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A Common Weakness – Chapter 6

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A Common Weakness – Chapter 6

They drove south, picking up the interstate and quickly getting away from the city limits. They drove in awkward silence, Claire keeping the car at a steady speed as the traffic thinned around them, just another car mingling with the lunchtime traffic. They passed a patrol car slumbering on the shoulder, the officer at the wheel not even looking in their direction.

It was Claire that decided to break the silence. “I think you were right, I'm sorry.”

Alice smiled, and squeezed Claire's hand affectionately. “I'm sorry too, I should have talked to you.”

“You were right, though. I would have said no.” Claire glanced over her shoulder as she changed lane to pass a slow-moving truck. “I never wanted superpowers, but then I was always the hunter, not the hunted.”

“How does it feel?”

Claire smiled. “Pretty awesome, actually. I never expected the raw power to feel so… erotic.”

Alice smiled. “We can explore that later!”

Claire laughed. “You'll love my new boobs.”

Alice laughed. “I'd noticed them already! They're pretty hard to miss!”

“So how strong am I going to become?”

Alice looked thoughtful. “If you caught the full effect from the bullet, you should become as strong as Ultraman. Maybe a bit stronger. Female kryptonians and all that…” She glanced out of the window at a car on the shoulder, it's hazard lights flashing, a weary looking man in a faded shirt and tie talking into his cell phone. Alice decided there was nothing suspicious about it, just paranoia making her see dangers where there weren't any.

Claire's eyes were fixed on the road unrolling ahead. She could feel her breasts pushing harder against the fabric of her shirt and the seatbelt across tightening her chest. It felt good. “How long will it take?”

“I got the bullet design from a darkweb site. They were pretty scant on details.”

“What about kryptonite?”

“It will kill you.”

“We'd better hope Cassandra doesn't work that out,” Claire said grimly.


Cassandra looked at the house curiously. It was similar to all the others along the street, set back from the blacktop, a mixture of brick and timber panelling. A double seat hung on the porch, the lawn was tidily mown, but not excessively manicured. Some flowers grew in planters around the front windows and there were several welded iron sculptures of birds. Two cars stood on the driveway, one the battered old white sedan that she'd seen on the CCTV camera less than an hour earlier. It looked like a normal suburban house, hardly the den of some top end assassin.

Her contact at the police department had ran the car's details through the computer and had given her the address moments later. It had seemed inconceivable to Cassandra that the car would be registered to the assassin's actual address, but here it was, sitting idle on the drive. Cassandra walked over to the car, placing a hand on the bonnet. It was cold, the engine hadn't been used for some time.

Cassandra paused and looked around. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. An old man was mowing his lawn across the street, though he was surreptitiously trying not to stare at the gorgeous superheroine in her purple cat suit. Birds were singing in the trees, a cat was watching her suspiciously from the top of a fence. She could have been in any suburban street in the country.

She looked at the house, not for the first time wishing that she had Ultraman's x-ray vision. Could this really be the place?

Cassandra knew she had to make a quick decision. If this was the place, every second she hesitated gave her quarry more time. If she was wrong, she could always pay for the damage.

She decided the front door was risky, booby traps were a possibility. Instead she charged at the front wall, accelerating from a standing start into a blur of motion. She hit the wall hard, feeling it shatter in a cloud of brick dust and splintered wood against her fantastically powerful body. In a few seconds she had searched the house, quickly ascertaining that it was deserted.

She went to the back door. It was locked, so she tore the door off it's hinges with casual ease and tossed it aside. The back yard was empty of people, though there were a few more of the metal sculptures, larger ones this time.

Cassandra frowned. Was she in the right house?

It was time to search the building thoroughly. The loft was typical of lofts everywhere, filled with boxes of unwanted clutter. The bathroom, kitchen and living room all seemed perfectly normal. There were a few photos around, with pictures of a smiling lesbian couple. Both attractive in different ways. One a fairly muscular brunette with short hair and a large chest, for a human anyway. The other, a slender blonde, with long flowing hair and a pretty face. And green eyes.

The bedroom hinted a bit more. There was a discarded bra on the bed, a 32B, with a snapped clasp. It was the only item of clothing out of place. Under the bed there were two clear patches, bereft of dust, where something had been removed recently. Cassandra guessed that the spot had been occupied by bags or suitcases.

