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Power Play

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Power Play Cover Trade Dress

Power Play

by HikerAngel

 Many thanks to ElF and AuGoose for their editing help... :)

Jessica stopped at the front desk and set her bag down. As the clerk set down his comic book to eye her, she blushed.


“Um, Jessica Adira.”

“ID, please?”

She set her purse on the counter and fumbled for her wallet. Why was she so nervous? she wondered as she pulled out her driver’s license and slapped it down on the counter. Her shyness was really out of control. She needed to start being more social. She’d dated exactly one guy since college. And that relationship had lasted for just two dates.

She looked the clerk over as he tossed back his head, splashing away the sandy brown hair that had spilled into his eyes. He seems cute enough, she thought as she looked into his green eyes. After a moment, however, her eyes dropped from his.

Talk, damn it! she told herself, frustrated that she hadn’t been able to hold eye contact.

“Why is this place called the Thirteenth Floor Hotel?” she asked softly. Her eyes to his mouth as he answered. As he grinned, she wondered idly what it would be like to kiss those lips.

“It’s kind of a gimmick that the owner came up with - ‘A hotel full of the places you’ll find nowhere else’.”

Jessica’s brows furrowed, and he chuckled.

“You’ll see… credit card?”

She pulled a card out of her wallet and handed it to him.

“So are you here for business or pleasure?” the young man asked as he hammered the keyboard of the computer.

“Business,” she replied, unsuccessfully attempting to will away the blush that had graced her cheeks for the entire encounter.

“That sucks,” he said, still smiling, as he slid her card and ID back to her. He plunked down her room key with a wink as she stuffed the other plastic cards back into her wallet. “You’re in room 13B3, on floor 13B.”

“Floor 13… B?” Jessica intoned.

He smiled.

“Yep. Wi-fi password’s in the key envelope. Hope you enjoy your stay…”

Jessica wanted to banter with him but couldn’t think of anything to say. Instead she picked up the key envelope and walked into the elevator. The floor buttons read 13A, 13B, 13C, 13D, and 13E. She chuckled. So that’s why it was called the Thirteenth Floor Hotel!

Entering the small room, she flopped on the bed and sighed, thinking of the handsome front desk clerk. She didn’t even know his name. Not that it really mattered. She would never work up the courage to flirt with him.

It wasn’t that she was unattractive. On the contrary, she was relatively high on the cuteness scale with porcelain skin and exotic eyes courtesy of her Japanese grandmother. She was just too damned shy! She wasn’t exactly sure why. Her parents and most of her friends were introverted – maybe she had picked it up from them? Or maybe it had been that traumatic bladder-related event in kindergarten when everyone had laughed at her?

Whatever it was, she seemed to be stuck with the results of it now. She pulled the laptop out of her bag and checked her work email, responding to the couple of emails that needed her attention.

When she finished her work, she leaned back in the flimsy desk chair at the hotel and yawned, stretching her arms above her head. She got up and walked into the bathroom, pulling her blouse over her head and setting it on the counter. She unbuttoned her pants and shimmied her narrow hips, wriggling out of them, then placing them on top of her blouse.

Blinking her large blue eyes, Jessica eyed her reflection critically in the mirror. Small but firm breasts, looking a bit rounder and larger courtesy of the underwire in her push-up bra, rode high on her chest. She ran her fingers along her stomach, feeling firm muscle underlying it. Definition wasn’t visible, but her stomach was taut and toned. Her legs weren’t that long but they were shapely – probably her best feature. Yay, running!

She gave a slight smile to the mirror. Yes, she looked pretty good. If she were just more outgoing, she probably wouldn’t be perpetually single…

She walked back to her desk, grabbing a small, single-glass serving of chardonnay from the mini-bar in her room. Twisting the cap open, she drank two swallows. She clicked on the shortcut to her chat site on the laptop and logged in.

She felt the warmth of the alcohol in her stomach, wondering if she should have gotten some food for dinner. But she often just skipped meals when she traveled. Her boss always seemed pleased when she only used half of her daily expense budget anyway.

She clicked on the name of her favorite roleplaying partner, the green dot indicating that he was online.

“Up for a roleplay?”


