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Clothes Make the Woman – Part 2

Written by HikerAngel :: [Wednesday, 18 March 2020 23:54] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 21 March 2020 18:05]

Clothes Make the Woman – Part 2

by HikerAngel

I saw Megagirl’s nipples tenting the fabric of her sheer costume. Her hips shifted.

Was this girl attracted to me? I couldn’t believe it! Megagirl? The nubile blond goddess herself? The thought sent an electric thrill through me.

I wondered what I looked like. I had still not gotten a proper view since donning the black Megagirl costume – and now I had the bracelets and choker as well.

I glanced to the glass in the shop window and saw a faint reflection. My figure looked dramatic and incredibly toned. As I compared my faint outline to Megagirl’s hers was left wanting. Her profile looked flat and girlish next to my dramatic, sexy curves. I was somehow filling out her costume far better than she could.

The realization of just how phenomenally gorgeous I must be sent a wash of strong emotions through me. Pride, arousal, and a carefree, ecstatic feeling blended in a heady rush.

I was dangerously sexy. And with the restraint of years of social conditioning slipping with my burgeoning power, I didn’t even know what I might be capable of doing.

Megagirl gulped, and she remained tensed for action. She obviously wasn’t sure what I was capable of doing either.

I heard Creepy Grandma’s voice behind me.

“What are you waiting for, girl? Kill her! I’ve given you the power.”

My body tensed involuntarily, and I watched Megagirl’s eyes go wide. Already prepared for a fight, she launched a fist toward my face. It seemed slow. I slapped it away, spinning with the movement while raising my other arm. I used the momentum of my spin to send my raised elbow into the other girl’s mouth.

The power of blow sent the girl flying through the wall of the shop.

Why had I done that? I hadn’t meant to do that! I just wanted to ogle the pretty girl’s body!

Wait! What?

Neither attack nor thoughts of attraction seemed like my own. I was becoming some sort of uninhibited goddess. The thought wasn’t unappealing... but it wasn’t exactly me.

How should I fight this? Should I fight this? It would be so much easier just to go with it. So much easier. And more fun...

I looked back to Creepy Grandma, with her evil smile and met it with one of my own.

I heard something from the room next door and watched as Megagirl struggled back through the ragged opening in the wall. She seemed a bit wobbly from my blow, and her lip was bleeding.

I had never seen Megagirl bleed before, even in the toughest of her fights. But somehow I had done this to her. I felt a surge of empathy for the poor girl. I knew that she was no match for me anymore, and I didn’t really want to hurt her.

She walked up to me and readied herself to throw another punch. Seeing her telegraph the coming blow, I moved before she could react. I knew that if I let her swing, my body would launch a counter-strike before I could stop it. So I hugged her, wrapping my armed around the slender girl and locking her arms to her side. There, now she couldn’t attack me, and I didn’t have to hurt her.

Pleasant sensations coursed through me as my breasts pushed into those of the blond girl. I smiled in the knowledge that mine were obviously larger and firmer. Just as I was beginning to think sexy thoughts, Megagirl’s lips moved upward toward mine, and she kissed me.

“What are you doing?” I heard Creepy Grandma hiss from behind me.

I ignored her, intent on Megagirl’s soft lips as they explored mine.

Then I felt her bony hands snake around my waist from behind. As pleasant as it was, I broke the kiss and glanced down to see the old woman’s hands clasp a thin black belt into place around my ridiculously toned abs.

Oh, God!

I felt another rush ripple through me, the strongest yet. I shuddered with the sensation, my fingers and lips trembling with power. I felt my body changing once more. I couldn’t see what I was becoming, but I could see the smoldering haze of desire in Megagirl’s eyes become an inferno.

My attraction to Megagirl remained, but it fell under the shadow of irrational fury. My lips curled downward as I felt hatred pouring into my veins.

“Now finish her,” commanded a raspy old voice.

My hands rose at the woman’s command, and I gripped Megagirl’s shoulders firmly, my slim fingers sinking into her indestructible muscles with ease. She yelped with pain, but there wasn’t anything she could do about it now. I was far too strong.

I saw a red and blue flash behind her.

“Let her go,” said Megaman.

Creepy Grandma cackled behind me, and Megaman’s gaze drifted to her.

