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Chapter 5 – “The Tau Ceti Wondergirl”

Hours passed, the rains had finally stopped and the sun shone through a beautiful new blue sky. The trees surrounding the ship outside were stunning, green and lush.

The computer said, “All atmospheric disturbances have ceased, Arzela Starr.”

Arzela said, “Well, that’s good news.”

The computer said, “Now for the bad news.”

Arzela crossed her arms and sighed. “Is the damage to the ship very serious?” she asked.

The computer said, “I am confident the damage can be repaired, however it will take some time. Until then, I’m afraid we cannot move from this spot. Main propulsion is currently inoperative.”

Arzela asked, “Are we in danger of being discovered?”

The computer said, “I detect no Earth human life forms within range of the ship. However, it would not be beyond reason to believe that someone could eventually find us.”

Arzela planted fists on her hips and pushed her chest out in a powerful pose.

“Then there’s no time to lose,” she said. “I must leave the ship and find my sister.”

The computer said, “Arzela Starr, do you think that your appearance will draw unwanted attention?”

Arzela looked down at her tight, lycra bodysuit, momentarily appreciating the imprint of her powerful muscles beneath it.

“And what’s wrong with my appearance,” Arzela asked. “I look amazing.”

The computer said, “While I do not dispute your beauty and stunning physical appearance, I recommend using more discreet attire.”

Arzela said, “I have no intention of making myself into a spectacle, if that’s what you’re worried about. I only hope my sister hasn’t made one of herself.”

The computer said, “According to my original data, Darala’s ship landed within a three Earth mile ellipse of our target landing site. However, we did not make our target landing site.”

Arzela said, “How far off target are we?”

The computer said, “Approximately twenty miles.”

Arzela asked, “Is that a long distance?”

The computer said, “On this planet, yes… it is a great distance.”

Arzela folded her arms and cocked her hips to one side and said, “If I have as much enhanced speed here as I do strength, I should be able to cover the distance by running.”

The computer said, “That is true, Arzela Starr.”

“Then I’d better get going,” Arzela said. She tapped the bracelet on her left wrist and a holographic display lit up, showing a rough map of the terrain around them.

“Your data and communications functions are working just as expected,” the computer said. “I will stay in contact with you through them.”

“Very well,” Arzela said.

The computer said, “I should also mention that your bracelets are made of extremely light and yet strong Tau Ceti alloy. Far stronger than any known material on Earth. Should you need to deflect a small projectile from an Earth gun, they will easily accomplish this.”

On Arzela’s wrist display, a simple moving graphic illustrated the point of deflection.

“What about my skin?” Arzela asked.

The computer said, “Your skin density and resiliency is far greater than that of Earth humans. However, you are not invulnerable. The speed and force of an earth gun projectile would do you great harm… or worse.”

Arzela felt suddenly alarmed, but stared for a long moment at the beautiful silver Tau Ceti alloy of her bracelets and found a measure of comfort in them.

“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that,” Arzela said quietly.

The computer said, “Arzela Starr you will need shelter for time of rest during your days here on Earth. Since it is difficult to estimate how long the search for your sister Darala may take, it is advisable to return to the ship each night.”

Arzela thought about this and said, “Advisable, yes, but perhaps not practical if I am to make the most of my time.”

The computer said, “I fear you may be right, Arzela Starr. I cannot read a signal from your sister’s spacecraft or the transmitters in her bracelets.”

This was indeed a quandary. Arzela reasoned that if she could not locate her sister quickly, she’d need more time for a search and that meant she would be interacting with Earth people and their world. She would need food, shelter and perhaps some earth people clothes in order to better blend in as the ship’s computer suggested.

The computer said, “I am replicating to the best of my abilities earth money used in the exchange of goods and services.”

Within minutes Arzela had a small, non-conspicuous fold of bills. She looked at it quizzically.

“This is what they use to buy things?” Arzela asked.

The computer said, “Apparently so.”

Arzela sighed and used a very small pouch attachment to her life support belt and hid the money inside, making sure it was secure.

