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Superstarter, Part 7 (Alternate Ending)

Written by HikerAngel :: [Friday, 31 January 2020 17:45] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 01 February 2020 14:48]

Superstarter, Part 7 (Alternate Ending)

by HikerAngel with editing and ideas from a friend

Because only one vote separated the option 1 and option 3 in the last reader poll, and because I feel a bit guilty about being that deciding vote in favor of Serena, I opted to create a "what if" ending to Superstarter as well. This is how things would have ended had option 1 taken the vote. ;)

Hannah felt the voters’ vision for her--a dark goddess destined to rule--and gave Serena a dark smile. She could feel the snaking conduit of gold-silver energy leaving Serena to empower her sufficiently to throw off the Director’s control. Knowing that this power would be coming to her, she decided first to use the Director’s power, which, combined with her own, prevented Serena from reading her mind to aid her in the coming fight. The Director would help her defeat Serena, while the voters worked to empower her sufficiently to deal with the evil mastermind second.

Hannah watched Serena’s eyes widen in panic as the flow of energy began to enervate the beautiful brunette. She used Serena’s momentary distraction to leap forward and unleash a devastating hook to Serena’s jaw. The shockwave of the impact alone was enough to shatter the indestructible glass windows of the conference room.

Serena’s body was propelled through half the walls of the entire compound before coming to a stop hundreds of meters away.

Hannah, watching Serena’s body fly away, through wall after wall, felt the burst of pain from the other girl echo in her mind from the link she still had with Dark Justice. A lump formed in Hannah’s throat as horror at what she was doing rose within her. She could still feel the hatred pouring in from the Director as well, but her childhood dreams of being a champion of the Fairness Team--the champion of the Fairness Team--were rebelling at her actions. There was still a part of her that was determined to do the right thing. It fought the influence of the Director, the dark desires of the voters, and gained a surge of strength within her from the image of Serena’s terrified eyes rocketing away from her. That image--resulting from the powerful blow that she had dealt the honorable heroine--was burned into her memory, traumatizing her better nature.

Who had she become? Was this really who she wanted to be? Her inner nature warred with the Director’s influence, canceling it out for a brief moment of clarity within Hannah’s mind. She looked deep within herself and tapped into her deepest desire, which swirled together in an intermingled whole with the dark desire of the voters.

Hannah had spent her formative years wanting to lead the Fairness Team, the voters wanted her to lead… and she WOULD! The people wanted the same thing as her childhood self--to be the most powerful force for good on the planet.

It was the idea of what the good path truly was that still fuled her doubts. What was good? Wasn’t good defined by the rule of law? And if she were truly a goddess, the Goddess that the people wanted her to be, then she should rule, shouldn’t she? And if she ruled, then her desire was to be the law. That meant that she should be free to do as she pleased. She would define what good really was. It was what was best for her! They were one and the same!

She felt her doubts ease. She simply needed to show Serena who the more powerful member of The Two really was. She needed to become powerful enough to defeat the Director--something that was inevitable with the voters on her side. She would take control of the Fairness Team, and she would rule. Then, her desires would become the very definition of good.

She smiled darkly, deciding to get back to Serena. She first needed to seize her position. Power was the only thing that would justify her actions, making them right. She needed to bend the other girl to her will. Serena didn’t need to die. Hannah didn’t truly desire that fate for her frenemy. She simply needed to be brought into alignment, to follow the right course. Hannah’s course.

Hannah flew to Serena’s prone body intent on softening her up, taking the fight out of her. When she reached Serena, she pulled the girl’s limp, agony-racked form from the floor by the revealing cutout in her uniform, flinging the sexy superheroine over her shoulder, as if swinging an ax to chop wood.

Hannah released Serena as the momentum of the swing carried her downward into the reallyverytoughium floor, burying her several meters deep as the heroine’s battered body cratered the ground. Hannah heard Serena’s moans of pain as she writhed at the bottom of the crater. Hannah felt her strength continue to grow and smirked. Might really did make right, at least when it was backed by the will of the people. She knew that now. It made sense.

Serena was no match for her. She could feel the evil glee of the Director in her mind, even as her own continued to grow more powerful. She reached for Serena’s thoughts and realized she could now access them, her mental abilities now eclipsing Serena’s. 

Hannah pushed through the wall of pain that Serena was feeling, touching the brunette’s incredible determination and will, which Serena focused into a final, desperate entreaty to her former friend.

“Hannah, fight this. Fight the Director’s influence. You can do it. This isn’t you. You’re better than this. Together, we can stop her!” Serena’s thought-plea entered her mind.

Hannah was unmoved, flaxon hair billowing in the whirling wind surrounding their battle, features almost haughty now.

