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Tabitha Obunde, Super-Hulk

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Tabitha Obunde, Super-Hulk


Tabitha had been uncomfortable in her clothes all day.

The beautiful, ultra-buxom 30-year old teacher was looking down at the shelf of her chest, white fabric of a "conservative" blouse stretched egregiously over her 52-inch balloons, the many darts and extra stitching all tensing nearly to bursting around her heavy breasts.

She was looking down at a golden chain. Its little heart locket had fallen into one of the gaps separated between her buttons by her overabundant cleavage, poofing and popping up regularly as she breathed and shifted in her uncomfortable clothes, filled to the max with her ripe brown flesh.

She looked positively indecent, she thought. "But what are my alternatives except for looking like a bag lady."

She sighed, sealing the lockets fate as she tried to pull her royal-purple powersuit away from her waist, in order to de-emphasize the contrast between it's waspish dimensions and her phenomenally overdeveloped shelf of a chest.

"Those boys and their superheroes." She thought. "It's so American. I just don't get it." But she was glad for the fact that every other male eye wasn't popping her way every five seconds.

Unobserved, she indulged in a little pride, wrapping her slim fingers almost all the way around her waist. "Still in my twenties." she thought, with a little smirk. The position thrust out her chest and made her boobs wobble. She felt herself bounce in her seat a bit on her super-pneumatic ass.

"Lord knows this body does wonders for the boys attention spans, but it's so hard to find clothes that fit." Tabitha's mind drifted to the simple shawls of her family back in Africa. She came from a line of women that were not easy to fit into American clothes.

She gave up with her struggles, sighing again, which pressed out her industrial-strength bra into the stretched out and misaligned darts of her bulky blouse. She settled into her chair, feeling her thick, purple-clad rump and hips squeeze out into the dimensions of the cheap plastic shell.

She looked up just in time to see a beam of green light from somewhere on the other side of the auditorium shoot down and envelop the Hulk, standing sullenly at the back of the other superheroes arranged before the audience. The Hulk started to shrink, suddenly and rapidly, a confused look on his face as he wobbled and deflated like a balloon, eventually collapsing down into the feeble Bruce Banner as the large bubble of green light around him grew bright and then seemed to zip back along it's beam with a bright, retractive burst.

Some of the light caught on Tabitha's golden chain, spreading a scintillation of the hulk's energy out across her protruding front, popping a stitch in her bra and shoving her tits out an inch further, drawing the buttons below the balcony of her tits even tighter. She returned her attention to her uncomfortable clothes, staring down at the bulging brown mounds of her cleavage, now spreading out the gaps between her buttons, drawing stretch-marks like spider-webs across her balloon-taut front.

She was briefly aware of the increasing commotion in the room, a loud argument between what sounded like a scientist discussing something with, his wife?… and… she couldn't stop staring at her boobs, already gigantic, going larger, when ZAP! the beam shot off from Ben's gun, bounced off Thor's hammer, held high in the air in his confusion of Banner's predicament, and POP! one of the buttons trying to restrain Ms.Obunde's abundance went flying in the same direction of the oncoming beam, the tiny white button falling to the ground green, and the size of a saucer, as the ray slipped neatly into the ripe, bulging gap of brown cleavage that had been exposed by Tabitha's uncomfortable clothes.

She started to grow.

POP! POP! P-P-P-OP!! Went the rest of Tabitha's buttons as those gigantic, oversized brown breasts began to wobbble and shaaake within the confines of her purple-power suit and white blouse. The tails of her shirt unnecessarily untucked themselves from her tiny, purple-cinched waist, where the belt was starting to creak from big, brown bubbles of muscle pushing their way out of her abdomen, pulsing larger achingly one at a time.

Her ass was bouncing around in the confining plastic chair like two purple, pumping balls, creaking the plastic as they inflated larger. and larger. and LARGER. Instantly cracking the chair in back, then on the sides as her thighs got in on the game and bloated out with huge chunks of smooth brown flesh.

To the casual, stunned observer however, it would seem like all this growth was merely to support her tits, which were shaking themselves larger and larger. Their bottoms slapping on her expanding thighs as they playfully bounced and inflated out two feet in front of her, then two and a half, then three, all in as many seconds, blowing up above her collarbone as her milky-chocolate skin started to darken to a deep shade of forest green, a big grin on her lips.

CRACK! Went the chair, and RIP! went her purple power skirt as she collapsed unceremoniously on the floor, now shaking and wobbling all over, moaning loudly as she began to truly erupt.

The other heroes had gathered in a circle around her, expecting a new Hulk in their midst already, and the crowd also duly backed away to give the expanding teacher room to grow, her purple and white clothes now lying in tatters on her shuddering, expanding, prone form, having exploded off her body like balloons popping, not something that ever happened to the Hulk.

For while they were expecting a hulk-like transformation, they couldn't have guessed the extent.

One only had to look at the respective, untransformed bodies of Ms.Obunde and Mr.Banner to appreciate the eventual magnitude of the difference in their change. Ms.Obunde's DNA was obviously aligned to give her a generous, some would say over-generous body, and the growth she was receiving, the eventual size she would achieve, were equally over-generous.

The big, big, green boobs that grew onto the frame of the frail Jen Walters on Tabitha Obunde were going to become as large as weather balloons.

Most people knew that the Hulk's DNA was transformed during his change, but weren't thinking about the specifics of how this might apply to the Buxom 30-year old teacher. Gamma interacted with DNA not like addition, but like multiplication. Few knew this, and as Bruce Banner quietly backed out of the auditorium, there was even fewer present that knew it, but Tabitha was figuring it out, she was a bright girl, and was enjoying the ride.

She was currently moaning, groaning, sighing and yelping. Her eyes clamped shut and her thick, thickening lips grinning, puckering and smirking, gasping wide in delight as her huge, forest-green body popped, bulged and grew in all directions.

From many perspectives now, only her muscles, her tits, and her expanding, somehow intimidating, darker-than-the-darkest-forest-green afro could be seen.

But most eyes were focused on her tits, which were growing faster than the rest of her, a LOT, and were each about as big as her whole body. They were growing one side, then the other, pumping and bloating up and out with abandon. Huge, inflating watermelons bigger than those at a fair, hooked up to a gamma pump that was shooting them higher and higher with supernatural size, each green, sweating jug now about the size of a refrigerator.