As she saw the words appear on her screen, she took another sip of wine. She rubbed her smooth thigh and felt her lips pull upward into a smile. Why was it she felt so sexy when online with someone she didn’t even know, ready to indulge in shared sexual fantasies, when she couldn’t even look a cute desk clerk in the eye!

“I’m the sexiest cheerleader at school, sneaking off to a darkened classroom with the quarterback (ton rôle) after he scores the game-winning field goal.”

“Touchdown, not field goal.”


“Just for immersiveness’ sake… ;)”


As Jessica described the captain of the cheer squad’s phenomenally beautiful appearance with voluptuous, nubile contours and amazing abs (she was also moonlighting as a model in Jessica’s fictional world), she began to feel strange. Glancing over toward the empty wine bottle next to her computer, she wondered if she had had too much on an empty stomach. But it had only been one miniature bottle!

She felt her feet touch the wall behind the desk. How was that possible? Her legs weren’t long enough to…

As her eyes dropped to her lap, she noticed her panties expanding downward, lengthening into… a tiny cheer skirt!

Jessica shot out of her chair, eyes wild, and wobbled on suddenly longer legs. What on earth was going on?!

She typed “one sec” into her chat screen and ran to the bathroom. Jessica’s jaw dropped at what she saw.

Her light brown hair had become light blond. And that was the least of its changes. It was no longer tied back in a single ponytail but two pigtails. It was so full and thick that it seemed to explode into waves of shimmering, vibrant cornsilk as it puffed out of its constrictive hair bands to cascade nearly to her shoulders on each side. Her eyes darted out to see small stud earrings in the blue and white school colors that matched the rest of her outfit.

Her complexion was perfect, as if it had been the grateful recipient of a Hollywood-makeup-artist-applied foundation. She reached up to her cheek, sliding her forefinger down its velvet edge to her elfin chin. No makeup. It was just how her skin looked. Her azure eyes looked brighter too, even more luminous and expressive than they normally were, framed in dark, bold lashes that looked as if they had been absolutely drenched in mascara – despite having none. She still had her grandmother’s gift: the softly Asian eyes and high cheekbones. For all the changes, it was still recognizably her face – if she were eighteen again and far prettier than she had been the first time around.

Searching, crystal-blue eyes dropped to her chest to see breasts at least a cup size larger than normal, filling out her halter-style cheer top perfectly with their voluptuous, nubile contours. Her shoulders and arms were toned but feminine, making her wonder how her abs looked.

They were amazing!

Taking in a sharp breath, Jessica saw ridges of sexy, sculpted muscle lining a stomach she’d always dreamed of having. Her tiny, pleated skirt was pressed outward by supple hips and a perfectly rounded derriere. Her legs were long, lean, and shapely, dramatically improving on what had already been her best feature.

She took several more exhilarated breaths before running back to her computer. Somehow, what she had typed in her roleplay session seemed to have become reality!

“Back!” she typed, eager to try more, but all she saw from her roleplaying partner above her message was: “Night”

Shit! He must have gone to bed while she had been busy ogling her coltish teenage body. She clicked back to the roleplayers’ chat room. There was only one person online right now.

It was a woman.

LadyLove18 had approached her once or twice before, but that wasn’t really her thing, and she had declined. Eager to see if she could produce any more changes to herself, however, she really didn’t care right now. She clicked on the woman’s name and typed.

“Hi, there.”

“Hi! Thought that you weren’t into girl-girl roleplays?”

“Had a change of heart. I’m open to it now.”

Jessica felt a moment of dizziness. She grabbed another single-serving bottle of wine from the minibar and sat back down, surprisingly, beginning to look forward to this roleplay more and more.

Suddenly the reason struck her! She had typed that she was open to it! So she was into girls now? She thought of the prospect of having sex with another woman… and found herself becoming aroused at the thought. Smiling, she resolved to make the most of this.

“I’m glad. I love roleplaying being overpowered by a more beautiful, stronger superheroine. Interested?”

Hmmm… Jessica had never done anything quite like it before, but –   

“Okay, how about I become more superheroine-like under your touch as we make out?”

“Sounds perfect.”

