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Written by HikerAngel :: [Friday, 28 February 2020 17:22] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 08 March 2020 15:33]

Falling CoverFalling

by HikerAngel

This story was written on commission based on the wonderful ideas and edits of my patron. It may contain explicit language and content.????

Yeah. So I was staring at her. It’s not like I was the only one! I mean, what are you supposed to do when you’re in class with a girl that looks better than the models in magazines and sexier than any actress on the big or small screen?

I was a heterosexual guy. That meant that my eyes instinctively found the prettiest, shiniest member of the opposite sex in any room. And Scarlett was always that.

She dressed to hide it, but it was impossible to fully do so. She was a goddess.

When we were younger, Scarlett had been more outgoing. We had played together as kids. She was, quite literally, the girl next door. As she had entered puberty, however, she had changed, both physically and in personality. Her blonde hair had gained thickness and luster. Her face had grown more and more beautiful. Her body had become more developed, dynamic. But she had become more introverted, less friendly by the month. She began to stay inside more, interact with her friends and neighbors less until she was a virtual shut-in! Weren’t blossoming, beautiful girls supposed to do the opposite?

Shouldn’t she become more confident and outgoing as her beauty ascended from simply amazing to absolutely breathtaking? Shouldn’t she be class president and head cheerleader and, well… basically, the social queen of the entire school?

Instead, she had become shy, almost timid. She went to class, said almost nothing to anyone, then went home, not to be seen again until the next school day.

I sighed as I watched her from behind, luxurious mass of golden hair shifting, fanning over her shoulder, head following the teacher as he walked about the room, lecturing.

When class was over, she rose from her desk, gathering her books. For a fleeting moment, her heartbreakingly perfect ass was on display, despite her baggy skirt, as it pressed outward in an erotic, flawless arc that sent shocks of desire fizzing through my veins.

As she stood, however, its shape was once again lost in the floor-length mass of fabric that she wore as a skirt. I tried to make out the shape of her torso under her heavy wool turtleneck sweater, but, other than the faintest swell in the baggy fabric of what appeared to be a well-endowed chest, the clothing successfully hid everything.

Her face, however, couldn’t be hidden. That alone was enough to fuel my adolescent fantasies for the last several years. Her huge, expressive ocean blue eyes dazzled speech into impossibility when meeting them with my own, not that she ever wanted to talk anyway. I could almost taste the cherry flavor of her succulent lips as I imagined (daily) their plush softness against my own. Her small, upturned nose, her prominent, sculpted cheekbones, her slight underbite, her perfect, brilliantly white teeth – they would be the envy of every magazine publisher in the world.

I wondered again at how she wasn’t already the world’s top supermodel at the very least, based on the look of her face alone. I scoffed at the magazines that were always touting some model or actress as the world’s most beautiful person. I knew better. The world’s most beautiful person was my next door neighbor.

Scarlett hustled away from class in the staggeringly graceful mode of movement she had, disappearing from sight silently and swiftly as she always did.

As I loaded my books into my backpack and closed my locker to walk home, myself, I lost myself in my thoughts once again. Maybe she was the reason I had become obsessed with unimaginably perfect women?

Seeing ever more rare glimpses of this girl, this paragon of impossible feminine beauty, had left me chasing the impossible dream of being with her. I began to read comics featuring beautiful, superpowered women. I watched movies, TV shows, and animated videos from abroad. I couldn’t seem to get enough. My hunger for such things grew and grew until it was virtually all I did, aside from classwork and soccer.

Tonight was no exception. Excusing myself from the dinner table, I bounded up my stairs, eager to see the trailer for the new Superwoman movie that had just been released on Youtube. I pulled out my tablet and started the video, hungrily lapping up every frame. Excited by the prospect of seeing the movie in a few months, my gaze rose to the poster of Superwoman beside my window.

As it did, I caught a glimpse of something else, however. Something completely unexpected.

The curtains in the house next door were swishing back into place.

Had someone been watching me?

I glanced around my room. At least I hadn’t been doing anything embarrassing! All I had been doing was watching a video…

Wait! That was Scarlett’s house!