The last room Cassandra searched was the basement. It was clearly where the sculptures were created. A half finished eagle was fixed in a vice. But amidst all the metal-working tools, there was a bullet press. Making bullets wasn't an unusual hobby in the area, where hunting and shooting were popular, but Cassandra hadn't seen any evidence of guns in the property. No rack, no safe. She peered at the press, her massively superior vision examining it in microscopic detail.

There were traces of metal, of brass, of cordite. But amongst the tiny grains of metal swarf was something else. A microscopic fragment of green crystal.



They crossed the state line after driving for four hours. Alice was snoozing in the passenger seat, though Claire felt wide awake and enthused with energy. She could feel the power inside her growing, to the point that the steady 60mph of the car seemed painfully slow. Her breasts, which had been quite substantial when she began the journey, had filled out more so that her t-shirt was stretched taut revealing the toned abs of her stomach. Her hips and ass had filled out, straining the fabric of her jogging pants, whilst her slender and toned legs had grown longer, so that she'd had to slide the driver's seat back several times.

By the time they were half an hour south of the state line Claire could no longer resist the temptation to touch herself. As Alice slept beside her she slid her left hand inside her pants. It felt incredible, more sensitive and pleasurable than ever before. She gasped, fighting back the urge to scream out in absolute ecstasy as her body writhed in orgasmic delight. There was a crunch as her delicate fingers crushed a chunk of the steering wheel to a metal paste.

Alice woke up with a jolt and looked over at Claire, who was calmly driving, her eyes fixed on the road ahead, both hands resting lightly on the wheel. “Ugh, I feel quite tired. Are you okay still driving?”

“I'm doing great,” said Alice with a little more enthusiasm than she had intended.

They had planned their route out years before. After an hour of driving they swung off the interstate onto a cloverleaf and turned back northwards, driving north for twenty minutes to stop at a northbound roadside motel and truck stop. They rolled into the lot and parked several spaces away from the reception.

The motel was a non-descript place, a chain motel, comprised of a low two-storey block that formed an L-shape around two sides of the parking lot. There were seven parked cars, a mixture of mundane makes and models. Two trucks were parked in the larger spaces set aside for them, though there was clearly space for several more.

They got out of the car together, and for the first time Alice realised how much of a transformation Claire had gone through on their journey. “Holy shit! You look amazing! And you're taller!”

Claire grinned playfully. “I feel amazing! I can't wait to show you just how amazing I feel!”

Alice smiled and leant in to give Claire a firm kiss on the lips. Claire responded eagerly, but Alice pulled away. “We'd better come back to this later or we're going to draw attention to ourselves. I'll go and get us a room, you'd better wait here. We're trying to keep a low profile and nobody is going to forget you now!”

“We agreed we'd stay together wherever possible,” said Claire mischievously.

“Fine, just wait outside the reception. Try not to stand out…” Alice said, then realised it was pointless. Claire could no longer help standing out.

Claire lounged outside the reception, enjoying the warm evening sun that caressed her flawless skin. Her hands explored the toned definition of her stomach, the concrete of the hotel wall felt soft against her shoulder blades, whilst her nipples tented the already taut fabric of her shirt. A single car pulled into the lot, the driver glancing her way at first, then staring at her in awestruck lust. Claire winked at the driver, and giggled to herself as he suddenly had to turn his steering wheel sharply to avoid crashing into one of the parked cars.

Alice came out from reception, holding a key on a large plastic fob for room 12, the room that they had parked outside. “I paid cash. They didn't ask any questions, just as we planned.” The place was perfect for their escape. It was the kind of place where rooms were let by the hour, and privacy was valued more than luxury. And it was only accessible to northbound traffic.

Claire grabbed Alice's hand enthusiastically, but carefully so as not to hurt her, and hurried her to the room. She could tell Alice was getting excited too. They paused at the threshold and kissed quickly, whilst Alice worked the key into the lock. “This is kind of exciting, being on the run,” she gasped.

“How do you think I feel? Being on the run with a hot new superhuman body.”

“You'll have to show me!” said Alice playfully.

They burst through the door, still locked in a passionate embrace, with Alice shutting the door firmly behind them. Claire was already pulling her shirt over her head, and Alice gasped in delight at the sight of her huge breasts. “They look incredible!” she gasped.

“Why don't you see how they taste?”

Alice reached in, cupping one of Claire's colossal mammaries whilst her tongue and teeth explored the nipple, working in heavenly circles around the flawless areola. “They're so big and firm!” she whispered in breathless delight.

