such beings dreamed up by artists with a flair for the romantic, who gave them beauty and physiques representing the most perfect, idealized versions of humanity they could come up with. Cadence and Aubrey blew all of those depictions out of the water, of course – they had so much more to offer the senses than a mere visual approximation to an ideal. The reality of what they were, their monumental physical beauty, the sight of their bronzed bodies, the sharp yet subtle contours of their muscles, capable of lifting untold tonnes of solid rock right out of the ground, the softness of their curves, carrying enough sweetness to entice any creature with the slightest capacity for physical desire, their sharp but perfectly balanced visages, exquisite enough to bring anyone to their knees with a single smile, delicately draped by flowing locks of raven hair ending in gentle waves that playfully caressed the skin they fell upon and only served to further entice any mortals fortunate enough to witness this spectacle, as well as all the other things that went beyond sight – the honeyed fragrance given off by their divine bodies, the power and confidence carried within the dulcet sound of their voices, the warmth given off by their very presence, enough to make anyone feel like they were in a passionate embrace… but more than any of these things, the mere knowledge of how far above humans the sisters were, and how fortunate anyone should feel just to be able to bask in their superior presence.

I hadn’t the slightest idea how it was that I had come to share a bed with them. Faint wisps of memory revolved around my head, but these all pointed to women that, while beautiful in their own right, were nowhere near the two superwomen whose presence now thrilled me.

But “super” was indeed the right word for them. Nobody knew whence they had emerged, but the astounding superhuman abilities the two sisters possessed had seen a prodigious level of use once they had decided to reveal them to the world. Though nobody knew exactly how they’d done it, the two had apparently caused a colossal undersea volcanic eruption in the middle of the Pacific Ocean which had led to the formation of a nation-sized new island, one which the two immediately claimed as their own, baffling experts in the field of geology who had previously claimed that such a thing could never occur at all in that particular spot, let alone at such an unbelievable scale. How they’d managed to do this on their own and without catastrophic repercussions for the rest of the world was a complete mystery, but more astounding still was how they’d taken a chunk of the minerals formed by their manufactured reaction and somehow used their powers to energize them in a way that allowed them to float, then placed them far above their newly formed mainland and built a lavish palace atop them – the place where I was now.

But while most of the world was left scratching their heads at the sister’s sudden appearance and fantastical actions, a huge number of people had flocked to the newborn island and pledged themselves as subjects under their seemingly limitless power, effectively forming a new, fully populated nation overnight. The whole business stirred up a seemingly endless well of discussion in world politics regarding both what the sisters could do and the people’s reaction – but I knew the sisters weren’t really concerned about any of that. They had no reason to lash out against anyone as long as they played nice, and even if the entire rest of the world came together to try something, they’d never stand a chance against two demigoddesses that commanded the level of power they did.

It was my own awareness of their power that filled me with ever growing arousal as Cadence, now joined by Aubrey, who had appeared in the blink of an eye and was now floating in midair next to her sister, drew closer and closer. They were both smiling, though there was no doubt in my mind that these smiles were not meant to seduce me or even put me at ease, but were merely an indication of the sisters’ absolute confidence and contentment in the knowledge that they could do whatever they wanted to me and I couldn’t do a thing about it.

This realization didn’t make me feel uneasy in the slightest, because it was the truth. Cadence’s arm stretched forward as her fingers gently brushed against my naked chest, instantly creating an electrifying thrill that put me under her spell right away. Her smile grew wider as she could tell that she was now in complete control. Just a little more would put me over the edge – something I sensed Cadence was fully aware of as she began to speak in a low whisper.

“We love you, Perry. I hope you know that. Aubrey and I love you more than anything else in the world.”

“It’s true,” Aubrey added in her own, hypnotically erotic voice. “And do you know why we love you so much?”

At that point, I could do little else than look back and forth between the two goddesses before me and nod weakly in a stupefied, lust-filled daze.

“We love you,” Cadence continued as she cupped my chin gently in one hand, a hand that had the strength to crush granite into dust, “because you love us. You love the two of us more than anything else you could ever imagine. And the unending wellspring that is your love has borne something absolutely wonderful.”

“It’s true, Perry,” Aubrey continued. “There is no one who could deny how magnificent we have become now. How far above the petty mortal constraints of humanity we’ve risen. But this ascension was not of our own doing… we are only this way because you wished it so.”

“That’s right, Perry,” Cadence spoke again. “Our status as the most powerful beings in all of this world – and heck, possibly the universe – is all thanks to you and your fancies. We used to be nothing more than two humdrum little sisters stuck in a boring job just like you. But you dared to dream so much bigger than that. And though the truth is that this is all your doing… well, it’s pretty flattering to think that the two of us could inspire such feelings within you.”