Had Scarlett been watching me?

The prospect alone sent the biggest thrill of my young life zigging and zagging like a lightning strike down my spine.

The desperate hope that had consumed most of my teenage years rang through my body like the gong of a steeple bell. NO!!! I shouldn’t get my hopes up! It probably hadn’t even been her. It could have been her parents! Even if it were her, it didn’t mean she was looking at me! It just meant that she had looked out the window for a moment. Big deal!

I couldn’t help but wonder, though, whether it had been her.

That night, I couldn’t sleep as my raced with thoughts of what it might mean if that really had been her…


The following day at school proceeded much as the previous had. I watched Scarlett enter each classroom with a sigh, gazing longingly at her lush, silken tresses from behind only to watch her slip away without a word to anyone after each class.

I wanted to ask her if she had looked into my room from hers. I wanted to ask her why she hid her body. I wanted to ask her why she never went out in public aside from school. I wanted to ask her a million other questions as well, actually. But I didn’t. I didn’t have the courage. She just seemed so… unapproachable.

After last period, as I gathered my notebook and books from my desk, I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I whirled. It was her!

I saw a sparkle of something – amusement? – in her eyes and a slight upward bend at the corners of her mouth. I suddenly realized the reason for her reaction. My mouth was wide open. I closed it immediately, hearing the clack of my teeth as my jaw snapped shut. Her expression quickly disappeared, features once again becoming unreadable, her eyes directed slightly down to avoid meeting mine.

Despite summoning the presence of mind to close my gaping jaw, I remained too stunned by the fact that she had approached me to say anything. I broke eye contact myself. It was impossible to think while looking at those gorgeous ocean eyes of hers, even when they weren’t aimed directly at mine. Words floated around my mind but seemed to vanish as I grabbed for them. Luckily, she broke the awkward silence.

“Hi, Mason. I wanted to know if you had some time to talk this evening,” she said meekly.

“Um… yeah, Scarlett! I mean, feel free to come over any time…” I was pleased that my powers of speech had returned just in time. I even sounded reasonably coherent!

“Great! I’ll stop by this afternoon…” With that, she turned and, in that elegant way of hers, glided out of the room.

I stood there, blinking, for a moment, trying to determine whether I was dreaming or whether this had been real.

I pinched myself.

Had it hurt?

Shit! My mind was too preoccupied with visions of azure eyes to remember…

I pinched myself again.

It hurt.

Wasn’t dreaming.

Holy shit! WASN’T DREAMING!!!

Scarlett Amory was coming to my house tonight!

Suddenly, my stomach dropped to the floor. Oh my God! Why had I invited her to my room? It would have been so much better to go to hers!

I needed to clean my room! Should I take down my Superwoman posters? I began to panic.

I hurried home as fast as I could. When I entered my room, my eyes darted around anxiously. I picked the clothes up from the floor, flinging them into my hamper. I picked up my Superwoman comics and shoved them under the bed. I reached up for the pins holding up one of my Superwoman posters… when the doorbell rang.

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. It was her!

I hesitated. I needed to get the door. The posters would just have to stay up. I hope that she didn’t find them repulsive.

I ran downstairs and opened the door, breathless from my frantic motion. As my eyes fell on her achingly beautiful face, however, I was breathless for a different reason.

My God, her face was stunning! It was difficult to make out any other aspect of her body, still swimming in thick, baggy clothes. I was happy just to be able to look at her face up close, though. Usually, I was sneaking glances from across the classroom.

“May I come in?” she asked hesitantly.

“Oh! Yes! Of course! Sorry…” I stepped out of the way, motioning for her to enter. I had been so caught up in staring at her magnificent visage that I had just left her standing at the door without saying anything. Stupid!

She walked slowly inside.

“Would you like something to drink?” I asked, unsure of the proper protocol when entertaining a goddess-like beauty in your home.

“No, thank you,” she said.

Should I invite her up to my room? Was that being too forward? Should we just stay in the living room? Oh God! What should I do? My hands fiddled with the edges of my pockets, nervous energy blasting through me.

