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Another Ubergirl vs Military Story

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 11 January 2020 15:48] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:38]

Art by Cangarough, KuroNick-Arts, Annabel-m and PlanZ34

The soldiers at Area 51 couldn’t believe their eyes. Commander Madison had apparently sold them on Super Goddesses as these mystical, wonderful creatures that went beyond the limits of human imagination but the person that was in front of them right now wasn’t anything like that. In fact, she looked like any other woman. An extremely eccentric, beautiful and captivating one, yes, but still a woman nonetheless.

It was the year 2039 and Super Goddesses were still a novelty, not everyone was caught up with every single one of them or the extent of their powers but they had become incredibly more popular during the last decade. The Korean diva became particularly famous after a live broadcast that showed her lifting the Statue of Liberty. It left the entirety of America in awe and even Lady Liberty herself cried tears of happiness at the sight of the almighty goddess. This landed her an opportunity in showbiz as the presenter of her own TV program where she would both perform incredible physical feats to entertain the audience and give advice on fitness and health.

“Gentlemen, I present you our new field testing partner. Park Ha-neul, I’m sure you know who she is already.” Grizzly, with a piercing blue glare and a strict but fair demeanor, Commander Madison was the maximum authority in the base and every soldier and scientist had to answer to him. Ha-neul accepted to be under his orders for a few days just so the American government could conduct tests on their new armament. “She’s a Super Goddess so she can help us find how truly powerful our weapons are. For the next days she’s going to be living with us here at the base so I hope every single one of you treats her well.”

“SIR YES SIR!” The whole, male-only platoon yelled in unison.

Ms. Park was undeniably hot. She was 185 cm tall with a lean but athletic body full of sensual curves and a pair of gigantic breasts only contained by her black sports bra, which was doing its best effort not to explode. Her exposed abs were deliciously crafted but those were a result of her daily exercise routine rather than a sign of her true power.

Her shapely legs were covered in tight, black yoga pants which she combined with sneakers. She had strange galaxy tattoos in her toned forearms which were almost hypnotic because they moved on their own and were extremely detailed. The soldiers wondered how that was possible, they would ask her later if they had the chance. If it was what they were thinking it was, that meant she was dangerously powerful.

In contrast with her rumored world ending might was her doll-like face. She had the most graceful, delicate features, fit for a dreamlike Asian princess. Her pale, flawless skin, deep almond eyes and kissable lips betrayed her otherwise tomboyish appearance. Her hair was straight, dark and long but not as long as other Super Goddesses, reaching only to her shoulders and topped by a black cap with the same symbol that adorned her pants ‘A11’, the name of the sports brand she had founded months ago. It was becoming extraordinarily popular very quickly and the key was to shill the clothes by wearing them in public at all times.

She yawned, not because she was uninterested in what was happening, regardless of how diminutive the US army was compared in scope to her, but because she had stopped time to get an eight million year nap after some well spent twenty trillion years of squats. She casually contorted one of her impressive legs at an impossible angle, twisted it around and then placed her foot on her shoulder while maintaining perfect balance with her other toned leg. She waved at them with the palm of her foot. “Heeeey! How are you all doing? I’m Park Ha-neul and I will be helping you test weapons and combat tactics. I hope we get along well!” She cast a genuine smile that made everyone on the room blush and also get an erection. “I see you are all excited already, hahaha!” Her laugh was somehow both tomboyish and incredibly charming. “Well if you don’t mind we can eat together before the first test and know each other better? I have been told that they have to measure my strength in one hour. Isn’t that right, commander?” She stuck her tongue out comically and flexed her biceps, a decently sized bump formed.

“That’s right, Ms. Park. I have some work to do now so excuse me if I can’t see how the experiment goes. You are all dismissed for now!” He tried to be professional but he was as spellbound as his men, and while he didn’t show it, Ha-neul was aware of it.

They took a little longer to answer than usual since they were so flustered by Ha-neul’s presence. “S-SIR YES SIR!”

The soldiers were having a hard time believing what they were witnessing. Ha-neul was gobbling up entire rations one after another at the cantina. She would telekinetically fill a dozen trays of food until they formed physically unsustainable piles and then redirected them to her mouth. She ate it all in a matter of seconds, her toned abs unchanged after such a feast. Any normal person’s belly would have exploded by now, but not hers. Her insatiable appetite wouldn’t be placated until she had left the entire base without provisions. What came next was the loudest, least feminine sound they had heard in their lives. A belch so powerful that it scared half the soldiers that were sitting next to her, prompting them to get away. The poor four guys that decided not to leave had their eardrums almost destroyed. Then again, they were too amazed to even notice at first. “O-Oops! Sorry about that guys, I haven’t eaten anything in like eons and I was hungry and…” Their confused expressions instantly told her that they weren’t understanding her.

“Wait, I was told Super Goddesses didn’t need to eat to live.” Commented Corporal Marty Hopkins, the baldest and sharpest of the bunch.

“Ahhhh it’s hard to explain.” She answered, a bit flustered. “It’s more like, I like to eat a lot after exercising, after all I cannot lose my gains even if I stuff my face. You know, perfect metabolism at all.”

After those two broke the ice it became clear everybody wanted to ask her something. Super Goddesses were almost mythical and this display of power had sparked their curiosity. A big, tough looking muscular one, Corporal Ed Jackson ended the uncomfortable silence by raising his hand like a kindergartener and asked. “Uhhhh...I was wondering miss, what are those tattoos on your arms? They move.”

“Ah these?!” She pointed proudly at them. “These are real miniature Universes, I created them to fix the housing problem in my area because I was bored. They are currently on their testing phase but a few families have moved inside already.”

“W-Wait? You mean the tattoos are animated because they actually are real?”

“Yeah, that’s what I said silly! Their new inhabitants have also told me life as settlers in a new planet is pretty hard but that the freedom is pretty worth it. After all, I take care nothing goes wrong. It’s easy to oversee an entire Universe with my infinite perception and my mental processing speed. You could say us Super Goddesses are omnitaskers!” A new silence formed as all of this sounded too complex and alien to understand and also completely out of the realm of possibility. She had to be lying. “Ah, don’t believe me? I can give you a quick tour later if you want.” Her smugness betrayed her seriousness and everyone rejected the offer with their heads, prey to an overwhelming fear of the unknown. Super Goddesses were pretty cute but also scary to those wary of their power.