“This is not the Director any longer, Serena. It is me. The voters, the people themselves are making me a Goddess. They want me to rule as I will. This is not the Director’s influence any longer, Serena. It is the will of the people. It is My Will. They are one and the same. Join me. Be part of My Ascension, a part of My Rule.”

Hannah dipped once more into Serena’s mind and saw herself through Serena’s eyes, discovering just how intimidating and truly goddess-like she was becoming.

Her platinum hair whipped in the fearsome wind as it gained strength, reflecting the unnatural energy that continued to empower her. Hannah’s azure eyes were laser-focused in a dark gaze into Serena’s mind.

Hannah saw Serena’s gaze linger on her lips, which looked more crimson than ruby now, darkened by shadowy intent, creating a beautiful contrast with her brilliantly white teeth. Hannah couldn’t help but admire the utterly magnetic power of her own galactic level of beauty.

As Serena’s eyes slipped down her shoulders and arms, Hannah sensed her enemy’s admiration for their incredible definition and unbelievable strength which radiated through the midnight sleeves of her costume as it clung to every line and crevice.. Those arms remained slim but their fearsome might radiated from them like heat from a fire.

Hannah’s breasts were full, firm, and utterly magnificent. They strained the indestructible fabric of her costume, pulling the silver stitching from the dark fabric as her already insane level of power continued to burgeon within her.

Hannah’s abs were bare--and they were absolutely breathtaking. She had never seen such chiseled perfection. Ravines seemed to separate each lithe muscle. Her stomach was a sculpted masterpiece of feminine athleticism. Hannah could feel Serena’s gasp at their fist-shattering flawlessness.

She felt Serena gulp down arousal at the sight of her tiny skirt’s inability to hide the hard, supple, curves of her beautiful hips and impossibly shapely ass. The skirt rode high on polished satin thighs that seemed to slither downward in sleek, simmering infinity.

Hannah watched her own smile through Serena’s eyes as it widened into achingly beatific brilliance. She sensed Serena’s will to fight at war with her desire and awe for the Golden Goddess.

Serena had recovered somewhat during Hannah’s trip into her mind, and she suddenly rocketed toward the supremely beautiful blonde. Hannah decided to allow the collision, confident in its outcome as clouds gold/silver power whirled over and through her divine body. 

Serena’s body, gorgeous and powerful as it was, crumpled as it crashed into Hannah’s. Hannah laughed as Serena fell to her feet from the collision with her beyond superhuman body, the brunette unable to move her impossibly sexy form even an inch. She reached down and wrapped her delicate fingers around Serena’s thin, swanlike neck, raising her with a straight arm, its sleek muscles crunching into dense striations more powerful than any the world had before seen.

Serena pounded at Hannah’s arm uselessly as her feet dangled beneath her, attempting in vain to free herself, to fight on, despite her effort’s absolute futility. She couldn’t breathe, the pressure from Hannah’s grip cutting off both blood and air to her aching body.

As Serena’s struggles diminished, Hannah loosened her grip slightly so that her brunette rival didn’t lose consciousness. Hannah had no further fear of Serena. The disparity of power between them had simply grown too large, the will of the voters drawing such strength into Hannah that nothing could stop her now.

Hannah pulled Serena toward her lips and enveloped them with crimson rapture. She felt Serena moan into her mouth, her struggles becoming squirms of a different nature. Hannah felt Serena’s immense willpower finally succumb to her reging desire for the Golden Goddess. The passion of Hannah’s kiss had been the final straw, bending the ebony-haired girl to Hannah’s skyrocketing seductive power.

Hannah pulled her lips from Serena’s, trailing them along Serena’s cheek to her ear and whispered while the other girl’s plump lips probed her flawless neck.

“I know the feelings you were having about me, as we were powering up each time. I saw how you looked at me. I touched your thoughts, tasted your feelings. And now that I’m the ultimate woman, beyond compare in power and beauty…”

Hannah felt Serena’s kisses on her flawless skin intensify in urgency, in passion. Dark Justice couldn’t get enough of her. She was consumed by Hannah’s effortless, mind-blowing seductiveness. She set Serena to the floor, but the brunette was too lost in desire to notice. Hannah noticed as she released Serena that she was taller than the other woman now, and her luscious legs growing in length to reflect the ever more massive level of power contained within their lean muscles.

Hannah felt the Director’s mind begin to panic as she shut the older woman’s influence on her mind down, locking her out. The Director reeled, then Hannah sensed the woman pouring her thoughts into Serena, channeling rage into the brunette’s weakening mind, now able to influence it as her mental powers drained into Hannah.