“Do you mind if we go to your room for some privacy?” she asked in a soft voice.

Privacy? Another thrill of anxiety-laced apprehension ripped through me. What exactly did she have in mind?

“S-sure!” I awkwardly bounded up the stairs, Scarlett following regally behind me.

I held the door open for her, and she walked in. Her eyes scanned the room, coming to rest on my Superwoman poster by the window. Her gaze seemed to linger on it as I slowly closed the door behind us.

Scarlett approached the poster and touched it with a slender, delicate finger. I was fascinated by what she was doing, my eyes gravitating to her perfectly manicured finger. Even that part of her was sexy. I thought of that exquisite finger running along my skin and shuddered. The hair on my skin rose, goosebumps forming on my arms, formed by that simple, fleeting fantasy.

As her fingertip rose to the top of the woman on the poster, the hem of her bulky sweater pulled up from the top of her skirt, baring the tiniest sliver of perfect flesh. I caught the briefest flash of taut, sculpted abs before her hand dropped back down, bringing the sweater down with it, like a curtain on the show of a lifetime. I swallowed hard, stricken by the tantalizing glimpse of what I was sure had to be the most ravishingly carved stomach on the planet. I realized I was sweating despite my goosebumps. Was it getting hot in here?

Scarlett turned and her eyes completed their examination of my room, coming to rest on the floor next to my bed. My eyes followed her gaze to… oh shit! One of my superwoman comics was sticking out from under the bed. I must not have pushed all of them back far enough in my rush to clean up. Clearly she had seen it. I tried to breathe calmly. It wasn’t that bad, I reassured myself. I mean, she seemed to like the Superwoman poster that I hadn’t had time to take down.

She bent down and picked up the comic, flipping through it. She spoke quietly, deliberately, as her eyes scanned the pages.

“I saw you watching the Superwoman trailer yesterday.”

I should have been ready for that comment, but, judging by the somersaults my stomach was doing, I clearly wasn’t – at least not emotionally. I felt color creeping into my cheeks. Thank God her eyes were still on the comic. I frantically tried to suppress my blush, willing it away, but my efforts only served to make it worse. My cheeks absolutely burned now.

“You seem to really like Superwoman…” she said, eyes rising to take in my surely crimson face. She was clearly expecting a response. Damn it! Why was I reacting like this? I was going to blow my one – and quite likely only – chance with my only crush since… well… forever!

I opened my mouth to speak. Of course, that would be the exact moment that her delicate floral scent touched my nostrils. I couldn’t help but breathe in the fragrant air wafting from her, my sense of smell drinking deeply of its ambrosial stream.

My brain shorted out in a puff of hazy desire.

Talking was now out of the question. My power of speech was gone. My knees wobbled. How was she doing this to me? I couldn’t even see her body! But… what if I could? Images of that momentary glimpse of Scarlett’s delectable stomach flooded my mind’s eye.

It was too much. My knees gave out, and I collapsed to the floor, trembling with arousal.

As I looked up, I saw Scarlett’s face form an expression of sheer terror. Her hands rose quickly to an open mouth, her eyes wide with fear. Those brilliant eyes darted from side to side as if afraid someone may have seen what had happened.

We both froze in those positions for the longest second of my life before she seemed to gather her wits. She stepped toward me and offered me the hand that I had been admiring earlier. I took it, amorous electricity jagging through my nerve endings as her silken skin glided sensually against mine.

I felt incredible force jerk my hand upward, and I flew a few inches into the air before gravity pulled me back to the ground. I landed on the balls of my feet. My eyes widened and hers took on a sheepish look.

Hidden away in the house next door, where she always was, she must be doing some pretty intense workouts. She was strong!

I could feel the power in her grip, it felt like liquid steel under that immaculate skin, its movement flowing and graceful but also impossibly firm. The intermingling sensations of such steely hardness and pillowy softness made my heart flutter. It was how I had always imagined Superwoman’s touch to feel.

Scarlett looked embarrassed, eyes refusing to meet mine.

“I should go,” she said, quietly.

She was gone so quickly, slipping gracefully away, that I didn’t even have a chance to respond. The next thing I knew, I heard the front door close.

