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Empress x Empress

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 13 June 2020 16:54] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:49]

A collaborative effort by General-Tommy and Akane

Art by Yensh

It was another, normal day in the Astridian Empire. Sitting atop her throne was Astrid Cailmel, Goddess of Light and the Empress of the Astridian Empire (typically shortened to God-Empress). Her blue and golden robes and jewelry made her look far more elegant than her build made her seem. At around 229 centimeters in height and with muscles so huge her arm was thicker around than a man’s leg at rest, Astrid looked like a hulk of a woman wearing elegant robes and jewelry that gave her a regal appearance, especially when her bronze skin, green eyes, and knee-length jet-black hair was taken into account.

Astrid brought up a holographic screen to observe her schedule for today, scrolling through it with her finger. Technically the effort was unnecessary, but Astrid did enjoy going through the motions regardless because of how it kept her feeling like a normal person. “Let’s see now… senatorial obligations… hiring out Adventurers to deal with monsters… wait…” Astrid saw one particular thing on her schedule that made her very happy. “Man, it’s time for the crossover? It only took those two about a year to get it started! Well, best not waste any more time!”

Astrid stood up off of her throne and floated away from it a bit. When she landed on her feet, she reached her arm out in front of her. It wasn’t hard for her to gaze through the various dimensions in existence and find the one she wanted to go to. A planet called Earth, one that held various godlike beings, who referred to themselves as Super Goddesses. Perhaps an amusing name for Astrid, since she was a goddess herself, but she decided against making any poor commentary about them, since they were good folks.

Once Astrid located her destination (a process that took only a fraction of a second to sift through the infinite timelines and dimensions in existence), she conjured up her favorite method of long distance travel: Warp Doors. Essentially a pair of blue doors emblazoned with her holy symbol, her winged staff with an orb hovering just above the tip of it, these two doors connected Astrid to any destination she liked.

With the doors connected, Astrid opened them up and walked through them, arriving somewhere in the continent of Africa. Astrid stretched herself out some as she did so, her body surprisingly flexible and graceful for someone with as much muscle as her. “Well, here I am!” she said. “Let’s see now, I’m sure that the Super Goddesses felt the dimensional rift I walked through, so all I gotta do is wait for them to show up.”

At the same time, Super Goddess M’Wela Mutegaraba, the first omnipotent to ever be born on Earth and current sovereign of the African nation of Prosperia was cumming profusely in one of the region’s many craters. These were created by M’Wela falling with incredible speed and power into the surface of the planet, destroying it in the process. She would do this whenever she wanted to blow off steam by masturbating far away from the main cities since triggering a Super Orgasm at that distance would be lethal for her subjects, most of which were her biological children too. Being all-powerful it wasn’t like she couldn’t revert this kind of stuff from happening, reconstruct the entire city and then revive the citizens magically with no problems but she didn’t want to hurt anyone to begin with. A Prosperian should never experience even the mildest discomfort, let alone one caused by their mommy goddess. Prosperia was supposed to be the capital of the world in terms of technological and societal progress but also the Mecca of sex and pleasure.

The two meter tall ebony titaness finished relieving herself and took a look at her marvellous handiwork, then relaxed and laid down just to make an angel of dirt by spreading and flapping her muscled amazon arms. The infinite energy and power on her body easily displacing the soil and carving the solid rock layers below it. She let out a sensual sigh and it was heard all around the realm to the point even Astrid could hear it. The other Goddess saw how the animals, plants and even inanimate objects like water and rocks taking humanoid shapes would just spur into action and wildly copulate with each other. Pheromones, and ridiculously powerful ones at that.

M’Wela’s privileged brain noticed a disturbance in the space-time continuum. Someone had just entered Prosperia from a portal to an alternate reality. How amusing was that. She was under the impression that only Super Goddesses were able to display that level of power. And she was Astrid, a Goddess-Empress from a fantasy world too! Her mind quickly searched through the portal and scanned the whole multiverse on the other side, absorbing all the physical information of that dimension and learning millions of years of history and culture from the civilizations that populated it. It took her seconds to do so since she could just read and watch all that stuff at the same time thanks to their limitless senses and processing speed. “This cutie needs a rest from all that suffering and injustice.”

And with that idea in mind she teleported in all her glory next to the even taller beefcake goddess. M’wela’s surprise hug seemed to have only mildly startled Astrid from how fast it came in. “Hello there, sweetheart! Welcome to Earth, more specifically to my beloved land of Prosperia. I’m M’Wela, a Super Goddess. I presume you were looking for us?” She beamed a warm and gentle smile to her new soon-to-be friend, showcasing her voluptuous curves, mammoth tits and hypnotic amethyst eyes. “My my… Do not be shy dear, it is always nice to meet other people with unlimited power. I want to hear that cute little voice of yours and if possible cook you something tasty as a welcome gift!” She bit her lower lip and twirled one of her dreadlocks seductively after contemplating Astrid’s well-built temple of a body. She was her type and her pussy was already wet after a single look. “After all, a big girl such as you needs good nourishment…”

Astrid giggled at M'wela's upfront behavior. "My, my, you're certainly a friendly one," she mentioned. "Yeah, I was looking for you Super Goddesses." Astrid conjured up her holographic screen detailing her calendar. "Seems like it's finally time for our Dhe Ehmns to start that crossover story they've been planning, and I'm very eager to get on with it." Dismissing the screen, Astrid flashed a smile to M'wela. "Some food would be nice. I don't really need to eat… well, I don't have any biological needs to begin with, but I do like to do that stuff. Reminds me of what being mortal is like. I presume you already know what life is like back home for me?"

The Super Goddess was impressed at Astrid's fourth wall breaking abilities and curiously stared at you, the reader, finally acknowledging the presence of the outer world of the writers that gave life to characters such as them. Perhaps she should give a chance to crossing the border of meta-reality one of these days but for now she was interested in Astrid. The goddess used her powerful mind and directed her manicured hand to a bush. A living creature that looked exactly like a wedding cake with little angel wings on top was dragged by her telekinesis to where they stood, then she materialized a plate and a fork from nothing and handed it to the brunette. "Take a bite, these critters are silly tasty!" M'Wela floated behind Astrid, exploring the mighty muscles on her back and admiring them. "Well yes, I informed myself quite well. Your Ancorans are gorgeous. A copy of me is already wandering Terra Ancora and seducing one of them! We will probably have kids and live there together if you do not mind. Funnily enough, since we look so similar they do not suspect me at all." She laughed heartily. "What about I show you our world in more detail, cutie?"

"Don't mind if I do!" Astrid mentioned, using her fork and her telekinetic powers to take out bites of the cake creature. Like M'Wela said, it was extravagantly tasty and Astrid's enjoyment showed on her face. However, Astrid was a bit concerned about M'Wela's statement about leaving a copy on Terra Ancora. Once she finished off the bite she currently had, she mentioned, "You might want to keep your status as a Super Goddess on the down-low while there. Last time a goddess revealed herself to the public, well… that was me, and I'd really rather there not be a Second Crusade. Gods know that the first one was bad enough and there are still people looking to depose me. I'm sure that if you showed up, Daemons United Front would use that as an excuse to rally people behind and take me down."

