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Super Goddesses: The Omnicollab

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 21 March 2020 00:16] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:39]

Prologue and Epilogue by Akane

Ha-neul story by Cones

Paige/Brunhilde story by an anonymous writer

Irina story by Delta7447 and Ultrabra

Art by AvareonArt


Sofia was a special case between Super Goddesses. She started her life pretty normally for one of them though, born in Spain she slowly discovered her powers until she reached omnipotence. The time after that is when things changed for her. Something or someone transformed her into a completely different person, although to this day nobody except her knows why. Not even Sofia, who has completely forgotten about her former self. As with everything else about her, the reason of her heel turn has always been undecipherable and this mysterious aura has become her brand, the most attractive and yet frustrating part of her.

Due to her having disappeared from the radar in the last five years she had become basically impossible to find and thanks to this she went on to be affectionately nicknamed as Ms. X by Super Goddess connoisseurs. After all, someone as powerful as a Super Goddess couldn’t be found unless she didn’t want to, and Sofia was pretty happy living in her own dimension, far away from the problems of Earth. In a way, one could say she was as isolated as Irina, but unlike her Russian counterpart, she didn’t have any desire to become friendlier with humans, creatures that she wasn’t particularly interested in. Why? Because in her eyes they were boring and limited, it was much funnier to study and have fun with more inspiring lifeforms that could surprise her.

For now, she was enjoying herself at her remote harem world that she had created out of existence itself, sitting on a comfortable hammock next to a lava swimming pool and enjoying a daiquiri alongside a copy of herself she had just created.

“I love being a fucking unstoppable goddess! It really deserves a toast, or at least twelve per day!” She celebrated as one of her harem members sucked on her toes obediently. Unlike other Super Goddesses, her followers acted more like mindless slaves or cultists than sex partners, but she was fair and let them chose this lifestyle before taking them away. Strangely enough, hundreds of people had surrendered their free will just to become one of her toys, and they loved it when she bossed them around. They even sought to be punished by her sometimes, and oh Sofia did have a tendency to punish them, even for the slightest mistake. She had no patience for dummy, boring humans.

“Cheers, Sofia!” Her clone said and they both clinked their glasses, then drank all of it down. However, the content on the cup never ended, forever taken hostage by the whims of its omnipotent owner who could bend reality with an ease comparable to that of a child breaking a twig in half. She then placed her beverage on the top of another woman’s head whose whole purpose in life now was to be Sofia’s table.

“Cheers, Sofia!” The goddess projected another herself into reality, this time it was her shadow who walked silently by herself out of her usual position and dived into the pool, instantly turning it into a weird micromarsh of black goo. The other servants suddenly felt the need to jump into the suspicious mix of shadow and lava. The two Sofias laughed as the screams of pain of their weak human followers were quickly silenced by the pool, which ate them alive.

It took no longer than a few seconds for the creatures to emerge. Shadow-Molten rock-Human hybrids three times their original size with a look reminiscent of legendary chimeras, especially since they, for some reason, shared different animal characteristics like paws with claws, forked tongues the length of hoses and their human heads changed for other species’

It was hell’s carnival at Sofia’s lair and she enjoyed every moment of it, applauding so hard it summoned thunders loud enough to scare the much bigger and terrifying monsters she had just passively created.

One of them looked like the cross of a gorilla with an octopus and approached his object of devotion, then indulged in the tradition of kissing her sacred earrings. “Thank you, Goddess. You gave us a new life of your own design and made us surpass our former frail forms.” They were pretty happy with this transformation though. The truth was that even if they looked hideous, it still counted as an Enhancement since they were much more powerful than before in many ways.

“I didn’t allow you to speak, worm.” Sofia materialized her elaborated cane, which had a sphere containing a miniature Universe at the top and hit the floor with it, making everyone disappear and leaving her alone with her gorgeous clone, who looked at her with obvious bedroom eyes.

What happened next was catastrophic for the common sense of the inhabitants of her dimension and for the fabric of reality itself. The two equally powerful godlike beings started scissoring frantically while letting themselves go completely. All their passive powers were activated and as such nothing could stand the power they weren’t even aware they possessed.

Entire galaxies were absorbed into their body mass just because they were inferior. Their fiery red hair grew to proportions that eclipsed Universes and time and space were bent by their capricious nature until nothing made sense anymore. They became a maelstrom of magic that created and destroyed stuff at random wherever they passed without unknowing of the chaos they were causing.

Their orgasmic screams alone collapsed black holes and opened Sofia Holes, a much stronger counterforce that also projected their powerful pheromones all over existence. In the next minutes every single living being partook in the widest scale orgy possible, most of them dying along the way due to not being powerful enough to resist the pleasure of a Super Goddess’ fully liberated sex stench.

By the end of it there was a vacuum, and that vacuum was an extension of Sofia herself who was now dormant, without her clone. Her irresponsible and hedonistic tendencies were to blame for the disaster that had just occurred. Although for an egotistical cunt like her, it didn’t matter at all as long as she had fun and felt pleasure.

“Ok I’m tired of sex for now, let’s get back to business.” She snapped her fingers and time was reverted, everything around her quickly rebuilt itself backwards as she walked around the nothingness that surrounded her without silly, unimportant stuff like oxygen or even concepts such as the one that allows things to exist to begin with hindering her presence.

She stood there, trying to remember what the business she had in mind for a while was supposed to be as her custom reality came back to its original state, alongside her gigantic lair. “Oh Sofia you are such a klutz, you have forgotten something so important…But worry not, there’s a way out of this conundrum!” She made her hand intangible and shoved it inside her head which made weird crashing, glass shattering and hissing cat noises as if she was searching for something on a dumpster, then cartoonishly pulled her brain out of her ear. It was a cute, anime version of it that could have been mistaken for a plushie. It had adorable, big eyes and a little mouth that could be used to speak.

“P-Please Sofia, put me back inside. It’s chilling out here.”

“No can do you stupid brain! I need you to tell me what was in my mind before the pool party! I can’t remember right now but it was very important and unless you want me to get bored I suggest you help me. You won’t like me when I’m bored…” Apparently, despite perfect memory being a well known quality of a Super Goddess, Sofia had problems with keeping track of the endless information that she could theoretically process, or perhaps she stopped caring at all and so her memories disappeared altogether because of this. It even happened to things outside of Sofia’s head. If she forgot someone she knew, or some place or even a fundamental concept like physics, such thing would be erased from existence. Because apparently nothing deserved to exist if Sofia didn’t pay attention to it.

“No wonder you forgot, the ‘pool party’ you mention took centuries to end…” The brain thought to himself in hopes she couldn’t hear him.

“What did you say you maggot?! I’ll remind you that I don’t need a stupid brain like you, I can get a new one if I want!”

“Y-Yeah but Sofia, think about it…” She was starting to get really irritated so he decided to butter up her toast a little. “All your memories, entire worlds of knowledge, your miraculous imagination are all here inside me. If you lose me you’ll have to start anew like the last time, and we don’t want to lose the mind of the greatest genius ever, right?”

“Hmm! You are right, my existence alone is a miracle, I shouldn’t waste it away to start with zero memories. Yeah you have convinced me brain, I won’t replace you.”


“BUUUUT! You better tell me what I want to know.”

“Are you sure? Like really, really, really sure?”

“Totally sure.”

“Really? Sure? For real? The surest of surests?”

“The surest of surests.”

“Okay, if you insist…but are you really sure?”


“Well, you were preparing something to make the other Super Goddesses have a bad time.”

“Oh but of course, I totally remember now!”

Sofia put her brain back where it belonged and then snapped her fingers and a golden cannon that looked like it came straight out of a circus appeared next to her. She slid her voluptuous body inside it, casually altering how space worked since she was much bigger than it and then stretched her arm like it was made of gum until it reached the fuse, then lighted it. BOOM! She was shot lightyears away to a corner of the Universe she liked to use for working on her crazy projects.

The naked Super Goddesses fell onto a giant strawberry flavored pudding which exploded on contact, painting the formerly inexistent walls of a newly created room. Sofia came out of it completely dry, clean and sporting a new look fitting for her wacky personality. It resembled the attire of a cabaret dancer with scarlet high heels and a thick fishnet that covered – or tried to, her endless legs and juicy thighs. Since she was a Super Goddess, it was par for the course that she looked gorgeous and today she wanted to flaunt her tummy and arms by sporting a striped, red latex mixture of a lingerie teddy top and a one piece bathing suit with a diamond shaped cut in the abdominal region and a black bowtie that did little to hide her bombshell cleavage. Seriously, her tits looked like they were going to break free at any moment and highlighted her hourglass figure with the breeder hips and almost non-existent waist. Her wristbands evoked a bunny girl's outfit while an absurdly long scarf-cape hung from her neck in the form of swallow wings, and when you looked closely at them, you’d be surprised to find that they actually were made of some strange brand of protofeathers.

Her face was as beautiful as the rest of her. Naturally glossy, kissable lips, a well proportioned nose and deep black eyes that could get lost (literally) into. Fortunately, she hid them behind a pair of 19th century glasses with thick, dark crystals.

She didn’t exude any kind of friendly aura like the other members of her species though and you could tell just by looking at her that she was well aware of her placement in the food chain as well as yours, which meant her only two expressions were either dead serious or unsettlingly smug. Despite her beauty, it was easy for Sofia to seed terror in the hearts of men with the same tools that she would use to seed an erection in their pants. Such was the nature of the most manipulative and schemy being in existence. Her rebellious, untamed redheaded mane went past her magnificent ass and was coronated with an old fashioned top hat with the same colors and texture of her outfit.

As expected from a Super Goddess, she wore her trademark earrings, shaped as two silver question marks that betrayed her mysterious demeanor and unpredictability.

The goddess now found herself in what looked like a museum room full of canvas of herself. Fitting coming from such a narcissist. She tapped the floor a total of five times with her magical cane and the Sofias that were on the canvas came out of them, existing in the different styles of the artwork that they were drawn on. One of them was even a weird, cubist representation of her that could only speak in trumpet sounds.

“Well ladies, you know why I reunited us here. We have to talk about our plan to put those pesky Super Goddesses to test and make them cry for our pleasure!”

“Yeah, they are boring and predictable, those are the worst qualities a person can have.”

“And they dare to call themselves almighty! They don’t even know how to have fun! Isn’t that an imperfection?”

“Wait, aren’t we technically a Super Goddess too?”

“Yeah but a cool one!”

“Right, right.”


“I concur.”

“Super Goddesses were never truly omnipotent. Lowly humans think we are because their concept of power scaling is way off. It’s not only that we deny our possible ascendence to omniscience because then it would be too boring and we would lose our identity, but we have other limits as well. We can’t hurt or kill a fellow Super Goddess, in fact we can’t even commit suicide.”

“We can’t read each other's minds either. Gee, we can’t even override the changes on the fabric of reality that other Super Goddesses have made.”

“And those shitty, stupid emotions that hold us back.”

“Ah but what if I told you all that those days are over? That I, in my unmeasurable genius, have found a way to surpass those limits and have fun for once?”

“Doot doot!”

“I’m not lying! I have created the greatest invention the world has ever seen, something that can make a Super Goddess struggle and even…” She gasped jokingly. “Feel threatened!” The other Sofias started to doubt the original but she silenced them by hitting the floor with her cane. “The other day I was having fun seducing virgins while in my minotaur form back in Ancient Greece and when I left one pregnant with another hero of heroes the thought came to my mind…I can’t harm Super Goddesses but what if I take my power and use it to power up an object that can randomly generate situations and conditions? I don’t know if it works, I never tested it before. But trying won’t hurt.”

“This makes no sense, it’s impossible!”

“We never make sense…” With a smug, devilish grin, the original Sofia stretched one leg and arm from there to kilometers away, the rest of her body staying there while the other half of it came back from oblivion with a giant lump covered by a cloth being lifted by only her index finger. And by giant I mean, building sized. Yet she held it like it was full of air.

The Super Goddess left the humongous structure fall into the ground and shake the earth, confirming it really weighed like a building and flew next to it, then removed the cloth, revealing it to the rest of the Sofias in the room.

“Voilá! A weapon to surpass the Super Goddesses!”