Cadence ended her sentence with a giggle and an indescribably charming smile, which her sister echoed. That was the last push I needed, as I began convulsing in an orgasm, jizz splurting out from the tip of my member and staining my bare midsection. Far too absorbed in the sensation to even speak, I could do little else than shake in pleasure as I suddenly felt Aubrey’s touch. Far from overcharging my libido even further, I could sense that she was using her inscrutable powers to dial it down just enough that I could still at least process their words.

“But it didn’t happen just like that, to be fair,” Cadence continued, still in full control. “No, our world would have been a lot more colourful if everyone’s whims could be granted just like that. Instead, it was the power of this little trinket here that served as the catalyst.”

As she spoke, Cadence waved her hand forward slightly, and all of a sudden a small stone, shining multiple colours, appeared right before it as if from nowhere. It looked as though she had moved her hand aside slightly to uncover that the thing had been hidden behind it all along, but I knew she had used some sort of divine sorcery to make it materialize as she wished.

“You know, this thing is really little more than an ugly little paperweight if you don’t have the proper motivation,” she continued. “It would have been absolutely worthless if it had been in the hands of anyone with desires any less fervent than yours. It takes that kind of longing, that kind of obsession, to trigger its powers. But to think that the two of us could inspire that kind of desire within you, even all the way back then...”

“Even when we were nothing but ordinary, homely mortal human girls,” Aubrey cut in, “with nothing really special about us...”

“To think that you would not only desire the both of us so madly, so desperately, but also have the infinitesimal fortune to find an artefact like this, with the potential to make those desires a reality...” Cadence and Aubrey momentarily burst into a bout of amused laughter. “It’s remarkable, really. I, with a mind empowered far beyond anything mortal humans could possibly fathom, can hardly imagine anything more romantic.”

By then my brain’s ability to articulate anything had been completely muddled over, but that statement filled me with an incredible happiness. Somehow, the forces of the universe had conspired to make my love for the sisters fuel an unimaginable situation which now placed all three of us in the most joyful scenario I could ever conceive.

“But there’s more,” Aubrey suddenly spoke, interrupting my pleasured haze of thoughts. “We may be superhuman now – far beyond any other creature ever known to this world – but surely that’s not the end of what someone with as much love for us as you can imagine, now is it, Perry?”

“Especially someone with so colourful an imagination as to help us attain heights like these,” Cadence offered, suddenly flying upwards and doing a gentle midair twirl which she concluded with a nigh-imperceptible giggle at her own pun.

“No,” Aubrey continued, “of course not. This existence may be blissful indeed, but there’s more yet to be had...”

As she finished her sentence, Aubrey’s hands caressed my abdomen before roaming downward towards my groin. Her index finger travelled up the length of my shaft before teasing my other head. The immense pleasure I felt at that moment was only intensified by the notion of what the sisters had suddenly begun talking about – the fact that there was yet more to come, if only they were to somehow attain even more power.

“But there’s no need for you to bear all that burden much longer, Per,” Cadence interjected. “Our situation now is so much cozier than anything any ordinary human could ever have accomplished in the world you used to know. It might not be enough to inspire you to get the kind of desires we need for another paradigm shift.”

I doubted whether that was really true, but the pleasure within me was truly so great that I found myself forced to silently concede. This was indeed the kind of thing that would have remained as nothing but an impossible pipe dream in a world without superhumans.

“Of course, our own abilities are now great enough that this isn’t necessarily an obstacle...”

Cadence smirked and stared intensely into the strange gemstone for a moment, before two white beams of energy fired off from her eyes into the supernatural mineral. My mind had some hazy recollection of the sisters using such a power, a kind of heat vision, to utilize intense heat in ways that made any kind of welding hardware obsolete. But at that moment, I felt no heat emanating from the beams in spite of their close proximity to my naked body, as if Cadence were producing some kind of unknown, arcane energy from within herself. A moment later, Aubrey followed her sister’s lead, striking the gem with a second set of otherworldly eye beams, which seemed to increase the first’s effect exponentially rather than just double it.