A bellowing moan was heard as two ink-green, immense nipples popped into prominence atop them, her eyes suddenly went wide and she shot her huge, growing arms up against her gamma-boobs, grasping as much of them as she could.

"Oh my GOD!" she cried. "My TITS!!" The bellow rattled panes of glass in the skylight up above and shoved many boners into the pants of all attendants that could achieve them through the fear of this uncontrolled, expanding, muscling-up beast of a woman.

Grabbing her now dark-green, expanding blobs as they blew up higher and higher, Tabitha felt her ass surge up off the floor, tilting her green, greasy, embiggening cunt up into the air and sucking her conservative white panties into the darkness there. She felt her back lose contact with the floor, but briefly, as it involuntarily tensed and exploded with size, doubling in width and depth like a green power balloon and colliding back down into the floor, cracking it as her tits just soared up higher in response.

Her shoulders were the size of Yoga balls now, and were clearing out chairs left and right as her tiny feet thickened and propped up into the air on beachball-sized green calves that squeaked as they bloated and dragged along the floor on her lengthening, tree-like legs.

"This feels AMAZING!!" Tabitha moaned through a feral grin. Her throbbing could be heard as she grinned and grabbed her tits, spreading out her elbows as her green flesh squeaked on the floor. She flexed out the expanding mass of her back, arms, legs and shoulders, giving herself room to grow.

Everything started pumping up even more rapidly. Her bones could be heard cracking and groaning as her muscles collided with one another in her growth. She had to be eight feet tall now, her afro pressing into the stage and her feet nearing the edge of the heroes, who had backed up further.

She "Mmmphed" and rippled her body, over two tons of deep-green expanding mass transfixing students, wives and superheroes alike as it squirmed and shuddered with growing power, as if each weighty muscle had a life of its own. She then just spread-eagled and let it all expand. Her head disappearing as her afro pillowed into the stage and then crunched through it. Her body squeaking on the linoleum tile and the cracking of the wood heard as her head surged into the bottom of the stage and it crumpled inward, further destroyed by her gigantic green traps. and wide, plug-like neck, thicker than her head.

Now muffled, yet somehow amplified by the echoing box of the stage, could be heard hear booming, expanding laughter.

Her huge green tits with their attendant, ink-dark nipples were bouncing high above the stage. Her still petite-looking feet, now as big as dogs, were twelve feet out in the audience.

She began to stand.


Tabitha was, in truth, collecting her thoughts.

She knew, and all the crowd and the heroes in the audience knew, that they were now looking at a creature much more powerful than the Hulk ever was. And that was pretty goddamn powerful.

Tabitha's unique genetics; those of her silently mesomorphic, humble yet cartoonishly curvy self, had expanded her into a massive mini-giantess of a 30-year old reborn gamma girl.

She felt her rumbling chuckles begin to die away and began to examine her body.

Tabitha let her elegant hands drift down to her gamma-thickened hips. She cooed and traced the immensity of her curvature there with her left digits while her right, other dark-green hand, shining with her black nails on the tips of her long, strong fingers, played amongst the hills and bubbles of her abs, obliques, serratus and several other muscles others didn’t have, pausing to feel the heavy pulse of her lust as they descended in size towards her sex.

Here her watermelon-like forearm was draped over a true red(green)wood of a thigh; she was forced, almost, by a little gamma spark in her mind to consider the unique way her genetics had shaped her transformation.

Her legs were abnormally long, her hips and lats abnormally wide. Her shoulders were equally broad and her ribcage deep and huge, meaning that there was an incredible amount of deep-sea-green ab muscle stormed into a very small (relatively small) space.

Even her giggles felt threatening to the audience as one hand had now returned to fondling her towering, over-fat left tit, now have immersed in the stage due to her continuing growth, and with the other brushed amongst the deep-green swells of her immensely muscled sea of a midsection.

"Oooooh! That tickles!"

Her voice was a combination of oozing power, lust, and good-natured estrogen-fueled wholesomeness. There was none of the feral brutishness usually associated with Hulkification, as if her body just naturally slurped up the gamma energy and became enormous and stronger than strong beyond strong.

She briefly pondered how much she could lift…


She shuddered in instant orgasm at the thought.

Luckily Thor was standing in the way (sure Thor…) and caught the blast of her emission, for a non-Asgardian would have been sent to the hospital. Thor would just have to take a shower, although inwardly in his mead-addled mind, "methinks not sure how much of this I might never wash off…"

Meanwhile, although she was not yet fully self-aware of it, her mind had been enhanced by the gamma energy as well. Neurons were larger and stronger and her brain’s mass had actually increased as her huge afro hairstyle had expanded and grown alongside her skull.

She had quickly calculated all the strategic ramifications of the situation, and her mind had recalled photographic memory from the past to know intimately her abilities and powers as the Hulk.

"Those boys and their comic books,” she thought. “So everyone out there is scared of me. Basically to the point of soiling their pants. It's power. Too much power almost. But it's mine and I might as well use it. MY LORD and it feels sooo good!"

Tabitha's gamma-enhanced brain released a little pulse of satisfaction and she grew even the slightest bit more massive.

Each of her jolly green giant tits would now fill the entire orchestra of the auditorium if laid on their side, and those threatening, thunderous thighs weren't getting any smaller as they groaned and expanded, the tops of Tabitha's deeply separated, deep green quads almost level with some of the heroes eyes as everyone backed up further almost unconsciously from her prone form as it slowly swelled.

Considering all her options, she decided to play a prank that fooled no one and scared them all shitless at the same time.

"TAB HULK ANGRY" she boomed as the entire stage above her head broke up and split merely from the sound of her otherwise sweet voice.

Through the mass of ripped boards a great flurry of wisps, and then skeins of midnight-green hair extended as Tab-Hulk expanded her head up into the smiling goddess presence of herself in front of the whole of the audience.

One gigantic green fist burst up through stage left.

A leftover black graduation cap that had been discarded in the skirmish of the growing teacher got caught on the top hump of her bicep as the muscle also exploded through the stage and began to go up, and up. and up! She drew in her fist in pulses, squeezing and throbbing her giant forearm as it cracked open and emerged from the stage as well like a dragon in a play. Her bicep was just like a much larger dragon.