Once that was done, however, Astrid simply smiled. "But I’m sure the last thing you want to bring is more war to my world, so I trust you to be cautious about excursions of power." With that out of the way, Astrid focused herself on M'Wela's last statement about showing her the world. "Wouldn't have come here if I didn't want a tour. It's nice to get away from all the zany shenanigans happening back home."

“Worry not, I will not bring unnecessary attention to me, after all I look just like your girls.” She giggled and then lazily massaged her own watermelon-sized breast as she stared into Astrid’s gorgeous eyes. “Let’s show you Prosperia ok? I think you will love this little nation I have built in the last decades. It does not look like anything you have in your world apparently.”

All of a sudden M’Wela’s extremely long thread of diamond earrings moved on their own and took the shape of a giant heart around them. After shining with infinite energy it teleported them to downtown Mutegaraba. Astrid recognized the inhabitants as humans but they were different: Taller, healthier, more intelligent and apparently superior in most ways. They were like some kind of missing link between Ancorans and humans. “Those are all my children. Even if only half the country descends from me I will call them that anyway since I function more as a mother than as a queen or politician!” The architecture was reminiscent of the futuristic alien worlds she had explored but more warmth and soulful with very few skyscrapers and the prevalence of rock and amethyst gemstone as construction materials. It was like a primal, rudimentary world meshed in aesthetic with the most current of new age fashion in this planet.

What was even more astonishing was the fact that a lot of them were naked and, no, her eyes weren’t betraying her mind, they were having sex in public. The streets oozed with sex and delicious stench invaded the air, the exotic perfume of their enhanced pheromones.

Astrid took in the sights of the city around her. It was impressive for her to see the architecture and the nature of it as more of a fantasy realm than a modern society. The fact that people were just having sex in public didn’t bother her any. In fact, she simply wandered among those folks, and observed the scenery. “You consider yourself more of a mother than a ruler?” Astrid mentioned to M’Wela. “Funny, I tend to have to operate more as an Empress than anything else. Granted, I don’t really have a motherly relationship with my subjects. It’s just something that happens when you come into power via a Crusade.”

M'Wela understood the situation pretty much instantly. She couldn't read Astrid's mind but the way she phrased her comment about those crusades told the Super Goddess everything she needed to know, triggering her Super Empathy. It had been a bloody and unnecessary conflict to prove something that was painfully obvious from the start. And the only saving grace was that someone as competent as her was now ruler which in turn created happiness and prosperity. "It is alright sweetheart. No worries here. Is there something you want to know about our planet? I want you to have as much fun as possible while you stay here."

Astrid managed to snap out of her contemplative state when M'Wela made her commentary and simply shrugged at the question. "Eh, meeting some more of you Super Goddesses is really all that's on the table for me. Would be nice to see more of ya. I'm honestly trying to just get away from the stress back home, so let's not focus on that stuff and just have some fun!" Like that, Astrid was already back to her bubbly personality, clearly wanting to just have some fun while she was here.

"Hmmmm." A very real light bulb appeared over M'Wela's head when she found something to do. "Oh I know! Since you are an empress, I could have you meet our own empress!" The Super Goddess waved her hand at one of the giant purple crystals that grew from the floor and gave her country such a distinctive look. The drawing of a cute, short girl with giant mammaries, bigger than theirs appeared on the polished surface. "That is Shizuka Hirose. She became the empress of a country named Japan years ago because the people of her country liked her so much! I guess people from Terra Ancora love you the same way, right?"

Astrid looked over Shizuka's body with an expression that approached approval. "Shizuka, huh? She looks nice!" Astrid responded, an astonishingly goofy grin crossing her face. "Sure, let's go say hi to her! Might be fun to meet another empress-type!"

M'Wela grabbed Astrid's bigger hand and they both materialized in the middle of the Imperial Palace at Tokyo, Japan. The moment they appeared, about a dozen ultipotent sakimori acted on reflex at Astrid's appearance and tried to cut her down with their katanas at lightspeed. Their superior senses detected Astrid's power, yet they couldn't classify her as a Super Goddess or Enhanced. However, they found pretty quickly that their efforts were in vain. Astrid's omnipotent body was too resistant to get damaged by an attack like that. The magical steel of their katanas, forged with ultipotent hair, was bent and unusable now. "L-Ladies, she is a friend from another dimension. Calm down. She wants to be friends with Shizuka."

Astrid simply ran a hand through her hair, clearly unfazed by the attack on her being. "Getting attacked first thing I show up is new, but at least it wasn't anything to be concerned about." Astrid gave a wink and a smile to the sakimori that attacked her. "Don't worry girls, you're doing a good job to react so quickly. She's right though, I'm just here to befriend Shizuka though, so no need to get stabby so quickly."

A bunch of n-nani? and nan desu ka! came from the mouths of the big titted sentinels. They had failed at protecting the empress, something that shouldn't be possible against someone other than a Super Goddess. Shizuka had turned them into the ultimate lifeforms so this left them in shock. "Oh dear, that is some power you have there Astrid. Did you know that every single one of these girls could rule the Universe by themselves if it wasn't for our existence? And you took it all like a champ!" M'Wela held onto Astrid's arm like a high schooler and admired the toned abs of the foreign omnipotent.

Astrid chuckled. "I've had worse," she commented. Looking over each one of the sakimori, she simply decided to shrug off the matter. "Ah, yes, introductions, almost forgot about that. Name's Astrid Cailmel, Goddess of Light. Like M'Wela said, I'm from another dimension. So, where might Shizuka be? Kinda wanna get to know her now." Astrid eyed over the room, trying to find where Shizuka might be located, though there weren’t any signs of Shizuka’s presence for her to notice just yet.

"I will not make you wait more, do not worry!" M'Wela happily pulled from something in mid-air. In the eyes of even the sakimori there was nothing there but for both M'Wela and Astrid it was obvious. "Surely you were asking yourself why would there be a portal trigger right here, right? It is for when other Super Goddesses visit her." M'Wela opened the portal like she would open a zipper and both omnipotents stepped into another alternate dimension. A very small one actually. It was the throne room where Shizuka was waiting for them with a smile.

"Ahhh M'Wela onee-chan. So this is that Astrid Caimel you were talking about earlier." Apparently M'Wela and Shizuka had a pretty extensive telepathic conversation about the matter before they even met. The smug and diminutive goddess appreciated Astrid's body from afar, biting her lips at the sight of her muscles. "Welcome to my palace, Astrid-chan! I'm Shizuka Hirose, at your service!"

Astrid looked Shizuka up and down, pleased to get a good look at her. "Great to meet ya, Shizuka!" she responded, her expression and stance showing her relaxation at this point in time. The Japanese empress was a shortstack with dark, gigantic twintails and an ornate kimono that shared the same red hue as her eyes. "Man, you're a lot shorter than I expected ya to be, but hey, I like it! So, how's everything going for ya?" Astrid mentally took a note of the usage of an alternate dimension for a throne room. If she ever really wanted to remodel the temple, it was certainly an option for her to try that.

