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Superstarter, Part 4

Written by HikerAngel :: [Friday, 03 January 2020 02:00] Last updated by :: [Monday, 03 February 2020 17:17]

Superstarter, Part 4

by HikerAngel

Thanks again to ElF for the wonderful editing assistance!

The pleasure that flowed into Serena was quickly overwhelmed by the cries of rapture that rang inside her mind…

...from Hannah!

Serena forced her eyes open to see what was happening.

Hannah’s back was bowed, every muscle in her body contracting at once. She tensed her arms and legs, which erupted with slim, defined muscle. A golden glow emanated from her body as it shook with the massive influx of power that she was absorbing, far more than either girl had experienced to this point.

Hannah let out a high-pitched scream as she quivered with the unbelievable amount of energy flowing through her. Her cry sent a shockwave through the stadium.

“My God!” said Serena aloud.

As Hannah’s body began to change, Serena was, for the first time, in awe of another woman. Serena knew that her own body was beyond gorgeous. She also knew that she couldn’t hold a candle to the goddess she saw on the platform across from her.

Hannah was flawless. Her impossibly thick, vibrant, shimmering hair swirled around her, seeming to defy gravity. Her eyes were closed, her insanely long eyelashes fluttering with the aftershocks of what Serena knew was rapture beyond imagining—she could feel the overwhelming echoes of it in her own mind through her telepathic connection with the younger girl.

Hannah’s complexion radiated healthy, tanned perfection. Her lips parted as she gulped air, the nubile beauty breathing heavily as she recovered from the assimilation of the most powerful surge of energy ever unleashed on earth. Those lips looked so full, so lush that Serena found herself unconsciously floating toward Hannah as she licked her own. Serena had felt some attraction to women before, but this girl took it to another level entirely. She had never felt so attracted to another person, let alone another woman.

Serena watched Hannah’s breasts, heaving with her heavy breathing, pushed her tight, cropped workout top outward. Their ultra-feminine swells seeming to symbolize the young blonde’s burgeoning power.

Hannah’s abs, previously svelte and defined, erupted into cobbled steel, chiseled into perfectly defined ridges of muscle as if by the hand of an invisible sculptor. Serena’s hand fell to her own stomach, such a source of pride for her in the past, and found it wanting in comparison. She swallowed hard.

Hannah’s hips and the perfect hemispheres of her ass, their profile clearly visible in the tight workout pants she was wearing, flared further. Their suggestive, breathtaking lines unsurpassable in their resplendence.

Her slender legs slithered downward in a symphony of sinuous shapeliness, their impossible length encased in silky, smooth skin.

Serena’s lower lip trembled as she watched Hannah open huge, luminescent achingly blue eyes.

Serena had never felt inadequate next to another woman before.

She did now.

Hannah squeezed her hands into fists, and Serena could feel their power crackling from her own platform, twenty meters away. Good God! The voters had turned her into a freaking force of nature!

Serena hadn’t been prepared for this at all. Her power had seemed to dwarf Hannah’s through the first two rounds. Now, gazing at the gilded queen on the other platform, she knew that she was hopelessly outclassed. As the voting results were displayed on the jumbotron behind them, Serena couldn’t help but stare in almost disbelief the sheer magnitude of power the voters had endowed Hannah with.




























Laser Eyes





X-Ray Eyes





















































Laser Eyes





X-Ray Eyes





























Back in Black


White and Gold




The Thief


Psycho Jester


The Queen of the Seas


The Classic


The Pants


White and Gold Old School





The Return


Psychic Ninja


The Patriot


A Classic for the 2000s


Warrior Princess


Catsuit Spy


Warrior Queen


Old School Princess


Hotpants Jester


Serena felt a tsunami of exhilaration roll through her mind from Hannah as the young übergirl watched her votes roll up the screen.

Without warning, the flow of Hannah’s thoughts suddenly shut off, as if by the twist of a faucet handle. In a moment of confusion, Serena’s eyes shot to Hannah. The spectacular girl was floating above her platform like a newly-awakened goddess, sumptuous platinum hair swirling around her, luminous eyes penetrating Serena with their glowing power.

Apparently Hannah had learned how to use her prodigious mental abilities to block Serena’s ability to read her.

A voice reverberated in Serena’s mind, leaving her breathless with its force.