Her thick-lipped, midnight-green lips smiled and she smirked at everyone, then looked up at her bicep, then over to the still empty part of the stage, waggling her eyebrow then suddenly poofing out her right cheek as…

BOOM! Another giant green bicep, this time hatless, ascended into the air of stage right, still lit by the lights of the auditorium set up for a bunch of now much, much, lesser heroes; illuminating the surreal, throbbing shine of her immense, green forest of muscle-sex flesh.

"Any bright ideas Stark?" asked Reed Richards.

"You had a She-Hulk on your team for a while right Reed? Didn't you ever have to "calm her down" eh? Don't those stretchy powers come in handy?” Anthony Stark was trying to keep his cool although only Jarvis could see displayed a "urine recycling" indicator.

"I'm not sure I know what you're talking about. uh… Tony." replied the reticent Richards.

"Oh right, I forgot I was talking to the guy who has only ever dated an INVISIBLE WOMAN. Let's all just pray that your tongue can stretch more than your mind."

"This tangent is really not appreciated Tony. Look, the whole time you've been talking she's beginning to stand."

"RRRAHHH" Tabitha and her big bouncing green afro, and her even bigger (two times bigger?) breasts, couldn't help but be cute, much to her frustration, as she was trying to be threatening, by tearing the stage apart where it constrained her. Nevertheless, all around her 2x4s were unknowingly being thrown by her ferocious green form at hurricane speeds. The heroes quickly sprung into action to shield the innocents from the unintentionally destructive actions of the giant Ms.Obunde.

STOMP! One giant leg arched itself into a giant vaulted pillar, doubled over.

Her knee was 5 feet up in the air but her giant green ass was still on the ground.

STOMP! Another small dog-sized, black-nailed foot planted itself below a calf wider than Thor’s back as the impossible sea of impossibly strong bulges that was Tabitha, achingly, slowly righted herself until her Afro was Jammed up against the 20-foot tall high-school auditorium.

The world stood still for a moment before the newly-birthed green goddess boomed down to the crowd.

"Nah I'm just kidding! I feel great though!" Her voice was saturating the place casually, sensually, her lilting accent still with her sweetness to it despite the entire room vibrating at the tip of her tongue and the giant deep chest that underlay its power.

"Where's that hat I had on my bicep? I was really having fun with it." She leaned down, stunning almost everyone with the sight of her shoulder-spread going wall to wall in an auditorium and the suddenly pooled, quivering sea of her cleavage, and daintily plucked it up again.

"I REALLY cannot believe the size of my MUSCLES!"

From the leaned over position, she briefly flexed into a most-muscular, doubling herself in size.

"Bruce was never this big! Bruce Banner! Is he still here?! How do I know who he is? No matter. Watch this class! Remember everyone to stay in school!"

Tabitha then flexed up her enormous right bicep again and placed the black cap on top, looking like it was sitting on top of a relaxed prize-winning watermelon. Then she flexed, and BUMP went the bicep, up into two, and then three, and four and five as she stared at it, her delighted eyes jerking up in pulses as it humped up and up and up, bobbing the graduation cap shakily ever upward on top of her monumental tower of strength.

The black hat tightened and split as she watched, smug as it was high up above her fist, mid-level with her huge green hair, bursting from the top bump of her shining stack of muscles upon muscles, eight biceps high. In time it would come to be known as the "Obunde Bicep", watermelons stacked with forest-green bowling balls stacked with even bigger and smaller lumps and mounds of gamma-fueled she-muscle.

She relaxed the stack.

"Seems appropriate," the remains of hat fluttering down like the shed wings of a butterfly's cocoon. She grabbed a boob and smiled. "As I've definitely graduated into goddess-hood."

She grinned widely to herself, innately knowing that she could summon this display of strength whenever she wished without otherwise impeding her already impeded mobility, such was her natural and superior control of gamma radiation.

She peered down at the assembled crowd and pondered what to do next. They were already afraid of her so there was only one answer. Assert her dominance.

"Thor. Give me your hat."


Thor looked up at the gigantic green goddess of a woman. He could barely see her face for her tits, and that was only because she was flexing her two big pillows of pectoral meat out in order to spread them. The relatively minuscule Norse god struggled to communicate with a vision of such power and… abs. So many abs…

“My Helm?” He stared up at her now stern expression through the cavernous depths of gamma-cleavage, to either side were twin swells of heaven, or deeply shadowed hell. “B-b-b-but my lady! Twas’ forged in the depths of Nidavellir. ’Tis precious to me, and is nigh indestructible…”

Tabitha ignored Thor. “I’ve done the math…” she said, churning and rolling the valley of her pecs at the man. She raised her eyebrows, “I have a bigger brain now you know. As well as very big muscles, and I can feel every inch of them.” She stood in the classic “superhero” pose, hands on her hips and lats spread out. She idly sent a few rippling waves of mass across herself for the effect that made Reed Richards gasp. “My perfect genetics have allowed the gamma radiation to make me far larger and stronger than any Hulk you every knew, and by estimating from an intuitive understanding of my volume and mass, I’d say I’m approximately 8 times the size of the previous Hulk.” She settled into her width and popped out the individual heads of her enormous delts and tris one by one as she spoke, “That makes me infinitely stronger than all of you put together.”

Thor had his hands clasped tightly around his winged helmet as if to stuff it onto his head, an insolent look on his face. “Nay Madam Hulk! ’Twas gifted to me by the all-father himself!”

She snarled down at relatively puny man. “Are you sure you want to disobey me, little god? I’m the strongest one there is.” Tabitha raised an arm and it flexed up with a “Bloomp!.” She started to expand her bicep towards the ceiling, pulling in her dark green fist and squeezing up a second mound on top of her first one. “Since I’m eight times the Hulk’s size, and can flex up eight biceps on top of my biceps, I’m going to give you till the count of eight to give up your helmet. It will make a good demonstration of my strength to burst apart your indestructible hat with my might. I have a lesson in mind. Three.”

“Bloomp!” went her arm, bulging up with green mass to the height of her fist. She was only three peaks up.

“How big do you think that thing is Reed?” Tony Stark asked Reed Richards.

“Her bicep…s?” Reed replied. “Hard to say Tony, she looks about 16 feet tall, so…” he looked at Tony curiously, “Can’t you scan it? And why do you care?”

