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Amy and Anna

Written by Virtual_M :: [Thursday, 05 December 2019 22:14] Last updated by :: [Friday, 06 December 2019 11:41]

She had not expected that the traffic would ever be reason for delay. Being able to fly and having superpowers shouldn't cause much of a problem. However, she couldn't ignore the eminent accident so she jumped right in and pulled the huge bus out of the way. Even though this took just a few seconds the following questioning and people admiring her did take quite some time. Especially considering the way she looked. As she put down the bus people were already pulling out their phones and taking pictures of her and she couldn't blame them since this obvious feat of power paired with her amazing looks always caused a surge in social media postings. Although the majority of her Fanbase were male quite a few women also admired her. Her body was the definition of sexy. She was tall at about 1 m 80 with long shapely legs which ended in a bubbly heart shaped butt. Platinum blonde hair flowed down her back like a waterfall just touching her sweet bum. But her most prominent features were two huge and massive breasts which proudly jutted from her chest each easily bigger than her head.

Her face was that of an Angel with strikingly blue eyes and high cheekbones. Even if she wasn't your type you couldn't help but falling In love with her. Her body radiated power and she was built like an athlete slightly muscular but very toned and at the same time curvy in the all the right places. You couldn't help but stare at her - this may have been part due to the outrageously skimpy outfit that she wore as a supersuit.

It was a one piece reminiscent of a leotard/bathing suit but with a g-stringed bottom part exposing most of her pert and heart shaped but while her massive breasts were barely held in place and bulged upward and to all directions possible as the fabric wasn’t capable of keeping her assets covered. Her flat and toned abs were exposed for maximum emphasis how perfectly shaped she was. How she managed to keep her nipples covered seemed to be one of her secret super powers. The suit left little to the imagination to any observer.

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She waved at the crowd that had formed gently putting down the bus flashing a smile for the gods before she gently lifted off and flew away. On her flight home she realized that did she wouldn't make it on time for her appointment so she pushed herself a bit harder in order to make some time. Making sure no one saw her she landed on the balcony of her apartment and quickly entered her living room. As she walked through the living room she headed straight for the showers stripping off her suit on her way to it exposing her amazing body which still made her take a double take whenever she saw herself in the mirror. Who would've thought that only a few months ago the person she would've seen in the mirror was a rather below average sized woman with no real curves to speak for with dirty blonde hair dark brownish eyes and neither good nor bad looking just plain and average. Instead of the voluptuous and busty shape she saw in the mirror now she would've seen a rather short woman with lack of curves even though at barely 1,55m her smallish breast would never reach the kind of perkiness her huge melons she was now proudly thrusting out. Overall her former shape was rather disappointing as she so many times had to experience when her boyfriends dumped her after seeing her naked.

But those times were over now, she would never ever be humiliated because of her figure again. Now she was admired and a wet dream of quite a many men. As she looked into the mirror she couldn't help but smile putting her hands on her wide hips and ever so slightly turning sideways to see her profile. And what profile she had! Her hands involuntarily traveled up her torso until they reached her magnificent breasts which automatically started fondling her massive globes squeezing out a moan of pleasure out of her breathtaking mouth. She had become perfect there was no doubt about that.

As she admired herself in the mirror she didn't notice that her friend Anne was a bit early for her appointment and having access to her apartment was a detail she had forgotten about. Her friend Anne was even less blessed than she had been before her transformation. Anne was still a bit taller at roughly 1m 60 but thin as a rail with absolutely no female curves to speak of and she was very self-conscious about it. As she entered the room she noticed this incredibly shapely woman admiring herself in the mirror. She did not enter and instead watched her through the small gap of the living room door starting to breath intensely as the sight of this woman fondling herself turned her on.