Jessica tapped her lips for a moment, considering. It would be a lot more fun doing this in person than over the computer. She wondered…

“LadyLove18 is here in my bed, in naughty lingerie, for our roleplay.” About to hit enter, Jessica suddenly had another thought. “And she doesn’t think that anything unusual has gone on.”

The instant she hit enter, she heard a voice from behind her. She spun to see a woman, who could only be LadyLove, lying in her bed. Her attractive, slender form was clad in a lacy black number to match her raven tresses and crimson lipstick. Jessica gulped, butterflies fluttering inside her stomach with such vehemence that she felt nauseous. Could she really go through with this?

Jessica turned and typed one more thing into her screen.

“I feel confident, sexy, seductive, and completely comfortable in new situations and with new people.”

As she hit the enter key, she could practically feel her racing heart calm, her flushed cheeks begin to cool.

She rose to her feet and smiled as she strode boldly toward the bed. Mounting the bed, she swung a long leg over the other woman, hovering above her. The other woman wrapped her arms around Jessica and pulled her over onto the bed, reversing their positions.

“We’re going to have to see about powering you up, my sexy little cheerleader.”

Jessica looked up at LadyLove blankly until she realized why the ebony-haired woman had said that. She was still a high school senior wearing the cheer outfit from her last roleplay!

“Then make me everything a superhero should be,” Jessica taunted, regaining her composure and giving the other woman a darkly sexy smile. She couldn’t believe how comfortable she was! It was a good thing she had changed her attitude about this – she would be a nervous wreck right now otherwise.

LadyLove lowered her lips to Jessica’s and began to kiss her. “Oh, you want to play going all the way up to ...a supergirl? Mmm. Sexy.”

With each touch of her lips, Jessica felt a tingling warmth inside, a feeling of desire and… something else. Like soft feathers tickling her soul. Was she beginning to become a superheroine? Was that what this felt like? Since she was probably the first woman ever to experience it, it was difficult to know. 

Moving her lips down Jessica’s neck, LadyLove continued to trail kisses. Jessica could feel herself molding to the other woman’s desires. As the young woman’s lips pursed and pressed into her larynx, Jessica felt a lingering sensation there.

“More...” Jessica sighed, noticing her voice was melodically seductive. She felt LadyLove shudder as the sound rippled over her. The other woman’s eyes flicked up to hers, and Jessica could see the woman’s growing desire in her dilating green pupils.

Jessica fidgeted in anticipation of the changes to come. ‘Confident, sexy, seductive, and completely comfortable,’ she reminded herself, relaxing her neck and shoulders, tacitly accepting that she was in for quite a ride.

LadyLove sat up, sitting on Jessica’s thighs. She grabbed the halter and pulled it up over Jessica’s head. She pulled the skirt over the blonde’s ample, athletic hips and down her gorgeous legs. She leaned forward to cup Jessica’s breasts, and Jessica felt her breasts firm and rise, swelling up through the alphabet of cup sizes as the dark-haired woman’s delicate touch teased them into an impossibly perky profile.

The amorous sensations swirling through her intensified as Jessica was endowed with the instinctive knowledge that her ‘super’ breasts were now invulnerable. A spray of bullets would be nothing but a delightful massage to her. She let out a long breathy sigh of pleasure.

The woman touched Jessica’s shoulders and traced her fingers over her the muscles down her arms, watching them wondrously shape into shapely, carved limbs with enough power to juggle semi-trucks.

Super Jessica was feeling downright hot now; she tilted her head back and let out a low, sensual rumble that told LadyLove the object of her attentions was enjoying them immensely.

LadyLove smiled but quickly returned to her empowerment mission. She spread her fingers and ran their tips over Jessica’s stomach, pushing inward as striations and ravines formed between each cobble, hardening them to warm steel beneath her touch. The raven-haired woman stopped for a moment as her breath caught, struck by the overwhelming impact of Jessica’s beauty, magnified several times over her already idealized cheerleader appearance. LadyLove had no doubt that no other woman alive could compare to her magnificence… and she wasn’t done yet!

Jessica moaned as the ecstasy of LadyLove’s strength-infusing fingers radiated through her womb, streaks of hypersensitivity radiating outwards to ensure that Super Jessica would experience climaxes orders of magnitude more intense than even the horniest cheerleader role-play.

