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Weapons Testing

Written by Thefirstone :: [Monday, 13 January 2020 03:34] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 18 January 2020 15:57]

The base was, essentially, out in the middle of nowhere. Which, of course, is why it was chosen for what was coming. It happened on what was, until then, shaping up to be a normal, boring day. At noon, something fell from the sky a few dozen yards outside the front gate. As the figure got up from a crouching position, the guards in the watchtowers on the nearest two corners of the barbed wire fence could see that it was a woman. She looked to be half Asian, with piercing green eyes and flowing black hair that reached seven feet down to the point that it nearly touched the ground. She was muscular, not massively so but enough for her muscles to visibly bunch and relax with every movement, but still had breasts larger than her head. Her face was impossibly beautiful in a way that was hard to describe in words. And finally, she was stark naked. The snipers stationed in the watchtowers may have been quicker to react to something more normal, but as it was they did nothing as she leapt over the barbed wire fence. The nearest three men to where she landed unloaded assault rifles at her center mass, only to swear they could see her grinning as the bullets bounced off her in various directions and harmlessly fell to the ground. When they were done, she went on the offensive. Moving too fast for the eyes of any normal human to process, she killed the soldier on the right, a gaping hole seemingly appearing in his upper torso. Then she was in front of the man on the left, his head abruptly exploding into a bloody mist. The last of the three suddenly felt a pair of surprisingly soft hands grab his head, which did a full 360-degree turn before he realized what was happening. The two snipers recovered their wits in the second and a half it took this to happen and both fired. The woman caught both rounds and tossed them back through the scopes of the soldiers’ rifles, then their heads, faster than they had come toward her. Other soldiers started attacking. Bullets, rockets and grenades struck the advancing woman, as she leisurely walked forward. She moaned with pleasure whenever something hit her sensitive areas, but nothing so much as bruised her. The soldiers, meanwhile, died in droves. Some from their own bullets deflected off what a few were beginning to see as an invincible goddess of death, some by incalculably powerful strikes, some from being too close to their own explosives, and a couple from being simply tossed up into the sky. They never came down. A few noticed the woman’s crotch dripping with arousal, but were too deep into fight-or-flight mode to really think about it. In less than a minute, the guards in the outermost section of the base were reduced from over a hundred to two, who desperately fired a tank missile. The woman’s head swiveled towards it, and the two men had just enough time to widen their eyes in shock as she blew the missile back to where it came from.

There was a door elsewhere on the concrete wall around the rest of the base, but the woman just punched a hole clear through the wall without breaking stride. On the other side was a building surrounded by multiple tanks, which opened fire with everything they had. For almost two minutes all that could be heard was a series of explosions, and all that could be seen of the bizarre enemy was explosions and smoke. When the smoke cleared she was still there, at the bottom of a gigantic crater, but still not so much as scratched. She leaped out of the crater and, in desperation, one of the tanks tried to run her over. Before it could, she gripped its main gun, lifted it off the ground and started using it as an improvised club, crushing the other tanks one by one at superhuman speed. A quick scan of the area told her the buildings other than the command center were empty. Tossing the tank aside, she walked clear through the wall, tunneling through over ten feet of concrete effortlessly.

The colonel in charge of the base and his command staff had watched what was going on outside with mounting dread, and now sat in the central office watching security cameras throughout the building as the guards were picked off one by one. Finally, she reached the office. The door was locked, as little as the occupants of the room expected that to accomplish, but the homicidal superwoman simply turned the doorknob, the locking mechanism no match for her goddess-like strength. Oddly enough, she was holding an assault rifle she must have taken from a guard. She stared for a split second, her superhuman mind calculating angles and trajectories, then opened fire. The bullets ricocheted off the walls and filing cabinets, killing everyone in the room except the colonel. She sped towards him, knocking his pistol out of his hand as he aimed it at the side of his head. His scream drowned out the sound of every bone in his hand breaking. She looked him directly in the eye as her eyes started to glow, and his screams abruptly stopped, his fear and pain replaced by reverence for the beautiful goddess before him.

“Get outside,” she said, the first words anyone in the base had heard from her, “I want to keep you.” The colonel nodded.

A drone hovered above the base, its camera transmitting to a bunker hundreds of miles away. A woman in a lab coat watched the command center collapse with glee, while a male general she couldn’t read stood beside her.

“Well,” the general said, his first word since the test had begun, “color me impressed, doctor. I hadn’t really expected this to work, but project Domina has proven a success. Mass production is approved. But try to get rid of the arousal in future subjects if possible.”

“Personally I don’t see any problem. It keeps them motivated.”

“It makes us look unprofessional,” the general said as he left the room, “Plus, what happens when we run out of targets for them?”

“Okay, I’ll work on it,” the woman said, lying through her teeth.

As soon as the general was gone, she pulled a syringe full of a bubbling orange liquid from a pocket in her lab coat, and injected herself through the neck. She could feel an orgasm building as she grew taller, her expanding breasts and muscles tore through her clothes, every scar and blemish on her disappeared, her senses sharpened and her already brilliant mind was enhanced beyond human comprehension. The hard part of the plan was done. Now came changing the world.

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