Claire reached down, pulling Alice's shirt over her head, only momentarily breaking the contact between them as Alice raised her hands, before returning, this time lavishing attention on the other breast. Claire moaned in ecstatic delight, whilst Alice began to work her hands down Claire's chiselled abs whilst her tongue flickered over a nipple that was harder than steel. When she reached Claire's waistband she hooked her fingers around the fabric and carefully pulled it down so that it puddled around Claire's feet. She dropped to her knees, her hands on Alice's hips, her tongue tracing its way down Claire's flesh, down her sculpted belly, across her pubic bone, down to her sodden quim and fresh new levels of rapture.

Claire's body rocked with passion, her supremely sensitive clitoris throbbing as Alice brought her to new levels of delight. She let out a moan so loud that the windows shook, a gasp of pure joy as she fell backwards onto the bed, a scream of heaven as her body was racked with pleasure. With blind delight she smashed her hands upwards, her fists punching through the plasterboard as though it was made of tissue paper. Alice looked up at the sound and laughed. “I guess the new muscles aren't just for show!”

“No! Now I think it's my turn! Let me show you what these new powers of mine can do for you…”

Claire rolled off the bed, moving languidly to stand at the foot of the bed. Alice rolled over onto her back, pushing herself up on her elbows to look at Claire's fantastic physique. “You look so fucking hot!”

Claire smiled, striking a double bicep pose, muscles the size of lemons rising from her slender arms, muscles enthused with inhuman power. “I feel so fucking hot!”

“Are you going to show me what those guns can do?” Alice asked, gasping with anticipation.

Claire leaned forward over the bed, her hands running slowly up Alice's legs. In one fluid movement she grabbed her trousers and panties and tore them off, tossing them across the room where they thudded against a wall. With graceful power she pulled Alice towards the foot of the bed, so that her hips hung over the edge. “Ready?” she asked.

“Fuck yeah!” laughed Alice.

Claire crouched down, bringing her face towards Alice's sodden pussy. She placed her hands against the base of the bed, leaning in ever closer. Then, with an easy movement of her legs and arms she began to lift.

The motel bed was substantial, a solid wood frame that was bolted to the floor. Yet Claire straightened up as if she wasn't holding a thing. The bolts squealed and snapped, the bed creaked under pressure as she lifted it steadily higher, effortlessly bearing the weight of the bed and her partner, who watched entranced from her prone position. Claire raised the bed until she was standing, straight and tall, the underside of the bed nearly resting on the slope of her titanic chest. She took one hand off the bed, holding it as easily with one hand as she had with two. Again she flexed her bicep, delighting at Alice's unconcealed lust. “Strong enough for you?”

Alice gasped. “You're incredible! Now please put the bed down and fuck me!”

Claire laughed. “You're not going anywhere!” And with that she leaned in, still bearing the huge weight in one slender hand, whilst the other reached up to caress Alice's goosebump covered breasts. Claire leaned in closer, her tongue flickering out like charged lightning, sending crashing waves of sexual delight soaring through Alice's engorged clitoris. Alice's body leapt and writhed as orgasm after orgasm tore through it, while Claire's tongue, infinitely faster, more powerful and more dexterous than any vibrator, explored her sex. Alice lost count of the waves of pleasure that washed over her in a never ending torrent, each one more consuming than the last, until finally her body could take no more and she passed out in a crescendo of physical nirvana.


Having searched the house, Cassandra went and spoke to neighbours who were gobsmacked to see the gorgeous superheroine in their suburb. All the witnesses said the same, that Claire and Alice had come home as normal, but hadn't been seen to leave. This information, together with the two cars sleeping on the driveway, led Cassandra to conclude that they had left by the back door into the woodland that fringed the district.

Cassandra set out along a narrow trail into the wood that led away from the house, scanning the ground for fresh shoeprints or hints of recent disturbance. She hadn't gone far when she saw a small dilapidated old concrete shed. It looked abandoned, but as she drew closer Cassandra noticed that the hinges on the rickety old doors were well oiled, and that the gravel in front of the building was clear of undergrowth. She opened the doors. Nothing could disguise the large car sized space within.

A quick check with her police contacts confirmed that there were no other vehicles registered to the address. No buildings overlooked the garage and the street at the end of the gravel driveway led down towards the interstate and a hundred different destinations. Cassandra stomped irritably back to the garage. She searched it carefully, hoping for any clue, but found none. She checked the door frames, hoping at least for a scratch of paint, but there was nothing. She let out a roar of frustration, smashing her fists through the cinder block walls, ripping, smashing and pounding until the building was nothing more than a pile of dust and debris.

The trail had gone cold.

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