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Sex Witch

Written by HikerAngel :: [Thursday, 26 December 2019 18:59] Last updated by :: [Monday, 03 February 2020 17:17]


by HikerAngel

This is the sequel to A Day at the Office, also on this site.

When I finished with her--well, when she finished with me, really--I collapsed in the chair behind my desk. She took her usual spot behind me and lit a long cigarette.

"You know, you're not supposed to smoke in here…" I said, unable to help the small prod. I was a detective. It's what I did.

She gave a wicked smile.

"Afraid of secondhand smoke, Murphy? Afraid I'm bad for your health?" she said in a sexy voice. I was beginning to think that she didn't have a tone other than sexy.

"No and yes," I replied. Her dazzling eyes sparkled in amusement at my response.

Her long lashes lowered and she leaned back until I lost her face in shadow. That wasn't even fair. How was I supposed to keep my eyes trained on her face, not her body when her body was all I could see. That luscious, suggestive body. With legs that wouldn't quit, and breasts that…

Shit! I needed to turn on the lights or something!

I couldn't see her lips under the blanket of shadow, but I was sure they were smirking right now. I needed to change the subject. I didn't need to be thinking of her full, ruby lips right now. Lips that…

Shit! Think of something else. What else do I like beside sex? Hot, passionate, best-sex-of-my-life sex… Why did I keep thinking sex? Not helping!

Money! Money was good. I liked money. I needed to think about money…

"So that whole bit about making me rich… let's talk about that. I got you the book…"

Evie leaned forward, unveiling her face from the shadows. Thank God! Her stunning face might stand a chance of keeping my eyes from roaming her delectable body…

"First, we are going to need to remove the invisibility veil from the grimoire. Right now, you're the only one that can use it."

"Okay, so, how do we do that?"

"With a spell, Mr. Murphy. With a spell."

"So go ahead and cast the spell. I deal in cash only, by the way. The IRS has a tendency to… um… dip into my banked funds on occasion…" I wasn't sure that I should have shared that detail, but I somehow doubted she was a secret IRS spy.

"Would that I could, but I don't deal in that sort of magic."

"Okay… well, who does?"

"I have a contact. Her name is Steph. She's an accomplished witch and can probably do it. If not, she should be able to find us someone who can…"

"Alright. Well, let's get some sleep," I said, yawning.

"Yes, it's almost dawn. We'll meet tonight. Here. Just after sunset."

What was it with this girl and darkness? I had a feeling I didn't want to know.

"Sounds good."


I rose from Murphy's uncomfortable chair and watched his eyes trace my substantial curves as I did. I couldn't help but smile. I was really beginning to like this man. He was a pretty good lover as well. Almost as good as Steph…

I hoped that Steph would help me after… how I had ended things. She was obligated to--it was her role in the council. But she might choose to be less than cooperative.

Regardless, I needed to get in touch with the council and give my report.

When I arrived home, I activated my orb and watched as the orb spun, growing larger until the scene inside--my handler’s room at the council--filled my vision.

“Evelyn! I’ve been waiting to hear from you,” Moritz said.

He paused.

“What happened to you? You’re looking rather amazing. More so than usual,” he said in a monotone.

I smiled. Leave it to Mo to make even astonishment sound boring.

“I located the Grimoire, Mo. And my seeker used it to give me a bit of a boost.”

“Report,” he said. That was Mo, all business, all the time.

I relayed the events of the night to him, and he leaned back in his chair.

“Well, that’s concerning,” he said.

“What? Why? Are my changes permanent?” I asked.

“Quite. Every spell in the Grimoire is permanent. That’s why I’m concerned. If the vampire was able to use it, who knows how many others managed it,” said Moritz.

“Get it to Steph, remove the cloak, then bring it to me immediately. That book is far too powerful to allow it outside council headquarters for any longer than absolutely required. We need to understand its full capabilities,” he continued.

“My working relationship with Steph is a little… frayed, Mo. I may need your help to get her to do it.”

“I understand. Bring your orb, and I will speak with her if necessary,” said Moritz.

“Will do. Thanks, Mo.”

I gestured, and the vision of the council room shrank back into the orb.