“Wow, I think you were right, this CAN actually work…”

“Let’s start with the plan then. Those stupid Super Goddesses won’t know what hit them!”


Days later on planet Earth, a series of bizarre abductions had caused the disappearance of about 34 people, putting the international governments on maximum alert. They all shared in common that they took place around the same area, the point where four states collide in the US. The original Four Corners Monument and its surroundings were replaced by a thick, red fog that couldn’t be bypassed by modern technology, not even by ultipotent Enhanceds. It was completely impenetrable and unobservable. Whenever someone entered inside, two things could happen, they would either never come out again or suddenly pop outside completely changed for the best or for the worst at random without any memory of whatever happened to them back inside. Some of them came out mutilated or mad, babbling nonsense at the police officers that tried to interrogate them, while others happened to have become completely Enhanced or even reality warped into being rich and married.

It was an incomprehensible and unmanageable situation so the Super Goddesses had to be called in to solve it. This time they had to help since it was obvious that this was caused by another Super Goddess given that not even an ultipotent could fix it.

A group of Super Goddesses – formed by those who actually cared about this ordeal and a few who only turned up out of sheer curiosity, teleported outside the fog and inspected it. They instantly deduced that Sofia was the cause of it due to elimination of possibilities and then slowly entered without any fear. After all, why would a Super Goddess feel fear? Their power was undisputed.

What they found inside was a giant building, thrice as tall as the Empire State but many times as wide with unmistakable chimneys on its roof which hinted at it being a factory. It also looked very old timey and Industrial Revolution-y, like something that came out of a Charles Dickens story, or even a Roald Dahl one. What followed was the most spectacular and unnecessary display of fireworks that had ever been produced. The sky became so bright that it would have fried the eyes of any mortal, although the Super Goddesses were predictably unaffected by it.

It was followed by a ridiculously well organized and almost decadent parade of Sofia’s servants dressed as clowns, accompanied by some of the monsters that were created in the shadow pool mounted on enormous elephants with tusks so long they could slide through them. There was a band on a float lead by a group of cheerleaders and majorettes twirling their 100 tons batons around like they weighed nothing. The music was pretty pleasant and even cheerful but the Super Goddesses were not impressed and demanded to the conductor of the parade that Sofia revealed herself.

It happened that the clearly male conductor was actually Sofia, who quickly abandoned her disguise and ripped her skin off as if it was made of rubber to reveal her Willy Wonkaesque attire and dashing Super Goddess looks. “Welcome Super Goddesses…to The Factory!” She proudly displayed her monstrous creation as a new barrage of fireworks covered the sky. Sofia, not wanting to wait any longer, waved everything back into her dimension, leaving her alone with her omnipotent sisters.

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions right now, my dears. Why have I brought you all here? What makes this factory special? Perhaps you are wondering why I have disappeared for so many years…” She flew away and sat atop the roof of the entrance. “It’s very simple. I had to make a proper show to drag you here since I’m not able to detect you, you are Super Goddesses after all, our very limited powers work that way…but that ends today! After my genius experiment, no longer I’ll be restrained by those silly limitations!” She crossed her delicious legs. “Super Goddesses, I challenge you! This place will strain-test your limits and make you feel vulnerable for the first time in your boring lives. If you are brave enough, step in, if you don’t I’ll know who is a coward and a loser. Don’t worry, the place is completely customized to give anyone who enters a fully unique and personal experience, although you’ll have to enter one by one if we want it to work properly. Will you even come out alive? Who knows? HAHAHAHAHA!” The chaotic Super Goddess licked her lips and grinned maliciously. “If everyone manages to get out, I will make it so the humans that have disappeared come back. But that depends on you beating The Factory. At this point it’s an independent being and it won’t obey me so asking for my help won’t save you if you are on a pinch. This will be veeeery fun, don’t you think…?” She clapped her hands once and the doors to The Factory opened. “Let the games begin! Who will go first?”


A scowl crossed Ha-neul’s flawless face as she turned the corner down a dimly-lit hall, towards a sign too covered in shadow to make out clearly at the end. She instinctively began to glow in order to make it readable, but her light seemed to fizzle out mere inches from her body, not helping in any way to cut through the gloom. It seemed The Factory wished to remain dark, so dark it remained, warping the very laws of physics and overruling the abilities of the omnipotent woman within itself.

Perhaps omnipotent was no longer the correct word, however. After all, how could one possibly call themselves all-powerful if their powers were actively being overwhelmed by another, even larger force? The feeling itself was alien to Ha-neul. It had been a lifetime since ANYTHING had feasibly been able to stop her from doing something she wanted that it didn’t even feel real. She had always been the woman of action among the Super Goddess pantheon, responding instantly to crises across all space and time, but even she found herself somewhat intimidated at the oppressive power of The Factory.

…is this how humanity feels about us?

She hoped they didn’t, but it would of course be entirely in their right to be so. Just as this building could supposedly wipe her from existence with a single, random, unfeeling stroke, could she do the same to a random mortal, planet, or reality itself. It would be effortless, as practically all things were to her, and there wasn’t a single thing her theoretical victim could possibly do to prevent it.

She wouldn’t, of course: none of the Super Goddesses would, at least not until recently. Not until this top-hat wearing maniac had returned to their reality and shone a light on the immeasurably vast power gap that she and her fellow omnipotent sisters had spent so long trying to ensure humanity did not mean that they could not peacefully coexist.

For years they had worked towards building trust with the mortals, and their efforts had paid off wonderfully. How approachable the individual goddesses were varied from individual to individual, but overall, they had managed to present their endless powers as a boundless blessing, rather than an oppressive instrument of force. They were beloved by all, entrusted to the highest seats of power not simply out of coercion, but by virtue as they worked to make the world they called home a better place, day after day.

As such, the fact that one of her species would take such pleasure in tormenting those so much weaker than her infuriated Ha-neul to no end.

All the more important then that I press on- can’t let this one bad apple spoil the b—

Out of nowhere, a slim ray of energy screamed towards her face, moving significantly faster than the speed of light itself. Her reaction time was great enough to notice it in advance, however, and she simply leaned to the side, letting it dart just by her face where it hit the wall behind her, leaving a deep scar in the brickwork that quickly regenerated.

Breathing out an initial sigh of relief, she then saw a single strand of hair, fluttering down to the floor. Ha-neul’s heart sank. She knew that before the creation of this infernal structure, not a single force in the universe could have achieved such a feat, and if she had moved only a picosecond later, that would have been her head on the ground. She had safely taken off her head before, using her innate immortality to play pranks on some of her friends, but she had the instinctual feeling that a cut made by the unnatural powers of The Factory would have been far more deadly. Putting aside her pride, she began to acknowledge how dangerous this building truly was, and the fact that she would have to commit her whole focus into making sure she got out of it alive. Keeping an eye out for any follow-up attacks, Ha-neul began to slide off the cotton bands that wrapped around her wrists and ankles, removing her training weights.

Of course, these weren’t actually weights at all, but she liked to think of them as such, given that they served the same purpose. Mundane weights wouldn’t serve to improve her body in the slightest, as her strength already was undoubtedly infinite, so instead they helped serve to hone her abilities in other ways. All four of the bands were actually the assumed forms of a group of Enhanced quadruplets that she had befriended during her adolescence, and then proceeded to grant limitless shapeshifting abilities to just after her ascension to complete Super Goddesshood. They had traveled the world for about a year after their empowerment as free spirits, but afterwards came to a group consensus that their true place was at the side of the one who had given them such a blessing. Happily transforming themselves into the accessories they remained to this day, they continually pleasured Ha-neul with their Enhanced touch, providing a sort of constant background distraction in the form of dozens of tiny orgasms every second that she theorized would help serve to hone her already godly wit even further.

The moment the last band fell to the floor, it was immediately clear that her theory had worked. Ha-neul immediately entered the most intense state of post-nut clarity the universe had ever seen, her mind racing in a feverish explosion of calculations and creativity. Instantly, she devised tens upon thousands of optimized strategies she could use to avoid a similar attack to the one she had just been grazed by, and proceeded to begin brainstorming plans of action for trillions of other scenarios she could see herself running into.

On the floor, the bands began to morph, uncurling from small bands to a nude quartet of immensely curvy Korean women.

“Do you wish for us to accompany you through this Factory, my Lady?”, one of them asked.

Ha-neul shook her head.

“No, despite how much I would value your company right about now. This place is dangerous even for me, let alone anyone who isn’t a Super Goddess. Your abilities should be used to help calm down any riots among the mortals while I work: these recent events have caused a lot of panic around the world.”

The Enhanced woman’s face lit up as she turned to her sisters.

“Hear that, girls? We’re putting on a show!”

The rest of the women jumped in excitement, one of which instantly jumping into another's arms in the form of a slick electric guitar.


“Hell yeah!”

“I call being the stage this time!”

The lead sister laughed along with them, but stopped for a moment, looking somberly back towards their Goddess.

“We…WILL see you again…right?”

Ha-neul cocked her hip to the side.

“Of course! We still have so much training to do together!”

With that, Ha-neul winked, teleporting the sisters halfway across the world to safety. Part of her wished to follow them, as she could sense that The Factory would allow it, but doing so would mean losing Sophia’s twisted ‘game’, causing the loss of many lives. Instead, she began to continue down that very same hallway, towards the sign that loomed in the center of the branching paths at the end.

Finally, she reached it, and read the directions.

“Let’s see, left takes me to the ‘Factory Archives’…and the right takes me to…a taffy puller room.”

Ha-neul looked straight upwards with a flat expression, towards the 4th wall that hovered just above her.

“Oh yeah, reeeeeal fuckin’ original there, Cones. Sorry, you’re gonna have to get your sick elastic kicks in somewhere else… I think I’m going to go see what this whole ‘Archive’ thing is all about…”

She began heading down the hallway to the left as the narrator sulked, shaking her head in slight amusement.

It’s cute when the authors think they’re powerful enough to control OUR stories.

The hallway only continued a few yards further, ending with a set of solid metal doors. Using her atomic-scale microscopic vision, she saw that it was exactly what it seemed to be, uninfused with The Factory’s power, and consisting of nothing but a two-foot thick sheet of titanium set into the frame; child’s play for her strength. Yawning, she waved dismissively in the door’s direction, the wind generated solely by her simple gesture not only blowing it off its hinges, but tearing it apart like paper through a shredder. Stepping through, she entered the room.

As the dust cleared from her brute entrance, her jaw dropped.

Beyond the doorway lay a massive room, one with a relatively low ceiling at only about thirty or so feet, but extending so far in every direction that it was soon clear that this room was as infinitely large as space-time itself. Populating this absolute abyss of a room was an incalculable number of bookcases, lined up in orderly rows and stacked nearly as high as the ceiling. Dim oil lamps sat on quaint end tables every few rows besides plush armchairs, giving the entire room an ambiance that would have been cozy, if it weren’t for The Factory’s horrifying power and nature.

Intrigued, Ha-neul walked towards the nearest bookcase, labeled on its side by a golden plaque reading “PAC-PAD”. Looking closer, the books arranged on the shelf seemed to all be identical in size and shape, differing only by the text written on their sides.

Pace…Pachyderm…may as well see what’s inside one of these things.

Cautiously, Ha-neul pulled a book labeled Pacific Ocean from the shelf, and opened it to roughly the middle.

Immediately, a vast torrent of water poured out from the pages themselves, flooding the aisle instantly and sending Ha-neul flying across the shelves on a relentless rip current. Once the surprise of the deluge subsided, however, she was effortlessly able to stop herself from being carried any further, the meager power of an entire ocean meaning very little in the face of a Super Goddess, and she gently glided through the submerged aisle to back the book. The water continued to rush endlessly from it, threatening to knock loose and open more of the other enchanted volumes that lined the shelves, so she hastily closed Pacific Ocean , thankfully stopping the flow in its tracks. There still was the small problem of nearly an ocean’s worth of water now smothering the nearby area, but Ha-neul simply opened her lips slightly, and drank the entire volume in one gulp.

Bleh, saltwater. I really hope that wasn’t the ACTUAL Pacific I just drank…I’ll have to go make a new one once I’m out of here if it was…

With the room quiet once again, Ha-neul stood drenched from head to toe, but a quick vibration of her whole body at relativistic speed evaporated that problem away without any issues. Annoying as that whole experience had been, it did serve to tell her how the room worked, and gave her an idea on how she would go about winning Sofia’s game.