One of them had his head partially shaven, probably product of a recent prank and his left arm bandaged. He was the rookie of the group and really looked the part, being the shortest and quite effeminate. Private Blake Carmichael was his name. “S-so is it t-true? A-Are you omnipotent?” He stuttered.

“Hahaha! Don't believe me yet? Do you need more proof?”


“Nah, we had enough of that when you left us without food for weeks.” The oldest, most cynical and cold-blooded of the group, Corporal Jason Hill cleaved his knife on the table. He was aroused by Ha-neul’s presence but he didn’t like her personality on principle. He thought she was too presumptuous and cocky and she needed a reality check. The poor idiot wasn’t aware that she checked reality and not other other way around. “Do you do this all the time? Abuse your powers and fuck over others?” He grinned edgily.

“Oh yeah, I can easily fix that.” She snapped her fingers and the warehouse where they stored the food suddenly refilled with enough provisions to last for months, alongside the trays of everyone that was left without it because of her. “There, easy!”

He was weirded out by how simple it was for her to fix her mistakes and tried to backpedal to keep his pride. “Bah! What you did is still selfish. I’m sure you Super Whatevers do a lot of evil shit and then go back in time to pretend like it didn’t happen or something. And then we lowly mortals can’t even notice.”

“I can’t speak for others but I never do that.” She calmly answered. Noticing the anger and self-righteousness with a hint of jealousy in his voice thanks to her Super Empathy and managing the situation accordingly.

“I don’t believe you.” She suddenly teleported next to him, forcing the veteran to jump on his seat.

“My my, you are quite stubborn. It seems you have a bias against Super Goddesses.” Hill blushed and started to sweat. Between her attractiveness, cute voice and sweet smell he couldn’t contain his boner. “I think I deserve at least a chance, right?”

Out of nowhere she held his hand tight, causing him to become even more bothered and the others to grow jealous of the lucky bastard. She got closer to his face and changed the tone of her voice to a softer, more sensual one. “I promise you I have no intention of hurting anyone…” The sensation caused by her delicate, soft fingers rubbing against his bigger, callous ones was almost heavenly. It wasn’t that bad at first because she was gentle about it and somehow it felt good enough for him not to immediately separate them. “I can tell your only way of solving sexual tension is acting like a tough guy. Tell me, how many months have you been trapped in this sausage fest? Not being able to feel the warmth of a woman? That is no good...I can tell you all feel that way so I may be able to fix it.” She smiled smugly as everyone whispered to each other about the inherent lewdness of the situation. This chick was so hot she was able to make handholding look dirty.

“W-What are you doing? A-Are you crazy?!” His face was completely red. His usual coolness and hard-ass attitude completely broken by Ha-neul’s tease. Then it got worse, the goddess started to rub faster, and faster, and faster… It was like his hand had transformed into an extremely sensitive G Spot and he could only react with a small moan every time her fingers got fully intertwined with his. He was completely powerless to stop her now, defeated by the orgasmic pleasure her hand was able to give him.

His thoughts betrayed his convictions. “I-It feels like she’s directly fingering my brain…” He managed to free himself from her grasp after using an incredible amount of his willpower, which surprised Ha-neul. He was drooling, his whole body was sweaty and he felt tired like whenever he had sex for hours. “L-Leave me alone!” He needed a shower. It was obvious he wasn’t used to being embarrassed publicly like that so his only option now was running away to save what was left of his pride.

“Oh come on. I wanted to fuck him.” Ha-neul bluntly declared as one of the voices from the science department called her from the intercom for the ‘strength test’ “Well guys, it was nice meeting you all but I have to do my job! Seeya later!” And she teleported out of the room, leaving everyone speechless and mystified by her.

The Super Goddess blinked out of and inside reality to appear at the testing grounds of the base. An almost cliched, big, empty room with boring grey walls and no interesting features except some windows on a wall that lead into the science room where qualified people would analyze and compare results based on her performance. Despite the glass preventing from such things, Ha-neul could clearly see and hear them. Some of them were excited to finally test the limits of a Super Goddess, others however were doubtful that they existed at all. A few were even a bit skeptical about her, and suspected that her supposed feats were all tricks since the laws of thermodynamics dictated that magic wasn’t a thing. But it was a fact that Ha-neul laughed at those laws daily and she was gonna prove it now. “Alright Ms. Park, are you ready for the strength test? We have prepared something special for you. I know it isn’t as fancy as the Statue of Liberty that you lifted the other day but I’m sure it will give you a nice workout.” A nerdy voice announced. “We’ll start with some weights and if you can lift them we will test our new gadget, the gravity altering pillar.”

“Sounds good, let’s start!” Even though it was unnecessary, Ha-neul started doing some warm-up exercises like stretching her limbs and massaging her biceps.

An impressive display of military technology commenced as the floor parted many times to reveal small platforms supporting a different array of weight sets of different sizes and configurations. One of them was almost as large as the room itself and the bar was set lower just so Ha-neul could reach it.

She trotted towards the first challenge, the weight lifted by the most recent human weightlifting champion of the world. It had six plates in each side and amounted to 500 kilograms. To prove how light this was for her she cracked her fingers and boringly lifted it clean off the ground with a single hand without any effort on her part. She yawned and lazily removed finger after finger, until she was pressing it all on top of her pinkie’s fingernail. To add insult to injury, she started playfully juggling the bar between her fingers like a majorette performing with her baton and she increased the speed with each spin until the entire 500 kg of plates and bar literally became untraceable by the human eye. She tossed it around like it was nothing and went for the next one.

This time it was a pair of dumbbells, each one bigger than the first weight. Ha-neul mentally calculated in about a second that each of them weighted approximately 1000 kilograms. She picked them both and proceeded to defy expectations again and lift them with almost embarrassing ease. Her toned but still feminine arms weren’t even being tested by this and she made it clear by doing reps uninterruptedly. At first they were slow and clean but soon enough they became so fast her arms became cartoony twisters, the winds generated by her exercise so powerful that they were peeling the metal walls of the room. However she looked as perfect as ever, not a single hair out of its place. By the time she ended they were melting, her beautiful skin unaffected by the heat of the liquid metal that melted the floor on contact.