I walked over to the mirror and slipped out of my tight clothes. No wonder Mo had made an uncharacteristic comment on my appearance. That spell had worked wonders on my body. Not to be narcissistic, but I had been gorgeous before. I knew it. It’s why the council had given me the role that they had. Now, however, I was absolutely breathtaking. Larger breasts dominated my sleeker, leaner figure. Interminable legs flowed downward in polished perfection.

My exhale of breath made me realize my breathing had stopped during the visual exploration of my ravishing new appearance. I twirled around to find the profile of my ultra-feminine body as sculpturesque as the front. I gave a devilish smile.

Seduction had come naturally to me before. Now, it wouldn’t even be fair.

I showered then slipped into the silky soft sheets of my bed, my tired mind wondering what else the book could do as I drifted off to sleep.


I attached the photos to my email to Mrs. Minshew. Poor lady. She wasn’t going to be happy. It’s always the bastard of a husband.

As I clicked send, Evie walked in.

I tried to control Mr. Happy downstairs as I watched her approach me in another form-hugging black bodysuit. It was a losing battle. She wore a fitted black leather jacket over it this time, beaded with December rain. My God, her sleek, shapely body was smoking!

It took all my force of will to push hard enough to pry my eyes from the tantalizing shape of her body up to her gaze. I found a nefarious smile on her face as I did. Why did I always feel like the mouse who didn’t realize it was being toyed with by the cat when she was around?

Evie walked up to me and leaned across my desk, a luscious hip making contact with the fading varnish of the cherry furniture as she did. I wasn’t in the habit of envying desks, but I was envying mine right now. As her lips came to within millimeters of mine, her thumb and forefinger slipped around my tie and slid down its length. Her breasts dangled in front of me, making me want to lick my lips. I would have, except that my tongue would have brushed against hers as well. Wait… maybe that was a good idea! I was about to try it when she spoke.

“Oh, I like this one,” she said. “Red is your color. It brings out your blush.”

Shit! Why did she have to say blush. I fought the blush--to no avail. I didn’t blush very often. But this girl seemed to be able to pull all my strings!

She slid her fingers back up my tie in a slow, sensual movement. How did she make holding a tie sexy? Jesus!

She pulled the tie toward her, my lips along with it. My lips crashed against hers and the sensation sent fireworks bursting through my brain. I was glad I hadn’t done the licking thing. Her way was so much better…

She released both the kiss and my tie to slither off my desk in one fluid motion. Her movements were so graceful, part of a seductive ballet.

“We’ve got to go visit my ex—don’t be jealous,” she said with a long-lashed wink. “Time to go.”

What? She was just going to lay that on me like it was nothing?

“Ex?” I asked. “I thought we were seeing some witch named Steph…”

“Exactly,” she said, opening my office door to leave.

“Wait! She’s your ex?!” I said, trying to wrap my mind around this new bit of information. Evie was just full of surprises!

“And she’s really hot. And a bit of a foulmouth. You’ll like her…”

Holy shit! I grabbed the book, staggered out the door, and locked it. How had I gotten mixed up with gorgeous, lethal babes and hot witches? I wasn’t sure whether to be aroused or scared. I settled on both.


We arrived at Steph’s place within the hour. I knocked, and Murphy tried not to look nervous.

No one came to the door.

I knocked again.


I looked at Murphy and shrugged, then I kicked the door open.

“Why didn’t you do your little green magic thing this time?” he asked me.

We walked in as I was about to answer, but before we could so much as turn on the lights, a vampire pounced onto Murphy. Murphy slammed against the wall as the vampire’s fangs dropped, his mouth opening wide, poised over Murphy’s neck like a cobra ready to strike.

I grabbed the collar of his jacket and flung him off with one hand. I had been strong before. Strong enough to handle a regular vampire. Now, with Murphy’s grimoire-fueled power-up, one regular vampire was barely a challenge.

As the vampire flew across the room to crunch into the drywall at the far side, I stepped between him and Murphy. I tapped my toe as I waited for the monster to recover enough to attack again. He rose to his feet after a stunned moment. He looked me over and apparently didn’t feel up to the challenge, because he ran into the dark room off the hallway. I heard the back door open and footsteps sprinting away. I supposed that was one way to get rid of him, though I wasn’t sure I liked the fact that he would probably tell all his friends we were here.