Anne was confused to see this woman in her friend’s apartment but then she noticed the super suit laying next to her on the floor and instantly she had put one and one together - this was Mega Woman. She didn't know if she had picked that name for herself or if it was the media that had given her this more than appropriate name. She watched the incredibly busty and shapely woman go into the next room and disappear into the bathroom and hadn’t noticed how this short encounter made her wet. It wasn't that she was into women but watching this woman with those incredible big tits and long shapely legs triggered inside her all the longing she ever had to be like someone like her and this realization made her horny as hell.

But why was Mega Woman here or why from all the places at her friend’s apartment? She had to find out so she followed quietly to the bathroom and luckily for her the door wasn't quite closed so she could continue indulging her voyeuristic side. She felt her heart pound in her chest as she made out the voluptuous shape of Mega Woman lathering up her huge tits with soap. But not only her fantastic boobs attracted Anne’s attention also the rest of her magnificent body which she continued to lather up with soap, strong fingers covering her muscled abs and continuing down to her thighs and then as she slowly turned around also briefly groping her tight ass. She noticed how this incredible woman moaned in pleasure and she couldn't help starting to finger herself soaking her pants wet. Anne just couldn't get her eyes off those magnificent massive yet perky breasts as Mega Woman turned around to the shower and let the steamy hot water wash the soap off of her incredible body. Once finished Anne watched her step out of the shower she realized she had to quickly turn back or else she would be discovered. Just as she wanted to turn away she watched a very astonishing transformation happening. Reaching out for a towel Mega Woman briefly hesitated and then put on a concentrated look on her face and quietly said to herself “I hate this part”.

The second she finished talking to herself Mega Woman started to shrink slowly getting shorter and shorter. Her magnificent boobs also shrank getting smaller and smaller with each breath she took. Soon the melon sized orbs of mammary flesh which caused so much attention and were the fantasy of many men deflated becoming less fantastic and perky. Shrinking down from big melons to rather large oranges Anne noticed how not-so-Mega-Woman got shorter and shorter until she barely stood taller than 1m 50. For a brief moment the large oranges would've still looked amazing on her tiny frame but they continued to shrink and get even smaller deflating to apples and then vanishing until only flat pancakes barely filling out a B-cup remained. While this was happening her once angelic face also disappeared being replaced by a rather average looking woman which Anne immediately recognized as her best friend. Then she gasped in disbelieve “Amy is Mega Woman!”

Quickly Anne turned around and ran back to the living room trying to sit down somewhere looking as comfortable as she could while her thoughts raced. “How was this possible and why didn't Amy tell her?”, she had to confront her friend and while she was thinking how, Amy entered the room wearing her bathrobe and a towel around her head. Surprised she looked at Anne and said “I didn't hear you entering.” as she finished speaking she realized her friend was staring at her. Anne’s eyes were wandering to her supersuit which was still laying on the carpet floor next to the mirror and she quickly realized that her secret probably was no longer a secret anymore and her friend’s look confirmed her assumptions. “So you saw me?” She asked to which Anne just managed to nod probably still in awe of what she’d just seen.

“Well in that case I won't need to hide anymore” and with that she removed the towel and untied the knot of her Bathrobe as she slowly grew taller and taller. Gaining inch after inch of amazing curves as her small pancake sized breasts inflated like balloons pushing against the fabric of the bathrobe and slowly finding their way forward and upward. Growing bigger and bigger her small breasts went from large oranges to cantaloupes, than melons and finally reaching their formally glorious Mega size. At the same time her hair grew longer and turned platinum blonde while her brown eyes flashed brightly and turned blue matching her angelic face of otherworldy Beauty. Then those amazing eyes settled on Anne. As if she had to make sure that the transformation was complete she fondled her huge perky breasts and nodded satisfied to herself. Re-tying the knot of her bathrobe under her huge bust which was suddenly too small to cover her gigantic tits and too short to cover her amazing ass she smiled at her friend “Surprise! I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier I was rather busy you know, doing superhero stuff but be rest assured sooner or later I would've told you I just didn't know how. I guess this incident took that decision from us.”