I flopped to my bed in disbelief, in relief, in frustration.

Fuck! I had had my chance, and I blew it. Utterly. Completely. FUCK!!!

She would probably never want to see me again! How could I have been such a weak, incoherent fool? Collapsing to the ground just because I smelled her perfume?

What. The. Fuck.

Tears welled in my eyes, but I fought them back and simply lay there, stunned at the roller coaster of emotions that had marked the best… and worst… day of my life.


The next morning, I sat in the back of my first period classroom glumly. When Scarlett entered the room, however, my expression changed to one of wonder as it always did with her room-brightening entrance. It couldn’t be helped. At least I could still look at her from afar as I’d always done.

Today, however, her entrance was different. Her eyes were not on the floor; they were on me. She gave what I thought was a hopeful smile. That couldn’t be right, could it? I had blown it, right? It was probably only hopeful on my part.

I barely heard anything in class that day. It was impossible to concentrate on mundane things like school while my mind worked on the enigma that was Scarlett. What was this morning’s look all about? She had never looked at me as she came to class before! Usually her eyes were glued to the classroom floor. Did I still have a chance with her? To at least see her again? Those questions consumed my mind the entire day. Nothing else mattered.

After last period, she didn’t slip away from the room as quickly as normal. She seemed to hesitate. Her face began to turn toward me. Then it stopped. She disappeared immediately after that.


For a moment, I thought she might come up to me again. She had hesitated. Maybe she wanted to talk to me, then thought better of it?

I walked dejectedly home. What should I do? As I dropped my backpack on the floor of my room and collapsed on my bed, heart forming a lump in my throat from warring feelings, I tried to think. There was clearly something there between us, some remnant of the connection that had begun to be forged yesterday, a tenuous bond I wanted to strengthen so badly it hurt. She had looked at me hopefully. She had almost looked at me again!

Suddenly, my mind became clear. I knew what to do! I leapt to my feet, my legs carrying me outside and toward her house. Today was it. This was my chance to act on our rapidly fading link. If I didn’t do it now, I never would. I knew I should be summoning the courage to speak to her again, but all I could seem to focus on was putting one foot in front of the other to get to her house.

As I reached her front door, I pushed the doorbell and heard the two tones. To my ears they sounded like a death knell. I broke into a cold sweat. What the hell was I doing? Who did I think I was, barging into the house of this feminine goddess? I hadn’t even been able to handle her perfume yesterday! What made me think I could handle being in her house, her sanctum? What if she brought me to her room? Oh, God!

Thankfully, the door opened when it did. One more moment would probably have found me running home like a scared little puppy, tail between my legs.

It was Scarlett. Her eyes gazed into mine, mesmerizing oceans of the purest cobalt blue. I didn’t know what to say! It had taken every ounce of willpower I had just to lug my leaden body to her front door. The only thing that quieted my panicked mind at all was the fact that I saw happiness in her dazzling eyes, joy at my presence.

“Come in, Mason,” she said, her tone light, airy, pleased.

She pulled the door open, and I managed to stagger in. It smelled wonderful inside, like cinnamon. It was warm, cozy. It made me feel more comfortable. My nerves eased a bit, though I could still feel the pressure of the momentous visit.

“Let’s go upstairs,” she said, beginning to climb the stairs. As she ascended in front of me, I noticed for the first time, that, while she was wearing her customary bulky sweater, her legs were in tight, cotton shorts, bare from mid-thigh down. I stared at their toned, athletic perfection as they climbed into my field of vision – hamstrings, then calves, then ankles. Those endless legs were perfectly smooth, like polished marble, until they moved. Every motion brought with it a sudden symphony of striation, though as they relaxed, they returned to their original shapely, silken lines.

I felt a line of drool dribble from my lips, and I quickly moved my hand up to wipe it away and forcibly close my gaping jaw. I was just in time, because she turned an instant later.

“Come on,” she said, motioning for me to follow.

My heart raced as I climbed the stairs – and it had nothing to do with the effort. She disappeared into a room a few feet down the upstairs hall, so I followed, entering what I knew, instantly, must be her room.