I turned and checked on Murphy, who was back on his feet, rubbing the back of his neck.

“You okay, Murph?”

“Yeah. Good.”

As I flipped on the lightswitch, worry shot through me. The apartment was a mess, torn apart. The vampires must have anticipated that I would bring the Grimoire here and were looking for it. I hoped Steph was okay. How had they gotten past her wards on the place?

Once our eyes adjusted to the bright ceiling lights, we began to move through the apartment. The state of the place was so thoroughly trashed that it severely diminished my hope of finding Steph.

We crept carefully downstairs, tensed and ready for another unexpected attack. None came.

There was a pentacle drawn in chalk on the cement floor, a burned-to-the-quick candle at each point.

Murphy walked around the circle to a book that lay on the floor. He picked it up and showed me the cover.

Sex Magic

“Interesting,” I said. It was. It made me wonder what Steph was up to these days… and where she was, other than, clearly, not here.


I tried to keep my eyes focused on the search for clues as to Steph’s whereabouts. It was difficult, however, with Evie slinking along next to me. My eyes kept drifting over to check out her well-proportioned assets, tantalizingly on display in her tight bodysuit.

Luckily, something in the corner of the basement caught enough of my attention for me to tear it away from Evie’s enthralling form. It looked like a phone. I knelt down and picked it up. The screen was cracked, and it was out of power, but it might work again once charged.

I showed Evie, and her eyes sparkled in delight. I loved it when she looked like that. Businesslike, smolderingly seductive, tensed for action—these I had seen Evie display often. Simple delight? Happiness? Rare glimpses only. It made me wonder about her past. I’d have to ask about it sometime.

I ascended the stairs, with Evie on my heels. I found the charger still plugged in on the nightstand in the ransacked bedroom. I plugged in the phone and waited for it to charge enough to turn on.

“I wonder why the vampires left her phone here, when they were clearly looking for something in the house,” I mused. “A phone can be full of useful information…”

“The council can track phones. There are plenty of magical means to prevent scrying for someone’s location, but supernatural creatures aren’t as familiar with technology, and it scares them. I’m sure that they were afraid of being tracked with it. They probably got what they wanted from it--or from her-- then left it so the council couldn’t use it to track them.”

“That makes sense,” I said. “When I snag someone’s phone to help me on a case, I usually just turn off the cellular connection, but you’re probably right. These vampire guys don’t know to do that. The disadvantages of dying a century ago or whatever. Or do they call it being born?”

Evie didn’t really seem to be listening to me. She was clearly concerned about Steph, lost in thought.

“Do you really think vampires have Steph?” I asked in a louder voice.

“Probably. They left one behind to keep an eye on any visitors. That’s definitely a vampire M.O.” Evie answered this time.

The phone had charged enough to turn on, so I held down the power button. It booted to the passcode screen.

“You said Steph was your ex. Any idea what her passcode is?”

“Try 121294,” Evie replied.

“What’s that?”

“Her birthday.”

I tried it. Didn’t work.

“How’d she take your breakup?”

“Not well.”

“And she liked to use dates as passcodes?”

“Yes, usually.”

“What day did you first go out with her?”

“Let’s see… 10/10/17.”

I tried it. That didn’t work either.

“What day did you break up?”

“10/10/18,” Evie answered without hesitation.

“Exactly a year after you began dating?”

Evie shrugged, her expression dark. I wanted to ask why they had broken up on their anniversary, but from her expression, it was clear that she didn’t want to discuss it. Right now, with her ex-girlfriend in jeopardy, wasn’t the time anyway. I was a jerk sometimes, but I had my moments of compassion.

I punched it into the phone, and it unlocked.

“Bingo!” I exclaimed in excitement.

“You got it?” Evie asked, slightly surprised. She walked over to look at the screen with me. “I’m impressed!”

“Thanks. Unfortunately, I’ve had to get into phones a lot in my line of work.”

I brought up Steph’s calendar. Earlier this morning, she had some type of coven meeting at the library. That was all I saw.

“She had a coven meeting this morning. It’s all I see on her calendar for the day,” I said.

Evie paced as she thought aloud.