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Still dumbfounded by what she had seen within a matter of a few minutes she saw Mega Woman, the most shapely woman on earth, shower and then transforming to her friend Amy whom she knew since high school and with whom she shared so many stories about their boyfriends and first sexual encounters. She had shared everything with her friend all her fears and her desires and since they both were not blessed with the most shapely bodies they had similar experiences and that helped forge a strong friendship bond between the two women. However, now this relationship has changed dramatically since her formally flat chested friend has now become the bustiest female on earth but Anne was still the same and even worse unlike her friend she had no tits at all.

And with that realization a short burst of anger surfaced and she yelled at her “how could you keep this from me and why didn't you share?” tears were flowing down her face and even though she was angry this minute she was also embarrassed and strangely turned on by the sight of gorgeously sexy friend who happened to be Mega Woman.

Amy listened to Anne patiently waiting until her tantrum ended then she put on her superhero pose thrusting her mighty chest out nodding to her friend “You're right, I should've told you but I had to figure out myself what had happened to me. And you can imagine the transformation of mine caused quite some adjusting to. I was still trying to figure out how to make sense of this and how and if to approach you. I never meant to make you angry. But I also don't know what I should've done and after discovering my superpowers the first thing I thought I should do is put them to good use so I became Mega Woman.” she hesitated briefly and then smiled at her friend “I have been blessed by the gods!” Anna was still upset but couldn't help admiring her friends incredibly curvy body. She wiped away her tears and slowly calmed down but it was still a strange sensation in her body which she quite couldn't explain. Anna felt attracted to Amy and she found herself magically drawn towards her friend. As she stepped closer to her she took in the entirety of Amy's new profile. Amy was beyond description her long shapely legs with thick thighs and yet with just enough muscle tone that hinted at her incredible power perfectly joined at her childbearing wide hips that attributed to her insane hourglass figure. Then her gaze followed further up along the ridges of Amy’s fantastic abs which glistened from the remaining wetness of her shower. This sight alone made Anna incredibly horny but the best was yet to come as she could already tell by the sheer mass of Amy’s gigantic tits taking up the entirety of her upper torso. The two most perfectly shaped breasts with beautiful pinkish areola capped by two very attentive nipples seemed to stare right into Anna's soul which made her even hornier. It was difficult to comprehend just how big and yet firm and perky Amy’s fantastic tits were.

It didn't take any of Mega Woman's superpowers to recognize how infatuated Anna was and so Amy took initiative and gently lift it up her friend into her strong arms. Anna squealed for a moment in surprise but she was powerless and being so close to Amy’s fantastic boobs short circuited her trail of thoughts and she instantly started fondling one of those huge firm breasts. “Oh I think you will like this.“ Amy said and continued confidently to her bedroom where she gently put down her friend and immediately started taking her clothes off. Anna giggled as she felt Amy's hands on her and couldn't believe that this was actually happening. But she certainly wouldn't complain and being the focus of Amy's affection and shape of her breathtaking body made her heartbeat even faster. As she removed her shirt Anna's insecurities kicked in especially as she was so close to Amy's magnificent breasts. Compared to her Anna looked like an underdeveloped teenager her tiny breasts we're completely flat and only her erect nipples showed her arousal. She was not only thin her entire body was just straight flat with no discernible curves. But Amy didn't seem to mind and instead preceded to kiss Anna gently and doing so her huge tits shoved softly against Anna’s upper body juxtaposing the disparity between the two women which couldn't have been more obvious now that those two huge fantastically shaped and perky melons of Amy’s rested on Anna's nonexistent breasts. Anna furiously kissed Amy back and started to fondle those two huge and firm breasts and even though Mega Woman was invulnerable and had super strength she was able to feel the soft flesh of Amy’s luscious boobs. Afraid to crush her under her huge tits Amy turned around on her back and invited Anna to explore her body and Anna happily obliged. Her small hands exploring every possible inch of Amy’s super erotic body. There was not a single inch she didn't enjoy about her exploration be that feeling how muscular Amy’s abs or how soft her fantastic boobs felt was exhilarating and unsurprisingly Amy’s superpowered tits didn't flat out a single inch even though Amy was lying on her back. Soon Anna found her favorite spot that was her hands on both of Amy's magnificent tits. And since Mega Woman was invulnerable she started to dig her fingers deeper into the womanly flesh of Amy’s melons which made her nipples get even harder. The moaning she heard from Amy confirmed she was enjoying this a lot and then something strange happened as Anna was playing around with Amy's nipples, tiny beads of ember golden liquid started to trickle down around here areola. And if this was not surprising enough the liquid started to sparkle slightly with their own magical light. Anna couldn't help but try and taste it and as she bent down to suckle on the nipple she already could taste and inhale the sweet scent of this magical fluid. It tasted like heaven.