Shizuka was surprised at Astrid mentioning her height and jokingly pouted like a child. "Well, to me YOU are the one that’s too big!" Then she suddenly recovered her million-dollar-worth smile and added. "Besides, being short has its advantages." The diminutive Super Goddess teleported on top of Astrid, sitting on her wide shoulders and tightened her thick legs around her powerful neck. "Like doing this. Now you are gonna carry me around, Astrid-chan!"

"Ah please indulge her." M'Wela intervened. "She might be a little immaturebut she is very excited for the rare opportunity of meeting a new kind of omnipotent. Besides, you both are empresses.

Astrid giggled as Shizuka teleported onto her back. "Sure, free rides for tinies!" Astrid clearly enjoyed the situation. "And yeah, it's nice to meet another omnipotent Empress. Rare for me to find an actual peer to spend time with, so it's nice to meet someone like me." Deciding to float off the ground a bit and sitting in mid-air, Astrid held a finger up to her chin. "Right, so, what should we do next? Long as we're here we might as well make a day of it all. Would be a shame if we just exchanged names and left it at that after all!"

"Well ladies, I should go back to my tasks right now. I hope you have fun!" The African Super Goddess waved at her omnipotent friends and phased through a sparkling, violet portal of her own creation, back to Prosperia.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh Astrid-chan your hair is so beautiful…" Shizuka inhaled its smell and absorbed the essence of Astrid's Terra Ancora, the petite Super Goddess managed to infer vast details of its history, culture and nature with just a whiff thanks to her unparalleled deductive power. "Your land is wonderful but it's seen so much conflict… I kinda feel sad…" Suddenly her face brightened up as she thought of an idea. "What if I show you Nagusa, Astrid-chan? It's my maid cafe, not far from here! I'm sure you'll enjoy relaxing a little with me over there!"

Astrid smiled at the thought. "A Maid Cafe? That honestly sounds like it'd be wonderful to go to!" she said. Astrid quickly examined the area with her powers to locate the cafe. It took her effectively no time to locate the destination. "Off we go then!" she said, flying off with Shizuka still on her shoulders, exiting both the pocket dimension and then phasing through the walls as if they didn't exist in the first place to arrive at Nagusa in very little time. Astrid landed gently in front of the cafe, eager to see what waited inside for her.

The fact that Shizuka commented on Terra Ancora didn't slip by Astrid, but she decided against bringing up the topic further. That wasn't necessary to talk about at this time, and she was sure that other folks who were curious would find a way to figure out what was going on there anyways.

"Oh wow Astrid-chan, you are really powerful huh? You don't know how excited I am to meet someone of my power level outside my sisters!"

Astrid noticed that the streets were a little bit different than in Prosperia. In this country basically everyone looked superhuman. Asses and tits beyond comprehension and Enhanceds using superpowers casually like it meant nothing at all. "Welcome to Nagusa!" The two goddesses were received by a troupe of about 6 ultipotent sakimori, standing at each side and bowing. Some of which the Ancoran goddess could recognize from before.

"Oh don't mind that, Astrid-chan! Some of them work part-time in the cafe but with their powers it's just so easy for them to exist at once in two different places. This is their way of apologizing for attacking you earlier so don't be afraid to be extra demanding of them!" Joked Shizuka while winking and sticking her tongue out like a typical anime comic relief character.

Astrid looked over the girls and smiled. "Ah, don't worry about attacking me, I can't honestly blame ya for that. Though hm… I guess if I was gonna do something to you guys…" Astrid pondered things for a bit, getting a good look at each of the girls. She had an idea for something to do, and just needed a bit of inspiration to strike her by looking over the girls first.

Feeling the inspiration strike, Astrid went to work. For one girl, she reached to her head and pulled out a pair of bunny ears. Then she grabbed at the heels and reshaped them, replacing the shoes with stilettos, as well as pulling a bunny's tail out of their rear, giving the girl a very leporine appearance. For another, she pulled out a paintbrush and painted on a black and purple bodysuit, massaging the breasts so that they became larger, then painted her hair purple and pulled out two long, braided twintails with black and purple devices where they started on the head, leaving the upper part of the thighs uncovered as she finished painted on the bodysuit, ending with recoloring the eyes to purple with what looked like a power switch in them. Another girl got a similar treatment, being given a red bodysuit that looked like it belonged to a mecha pilot, with her getting long reddish-brown hair and blue eyes.

The fourth girl had her hair painted blood red, with some strands covering one of her eyes, her outfit primarily being black with red highlights, a long red cape, and spikes extending from one of the shoulders, her eyes also repainted to red. The fifth one had her ears pulled out and made pointier, her hair made green with an outfit that was as low-cut as possible, with the v going all the way down to her crotch. Finally, the last one was given an outfit not too dissimilar to the one who was given the black and red outfit, with the exception that her outfit looked far more like blood-red armor with spikes on both shoulders and around the elbows, her cape instead black with some red trim on it, given heeled boots, the armor hugging her body closely and showcasing her curves near-perfectly, her long, blood-red hair not covering either of her eyes and just barely revealing the hint of a circlet underneath, given the same red eyes as the other woman with a similar outfit. Astrid stepped back and admired her work. "Yes, this should do quite nicely!"

The ultipotents knew Astrid was beyond their powers but they still found it strange how someone besides the Super Goddesses was able to shapeshift them with so much ease.

Shizuka, now floating in the air observed in amazement how her employees were being transformed by the muscular goddess. Gazing at her handiwork was both surprising her due to her creativity and turning her on for how casually she commanded reality. "Ara, Astrid-chan~ You made them so much better. Don't you thinks so, girls?" The ultipotent maids were apparently now in those forms forever, unable to go against Astrid's desires but somehow they weren't angry with that concession. The maids, now dressed as anime characters from the meta-reality Astrid usually consumed her manga and anime from, thanked her one by one, extremely excited by their now superior forms.

Shizuka found those cosplays really strange. There was something odd about them. They technically looked a lot like different characters from her version of Earth but there were some striking differences in the designs.

The Super Goddess giggled, understanding what had transpired and grabbed Astrid by the arm like a clingy girlfriend. The size difference between them was really ridiculous. "Come on Astrid-chan, I'll invite!" Both sat on the best situated bench of the cafe. "What will it be?" She said with a radiant smile on her cute face as she materialized a menu on Astrid's hands. It was Ancoran sized and it contained basically every food and drink on every possible reality that had ever been invented and even those that would be invented in the future, warping the space inside the menu so this could be possible. Not only that but it was also written in a purposefully cryptic language Shizuka had created on the fly just to see how Astrid would decipher it with her divine mind.

Astrid looked over the menu, reading through the cryptic language with as much ease as a native speaker. "Man, so many good choices," Astrid said. "I honestly can't decide what I'd like here, so much of this menu seems so good to me!" Astrid ran through her choices again, easily processing the nigh-infinite choices with the ease of someone reading a menu designed for normal people. "Hmmm… might go for a bit of everything honestly, it's not like eating a lot has any real effect on my body!"