“You!” he cried, a hint of fear in his eyes. What was that all about? Did he know her?

I flung Megagirl to the side with casual ease and approached Megaman with a nonchalant saunter.

He swallowed hard.

I could see the delicious mixture of fear and arousal in his eyes as they watched my languidly graceful movements. Smiling, I struck before he ever knew what was coming. My first powered through his unprepared abs with ease. I watched his features contract in pain as if in slow motion as my hand wrecked him, rearranging his internal organs. I felt one of his bones crack as my hand nicked the bottom of his ribcage.

Then he was gone, flying through the roof of the mall with hypersonic speed. The heat of my rage diminished, vented by the pain I knew I had inflicted on Megaman. It remained, but it had been turned down to a low simmer. I turned to find that Creepy Grandma was gone once more. Where did this old hag go all the time? I needed some answers!

Hearing a moan, my eyes turned to Megagirl, who was peeling herself out of a crater in the floor. Had I really thrown her that hard? I shrugged. Guess so.

I walked back to the mangled shop, eager to find a mirror as Megagirl rose shakily to her feet.

I walked right past a wobbly Megagirl on my way to the mirror in the back of the shop. I saw her dazed eyes trace the curves of my body out of the corner of my eye.

As I stopped in front of the mirror, my breath caught. I was...




I swallowed hard as my eyes wandered the delicately chiseled perfection of my face, its radiant skin, its large, luminous green eyes. I ran my fingers through the thick, lustrous chocolate strands that poured over my shoulders.

Before I could visually explore my body, a body I already knew was far superior to Megagirl’s, I saw her face appear over my shoulder in the reflection. My eyes were drawn to hers… and the blazing firestorm of desire that raged within them. She rested her chin on the slope of my toned shoulder, turned her head slightly to the side and began to kiss my neck.

I felt pinpricks of arousal from the lurid sucking of her soft lips on my tender flesh and my full lips parted.

Her hands slithered around my impossibly firm waist, and her fingers traced my abs upward until they cupped my breasts with a crackling thrill. I felt my breath escape my parted lips in an amorous exhale.

I reached back and found her hips with my hands. Resting my fingers on their fabric-clad swells, I pushed inward, just slightly. Her flesh, indestructible by even the most powerful of weaponry, was pliant under the immense power of my slender fingers, pushing inward and eliciting a moan from the blonde as she felt my strength.

I turned and straightened, looking down on the girl who was previously held as the ultimate woman. Our breasts touched with prickling electricity, mine far fuller than hers. Her hands found new purchase in the middle of my back, and she attempted to pull me toward her. The effort, one that I knew was sufficient to overpower all but the most powerful of supers, felt light, inconsequential to me.

Just how powerful was I now?

I felt a surge of dark pride quicken my heart. I was so beautiful, so powerful, so invincible.

I was better in every conceivable way than the woman before me, this paragon of feminine power.

As the realization dawned, I felt a confidence I had never before known. My eyes explored the beautiful superheroine, quivering like living clay, ready to be molded by my desires, living, for the moment, in anticipation of ecstasies she could scarcely imagine.

I smiled broadly as I wrapped my arms around the small of her back and pulled her upward and into me. Her body wrapped around mine, seeking the maximum amount of contact between us, as our lips met.

I felt her husky moan vibrate against my mouth. She had never been with anyone like me, someone who could overpower her with ease. She clearly loved it, the excitement was written all over her tensed muscles.

I bent my knees and lowered her to the velveteen chair by the changing rooms where we stood. I pulled her gently away from my body, leaving her panting with arousal, half-reclined, on the chair. I took off the belt, briefly worrying that I would lose its effects...until I remembered that they were permanent. I took off the boots deliberately, watching her azure eyes trace the contours of my shapely calves. I could feel their staggering hardness as my fingertips slipped down their slowly arcing length to push the boots down.

Megagirl shifted in the chair.

I slowly began to peel off the tight black fabric of my uniform, rolling it down my defined arms, over the dramatic swells of my bountiful breasts, down the sculpted ridges of my abs. I pushed the outfit over my lavish hips with a sexy shimmy.

Megagirl clasped her hands, her fingers whitening the flesh on the opposing hand as they clenched.