At that moment, the gemstone reacted by starting to emit a bizarre field, a perfect, incorporeal sphere of eldritch forces that grew larger with each second. Soon, it came to envelop the sisters, who gasped in excitement as they began to feel its influence upon them. A moment later, it reached me, causing an oddly familiar feeling. In that instant, I knew this to be the same power I had inadvertently made use of while I dreamed of how much better, stronger, sexier, more powerful, more incredible the sisters could be – and made that a reality while the stone was in my proximity. In that instant, I knew that whatever I desired the sisters to become, the stone’s power would make it come true – so I latched on to one of the last things Cadence had said. The two of them were already far beyond any mortal human, but that didn’t mean it had to be the limit. It didn’t mean there had to be limits.

Immediately, I began imagining the sisters as what we all knew they desired. What I desired. This time, I could see them begin to transform before my eyes as unimaginable power flowed into them from some unknown part of the cosmos, power far greater than even that which they already possessed. Slowly, steadily, they were transforming into the most perfect beings in all of existence, and Cadence was right – rewriting reality to ensure the sisters’ supremacy over all others was no longer to be a burden placed upon me and my desires. Once this final transformation was complete, the sisters would have that power completely at their disposal, able to shape themselves and the universe according to their whims.

Time and space seemed to warp as the power that held the very fabric of existence together rapidly became concentrated into the sisters’ bodies. Not long after their apotheosis truly began, their very visages took on properties that I wouldn’t dare to try and describe with mere human words. As their ultimate power was consolidated, they gradually took on shapes that were beyond any stretch of human imagination or ability to perceive. Even with the sisters’ benevolent influence, my own senses quickly became more and more overstimulated until finally reaching the breaking point. Amid a spectacle that left me wondering whether I was still truly sane, I lost all semblance of consciousness and was left with nothing on my mind save for a perpetually repeating immaterial image of the twin goddesses I had helped create.



The sunlight fell upon my skin with a curiously gentle touch. From what I remembered, whenever I went to the beach or to a hot place, dealing with the sun's rays was always a rather oppressive affair, demanding that I always remain either reasonably well clothed or in the shade lest I get some nasty sunburn. But this sun seemed different. I supposed it made sense, upon thinking of it further – it certainly wasn't the same sun I had always known.

And as I thought upon it more and more, this place was an alien one to me indeed. It wasn't even the same planet; it was a small celestial body manufactured for a very specific purpose. The fancy, palatial building behind me, the well-kept sunny terrace before my eyes, the deep blue ocean that stretch into the horizon beyond... but it didn't stretch nearly as far as any ocean I had ever known. This world didn't need to be any bigger than necessary, after all, to fit a single person's needs. The sisters had known that all too well, when they created it.

The sisters, yes. As if suddenly hearing my thoughts from whichever corner of the cosmos they had scrambled to, the two suddenly appeared before my eyes. Cadence, the older one, wearing a black bikini, Aubrey wearing white. They looked rather closer to their old selves than the versions of them I had seen in the last reality I had inhabited. I remembered all of that now, of course, because they had willed it so, their new, limitless power over reality itself enabling them a much better chance of strengthening my mind than any previous versions of them had ever imagined.

Of course, even though I said they looked closer to their original, mortal selves, that didn't mean they were a spitting image, or anything like that. They were much prettier, much sexier, with curves and perfect skin the likes of which would turn any mortal woman green with envy. Still, as I gazed upon them, I couldn't help but be struck with an odd sense of nostalgia as I reminisced about the old, boring reality all three of us had originated from, the desire I had felt for the two of them even then, and the incredible way in which our lives had been transformed. They, ascended into bona fide living goddesses, and me, their lover and plaything, their pet, resigned to a hedonistic life of contented pleasures under the watchful eye of the two creatures I loved the most.

"I always knew you were a romantic, Per," Cadence suddenly spoke. Her voice was virtually identical to what my memories of her original self could recall, but with an added, ephemeral divine quality about it. Nothing I could pin down by any conventional standards, but something, something incorporeal, preternatural, that made the listener very much aware that they were being addressed by something akin to a god, something with far more power at their command than their outward appearance let on. Of course, I knew all too well that underneath their relatively petite frames, the sisters had the potential to move entire planets, entire stars, from one end of a galaxy to the other if they so desired. One of them could simply pick one end of a celestial body and push, instantly overcoming the constraints of gravity and mass, and have her body left completely unscathed by the enormous, cataclysmic fireball that such a disruption of an aster's movement would inevitably cause – or even will the laws of physics aside for a minute to stop such a combustion from occurring in the first place. The ability to redecorate galaxies at their whim, to shape the universe however they desired, as easily as one could move pieces on a chessboard...

"Don't give us ideas you'll regret later," Aubrey suddenly teased with a grin, a grin that could surely have fooled an unwitting observer into thinking that she was an unassuming girl next door with nothing special about her if she willed it so.