The Super Goddess snapped her magical fingers and the molten mass disappeared from her body. “Next.” And then she continued humiliating mankind by lifting progressively heavier weights that no human could ever hope to lift. Each one was bigger than the last one and at some point she reached the hundreds of tons but she managed to not break a sweat with those too. By the twelfth test she started just simply lifting the barbells clean and tossing them back on the same pile with perfect accuracy despite not even looking back. Scientists couldn’t believe it, the room was filled with ‘ooooohs’ and ‘aaaaahs’

It was finally time to lift the big one. This one was so heavy that it couldn’t be transported by human means, so they had to build it with the room. It had been estimated to weight approximately 500.000 tons and each plate was the size of the Titanic, plus the tons that came with the extraordinarily thick and sturdy bar.

Ha-neul was in the middle of easily lifting it when she had a much better idea. She would prove to everyone there how insignificant this giant barbell was for her in the subtlest and most unexpected way possible. “It’s pretty impressive how the floor doesn’t collapse despite the weight of this thing.” She communicated telepathically to the scientists.

They were understandably confused by her ability to manifest her words in their minds but after talking to each other about it for a while they tried to answer her by thinking. “We purposefully took every measure possible so this facility would be state of the art and able to handle any kind of weight. I guess that if we had enough time to work on it we could get to forty times that, theoretically speaking.”

The goddess giggled at that statement. “Ok guys. Take a look at this then~”

She tilted her head slowly and with a cute smile on her face she removed one of her earrings. Suddenly the atmosphere of the room changed, the air was quickly getting sucked into them, and not only that, the lightest objects around the room started gravitating towards it. Ha-neul floated with it in hand and dropped it on top of one of the sides of the barbell.

It instantly deformed the metal and went straight to the floor which now was getting pushed down and quite literally melting. Not only that but as soon as it absorbed the transatlantic sized metal around it, it turned bigger and the suction became more powerful. The scientists started fearing for their lives the moment they realized what was happening. “Oh no...that was a miniature black hole...she is wearing black holes as earrings…” Everyone suddenly panicked and even went as far as to activate the alarm and follow the evacuation protocol.

“Come on guys, it’s not that bad.” She picked the earring, now car sized and used her reality warping magic to reduce its size so it could fit under her ear again. “There. Fixed. You can stop screaming now, hahaha!” The scientists were bracing themselves as they took a look into the room. Everything was destroyed, what a disaster. But she stood there, smiling and doing some impossibly elastic yoga exercises. Something as simple as putting the earring back on was somehow cancelling the suction of the mini black hole and preventing them and the entire planet from being absorbed. If what they were seeing was true, each ear probably possessed an incalculable amount of mass. Theoretically millions of stars. And she wasn’t even fazed by that, in fact it was something so casual for her. She could move as fast as she did despite having to carry around something so heavy.

After this abusive display of power the Super Goddess teleported into the science room and grabbed two scientists by the neck with her arms, like two friends she had known throughout her life. They instantly became infatuated by her distilled pheromone smell. “I told you guys! My strength has no limits, although I can still play your new little toy if you wish hahaha!”

“H-How can you…?” One of them asked, unable to explain ANYTHING that was happening right now.

“Oh? Wear these you mean?” She smiled from ear to ear. “It’s easy. Black holes aren’t even that heavy you silly!”

A female scientist, equally attracted to her, tried to remain calm to explain her how the next test would work. “Please, follow me Ms. Park. The new gravity machine may not be able to challenge you, given what we have seen. But we still need to test it if we want to get funding for the next steps of our research.”

“Yup, no prob.” The goddess trotted happily behind her and entered a smaller room. One that was completely black and had a pillar in the center which came from the ceiling. It was a pretty big structure that became smaller as it got near the floor, ending two meters and a half away from it.

“Put your palm under the device, Ms. Park. We’ll deal with the rest.”

“Ok but first you need to chill. You take your work too seriously.” Before the scientist could abandon the room, Ha-neul turned and kissed her on the lips. In about 3 seconds her body grew one meter in height and became extremely voluptuous, with enormous tits and ass that made her clothes explode. Her hair became enormous as well, almost filling the room with unending blonde locks. The woman took a moment to become aware of the changes until she noticed that it was a bit more difficult to speak with her new bimbo lips but when she did she instantly became flustered by her new bombastic appearance and her nudity and escaped from the room to be aided by her peers who lent her a big blanket to cover her as the door automatically closed behind her. “Gee girl, I just gave you a small percentage of my femininity. Can’t even handle that?” The Super Goddesses giggled at how easy altering the physique of others was for her.

Ha-neul did as she was instructed and a bunch of golden streams suddenly crossed the previously obsidian surface to reach the pillar. “The test will start now.”

But Ha-neul stood still, her confused face clearly showing that she didn’t understand the experiment since she felt nothing. More seconds passed and nothing happened so she asked the scientists. “Uhhhhh guys? Is it turned on or did it broke down or something?”

“N-No...In fact it’s operating at 100% power now.” The voice from before answered. “Since we saw it wasn’t doing much for you we amped it up many times.”

“Really? I’m not feeling anything at all, I can’t tell. It’s the same as it was when I first placed my hand.”

“Well, if our estimates are correct you are currently being pushed down by what’s essentially ten million times Earth’s gravity. It really can’t go further than that, it’s already past its stress limits.”

“Well it’s definitely failing then. It doesn’t even tickle. It seems I’m quite a bit stronger than your machine here.” A low, rumbling sound permeated in the room and the machine was turned off. Ha-neul walked into the room full of silent scientists by becoming intangible and simply phasing through the wall. “What’s next then?”

The men in charge of the next experiment nodded to each other. “The speed test, it’s the last one for today.”

“Sounds fun, let’s go!”

“The problem is that...with your exceptional score in the strength test, we doubt our current device will be enough to measure your performance.” They escorted Ha-neul to another, more standard room with what looked like a more advanced, slightly larger version of a regular gym treadmill. It was obvious to her that its capabilities were not up to par.

“You are right, but I have a solution! Hehe!” She spun on herself, forming a tornado for a second and appeared dressed in a lab coat and thick glasses, that she comically pushed up with a smug smile.

“W-What? What do you me-” His sentence was cut short by an energetic hug from the Super Goddess.

“Don’t worry, pal. It seems you guys are struggling over here to come up with a new design. Allow me to help!” Ha-neul teleported next to a cluster of blackboards full of formulas and with designs tacked to the borders, they were the schematics of the treadmill.