I looked around in wonder stepping carefully as if the place were a Roman cathedral. The walls were painted pink, posters of unicorns on the walls, stuffed animals lining the bed and furniture. The only things that struck me as odd were the complete lack of mirrors and the presence of two 150 lb. dumbbells in the corner. 150 lbs! I knew she was strong, but there’s no way she could lift those things. I wondered why they were there.

I was thankful for the curiosity – it buffered my state of disbelief at actually standing in Scarlett’s room! I was grateful for the unicorns and stuffed toys as well, as they gave me something to say.

“So, I thought you were eighteen like me, but I see that you’re secretly, like, eight. I mean,unicorns and teddy bears?” I teased, motioning to the decor.

She laughed nervously and smacked me lightly on the arm. My arm went numb. I used the other to try to rub feeling back into it. She didn’t seem to notice.

“Shut up, Mason! Should I have Superwoman everywhere instead?”

It was my turn to be embarrassed, my eyes searching for something to look at besides hers… maybe her legs…

Scarlett seemed much more at ease with me here, in her own room, than she had been in mine. It was nice to see her smile, to actually say a few words, to interact with someone. It was doubly nice because it was me she was smiling at, me she was talking to. I tried to think of anything I could to keep this conversation going.

“So where are your parents? Should I worry that your dad is going to walk in and kill me for coming here or something?”

“Dad left. Because of me,” her expression darkened. “Mom hates me for that.”


Wrong topic to bring up.

Shit, shit, shit! Change of subject needed stat!

“So why do you wear concealing clothes all the time?”

It was the only thing I could think of. I think I mentioned before. I’m a guy. The caveman part of my brain was clearly in charge right now. My thoughts were of this ilk…

Me, guy with eyes. Her, gorgeous.

Me, see pretty lady. Her, gorgeous.

Me, want to see more of pretty lady. Her, gorgeous.

Me, ask woman silly question. Her, gorgeous.

She looked at me, her expression inscrutable. She cocked her head to the side. Then, she slipped her hands, arms crossing, to the bottom of her sweater and began to pull the heavy fabric upward…

Satin skin. Deeply defined abs. Firm. Athletic. Sexy. She wore nothing underneath. Holy fuck.

The heavy sweater revealed perfection as it rose. There was no other description for it. If there was such a thing as the perfect female form, she had it.

I wobbled momentarily then found my footing. Somehow, the unveiling of the mystery, the confirmation of my long-held suspicion that every inch of Scarlett’s body possessed goddess-like beauty, drove strength rather than weakness into me this time. I felt validated by my prescience. Mostly, however, I felt flattered that she was choosing to reveal herself only to me.

As the sweater pulled against the opulent curves of her nubile breasts, the fabric tore slightly as it strained against unyielding flesh. My eyes couldn’t look away. Throbbing need for this woman consumed me.

As the hem of the sweater rose further to reveal her graceful, swan-like neck, I took a step forward, drawn by the bare, unblemished magnetism of her skin.

As the sweater passed her succulent lips, I did something that I still can’t believe I had the temerity to do. Audacious energy filled me, however, lending my body a mysterious certainty of purpose, despite the stupefied condition of my brain.

I strode two more steps to her and crushed my lips into hers. She hadn’t even finished removing the sweater, which, at that moment, hovered over her eyes. I felt her body stiffen in shock.

I didn’t care.

I put everything I had into that kiss. All those years of hopeless desire. All those nights spent fantasizing about this moment. All the pent up desire for the girl next door who had tortured and tantalized my entire adolescence. Carpe. Fucking. Diem.

I felt her melt.

I devoured her lips with mine, my arms snaking up the velvet flesh of her beautifully toned back, pulling her into me as hard as I could. I gasped through pursed lips as the voluptuous fullness of her matchless, beautiful breasts pressed into me. By the time her hips pressed into mine, quakes of excruciating arousal coursed through my gelatin muscles. Her irresistible body gave sensuality new meaning as electric sensation danced inside each brush of her figure against mine.