I finished pushing the costume past the smoothness of my sleek thighs until it dropped to the floor, then stepped carefully out of the small heap of cloth. I kicked it to the side as I rose my eyes to meet hers once more. I knew that they smoldered. I know that Megagirl’s did.

Her jaw trembled.

I stepped toward her, placed a hand on the armrest to either side of her and lowered my body tantalizingly over hers.

I could see her uncertainty. She didn’t know what I wanted, yet she squirmed, knowing the untold pleasures it would bring.

As I was about to swoop my mouth toward hers once more, I heard a sound. My eyes darted up to see Megaman’s shocked expression at the store entrance.

Megagirl saw my gaze rise to something in the distance behind her, and she shifted to look. Her eyes bulged as she saw a stunned Megaman watching us.

He was clutching his side, near where I had struck him. That struck me as funny for some reason, and I laughed. Megaman’s surprised expression quickly turned into a scowl and he began to walk toward us.

Megagirl, still clothed, jumped in front of me and held out her hands. He came to a stop just before his chest bumped into them then looked at her quizzically.

“What, exactly is going on here?” he asked her, his tone reminiscent of a father questioning a daughter who had been out too late.

I watched with amusement. I wondered whether I should put my clothes back on. I was hot as hell. Invulnerable. More powerful than either of the Mega-cousins. Fuck it.

“Just leave me be right now. This doesn’t concern you.”

“The hell it doesn’t! You’re letting this evil bitch corrupt you, and I can’t—”

“Who are you calling an evil bi—” I started.

“Corrupt me how exactly?” Megagirl interrupted.

“Well, you know… I mean… look at what… uh… you know what I mean!” As Megaman struggled for the right words, digging himself into deeper trouble with every one, Megagirl stiffened.

“So because we were having a private moment between two women, you call it corruption?

“No, I call it corruption because she’s obviously EVIL! And you’re getting way too friendly with someone who’s EVIL!!!

“Tell me… what has she done that’s so evil!”

“What do you mean? She attacked us!”

“Actually, I attacked her first.”

“But… her costume is black!”

“...And wearing black makes one evil because…”

“It… I mean… it’s obvious! Look at her!”

“So because she’s wearing black and is into women, she’s evil?”

“Well, when you put it that way, it doesn’t sound good, but…”

I smirked and crossed my arms, delighted by Megagirl’s verbal beatdown of her older cousin. Even I was beginning to be persuaded by her arguments, and I knew the dark thoughts that I’d been thinking!

“...But what? Attacking someone simply because of how she looks and her sexual orientation? Sounds more like you’re the evil one here!”

“WHAT?! Are you calling me…?”

“YES! I think you’re not nearly as open-minded as you think you are, cousin! And you need to give that some hard thought. In another place. Right NOW!”

Megaman looked at his younger cousin with an expression of absolute shock, hand dropping from his injured ribs. He opened his mouth as if to speak, said nothing, and, after a moment, clamped it back shut.

I stifled a giggle as Megagirl simply continued to glare at him.

Finally, scowling, he jumped into the air and flew away. Megagirl turned back to me, her eyes dropping for a brief moment to my nude body, then flicking back to meet mine.

“Now where were we…” she said, voice dropping.

“I am seriously turned on right now,” I said.

“You and me both,” she said with a dark smile. “Sorry about my cousin. He means well, but he’s kinda old-fashioned.”

“No worries… but let’s go to my place. When I’m here, that creepy old hag always shows up and dolls me up more. I’d rather have a bit of privacy right now…”

“Sounds perfect.”

When we arrived at my place a few seconds later, I realized that I didn’t have my keys. I grabbed the door handle and twisted, sending splinters of door frame flying. Looking at Megagirl, I shrugged.

When we entered my apartment, I closed the damaged door as best I could, for privacy. Taking Megagirl’s hand in mine, I lead her to my futon. Gazing at me, distracted by my insanely gorgeous face and not looking where she was going, Megagirl stumbled over my coffee table. Not wanting to damage it, she lurched, lost her balance and fell on the cushions. Her hand, still gripping mine, pulled me off balance toward her.

I suppose that I could have used my flight power or superstrength to resist the pull… but why? I allowed myself to fall on top of her, onto the futon, bringing our faces mere millimeters apart. I could feel her breath on my lips.