“I am better than you now, Serena. In Every. Possible. Way.”

With it came one specific burst of emotion that Hannah allowed Serena telepathic access to the girl’s mind--triumph.

Serena stood there, chest heaving from the effort of simply receiving Hannah’s message. She was incredibly concerned now. She had begun to sense the girl’s desire for power two votes ago, but her hunger had built very quickly. Serena knew better than anyone that power could corrupt. It was why she had taken this assignment. The only candidate other than herself who she was confident could resist that corruption was Hannah. Cute, wholesome, innocent Hannah...

It was difficult to think of her as cute and innocent any longer, however. Hannah’s impossibly sexy form, more than sufficient to make any supermodel feel inadequate, rippled the air around her with power as she waved to the crowd, a brilliant white smile on her succulent lips. Serena was lost in anxiety as Hannah floated to the stadium entrance and walked inside the Fairness Team compound.

Serena glanced to Ultraman, but his eyes were glued to Hannah as she exited the stadium. She couldn’t blame him.


Galaxy Girl whiffed on another attempt to strike Serena, and Serena sent a knee rocketing upward into the off-balance heroine’s stomach, flinging her into the reallyverytoughium ceiling before she dropped back to the matted floor.

“Oh! So sorry about that, Gal! I guess I don’t know my own strength any more…” said Serena, her smile belying her apology. She was happy to get a little payback after Galaxy Girl had roughed her up a bit in their last go.

Galaxy Girl lay on the mat for a moment, clearly exhausted and hurting from her session with Serena.

“I think… I need… a few… minutes,” Galaxy Girl said between huffs and puffs. “Why don’t… you check… in on Hannah…” she wheezed.

“Good idea!” said Serena.

Serena had enjoyed it when her mental powers had exceeded those of Hannah. She could check in on the other girl at any time. Now, however, she could only hear what Hannah wanted her to hear.

She walked out to the hall and toward the other gym, where Hannah was sparring with Ultraman.

As she entered the gym, she was astonished at what she saw.

Hannah was toying with Ultraman, the most powerful superhero on earth!

Ultraman swung a first toward Hannah. She looked unconcerned as she puckered her lips and puffed a burst of superbreath at the hand moving toward her. Ultraman’s hand altered course as Hannah leaned slightly to the side to watch it sail by her. The momentum of his hand, with its sudden change in direction spun the large, muscled man around and he fell on his glutes of steel.

Hannah could not suppress a giggle at the notion that her superbreath alone might now be more powerful than Ultraman’s total strength level. Realizing that she did not need to speculate, Hannah effortlessly used her telepathic power to extract an exact power reading on Ultraman in her mind as easily as flipping through the pages of a children’s book:.

  • Strength: 2,058
  • Invulnerability: 1,994
  • Speed: 1,661
  • Flight: 1,002
  • Superbreath: 502
  • X-Ray Eyes: 481
  • Laser Eyes: 691
  • Telepathy: 0
  • Telekinesis: 0

Yesss! She was soooo much more powerful than Ultraman now. Even her superbreath at 3247 was beyond his legendary strength. And her laser vision! Hannah dared not test her laser eyes on him since it so far beyond his level of invulnerability.

Hannah quivered with the realization of her utter superiority over the Fairness Team’s ‘powerhouse’. She felt unstoppable!

Ultraman rose to his feet and considered. “Maybe we should put the power nullification vest on you, then get back to it. Maybe that will let me give you a bit of a challenge…”

Serena could scarcely believe what she was hearing. Ultraman needed to put the vest on Hannah, just so he could give her a challenge! My Lord! Just how strong was this girl!

Ultraman stretched the vest around Hannah’s buxom torso with some difficulty. Hannah smiled as she saw evidence of the man’s arousal as he clasped the buckles around her spectacular breasts and cranked the nullification setting to the maximum. She seemed to be getting the sexy thing down--of course, it helped to have the most spectacular body ever seen on the planet.

Serena continued to observe as the two took fighting stances. Ultraman rushed Hannah… but by the time he arrived, she wasn’t there! He felt a tap on his shoulder from behind. Confused, he swiveled around.

Hannah stood there waving at him…..taunting him.

Hannah’s speed was almost unfathomable. Even the vest set to maximum was unable to suppress her power down to his level--the level of the most powerful man on earth. At least until yesterday, Serena corrected mentally.