"The customer is always right!" Shizuka snapped her fingers and one of the ultipotent maids appeared. "You… uh…" Since the employees in the cafe had to pretend they were the characters they were cosplaying, it was also expected of customers to know their anime lore and refer to the maids as such. So Shizuka, coming from a reality that wasn't used to the existence of this bodysuit clad, purple pigtailed beauty, had to use her magical divination powers. The knowledge instantly came to her mind. "Purple Heart! We both want EVERYTHING from the menu!"

"If it's for the good of Planeptune and my cute imouto Shizurin, I'll do it~" The big titted maid drew her gigantic, futuristic sword and shot a purple laser from it, which collided with one of the windows that gave way to the exterior. Now, thanks to the ultipotent's magic, the window led into outer space instead.

"When a Super Goddess orders what you did we create an entire Universe to fill it with food and project the food inside the building like this…" To demonstrate how this worked. Shizuka comically dropped her jaw on the table and opened her tiny mouth. As she did that, an endless stream of every kind of food appeared from the space window. Monstrous hamburgers and bags of french fries were accompanied with juicy steaks, pasta dishes and even desserts like shakes, ice cream cups and mont blancs. Shizuka simply devoured it all, absorbing quintillions of tons of it in a matter of seconds. Her small body didn't even gain an inch of fat since the empress could store everything inside her magical hammerspace. The current stopped when she closed her mouth and let out a tiny, cute belch. Shizuka caressed her belly. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, feels good! Why don't you try?!"

"Now that seems like fun!" Astrid replied, immediately opening up her mouth and watching the food fly into her mouth, consuming the meal at a rate that wouldn't be possible for anyone else as she just ate and ate and ate, nothing affecting her biology despite the impossible reserves of food she had gotten. If anything, the only thing that changed was that her already sizable tits had gotten bigger, but not by an extreme amount. Once Astrid finished, she likewise belched, though hers was a bit louder than Shizuka's. "Man, this stuff is great! My compliments to the chef there!" Astrid enjoyed everything that she had eaten. "Thanks my friend, I really enjoyed this!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh that was a nice luncheon~" As a tip for her services, Shizuka slapped the Purple Heart maid on her ass, causing her to blush and unironically get pregnant from her for the third time that year. "Keep doing a good job girls, we'll have some empress on empress fun now!"

As the two goddesses left Nagusa, the maids waved at Astrid especially. Her pheromones had completely seduced the sakimori and now they could only dream of getting her babies. "Have a good day, mistress Astrid!" They said before letting out a maidenly sigh of pure love.

"Seems they have taken a liking to you, Astrid-chan!" Exclaimed Shizuka, then jumped again to fall on the Ancoran Goddess's powerful shoulders. The tiny empress loved getting piggybacked like that. "Well, what do you want to do now?"

"I think I could use a bit more excitement right now," she commented, looking around as she did so. "Hm… I think that, since we're in Japan, we could go and have some fun with some anime or manga. Might be fun to get into a sparring match with some of the really strong guys out in those kinda stuff!"

"Ahhhhhhhh I know exactly what you mean Astrid-chan! Did you know that I'm a famous manga artist? In fact one of my most popular shonen comics should be getting the final episode of its anime adaptation, which by the way is also directed by me, broadcasted in about 2 hours…" Shizuka didn't like that there was so much time between them and that fun activity so she decided to casually push the Universe two hours into the future. "There, better." She clapped her hands and the two goddesses found themselves at Shizuka's palace again. This was her entertainment room, with a giant couch and a TV that covered the entire wall. "You deserve the best of the best~"

Astrid grinned and sat on the couch, eager to observe the anime. The same astonishingly goofy grin that she showed earlier was on her face again. Creating some popcorn for her to eat, Astrid turned on the TV and set it at the channel needed to watch the final episode of Wyvern Cube S. "I do love me a good anime, and having it done by a good friend of mine just makes it even better!" She was clearly excited to see the show.

Shizuka had created many of the best works of art in the history of mankind before but this particular anime was almost purposefully mindless and completely based on bombastic spectacle and stupidly well animated and choreographed fights between beings capable of planetary destruction. Apparently, this last episode was set in the climactic battle between the main hero, a spiky haired muscular guy named Toku and an androgynous alien monster with cyborg body parts named Mecha Bieza. The reason why they were fighting was very vague, something like Toku not wanting Bieza to destroy Earth and being very angry for killing his dear nakama or something like that.

The fight was very entertaining and butt-clenching but the planet destroying blasts of energy and earthshaking punches and kicks that the two titans exchanged mid-air at mind numbing speeds were still nothing compared to what the goddesses could do. Predicting what Astrid was about to propose, Shizuka bit her lip and asked. "Well… ?"

Astrid looked over to Shizuka, clearly on the edge of her seat. As if on cue, she said, "Let's get in there! I'd like to have fun fighting these guys myself!" Her expression showed that she was clearly excited about all of this. "If nothing else, it might be a good way to unwind!"

"I love your ideas~" The Super Goddess took Astrid by the hand and both slowly phased through the colossal TV like one of those canvas from Mario 64, only to appear on the other side. Now they were inhabiting the world of the anime, which of course was a rocky desert. "Here we are! What do you thi-" Suddenly both goddesses found themselves in the middle of the final beam struggle between Toku and Bieza. The villain's purple energy wave hit Astrid with the power of a thousand suns, while a similarly powered golden attack cast by the hero exploded in Shizuka's face.

"N-Nani?!" Both characters noticed the interruption in the last moment since the goddesses were unharmed. Their galaxy busting energy attacks had not only not killed their opponent but they had been received by someone else.

From the cloud following the explosion, the two omnipotents appeared to be safe and sound. Shizuka was cleaning the dust off her robes and coughing. "Oh come on guys, I had just weaved this kimono…"

Astrid simply giggled, her robes completely unscathed from the blast that she had received. She held a hand up to her mouth and smirked. "It was a nice try, I guess, but that honestly didn't even tickle me," she commented, before facing Bieza with a threateningly oppressive aura. "Now, I would introduce myself, but I think that I'm just gonna go straight to the fun part." Taking a martial arts stance, Astrid was ready to fight. "Let's see how well you can handle me!"

Shortly thereafter, Astrid made a very lazy punch, one that she was clearly holding back on. However, that punch still held enough power behind it to cause an intense shockwave strong enough to severely injure Bieza and also badly damage the landscape around her. "Oops~ Man, and I thought I was going easy there~"

"Why did you interrupt our fight? I was about to defeat Bieza, are you with him?" Toku was furious, he had wasted a great deal of his qi in that attack and Bieza was still alive. Also, these women were apparently really powerful since they managed to survive their beam struggle and one of them was toying with Bieza.

Shizuka, deciding to have some fun and putting on her well rehearsed yandere facade licked her lips sadistically and made it so her eyes emitted a bright, terrifying red hue. Her smile turned condescending and cruel. "Yes, you are right Toku. I'm Bieza's mistress, it was all my idea. What will you do about it, hah?"