“Steph usually had wards up to protect her apartment and prevent nasties like vampires from getting in. It’s pretty likely the vampires would have tried to intercept her after she left rather than while she was at home. They probably would have gone after her on her way to the library.”

“One problem, though. Vampires can’t be out in daylight, right?” I asked, smugly pleased that I was putting my horror movie knowledge to better use than bar trivia.

“Right,” Evie considered. “They must have someone working for them. Usually they use humans. Renfields, they call them.”

“Like the character in Dracula? Cute.”

“Not cute. Renfields are single-minded, unreasoning freaks. It’s horrible what the vampires do to them…”

“Okay. Not cute. Got it,” I said. I still thought the name was clever. I had seen a lot of shit. If I didn’t find humor in it, I wouldn’t be able to cope.

My mind thought through our theory, then latched onto something else.

“How did that vampire that attacked me get in?”

“What?” said Evie, who was clearly lost in thought as I had been moments before.

“That vampire—how would it have gotten past Steph’s wards?”

“It probably had Steph’s key.”

“Key? Like door key? That does something with these ward thingies?” I asked, hopeful that I was getting this.

“Look. We don’t have time for this. Just accept what I’m telling you, and let’s go, alright?” said Evie, clearly anxious to get going.

Her comments stung a bit. How was I going to learn how to get by in this world of seekers and vampires and witches if she didn’t explain some things to me? I understood, though. Right now she just wanted to save her friend. I would too, in her position. Hell, it made sense even in my position.

We left Steph’s apartment and headed to the library. On the dark, empty streets, I caught a glimpse of a black-clad attacker running right at us. My eyes shot to Evie, but she was simply walking, eyes ahead. She didn’t seem to notice the guy at all!

“Evie! Watch out!” I cried.

Evie looked at me, then looked around confused. A second later, the black figure tackled her, Evie’s back and head hitting the ground hard.

“Shit! Are you okay?” I called to Evie as the figure bounced back up from her.

“Never better,” she responded. She extended her arms in front of her as if trying to feel for her attacker. I realized what was happening here. Evie couldn’t see this guy!

They must have put the invisibility whammy on this dude, just as they had on the book. Evie was tough and strong. I certainly wouldn’t want to get in a fight with her! But how could she fight something she couldn’t see?

The silhouette looked over to me, maybe realizing that I could see him. I saw long fangs protruding over his lower lip. A vampire, then. Great. Or, you know, not so great.

He came at me—fast. I wasn’t a stranger to fights, but I had never fought a vampire before. I had seen the one that Evie had fought. I wasn’t going to be strong enough to beat this guy. I just needed to buy enough time for Evie to get up and over here. Once she got her hands on the guy, she might be able to handle him, even without the benefit of seeing him. But if I allowed myself to be taken out of this fight right now, she wouldn’t have the benefit of my ability to see him. That meant I needed to at least be able to deal with this guy for a few seconds.

He seemed to like that tackle maneuver of his, because it looked like he was trying for a takedown similar to what he had just done with Evie. I stepped to the side a little before I normally would, trying to gauge how much faster he was than a normal human. I took both arms and shoved him past me, using his momentum to send him past me, skidding on the ground.

Evie had risen and was running over to me. She must have seen my shove, even if she didn’t see its recipient.

The vampire was almost instantly back on his feet, though, and he was going to get to me much sooner than Evie was. Shit!

This time, he approached more cautiously. As soon as he got into range, he fired an insanely fast jab at my face. I dodged to the side, but I was too slow. The blow glanced off my cheek, and it HURT! Man, this guy was strong! I spun and fell, off-balance, to the pavement.

Chest down in a puddle on the wet street, my first thought was one of concern for my mud-soaked red tie, the one that Evie liked. Fucker! He was going to pay for that!

The vampire flipped me over and picked me up by the lapels of my trenchcoat and looked like he was about to bite into my neck, when Evie saved me from the fate for the second time tonight.

She grabbed him by the head from the back and snapped his head from his neck as I fell back to the ground in a heap. I suppose she didn’t have to worry about invisibility with that move! Her hands had never left his body. I wouldn’t mind if her hands never left my body… minus the snapped neck part.