Her arms became so fast that no one could follow them as she corrected all the formulas in seconds and at the same time created new designs with her boundless creativity and genius. Unbeknownst to the team at the base, Ha-neul had learned everything about engineering that morning. The goddess was not a nerd like Irina and she was not as obsessed with collecting academic titles so hers only went up to ten right now. Physics, Math, Chemistry, Biology and the philology of a few languages. In other words, her superior brain and knowledge made her overqualified even in the presence of the mightiest minds on Earth and she was effortlessly schooling them on how to properly design a treadmill fit for a Super Goddess.

The IQ in the room excluding Ha-neul averaged 170 but they couldn’t grasp the complex mathematics that were now on display, and the design looked impossibly big and sci-fi to be functional. It was madness, she had ruined their entire year’s work for this joke of a machine. “Miss Park, we…”

“Oh right! Perhaps this technology is too advanced for you right now. But it’s okay, I can explain it! Using your language at normal speed so you can understand will take me a while though so you might want to take a sit. I promise that it will be much better than the other treadmill.”

At first they proved themselves reluctant but eventually they decided to listen to Ha-neul. It took 3 hours for her to explain the science behind the new treadmill to them. It was so complex that she had to water down even the simplest concepts with analogies and references to stuff that they already knew. In that time some of them lost the concentration needed to follow her and left the room but the ones who stood still couldn’t fully grasp the theory. Nonetheless they understood how much beyond them she was and they trusted her enough to know what she was doing, after all her knowledge of pretty much all sciences demonstrably dwarfed theirs. However there was another problem. “Yes but even in this case Dr. Park...” She addressed her as her knowledge implied now. “It would take a lot of time and resources to build this new machine, we will have to cancel the test or make do with what we already have.”

“Don’t worry about that!” The door to the test room opened by itself, showing a somehow bigger interior where a bunch of clones of Ha-neul were working on building the gigantic, futuristic treadmill she had envisioned. “It’s almost ready~”

At this point the scientists gave up in trying to explain her otherworldly powers. They weren’t intelligent enough to understand the level of science she had mastered, let alone why and how her literally magical reality warping worked. They just sat in silence, almost asleep as the Super Goddess fused with her clones into her original outfit and stepped into the sci-fi treadmill she had built.

The doors closed and she appeared in one of the cameras, flashing a smile to them and doing a victory sign with her fingers. The machine started with almost no noise, as if, with her incredible level of mastery over engineering, she had managed to make it quiet.

Given her strength, the initial results were not surprising, the belt on the treadmill moved much faster than theirs at maximum power and yet she still was basically walking at amazing speeds. Completely calm, not even sweating and even whistling a silly tune with her kissable lips. She was registering 500 miles per hour right now according to a digital tachometer in the wall.

Then she pulled a lever and the treadmill started going faster than any living being on Earth, becoming a blur, as well as the goddess’s toned legs, which were now running at 2000 km/h, effectively surpassing the sound barrier. The footage suddenly became inaudible. However she was still comfortable at that speed and decided to give the machine a real workout by using the highest level. Her whole figure and the entire room became a blur and the footage stopped altogether after it started emitting sparks, worrying the scientists.

After a whole minute the doors opened, letting out a cloud of smoke that forced them to cover their mouths and eyes. When they were sure it was safe to breathe they approached the chamber. Ha-neul’s silhouette could be appreciated from afar, as well as the machine’s.

She was just standing there, still not sweating or feeling even a bit tired, but the treadmill was completely destroyed. Her hands had deformed the handrails and her smug smile betrayed the obvious. Even a device so advanced, complex and powerful couldn’t test a slight fraction of her power, if it could be fractioned at all to begin with. Before it finally turned off, the tachometer marked 1.000.000 kilometers per hour which was about the fastest thing ever recorded on the history of Earth. It was absurd, impossible. Her mere existence contradicted everything they knew about the laws of the Universe. “Well guys, I tried to water down the technology of this thing so you guys could wrap your minds around it but it seems I needed to go far beyond with it. Not that it matters since there is nothing that can accurately measure my top speed anyway, hahaha!”

The tests were done for the day. The scientists at the base were having a great time with those uncanny results but they were also pretty aware that they would scare the entire military industrial complex if they were to be announced. If the rest of her was as powerful as her strength and speed, no war machine would be able to compete against a Super Goddess, let alone all of them. The prospect was kind of frightening. Not only they couldn’t oppose them if they tried, but if for some reason one of them wanted to take the job of the army, it would make normal methods completely obsolete, ruining the business of war and rendering thousands of people employed by it obsolete. Still, many generals thought acting carefully was the best choice here, so the tests would continue the day after.

It was late at night and the Korean Super Goddess phased through the wall to reach the quarters of the unit assigned to her. They did not have clearance of a level high enough to be present at the experiments but they had heard vague statements about them and were now chatting about it with the exception of Hill who was cleaning his weapon. Their silence was deafening, they wanted to greet the good friend that conversed so humanly back when they had lunch together but now she seemed like something far too different from them. The difference between a pitiful mortal and a god. “Hey guys! I’m supposed to sleep here for today! The general was worried about mixing boys and girls but I really don’t care about it. Changed his mind pretty fast after he learned that I can defend myself pretty well if things go south, hahaha!” Then she noticed the palpably weird mood in the room. “Uhh, guys? Are you okay?” She thought for a moment, using her superior empathy. “Ah, I see! You are intimidated by the way I crushed those machines! I totally understand now!” The tension could be cut with a knife, so she did just that. Literally materializing a magical knife and a slice of bread, then proceeding to spread the bad vibes around her on top of the bread. After she ate the tension toast, everyone seemed to relax. “There, much better!”

Suddenly Ha-neul found herself surrounded by them, the guys were again asking her how much powerful she was but she decided to keep it a secret for now. “Let’s just say you’ll see tomorrow!”

“What do you mean?” Asked Jackson.

“Well, the next experiment is about my performance against organized troops, heavy artillery and military vehicles. So your unit is tasked with beating me in a little field exercise.”

“That doesn’t sound very fair.”

“Because it isn’t.” Hill chimed in with a bitter and resentful tone. “They are trying to show the pentagon how useless and obsolete we are compared to her and her kind. If we ever had to do real combat against them it would be a bloodbath.” He frowned at the goddess. “But it doesn’t matter to you, right? As long as it feeds your ego it’s ok to make us look like a bunch retards in front of the world. Who needs experience and tactical knowledge when you are virtually invincible?”