LadyLove reached upward, slipping her hands behind Jessica’s shoulder blades, then running her hands between the increasingly powerful girl and the soft sheets of the bed. As she reached Jessica’s sleek, spherical ass, pulling her hands under it, she felt it harden with enlarging super-muscle. She continued to slide her hands downward under Jessica’s hamstrings, feeling cables of liquid steel expanding in smooth, sinuous elegance above the softness of her palms.

Jessica squirmed, writhing as the feelings of rapture threatened to consume her completely.

Ladylove reached the underside of Jessica’s knees, briefly massaging the erogenous zone before twisting her hands and pulling them out from underneath Jessica’s legs. She brought them to the blonde’s hips and glided her fingers in a zigzag pattern down Jessica’s thighs, the skin becoming so perfect, it seemed to radiant healthy, tanned vitality.

As Jessica began to pant between moans, LadyLove licked her lips, anticipating her favorite part. She dug her fingers into the nascent superheroines calves willing power into them, like a sorceress sending bolts of lightning from her fingertips. She felt the muscle of Jessica’s calves grow increasingly dense, hardening into a curved arc of impenetrable steel, covered in flawless, silky skin.

Feeling the sensation of impossibly solid strength tightening in her hands, LadyLove felt a climax of her own draw near.

Jessica twisted, hooking LadyLove between her calf and hamstring from the side and pulling her over to the other side of the bed. LadyLove trembled as she felt the stirring of an orgasm building as Jessica began to take control, delighting in the erotic sensation of impossibly svelte calves rubbing against her upper hamstring, just under the upward curvature of her ass.

Jessica felt like a plucked harp string, quivering on the edge of becoming something so much greater. “Is that all?” she teased with a husky, demanding croon. “Do you want to be taken by just a cheerleader? Or overpowered by the sexiest, strongest, most perfect Supergirl ever?”

LadyLove shuddered with rising ecstasy as Jessica egged her on. The raven-haired beauty surged up and forward to plant her lips on Jessica’s, a passionate kiss that ignited the feathery sense of power churning inside the almost-a-supergirl into a searing inferno like the first flash of heat from a star being born.

“Yessss!” they both moaned in harmony for very different reasons as the whole room seemed to flex around them like a trampoline, reality coming to grips with what Jessica had just become.

Jessica pounced like a hungry predator, overpowering the one human left in the room with absolute ease. Super Jessica’s entire body was now overflowing with LadyLove’s Kryptonian fantasies made flesh. She lay each leg carefully down beside LadyLove’s head and felt the woman’s hands reach up to stroke the taut, spellbindingly perfect slopes of her lower legs.

Tremors rocked the woman beneath her as her hips bucked, though her torso was pinned by Jessica resting the tantalizing magnificence of her lush backside against the upper slopes of LadyLove’s breasts, trapping her against the satiny sheets.

“Ready for this?” asked Jessica in a throaty voice when the other woman’s panting slowed, twitching with the occasional aftershock.

Grinning with hopeless arousal, LadyLove looked up from beneath Jessica, and offered one last bit of play-defiance.

“Are you?”

Jessica raised her hips from LadyLove’s chest and thrust them forward, feeling the dark beauty press her long tongue upward into her with consummate skill.

She rocked and as desire built under LadyLove’s rapturous ministrations, heart thudding heavily in her chest until she exploded, clenching with the superhuman ecstasy LadyLove deemed mandatory for Supergirls. 

Dizzy, delirious, her breath a series of gasps, Jessica rolled off the smaller, less endowed woman and curled into the fetal position as her super-senses raged with erupting pleasure.

LadyLove rolled over, took a long look at Jessica, then closed her eyes. Her hands rose into the air, and she visualized what she wanted, shaping indestructible fabric in her mind, then painting the form-fitting material onto Jessica’s matchless body. Rubbery blue cloth materialized out of thin air to cling to each swell and valley of her sleek muscles. The shield of the costume unfurled over her rivetingly delectable curves, even as the cobalt garment stitched into the defined clefts of her absurdly defined abs. As LadyLove’s eyes fluttered open, her artistic endeavor culminated in a short red skirt that flowed over the luscious curve of Jessica’s exquisite hips. Tight, red boots that hugged the mouth-watering shape of her coltish calves completed the outfit a significantly-sexier-than-the-comics red and blue costume over Jessica’s breathtakingly perfect, trembling flesh.