Had I really just gone there? Right in the aftermath of a fight? After seeing a guy’s neck snapped in my partner’s bare hands? Yep, yep, and yep. Let’s see how well you keep your hormones in check when you’re with an insanely sexy supernatural-monster-killing death machine!

Evie threw the vampire head off to the side as the rest of the lifeless corpse crumpled to the ground. Then, she offered me a hand.

I clasped it, and she pulled me to my feet seemingly without effort. Man, she was strong!

“Thanks!” I said.

Evie didn’t seem to even hear me, her brow furrowed in concern.

“How are these vampires casting all of these invisibility spells? Those aren’t easy spells to cast! It’s one thing to go through the effort of a spell like that with something as valuable as the Grimoire. It’s another to do it on another vampire. It’s going to make fighting these guys a lot tougher if they keep doing that!”

She looked at me.

“Can you search him? For a clue as to Steph’s whereabouts?”

I nodded and began to rifle through the beheaded vampire’s pockets. I emptied them and looked through the contents under Evie’s watchful eye. I briefly wondered what all this looked like to her--me examining handfuls of air on the sidewalk. Then, I mentally shrugged. It probably wasn’t all that odd in a world of vampires and sex witches. I wondered what else I would be running into if I kept hanging out with Evie…

In his wallet was a single business card. For some place called The Dungeon. From the picture on the card, it looked like some sort of S&M club. Interesting…

I held up the card and stood. Evie gave me a blank look. Shit! I forgot. She couldn’t see the thing!

“Ever heard of a place called The Dungeon?

Evie’s eyes went wide.

The Dungeon?” she said in a hushed tone. “That’s where they’ve got her?”

“Well, I don’t know for sure, but that’s the only real place that I can find in the guy’s possessions. Why? Seems like you know this place…”

“I, um, may have gone there once or twice on a mission in the past. It’s a… unique place,” Evie looked as if she had just swallowed sour milk.

“So it’s pretty fucked up?” I said with a grin, amused at her discomfort. “I’ve heard about places like that, but I’ve never actually…”

“Your phrasing, as usual, Mr. Murphy, is blunt but accurate,” she interrupted, clearly not wanting to continue to discuss it at the moment. She was doing that a lot on this mission.

“So it’s back to Mr. Murphy now, eh? And all the formality. I think that’s how you try to get yourself feeling all business-like and whatever. Does that mean you want to distance yourself from me? Do regret our little… dalliance last night?” I asked, not really knowing why I was going here right now. Sometimes I was an ask first, think later kinda guy. I supposed this was one of those times.

“I… no, I don’t regret it! I just…” Evie said.

“Then, why the formal stuff? So we’re going to some kinky S&M club to look for your ex-lover, who just happens to be a sex witch, and rescue her from a group--probably a shit ton--of vampires. If I can wrap my mind around that, then why can’t you do it too without being all formal and…”

My diatribe was interrupted by a kiss. A full-on, tongue swirler. My arms wrapped around her, and her heaving breasts pressed into me. My mouth hungrily searched hers as my hands explored her silky, toned back underneath her leather jacket. I felt my arousal grow as the unexpected make-out session went on for several minutes.

As quickly as it began, it ended. Her mouth-watering curves slipped away from me and she licked her moist lips, then wiped them on the sleeve of her jacket.

“Let’s go,” she said. No other explanation. No insight into her feelings--into why she had done what she’d just done. Several seconds later, when her words registered in my arousal-addled brain, I followed her. What the hell! Why did I always go for confusing-as-fuck women? As I watched her amazing body walk in front of me, thought of her amazing abilities, of her full lips on mine, I knew the answer.


Murphy and I circled around the back of the S&M club. I couldn’t believe I was back here. I had been put into some uncomfortable situations the last time I was here. I should have known it was infested with vampires!

I ran my tongue along my lower lip as we walked to the rear entrance. I tasted Murphy on them still. He smelled so good, so masculine. So different than my last couple of relationships. When he got angry, emotional, it was difficult to control myself. Especially when he managed to avoid getting himself killed by an invisible vampire, one that had managed to take me down with relative ease at the start of the fight. That wasn’t an easy ask from a normal human. Well, normal aside from his seeing ability. That ability might be extremely valuable if the vampires had truly figured out an easier way to cast invisibility spells. I hoped that I would be able to see the vampires we would be facing inside the club.