“You again? You can keep pretending to be a tough guy if you wish but I know that deep down you would rather fuck me to your heart’s content.” She was provoking him on purpose, using even the infuriating smug smile of self-assured superiority that she had learned from Jennifer. “In fact it’s quite fun...watching you struggling to come to terms with the fact that you love me.” Before he even thought about reacting, she had already bent over and put her hand over his.

“B-BACK OFF!” He instinctively hugged the wall in retaliation, not wanting to experience the same feeling of powerlessness again.

“Hahaha! Come on, let’s go to sleep. You will need some rest for tomorrow’s test. Good luck with that by the way. If I’m impressed with your performance I might fuck you all at the same time!”

“Obnoxious bitch, she gets on my nerves…”

That night they all went to sleep with a hard boner, except Hill who couldn’t because the Super Goddess was audibly snoring on purpose to bother him.

Private Carmichael woke up in the middle of the night. He was thirsty and his lewd thoughts about Ha-neul made him squirm inside his bed and remove the sheets, exposing him to the typical cold of a Mojave night. He stood up and went to the bathroom to have a nice and refreshing cup of water.

He looked terrible, the last days had been positively shitty for his unit. Having to endure a special kind of training to be tested against the Super Goddess and be up to the standard of better soldiers from the special forces. He was new and inexperienced, and he didn’t even like some of his platoon members, especially Hill who was a jerk with him and everyone else. Of course he was the butt of all jokes and it was getting on his nerves, his eyes were full of bags due to the hell experienced lately and his broken arm had just finished properly healing. But he was a college dropout and he had no other choice at this point but to be in the army, his family being poor and all. However, his frail and small physique didn’t help him at all in this task, and he had been thinking about leaving the army lately.

He was about to gulp down his water when he noticed that the mirror displayed a completely different image than before so he didn’t get to see himself spit the water out of pure surprise and confusion.

There was no Blake Carmichael in that mirror, neither the rest of the bathroom or the dormitory with the rest of the soldiers that it usually reflected. Instead, there was a black, almost sense-depriving void, with a white tub filled with water in the center and surrounded by lit candles and tiles. What was inside? Ha-neul’s naked body of course. Literal perfection in flesh, lacking her trademark hat and with her arms extended outwards, almost as if she was welcoming him into her embrace, notion that her dark, seductive eyes and confident but gentle smile were more than okay with reinforcing.

“I must be dreaming.” It in fact looked like this was one of those erotic fantasies and him waking up just was part of it. He couldn’t believe what was happening. But in a way, considering Ha-neul was a goddess, this was well within what her powers could do.

“You are not, Blake. Come.” She gestured with her index finger and smiled, she was precious. Despite what she had said, not all his doubts had been dissipated but he still decided to follow her orders and slowly walked towards the bathtub.

For some reason, her usual medium length hair started becoming longer and longer in a matter of seconds until it bathed on the water just to grow out of it and hang around the edges until the tips touched the floor. She looked infinitely more feminine and divine now. “Y-You are beautiful…” That’s the only thing he could say about her. It didn’t come out of courtesy, she was just breathtaking enough to leave him in a state of trance. The galaxy tattoos on her arms were shining with extreme intensity now. “What is happening? Where are the others?”

“I didn’t want them to bother us so I created this little independent dimension to have fun with you.” She giggled and took his hand, guiding him towards her. “I have been observing you Blake, believe it or not. I know it’s coming out of nowhere but can you lay naked here with me?” He inevitably blushed. Being in her presence was humbling enough, but a Super Goddess being interested in someone like him was too much to believe. “It’s true. But if you don’t want to come I understand it, this must feel pretty weird eh? But I wanted some intimacy nonetheless.”

“O-Ok…” Still unsure but undeniably charmed by the omnipotent beauty, Private Carmichael stepped into the bathtub and found that the water was much deeper than he thought which caused him to lose his balance and fall over, his face landing on Ha-neul’s plentiful boobs and causing her to laugh.

“Man, you really do want me, hahaha!” He would have usually gotten away from her, but for some reason an unexplainable feeling of warmth and comfiness took over his body and before he could even react he was already naked. His smaller, frailer body felt so good rubbing against the flawless skin of the taller goddess and she smelled wonderful. His eyes couldn’t open fully because he had entered a state of inescapable drowsiness. It was similar to the numb sensation he felt whenever he got drunk. Only one thing was sure now, he didn’t want to be in any other place right now. Ha-neul’s body was just too soft and addictive and her presence was sedating. His previous fear and inhibition were completely absent now.

“Damn...this feels so good…” He instinctively hugged her tighter and she placed a sweet kiss on his forehead.

“Right? That’s because we are connected, we love each other.”

“But...But I only know you from this morning.”

Her hand slowly caressed his cheek and she smiled lovingly. “That’s got nothing to do with love. Come on, you know I’m not lying.”

“You are not, I love you...I love you a lot. I don’t know why but the moment I saw you I fell completely for you.” Blake dived into her breasts and enjoyed their magical warmth. His mind, which was not working properly right now, tried to reason why this was the case. “Is this because you are God…? Are you God?”

“Well, you may be right. I would say I’m God yeah. After all me and my sisters are magical, and there are no other magical beings in this Universe.” She grinned at the sight of Carmichael stroking her new ultralong bangs. “Do you like my hair that much?”

“It’s great...but how did you grow it so long in such a short time?”

“A Super Goddess’s hair grows much faster than a normal woman’s. In fact we need to turn the growing off to properly fit in society, or else we would create a thick jungle in a few days hahaha! Mine just happens to grow the fastest so I usually wear that magical cap to contain it. That way I don’t even have to think about it.”

“ can do pretty much anything…” He started sheepishly sucking on Ha-neul’s nipples causing her to moan. It came as natural to him as eating his breakfast, and, as expected, milk started pouring out from her nipples, quickly mixing with the water.

Ha-neul moaned and panted for a bit but she managed to keep her cool. “Pretty much, but even then I still manage to fall for humans like you. Which brings me to the main point. Would you join my harem?”

Blake stopped drinking the delicious and nutritious super milk and looked at her, confused and sleepy. “A harem? What do you mean by that?”

“When you have a Super Goddess’s libido a single sexual partner is not enough. We need many people to satisfy our needs, cutie. But still, the decision is yours. I will house you, feed you and love you forever since you will become immortal and more powerful than ever before, and you will retain all your freedom. I promise I’ll make you happy, the only con is that you’ll have to share me with other men and women that love me as much as you do.”