As she drank she felt her body energized with unbelievable power and after having a mouthful Amy tenderly pushed her back surprised by what her breasts were capable of and watched the most amazing transformation happening to her friend. The heat in Anna’s body rose and she felt a strange pressure underneath her nipples which for the first time pushed outward as if they were swollen. And swell they did! Her tiny breasts started inflating getting bigger and bigger. Anna gasped in excitement and she couldn't help but grasp her burgeoning chest as it inflated growing past the size of small oranges and entering the territory of big round cantaloupes and continuing to push forward into her fondling hands soon replicating the effect Anna just experienced when she dug her fingers into Amy’s huge hooters – but these were her own breasts now! The growth continued until she felt she couldn’t hold on to her burgeoning bosom any more and released her tits from her firm grip exposing her beautiful growing breasts to Amy. Anna looked down at the deepest cleavage she had ever seen speechless by the amazing sight and almost incomprehensible to her as she just made the connection that she was staring down her own cleavage which was at least 10 inches deep… Tears of joy flowed down her cheeks while she fondled her ever-growing bosom and, finally, she managed to speak blurting out “My god this is amazing! Thank you Amy!!”

And while her friend was absorbed with her own transformation Amy took in the entirety of her Anna’s transformation watching her grow taller and taller her legs becoming thicker and toned while her hips flared aggressively outward becoming every man’s wet dream girl with an amazing hourglass figure – it was simply breathtaking watching her formerly flat-chested and featureless best friend turn into this sex goddess with breasts almost matching hers in size and firmness. They bulged a little bit off to the sides of her ribcage and looked like they came down halfway to where her navel should be. Of course, the contours then flew upwards, graceful, like the masts on a ship-of-the-line, to the distant nipples positioned far in advance of where those bottom globes met her ribcage. It was as if their perfection became more evident as they got larger. And as her friend grew to the same height as Amy her hair became black as night and her eyes turned a flashy green. Anna had become a raven-haired super buxom Mega Woman almost identical to herself and while her own transformation always felt amazing like the most intensive orgasms Amy had, watching Anna going through her transformation was amazing beyond any words and extremely arousing. It gave her an idea of what an effect she must’ve had on the people around her.

As the transformation was complete Amy had to realize she had created another Mega Woman and she was unsure how or what caused the transformation but for the moment she didn't care. Although she did notice the remains of the golden liquid on her own massive bust which sparkled magically and looking at Anna she noticed that she could see the same ember golden sparkle within her body – like a heat vision. “Whoa… new power,” Amy spoke out half loud and as she looked down at herself she noticed how she glowed almost blindingly bright in the golden light. Her body was filled to the brim with the same energy as Anna’s only exponentially more so. If the magic milk in her breasts caused the transformation in others Amy had to be very careful in the future with whom she let having a taste of her tits. She was glad her best friend was the guinea pig, someone she trusted and could talk things through. The future seemed even more exciting now!

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