These books contain what they’re titled, huh? Seems to me all I gotta do is find the “Exit” book and I’m home free, right?

It seemed as good a plan as any, so Ha-neul began heading further down the aisle, up the alphabet to where she would presumably find the “E” section. She began walking faster and faster, breaking the sound barrier several times over while surrounding herself in a vacuum to prevent the force of her casual jog from accidentally opening more books. Even at her intense speed, it still took several minutes to make her way past the dozen-plus letters worth of bookcases, each of which many miles long, to get to the tail end of the “E” section.

It took a few more seconds to find the specific book she was looking for, as there are an extremely expansive excess of examples when it comes to words starting with “EX”, but Ha-neul’s sheer speed and perception made sorting through the hundreds and hundreds of volumes a breeze. Finally pulling a book from the shelf, she blew some dust from the cover, letting the shiny gold title glimmer in the dim lighting.

There it is: the Exit. I can only hope things will be as easy for the other Goddesses as it was for me…

Confidently, she opened the book…and was hit on the head by a heavy metal hammer. She dropped the book, not out of pain, as the hammer didn’t even come close to harming her invulnerable body, but simply out of sheer surprise.

“What the…”

“Thou hath considerable fortitude to withstand a mighty blow from the Thundergod!”, a boisterous voice rang out.

Looking up, Ha-neul was greeted to the sight of a massive man, seven feet tall and clad in a heavy fur robe, standing before her, a rectangular hammer gripped tightly in his hand, crackling with sparks.

“Sorry, can I help y—?”

“SILENCE, temptress! I knoweth not what dark forces hath summoned me to this…place…but know this, she-devil! Thou may be strong, but none may withstand the full force of the lightning called forth by Thor Odins—”

The man collapsed to the floor as Ha-neul tapped him lightly on the forehead, knocking him out instantly with a negligible amount of her strength. Walking around to where she had accidentally dropped the book, she saw the title, clear as day: Thor, God of Thunder. Ha-neul was baffled. She was certain she had been holding a book titled Exit beforehand, but somehow it had been swapped out with this other book without her ever realizing the swap had taken place at all.

How could something move so fast that even I couldn’t see it?

“…Looking for this?” A snide voice called out.

With a puff of confetti, the gaudy, buxom form of Sophia folded itself out of thin air, her wild orange hair flaring up behind her like a burst of fire. Sunglasses hanging from the bottom of her nose, she peered smugly over the tops of the lenses as her body hovered in a lounging position about six feet off the ground, aligning her own face with that of Ha-neul’s. Raising a hand, she waved a book by her face, taunting her with the word Exit engraved upon it.

Ha-neul scowled.

“Great, here I was hoping that a room with literally EVERYTHING inside it would keep us from running into each other.”

Grinning, Sophia waved a condescending finger.

“Almost, Ha-nooey, almost…but not quite. This room contains everything people know . That wasn’t the real Pacific Ocean you just guzzled down – just all the information sentient life has on it. How big it is, what it’s made of…you should be happy humanity no longer think the oceans are endless, or you would’ve ended up guzzling more than Jennifer on a Friday night!” Her body duplicated itself from the torso, forming another upper half to give herself a high five. “Hey-o!”

Ignoring the dig at her Super Goddess sister, Ha-neul began to put everything together.

“So that guy who was shouting at me was…”

“Yup – not ACTUALLY Thor, but still able to do everything those vikings thought he could all those hundreds of years ago. Kinda lame on the feats front to be honest…at least compared to us—”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m sure this is all SUPER fascinating. Mind just handing over that book already? You’ve only been here two seconds and already the smell of cotton candy coming off of you makes me want to gargle a sun just to wash the taste off my tongue.”

Sophia exaggeratedly looked off into the distance, spiraling a long, stretchy arm through the air to put her pointer finger on her chin as she hummed an irritating earworm of a melody to herself.

“I think…nah. I’mma keep it. Especially if you’re going to keep being rude to me.”

“Thought as much…” Ha-neul sighed.

How did she even swap it that fast, anyways? I’m always able to keep up with the other Goddesses moving around, even when they’re moving at infinite speeds.

“Stumped already, Hooey-Booey? I’ll give you a hint if you ask real nicely!”

For a split second, Ha-neul’s heart stopped cold. Sophia had just read her mind. Nothing should have been able to do that.

Sophia giggled.

“I know, spooky right? Check this out: I’m allllll in your head!” Snapping her fingers, circus music began playing over Ha-neul’s thoughts, looping over and over endlessly, unable to be drowned out by covering her ears or thinking of something else.

“…What the fuck did you do, Sophia?”, Ha-neul shouted over the song.

“Wow, you must be as dumb as you look if you haven’t figured it out yet!” Sophia reached a hand into her cleavage, her breasts swallowing the limb practically to the shoulder until she pulled it out, another book in hand. “​I didn’t do anything! Here- maybe a little bit of reading will do that empty head of yours some good!”

Ha-neul took the book from her, reading the title.

Powers of the Super Goddesses.

Already developing a bad feeling towards what she was about to discover, she read the first page, which was mostly blank save for a few lone words.

The Super Goddesses can do anything and everything, except overpower one another’s abilities, and overpower The Factory.

Angrily, she snapped the book closed.

“This…this doesn’t explain it at all!”

“Turn the page, dummy! The good part is coming up next!”

Ha-neul’s turned to see Sophia hovering over her shoulder, reading the pages alongside her completely unnoticed. She managed to hide any physical expressions of her shock, but Sophia’s smile made it clear that she had already seen all the panic she could have wanted inside Ha-neul’s mind. Grimly, she opened the book once more to page two.

Having created The Factory, it is clear that Sophia has ascended her powers past what any other Super Goddess is capable of.

The book fell to the floor as Ha-neul looked the other Goddess straight in the eyes.

“That’s bullshit! You have the same powers as us- no more, no less!”

“True, but it seems that my summoning of this place have sown quite a bit of misinformation amongst all those cute little mortal minds! People think it’s true, and poof! The Factory makes it a reality!”

“Well, in that case…”

Furious, Ha-neul dove away from the laughing woman, and aimed her arm towards the tome laying still on the floor. Sophia made no effort to stop her as she then shot a ray of energy from her palm, with enough power contained within that single blast to not only destroy the universe, but also create a new one in its place. The book, floor, and furniture around her, however, remained unscratched, even by her immense force.

Waving a finger, Sophia telekinetically lifted the book, and stuffed it in the endless pocket dimension found between her tits.

“Wow, resorting to smashing things up already? I almost feel bad…almost. You’re out of your league, Hunny-Bunny- ALL of you Super Goddesses are.” Her eyes glowing with sadistic glee, a ball of sinister energy formed in her palm, dripping with malevolent power. “Now, if you don’t mind…I think I want to have some fun. You better start moving if you want to, well, y’know…​keep existing.”

Recognizing the danger, Ha-neul began to fly away at reality-warping speeds just as slim blades of light began showering from the ball in Sophia’s hand, firing in every conceivable direction…and every inconceivable one as well. Firing not only in every spatial direction, several others fired back and forwards in time, one managing to slice a strand of Ha-neul’s hair off by catching her off-guard several minutes ago. Any of these beams could of course have been made impossible for Ha-neul to avoid through Sophia’s overwhelming new power, but she instead decided to simply toy with her, making her infinitely inferior prey dance through the air like a fly avoiding a swatter. Every beam seemed to miss Ha-neul by only the tiniest of distances, hitting the bookcases around her instead as she darted through the vast library, searching for any possible way to overcome this enormous problem that had been presented to her. Unbound by the same limitations as Ha-neul, the stray blasts from Sophia’s hands annihilated the books they hit entirely, wiping entire segments of the universe’s knowledge from existence itself.

She hit Cookies, and bakers around the world stopped where they stood, wondering what they were supposed to be working on.

She hit ​Left, and everyone found themselves unable to describe how to navigate even the simplest of environments.

Finally, she threw out one final bolt, which arced through the air, missed Ha-neul by a few inches, and compltly dstroyd th lttr “”. Languag itslf brok down ntirly as all rcollction of this fifth lttr of th alphabt vanishd without a trac.

“Ok, that on is gtting on my nrvs.” Sophia said angrily. Sh snappd hr fingrs again, and the letter was restored.

Ha-neul took the momentary gap in beams to stop and think. How does one even compete with someone infinitely more powerful than themselves? That power had to be taken away from her somehow, but given that there was no way for her to communicate with the outside world save for forfeiting Sophia’s challenge, she had no idea what she could do to inform the seemingly overwhelming majority of the world that believed in Sophia’s false superiority of their error. But just as Sophia teleported to her new location and began to raise her hands once more for another volley of destruction, an idea formed.

Ha-neul quickly erased the idea from her own memory, a trick she used to re-experience her favorite movies as if she was watching them for the first time, doing so in order to prevent Sophia from reading her mind and catching onto her plan. All that remained behind was a simple instruction she left herself- as long as she followed it, she was sure she could succeed.


Buzzing with energy, Ha-neul’s skin rippled, like a pond disturbed by a tossed rock, before bursting open, falling apart into separate halves that immediately recorporialized into entire bodies; two fully-autonomous copies of the beautiful Goddess. Seeing the twinned figures floating above her, Sophia looked almost disappointed.

“​That’s your big plan?” She sighed. “Oh well, I guess not ​all of you will be that fun to hunt down and eliminate. Maybe Irina will give me something interesting to work with.”

Rolling her eyes, the ball of energy dissolved in Sophia’s hand, and she shot a far less impressive beam, looking more akin to a laser pointer, towards the clone, vaporizing it immediately, but not before it had managed to duplicate itself as well several times over, filling the aisle with no less than a dozen Ha-neuls all at once. None of them said a word, but simply hovered in space, constantly splitting and reforming endlessly as a wave of divine flesh.

“Just give it up, dumbass. You could clone yourself a billion times, a trillion times- hell, an INFINITE number of you would still not even come close to being able to beat me!”

The Ha-neuls said nothing; their numbers reaching the thousands. Irritated, Sophia destroyed a few more, though any impact she made on their ranks was swiftly eliminated as for every one she killed, dozens more took their place. They soon had every shelf clogged for miles around, with millions of soft, curvy bodies packed into tight quarters that caused their hips and breasts to softly squish into one another, with one very irritated Sophia sitting buried in the middle.

“You know, the only reason I haven’t just disintegrated all of you with my pinky finger is because I’m slightly interested to see whether you genuinely think this’ll work, or if you’re just setting up for one last orgy before I wipe you from reality.”

Sophia peered into the mind a clone currently pressing their tits against her face.


“Hmmph, maybe it’s neither of those actually. Maybe the sheer presence of my powers have broken your mind entirely.”


Irritated, Sophia prepared to unleash an explosion of such power that every clone, no matter how many there were, would be utterly obliterated. Her toy was no longer fun, and it was time to dispose of it.


Sophia froze. She couldn’t hear the clone’s thoughts. She couldn’t hear ANY of the clones’s thoughts. Panicking, she let loose the blast to destroy all of the Ha-neul’s, but the energy merely glossed over their skin like water off a duck’s back. The clone who’s mind she had been reading peered menacingly down on her.

“Back to normal, are we?”

“W-what did you do to my powers!?”

The smug grin on Ha-neul’s face was lethal.

“Go see for yourself.” Sophia swiftly pulled the Powers of the Super Goddesses book from her cleavage dimension, and turned it to the second page.

Having created The Factory, it was assumed that Sophia had ascended her powers past what any other Super Goddess were capable of.

However, it is now common knowledge that said assumption was false, and Sophia’s powers are merely the same as all other Super Goddesses.

It didn’t take long for her to figure out what had happened.

“H-how many of you ARE there?”

“Oh I stopped counting in the decillions, but that was a while back. All that matters is that there’s more of ME than everything else in the universe combined- and ​I know the truth.”

Face contorting in anger, Sophia shouted venomously.

“I-- I’ll just clone myself more than you! Then I can make myself the most powerful again!”