"Damn you, witch… You'll pay for what you did to my friends!" The hero flew beyond the speed of sound and covered his fist in qi but Shizuka cheekily caught it with ease, then clenched it, making Toku scream in pain. After a few seconds she released him.

"Owww, what happened? Is the power of friendship not enough this time?" She giggled maliciously, making fun of her own creation.

"You monster!" Toku launched a barrage of kicks and punches so fast that they got close to surpassing the speed of light at times. The characters in Wyvern Cube S were notoriously known for being overpowered especially in the latter stages of the setting, but now Shizuka was casually dodging the strongest character while nonchalantly humming the opening theme song and combing her hair.

"How are you doing back there, Astrid-chan?" She asked, not even paying attention to the attacks of the much taller and muscular hero. In fact now she was tanking them without a care in the world.

Bieza clearly didn't take Astrid's jest well, his face contorted in rage even with the serious injury he had taken from the blow. "How dare you! You worm! I am going to destroy you for your arrogance!"

Astrid let out a yawn. "Yeah, sure, and I'm sure your wrath is gonna be terrifying. Just gimme a good time," she said, cheekily doing her nails while Bieza launched his own barrage, his own blows coming extremely close to breaking the light-speed barrier. Astrid, for her part, chose to, instead of simply tank the attacks, dodge and weave at such impossible speeds that it barely even looked like she moved in the first place, her body seemingly incapable of being hit by her opponent.

Bieza clearly found this to be an intent at mocking him as he launched energy beams from his fingertips, this time the rounds hitting and ricocheting off of her body as if she was being shot at by bullets and not planet-destroying beam attacks. Astrid giggled as Shizuka asked her question. "Honestly it feels more like raindrops than anything else. Hopefully I don't get too bored here~"

The battle if it could be called that had gotten to the point of Toku getting desperate despite Shizuka not having inflicted any serious damage upon him yet. Thanks to the power of a Deus ex Machina, he started transforming again. The planet almost exploded into bits due to the sheer level of energy liberated as his hair got longer and spikier. For some reason he also lost his eyebrows. "Damn Tokun~ I wrote you so badly that you can even asspull forms that I haven't designed yet, congrats!"

"Shut up, shut up!" Toku tried again but to no avail. Shizuka was now comically catching his fists with chopsticks she just created to have some laughs at his expense. The humiliated, superpowered martial artist decided to use his trump card since nothing else was working.

"Really? Am I so important that you need to use that? That move is soooooooo last arc…" Toku raised his hands and pleaded for the energy of everyone on Earth. His other martial artist nakama also gave him their qi to create a collective ball of energy. Shizuka decided to indulge him and wait a few minutes for him to create the Soul Bomb.

"You won't survive this. Beings of pure evil like you can't resist the power of the souls of everyone on this planet. We'll show you not to mess with Earth!"

"Pure evil, huh?" The bomb had gotten so big that it eclipsed a big part of the sky. "I wonder if that's gonna work then~"

"Of course it will. This is the end, I will stop you!" Toku used the last remnants of his energy to throw the Soul Bomb on top of Shizuka. If all went well, she should have been devoured by it and completely disintegrated. However that was not happening. Shizuka was giggling as she touched the surface of the attack without sweating it. Not only that but she picked it up herself, then showed it to Toku.

"What happened? Wasn't this supposed to kill me? Perhaps it was too weak. Lemme help with that." Just by willing it, the Soul Bomb got bigger, and bigger, and bigger… until it finally looked more like a small moon. Shizuka was just putting more and more qi in it from her unlimited reserves, making Toku's look like a joke. "This is much better, don't you think? Let's see how it does against a real target!" Shizuka mimicked a volleyball serve and launched the bomb towards space. Not only did it disintegrate half of the moon during its course, but also destroyed every planet in the solar system while growing even bigger due to absorbing more matter. In the end, it exploded against the Andromeda Galaxy, causing a Supernova.

"B-But how…" Toku's jaw dropped, his will completely broken, unable to comprehend the power of the shortstack goddess. He had completely lost against her. The world was doomed.

"Oh come on, I wasn't trying at all Tokun~"

Bieza likewise managed to pull a new transformation out of his ass, his body turned pure golden, a look of unbridled fury that this massive goddess continued to mock on his face. "THAT DOES IT! You're an eyesore to me!" Bieza likewise began charging his Kill Ball attack. "I'm going to kill you and everything you hold dear! You will face the wrath of Perfect Bieza, and everything in this universe is going to be completely destroyed!"

Astrid finally managed to get a serious look on her face. "The universe?" she said, actually concerned for what might happen if she didn't act carefully.

"Yes! It's only fitting that this entire universe be wiped out! Nobody is stronger than me, Perfect Bieza! If you truly care so much for this universe, you'll know better than to challenge me, if you even survive!" Bieza let out a maniacal cackle as he charged his Kill Ball. "I should hope you're prepared to see the next life, if it even still exists after I launch this attack!"

Astrid decided that there was no point in letting the attack go off, as too many lives were at stake. She quickly pointed her finger at Bieza's Kill Ball attack and pushed forward, the Kill Ball suddenly being grabbed from Bieza's grasp and thrown over to Astrid. "What are you-?!" Bieza was furious that this goddess could so easily ignore what he was attempting.

Astrid grasped the Kill Ball with her hand and put her other hand to it. "Sorry, but I can't let this happen," she said, immediately crushing the Kill Ball beneath her impossibly strong muscles, the blast becoming more of a whimper as the attack was rendered utterly useless. Then, Astrid pointed her finger at Bieza. "And I can't let a madman run around who would destroy the universe, so it's time for you to be removed."

Shortly after Astrid said that, Bieza found his body disintegrated. In fact, the memories of his crimes found themselves erased, as if Bieza never existed in the first place. With Bieza removed from time entirely, Astrid let out a deep sigh. "Let's hope this doesn't affect the ratings too badly," she commented, before turning around and approaching Shizuka again. "Well, that was fun! I enjoyed myself! What about you?"

"I'm finishing here, sweetie!" Shizuka had grabbed Toku by the head and slowly flattened him between her hands as if he was made of paper, then folded him like origami as he screamed. By the time he had been turned into a paper crane, the tiny goddess saved it in her wide sleeve. "Well, it seems those two weren't a real challenge. What a shame! Oh but in other news, Astrid-chan! This episode was the best rated in the history of the show, and millions tuned in to watch us beat them! It seems people really liked you." She casually stated after getting those stats from her infinite well of knowledge.

Astrid grinned and gave a thumbs-up with that comment. "Well, that's a good thing then!" she said, pleased by this all. "Man, this was definitely the best idea I had to come here. This is the most fun I've had in over a decade!" Astrid crossed her legs and sat on the air. "Hm. But what to do now? I can't think of much else for us to do at this point, which is a shame because I really enjoyed my time with you, Shizuka."