“I can’t scan it.” Tony replied, with mild irritation, “And I’m trying to figure out how powerful she is, obviously. Some aspect of the gamma rays she’s emitting are messing with my equipment. Making it malfunction. Whenever she does that weird flexing thing with her bicep I get a huge spike. Adding peaks on top of peaks like that…”

Reed Richards gave Tony a sly look. “Since when do you have a thing for muscles on women Tony?” Reed sometimes enjoyed just throwing the cards on the table.

Stark blushed inside his suit. “Since Jen Hulked out seriously a couple of times. Just shut up about it Reed, shit I can’t keep anything from you.”

Reed snorted. “Aren’t you ignoring the elephant in the room, Tony?”

“What’s that?” He was staring up at the woman of his deepest dreams, the size of several elephants put together.

“The device that powered her up?”

“Oh that.” said Tony, starting to drool, “I already went to check and the device broke on the first shot. Typical amateur mad scientist stuff. How he managed to make it work we’ll have to figure out. I’ve got the Witch and Squirrel Girl detaining him right now. He seems particularly taken with Squirrel Girl. Probably a furry.”

“A what?” said Richards.

“Internet.” said Stark. “But anyways. We going to stop this woman or what? You got any ideas?”

“I think it’s best to wait and see Tony, she could be a valuable asset. She seems to have retained her full intelligence. And teachers are always good people.” He looked at Tony with a concerned face, “Right?”She was so ridiculously overpowered.

Tony looked back at Reed and righted himself. “Kinda?” he said. “In the meantime, I’m going to put in a call to Dr.Strange. Nothing you or I have here can stop a Hulk of that size. And she seems to be using her gamma energy to create mass extensively. I’d like to have him here in case we need to portal her somewhere else to calm down or something.”

“Fine Tony.” replied Richards, “but I’m going to wait and see what happens. Thor doesn’t mind playing with green giantesses I assure you. Probably got his first erection at the sight of a nude frost giantess…” Reed’s mind wandered as he observed the spectacle at hand, but Thor was definitely bulging in his costume, still covered with whatever he couldn’t sluice off of Tabitha’s juices.

“Six…” Tabitha calmly stated, as she looked down to Thor, then back at her arm. “Fwoomp!” went another peak, getting dangerously close to a part of the auditorium’s ceiling structure. Thor was practically quivering at the sight. Her deep green sea of ab-muscle was rolling at him in waves, her thighs pumping out larger to either side of his still-soaked body like inflating green rubber trees, thicker than giant Sequoias. Her calves throbbed bigger directly in front of him as she shifted her multi-ton weight on dainty black-nailed toes that crunched into the floor.

“Seven!” she called. A combined “Fwoomp!” and “SQUEeeaAaaL” were heard as her bicep went molding up into a particularly thick girder. The top peak of her cartoon-like stack of strength was now mid-afro in height, or nearing the ceiling of the 20-foot building, far above her fist. She squeezed her fist. The girder groaned and a ripping sound was heard as her muscle exploded into the material, easily pushing it aside. The building shook slightly.

“EIGHT!” Tabitha had reached the end of her count, she looked down at Thor expectantly, not having to say a word.

“Here!” Thor’s quivering hands extended his winged helmet to the sizable gamma-woman. “Take it! ’Tis but a… hat. As you said. I can always obtain another.” Tabitha grinned and reached down to pluck his helmet by one of its wings with her elegant, black-nailed fingers.

“Thank you Sir Thor.” she chuckled in her somewhat deepened voice, still with her strong formal African accent,“Your generous donation to science will not go unrewarded.” She turned to the crowd. “Observe class. And all of you for that matter.” She scanned the audience quickly with glowing eyes, looking for the telltale expressions of rebellious attitudes amongst the gathered superheroes and fellow teachers.

Everyone that wasn’t a prude with shut eyes looked upwards at the now-nude, green, gigantic Ms.Obunde. It seemed like all of the inhibitions of the former shy teacher had been flung out the window. She smiled broadly and flexed her bicep back up, saying “Observe,” as if anyone wasn’t looking at her muscle already. She then relaxed a few of her peaks, collapsing the wedding cake of her towering muscle back down by three or four notches so that she could place Thor’s helmet on top of the bulging mass. The once-proud helm looked particularly silly and out of place, like a piece of Norse costumery placed on the head of a deep-green snowman made of too many mounds.

“This shall be a lesson in Materials Science. The first task is to bring Thor’s helmet to its point of tension.” Tabitha smiled and lifted her left pinky to expand up a particular segment of her gamma-infused arm. It neatly grew to the size of a head, filling up the inside, “I’m going to teach you all a lesson about, quote, “indestructibility.”” She smiled down at them with a superior smirk, “Aaand for you advanced students, a lesson about the Modulus of Elasticity.” Tabitha then pointed to Thor’s helmet, or more appropriately to her own bicep filling it up, and started to tighten and loosen her fist. Otherworldly squeaking and whining noises were heard to emanate from the Nidavellierian forged helm. As her forearm throbbed, she expanded and contracted the muscle in and out, in and out, torturing the steel but just bending it. She began to instruct, her tone playful and stern at the same time.

“All metal can have varying degrees of elasticity, and you can see and hear how this particular, indestructible metal does as well.” She pumped her fist and tightened it as bulging green flesh squeezed out from the faceplate and snapped the helmet tight with a “CREAK!” Tabitha continued her lecture, pointing and gesturing at her bicep as she did so. “All metals also have what is called a modulus. Just imagine a chart denoting the stress on this indestructible helmet here as I expand my muscle within it.” She started to tighten her fist further, swelling her top bump up into the helmet and making it squeal and whine in Asgardian shock as it was slowly rent apart by her might. “And when you’re like me, more powerful than a dozen hulks put together, EVERYTHING has a modulus of elasticity, especially indestructible metals.” The scorn and simultaneous glee in her voice were apparent as she continued her demonstration. “Every metal will stretch to a certain point, beyond which it cannot stretch anymore. This is called the point of deformation, and is determined along the modulus of elasticity by the brittleness of the material.”