“Go ahead- it’s not going to do jack shit. You know that power was fake just as much as I do, cloning yourself will just make that truer than ever.”

“I…I…hrmph, I suppose you’re right. Well, still- good luck getting the Exit book from me! You still have the whole factory to deal with before you’re safe agai--”

“Actually, I already left.”


I can’t believe she left “Escape” completely unguarded. It’s not like “Exit” was ever the only word I could have used…

The moment Ha-neul had opened that book, having slipped a single of her clones out of the galaxy-sized ocean of her own bodies, a bright light flashed over her, and she found herself outside once again. The imposing silhouette of The Factory still cast a grim shadow over the landscape, but the smell of fresh air lightened her spirits all the same. Seeking to prevent a similar issue from arising again whenever she inevitably would go about uncreating her clones, she created tiny pamphlets in front of every sentient being in the universe, each of which automatically translating into their reader’s language, and detailing how Sophia was no different in power to any other Super Goddess. Sensing a wave of realization wash over the universe, she breathed a sigh of relief. It was over. She had won.

Without even looking, she backhanded another of the beams that had been fired into the future several minutes ago, dissipating it into a harmless shower of sparkles, its power now once again unable to harm her invincible body in the slightest.

Well, that takes care of that, now it’s all up to the others…


"This should be… interesting…" A spark of bravery and courage filled Brunhilde as she ventured forth into the mysterious building, for once in her life being unsure of what was about to happen next; even future sight and omnipotence were useless for something caused by the reality warping of another Super Goddess, and especially unpredictable due to the bizarre nature of this magical factory. But as a seeker of new and exciting experiences, she couldn't resist to admit that she was certainly curious- something that was truly random and unknown to even the likes of a god.

She walked inside the front entrance, and was greeted with a litany of sights to take in. A bizarre mish-mash of clashing aesthetics filled the seemingly endless foyer of the magical room, that instantly opened up into a grand lobby with walls stretched as far as the human eye could see, with thousands, if not millions, of doors lining the walls, both horizontally and vertically. Each one had its own unique look to it, and was made of a different material- some were just rotted wooden doors that looked like a door to a weathered beach house, other ones were pristine mansion gates, others looked like metal bank vaults, a few colonial townhouse doors, and so on. The doors continued upwards, "stacked" on top of each other only a couple inches above the last one, that seemed to go on forever up the endless walls of the magical fortress. Interspersed throughout the building were all kinds of staircases that seemed to be inspired by (or the inspiration for) an M.C. Escher drawing. Some staircases went from one random door and then looped around to return back to another door on the same wall a few levels up, others would require upside-down or sideways gravity control to function properly; some went from the floor to a random door on the 84th floor, others went from a place on the wall of doors to another on the opposite end or all the way to the ceiling, twisting like a spiral or doing loop-de-loops on the way to its destination.

There wasn't more than a few inches of free space in the entire place- aside from the doors and staircases, the whole building was packed to the brim with all sorts of miscellaneous stuff, whether it was colorful artwork, edible live plants with fruits made of candy, living statues of Sofia, more of her magical self-portraits, windows into other dimensions, wild animals, you name it- it was all here.

"Nice place, huh?" Sofia said, jokingly and almost sarcastically, with a devilish grin on her face. "Come on, let me show you the best part." A menacing shadow fell over her eyes, while her smile got even deeper and wider with a more menacing look and began to look like a set of sharp triangular shark's teeth. "Right this way, follow me~"

Past the river of strawberry pudding, down the hall of Sofia's living portraits (accompanied by a strange "dooting" noise as she walked by), they were interrupted by the sound of muffled screams as the girls passed by an open door. Brunhilde took a peek inside to see one of Sofia's monster minions pumping an air hose into the mouth of a girl who was turning entirely dark blue from asphyxiation while she inflated like a giant balloon, turning her into a giant human blueberry girl, displaying a hanging sign on the door that read "The Dobson Room", that Brunhilde shuddered at before re-directing her attention and then kept walking.

"And here we are~" Sofia said, stopping at the end of the hall next to a brown wooden door with a sign that read "Brunhilde".

"So… you've been expecting me I see…" Brunhilde noted. "How did you know I love wooden doors?"

"Just a feeling… This is the only thing I've expected, but from now on, neither of us will have that luxury- everything else will be pure luck." Her eyes began to flare red and she licked her lips, as if the mystery and unpredictability were turning her on, and opened the door.

Inside was a singular spotlight shining onto a spot in the middle of the floor in front of her, and the whole room was otherwise pitch black.

"What have you got planned for me then?"

"Me? Ohohoho… I have nothing planned darling- we're going to let my favorite person decide your fate… Lady Luck!"

Just then, a figure walked into the lone spotlight- a well endowed woman with beautiful curly brunette hair down to her waist and a kind gentle face obscured by a blindfold, wearing a flowing gown that looked like white silk, and sporting a set of large angel wings. With a snap of her fingers, the lights of the room lit up. Brunhilde could now see the room was perfectly square, 30x30 feet, with pristine white walls, with only the big spotlight and a few incandescent bar-shaped lightbulbs built into the ceiling.

She sauntered over to Brunhilde and unexpectedly leaned forwards and gave her a long, wet, passionate kiss on the lips that went on for about two minutes, as the two began to get heated in the thrill of the moment, overwhelmed by the other's delectable taste.

"What was that all about?" Brunhilde asked.

"You know… For good luck~" The woman gave a wink and then walked back towards Sofia.

A giant colorful wheel with thin metal spokes like a bike appeared next to Sofia, that looked oddly similar to one used on famous game shows, only this time the individual tiles were much smaller and had little pictures on them instead of number values. There must have been thousands of different tiles on this thing- not only was the wheel itself about 20 feet tall, but the tiles were no bigger than an inch or two. Lady Luck grabbed the side and with a powerful thrust she threw her hand downwards, spinning the massive wheel at light speed as Sofia began maniacally laughing like a comic book villain. The "ticking" noise was building to the pace of machine gun fire in no time. With each "tick", reality started to shift and the room changed in some physical way. The different versions of the room flashed before Brunhilde's eyes before quickly vanishing and turning into the next one, and so on, cycling between an infinite number of objects and themes inside the room. Dungeon torture devices with a stone wall and dim lighting like a medieval prison. A bottomless pit of spikes. Playground swing sets and slides on a bright sunny day. The middle of the ocean, where the floor turns into actual water and the platform below turns into a boat. Countless different options were flying in front of her, until finally the ticking began to slow down and settle, before landing on the result.

The room had converted itself into what looked like a mad scientist's laboratory, with all sorts of electronic computer equipment scattered throughout the floor, beams of pulsating electronic energy flowing into a big power generator, test tubes and beakers everywhere, and a cold tile floor surrounded by a dingy gray wall to replicate the "underground secret lab" aesthetic.

In the center of the room were two cylindrical glass tanks that looked like they could be cryogenic freezing chambers, each one about 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide, and then a slightly raised platform in the middle between the two.

"Oooohh!~ I love this one!" Sofia began eagerly clapping excitedly. "But you're going to need a partner!"

"A… partner?"

Lady Luck took one hand and plunged it into her cleavage, and began to dig around, before pulling out another ridiculously large game show-style wheel, and giving it yet another spin. This time the pictures on the tiles were much more visible, since they were noticeably larger, like a foot per square, only this time the images were not of locations.

The images were of the other Super Goddesses.

For literally the first time in eternity, Brunhilde felt the emotion "anxiety" that she had heard so much about, and broke out into a nervous sweat, totally unsure not only of who the wheel would land on, but what happened next.

It felt like ages as the wheel kept spinning and spinning, Brunhilde's eyes darting up and down just to keep up, until it eventually began to slow down…

Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick… tick… tick… tick… tick…………. tick.

"And our lucky winner is…"

"Paige McDowell! Come on down! You're our next lucky contestant!"

Just then, outside the main gate of the factory was Paige, standing alongside the other Super Goddesses who had yet to go in, chatting amongst themselves and debating and pondering what could possibly be going on inside…


All of a sudden, an extremely-conveniently placed trapdoor opened up beneath Paige's feet and her eyes popped open wide before she started screaming on the way down into the mysterious pit. Normally she would have just flown out, but it was as if some sort of supernatural magnet was pulling down on her, dragging her in every direction. The pit lead into an intricate system of metal pipes underground that began to comically bulge and bend outwards every time Paige would slam into one of the twists or corners. She plummeted downwards, then sideways, then began to fall upwards and terminal velocity, back down again, a spiraling loop-de-loop, and then one last time going downwards before another similar noise and seeing a beam of light open up below her feet.

Another 3x3 door opened up on the ceiling of the room Brunhilde was in (despite being above Paige's original position) and with a loud crash, Paige fell out, unceremoniously flopping onto the metal floor in front of Sofia and Brunhilde.

"W-What? What's going on?"

"Well Paige… it seems you've been randomly selected."

"Selected?" She said, getting back up on her feet. "For what?"

"For the ride of your life." Sofia devilishly smiled, as she stepped out of the shadows slowly clapping. "Are you ready?"

"What exactly did you have planned?" Brunhilde replied.

"I didn't plan a thing- the factory however, is another story. It's randomly chosen this trial for you. And did I mention the machine's effects are random too? Perhaps the machines will disintegrate you… Perhaps you'll be frozen… Perhaps you'll be teleported to another dimension… who knows? Only one way to find out~ If you want to see those humans walk out of here alive, you'll just have to see where it goes! AHAHAHA!"

"Well darling…" Brunhilde turned to Paige. "Sorry for dragging you into this mess. But it seems we don't have much of a choice."

"I-I'm scared Hilde."

"Shh… It'll be okay." Brunhilde reassured her a tender motherly smile before kissing her on the forehead. "We'll make it, together. I promise."

The two gave a nod and stepped inside the glass chambers.

The machine began to whir and hum to life as bolts of blue lightning surged through the wiring and into the glass chambers. The whirring became louder and louder, almost to a deafening level, and a bright flash of light burst through the room.


Paige opened her eyes.

She looked down, to see she was still indeed alive.

But immediately she knew that something wasn't quite right- this must have been some kind of alternate reality that surrounded her. Her omniscience failed her, so she must have been somewhere inside the factory still, but her specific location was very much a mystery. It was dead silent except for an ominous "hum" that echoed through the background of this strange place, suggesting perhaps that she was inside a dream. She looked around to get a bearing of her surroundings. She appeared to be inside a vast expansive library straight out of the 1800's, the 1,000-foot ceilings filled to the brim with aisles and aisles of musty dark wooden bookshelves that seemed to go on for miles in every direction, lit by thousands of candles hanging from chandeliers and wall-hooks.

"Hang on… I've been here before…" Paige thought to herself. "This looks just like Brunhilde's estate!"

And indeed she was right, it did look just like it; it was identical to the Von Wittgenstein library that was inside Brunhilde's mansion.

Realizing this, she quickly ran towards the exits of the room, looking for the one that lead back into the grand foyer, but as she opened the creaky wooden door, she stopped dead in her tracks- there was nothing beyond it but an endless void of red-colored space; no walls, no floors, nothing. Just Paige, and the floating library. She quickly sprinted thousands of miles in seconds to the other exits of the room- same result there. Even the windows would only serve as another way to see the strange red nothingness.

"Oh no… I'm trapped…" She said, starting to feel genuine panic for one of the first times in her life as a goddess. She tried squinting her eyes and clenching her fists, attempting to teleport back to Earth, or even telepathically communicate with anyone else, but nothing was working.

"Okay, think Paige. What was the last thing you remember… I was in Sofia's factory place, then I got in that weird chamber thing with Brunhilde… then… now I'm here… Okay, well, this is definitely weird. So then where the hell AM I?"

Paige continued thinking to herself, trying to ponder just what exactly what was going on, as she began to pace around the room. As she was deep in thought however, something caught her attention- a golden metal plate embedded into the end of one of the bookshelves.


"Memories?" Paige thought to herself.

She flew upwards about 20 feet and picked up a random book from the pristine and carefully categorized shelf, labeled "Brunhilde - Age 4 - January 18th - Part 1"

She landed back down on the floor, and cracked the book to open the front cover of this ridiculously oversized book that looked fit for a grand wizard.