We both smiled, relieved to have privacy this time for our intimate encounter. I swept over her, brushing her lips with mine. They felt soft and pliable as I grazed them. Megagirl shivered beneath me.

“Now I think this is about where we left off,” I whispered throatily, oddly confident despite never having been with a girl before. Probably because her desire for me was so obvious I could nearly taste it.

Gone were all the insecurities about my body that normally plagued my thoughts during foreplay. Gone were any concerns that I wouldn’t be “good.” I hadn’t had a chance to fully explore this new body of mine, but I had seen enough to know that it put Megagirl’s to shame… and hers was pretty much perfect.

I felt a strange warmth beginning to burn in my belly as I realized just how overpoweringly gorgeous I must be. I mean, Megairl had graced every magazine cover known to humankind. She was who every girl wanted to be – the strongest, most powerful, most desirable woman alive…

...And she couldn’t hold a candle to me!

I shuddered, my heartbeat quickening as the thought sunk in.

I pulled my lips away from hers. Her head came up slightly, mouth reaching upward for mine, eyes closed. She flicked her tongue over her lower lip. I could practically taste her need as her moistened lips searched for me.

I sliced her uniform right down the middle with a sharp fingernail, exposing her delectable body to my hungry eyes. After peeling the flaps of the costume away from her flawless skin, I playfully remained just beyond her reach. After a moment of hesitation, she opened her eyes a sliver, long lashes opening ever so slightly to reveal the iridescent blue oceans beneath them.

God, she was beautiful.

She snaked her bare, willowy arms around me and slithered her smooth legs around mine, pulling me toward her. I resisted, giving her a brief taste of my phenomenal strength. She pulled harder, but it was no use. She was powerless against me.

When I heard the hint of a moan escape her lips, her fingers pressing against the smooth, sculpted steel of my elegantly muscled legs and back, I relented and gave her what she clearly yearned for.

I surged forward into her, crushing her lips with mine, feeling her bite and suck their ruby plumpness. Our breasts collided, sparking fireworks of sensation. I rolled my supple hips into hers as she devoured every part of me that her mouth could cover. As I plunged my tongue into her mouth, I heard her chirp in delight.

The sensation was all-consuming. Our tongues swirled together, sleek bodies gracefully sliding against each other. I felt enraptured as never before, lost in the consummate pleasures of her idyllic form. I pulled my mouth away, breaking the silence of the evening with heavy breathing.

Sliding my lips across her cheek, dabbing kisses along the way, I found her earlobe and bit down lightly, teasingly.

A tremor in hers tickled my body.

I held back a smile, knowing the impact I was having on her, and dragged my teeth along the edge of her jaw, then dropped my mouth to her neck. I sucked in then bit lightly on her sensitive flesh.

She writhed underneath me, gasping out a soft breath.

I worked my way down her long, swan-like neck in this fashion, running kisses, teeth, and tongue into the hollow of her clavicle, then diagonally down to the upper slopes of her breast.

I heard her tongue lick her lips, a barely audible purr rumbling from her throat.

I kissed her breast slowly, ensuring that she felt the full effect of every leisurely purse of my luscious lips. When I arrived at her nipple, I swirled it with my tongue, barely touching delicate pink flesh, knowing exactly the electricity that fired through her overtaxed synapses. Once I had completed several loops, I touched my teeth to it on both sides, pressing carefully into her nipple.

Her back arched, and I felt her firm, fleshy orb quiver.

I continued, drifting my tongue down the lower arc of her exquisite breast to her ribcage. Working my way down, nipping and kissing each steel-hard abdominal, I finally neared her tender folds.

Her moans became huskier with anticipation, skin warm under my touch.

I darted my tongue out, receiving an answering gasp, then curled it and slid down her entrance. When I turned my attention fully to pleasuring her, her moans began to rise in volume.

Her breathing grew more urgent, becoming an anxious pant.

After a few more coaxing, clenching minutes, she began to thrash. I wanted to make it last, but her delectable body was so coiled with pent-up arousal that she came far faster than I expected.

She exploded in violently wriggling tremors. Her slim, sexy legs clamped down on my tightly as she threw back her head and screamed her release. I watched her buck, fingers hyperextending, then curling inward, clutching as if to latch onto the fleeting pleasure that rocked her breathtaking form.