Ultraman whirled, sending a fist zipping into Hannah’s temple. He certainly wasn’t worried about hurting her any more, so he was swinging with every ounce of his strength.

Hannah reached out with her mind, using her colossally powerful telekinesis power to effortlessly stop his fist in mid-air. He struggled against the invisible hand that seemed to grasp his own with superior strength for a few moments before dropping it, unable to move the hand forward even an inch.

Ultraman looked in disbelief at the young super girl momentarily and swung again. Again, she was gone, tapping his shoulder from behind. He had to at least be able to hit her once during this sparring, Serena thought to herself.

“OK, you’re probably right” Hannah answered telepathically, making Serena almost jump with surprise. Hannah shot a cocky glance at Serena with arched eyebrows as if to say “Watch this!”

Hannah smiled with satisfaction as Ultraman eyes squinted with effort, blasting the hardest punch of his life toward her sculpted abs.

This time, Hannah decided to let him hit her. She watched as his fist slowly came toward her stomach, then impacted… only to ricochet backward. His face seemed to contort with pain in slow motion as she watched his hand recoil like a tennis ball striking a brick wall -- only Hannah’s abs were infinitely stronger than a brick wall now. .

“Oh no! Are you alright?” she asked, genuinely concerned at having injured her childhood idol.

Ultraman shook out his damaged hand, staring at it in shock. His knuckles were bleeding from the impact with Hannah’s inconceivably hard abs. He had bled once before when he had battled an alien god that had attempted to conquer the planet, but that had been years earlier. He couldn’t believe that it had happened again. While sparring. With a beautiful young girl. While she wore a power nullification vest!

Ultraman walked dazedly out of the gym, trying to understand just how overmatched he was by the golden goddess he was supposedly “training.” Serena stepped aside as he passed her without a glance on his way to the infirmary.

Hannah shrugged, then raised both arms above her head and rose to her tiptoes in a stretch of her magnificent profile. As she sucked in a breath to extend her stretch, her prodigious chest expanded, and the power nullification vest suddenly popped, sparks erupting. Oops! She should have taken it off before stretching. Her voluptuous, invulnerable body had clearly overtaxed it beyond the breaking point.

Serena slipped out of the gym and bit her luscious lower lip as she thought. How the hell had Hannah become so powerful in just one vote? Just a day ago, the girl had been frustrated by the magnitude by which Serena’s power had surpassed her own! Serena knew that the Ogle magazine spread was going to help the girl with the single male demographic that had always been Serena’s own bread and butter, but not this much!

Serena walked the halls to the alien device room where they had captured Amplifier. She looked over the devices, running her hands over them to check for anything unusual. There was nothing attached to either device.

She stepped back, looking from one device to the other. She expanded her sight to include the ultraviolet and infrared spectra… then she finally noticed it--something so discreet and faint that only someone that shared her incredible sensory superpowers would ever notice. The light coming from each device was blue. However, one of them looked just slightly purplish, as if some sort of faint red light was combining with the blue.


It had to be.

He had done something to the devices after all! Something so subtle that they hadn’t noticed the change before when they were checking them in the aftermath of the capture.

She needed to get down there and question him. She ran to the maximum security area of the compound and gave the attendant a knee-weakening smile as she asked to be let in.

“Well, Ultraman said that I shouldn’t let anyone but his attorney in to see the prisoner right now, and…”

Serena leaned over the desk to give him a magnificent view of her delicious cleavage.

“Well, Ultraman isn’t here right now, is he? And I would be ever so grateful if you just gave me five minutes with Amplifier.”

Serena moistened her lips.

“Just five little minutes,” she said. “I would owe you a favor, you know… wouldn’t you like that?”

She shifted, ensuring that her top slid down just a bit more to reveal a bit more of her succulent flesh.

He gulped, then pressed the buzzer to open the door.

“Just five minutes…” he said.

“Thank you sooooo much,” Serena said with a long-lashed wink.

Attorney, huh? Serena thought as she walked through a second door into the room with the cell. She saw another woman next to Amplifier’s cell. She wore a gray skirt suit with black pumps and a pearl necklace. Her black-rimmed glasses and tight bun completed the look--every bit the professional attorney.