When the thrilling sensations finally subsided, Jessica stretched out her insanely long, curvaceous legs, releasing her clenched abs. Her tiny, red skirt rode high on her luscious upper thighs, the blue top of her costume struggling to contain the perfection of her hyper-fit body as she moved with feline grace. Her bulging cleavage in the low-cut top creaked the seams of the costume as her indestructible breasts taxed them to their limits.

Curious about the power she could feel within her small but inconceivably hard muscles, Jessica reached up to the headboard and gripped its edge, feeling the hardwood compress under the mind-boggling pressure exerted by her slender fingers. A loud crack rang out as the wood shattered, splinters spraying across the room. Her only observer gasped in pleasure at the display.

Jessica glanced to LadyLove’s expression of dazed amazement and smiled, suddenly grateful that she had found the resolve to go through with something like this. She felt the urge to create something for LadyLove to remember her by.

Glancing to the side, she saw the small hotel safe below the nightstand and smiled. She slid her interminable legs off the bed and knelt, grabbing the safe with both hands and pushed them together, feeling the sides of the safe heat as her fingers dented the thick steel. She heard a groan as the safe caved in on itself, heating further to become more malleable in her hands. She worked the steel with super-speed as it began to take on a dull-red glow, pulling out the keypad and letting it drop to the floor. She molded it like clay into her best rendition of an Oscar trophy, deciding it was appropriate for her roleplaying friend.

Allowing the trophy to cool, she turned her attention back to LadyLove, the woman watching her with awe. Jessica felt a sense of self-assurance wash through her as she realized just how amazing she truly was. Glancing back to the trophy and patting it with her fingers, she decided it had cooled enough to give to LadyLove. As she handed it to the dark-haired woman, her eyes lit with delight, a smile gracing her lips as she recognized its shape.

Jessica decided that it was time to return her roleplay partner, now that their fun was over. She appeared before her keyboard as if having teleported, an illusion resulting from the full use of her fantastic speed.

“LadyLove is at home, satisfied and happy after our roleplaying session tonight, remembering it every time she looks at her new memento.” She turned to scan the room. The dark-haired girl was no longer there. Good. She was back home, safe and sound.

Jessica checked the chatroom again, but there was no one on. Too bad, because she was on a roll.

Then again, three times in one night might be pressing her luck. She wanted to play with someone who would let her pick the scenario now...

Oh. Of course!

Jessica hopped into the air and rocketed out the open window to swoop down to the hotel entrance, slowing to a hover as she reached the entrance. She floated languidly through the double glass doors toward the wide-eyed cutie at the desk. His gaze drifted over her unearthly curves, the impossibly athletic, buxom combination that she possessed looking surprisingly like the prettier sister of the girl on the cover of the comic book before him.

Jessica’s full, ruby lips broke into a wide grin, displaying each of her perfect teeth in a brilliantly white smile. She lowered her eyelids slightly and focused her eyes on the bell at the edge of the counter. She sent a tiny burst of heat vision toward it. Even the slightest brush of her power melted the silver bell into a hot, mercurial pool that dribbled over the edge to the floor. Allowing her lashes a slight flutter, Jessica leaned in, feet still several inches off the ground. The young man gulped as his eyes locked to the dual hemispheres of her hypnotic cleavage, a tiny bubble of drool threatening to spill over his lower lip, reminiscent of the metallic cascade of the molten bell. Then, in her sultry voice, she spoke.

“Wanna roleplay? As you can see, I like to play the superhero...” Her eyes dropped to his comic before rising to meet his gaze once more. “...and it looks like that’s something you’re into...”

She winked, confident smile broadening as she watched his awestruck eyes bulge and masculine jaw drop.

She twirled once playfully in midair. "We can play ‘How to take your partner to incredible new heights…’"

God, I love roleplaying, she thought, smoldering eyes locked onto those of her soon-to-be passenger as she licked her voluptuous lips…

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