"You're being real dramatic, you know that?" Cadence suddenly offered. I knew that they were privy to my thought process – absolutely nothing was beyond their reach now, after all – but I still couldn't help but consider all of the things the newborn goddesses could do now with anything short of true awe.

"It doesn't have to be that big of a deal, you know," Aubrey said, speaking once more. "We didn't forget about you, after all. We wouldn't dare. Why don't you get up and join us for a bit?"

I was already standing, but immediately I knew precisely what they meant. In a moment, I took flight, with the sisters mimicking my ascent in perfect synchronization. I thought it may have been meant as a gesture from them to suggest that I should consider the three of us to be on equal ground, having given me power that exceeded even that which they had held when they first became superhuman. A moving thought, considering how impossible it was for me to ignore their absolute superiority – but I knew that I would never dare to disappoint them, and so I began to zip around in the air, exploring the grounds of the miniature paradise world they had constructed for me.

In less than a minute, the sisters and I had circumnavigated the entire planet, returning to the waterside palace I had awoken in – a palace that, upon closer inspection, floated several hundred meters above the ocean's surface. Not content to leave my exploration at such a superficial level, I then proceeded to dive a similar distance beneath the ocean depths, with the cold water leaving nothing but a mildly refreshing sensation on my now invulnerable skin. I glimpsed several schools of colourful alien fish and underwater organisms, some of which seemed to form into elegant patterns as we drew nearer. I wondered whether this was simply due to their nature, or if they were reacting to the sisters' influence.

Growing quickly tired of this new spectacle, I zoomed upward, creating a massive breach in the water once our three bodies reached the surface. A few seconds later, the last of the droplets sent flying upward by our powerful flight had rejoined the mass beneath them, settling back into a regular, inscrutable sheet of water, betraying very little of what lay below. It was at that moment that more of the sisters' purpose in bringing me on that little expedition became clear; they were indicating to me that, in spite of their absolute power over the cosmos, they had no immediate intention of interfering with it in a way that would disrupt its normal causality. They knew themselves to be goddesses of ultimate power, ones who could decide the outcome of any event, but still held some sense of sentimentality towards the world that had once created them, and the bizarre laws of the universe that had somehow enabled them to become so much more through sheer coincidence.

"Told you it was all a work of love," Cadence suddenly spoke. She was referring to me, I knew at once, just as she and Aubrey had let me know last time we spoke. "If things hadn't fallen in place just so, if you hadn't been so madly in love with us in the first place, this could never have come about."

"We figured it was okay to let a world like that keep on going," Aubrey added. "A little faith for what the old us were capable of, in a way."

"Not to say that we'd be against using our limitless power for something a little more exciting, if that was up your alley," Cadence continued. "If you'd prefer us as bad girls, we could always create a little pocket universe to wreck with our powers and let you watch. Or just isolate a world similar to this one and give some amazing superpowers to a lady who definitely won't be as nice as we were once she figures out what she's got her hands on. All controlled environments, of course."

"Or..." Aubrey added, closing in with a playful smile, "if you'd rather we skip the foreplay, we can explore that kind of fun more... directly. Being omnipotent gives us... options, after all, for just what we can do in each other's company..."

I thought about both their proposals. They were both very tempting, of course, and I knew I'd have to take them up on it as soon as possible. But still, one solitary detail remained in my mind. They spoke about controlled environments, but the one thing that had caused this incredible fantasy to become reality in the first place was anything but, and so it became a factor that I simply couldn't take off my mind just yet.

"You mean this?"

In an instant, the curious stone that had transformed reality itself, transformed the sisters from homely, ordinary office workers into goddesses, landed me in a perpetual cycle of ultimate pleasure with all-powerful lovers at my side forever – materialized once more into Cadence's hand.

"You don't have to concern yourself too much over it," she continued. "Its power was truly great, but like I said earlier, it would take a real mad love, a real fervent desire, to have any hope whatsoever of activating it.”

“And that was in its former state,” Aubrey suddenly added. “During our final ascension, it essentially transferred the vast majority of its properties to us. It’s not… completely inert in its current state, but the kind of desire that it would take to reactivate it now would be nearly unimaginable.”

“That’s right,” Cadence concluded with a smile. “So, why don’t you forget all about that and join us in a little recreational activity? The weather’s real nice in this side of the galaxy, and we have all the time in the universe...”