Serena was immediately suspicious. When someone looked that perfectly dressed for their role, there was a chance that they weren’t exactly who they were pretending to be…

Amplifier and the attorney didn’t seem to have noticed her yet, on the far side of the room, so Serena used her super-hearing to eavesdrop.

“...even better than expected! Do you really think you can recruit her?” said Amplifier.

Recruit who? Her? Hannah? Someone else? Serena reached out with her telepathy to see if she could sense the thoughts of the attorney.

The woman’s mind was a blank. She couldn’t read her at all. Odd.

The woman, who had been about to reply to the supervillain, immediately turned her head toward Serena. Her eyes narrowed.

“Why hello there, Miss Serpent, why don’t you join us?”

Serena was startled, but masked her emotions with a confident smile. She was a bit rattled that the woman had appeared to notice her attempt to read her but approached the suited woman as if everything was as expected.

“I just had a few questions for Amplifier here…” Serena began.

“Excellent. I’m glad that fortune would have it that I was here, so that you could ask them. After all, I’m sure you wouldn’t have attempted to question my client outside of the presence of counsel,” the prim woman said, a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

“Of course not,” said Serena. “May I ask your name?”

“Angel,” the woman replied simply.


“I was unaware of a requirement to give you my last name.”

Serena blinked, at a rare loss for words. After a moment, she simply turned to Amplifier and asked her question.

“What did you do to the Xinth devices?”

“Okay, that will be quite enough,” said Angel. She turned to Amplifier. “Don’t answer that--or any other accusatory questions.”

“But…” started Serena until Angel cut her off.

“Enough, Miss Serpent. If you’re going to ask an assumptive question that implicitly forces him to acknowledge tampering with a Fairness Team device in your very first question, then we’re done here.”

“But…” began Serena again.

“I’m afraid I must ask you to leave. I was just leaving, anyway.” Angel placed a notepad inside her Louis Vuitton bag and rose to her feet, looking at Serena expectantly.

Serena let out a frustrated breath and turned to walk out of the cell area. Angel followed, heels clicking on the cement floor as she walked.

As they exited the secured area, Serena couldn’t help but be impressed. This mysterious woman had thwarted her attempts to gain information with ease. She tried, once again, to read the woman’s thoughts, but she could sense nothing. She glanced over as the woman pulled alongside her and noticed that the woman was wearing a satisfied smirk.

As they passed the gym, Hannah walked out. Her spellbindingly gorgeous face lit up in recognition as she saw Angel.

“Angel! Thanks again for emailing me about the photoshoot opportunity with Ogle! It made such a huge difference with the voters…” she said, giving the strait-laced woman a hug.

“Don’t mention it,” Angel said.

Photoshoot opportunity? Attorney representing Amplifier? Refusing to give her full name? There was no question--it all added up to trouble.

Serena surreptitiously took a photo of Angel’s face while she hugged Hannah and texted it to the agency for an ID. Serena fully intended to figure out what this woman was up to…


That night, Serena awoke to a powerful dream echoing through her mind--not her own, but Hannah’s.

Hannah was surrounded by five young, good-looking men and clearly enjoying the attention. Serena appeared out of nowhere, wearing a bikini and catching the attention of all five of the men.

As the real Serena watched Hannah’s horrified look, she mused on how odd it was to see dream-Serena from the perspective of Hannah’s subconscious mind. Serena’s breasts looked absolutely massive, and she looked to be about seven feet tall! Clearly Hannah had built Serena up in her mind a bit…

The five men ran over to Serena and began to fawn over her incredible, mostly nude body, struggling against each other for the prime position to touch her and kiss her.

Hannah stripped down to her bra and panties, and it caught the attention of the men. Hannah gave them a pleading glance. The men remained, however, with Serena.

Serena saw Hannah’s eyes narrow and felt her anger. She walked over to Serena, form seeming to grow as she approached until she was much taller than Serena! Hannah pulled back a fist, then launched it at dream-Serena’s face…

Real Serena suddenly felt a wave of telekinesis power surround her. She tried to move her arms but found that she couldn’t. Legs? Same.

A familiar voice boomed through her mind.


Apparently Hannah had woken up. Serena tried to communicate with her, to explain that she hadn’t meant to eavesdrop. It was no use, however. Hannah wasn’t listening. She was suppressing Serena’s telepathy.

Serena felt the telekinetic grip release her, and she gasped, breathing heavily again. Damn, that girl was powerful!