He hugged her tighter, almost posessively. “B-But I don’t want to share you with anyone…”

She gave him another heart melting look and kissed him in the lips. Their tongues danced with each other for what felt like eons. “I completely understand how you feel, that’s why I’ll give you until just before I leave to decide. I hope you choose to spend the rest of eternity with me. I love you Blake Carmichael.”

The private was about to answer ‘I love you too’ but he was woken up by good old Ed Jackson hitting a frying pan with a stick. Had all of it been just a dream? He had no time to think about that now. It was late in the morning and he had to rush to catch up to the rest of his platoon. He was supposed to fight against Ha-neul.

The battle stage was ready and set. Ha-neul was warming up and flexing her body in the middle of the desert. She was alone, about to fight an small army of state of the art death machines and a coordinated team of well trained soldiers, and her smile was as cheerful and confident as ever. Carmichael’s platoon were told to stay still for the moment and observe how she would fare against the new generation of combat machines created by the military industrial complex. They were created as a perfect marriage between power and efficiency, while also lacking the need of a pilot. Ha-neul herself had been helping the engineering team the day before with last hour improvements which she applied herself. Apparently she implemented an autopiloting system so no human lives would be at stake ever again in a battlefield. For the US army it had become very clear that she didn’t need to pass an intelligence test anymore, she was more mentally competent than even the brightest human minds and there was no doubt about it. She even went as far as to assure that it was the case for all Super Goddesses, and that she was, ironically enough, the least scientifically inclined of the bunch.

“This is gonna be fun.” She stated as she heard the sound of the tanks approaching in the distance, a cloud of sand looming over the horizon as the behemoths marched towards her. Then, suddenly, she noticed that a coyote, of all things, was standing near her. “Oh no little guy, you can’t be here. You may get hurt.” She approached the wild animal, well known to not trust humans and sometimes even attack them. At first the reaction was as expected. The coyote snarled at Ha-neul and prepared to bite her hand but in an almost miraculous fashion, she simply kneeled and patted him in the head. This instantly soothed him and she could tell he was enjoying it for how he was sticking his tongue out and wagging his tail like a good domestic doggie. Another natural power of Super Goddesses was their instant connection with wildlife and the fact that animals knew they were the superior alpha species on top of the whole universal food chain. Thanks to those two facts, animals loved them at first sight, and this coyote was no exception. After stroking his ears and then rubbing his belly for a bit she decided it was time to face the army, which was already near them. “Run, little one. Get as far away as possible from here!” The coyote obeyed and wasted no time in disappearing from the scene.

The Super Goddess was about to turn when she was greeted by a blast from one of the tank’s cannons. Of course, after the dust cloud dissipated, she was standing there, perfectly unharmed despite her surrounding land being completely destroyed. “Nice firepower but I’m afraid it’s not enough even after the enhancements.” She closed the distance between her and the first of the tanks in less than a millisecond, looking like she had just teleported in front of it and rising winds so powerful they cut through the armored body.

The machine stopped on its tracks the moment it collided against her powerful chest and it struggled to move her even a centimeter. This pleased the goddess who smiled smugly at her blatant superiority. “Let’s see how much pain you can take!” Then she started pushing back, and it worked. Her small body defeating the greatest war monstrosity humanity had ever created with ease. The engine whined as it found itself completely outmatched by her pushing power and sparks started to come out of the treadmill wheels. Ha-neul put a hand on the metal, leaving an imprint and then used the other one to slowly rip the upper part of tank with ease, opening a hole and exposing the interior. The metal was melting after being defeated by her powerful but dainty hands but the heat didn’t affect her at all. After performing this ridiculous feat of strength she looked in the direction of the people that were watching from a few kilometers away with binoculars and winked at Carmichael. Hill was of course grunting at Ha-neul’s show-off attitude. But it was expected given that she was a renowned TV star and she loved to fellate her audience with incredible feats like these.

After that she easily tore the tank in half and cockily held the cannon part like a baseball bat, which she used to deflect another blast coming from behind, not that she needed to, being invulnerable and all. It ricocheted towards a mountain which it basically destroyed, showing how powerful these shells really were. To her, they were nothing though as she started walking into the other tanks, eating the cannon shells and turret shrapnel like raindrops.

She hugged another one of the tanks while still surviving the attack of the other ones and slowly but surely compacted it with her arms and hands. It looked like a normal human creasing a paper sheet but leaking molten metal all over the place which also didn’t affect her clothes for some reason. Her magnificent abs were grinding against the chassis now, deforming and flattening it. In the end she had turned the entire thing into a cube, that she ate in one go. She burped after that which created a kinetic wave so powerful it literally disintegrated another one.

After that she posed for a while, comically eating bullets and tank shells and mocking her massive opponents. “Ok let’s end this, this stuff can’t hurt me.” She flew towards another two of them and lifted them from their underbelly with one hand just to crash them against one another, then held them like swords. “DUAL WIELD!” She joked.

There was only one now, and she was going to give it the most humiliating sendoff possible. Ha-neul closed her eyes, pouted and pretended to make an effort, white smoke coming out of her ears like she was about to burst. Her clothes finally were torn off and basically exploded, leaving her naked. Her formerly hefty but still reasonable tits now transformed into gigantic Z cups.

The goddess placed one of her engorged nippled inside the cannon’s hole and the machine fired. Ha-neul did not move from her spot, unscathed and grinning. A small, dark fume came out of the barrel. “My turn.” She said. And after that litres and litres of milk started coming out of her giant tit and quickly travelled through the cannon, reaching the interior of the tank. She kept pumping out gallons of her magical secretion like it was no one’s business with her hands on her hips and a proud expression. Suddenly, she decided to exponentially increase the production, and, as expected, the milk started leaking from inside out, the interior space of the tank already completely filled. Finally, she let out a final, explosive blast of white liquid and the green behemoth blew up in a second, metal pieces flying and scattering around as the blob of milk spread all over the floor, forming a big puddle. Not only did she defeat the most powerful land vehicle mankind had ever designed, but she also did it in the most feminine way possible.

The Korean beauty snapped her fingers and both her outfit and breasts turned back into how they were before. “Well, what now?”

A buzzing sound came from the distance. Now that they knew there was no chance to defeat her in land, they were trying to do it by sending about two dozen drones.

Ha-neul instantly analyzed their composition and weapons with her magical vision, figuring them out in seconds. Some of them carried a different array of repetition weapons while others were clearly designed to bomb targets and there were even a few that carried dispensers with toxic and sedative gas. All in all, nothing special, she would have to show those engineers how it’s done later.