Serena’s lips ceased kissing Hannah and curled into a frown, her eyes brimmed with hatred. Without warning, Serena began to pound her Director-assisted fists into the Golden Goddess. Her knuckles impacted the girl’s sinuous abs, etched in steel relief, impossibly hard, impossibly sexy. Dark Justice’s hands grew swollen and raw as she smashed them against Hannah’s stomach, doing no damage, the blonde goddess smiling in amusement.

Hannah stretched her body taller as she pretended not to notice Serena’s efforts at all, sinuous abs snaking upward, body absolutely rippling with unimaginable power, stacking more magnificence onto the perfection of her still ascending looks.

Hannah, her mind slowly reaching out to again access Serena’s neural input, felt the brunette’s fingers snap with the next blow, as quickly as Serena herself did. The smallest tinge of guilt surfaced within her, but she forced it down. Serena would heal. Hannah wouldn’t kill her. Serena would become her second in command.

Thinking of the girl’s growing attraction to her, Hannah revised her position. Perhaps Serena could best serve as her lover. After all, who was more deserving?

Hannah slipped her hand behind Serena and pulled her in, using her formidable mind to expel the Director from Serena’s now as well, extinguishing the older woman’s last hope of defeating her.

Hannah could feel the Director attempt to reach out to the voters. This woman simply didn’t give up, did she? But Hannah’s connection to the masses was far stronger than any that the Director could possibly forge. She pulsed out a request for still more power from them, easily drowning out the Director’s feeble attempts to do the same.

Hannah felt the voters respond to her once more. They wanted a goddess with unthinkable power to lead them. The people absolutely wanted her to rule them. The last doubts in her mind were extinguished. She was The Goddess now. All existed to serve Her. All wanted to serve Her.

Hannah was nearly bowled over by a deluge of absolute potency. She screamed as Her already absurdly perfect body left mere perfection far, far behind.

Serena gasped and pressed into Her, drawn to the waves of power that rolled off her blonde Superior like a bee to a flower. Hannah blossomed into divinity, magnificence now synonymous with Her. Serena was rocked by an earth-shaking climax simply by her nearness to the nascent Goddess, the euphoria of Her presence too much for Serena’s merely superhuman body to withstand without the overwhelming cocktail of requisite emotions--desire, envy, and awe--destroying any possible thought of resistance.

Hannah wore Serena like a cloak, the other girl unable to gather sufficient will to pull herself away. Hannah reached out with her mind to find the Director, the older woman’s telepathic ability now seeming insanely weak and pathetic next to Hers. She found the woman, and used a telepathic roar to send the power-starved woman crumpling to the ground in fear in the secret underground base she never seemed to leave.

Hannah found the other woman’s fanatical drive, her thirst for power. She latched onto it with Her mind and pounded it with Her telepathy, twisting the core of the woman’s mind to Her own will, her own desires. She transformed the Director’s desire into one of servitude. She molded the woman’s mind into that of a loyal servant of Her, the Golden Goddess.

When She was finished redesigning the woman’s mind to suit Her needs, She sent a command echoing through the corridors of the Director’s mind.

“Reach out with your mind. Find any of My remaining enemies and alter their minds to support Me. If you cannot alter them, then destroy them. I rule by the Right of the voters. No one must stand against Me.”

Hannah felt the Director’s fanaticism align with Her desires and smiled. The Director now dealt with, Hannah next sent a telepathic message to the people of the world.

“The Director has been defeated. Thanks to you, the people of the world, my loyal subjects.” Hannah projected Her gratitude into them, Her unbelievably stunning face lowered in acknowledgement and appreciation for them all.

“I accept your charge, your desire for Me to lead you. I shall rule you, and the universe will tremble at My Power, that which you have given Me. The Fairness Team is now MINE!!!”

She embraced Her childhood vision, twisted and knotted now with darkness, but still there, still part of who She was. She was a dark Goddess rising above the Team and the world. She served them; they served Her. She represented the culmination of their deepest desires; She was their Goddess.

She rose from the ground, higher and higher, still clutching Serena to her body, more power dripping from Her impossibly perfect body than any other super had ever possessed.

High above the earth, She surveyed her empire for a moment before turning Her eyes outward. She released Serena, not looking at the beautiful brunette as She spoke within the other girl’s mind.

“Dark Justice, I charge you with the care of the Fairness Team and Earth. I go to expand My Empire to worlds beyond.”

She extended her first outward, bent a knee, and blasted into the galaxy, ready to conquer all of its remaining worlds, one by one.

Serena shuddered with the respect and trust her Goddess had shown her, leaving her this world to care for. She whispered a murmur of gratitude to the Golden Goddess and flew back to earth to reassemble the Fairness Team and use it to fulfill Hannah’s wishes.

Her next thought began a chant that the people of the world would reiterate every day hence.

It was good to serve the Goddess.

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