“CRINK!” With a slight burst of extra gamma power, she burst her arm up and out, filling the helmet to the brink of destruction. “Now observe students, as I take Thor’s helmet beyond the point of deformation, demonstrating the brittleness of this indestructible metal with my super-powered flesh.” she bent her brow in concentration and stuck her cute green tongue out of her plump, pumped up lips, then slowly brought up the middle knuckle of her squeezing fist and watched, as with a horrendous “SQUEEAK” and then a “CRACK!”, her sixth head of bicep muscle exploded up through the crown of Thor’s helmet, jolting its wings. Then with an “MMFF” she tightened her fist and the thing cracked altogether in half as her six peaks exploded.

Thor gasped, as she obviously wasn’t even using close to her full power. It clanked to the floor, rendered asunder.

“There!” she laughed, “Class dismissed!”

Ms.Obunde put her hand on her hip again before flexing up her other bicep for the students and superheroes. Infusing it with gamma might, she pushed up peak after peak on that muscle. She enjoyed showing off, she enjoyed destroying these “hats” with her bulging arms. She had a brief image of herself as the ruler of the world, two enormous eightfold biceps flexed up with a crown atop each, framing her powerful, splendid mass of hair. “Queen Tab-hulk Obunde” she whispered to herself, and let loose a little moan at the sight of her towering flexed peaks, shining green and bulging obscenely. Then a thought came into her mind. “Hmm…” she pondered her bicep, but then suddenly shuddered as she forcibly shook the thought from her head. That wasn’t her was it? She was a nice girl! A teacher! “Why am I acting like this?” she asked herself, before looking back down at the crowd. “I teach science” she thought, casually examining her arms and wondering what to do next. “And now my muscles are bulging out of my skin like an anatomy chart.” Her gamma control allowed her to feel and flex each muscle individually. The audience saw her back surge and ebb from the front as she waved it like a flag.She still wanted to display her power… how about a demonstration of anatomy?

“Time for another lesson.” she matter of factly announced. “Students, who can remember the three main groups of muscles in the human back?” Tabitha slowly turned, revealing a relaxed spread of hulking muscle with enough mass to populate a weightroom. The beef was crammed in between shoulders as wide as a car was long. A chorus of gasps was heard as her massive ass was displayed above their heads. Each bulging, segmented cheek was the size of a bale of hay, and quivered and shook like baby elephants going through tremors as she gently placed a fist on each, pumping out triceps bigger than horses as she began to spread her lats and inflate her back.

“Call out the muscles as I flex them class.” Two enormous organ pipes of green strength blew up along her spine as young nerd Billy Egbert cried, “Erectors! Spinal erectors!“ he paused, “Deep group.” The boy was experiencing a definitively deep non-spinal erection for his own part.

“Very Good Billy.“ she cooed. Tabitha’s deep rumbling voice seemed soothed. “And these?” Tabitha blew out her lats, one on a side, squeezing out her width to incredible levels and taking up all the room in the room, her elbows touching the walls.

“Latissimus Dorsi!” cried the nebbish Amanda, another of Tabitha’s pets. “Great job Amanda! But what group are they in?” “Superficial group!” she called, eager to get the now super-powered teacher’s approval even more than ever. “Excellent.” called Tabitha. “Last group. Who can tell me what group of muscles these belong to?” Tabitha kept blowing individual muscles out of her power-flung back with casual ease; two individual groups of bubbled muscles were pumped up and jammed in between her rhomboids and traps, waving at them, but the nerds were stumped. Seconds passed and Tabitha inflated even more muscles under the particular anatomical classification she was looking for, making crazy piles pop out and surge against one another down and out near her spine, another set of crazy bubbled ridges pushing aside her erectors and lower lats like there was not enough room for all the muscle in her body. She wiggled and fanned the four groups of muscles in a fluttering rhythm. “No one?” her question lingered in the air.

“S-s-s-serratus posterior inferior and s-s-s-serratus posterior s-s-superior… Intermediate group…” muttered Grant Jenkins, one of the most active muscle heads in the school gym. The jock didn’t want to say anything, but the emasculating amount of strength on display swayed his mind, and his lustful soul.“Is that Grant Jenkins?” her voice dropped to a purr, “Oh, very good Grant. I thought you never paid attention in class.” She kept her back lightly flexed but stopped waving her serratus around. “But now for some extra credit. Name the individual muscles as I flex them out for you.” Two big wedges of beef popped and then slabbed out on top of her lats, dividing them into segmented bulges. Young Billy had this one. “Teres Major!” he cried.

“Very good Billy, but give someone else a chance.” She concentrated and heaved out two shoebox-sized bulges that rounded off and split above the sea of muscle shapes around and below them.

“Rhomboideus Minor!” Abigail Renwick from Monica’s class got in on the action.

“Two points to you my dear!” Tabitha continued to pump out her muscles as the students named them off.

“External Obliques! Lumbar!” She ticked off the list of muscles in her mind as she pumped them up and nodded in satisfaction when one of the many students in the crowd called them out. She would help out when no one came to the fore with an answer.“No one? Levator Scapulae.” she wriggled some muscles near her neck, lapping and writhing over other muscles like oversized pythons swallowing prey, “and these are the Sacrospinalis!” from under the mass of boulders she had flexed even more rocks rose to the fore and pushed aside the muscles that were already bulging there.

When would she stop? Her back was so big now it was pushing her arms into the walls of the building, wider than she was tall. The top of it, her traps, had risen all the way up to her afro. Her lats were pushing out so thick and deep they had gone from a V, to U, to a W. Cracks and rumbling noises were heard inside the auditorium as Tabitha’s anatomy lesson was expanding her too big for the building! Then, satisfied with the knowledge displayed, she relaxed her gigantic green back and the muscles collided and meshed back together. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as the former teacher deflated to a more reasonable size. No one wanted to confront her.

She turned around and was about to continue her display on the front side, priming up her legs with a quick pump, when suddenly a thought came to her mind. She had been ignoring the elephant in the room, and it wasn’t her elephant-sized muscles! With heavy booming and crunching, Tabitha took a few steps over to where Dr.Keller was being restrained from tinkering with his machine again by Squirrel Girl and the Scarlet Witch. From her 16 foot height she said down to him, “So you’re the little man who made me big.”

“Any word from Strange?” asked Reed, warily watching the new Hulk.

He held himself back from literally springing into action, frankly in fear of such a titanically strong being. ”If only the Thing were here.” he thought. In a situation like this, a futile, yet courageous assault might prove a welcome distraction. Or it just might make her mad.