Cadence suddenly tossed the stone upward into the sky, where it quickly careened off to some unknown corner of the cosmos. Even my enhanced vision lost sight of it in mere seconds, plunged into the vast reaches of the void, hundreds of millions of miles away. With that distraction removed from my mind, my attention quickly went back to the sisters themselves, who smiled as they approached and embraced me once more, their touch quickly sending a sexual thrill shooting up through my entire body which was powerless to resist even in its enhanced state. Almost immediately, I took Aubrey into a passionate embrace with one arm, kissing her deeply while my other arm took hold of Cadence and prepared to do the same, my rough, animalistic passion left unrestrained by the knowledge that nothing I could do could possibly harm them.

I quickly became frustrated by my inability to attend to both of the sisters at once, my desire for each of them being equalled by the one I held for the other. As a response, I felt more of their bodies’ warmth within my reach as I could feel the number of arms at my command increase. Soon, I also grew multiple heads, then multiple bodies, all under the machine-like control of one single mind; my own, passion-fuelled mind. When I couldn’t get enough even then, I sensed the sisters making copies of their own bodies, similarly all under their own control. Eventually, their bodies abandoned their homely human forms to adopt something more akin to what their superhuman selves had attained in the previous realities before going even further beyond, taking on fantastical shapes and textures in order to maximize the sexual pleasure each of us felt in the three-person mad orgy we had created. Soon, even the very palace we stood upon had transformed into a massive cradle of velvet amid a tropical storm. The feeling of the ocean spray upon our invulnerable bodies, the roaring sound of the tide, and the occasional lightning bolt pelting our skin made for sensations the likes of which no ordinary human could ever have imagined. The divine lovemaking went on for days, weeks, years, entire æons – I knew not, and cared not, for I desired nothing more. There was nothing, nothing in the whole of creation that could convince me to abandon this state of absolute pleasured abandon. This was bliss – this was perfection itself.


Joe hurried home in a frustrated huff. He hated his job, and he hated his stupid coworkers, especially the three that seemed to have vanished from existence altogether and left him to deal with the backed-up workload they’d left behind. But there was one thing about the situation that he did find respite in, and that was the fact that whenever he went in, if he was lucky, he got to see Jenny Frye. That kept him going.

Of course, he was also aware that she was probably nowhere near as thrilled to see him, and seriously doubted whether she even knew his name. In truth, Jenny had something of a bad temper and a mean streak about her, and never bothered to be particularly nice to anybody around her if she couldn’t somehow work it to her advantage. She was also pretty hot, at least for a secretarial office worker in her mid-thirties.

It had been the combination of these two traits that had caught Joe’s attention. Joe wasn’t a particularly sociable man, and certainly had no success to speak of with women, but he was oftentimes fond of letting his imagination run wild and engage in unconventional fantasies, especially where it concerned his female co-workers. He found power sexy, and the idea of being dominated by someone like Jenny, who certainly didn’t hesitate to use whatever power she had over others, was often enough to send him over the edge.

He held this train of thought as he approached the steps of his home, leaving him in enough of a spaced-out state that he didn’t notice the uneven stone jutting out from the pavement in front of him. The front of his boot met it unexpectedly, sending him falling forward where he slammed his side on the ground. His frustration momentarily magnified, Joe cursed under his breath as he bent down and picked up the ugly little stone without really knowing why, then threw it into his home in a huff once he’d found his keys and let himself in.

To try and relive his frustration, his thoughts turned to Jenny once more as he threw himself down on his bed, unzipping his pants and tugging at his member as he dreamed up exaggerated scenarios involving his attractive coworker. What if she had more money, if she was rich enough to the point of being untouchable, and could choose to abuse people for her own amusement with little in the way of consequence? What if she had even more power – what if she was like one of those comic book superheroes, and was so strong that no army on Earth could ever hope to defeat her, no man-made prison ever hope to contain her? What sort of unrestrained, superhuman havoc would she then revel in unleashing upon her former fellows, with Joe presumably caught in the crossfire, in awe of her power all the way? But what if there was more still – what if there was literally zero hope of defeating her whatsoever? What if she could do absolutely anything she desired? The thoughts of what manner of chaos such a dark goddess could bring down upon her hapless victims, what unstoppable eldritch forces she would command, and how utterly she would revel in the terror of the millions of ants that had become her playthings in the blink of an eye finally brought Joe over the edge, as he lay there in a sweaty heap, quickly passing out from the exhaustion that had been building up over his workday.

As he slept, the residual thoughts from his fantasies soon led him to dream of the doomed landscape that would be ruled over by Jenny Frye, the Dark Empress, the ultra-cruel, ultra-sexy tyrant of the planet Earth. And as the thoughts continued to stir and germinate in his mind, the stone he had brought in with him began to emit a nearly imperceptible, faint glow.



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