"Age 4 - January 18th - Part 1 - Chapter 1: I woke myself up today when I could smell mutter's thoughts of making pancakes, then rose out of bed to fly downstairs and wait at the table for her."

"Wait, is this a journal? Written by Brunhilde?!"

Paige began to rifle through the pages, going faster and faster as she got more invested in the progression of the story, until she was thumbing through them like a flip-book, reading and digesting it at godly speeds incomprehensible to the human mind and yet understanding and even memorizing every single letter on the page, down to the punctuation marks; luckily that power wasn't interrupted by this strange force field. As she continued, she realized that Brunhilde's imagery was in fact so impressive that a literal first-hand vision of all the events came to life before Paige's eyes, watching Brunhilde go through her average January day as a 4-year old.

She put back the original copy and grabbed another one a few feet to the right; "Brunhilde - Age 5 - March 7th"

Yet again, she employed her hyper-reading and breezed through another of the massive 1000+ page leather-bound tomes faster than the blink of an eye. Yet again, a perfect recollection of Brunhilde's memories, dialogue, and actions on that particular day. She zipped to another one a few shelves away- "Brunhilde - Age 9 - June 12th - Part 24". Same thing.

She put the books back and flew about 6 miles southwest, and spotted another golden aisle marker:

~~~ INFORMATION - HISTORY - 1814 - September ~~~

And sure enough, the seemingly endless hallway was filled with history books that were chronologically and alphabetically organized, that first went by date, and then by location, since each individual book went into explicit detail of exactly what happened to each individual person in a country on that one particular day in time; China, Croatia, Cuba… The shelf just goes on and on, for every person of every country of every day of every month of every year, for every year so far in history.

"Holy shit… This is a library full of all of Hilde's knowledge, thoughts, and memories." She thought to herself. "…I must be inside Brunhilde's mind."

"Okay Paige, think… You're somehow trapped inside Brunhilde's mind, and it doesn't look like there's a way to snap out of it with your powers…" She thought to herself out loud. "Well now what? I guess there's nothing else to do but sit here and read these books. Maybe there's a clue in here I'm supposed to find, and that's how I get out of here?"

Since she didn't have any better ideas, she settled on her new plan, and the now-confident Paige began to ravage through the miles and miles of seemingly endless bookshelves, scouring each page of every book in the entire library aisle by aisle, looking for some kind of clue or idea she might have overlooked on how to solve this bizarre situation.

In a matter of a few minutes, the entire library was a disheveled mess, with stacks and piles of books all over the place, completely wrecking any semblance of the painstaking organization that Brunhilde had gone through to set them up, signifying to herself that Paige had completed reading. Millions of pages of small-fonted, extremely detailed, and verbose text that documented the every bit of knowledge and thought of an omnipotent all-knowing being were digested into Paige's godly mind almost instantly. Unfortunately a lot of the information she had read through was stuff she already knew, being omnipotent and all-knowing herself, however, there were a few exceptions to that rule, she found, as she was learning quite a lot through reading Brunhilde's journals, since it's privileged information and experiences unique specifically to Brunhilde, as another super goddess.

Paige also found a lot of especially interesting reads when she got to the aisles marked "Double Lives", which contained a massive database chronicling every single experience that Brunhilde had living a life that was not her own, whether it was an invented persona or literally stepping into the shoes of a real person, which she had done at least once for each individual person across every time period and alternate dimension. Brunhilde was surprisingly private about this sort of thing, except for swapping stories with Elza, who shared a common interest about studying human behavior, but otherwise this was all brand-new information to Paige. All of the books in these Double Lives aisles were marked alphabetically. Paige was beginning to lose hope in finding a human soulmate with each passing letter, reading about all of these people who, according to Brunhilde's mental notes (which appeared as real physical notes on the pages), most likely wouldn't meet Paige's criteria for a potential lover. But just as she was about to give up, something of a miracle struck. Zoren Zylweiger, the very last entry in Brunhilde's alphabetical catalog, finally appeared to be someone that Paige could see herself with, a kind-hearted and pure soul cursed with the tragic affliction of blindness, but persevering and still living out his life waiting to find his very own soulmate; someone capable of genuine true love.

But just then, Paige heard a strange noise.

It sounded like something was shaking or rattling nearby. She put down the book and tip-toed closer, listening to the noise to try and pinpoint its location. She wandered around through the aisles, as the shaking got louder and louder, until she found the source. At the very end of the bookshelf next to one of the exit doors to the library, was a book that had a faint glowing aura, physically moving and shaking in its place by itself, vibrating the whole shelf like a miniature earthquake. Paige cautiously picked it up, and flipped over to the last page, where…

The book was being written, in real time.

Right before her eyes, text was appearing printed on the pages! What the hell was going on?

She flipped back to the first page and started reading as fast as she could.

It was the journal marked with today's date.

Inside, was a description of Brunhilde's morning routine as usual, then the exact events of the last few hours. Meeting with Sofia, entering the factory, going inside this room, fusing together with me… it's all here. But what happens next after the fusion? Is she still alive and writing right now!?? What did she say?!?

She flipped to the last page, to watch Brunhilde's book write itself:


8:42 PM

As the hum of that mysterious machine got louder, I was paralyzed with fear. I had never truly felt fear and anxiety before today, and I completely understand why nobody likes them. 0/10. Would absolutely not recommend to anyone. All I could think about in that moment before the flash was how I regret not spending as much time with Paige. The last thing I can remember was hearing Sofia's laugh as my mind began to slip away into unconsciousness.

I just woke up a few seconds ago… Right now I can feel myself floating, like I'm underwater. I don't know exactly where I am or what I'm 'in', because whatever this is, definitely is not water. There is a beautiful color of light blue surrounding me, going on forever in every direction, but it appears to just be empty space with nothing here. I wonder, is Paige experiencing something like this too? Note to self: remember to ask Paige later.

Okay… it appears I can't sense where I am, teleport, or communicate with anyone. I must still be inside the factory if my powers aren't working, right? Hmmm… Okay, well there's nothing else here, so what am I supposed to do? Have I just been doomed to stay here forever? Surely it can't be, …r-right?

Wait- I hear something. It sounds like a voice, echoing in the distance, but also nearby, as if it's coming from every angle. It sounds almost like, a group of people… speaking together in unison? It's a mixture of male and female voices, all talking together like a crowd… Let me try to concentrate and figure out what they're saying…

"Brunhilde… Join us… become one with us…"

"W-Who are you? What's going on?"

"We are Paige…"

"P-Paige? What do you mean? How is that possible?"

"We were once humans… Fused into Paige's soul… We are a beautiful collective… Together with our goddess forever…"

I'm… I'm inside Paige's soul?!?

Wait… I heard Paige talking about this before, her "agape" problem… All of these people who only wanted Paige for her powers, and not for love, so they fused into her soul… My dear, that's terrible… There are so many souls here, there must be thousands, millions even… I feel so awful for her… I wonder if I could help her somehow? Note to self: Ask Paige about this later if you survive whatever this is.

"Join uuuuuuuusssssssss…"

Oh no, they're pulling me in! I can feel myself becoming part of them…

a tiny drop in an ocean…
strangely good…
melting away in bliss…

No! This isn't right! I want no part of this! Nobody should be this way, no matter who you are! Your individuality is what makes you human, what makes you special! Completely adrift and lost in this empty void, no purpose, no meaning, other than existing… This is no way to live, not for anyone, and not for Brunhilde Von Wittgenstein! I'm a Super Goddess, damn it! I want to be ME, and nobody else! Nobody should ever have to live like this… Lost in this empty void, with no purpose or direction… I swear, Once I get out of here, I will make sure this never happens to anyone again!

I'm resisting their powerful forces that are trying to absorb my body into the collective consciousness. I need to find a way out of here, and fast… There must be a way out of here… If I could somehow communicate with Paige, maybe she could help me? I'll just concentrate and hope for the best, right now it's my only hope. Paige, if you can hear me, I need you. I need you to open yourself up for me! Let me in! Or Let me out! Just help me out of here, please!


As Paige was reading these horrifying words, terrified for Brunhilde's safety, she tried to concentrate herself, focusing on calming herself down and picturing Brunhilde's situation inside her mind, according to the text of the book, as close to the text as possible. She imagined the light blue endless sea of souls, Brunhilde caught inside the middle- then she began to feel it, and see it for herself. She was now literally looking inside herself, to watch Brunhilde trying to swim inside this strange void, struggling to avoid getting absorbed into the collective of her former loves, and finally saw it for herself- the agape emptiness inside her heart that was missing that special someone, taking the form of a literal black pit in the center of her heart. The pool of these souls was *filling* this hole, but not *fulfilling* it- a poor and temporary solution for a much deeper and more serious problem, as if to put a band-aid on a bullet wound. And there was Brunhilde, deep at the bottom of the black pit, struggling for help.

With one deep breath, Paige let go of herself- her worries, her inhibitions, her problems, her stress, just for a moment, and let down all of her barriers, entering a state of peaceful meditation for a few seconds. In that moment, she accepted the reality of this situation she was in, and had an epiphany. There was a deep cut inside her emotionally but no matter how many dates or boyfriends or lovers she encounters, even the perfect guy could never fill that hole back up. Throwing more guys at it was the wrong way to approach solving her issue, this was a mental barrier that kept the pain alive. In order to truly heal herself, she needed to stop relying on other people for her happiness and fulfillment- to just enjoy being herself and appreciate all the incredible things she already has, cherishing her life, her powers, and of course her (literally) eternal friends, the other Super Goddesses. Maybe the perfect guy is indeed out there, but right now it doesn't matter; if that ends up being true, then that's great, but accepting the reality that it may never happen (and that's perfectly fine) instantly began to put Paige at peace and heal the wound on her heart. Her heart began to re-inflate, pushing the black pit back up towards the surface, shrinking it and shrinking it until it was no more, and Paige's heart was once again full and happy.

Meanwhile, Brunhilde was being caught in the whole mess, getting suddenly "pushed" out of the hole as it filled back up. Then she looked behind her to see what was going on, and saw that a doorway had appeared on the surface of Paige's heart.

Then the door swung open.

Paige had literally opened herself up to her.

Brunhilde instantly swam through the ethereal pool and through the doorway, gasping for breath as she quickly slammed the door behind her.



The door she had gone through in Paige's heart lead her directly back into the library, right next to the door where Paige was reading her live-action journal writing. The two girls immediately hugged each other as tight as they possibly could, each one never happier to see the other's face before.

"My library? Why are we here? What just happened? What's going on?" Brunhilde bombarded her with questions, as if Paige had any better idea than she did about what was going on.

"You said to open myself to you, so I did." Paige gave a warm and calming smile, for the first time in many years, genuinely happy.

"So you could hear me! How did you know I was in trouble?"

"Oh yeah, I heard a noise coming over from here, and I found this book rattling and shaking all around, so I opened it up to see, and there it was, your thoughts being translated onto the paper."

"Ah yes, that's right! My mental journal! I had no idea if that would still work in this strange dimension, or wherever we are. Plus I didn't even realize you'd be able to read it anyway, I figured you were in some sort of similar situation as I was. Luckily that worked out though… Normally I don't like people reading all of my journals, but it was a blessing that you did this time."

"Y-You don't like people reading your journals?"

"Not particularly, there's some uh… embarrassing stuff in there." Brunhilde sheepishly blushed. "Why do you ask?

"O-Oh h-haha, no reason, just wondering."

"I see… Well yes, this is what my mind looks like… I've never had anyone in here before, but I like to keep it organized. I am German after all." She chuckled. "I-- Wait, what's that huge messy pile of books over th--MMPH?!?"

Before she could finish, Paige interrupted her by wrapping her arms around Brunhilde's body and began to sensually kiss Brunhilde's soft tender lips, while their soft, warm, gentle skin brushed against one another's, their sensitive motherly breasts firmly pressing into the other's body. Brunhilde was so taken aback that she instantly forgot her anger, and responded by reciprocating, doing the same thing and engaging in a passionate french kissing session.