Shizuka grabbed Astrid's much bigger, rougher hands and smiled with the tenderness of someone that had just met their first love. There was nothing but genuine kindness and affection in her sweet, crimson eyes. Super Goddesses were capable of Super Empathy and got quickly attached to people, especially to other goddesses. And now Astrid seemed very lonely and sad to her, despite her cheerful exterior. "This isn't a goodbye Astrid-chan. I still have something to show you today. Want to relax a little together?" Shizuka, as perceptive as she was, had realized that Astrid needed people like her around to understand her and help her get out her worries. Goddesses were like that after all, they had all the weight of the universe on their powerful shoulders. But in the case of Astrid it was different, there was no one with her level for responsibility at her side to understand her pains, unlike the Super Goddesses, who were lucky to have each other. "Everything alright?"

Astrid caused for a moment, surprised at Shizuka's commentary. There was an expression on her face that showed that she didn't expect Shizuka's offers to still hang out some more. Astrid looked away, not sure if she should answer Shizuka’s question. "I don't think it's a whole lot to worry about. I'm just glad that I've got you as a friend now." Looking back at Shizuka, Astrid managed to force a smile to her face. "If you're still up for hanging out, then sure, we can still hang out. Not like time's an issue for me!"

Shizuka's smile was precious. Astrid had accepted to stay with her a little longer and called her a friend, even when she hadn't opened up about her issues yet. "A friend, huh? That sounds good." The diminutive bombshell twirled her fingers and opened a portal to the mountains of the Gunma prefecture. Inside there was a forest that was perpetually in fall, judging by the orange color of the leaves as opposed to the summer Tokyo was experiencing. Shizuka's influence was slowly but surely changing Japan in significant ways. "I don't know if you guys have hot springs on Terra Ancora but they are great! These are my favorite, Kusatsu Onsen!" She pointed at the gigantic compound in the middle of the mountains. It had become extremely popular since the Super Goddess declared them the best ones in the world.

Astrid looked over the mountains, her smile becoming more genuine in the process. She then flashed a look at Shizuka that said everything. "Hot springs? Man, I love hot springs! Best way to relax after a hard day if ya ask me!" Immediately picking up Shizuka again and putting her on her shoulders, Astrid went through the portal to find the hot springs to relax in. She was very excited about being able to relax with this particular method.

The goddesses walked towards the main building but before they could enter, M'Wela materialized by phasing from a tree's trunk. As if she was Mother Nature and could manifest from any biological being just like that. "Forgive me for being absent before, ladies. I am finally done with the matters I had on my immediate schedule and I heard you were thinking of going to the hot springs. Care if I join you?" She had heard them speak from the other side of the world, INSIDE another dimension.

"Yayyy! M'Wela-chan is here too!" The tiny empress high fived her African sister from Astrid's shoulders. Now that she was at that height, she could do that. "Yeah, sorry for that Astrid-chan. Sometimes we Super Goddesses kind of…"

"Change sex."

"Yeah… and when that happens we get very big and we have to release, and we kinda use… full continents for that. That's why M'Wela was away for some time. Do you understand that, right?"

"Oh dear, you will make me blush. This time I only filled one ocean worth of it, it is not that much you little devil! But you are correct, meeting Astrid earlier forced me to leave what I was doing so I had to finish it before coming back to you two." M'Wela's cheeks turned red. It was the first time Astrid saw her lose her regal and motherly composure. "Do you have that in Terra Ancora? You know… when a woman grows this… and that… and needs to release very hard?"

Astrid pondered the subject, swaying back and forth with Shizuka still on her shoulders. "Don't think that's been something considered by my Dhe Ehmn yet. I suppose it's not impossible given the existence of shapeshifting magic, but dunno if it's something that'd actually get covered at some point." Given the nonchalance in Astrid's voice, she very clearly didn't seem bothered by the subject. "Either way, glad to have ya back with us, M'Wela. Feel free to join in on the hot springs though, I always did enjoy going into Hot Springs with my friends!"

Once that fishy topic was covered and after they went inside the building the three goddesses were receiving a pleasurable massage from Enhanced, big breasted chiropractors with tanuki ears and tails. If it wasn't enough with having two Super Goddesses present stinking the place with their Super Pheromones they also had this towering, muscular goddess that they weren't aware of. Most of them had to be replaced every few minutes because they orgasmed into unconsciousness. "The problems of being too beautiful, right?" M'Wela winked at Astrid, whose glorious lumbar muscles were being treated by four women at the same time, all of them drooling at the sight of the tan beefcake.

"Hehe~ What do you think Astrid-chan? Are you enjoying it?"

Astrid let out a sigh of relief as she was massaged, her expression one of pure bliss. "This is wonderful," she said, her voice showing clear satisfaction at the topic. "Nothing like a good massage to loosen up the muscles." Astrid managed to show more restraint about letting loose any pheromones she may have had, but she was clearly unbothered by the Super Pheromones her friends were letting off, even as everyone around them kept losing their composure. Astrid then returned a wink to M'Wela. "And yeah, sometimes being too beautiful causes folks to just not be able to control themselves. A shame, really~"

Suddenly, the chiropractors left the room. And, as if all had been a carefully prepared trap since the beginning, Shizuka and M'Wela got up and started massaging Astrid's neck muscles. It was a completely different feeling from before. Like all her mana was being released into an infinitely sized pool, free from any constraints. The feeling was so pleasurable that instead of relaxing her, it kind of invigorated her. For the first time in a lot of time, she forgot about all those mundane concerns like leading a planet or dealing with holy wars and enemy empires. Reality's barriers were overwhelmed and only the three of them appeared in an existential and contextual vacuum. Striped of their superficial elements until only their almighty souls remained.

"How does it feel, Astrid-chan?" Shizuka's soul was represented by an ethereal red sphere.

"I think it is time to confess what worries you. We will listen and comfort you, my dear." A purple one was clearly M'Wela.

"Is it something… ? Someone… ?"

Astrid's sphere was extremely unusual compared to Shizuka and M'Wela. It seemed to shift between three separate colors, blue, green, and red, though there didn't seem to be any clear indication of why that was the case. Astrid let out a sigh as she decided to answer the question. "Ah, it's just… you're aware I came into power via a Crusade. That was the handiwork of someone I consider my daughter: Rebecca. She's a good-natured person deep down, but very zealously devoted to me. I go and take a break for a decade and then I find out she went and started a Crusade to subjugate or destroy anyone who didn't worship me."

Astrid's soul seemed to dim slightly as she spoke. "I know that Rebecca's not evil, but everyone on Terra Ancora seems thoroughly convinced she is given what she did. And sometimes, they take out that frustration on me. They blame me for not stopping it before it happened, they accuse me of simply taking the throne for myself and not dismantling everything, that I'm secretly power-hungry and what have you.

"I want my people to realize that Rebecca is capable of good, that nobody is beyond redemption. But sometimes, it's difficult to get people to realize that sometimes, you just gotta have a little faith in the good everyone has. Add in the fact that folks tend to see me as a goddess first, and a person second, and you get a lot of people who have the wrong ideas in their heads about who and what I am. Even Rebecca tends to view me that way, even when she and I are close enough that I'm essentially her mom."

Astrid's soul brightened up a bit. "Still, I'm glad to have people around who are well and truly my peers. It's nice to talk with people who actually understand what it's like to be a goddess and all of the issues we face with just solving all the world's problems. I'm happy to know you guys, and I'm glad you're here for me too."