“Hello, Director,” Serena said, Ultrman by her side. “Has the team been able to identify the woman in the picture?”

The middle-aged woman on the screen looked grim and shook her head.

“We have been trying, but we haven’t successfully identified her yet. We have checked bar records for the entire country. We’re fairly certain that she is not an actual attorney. There are several theories about her,” she said dourly.

Serena had known the Director for quite a while, but had never seen her look quite so glum.

“What is it, Director? What aren’t you telling us? What’s wrong?”

“We have never had a visual on the leader of the Killer Kings. That’s one of the reasons they have been so difficult to locate and eradicate,” the Director said. “One of the theories--the one floated by our best analyst--is that this Angel woman may be that leader.”

“Siphon! You think that Angel is Siphon?!” said Ultraman, finally speaking.

“We don’t know… but it’s possible.”

“So what do we do? Obviously, we can’t continue to let the most powerful person on the planet continue to be influenced by this woman!” said Serena, noticing the blanch from Ultraman. He was clearly accustomed to holding that title for himself.

“No, we cannot,” said the Director with a cryptic smile. “I’m sending over the three plan options that we’ve come up with. Take a look at them, then call me back immediately, so that we can agree on one and execute.”

“Roger,” said Ultraman. Serena nodded.

The screen switched off, and Ultraman and Serena shared a very worried look.


Serena and Hannah flew into the stadium with Ultraman, and the crowd roared. All three of them smiled at their excited reception.

Serena and Hannah landed before their respective tables, new uniforms laid out before them. They reached for them simultaneously and held them up to their incredible bodies.

Serena held a slinky, black catsuit--with a deep V cutout designed to showcase her other-worldly cleavage. Hannah held two rather small pieces of black cloth, one a crop top with long sleeves, the other a mini pleated skater skirt. She reached again for the red cape and boots that would complete the look. Serena grabbed her own boots as well as the belt and bracelets and flew back into the compound to change.

The Two met just inside the entrance to the stadium a few seconds later--superspeed was really nice when it came to avoiding long waits for their fans! They each checked out the other and smiled.

Hannah filled out her new costume to perfection. Her sexy, carved stomach made Serena gulp with a twinge of envy. Combined with the slender, sleek legs revealed from upper thigh downward under her scandalously short mini, it wasn’t even fair. Silver studded earrings a red cape, and black, knee-high, block-heeled boots rounded out the look. Serena knew that Hannah would now be launching millions of adolescent fantasies, even before this vote.

Hannah’s gaze traveled the length of Serena’s outfit as well, her eyes widening as they came to Serena’s prodigious breasts, nearly half visible inside the delectable V-cut of her form-fitting black catsuit. A gold ring belt, golden cuff bracelets, and gold hoop earrings completed her look.

Both girls looked incredible, pleased with the outfits that the voters had envisioned for them.

They rocketed out to the stadium, and the applause that greeted them this time was deafening. Floating behind and above Ultraman in the center of the huge field, the two newly minted superheroines clasped hands and raised them together before giving a floating bow to their throngs of cheering fans..

As the girls waited for the thunderous applause to quiet, Serena felt her hand begin to ache under the incredible strength of Hannah’s casual grip. She looked at Hannah, but she was focused on the adulation of the crowd. She swung her hips into the other girl’s, trying to get her attention.

Ouch! It felt like hitting a marble statue--other than that it was warm to the touch rather than cold! Hannah didn’t seem to notice her nudge.

Serena remembered her telepathy. She sent a message of distress and a mental image of her hand to the sexy blonde, and finally got through.

The pressure on her hand eased, and Hannah gave a sidelong apologetic glance to Serena. A thought rang through Serena’s mind.

“Sorry! I guess I’m still getting used to my new strength!”

Hannah turned back to the crowd as the applause began to quiet, turning into a series of whistles and catcalls. The girls flew back to their respective platforms.

“Now is the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the naming of the two newest members of the Fairness Team! Let the voting begin!” said Ultraman, his voice rising as another round of cheering began to erupt.

Serena’s eyes widened as she remembered something. In her concern over Angel, she had completely forgotten about what someone, probably Amplifier, had done to Hannah’s Xinth device! Serena looked over to Hannah with a dazed expression. The girl was already the most powerful person ever to walk the planet. What would happen now?

Codename Voting


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