When her involuntary movements faded, I laid my hand gently on her stomach. I could still feel the trembling aftershocks of the intense climax deep within her. Her breathing, stopped for the duration of her orgasm, began anew as she sucked in a lungful of air, then let it out slowly, calming and cooling her torrid body. I glanced up to her face. Her eyes were half-open, gazing at me adoringly with those stunning blue eyes of hers. Her cheeks were flushed, her forehead glistening with sweat, a few strands of blond hair beginning to clump together with moisture.

She had never looked more beautiful to me than in that moment.

“Your turn,” Megagirl breathed as she recovered. We changed positions on the futon, and I closed my eyes, snuggling into the pillows for the pleasure to come.

Except that it didn’t.

Popping one eye open, I watched Megagirl, entranced by the black material of my “dark Megagirl” costume, pull it over her naked body. My jaw dropped open as a red flow flashed along the edges of her profile. 

“No!” I cried, remembering the hateful feelings that had welled within me each time I had donned more of Creepy Grandma’s outfit. Besides, Megagirl was already so strong, would she become even more so with the power infused by the clothes? I shuddered to think of what she might do with that hatred and that much power at her disposal.

Those thoughts evaporated, however, when I saw the effects of the costume on her already gorgeous body. Curves leapt outward into mouth-wateringly exhilarating shapes, bones rearranged into feminine perfection, muscles rippled with impossible might, like magnificent springs loaded with unbelievable tension.

Was this what I had looked like when I changed? I didn’t think so. I was pretty sure she looked better. Way better.

Wild-eyed, blond hair whipping as she moved, Megagirl clamped the bracelets and choker on as well, her phenomenal beauty becoming still more awe-inducing with the electric crack of each item’s closing clasp.

I jumped up from the cushions and grabbed her wrists, attempting to prevent her from buckling the belt. Which she did anyway. With ease. As if I wasn’t even been pulling on them at all.

Good Lord! Was she that much stronger than me now?

As if in answer, she twisted her achingly beautiful lips into a smile and broke free of my grip instantly. Faster than I could see, her hand was suddenly tightening around my wrist… and it hurt!

I dropped to one knee as the pain from her slender fingers became unbearable, and Megagirl simply laughed. I looked up into her eyes, searching their hard, glassy, indigo irises for a sign as to her intentions. I wondered whether she was going to kill me, influenced as she was by the dark clothes.

I swallowed hard, sensing the indecision in the conflicted furrow of Megagirl’s now-divine brow.

Luckily, just as Megagirl seemed to be deciding on a course of action, I heard Megaman’s voice outside my third-floor apartment window. From the sound of it, he was barking orders to someone that was with him.

As both Megagirl’s and my eyes turned toward the window, I realized that he hadn’t been talking to someone. More like someones.

An entire super-team was assembled, some hovering in the sky. The rest gathered immediately below, on the ground. It looked like the entire Megasquad had come with him!

I felt a brief surge of pride that Megaman had brought such a contingent solely for the purpose of dealing with little ol’ me. Of course, wouldn’t they be surprised when it was more than likely Megagirl who they would be forced to contend with.

While still wrapping my mind around yet another abrupt turn of events (there had been a LOT of those lately – sheesh!), Megagirl disappeared, her hand no longer around my wrist. I pulled my arm in with super-speed, caressing my injured wrist with my other hand, when I heard the window glass shatter, crystalline shards showering my living room floor with a symphony of rattling taps.

I rose to my feet and looked out to see Megagirl grab the cape of her first challenger and windmill her arm, flinging him into the ground with earth-shuddering force. Several more heroes flew toward her only to be catapulted back at hypersonic speed by lightning fast blurs of hands and feet.

Megagirl was completely unscathed, smiling, staring down Megaman, apparently wanting him to make the first move. I wasn’t sure he would. After the ease with which she had dispatched the first wave of heroes, Megaman’s nervousness looked to be transforming in abject terror.

Something needed to be done. Before I gave it much more thought than that, I leapt forward into the sky.

As I jumped out of the window, I had a brief worry that maybe I had lost the powers granted by the clothes – that maybe that’s why Megagirl was so much stronger than me. Luckily, however, that was not the case, and I did not plummet several stories to the ground below like a self-reprimanding brick. Note to self: check for powers before jumping out of windows, not after next time.