The two Super Goddesses could see and feel everything she had been through during her time as a Goddess. All the atrocities committed in her name. The adventures of this Rebecca woman trying to redeem herself for the heinous but well intentioned acts she commited. The disparity between her humanity and her divinity and how she was perceived by her subjects.The difficulties of being an omnipotent being and the consequences of taking the wrong step in a setting not written by an incompetent like Akane. It was all too much but they endured it because they wanted to understand their new friend Astrid.

"S-Sorry, my dear. You went through so much. But it is not your fault. You are doing your best and I assure you everything is going to be fine. Rebecca will do the right thing in the end and people will understand it… I am sure of it… Because everyone, even those who have taken the worst decisions possible can still find the light. And with a goddess like you, I have no doubt that this will be the case." In a second they were back to their usual bodies. M'Wela extended her tender and caring hand and stroked Astrid's cheek. "You are a good person and a good goddess, Astrid. And the history of Terra Ancora will remember you as that and forgive Rebecca."

Shizuka however approached this situation in a much more childish but passionate way. Without saying anything she started crying and jumped into Astrid’s powerful arms. Letting herself go due to her feelings of affection towards the Ancoran goddess, she kissed her in the lips, still with tears in her cute eyes. "S-Sorry… I didn't want to but… but… you are so strong and heroic that…"

M'Wela quickly clarified their feelings. "I think she might have fallen in love with you Astrid. I… frankly have too but we do not have the right to put an extra weight like this on you. You have to go back to Terra Ancora as soon as possible and rule your people. Besides…"

"There is someone else right… ?" Shizuka pouted, still very emotional.

Astrid managed a smile on her face. She didn't make a comment about how much they believed in her, because she knew that they were right. At the end of the day, her people would see the truth of her plans and the truth of Rebecca's personality and goodwill. Astrid simply giggled at the fact that her friends clearly knew about her love life. "Yeah, I am married. Jason's the best guy I've ever met, and I couldn't ask for a better man in my life."

Then, Astrid’s expression changed to a sly grin. "Buuuuut, if Jason gives the okay, I don't think there's anything wrong with us having a night of passion with each other. Jason and I have an understanding there. As long as I make sure that nothing happens in the bedroom without his permission, he's not bothered by me taking on another partner or two. So, if you guys want some sex, gonna have to ask the hubby first!"

"Jason?" Shizuka hugged Astrid even tighter and humphed. "Damn I'm so jealous, I want you all for me."

"Ah yes, since both of you are married we do not mind waiting for him to confirm. It's what we usually do but we tend to look into the subconscious of people instead of directly asking them. That means we can get quickly into the action without it getting awkward." M'Wela explained. "To be honest Astrid, I did not expect your couple to be male, or human. But it seems both of our authors love to self-insert sometimes, am I right?" The African Super Goddess, also an expert in fourth wall breaking by now, winked at you, the reader.

Astrid giggled. "Yeah, my Dhe Ehmn's pretty open about what Jason's supposed to be. Now then…" Astrid brought up a holographic screen in front of her, the screen showing an image of what was probably Jason. He wasn't exactly a bad-looking man, but he was decidedly unremarkable in appearance, possessing black hair and a beard. Even his clothing wasn't particularly elaborate, consisting largely of a simple tunic and pants. "Hey Jason! You got a moment?"

Jason looked at the screen and smiled at Astrid. "Always got time for you dear. Is there something you need?"

"Ah, just, got two fellow goddesses looking for some fun in bed. Considering the rules we set up, I wanted to run that by you before it happened."

Jason simply shrugged at the topic. "Can't say I know who you're interested in spending the night with. I'd have to meet them first before I gave the go-ahead."

In response to that, Astrid reached through the screen and pulled Jason over to where she was, right next to Shizuka and M'Wela. Jason was mildly disoriented from the sudden shift and wasn't able to talk at the moment, but Astrid introduced him with, "Shizuka, M'Wela, my husband Jason! Do be gentle, he's a very good guy!"

The sheer horniness of the two Super Goddesses right then made it so they ignored Jason's normality. After all, Super Goddesses wanted to fuck all the time, with men and women alike.

M'Wela and Shizuka found themselves hugging the black haired man tight from his arms. He had no escape now. Blushing and with bedroom eyes they got close to him and kissed him simultaneously in the cheeks. "Welcome to our world, Jason-kun…" Shizuka purred.

"We are the Super Goddesses, M'Wela and Shizuka. We are omnipotent women, as powerful as your wife." M'Wela explained. "Since you two are married I suppose you have a haaaard fetish for powerful women." The three goddesses looked at each other knowingly. The room was getting saturated with pheromones and sexual tension, threatening to overload Jason's brain.

"And there is nothing more powerful than us in existence so…"

"What do you say to us all participating in a good ol’ foursome… ?"

Jason ended up unable to think straight with all the pheromones being thrown at him, especially given that both M'Wela and Shizuka were very good-looking women and did bring up how powerful they were. "I… uh… well…" Jason had difficulty thinking straight with the sudden assailment on his senses.

Astrid ended up huffing at the shenanigans. "Girls, I know Jason is attractive, but we should probably try to not overwhelm him before he's able to form a coherent sentence. Give him a bit to come to his senses first."

Jason managed to force down his confusion enough to finally form a coherent sentence. "I… uh… I suppose if my wife's okay with that I don't see an issue with it."

Astrid grinned and clasped her hands together. "Sure, I suppose we could go for a foursome! It looks like my two friends here are pretty eager for that too!"

Shizuka and M'Wela snapped their fingers and they were all magically teleported to the king sized bed in Shizuka's palace.

Astrid was in the middle with Jason on top of her and both Super Goddesses at their sides. The little man felt tiny and impotent surrounded by walls of almighty flesh.

The first in attacking was Shizuka, who crawled next to Astrid's face and started passionately french kissing her with her tiny hands on her sculpted face.

While this happened M'Wela smiled tenderly and removed her white robe, revealing her magical, dark skinned tits, each the size of a watermelon. They were already dripping wet with the milk she naturally lactated, as a permanent mother. "Go ahead, do not be shy sweetie, suck from mommy's tit." She said with an inviting and seductive but ultimately gentle tone.

Astrid gave a thumbs-up to Jason as she returned Shizuka's passionate kissing, Jason and Astrid's clothes both evaporating in the process. Jason's dick had definitely sprung to attention with everything going on around him, and with M'Wela's invitation, Jason decided to give it a try, putting his mouth to M'Wela's nipple and beginning to suck the milk, incredibly overwhelmed by how impressive it tasted.

Astrid had grabbed at Shizuka's back and pulled her in tightly for the kissing, her massive arms practically engulfing Shizuka's back as she did so. Her kissing was as passionate as could be as she did so, something that would be overwhelming to a lesser person, but was only a normal thing to an omnipotent goddess like Shizuka.

"There, there cutie. Is mommy's milk tasty?" She giggled, enjoying how the smaller man sucked from her breasts while gently caressing his face and hair.