She finished pulling off the sweater with a cascade of platinum shimmers and flung it aside. Her eyes were closed, insanely long lashes fluttering against sculpted cheekbones. She seemed to be lost in the pleasure of the moment. I heard a soft moan escape lips under mine. Did she want this as much as I did? It sure seemed like it.

The realization that she was enjoying this as much as I was, bolstered my manic bravery, and I moved my lips down her neck. God, she smelled good. I breathed in that arousing floral fragrance of hers. The taste of her torrid skin on the tip of my tongue blended with her naturally heavenly scent, sending shivers of arousal through my being. My erection, already in full bloom, grew harder still.

As its tip found the top of my pants, I felt it grind into the warm steel of her impossibly hard abs. The sensation was too much for my quivering cock. I came, soaking my pants.

Shit! I wasn’t supposed to do that yet! That wasn’t how our first time together was supposed to end!

I felt insecurity begin to strip me of the bizarre confidence that had originally led me to action. I didn’t deserve this goddess. What was I thinking? I began to pull away from her, wanting to run away and hide under a very large stone.

Scarlett’s bold lashes flickered open, her brows furrowing to ask a silent question as my lips pulled away from her.

“Is it me?” Her lips trembled even as they formed the words. She spoke shakily, softly.

I wanted to reassure her that the only problem with what should have been the penultimate tryst of our lives lay squarely on my shoulders. Mine alone. The rock-sized lump in my throat precluded the spoken word, however.

Scarlett turned from me, and I heard a sniffle. She walked over to the dumbells in the corner of the room and picked one up, seemingly without effort. I was stunned. I knew she was strong, but this! Yet it was nothing compared to what she did next.

She turned toward me with the massive weight in her hands, tears streaming down her cheeks. She pressed both octagonal-shaped sides of the large iron dumbbell inward. I heard the whine of bending metal as she crushed the thing in on itself. The handle in the middle, pure iron, bowed outward as the two huge sides moved inexorably inward.

Scarlett’s delicate fingers sank into the metal as it caved under the unbelievable pressure she was apparently exerting on it. Iron, apparently, was no match for this girl’s hands.

I couldn’t believe it. This was not possible. This was a real flesh and blood incarnation of Superwoman standing in front of me. If I had thought speech impossible before…

“I can never do anything right. I am always screwing everything up! First, the guys at school start looking at me like I’m an alien when I start to beat them at sports. Then they look at me like I’m a circus freak when I grow breasts.”

Her voice grew raspy and raw with emotion.

“Then, my dad says he can’t be around me anymore and leaves forever. Mom tells me I ruined her life. They say that beauty is a curse. They’re right. They say that power corrupts. Mom says I corrupted our whole family with my curse. She’s probably right.”

She continued to crush the dumbbell, molding the metal into a large metal ball with her hands. It looked as if she were packing a snowball… except that it was made of freaking iron. I could see her handprints all around its silvery surface.

“I know that I’m a horrible person for what I did to my family. I didn’t try to do anything wrong; I never do. I’m just cursed, like mom says. I know that no one will ever want someone like me, someone with this curse. Not really. They might think they do because I’m pretty. But when they see me do this…”

She nodded to the metal in her hands before casually tossing it over her shoulder. It hit the floor with house-shaking force, rattling every piece of furniture in the room.

“…they will never want me again. Just like my family.”

A fresh round of tears rolled down her ethereal cheeks as her eyes found the floor in front of me.

“When I saw you in your room, watching that Superwoman video…”

She paused, choked up momentarily.

“When I saw your posters and your comics…” she began again. “…I thought that maybe there was a chance that I could be happy. I actually believed that the cute guy next door that I’ve always liked might actually want someone like me. I thought it was a sign. I thought that I was being forgiven, or maybe that my curse had a loophole.”

I tried again to say something, to comfort her, but only a wheeze came out.

“But then you feel my body, my strength, my freakishly hard stomach, and you pull away. I should have known it was too good to be true. Even you don’t want anything to do with me!”