Flying toward the arial fray, however, I wasn’t entirely sure what I should do. Should I fight against the Megasquad? Against Megagirl? In the movies, the superheroes always knew who the bad guys were. In reality, it wasn’t quite so simple… Hell, I didn’t even know if I were there hero or the villain of this little tale!

As I debated my strategy, I heard a voice call out behind me… from the open hole in my living room? Twisting in the air for a look, I saw the face I was half-expecting.

You guessed it. Creepy freaking Grandma.

I zoomed back toward her but stopped a good ten feet short, determined not to come within range of her ultra-quick hands. Unless she could fly too. Please tell me she can’t fly… please?

“What have you done, girl? You gave my beautiful costume to one of the Megas???” she asked, incredulous.

“Well, it’s not like you gave me a freaking instruction manual, lady! How was I supposed to know…” I huffed.

“...that it would do exactly the same thing to her that it did to you, child?” she interrupted with a punctuating eye roll. “Why I chose the most insipid, vain, millennial to do this…”

“Hey! I’m not sure what insipid means, but I’m pretty sure it’s bad. And you’re saying millennial like it’s a bad word. And I’m standing right here!” I looked down and quickly amended the statement. “Floating right here!”

There. Take that, bitch, I thought, crossing my arms over my *ahem* fabulously endowed chest.

Creepy Grandma began to laugh. Actually, it was more of a wheezing cackle. The harsh, rattling sound seemed to gain momentum for a moment, becoming louder and faster... until it sputtered into a coughing fit.

“Are you okay?” I asked the red-faced woman.

“Fine, fine,” she rasped. Then, she waved her hands in the air, as if knitting with no needle, and I watched as fabric began to form around my naked body.

“What are you…?” I asked, still looking down at the threads rapidly forming and stitching together over my breasts.

“Quiet, child,” said Creepy Grandma, looking even paler than usual. As her hands continued to go through the motions, I felt a surge in strength and vitality ripple up my spine. The old woman wobbled, seemingly ready to keel over. 

“I need to give you the power to overcome Megagirl, enhanced as she is by your stupidity. You must kill them both. You must!”

“But why? Why do you hate them so much?”

“I hate them because of what they took from me. I hate them because they tricked me into giving them powers, then used them only for themselves. I made them their suits, bestowed upon them their powers. In return for a favor. One that they never granted. Instead, they went and saved people. They made themselves celebrities,” she spat.

“So I learned how to ensure that wouldn’t happen again,” she said, shooting a clawed hand to the window frame to keep herself upright. “I discovered how to make the cloth change thoughts. How to infuse the powers with a price. A burning need to do my bidding. To kill the Megas!”

“But what did you want them to do? Originally, I mean,” I asked, feeling my eyes go wide at her revelations. Megaman and Megagirl had gotten their powers from Creepy Grandma too?

Her unnatural smile creaked even wider, but she didn’t answer. Instead, she stumbled backward and collapsed.

“Lady? You okay? Creepy Grandma?”

I flew into the apartment and knelt beside her. Checking for a pulse, I frowned. There wasn’t one. Had making my outfit done her in? I felt a little guilty now… but shit! I had never asked for this. None of this! I had simply wanted a damn dress for my mixer!

So the Megas had wronged her somehow? Stolen her gifts without paying the price? Maybe they really were the bad guys…

...except they were on opposite sides now! So what was I supposed to do about that! Remembering the battle, I looked out the window to see that Megagirl had wiped out all but one of the Megasquad’s members. A few seemed to be splattered on the ground, but most simply looked injured, albeit out of commission. The only one left was Megaman. And Megagirl was floating toward him.

Casting a final glance toward Creepy Grandma, I wished her happiness in the afterlife, though I sincerely doubted that would be her fate. I leapt out the window once more, feeling the air flutter my probably-super-mega-gorgeous mane as I rocketed toward Megagirl.

She put him down before I could even get there. Easy peasy, with one punch to the stomach and one to the jaw. He slammed to earth unconscious. Or maybe dead, I thought, remembering the feeling of his rib cracking under my fist when I had fought him.