“Not yet.” said Tony, “I hope he’s not off in another dimension where we can’t reach him, as usual. This woman could become a situation…” He was stunned, however, by the display of sexiness and might before him.

“This is your machine huh?” Tabitha slowly bent down to the amateur scientist and his captors, displaying an abundance of cleavage and chesty mass as she descended on them like a forest-green avalanche of muscle. The Scarlet Witch and Squirrel Girl both slackened their grip at the sight; stunned into feeling like little girls at the display of such abundant pulchritude and power.

“Yes it is!” the rebellious Dr.Keller replied, “And your power was meant to be mine!” suddenly he bolted from the two girls grasp and slapped his hand down on a button of the machine. To everyone’s surprise, the thing fired up again, hitting Tabitha straight in the tits! They watched the stunned woman as the green energy from the gun started to collect her gamma power, slightly diminishing the size of her mammoth boobs and turning them brown again where it was hitting. That is, before Tabitha un-stunned herself. “Oh no you don’t!” she said, and neatly brought her foot down on the machine, crushing it completely in front of Dr.Keller and crushing his hopes and dreams. Her elegantly small, dog-sized foot wriggled its black-nailed toes in the wreckage of his machine as a calf bloated out above her sapling-thick girlish-looking ankle to the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. “You may kiss the muscle that destroyed your machine. You might as well worship the power you helped create, little scientist.”

She turned her calf to him and pressed down on her toes, expanding it towards him slowly, like a creaking wall of green flesh. He stood stock still until her luscious dark green skin practically touched his face. Dr.Keller’s mind was broken by the sight of the huge mass of feminine muscle, and by the sheer size of the woman that towered over him by so many feet. Multiple copies of himself would easily fit curled up in her lower leg. She was keeping it casually flexed out for him, barely paying attention to his insignificant form as she inspected her tits for shrinkage. He looked up to her as he began to spread his hands as far out as they would go, sliding them along the calf muscle.

“Get Strange on the line.” said Reed Richards.

“I’m trying!” said Tony Stark, “But he’s got magical call blocking or something and it’s not my strong suit!”

“I’m waiting…” Tabitha intoned. Dr.Keller also un-stunned himself at the urging of the green giantess and planted a kiss on her calf, then planted another, and another, leaving a dark trail of saliva on her flesh. She cooed and fondled her gigantic boobs in happiness; she could feel the sapped gamma energy being replaced by her own limitless internal batteries!

Dr.Keller was briefly distracted from his task by the sound of rubbery flesh expanding. With a “shoooop” and another “shoooop’” both of her slightly shrunken breasts blew out even bigger than before, overwhelming her hands and her big arms with their expanding mammary mass. He looked up in wonder, his machine had only made her stronger!“Oh my god! Yeah! Come on back my lovely girls!” her nipples strained against her hands at the ends of breasts sticking out so far she could hardly grasp them.

“I am so… so huge!!” Tabitha couldn’t help but blurt out her thoughts, as Dr.Keller ferociously returned to his task, even going so far as to lick and bite a throbbing vein pulsing with gamma energy, the thickness of his arm.

“He’s what??” barked Tony Stark into his suit. “Having tea with an astral aspect of Agamotto?” he was shouting at Wong, Dr.Strange’s assistant. Meanwhile Mr.Fantastic was having a side conference with the Scarlet Witch while Squirrel Girl just looked on in wonder at Dr.Keller and his calf, idly holding her small, yet firm squirrely bicep and flexing it in and out.

“I wish I could get guys to kiss my muscles like that…” she thought, her tail twitching back and forth as she craned her neck back to watched the super-hot Hulk fondle herself in pleasure at the worship.

“Ha!” Tabitha laughed at her own size as she juggled her bosom. “These tits are ludicrous! Where’s Monica?” she boomed. She singled out a pretty, black-haired woman from the crowd, shucking off the suddenly lovestruck Dr.Keller with a twitch of her leg. All the students backed away in awe from the two. Monica was rooted to the spot and her knees were starting to shake. “Mooonnnniiiiicaaaa… you always said my boobs were big enough to laugh at right? How come you're not laughing now huh?"She bent over and squeezed her breasts together, then grabbed Monica by the back of her head and pushed her inexorably into her otherworldly cleavage with one finger.“Are you going to say something about them now? Huh? These tits were 3 times bigger than your head just a little while ago…” she jiggled them heavily, “Now they're three times the size of your whole body!" Monica was trapped in a laughing earthquake of dark-green tit.

“Anyone else feel like laughing at big, busty Tabitha Obunde?” she asked, calmly standing back up and leaving the normally feisty Monica weak and speechless on the floor. She grinned and started pumping out her pecs for the crowd. The huge green things grew and grew, puffing out and out with mass and strength. Her big green chest muscles took her wobbling weather-balloons of breasts along for the ride, swelling the whole of her chest to absolutely massive dimensions. When she was done ballooning out her pecs she smiled at the crowd, looking down over dark-green lobes brushing up against her elegant chin on either side. The way that double-double bubble-bubble of boob-pec meat just exploded out in space was intoxicating to her. Tabitha moaned softly at the sight; filling the auditorium with her size and dominating the room with her womanly assets was getting her hot.

She brought a big hand up and brushed it over her pecs, smoothly letting her fingers flow in and out of ridges as she followed it down to where it joined her breast. Then, pressing in slightly, she following the molten orb of her boob out to the limit of her arms extension, where she greeted her indestructible nipple with a pinch, then a squeeze, and a hard grasp and fondle. Her hips started to buck and swirl at the sheer power she felt, and a hand-dipped down to fondle her sex. “Thor.” A carnal grunt escaped her thick lips, “give me your Hammer.”

The blood drained from Thor’s face for the second time that day, but his manhood was unflagging. “Surely she cannot destroy Mjolnir.” he thought. Thor tried to remain calm as he spoke up to Tabitha. “’Tis questionable if you could lift it Madam. Even at your size, only the worthiest…” He paused; she would not stop molesting herself in front of him!

“THOR!” she bellowed, blowing his and everyone else’s hair back, “I want it now!”

Thor meekly drew his hammer from his belt and held it up to Tabitha, handle extended with the head resting in his palm. She bent down to grasp it, one hand still fondling her sex, but found it would not so easily come! She applied a little more effort. Her monstrous traps humped up a little bit higher as she tugged and grunted, her dumpster-sized deltoid expanding and crunching into a definition. She applied more gamma energy to her body with her mind, increasing her strength and size, determined to conquer this godly dildo.