Shizuka held tighter to Astrid, her tiny body now supported with one, very muscular Ancoran arm. The kiss got incredibly sucky. The force generated by their tongues clashing could destroy entire universes while the suction put black holes to shame. "H-Hngggggg~" Shizuka then noticed her clothes had magically disappeared, exposing her petite bombshell body. As if by instinct she started masterfully fingering Astrid's amazon pussy, only retreating from their french kiss to mention something dirty. "Y-You are so hairy down there, d-damn… I love you Astrid-chwan…" Her last word became incomprehensible as she started french kissing her again. It was like a drug, she couldn't stop even for a few seconds.

Jason managed to pull away from M'Wela long enough to say the words, "This is incredible! Haven't tasted anything this good before!" before diving back into it, clearly not wanting to stop just yet.

As for Astrid, she returned Shizuka's fingering, her noticeably larger finger driving deep into Shizuka's pussy while Shizuka did the same, Astrid moaning pleasurably as the process happened. Astrid didn't need to say any words in response to Shizuka's declaration, because her mind said everything. Same to you, Shizuka. Astrid continued her passionate kissing, losing herself in the moment with her husband and two genuine peers to herself.

M'Wela let a tiny laugh escape her lips as she pushed the smaller man towards his wife. "Come on, show me the love between you two~"

As that happened Shizuka pulled away, her face distorted in an unironic ahegao, horny beyond words and half cumming from Astrid's divine pussy rubbing technique. The first thing she saw was M'Wela. "Ha… Ha… C'mere mommy…" The Japanese empress pounced on top of her African counterpart and magically grew a giant dick and cantaloupe sized, saggy balls, filled with delicious baby batter. Of course, she started fucking the bigger woman in the pussy, driving her to ecstasy. Her orgasmic screams were heard even in Terra Ancora, leaving Astrid's subjects confused.

Once Jason landed on Astrid, she held his face tenderly, taking a moment for the two of them just to look at each other. Once that ended, Jason knew exactly what to do. He slid down Astrid's body and drove his dick right into her pussy, his face buried in his wife’s sizable chest, unable to suffocate because of Astrid's power. Astrid didn't let out screams of ecstasy immediately, but she clearly enjoyed Jason's cock to a sizable degree, holding him tight as she did so. In comparison to the two Super Goddesses, Jason and Astrid's sex was much more subdued, but definitely no less passionate given how these were two married people who clearly greatly enjoyed each other's company.

As Shizuka kept pounding M'Wela's pussy with her godly penis, both sticking their tongues out, panting and moaning like crazy, the Japanese shortstack decided to summon the manga version of the anime Astrid and her participated earlier.

Literally picking them from the pages, not unlike Astrid picked Jason from the hologram, two sexy female characters were literally transported to the bed. One of them was a science genius, Telma while the other was a tomboyish, hotheaded bandit named Breakfast. With a gesture of her magical hands both monochrome ladies jumped on top of Jason and Astrid and joined in their cuddling.

Jason and Astrid were definitely surprised by the sudden change of pace, but Astrid quickly pulled them in with her arms and embraced all three with a tender, loving hug that one wouldn't expect from someone with muscles as enormous as she had. As Astrid held the manga ladies, they ended up getting color put on them just from their proximity to her, though they were clearly still comic characters given the fact that they looked noticeably different from the other people in the room, clearly rendered in an two-dimensional artstyle one would see in a manga.

As Astrid held them tight, she said to Jason, "Jason… I'm so glad to have you in my life. Same with these girls here. You're all the best things that've ever happened to me."

In the meantime, Shizuka finally cummed inside M'Wela, impregnating her with what probably would be a few hundred new children, all of them perfect in everything and stupidly beautiful. "A-AHHHHHHH!" yelled the goddess, prey to her biggest Super Orgasm yet and almost losing consciousness.

Shizuka, now tired and panting, crawled towards the pile of human flesh around Astrid and positioned herself under Jason's body thanks to her intangibility. Then she started sucking his dick as he was fucking Astrid. Come on, boyo~ Cum for me, cum inside Astrid-chan! She told him telepathically.

M'Wela, now completely groggy and looking as undignified as ever, with her clothes savagely torn off, walked on all fours towards Astrid, and, subverting expectations, started sucking from Astrid's tender but vascular boobies. Seemingly hypnotized and with a fat belly full of Shizuka's cum. Sometimes, she would direct her free hands to finger Telma and Breakfast, who cummed in a matter of seconds.

Almost immediately after Shizuka gave that command, Jason ended up cumming, letting out a load inside of Astrid and Shizuka at the same time, while M'Wela got to taste Astrid's own milk, which was equally as impressive as her own. Astrid, for her part, was being overwhelmed with pleasure from the various people having their fun with her, and ended up orgasming herself, the building quaking beneath Astrid's incredible strength and sending waves of pleasure to everyone else in the room at the same time, no doubt increasing their own pleasure as Astrid tried her best to keep herself together during all of this, her mind having never experienced something like this before, but she definitely didn't mind it one bit.

Finally, it all culminated in a magnificent shared Super Orgasm, the first that Astrid had ever experienced. It was like nothing she had ever felt before and drove her to an unknown level of sexual pleasure. Fortunately, since she was as powerful as a Super Goddess, it didn't make her go unconscious. Telma and Breakfast though didn't resist its power and ceased to exist while moaning in heat. Jason didn't die, thanks to the subconscious protection of the three omnipotent goddesses that loved him but he did fall unconscious on top of Astrid's chest.

The trio of goddesses hugged him from all sides and cuddled with each other for a while, enjoying their newfound love and the aftermath of their arousing experience.

The sensation of a Super Orgasm was indescribable, even for Astrid. She was somewhat worried that the sheer power of the orgasm would've killed Jason, but with the three goddesses working together, everything turned out fine, which was the greatest relief for her. With the afterglow still going on, Astrid looked to Shizuka and M'Wela, before putting a smile on her face. "Yeah… I think this was the best decision I could've gone through yet…"

M'Wela smiled back but it quickly turned into a melancholic expression. "You have to go now, right? Terra Ancora needs her Goddess…"

"Yes, don't worry about us Astrid-chan, we had our fun. Besides, you can always visit us again~" Shizuka giggled while twirling Astrid's hair, with loving eyes.

"Indeed, or we could visit you instead. I am sure other Super Goddesses will be eager to meet you and share the fun we had today together." The African queen added.

Astrid smiled to her friends, picking up Jason in her arms. "Yeah, can't leave the Empire for too long," she mentioned. "I wouldn't mind you folks dropping by Terra Ancora either. I'm sure you guys might enjoy the scenery as well, as would the other Super Goddesses!" Summoning her clothes back on her and Jason, Astrid added, "Don't worry, I'm sure we will meet again someday. It was great to hang out with you!" Astrid conjured up the same set of doors that she used to initially arrive on this world and waved goodbye to her friends as she went through them, Jason in her arms.

"She's so dreamy~" The Super Goddesses proclaimed at unison. After she had disappeared from their setting, Shizuka and M'Wela hugged each other, reminiscing of their time with Astrid and how much they came to love her in such a short time.

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