For a moment, both stopped kissing and paused to calmly stare one another in the eyes with a slight smile, while they both realized in that moment just how beautiful and sexy the two goddesses really were, as if seeing each other for the first time.

"Become one with me Paige." Brunhilde seductively whispered.

"I'd love to." She whispered back, before they once again wrapped each other tight in the warm blanket of the other's embrace, tasting the perfection of the other's lips, as a wave of pleasure began to wash over them.

A flash of white light emanated from the glowing beast with two backs.


The girls opened their eyes.


As the fog began to clear, it revealed that the two glass chambers…

Were empty.

But as the rest of the mist faded away, you could begin to make out something on the middle platform.

Something… Blue?

It was nothing short of a waterfall of shimmering light-blue fluffy hair, with the thickness of a dense forest and an even more insane length. It was an enormous pile of hair that looked more akin to a mountain, that laid spread all over the floor, converging at the central point of the platform. On the platform were a pair of knee-high shiny black leather boots attached to legs that seemingly went on for miles- because they nearly did. The figure was now a whopping 9 feet in proportional height, with the rest of her body filling out to match. Her shapely curved legs were covered by a tastefully elegant pair of navy-blue dress pants with golden buttons, and a frilly white long-sleeved blouse that formed perfectly around her phenomenal exaggerated hourglass shape, with a wide set of hips and even wider breasts, somehow miraculously being held together by this shirt without spilling out everywhere. And finally at the top of this massive 9-foot tall woman was the face of, simply put, a goddess- the combination of Paige's cute endearing puppy-dog eyes and Brunhilde's warm loving smile that created the ultimate combination of motherly kindness and light-hearted affection in one glorious being.

"I feel… Strange… But so… good…" A heavenly and unintentionally seductive voice escaped the lips of the fused hyper-goddess, that sounded like a harmonious chorus of Brunhilde's and Paige's voices in unison, one that would have instantly made anyone in a mile radius flood their pants with cum.

It suddenly dawned on them what had happened- both of them were in shock and disbelief as their new set of hands began to feel their own body to confirm it was still there, and yes, indeed it was- all 9 feet of godly Amazonian pleasure. It was a sensation that even the super goddesses themselves struggled to describe, the closest they could relate it to would be akin to the overwhelming lust and sheer pleasure of a super orgasm but combined with a warm and relaxed sensation, as if their bodies had turned into wet clay and melted into each other's forms. It was a rush of new sensations that flooded inside their infinite mind, combining the unfathomable amounts of power contained in those two girls into one body, double the already unimaginable power of the two super goddesses.

Overflowing with power now, their new body was emanating a blue and gold aura of raw energy, and now Sofia began to feel genuine fear for the first time in HER life, in a mixture of panic, shock, and seething rage.

"W-What?!? You survived?! an enraged Sofia screamed, quickly losing her cool and smug demeanor, in favor of blind rage. "WHAT HAPPENED!? NO NO NO NOOOO!"

"Indeed, what happened, Sofia?" The fused goddess spoke, with a deliciously smug smile.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Sofia tossed aside her cane and began furiously stomping on the ground, pummeling through the metal floors with her heels like paper as the entire factory began to shake and rattle from the impact. Sheets of metal, hundreds of bricks, and globs of colorful edible candy began falling from the ceiling as the whole room began to collapse around them, until the floor was totally covered in rubble, with an angry-crying Sofia punching the floor, mascara running down her cheeks like tears.

"I-I didn't think you could possibly survive… As soon as I realized what the factory was doing, a fusion, I thought it was over… You two have such different personalities that I was sure the combination would be enough to overload you both and erase your souls from the universe…"

"Well sorry darling… You only ended up helping us. I think both of us really learned something about each other, and something important about ourselves too. Sure, we were lost and in pain for a while, but it only strengthened us in the end." The hyper-goddess clacked her boots as she walked over to where Sofia was bent over on the ground to look down at her smugly.

"This can't be happening…" Sofia muttered.

"And now I'm going to fulfill my promise. Nobody should ever feel lost and directionless. Not even you, Sofia."

"H-huh?" She tried to hold back her tears and retain her composure.

"You've been using your powers for evil, Sofia. We have the power to make the world a better place, to live our lives as true goddesses of unlimited power, and you choose to use it for personal gain. Why not have both pleasure, and a kind soul? I'll tell you what I think. I think even though you can have pleasure whenever you want it, it never satisfies you. You may be able to fuck anything and everything in the multiverse with the snap of your fingers, but even though your sexual desires are filled, you have a hole in your heart just like I did. You've projected your troubles into this dark persona, but you called us all here because I think deep down you were really just jealous of the relationship we share with each other, and you feel left out."

"N-no… S-Shut up…"

"You have to accept reality just like us Sofia… What you've needed this whole time wasn't this empty and meaningless carnal pleasure at all.

It was love…

It was friendship…

It was romance…

It was…



“Before that,” Irina interjected, “I have a question.”

Sofia groaned, obviously annoyed. “Yeah, I knew this was gonna happen. Alright Blondie, spit it out.”

“Why do we have to enter one at a time? What happens if, for instance, two of us enter simultaneously?”

A chuckle emerged from deep within Sofia’s throat. “Ohhhhh, trust me, you don’t want to do that.”

“Why not?”

Now suddenly at Irina’s side, Sofia leaned in close to whisper in her ear. “Don’t tell it I said this, but The Factory ain’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. It can have trouble distinguishing two people apart. You and your witless pal might end up somewhere unexpected, trapped in The Backrooms, or even teleported to an inescapable hellscape beyond even your understanding! I mean, is it ​really worth risking your life - not to mention those of the disappeared humans?”

Irina shrugged. “Maybe. Depends on whether or not you’re hiding something.”

“Listen here Anastasia, allow me to rephrase. This is a ​singleplayer game. You go in on your own. Whether you come out on your own - or at all, for that matter - is entirely up to you. Of course, you can’t come ​out if you don’t go in. Hint hint.”

“Fine,” Irina replied. “You can’t fault a scientist for being curious.”

“I can if she’s being a stubborn bitch.”

“Fair enough.”

Irina stepped through the doors to The Factory. In that moment, she felt a slight discontinuity. Instead of entering a room, Irina was seated in some kind of a barber’s chair, which seemed to be built out of scrap metal and obsolete steampunk medical equipment. The room around her was bleak, damp and filthy: it looked like a long-abandoned prison shower room. She was bound to the chair using her own threads of life. These mythical, abstract artifacts are conceptually bound to one’s life - breaking them would kill the individual they were bound to. Irina being an immortal and unkillable Super Goddess, her threads were also indestructible. Despite all that, her will trumped all, as she freed herself effortlessly simply by standing up - the threads fell apart like spider webs.

As she did, a ceiling-mounted analog TV switched on, displaying a ventriloquist puppet with decidedly Sofia-like features. From an adjacent speaker, Sofia spoke using a badly feigned fry register:

“​Welcome, Esteemed Woman of Science, to— Hey, put those back! In this house we play by the rules.”


Irina humored her annoying peer and rewound time by a few seconds, re-restraining herself. Sofia continued, but her voice cracked back into her natural squealy one.

“​Looks l​i​k​e somebody needs a lesson in showmanship.”

Her puppet-self glanced down to a stack of papers on the table before her.

“One second, let me start over.”

The TV screen blacked out. One second later - accurate to the picosecond by Irina’s count - it restarted. Sofia continued in her terrible fry register, which sounded like an attempt to impersonate some kind of black-clad vigilante with a peculiar animal motif.

“​Welcome, Esteemed Woman of Science, to THE FACTORY.​”

“Is this your idea of showmanship?”

“​SSSS​SHUSH Y​O​U​! G​a​w​d, can’t you be chill for like one minut- you know what, heck this. Let’s just start… ​the game!”

A harsh buzzing sound denoted a button being pressed on her end. All around the chairbound Super Goddess, the room’s walls began to slowly rise, shedding layers of dust upon the tiled floor. In addition to the mechanical whirring, the room was soon flooded with a much more human-like sound, which drowned out any clanking of gears or whizzing of pistons.

With all the walls removed, Irina found herself at the center of a large warehouse. The source of the deafening sound revealed itself. All around her were futanari, sporting erections ranging in size anywhere from fire posts to shipping containers. All were constrained by constantly vibrating onaholes and moaning in a chorus of maddening pent-up ecstasy. Their cocks, seemingly on the verge of cumming at any second, all pointed towards dimensional rifts floating in mid-air.

Irina’s restraints were released. She stepped out of the chair, electing to levitate in place instead of defiling the soles of her high heels with such unsanitary surfaces, and surveyed the large room with all the curiosity and suspicion of an apt rationalist.

“​Take a gander, Surly McGothface! One hundred - yes, count ‘em - one hundred hyper futas, pent-up and jacked off thrice to the edge and twice back! Pretty soon, they’ll all be released simultaneously, shooting their loads through those portals into Earth! These aren’t any comical mortal spunkloads either, oh no. The smallest of them could drown out the oceans, and the median-tiers can prolly blow a hole all the way through!​”

Irina raised a single eyebrow and placed a hand on her hip.

​‘Ooouh, what’s little ol’ me to do,’ you’re probably wondering already. ‘​I’m no people person, I can hardly hold hands, bwah bwah, boo hoo, woe is me.’ You’ve got one shot to prevent the Earth becoming an ice cream scoop for a wandering cosmic giantess, and that means grabbing these bulls by their horns and sucking up their cum!​”

Irina rolled her eyes, her expression unchanging. The televised doll-Sofia lifted up a large stopwatch, the arms of which spun around comically fast in opposing directions.

“​Tick tock, what’s it gonna be? Will our meek science lady concede to the lewd, ohoho? You’ve only got a minute left, I’d b- oh.​”

Sofia now saw that Irina had duplicated herself a hundredfold, placed her lips around each individual hyper futa's cock, and was in the process of inducing stimulation-based ejaculation on them all. Her targets were all entranced in far too much bliss to care about impending planetary destruction, which, thanks to her efforts, did not occur.

Without any sort of resistance or sign of displeasure, she gulped down a galactic amount of cum in a few moments - a little sloppily due to the sheer volume of it all. The moans of pleasure soon turned to a chorus of contentment and gratitude toward this apparent angel. Coalescing back into a single being, Irina wiped a few stray blobs of white goo from her face and turned to the monitor.

“Was that good enough?”

The jaw of Sofia’s doll-sona dropped, quite literally tumbling onto the floor. She hastily bent down to retrieve it and reintroduced it into her wooden head with a click.

Not bothering with changing her voice anymore, she blubbered out, “WHAT. Hel-lo, Earth to Isabelle, this was supposed to be a challenge. You’re repressed like a Puritan - what’s the deal?”

“Shows how up to speed you are on current events. I’ve had a healthy sexual appetite for almost 90 years now.”

Doll-Sofia’s eye twitched a few times. Irina pursed her lips momentarily and quipped, “So are we going to have an actual challenge next?”

Her visage quickly turning to pure seething rage, Sofia’s face began to lose its artificial appearance, and soon fleshed out into her regular self. She looked ready to explode, but caught herself and stepped offscreen. Irina could hear speaking, but it was too muffled for even her to make out.

Conferring with her Factory, maybe? Irina wondered.

Sofia reappeared onscreen a few moments later. She leaned forward, right out of the TV screen, with a face so red you’d think she was trying to grow horns.

“Oh, I’ll give you a challenge alright….”

The horror film set transmogrified into what appeared to be the start of a maze. The walls stretched up into infinity, and a polished reflective floor produced the illusion of the same effect also happening below. Sofia materialized next to Irina.

“Give this a try,” she said with a smirk.

Irina was about to head off at 6000 km/h when Sofia stopped her.

“Ah-ah-ah! I should clarify, there are rules here too. You need to solve this maze at walking speed - 5 km/h, no more.”

Irina shrugged and started walking, adjusting her gait to precisely 5 km/h.

She had actually never been inside a maze like this before, but that didn’t hinder her ability to efficiently solve it. The maze was unsurprisingly large, rivaling her home city in area. Despite that, the path to the end was relatively short, taking her only 36 minutes to reach.

“That wasn’t too bad,” Irina said. “What’s ne-?”

She was cut off by an identical maze appearing in front of her.

“Ah, sorry,” Sofia said, “I wasn’t looking. Could you do it again?”


Irina retraced her steps and optimized her route, shaving off four minutes from her time.