With a gasp, and a “Nay!” Thor felt the hammer lift from his outstretched palm, the muscles of her tree-like arm above him swelling so large they threatened to block out the view of her gorgeous face. She was lifting it with one hand, chuckling, still fondling herself. Poor Mjolnir!

As Tabitha’s monstrous shoulders spread out and her upper-body filled with new mass and might, she was easily able to handle the impossible tool. The 30-year old teacher felt the power surging through her and deftly flipped the hammer above Thor’s head before jamming its thick end into her crotch and yelling, “Blow you sucker! Blow! Light me up baby!”

Mjolnir, half-sentient hammer that it was, responded to this demand by lighting up Tabitha’s cunt with a burst of lightning that surged up over her wicked abs and swept out over her massive thighs and hips like webbed veins of electricity emanating from her crotch. Her moans began to get louder and a rumbling vibration could be heard as the massive Tab-Hulk shook and moaned with pleasure.

Her sexual endeavors sped up, her bellowing cries got louder and the building began to shake as she brought herself closer to the brink of orgasm. The teachers were covering what children’s eyes they could while staring in wonder at their transformed co-worker. Tabitha meanwhile was very much aware of the absurd lewdness of her actions, but she didn’t care. It was increasingly apparent that by virtue of her transition, she had lost all her inhibitions and gone from an overdeveloped doll of a shy conservative woman into this hulking mass of rampaging overpowered sex.

“Wanda. I think we can no longer wait for Strange.” Reed was saying into the Scarlet Witch’s ear. “Do you think your hex power would have any effect on her?”

Wanda scrunched up her brow. “I’m not sure, you know? She’d have to be doing something. And what can hurt the Hulk? Especially this one. I could try to just hit her with a big whammy of hex, but you saw what her boobs did right? They just grew back bigger!” Wanda sadly touched her own, definitively less shelf-like chest. “And anyway… it’s just… HER. You know. The Hulk! There was hardly anything any of us could do to him before, and now it’s her, and she looks so much more powerful than Bruce ever did. Why is that?”

Reed furrowed his brow. “Tony’s been unable to get any good readings on her, so we can’t be sure, but with the way she’s kept her intelligence I’m guessing that somehow she’s able to willfully control the interaction of the gamma energy with her body, making the impossible anatomically possible.” Reed couldn’t help but ponder reality as he too was somewhat awestruck by Tab-Hulk’s incredible display. Her tits were shaking all over like a pair of green steel weather-balloons containing a series of powerful explosions. Tabitha was moaning as she shot the lightning into herself again and again, working the hammer with speed as it stretched in and out of her hulkish cunt.

An elaborate portal of glowing runes appeared to the left of the group and Dr.Stephen Strange stepped through in a hurry. “That aspect of Agamotto hasn’t been heard from in ages, and you have to tear me away from… by the HOSTS!” exclaimed the good doctor, as he craned his neck up to the monstrous sight of the Tab-Hulk having her way with Thor’s hammer.

Her face in ecstasy, she had Dr.Keller was wrapped around one calf and Thor around the other, both licking the sensuous curves of muscle that even bulged out the front of her lower leg. They ran their hands over the cords of strength wrapping around her shin and tried to grasp onto the mammoth calves behind. Tabitha was thrusting poor Mjolnir in and out, in and out, her whoops and moans building into a storm of womanly sound.

“Hoary Haggoth that is a lot of Hulk!” Dr.Strange yelled above the din. He turned to Mr.Fantastic. “What’s the plan here Reed? She seems to be fast approaching orgasm.” his fingers were twitching and sparking symbols could be seen to emit from his fingertips. “And with poor Mjolnir in tow! I don’t think we want to be around when that happens!”

Reed’s hair barely quivered from the force of Tabitha’s throaty emissions. Mr.Fantastic was always a cool customer. “Try the bands Strange! Or something else! Just try to calm her down!”

Meanwhile, the Scarlet Witch was speaking into the Squirrel Girl’s ear, “Can you believe what she’s doing with that hammer?!” Wanda asked. Squirrel Girl could only squeak an “Uh-uh.” and shake her head at the sight. A tremor passed through her. She wanted to do that with Thor’s hammer. She wanted men, especially Thor, wrapped around her calves like that. It wasn’t fair!

“Wanda!” barked Reed, “Do you think you can help Strange?!”

“I can try!” replied Wanda.

“Then hit it you two!” cried Reed.

Strange sprung into action. “By the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak!” he cried, and sent brutal whips of glowing red energy from his gesturing fingers. Big, throbbing bands of crimson whipped over Tabitha’s hulking form with the sound of ripping leather as more and more of the streaming magic bands flew from Strange’s fingers and began to constrict themselves.

Tabitha’s eyes were shut, but she felt a light tug on the hand fondling her tit. Something was making it slightly harder to fully grasp her nipple. She opened her eyes and was startled to see the bands whipping around her form. “UGHGH!! OH!” she was still grinding the hammer in and out of herself mercilessly. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE… HA HA! TRYING TO DO?!” Tabitha’s voice was abnormally loud, panting from the stimulation. She brought her arm up against the force of the bands, drawing them out like a spider’s web. “YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO… HA HA! DO BETTER THAN THAT!!””

Beads of sweat were gathering on the brow of the Sorcerer Supreme as he strained to unleash the full power of Cyttorak. Tabitha grunted as her body was now almost fully contained by the bands, but it seemed like every time they tried to tighten in one place, her muscles bulged out in another. She smiled down at Strange, lungs still bellowing like a hot air balloon, excess tit popping in and out of her bonds as they struggled to contain her.

“Wanda, now!” cried Strange.

With a big sweeping movement, Wanda gathered up all the hex energy she could find and sent it at the giant She-Hulk. The bands were instantly strengthened in their task as if by a stroke of good luck. Every time Tabitha shifted her incredible mass a new streak of crimson energy would wrap around whatever she shifted, drawing her arms in like a straight-jacket. The bands were still ripping out of the magician’s fingers at warp speed as he started to shake. Dr.Strange couldn’t remember when he had put this much energy into a spell.