The first attack came from the drones carrying gas. Of course, no matter how toxic it was, Ha-neul simply inhaled it. She had been to other planets before, ones with an atmosphere much more inhospitable than whatever this compound was, and they didn’t even disturb her. She could survive in the vacuum of space. This was nothing for her, let alone the sedative gas since the only way she could sleep was by her own volition.

Naturally, these new bombs and bullets were nothing compared to what she had endured before with the tanks so they didn’t even scratch her. “Is that all? Boooring~”

The Super Goddess decided to end this quickly, with a twist. She started inhaling again, then she puckered her juicy lips, creating a wind so powerful that it completely blew the drones away, but that wasn’t all. Ha-neul was carefully controlling her magical breath and using it to play with them, making them go in the directions she wanted and perform a little dance in the sky for her. To add insult to injury, she whistled a cute melody while doing so and then she made them all crash into the ground.

“Let’s make this a bit cooler, I never liked drones to begin with. Why don’t I turn you into something bigger so I can play rougher with you?” Ha-neul used her impressive telekinesis to disassemble the fragmented leftovers of the crash and then fused the components to build two mockups of F-16 fighters but of course with extremely superior capabilities to the originals. She then created two invisible pilots from nothing and instructed them to try and kill her.

It went similarly to the other attempts. She flew side by side with one of the jets and it was obvious that she was faster no matter how much it struggled. The moment she sped up a little, the power of her boost incinerated the plane in seconds. For the other one she decided to jump incredibly fast and land on her butt which completely ruined the fighter’s momentum, causing it to plummet while spinning. Ha-neul was having the time of her life, laughing all the way thought it while the soldiers, officials and engineers watching the massacre were bracing themselves for her destructive power against their little squadron. She was invincible, they were definitely going to lose. There was nothing in the planet capable of even remotely harming that woman, let alone defeating her.

To end her demonstration, she tore the jet in half with her juicy thighs and jumped in front of the crash with perfect balance and an impressive explosion as a background.

In a moment, she was already near the frightened platoon. “Well guys, it’s your turn right? Come on, I’ll promise I’ll be gentle.”

Commander Madison sighed. “You know what to do guys, put on the best show you can and let’s go home.”

“Tsk…” Hill walked inside the gymkana circuit designed for the test without even looking at Ha-neul which made her positively ecstatic about what was going to happen next.

The goddess put her hand in Carmichael’s shoulder, crouched to his level and then kissed his cheek. “Good luck, cutie.” He turned red and quickly went in too. Jackson and Hopkins were understandably jealous, almost angry but they followed him into a little area with hastily made brick houses, simulating a middle eastern environment with some barrels and sandbag piles as covers. The simulated town was surrounded by trenches that the soldiers were allowed to maneuver through to reach Ha-neul and they were given extensive firepower and radio communication to see their tactics through.

The test commenced and everyone got on their posts. Ha-neul decided to slowly float around the city, pretending her superior eyes didn’t see them behind the obstacles or on the trenches. She couldn’t help but to giggle at how easy it was. And they were so tense and nervous too, and all erect...seems her super pheromones were already taking their toll on them as the warzone was becoming filled with a pink, sweet, aphrodisiac fog.

Then, in a moment of naughtiness the tomboy goddess decided to tease Corporal Hill. “Listen Jason, I think that your real problem lies in how insecure you are about your masculinity. Perhaps you should be in touch with your inner female a little more?” She cooed and kept rambling. “The sheer idea of a woman being better than you at everything just rustles your jimmies, but you also have feelings for me. So much turmoil in your heart.” He is still wasn’t taking the bait. So prideful. And predictable.

Then she suddenly teleported behind him and flicked him humorously in the helmet. He was hiding in a corner next to the main door on the second biggest house and it was pretty dark inside. “Boo!” He contained a scream and turned, and almost like he really REALLY wanted to kill her he started wasting the entire clip of his automatic rifle on her. The goddess yawned as the bullets fell off her unharmed abs, although some of them did ruin her clothes. Of course she only allowed this to happen because it made her show more skin. After seeing that it wasn’t working Hill pulled his combat knife and tried to stab her in close quarters but she gracefully jumped to stand on top of the edge of the knife with one foot like in those hokey 70s kung fu movies, while stretching her other leg to her neck. She was now looking at him from above with an arrogant smile.

“You bitch…” He mustered.

“That language, Jason!”

“Leave me alone, you freak! What the fuck do you want of me?” In desperation, he threw a frag at her but Ha-neul removed her cap and caught it. The grenade never got to explode because it disappeared into a hammerspace bigger than an entire Universe.

Ha-neul grabbed Jason by the wrists and lifted his body with ease, then put him against the wall. “You lost. Now, what?”

He struggled for a bit but it was useless to try and contest Ha-neul’s infinite strength. “Let me go, you have won already.”

After having a little chat with his subconscious, Ha-neul kneeled and removed his pants. The veteran soldier tried to escape but invisible restraints made it practically impossible no matter how much he tried. “Ahhhh you have a nice tool there.” The goddess giggled as she peeled it back and kissed it, causing Hill to shiver. The pleasure was too much and he was about to cum just because of that but Ha-neul decided to deny him that with magic. She slowly inserted her pretty mouth around his dick, making sure to lick it before she decided to advance an inch more until she found herself with his entire cock stuck down her throat.

The feeling of receiving a Super Goddess’s blowjob is one of the best in existence. You basically lose your consciousness as her mouth starts going faster than a blender but somehow gentle enough not to rip your penis off. It’s a sensation of pure and unadulterated sexual pleasure, crafted especially for the one being blown. Ha-neul was no exception to the rule, Hill was, after a few seconds panting and moaning and supplicating for more, as if he had never hated her before as her glorious mouth masterfully tamed his erect log.

After a full minute sucking in and out she decided to stop and let him cum, then became invisible, leaving him alone in a state of confusion and bliss which he needed a few moments to break out of. “D-Don’t go…” He mumbled while regaining his senses as he stumbled on all fours through the floor and recovered his pants and weapon. “I feel so fucking weird now…” Jason felt completely dehydrated and tired, and for some reason weaker and...shorter? It didn’t matter to him now, once he regained his senses his professionalism took over and he run to help his comrades.