“Well done, Sasha! For your valiant efforts against those vile labyrinthian corridors, you win… another maze!”

The upbeat theme song to a game show nearly two centuries old played through unseen loudspeakers, along with canned applause and a shower of confetti raining down from nowhere. As Irina proceeded through this maze, she picked bits of the stuff out of her hair.

This time, Sofia was at the end, in a midriff-baring crop top with a skirt too short to be considered decent. She shook a pair of pom-poms while cheering, “One more time! One more time! An-ni-ka!”

Irina didn’t break her stride as another maze materialized before her.

Once at the end, Irina spoke up before Sofia could.


“If you would be so kind.”

One maze later…

“And now, Kathleen…one more time!”

“I’m beginning to think your challenges are getting derivative.”


As Irina headed through this next maze, she started thinking of a way to expedite this tedious process. She decided to make a supertask of herself. With the 5 km/h rule, she couldn’t move twice as fast at each halfway point, so she instead created another iteration of herself halfway between her current position and the start of the maze. She repeated the procedure again and again as she continued walking, filling the maze's optimal route with a line of Russian beauties. In practically no time, an infinite number of Irinas were in front of her, already solving the infinitely subsequent mazes.

Sofia eventually appeared in the middle of the endless line of Irinas, stopping the queue.

“Alright, goth bimbo, I’ve seen enough.”

The infinite duplicates of Irina coalesced into one. “Are we done here, then?”

“Ha! Hardly. I’m done testing you. Now I’m going to ​challenge you.”

“Isn’t that what you said last time? The mazes weren’t really a challenge, just time-consuming.”

“Shut it.”

The mazes transformed into a remarkably mundane locale: a fast food restaurant. Sofia’s voice emanated from a mic placed in the mouth of a plastic clown statue.

“Feeling a bit peckish?”

“Not really,” Irina replied.

“I can imagine! You’ve gone who knows how long without food! Now that you’re here, you should order something before you keel over!”

“What, you just want me to order a meal for myself? That’s not a challenge.”

“Good luck!” Sofia remarked, before the clown statue went silent with a short static buzz.

Irina rolled her eyes and stepped in line.

A short wait later, the person in front of her finished his order and stepped aside… only for a duplicate of him to appear before Irina could step forward.

Oh, ha ha ha. Downright hilarious​. Sofia, you clown.

Irina elected to simply wait, only to find the same thing happened again.

“Oh, now isn’t that annoying, now isn’t it?” Sofia said, her god-awful plastic clown voice now suddenly breathing down Irina’s neck.

“Yes, you are.” “You know, I bet that if you can convince the person ahead of you to let you order first, you might be able to place your order.”

“Again, that doesn’t sound hard.”

Sofia simply giggled and disappeared again. Irina cleared her throat and tapped the man on the shoulder. He turned around.

“Would you mind letting me order first?”

“Why?” he replied.

The odds of him not simply obeying her were staggeringly low enough that she didn’t have a plan ready in case it happened. She thought for a couple yoctoseconds and came up with one.

“I’m Super Goddess Irina Volkoba, and you will earn my favor if you do as I say.”

He chortled at that. “You? A Super Goddess? Sure, and I’m the tsar of all the Russias. Just wait your turn like everyone else, lady.”

Irina tried again, utilizing her mind control powers. “I insist, let me order ahead of you.”

“Back off, lady! You’re not getting special privilege just because of your looks. Wait your turn or I’ll call the police, capisce?”

Irina relented and let him order. Another iteration of him appeared as he finished.

I’m not really surprised my mind control didn’t work on him. Every iteration of him is made and presumably controlled by a force somehow beyond even me. Besides, this is all a test of some sort, constructed by a mad hatter. Moreover, I can tell the new iteration of him doesn’t have the memories of his predecessor. This one won’t call the police on me if I so much as ask him for the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some penalty in store for me if I take too long or go through too many iterations of this guy. With that in mind, let’s think this through and get it right this time…

She contemplated how to proceed for entire microseconds, then teleported herself to just outside the entrance.

You seem hellbent on getting me to participate in your madness, Sofia. I hope you’re watching - this isn’t going to happen again.

She made herself into a starving malnourished mess of a woman in a dirty and tattered version of her usual outfit, complete with a sob story if anyone pressed her. She scrambled through the door.

“Please, mister, let me order ahead of you. I haven’t eaten in days, and if I don’t eat something now, I’ll pass out and he’ll find me! I can’t go back to him!”

The guy was thoroughly stunned. “Wow. I, uh… Y-yeah, go ahead.”

“Thank you. Thank you! You just saved my life!”

She turned to the equally stunned cashier. “Please just give me anything you can. I don’t care what.”

The cashier grabbed a to-go bag and stuffed it with a fistful of ketchup packets, a haphazardly scooped cup of fries, and four frozen breakfast burritos straight out of the freezer.

Irina accepted the bag and handed the cashier five worn 5,000 ₽ bills. “Keep the change. Thank you ​so much!”

She bolted out the way she came in.

Irina felt like a scoundrel for so shamelessly flummoxing somebody, never mind that the person in question was a simulated construct whose sole purpose was to literally stand in her way. Almost as an insult to her empathetic attachment, the restaurant with its two inhabitants ceased to exist. With them, everything else began to disintegrate: Irina could acutely feel the basic building blocks of matter make themselves scarce. Time slowed down and space folded itself into an infinitely tiny speck. In this reduced universe, the only thing left was Irina’s godly being.

And Sofia’s voice.

“Well done, squirt! That scrappy attire, that fakey fake teary face… roflol! Oh, if I didn’t know what a borax poindexter was behind it, I might even commend you for reals.”

“Are we done now?”

“Not quite, Lil’ Miss Impatient. I’m still not quite convinced that you’re fully attuned to the show-stopping powers of entertainment that I possess.”

“Humble to the last.”

“Cram it! There’s still one thing, one teensy tiny bit that I’m just aching to see. The Grand Finale. A little qualification challenge, shall we say?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Oh, you’ll see.” Sofia disappeared with a Cheshire Cat grin on her face, leaving her adversary standing in the howling silence of nothingness.

Irina doubled over as a familiar yet unfamiliar sensation flooded her body. It reminded her of the times when she had separated from the fused beings she had created with other Super Goddesses. With the reins of the scintillatingly beautiful, all-powerful cosmic force which had permeated her reality taken away, she was a faulty, powerless ragdoll of a being. Such was the magnitude of her powers that she could still feel its radiance in a hollowed-out cocoon around herself. But this force she had no control of.

Then it happened again. And again, three times in total. Each time a gargantuan volume of power was stripped from her being. She felt like an innermost matryoshka doll, newly exposed to the cold and uncaring world.

Irina knew precisely what had happened. The ever-curious side of her had always been most fascinated with the prospect of the future; however, maintaining her unique personality required her to willfully deny herself omniscience in any capacity. So, to satiate her thirst for control in the face of an unpredictable universe, Irina adopted the habit of simulating every possible turn of events which could possibly follow, in real time.

“I’ve been reduced to a mortal.”

This was no unexpected turn of events. In fact it was quite an obvious outcome. Right now, Irina was only the sexiest woman to ever live, clad in clothes which would require the combined resources of over twenty thousand different planets if tailored by mortals.

And live she did. She took her first mortal breath in ages, feeling oxygen rushing into her lungs. It was precisely how her infinitely powerful brain simulated it to feel, but it left her slightly woozy all the same. Functioning with a mere 100 billion organic, living brain cells was hampering her thought, though it wasn’t enough to dissipate her perfectly precognitized contingencies to this situation.

Irina also knew precisely what The Factory wanted of her. She had to prove herself capable of jestery and tomfoolery, even with the extremely limited ‘resources’ of humanity.

To think that I, the Nobel laureate for Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, and Economics for twelve consecutive years, holder of a doctorate in every conceivable field of science, twenty-three of which were discovered and pioneered by myself, would have to resort to this. I wish this rabbit hole didn’t go this far….

She looked around herself in the blinding darkness, trying to make sure there were no witnesses. Then, without any expression of emotion except for maybe the slightest hint of dispiritation, she performed the thumb-in-half trick.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” she rhetorically asked the vast, echoless darkness of The Factory surrounding her. “To see a dignified and accomplished scientist and goddess resort to half-amusing parlor tricks?”

Yes, this was precisely what it wanted. To her horror, Irina began hearing applause from behind her. Flustered, she turned around and saw that she was now standing on a stage, clad in an white tux which could barely contain her monstrous curves.

Oh fuck. People. So many of them, too.

Staring at her with those glassy eyes, which revealed nothing to Irina’s non-clairvoyant brain. As a result, she was frozen in… fear?

No other answer makes sense. So this is fear, huh? First time for everything. Such a remarkably complex emotion…. There are papers to be written on this feeling alone, but that’s something for later.

The previously simulated intricacies of it were already partially lost to her mortal brain. Mortal, but not powerless. She now had the approximate power set of a stage magician - one capable of performing actual magic. That was just what she was to do, for Sofia’s entertainment. Naturally, Irina had prepared a plan for this situation as well.

Sofia, being the madwoman she is, wouldn’t be content with seeing any singular act of proper stage magic. Instead, Irina surmised, she had to subvert the very idea of it, by drawing a clear distinction between the flashy and gaudy purpose of illusionism and the practicality of real magic.

Not bothering to introduce herself or to babble any kind of nonsense about ‘how great it is to be here tonight’ or ‘what a lovely audience we have’, Irina raised her hands without bravado and a sickening, unnatural voice rang out throughout the hall. The audience had seemingly turned into a pile of clothes. However, upon closer inspection, underneath every pile of finely ironed fabrics, a single white rabbit began to wriggle its way out.

The lesson was simple: real magic isn’t flashy.

Irina felt the beginning of a very familiar sensation. Her power was returning, slowly but surely.

“Oh ​wow, ” Sofia uttered, with a voice literally dripping with sarcasm. “I think my expectations have been subverted! Excuse me, I need a minute to process this!”

Her regained powers were a relief, but nowhere near the ultipotence she was starting to crave. She was leagues beyond her prior state as a stage performer - now akin to an arch-witch, comparable in power to a demigoddess, possibly the most powerful human alive. Appropriately for her role, Irina found herself at the top of a dark tower, dressed in fine garbs and seated in a semicircle with herself at the center.

Judging from the context and that The Factory had likely took notice of her internal comparison to an arch-witch, Irina correctly deduced that she was now an arch-witch. The most talented and capable spellcaster in all the lands, with a keen awareness of the inner workings of magic, who headed the prestigious League of Wizards.

A curious point of dispute came to her attention - something that would certainly grant her access to the following power level, if The Factory itself wouldn’t grant it to her.

Irina perked up from her partially hunched posture, prompting the whole League of Wizards to turn their gazes towards her. Silently, she walked over to a chalkboard and touched it, causing swirls of colorful patterns and text erupting onto the board - runes, sigils, incantations, and blueprints.

“Esteemed fellow witches and wizards,” she started, “upon carefully reviewing the inner mechanics of our system of magic, I’ve come across… quite a shocking revelation.”

Irina produced an unassuming small metallic object from under her cloak.

“As you know, magic is produced by performing intricate incantations and gestures. However, in principle these ritualistic actions can be reduced to their most basic components and reproduced using electricity.”

A spark of lightning flew from Irina’s finger into an exposed metal outlet on the object.

“This machine I’m holding is an automatic spellcaster. It effectively converts electricity into pure magic.”

Several members of the League became restless, and began furiously deliberating.

“This experiment of yours is pure madness!” one riled up geezer cried out.

“Yes, it will bring ruin to the balance of the universe!” another added.

“You must dismantle this godforsaken artifact,” a third demanded. “Immediately!”

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple,” Irina answered. “This object converts magic from two temporal directions. Therefore, as this conversion progresses, its initial source of electricity becomes more and more saturated with magic.”

Irina bit her lip and shivered very subtly.

“To clarify… it constantly boosts my magical powers.”

Without warning, another, identical brick appeared in Irina’s hand. The slightest moan slipped from her otherwise cool and collected face.

“In addition…”