Still, there was too much Tabitha for the bands to hold. She grinned as she shifted about, bulging out her mass between the now mummy-like wrapping that trapped her in glowing light from head to toe. The green flesh flowed out from between the crimson bands in rippling pulses. They did not look like they would contain her for long. “He he he…” she chuckled. “Puny Mortals.” She started to breathe in.

This time even Reed Richard’s perfect coif could not withstand the gale. “AAAAAUUUHHHH!!”

Tabitha turned her gamma energy up to the max with her mind, then gulped in air and started expanding herself like a hot-air balloon hooked up to a volcano.

“Get Back!” shouted Ironman. The heroes all backpedaled away.

You could now fit a truck in Tabitha’s upper body, with space left over for a car parked in each breast. The crimson bands groaned as they separated and spread over her inflating mass. She settled her legs apart from one another and blew those out as well. The massive trunks burst into explosive definition. The bands stretched out like fishnets as bubbles and cords of muscle swelled through them into the lights of the auditorium. She then cocked her hips and inflated her ass while slooowly crunching down into a most-muscular pose. With a thousand scintillating bursts of light the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak snapped off like so much cheap rubber.

“How pitiful. And look at me now! I’m the size of a house!” the triumphant Tabitha laughed. She struggled to put her hands on her hips with so much size shoved into her upper body. Slowly, as she let out her breath and ruffled Reed’s hair, her arms settled back down. She squeezed her hips when her hands landed, and giggled. “So ineffectual. So tiny!” she boomed.

“Try something else Strange!” urged Reed.

Tabitha just smiled at them, now at her previous massive size. “Try something else?” she said down to the two. “I’m a Super-Hulk! Try anything you like.”

From bent knee Strange gasped and raised a hand, “By the Icy Tendrils of Ikthalon!” From his extended hand, a huge cloud of ice and snow enveloped the massive Tabitha, freezing her solid.

It was mere seconds before the block of ice that surrounded her started to crack…

“Strange you fool!” cried Richards.

“CRACKABOOM!” Tabitha merely squeezed her fist and big chunks of ice exploded off her mass in a rain of icicle missiles.

“You’ve endangered the audience!” Mr.Fantastic whipped himself up into a huge rubbery shield and bounced the icicles back, grimacing at their puncturing force against his supernatural flesh.

“CRACKABOOM!“ Tabitha pulsed her other fist and the forearm, tricep and bicep of that arm got big so fast that a few icicles actually ricocheted off the walls around Mr.Fantastic and headed back towards the children.

“Got it!” Ironman said, and blasted them all out of the air simultaneously with repulsor rays.

“CRACK!” She flexed her toes and out came one of her calves. Her fist punched her grinning face free and only smiled wider, baring her teeth. “Ha ha ha!” her laughter boomed throughout the space. “Ice? You’ve got to be kidding.”“CRACK CRACK CRACK” went the ice. Suddenly the other leg was completely loose. Tabitha took in a breath and the ice went everywhere with a “KABOOM!”

The Sorcerer Supreme was almost running out of juice. “Wanda…” he gasped, “Help me again.” he raised a quivering hand, “I SUMMON THE CONJURER’S CONE!”

The Scarlet Witch obeyed the Sorcerer and blasted the ceiling with her hex magic, strengthening the spell’s power.

Mr.Fantastic was familiar with the words. They would transport the victim away to another dimension. “No Strange! Don’t you remember? It’s the Hulk! She’ll just come back stronger and angrier!”

Tabitha looked up to see a dark void slowly descending from the ceiling, Dr.Strange had never seen the cone appear this slowly, like it was having trouble with her energy levels. Nevertheless her bouncing afro started to disappear. She reached out her hands to press the cone back, only to have them disappear.

Suddenly she came to her senses and was overtaken by a panic. “No, wait!” She appeared to shrink down to avoid the gaze of the cone. “I’m not a bad person! I just got a little carried away!” She shrunk down more, her skin starting to regain its cocoa hue. “Look! I’m doing this on purpose!” she shrunk again, “I can control it see?” The cone was still descending, following her down as she dwindled to 10 feet tall, then 9, then 8, trying to avoid the snare of the spell. But it was right on top of her! With a supreme force of will Tabitha shrank herself back down as small as she could. She shrunk all the way down to her previous, normal, untransformed size, then ran, sprinting to the edge of the circle. She ducked out just in time to avoid the cone as it inexorably lowered to the ground. Then, with a “ZAP!,” disappeared altogether.

Tabitha stood stark naked in front of the assembled heroes. “What?” she asked, hands on her hips. “It’s not like that happens every day. I’m sorry. Like I said. I got a little carried away.” She tried to cover her still overabundant bust with one arm and covered her sex with the other hand. “Does anyone have any clothes I could wear?” she asked.

Reed tossed something at her from his belt, and she gasped as a spare Fantastic Four uniform made of unstable molecules whipped around her overabundant body, highlighting her figure marvelously. She looked down at the blue fabric stretched around her chest and poked at the distended white oval with a distorted four in the center. “Sure you couldn’t make this an eight?” she asked. Reed ignored her.

“That should hold you at any size.” he said. His mind was working again. It was possible that this woman could still be a more useful Hulk than the unstable Bruce. “How do you feel?” he asked.

“Fine,” she said. “I’m completely in control of my powers, but you probably figured that out already.” She looked at her nails and turned them back to a solid black. “I’m a little angry though. I didn’t actually get to get off.”

The heroes all coughed and looked away.

Thor meanwhile had slung Mjolnir back in his belt and came striding up jauntily.

“’Twas quite the show fair Ms.Teacher.” he said. “Er… what did you say your name was?”

“Tabitha…” she giggled and raised her hand to the attractive God of Thunder. “Tabitha Obunde.” He kissed her hand gently.

“Such a gentleman!” she squealed, drawing it back. “How come more of you don’t know how to treat a lady?” Tabitha then looked around at the assembled group. “So… Do I get to join the Avengers?”

Reed coughed again… He looked at Tony. Stark was suddenly over-enthusiastic.

“Sure! We’ll… “ everyone was glaring at him. “talk about it… Why don’t you come with us to the mansion for the time being though.” He put a still-armored hand carefully on Tabitha’s shoulder and began to lead her out of the building. She stopped to wave to her students.

“Bye former students! Bye former life!”

With a sharp laugh she let the Avengers follow her out of the building one by one.


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