At this point Ha-neul was terrorizing the other soldiers, teleporting in front and behind of them at impossible speeds and making them waste their resources. Not matter where they hid, she would always find them, and no matter what new tactic they tried she always managed to simply dodge the bullets and traps and escape unharmed, either by using her superior reflexes or by just becoming intangible. In one case Ed Jackson, who was the biggest and strongest of them, being a muscle mountain standing at almost seven feet tried to bearhug her from behind but she easily broke free and put him on a headlock, just to rub his head like a school bully. It was horribly embarrassing for him but her strength was undeniable.

It was obvious that they had lost but Ha-neul chose to tease them by teleporting on top of one of the barrels. “Ok guys this is not fun anymore so try dumping everything on me, ok? I won’t even dodge this time. Come on, I’m right here, hahaha!” She posed like a supermodel with a cocky smile, inviting them to unload all their firepower on her. Hill finally rejoined his unit and was tasked with bringing them the anti-tank rifle, a weapon so powerful and heavy it was needed that two men used it in unison. However he noticed he didn’t have the same arm strength as before and struggled a bit with the task. This weapon was designed to destroy armored targets so it could do some really irreparable damage to people.

Of course, nothing else that they were trying was working. Jackson was using one of the turrets strategically placed behind a bunch of sandbags and not even these bigger, faster bullets were able to faze her. If anything, they only removed more and more of her clothes. The regular rifles and handguns that Carmichael and Hopkins wielded had even less success at even that so Ha-neul was just laughing at them while tanking everything and putting on progressively more ridiculous poses. Finally Hopkins and Hill took hold of the anti-tank weapon and unloaded the entire cartridge on her as Carmichael threw his last grenade, lifting a cloud of sand in the air and hiding their target.

After a while they had unleashed everything they had and the sand and dirt curtain cleared up, showing her very recognizable silhouette, completely unharmed but also naked bar her cap. “Man, that was a great workout. Wanna go eat something, guys?

The next morning Jackson and Hopkins woke up to the strangest thing ever. Carmichael was resting naked in Ha-neul’s bed, and there was another woman with them! A delicious blue-eyed blonde with melon sized tits, not as beautiful as a Super Goddess but close enough. “Ms. Park! Did you let another civilian inside the base? I will have to inform my superiors about this transgression!”

Ha-neul and the two lovebirds woke up and yawned as if nothing was wrong with this picture. The goddess smiled sheepishly at Hopkins who was evidently jealous despite his self-righteousness. “It’s okay guys, she’s Jason. Well, now she’s called June or so she says hahaha! Her feminine side was screaming at me for bringing it out so I gave Corporal Hill here a full sex change with a magical blowjob. She’s much happier now!” She explained it like it was the most common thing in the world. “Since she has become a woman she is so much sweeter with me, right June?”

“Of course my love~” Former lone world Jason Hill hugged her new girlfriend like her life depended on it. Carmichael, still a man, didn't want to be left behind and did so as well. Ha-neul looked like a Hugh Hefner type pimp right now.

“B-But how is that possible?”

“Come on, you have seen me no-sell everything your army has to offer and you still think this is beyond my power? I just turned Jason into a woman, that’s it!”

“You are right…”

Commander Madison entered the dormitory and decided to ignore the weird situation, given what he had been told by the scientists about the test results. “Can we talk, Ms. Park?”

“Of course!” She jumped off the bed and magically willed her clothes back on her.

“In private if it doesn’t bother you.”

“No prob!” She created a small alternate dimension bubble to surround them which frightened the commander a little, despite being a war veteran that had seen it all. But today he was understandably scared of Ha-neul and the extent of her powers.

“Well, we have made some calculations based on your feats these last days and…”

“And?” She had the biggest, most genuine smile on her face right now.

“If the entire combined forces of Earth tried to stop just you we couldn’t do anything. We would be completely stomped, let alone if any of your Super Goddess friends joined you.”

“Yeah but you understood that since the beginning right?”

“Y-Yeah but…”

“Hey it’s ok. It’s true that our existence makes human war outdated and pointless, and that I could wipe out the Universe in a heartbeat, but don’t worry about it. We won’t. If anything I’d rather protect humanity from threats given the chance! So don’t worry, as long as I’m here nothing will happen to you guys!” This was also true for the rest of the Super Goddesses since their Super Empathy made them friendly with their human peers by default.

“That’s appreciated.” He sounded kinda defeated at this point, like his life had been rendered meaningless just by her presence. “Although it’s a bit depressing to think we are literally nothing next to you.”

“Bah, I don’t think so. You guys are ok even if you are not omnipotent. By the way, there was a last test for me right?”

“Well, yeah. We were supposed to try our new nuclear wmds on you but the pentagon doesn’t want to be embarrassed again. What will the enemies of the US think when you survive a nuclear blast at point blank?”

“Well...I always finish the stuff I start so let’s do it anyway, ok? Also, can I ask you something?”


“Can June and Blake over here join my harem? Of course that wouldn’t interfere with their job at the military but I want them so much for me!” He stared at June, dumbfounded. “Oh yeah, Jason is a girl now, her new name is June!”

“Uh, I’m not sure I understand what that means coming from you but if they are alright with it, so be it.”

“Yay! See you later commander!"

The higher-ups had been invited to witness the nuke in a cabin dozens of kilometers away from the impact zone which was in the middle of the Mojave desert, too far from anywhere civilized to actually represent a threat.

The army men and scientists would take turns to use the specially designed military binoculars.

There she was, the Super Goddess Ha-neul Park, smiling confidently with her arms on her hips and waiting for it to happen. And suddenly, about six nuclear warheads were fired from the base and quickly travelled over the people in the cabin.

Ha-neul created a pair of sunglasses from nothing and put them on, then suddenly materialized Blake and June next to her, who were scared to death by the prospect of getting nuked. “It’s okay.” She took their hands.

A blinding light covered the wasteland and everything became silent for a moment, then the explosion was so loud that even people from Russia could hear it. It was the biggest nuclear test in the history of humanity. After destroying miles and miles of rock formations and cactus it finally formed into a mushroom cloud so big it could be seen from space. The radiation from the zone would take decades to disappear.

However, the three of them were completely unscathed, proving that nukes weren’t even able to hurt her harem sluts, let alone herself.

Ha-neul instantly absorbed all the radiation of the nukes into her body as a last favor, winked at the spectators with the binoculars and then started contorting her body with Blake and June until they became so small and compact that they vanished from existence.

Those two were about to be fucked for days by the Super Goddess alongside the rest of her harem.

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