I couldn’t believe it. This amazing, exquisite, awe-inspiring, jaw-droppingly beautiful, supremely powerful girl had some sort of inferiority complex. A living Superwoman, a goddess made flesh, my perfect woman felt that she wasn’t good enough for me!

She dropped to her bed, face first bouncing slightly on the springy mattress. I watched her shoulders and upper back begin to rise and fall, racked by sobs.

Knowing that I couldn’t leave her like this, I lowered myself next to her bed. Her insecurity evaporated my own, bolstering my bravery.

Her face was buried in the pillow, so I leaned over, brushed her dense, sumptuous hair to the side, and kissed the back of her neck.

I couldn’t detect any reaction to my touch. She was still crying.

I caressed the top of her ear with my lips.

The intensity of her sobs began to lessen.

I trailed kisses down the rim of her ear, then touched the sensitive skin behind her earlobe with my tongue.

Her sobs ceased.

I enveloped her earringless earlobe in my lips, my teeth nibbling while I sucked.

I felt her shudder under me.

I touched my lips to her upper neck and trailed kisses down it.

She rolled to face me.

I kept kissing along the taut slope of her shoulder as she moved.

I couldn’t see her eyes; I couldn’t tell her reaction, but I just kept going. My lips turned downward from the hollow of her clavicle. I moved progressively lower, down the curved slope of her breast. When my mouth arrived at her nipple, I flicked out my tongue, giving it a slight, light swirl.

I heard her moan. Her head tilted back as she completed her rotation, Her back now against the soft sheets of the bed.

I began to smile, but I suppressed it, wanting to continue my oral exploration of her body instead. My lips continued their descent down her breast as I positioned myself over her, straddling her.

As my kisses worked their way down the chiseled trenches of her sculpted stomach, I felt her soft hands tear apart my cotton t-shirt.

As my tongue touched her belly button, I felt ripples of clenching muscle underneath the flawless surface of her stomach. She broke my leather belt in half effortlessly with her bare hands, shredding the top of my jeans with her fingers.

She ripped away the fabric of her shorts with a quick gesture just as my mouth reached them.

I kissed my way further down to her entrance, tasting its delicious moisture with my tongue.

She began to squirm.

I felt her hands touch the back of my head, pulling it gently upward, giving me an aerial view of her spectacular body as my moist lips once again found hers.

I felt her long, limber legs twine around mine, their silky strength locking me in place.

I tasted the warmth of her passionate tongue as long, slow kisses became faster, more urgent.

Her hips rotated into me, and dampness and warmth suddenly surrounded me. I moaned.

She undulated under me, her firm, rounded hips pulling me further and further into her. She felt unbelievable, so incredibly tight, pressing along my length. I ground along her canal, carnal ecstasy building with every rolling movement of her tightening stomach.

As I felt myself nearing another climax, I thrust into her as hard as I could. I felt my quivering member press onward, deeper and deeper. I felt her shudder, hands roaming my back, searching for more.

I pushed the final distance with all my might. That final push proved to be the spark that detonated the concussive blast of her climax.

I erupted for a second time, but she absolutely exploded, hips bucking upward, back arching. Her muscles all clenched at once, feeling like liquid steel under me, surrounding me. Her midnight black eyelashes fluttered with rapture.

After one, final, long contraction punctuated the first orgasm I had ever given, Scarlett’s body suddenly went limp, dropping back down on her bed.

I slowly pulled out of her as she gave a throaty purr. I could feel her continuing to tremble beneath me, aftershocks rumbling within those impossibly powerful muscles of hers.

It was a few moments before she spoke. When she did, it was breathy.

“My God, Mason! How did you learn to do all that?”

A smile formed on my lips. I didn’t attempt to suppress it this time.

“I guess I was just inspired. You’ve always been my inspiration, you know.”

“So you do like me?”

“You have no idea…” I trailed my finger down the satin skin of her thigh.

Her slender, toned arms wrapped around me, and she pulled my ear to her lips.

“Let me inspire you some more,” she whispered.

She pressed her teeth against my earlobe and fireworks filled my vision as my body went limp with desire.

She rolled on top of me and trailed kisses down my chest, putting the finishing touch on the greatest day of my life.

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