But he was pretty tough. I was putting my money on unconscious.

Okay, decision made. I’m fighting Megagirl! I love it when things work out like that. No struggling and agonizing with difficult choices. Just: Elaine smash. I really hoped Creepy’s upgraded threads were going to put me in this girl’s league. If not, this was going to be a very short fight.

I slammed into Megagirl from behind as she watched her cousin, unmoving, in a crater on the ground with what looked like conflicting emotions. As my outstretched fists collided with her spine, her back arched, and the momentum of my strike flung her half a mile away before she slowed with her flying power and came hurtling back toward me.

As she neared, I could see the anger in her eyes. I probably could have seen it before too, if I had thought to use my X-ray vision, but I wasn’t all that accustomed to my powers. I had mostly used them to have sex. Really, really good sex. I mentally shrugged. Not that there was anything wrong with that. It seemed like a damn fine use of powers to me! Saving cats from trees and people from burning buildings was so played out these days…

I tugged my attention back to the task at hand. Megagirl was pretty much unstoppable by the looks of what she’d done to the Megasquad. My power level was a bit of an unknown right now. I needed to take this fight pretty seriously.

I turned to the side just as Megagirl arrived, dodging her double-fisted return blow. Then, I slammed my fists down on the back of her head, sending her plummeting to the ground below. Deciding to take advantage of my opportunity, I flew down stomping on her to grind her further into the pavement before she could recover.

I stepped back to see the effects of my punishment. The damage seemed pretty significant. Megagirl was moving, but it was more of a pained, writhing motion than a I’m-going-to-jump-back-up-and-kill-you-before-you-can-blink sorta deal. Then, I noticed something. It was a dark-red streak. On the back of her hair. I was fairly certain it was blood.

Sweet! I could hurt her. I felt a twinge of guilt at the thought. But for some reason, it didn’t bother me as much as it should have. Maybe it was the influence of the clothes. Creepy had implied that she laced all of her clothes with Mega-hate these days.

While my mind was busy musing, Megagirl lunged forward and smashed a front kick into my stomach, knocking me backward. Damn it! I had thought I was prepared for that move!

I dug in my heels to come to a stop, wreaking havoc on the pavement. The city was going to have to dig deep into the budget after this battle, I thought idly. I ran a hand over my sculpted abs. They hurt a little from her strike, but not too bad. I felt my lips curl upward as I realized that I was quite a bit stronger than Megagirl again.

I dug my toes into the soft asphalt and launched myself back at Megagirl like a track athlete jumping out of the blocks. I saw her eyes widen and arms cross in a cringe as I struck. This time, however, I abandoned caution and just continued to pound her with my fists. I knew I was stronger now, and I decided to simply use that fact to my advantage, raining blow after blow on her.

Eventually, she collapsed to the ground, blood trickling from her nose and lips, bruises forming on her face. I could see her chest rising and falling, so I knew she was still alive, but she was out of commission for the moment.

I flew over to Megaman and noticed his chest moving as well. So he was alive then. Good, I guess.

Hearing sirens and the stuttering thuds of helicopter blades approaching, I decided to take off. I remembered to use my X-ray vision this time as I zoomed away, peering down to see the medical workers trying – and failing – to get an IV into Megaman’s arm.

I let out an amused laugh. Good luck with that, guys, I thought.

I was fairly certain they would be okay. I thought about what they had done, taking their powers and refusing to pay for them, but decided to do at least mostly good with their use. Was that ethical? Maybe not. Was it the right thing to do? Maybe it was. Particularly if Creepy Grandma had wanted them to do something awful. And that was my sneaking suspicion. 

People don’t come by such power cleanly. I sure hadn’t. There is always taint. I could almost hear my father saying: What’s important is how you wield it, Elaine.

Maybe I should reconsider the whole “saving people” thing. Might be pretty cool. I’d be loved and adored. I wouldn’t be hurting for dates anymore! Not with this body! Plus I’d probably have, like, a billion Instagram followers. Yay, new influencer career!

But being a supervillain could be pretty awesome too. Who needed a career when you could just take whatever you wanted? I could just set up shop on a beach resort in Tahiti and kick back for the rest of my life.

Decisions, decisions… I pondered, as I flew toward the haze of the horizon.

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