“Okay,” she said. “I suppose I’d better get started. What direction should I go,” Arzela asked.

The computer said, “I will guide you via the geo-locator in your bracelet. All relevant data will come through there.”

Arzela said, “Okay, computer. I’m ready. Open the hatch.”

A moment later, the main hatch began to roll open silently and Arzela caught her first rays of sunlight, the smells of the forest and the sounds of birds chirping. It all seemed very magical.

Arzela carefully stepped out of her spaceship and descended down a small ramp. She had a long look around, quite impressed with the beauty of the landscape of this strange planet. Arzela glanced to her left and noticed a very large object wedged up against the side of her ship, near the main viewport. It looked similar to the Ceti stones back home, but much larger.

“Computer, there appears to be a large stone resting on the side of the ship,” Arzela said.

The computer said, “That is correct. It is debris from our calamitous landing. The rock, by earth standards, is extremely heavy.”

Arzela planted fists on her hips, her narrowed, beautiful stare a challenge to the big rock itself. She quickly walked around the stone, assessing its size and position. It was many times larger that the Ceti stones.

“Computer, I’m going to move the rock clear of the ship,” Arzela said.

The computer said, “Be careful, Arzela Starr.”

Arzela got very close to the rock, planted her feet into a powerful stance and placed her hands against the surface of it. Arzela took a deep breath and closed her eyes. The muscles in her shoulders and triceps grew hard, her legs starting to bulge as she felt a surge of her own incredible strength.

Arzela pushed against the big rock, and at first it seemed nothing was happening. Carefully she repositioned her hands and improved her powerful stance, her leg muscles now bulging through her lycra suit.

She unleashed her strength against the face of the boulder and a moment later she heard a distressed squeal as the rock begin to dislodge from the metal of the spaceship.


Arzela felt the weight of the stone against her, but with her might she was overpowering it slowly, its mass submitting to her awesome strength! She moved her right hand quickly down into a lower position as her left hand tipped the rock higher. Hand over hand she was moving this massive earth boulder with her bare hands! There was another loud shriek between the surface of the rock and the metal of the ship. Arzela dropped into a squat and planted both hands firmly in the face of it, now lifting with all her might as the massive boulder rose off the ground an inch and then two inches!

“Aaagh,” Arzela cried out, using all her might, her muscles harder than steel, overpowering this massive boulder. And she felt the roaring of arousal between her legs at the explosive use of her strength. With one terrible cry from the rock as it dislodged from the metal of the ship, Arzela heaved the stone and it tumbled away from the ship, shaking the ground as it impacted the soil!

“Oh!” Arzela said, feeling the rush of euphoria from her super strength. She looked at the boulder, now several yards away from where it once was. Her breathing was hard.

“Arzela Starr,” she ship’s computer said, “The boulder you lifted and moved has an earth weight of eight thousand, six hundred and thirty two pounds.”

Arzela’s heavy breathing from the effort began to settle, her chest muscles tight against her shiny suit.

“Is that very much,” Arzela asked.

“I don’t think you realize just how powerful you are, Arzela Starr,” the computer said. “Your abilities here defy all reason.”

Arzela smiled, feeling the sweet afterflow of her super strength.

“Then I’ll set off on my mission with the utmost confidence,” she said. “And now, I’ll put my speed to the test.”

The computer said, “And I will begin repairs to the ship. I will stay in close communication with you during your mission, Arzela Starr.”

Arzela said, “Thank you, computer. I couldn’t do this without you.”

She looked off into the distance and began to run. Faster and faster until Arzela felt wind blowing her hair back past her shoulders! Her strides were at least triple the length they normally were back on Tau Ceti Alpha where she was considered very fast. She pumped her arms and legs harder still, her speed increasing, the feel of her beautiful lycra suit against her body intoxicating! Faster and faster Arzela ran, the world becoming a blur on both sides of her. And for the first time, Arzela Starr laughed out loud with joy!

“You truly are the Tau Ceti Wondergirl,” the computer said.

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