She began to pant and her face reddened. A third object appeared, followed almost instantly by a fourth, fifth, and a hundredth. The sheer intensity of the pleasure rendered Irina barely able to vocalize at all. The clankering roar of billions of magic conversion machines produced a din that she couldn’t project her voice loudly enough to penetrate.

Regardless, she managed to utter, “…It multiplies itself… exponentially.”

The following sequence of events happened essentially instantaneously. With Irina’s mind presently comparable to that of a gifted human, it wasn’t until she fully regained her powers that she was able to clearly recall everything that transpired.

Electricity in her own body was converted into increasingly potent magic, elevating her to godhood in a matter of femtoseconds. As her body reached its saturation point and all electricity in her body was converted, it began to leak out into the environment, retroactively transforming all electricity in the universe into pure magic. As the bricks functioned solely on electricity, they subsequently powered down and ceased to exist.

Since electricity always was magic, thunderstorms - now called magic storms - were generally accompanied by blasts of magic. These blasts cast random spells upon whatever they impacted. Their collective strikes were akin to the random firing of neurons during sleep, which the brain interprets as a dream. Like dreams, just about anything was possible from a magic storm: a smouldering crater, distortions in space and time, previously fictional creatures suddenly manifesting in reality, even sometimes nothing at all. The zap from static electricity produces a similar effect, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Speaking of the firing of neurons, the human brain’s bioelectricity became magic as well. With pure magical energy inextricably linked to humanity’s mind and consciousness, the species retroactively evolved into a race of gods. The ascension to divinity was downright orgasmic, initiating a species-wide orgy with no conceivable end in sight.

Irina was not exempt from this. She wouldn’t have it any other way! She remained the most powerful human, becoming top dog in a species-wide pantheon. Humanity as a whole pleasured her with their worship, sending her to heights of ecstasy beyond what any of them could ever hope to experience themselves.

She was in a heaven of her own making! One last act should elevate her back to the status of a Super Goddess… if she played her cards right. In the heat of the moment, that wasn’t foremost on her mind, however.

“The universe is mine to command, to control!​ With just a thought, I can redirect any and all cosmological forces to pleasure me! Actually, I think the four out there aren’t enough for me, don’t you? There needs to be a fifth, designed specifically to give me infinite pleasure! I want to experience an eternal orgasm unlike anything even I​ can comprehend!”

Irina’s powers weren’t quite to the same extent as she’d like, but workable. For the faintest moment, she considered the dumbest thing she could possibly do with all this power, and found the answer approaching her at an accelerating rate, outside of even her already-near-infinite control. On the precipice of her most convoluted fantasies coming to fruition, she realized just how nicely both her immediate goal of gratification overlapped with her ultimate goal of doing something reckless and irresponsible to prove herself.

A smirk formed on her lips as she recalled the Halloween following her 40th birthday: namely her first Super Orgasm and its unlimited destructive power when uncontained.

Irina, a grain of sand in the dust bowl of sex, was about to weather her first storm. She created a fifth cosmological force and directed it at herself at infinite intensity.

Her moans became screams became nothing. In a burst of glorious hedonistic euphoria, she extinguished it all. Her worshipping pantheon, humanity, Earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, life, death, matter, energy, entropy… everything, herself included.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Sofia rematerialized in the void.

Her jaw had involuntarily and cartoonishly dropped once again, causing it to dangle at her feet. As a result, her voice was slurred as if she was constantly yawning.

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Whoa. That was wild! Geez Ibiza, you weren’t messing with me about being a horndog. It’ll take me shit knows how many washings to get the concept of pleasure out of these clothes! …Oh right, you sorta shot yourself in the cooch, didn’t you?”

“I’m still here.”

“What? Didn’t you go commit die, Helena?”

“Yes, but the sheer absurdity of choosing to wipe myself in a hyper-orgasmic flood restored the full extent of my powers. Super Goddesses are unbound from any and all natural laws, so if I wish to return from complete, utter, inescapable oblivion, then it happens. If you have any complaints, take it to The Factory. This is all thanks to it.”

A flash of silvery light produced a large empty warehouse for Irina to manifest in. Sofia, already standing there, was stunned.

Irina let out a satisfied sigh. “Feels good to be back….”

That was no exaggeration. Her time in Sofia’s absurd factory, culminating in her reduction to mortality and subsequent non-existence - even for a short time - was easily the worst experience of her life.

“Now then, I believe you’ll have company in a moment,” Irina announced out of nowhere.

“Wh-what?” She noticed her displaced jaw and kicked it back in place.

A man in a shirt and tie with a hard hat and clipboard materialized.

“Sofia, no last name?” he asked her.

“Yes?” she replied, thoroughly baffled. “H-hey Betty, what’s going on here?”

“What, don’t you recognize the trick you yourself innovated? You made a transcendent Factory, and I figured out how. So I made a transcendent building inspector to counter it.”

Unfazed, the new arrival continued, “Thank you for talking about me like I’m not here. I’m a building inspector with EU-OSHA. I regret to inform you that your The Factory building violates…” he paused for a moment to read off his clipboard. “…literally every safety standard in the book. So we’re having it condemned. Starti-”

He was interrupted by a sudden blast of noise, like an explosion and debris raining down onto the floor. Once the smoke cleared, a large hole in the wall was visible. Beyond it was a wrecking ball.

The inspector looked at his watch. “Huh. My watch is slow - my bad. As I was saying, starting now. Well, it should’ve been now. You get what I mean.”

A steam-powered whistle materialized in a corner of the room and immediately sounded.

“Aaand that’s the end of my shift,” he proclaimed. “I’ll be back tomorrow for the rest.”

With a quick salute, he faded into thin air.

Irina added, “I’ll be going now.”

She headed towards the newly formed egress, only to pause in her tracks.

“Oh, one last thing.”

She turned around and faced Sofia.

“My name is Irina.”

Turning back to her improvised escape path, she passed through the opening in the wall and found herself back at the main entrance to The Factory.

She noticed that Sofia, wherever she was, wanted to speak to her telepathically, so she lowered her mental defenses and let her speak.

I’ll be honest, Russian Gothic, I wasn’t sure if you knew what fun even was when you first arrived at the gates to my domain. You seemed like a clichéd trope: the woman who never noticed how insanely beautiful she is, and has never enjoyed herself in her entire life, sexually or otherwise.

Yeah, I’ve heard that one before.

And then I saw you at work just now! I honestly, truly, legitimately, genuinely was absolutely almost sorta kinda vaguely surprised at that. You managed to out-stupify me. Me: the Super Goddess whose thing is literally outstupification.

Are you working towards something resembling a point here? Irina asked.

Eh, I dunno, Sofia mentally shrugged.​ Sometimes I just say things for the hell of it, you know?

No, I can’t really say that I do. We may be equally powerful, but you’re nothing like me. Something you don’t seem to grasp is that there are ways to enjoy oneself that don’t require the wanton spread of chaos.

Says the woman who destroyed all existence with an uncontained Super Orgasm.

Irina could sense Sofia was smiling.

You’re alright, vieja, Sofia thought with a chuckle.​ Let’s do this again sometime. Maybe you could do the testing.

You would​ make for a very interesting test subject….​ Irina thought for a moment before continuing,​ I will consider your offer, сумасшедшая сука.

Awww, I love you too! I’d ask if you’re down to fuck, but I gotta wrap up this story. You know, epilogue and all that? How’s later sound for you?

Stop stalling and do whatever you have to do.


“Tsk. Whatever. If you insist so much I guess I will free those stupid humies I lured here to bait you.” Sofia snapped her omnipotent fingers and from the ruins of the broken down factory a group of people appeared out of nothing. They were conscious, completely unharmed but understandably confused to why they were in the middle of nowhere and not what they were doing what felt like a second ago. Rescue personnel arrived to the zone once Sofia’s barrier was disabled and rushed to help them.

“Huh. They are all fine. I bet you even froze time for them so they would not suffer.” Ha-neul pointed out with a smug smile.

“Wait a minute you slut, what are you trying to imply?” Sofia was a bit irritated, her plan didn’t come to fruition how she wanted and she had been defeated by those that she considered her inferiors. This factory fiasco had been a blow to her pride, which was as big as her power.

Paige giggled adorably. “What she means, you silly, is that deep inside you are not as bad as you pretend to be. And the fact that you did nothing to the hostages pretty much settles it.”

“Pfff. That’s ridiculous, the only reason I didn’t make them suffer was because you won.”

“Knowing you, just standing there waiting for us all that time probably had to be pretty boring. And still, you decided not to harm them.” Irina deduced.

“Humans are such small fries that I barely pay attention to them, it makes perfect sense!” Now she was getting really flustered.

“Excuses.” Ha-neul answered.

“Why you, grrrrrrr.”

Brunhilde interrupted before Sofia had the chance to pounce on the tomboy goddess. “You may think…you are evil…but…we can see…the good on you. You are not…like one of those…Super Witches. You are…just like us…”

“Oh come on, piss off already! Losing to you bunch of goofballs is enough but getting treated like this just grinds my gears!”

Irina smiled warmly. “With pleasure, but before that. Do you know the real reason why other Super Goddesses didn’t want to come?”

“Because they didn’t deem me worthy of their time or something like that?”

“No. It’s because they didn’t think you would do anything bad in the case we didn’t come. They had complete faith in you as a Super Goddess, Sofia.” Paige clarified. “Which means that you came for me because you didn’t believe in me! So your points about me being good are bullshit! You don’t even believe it yourselves! Ha! How could beings as intelligent as you commit such a logical mistake?” A wretched smile came back to her face. She was getting emotional.

“I came because I was curious about what you had created. I’m also interested in how to create something that surpasses our own powers and I think you might have come pretty close to it. I’m impressed.” Irina confessed.

“And I came because I wanted a good challenge!” Added Ha-neul.

“I…came…because…I was bored…” Brunhilde’s comment made Sofia’s jaw drop, literally, as if she was a character in an old cartoon.

“Well, technically speaking I didn’t come here by myself. The Factory brought me to test Hilde. So yeah, I totally believed in you, Sofia! You are one of my sisters and I will always love you!” Paige explained with a beautiful, cute smile on her face.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Whatever, go bother someone else you cringey pests!” Sofia had lost the last remnants of her patience and she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Now her defeat was complete.

Ha-neul chuckled at that response. “As you wish!”

As the Super Goddesses bid the redhead farewell and teleported back to their homes, Brunhilde sent her a brief but important message telepathically. “You should…meditate…about today…I’m sure…you learned something…about yourself…and why…you are just…like us…deep inside…”

“Bleh. What does that even mean?”

For the next weeks Sofia had an extensive tantrum from having lost her little game against the Super Goddesses. She lashed out against her slaves, who enjoyed every minute of it, then proceeded to basically destroy the entirety of her pocket dimension and rearrange it as something so chaotic it couldn’t be properly described.

However, she eventually decided to settle down for a bit and enjoy some peace and quiet alone at the top of Mount Olympus, at Mars. The tallest mountain in the Solar System. Neither the pressure, nor the lack of oxygen affected her. Let alone the freezing temperature, which barely tickled her skin. She let out a long sigh and spoke to herself, despite the fact that there was no air to spread her voice. “Damn. I think I finally get it. I could learn a lot from Ha-neul’s courage, resourcefulness and the desire to always improve and seek higher goals and challenges. It means I shouldn’t ever surrender and that I need to try to get better at what I do. Brunhilde and Paige taught me that your individuality is very important but that I shouldn’t be so egotistical as to put others in danger for my selfish desires. Like with everything, there’s a balance.” Sofia suffered from a slight gag reflex the moment she uttered those words. “Ugh, balance? It doesn’t sound like me talking. I’m the avatar of chaos and discord. But then again, that’s what Irina said to me. That people can change and become something else…”

Suddenly, the mount exploded into tiny bits, not standing a chance against Sofia’s telekinetic blast. She was laughing like a mad motherfucker now. “Okay, okay. I totally get it. You want to transform me into a cute, little tamed shrew like all of you right? Do you honestly think you can brainwash someone of my intellect and talent? I pity you, losers. I’ll come back with something even better next time. And I will win! I accept you have taught me very valuable lessons, girls. But I’m afraid those will only make me stronger in the long run! How foolish of you to help your archnemesis! Hahahaha!”

And with that she jumped into lightspeed to start planning her revenge.

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