We reached the door, and I used my miniscule telekinetic talent to unlock the door with a slight burst of green energy. That particular talent of mine was extremely weak, but it was useful in situations like this. As long as there weren’t wards against magical abilities.

There weren’t, and the door swung open at my touch. I motioned to Murphy to follow me. I had thought about leaving him outside the place, but if there were invisible vampires inside, I would need him with me.

I crept down the stairs toward the basement. I didn’t know if Steph was down there--if she was in the place at all. It seemed the most likely place to keep a prisoner, however, so…

As I neared the door at the base of the stairs, I heard voices. I moved silently toward it. I pressed my ear to the door as I placed my finger over my lips to warn Murphy to keep quiet.

“I don’t believe you,” a male voice said.

“Well, it’s the truth, fuckhead. I can’t help it if you’re stupid beyond belief,” came a female voice. It was Steph! She was in there!

I heard a slap followed by Steph’s grunt of pain.

I nearly burst into the room right then. But I held back, my mind telling me I needed to wait for a moment to see how many other voices came from inside.

My caution was pointless. The door opened a second later, and I planted my fist into the center of the vampire’s shocked face. His nose crunched under the power of my blow, and he flew backward into the far wall.

Wow! That power boost Murphy had given me had been more potent than I thought. Now that I was fighting regular vampires, rather than the spell-amped version, the massive power difference was evident.

I sprang into the room and surveyed it nearly instantly, moving my eyes left to right. There were three more vampires and Steph, who was tied to a chair in the center.

Before the rest of the vampires could react, I threw my knife into the heart of the one on the left. My eyes moved to the next one over as I was already sprinting at him. I planted my elbow to his throat and let my momentum carry him to the wall. When he hit, the hard bone smashed into his larynx.

I pulled his head down into my rising knee and his neck snapped back with a crack. I let him drop to the floor.

I felt hands grasp at me from behind. I grabbed one and shifted my hip into his body. I threw him over that hip into the concrete floor with a hard thump.

I looked over to the first one, the one I punched coming through the door. He had recovered and was walking toward me. He suddenly stopped.

The tip of a silver blade emerged from his heart from the front. The vampire looked stunned as he toppled over, revealing Murphy behind him.

Murphy leaned down and drew the silver blade out of him, then tossed it to me. I grabbed the handle and in the same motion, sliced the broken neck of the vampire that had had a close encounter with my knee. I stalked to the one that I had just thrown and jammed the blade in his heart before he could recover.

I looked around. There were no more.

I looked to the center of the room and caught Steph’s eye. It was welling with tears. Damn it! I was in business mode; I didn’t need this right now. As I walked up to her and sawed away the rope binding her, my lower lip began to tremble.

I looked away and sheathed my dagger.

Murphy came over and helped her out of the chair as I stood, back to her, trying to regain control of my emotions.

I felt a small hand squeeze my shoulder.

“Thanks, Evie,” came Steph’s subdued, quivering voice.

“Come on,” said Murphy, guiding her bruised body upstairs.

I sniffed and wiped my eyes, then followed them.


Steph was in bad shape. Those vampires had done a number on her. Her face was purple and swollen. Her legs were shaky, so I had one arm helping hers over my shoulder and the other on her hip. I hauled her up each step. It seemed that her legs were able only to keep her upright. Propulsion didn’t seem to be an option for them. It didn’t matter. She was all of 110 lbs.

I walked her to the car and lay her down in the back seat. Her eyes closed the instant she came to rest. I closed the door and turned to find Evie in front of me.

Her eyes were glassy and needy. I opened my arms, and she walked into them. She rested her head against my chest and cried.

I hadn’t ever seen Evie like this, but the abuse that Steph had suffered was really affecting her--at least that’s what I assumed it was. I ran my hand over her hair, in an attempt to soothe her.

After a moment, she stopped crying and seemed to gather herself. She looked up at me, her luminous eyes showing her gratitude. She walked around to the driver’s seat and got it. I stood for a moment wondering what she was feeling and why. Then I jumped into the passenger seat, and we drove back to my office.

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