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Akane's Lady Justice

Written by Akane :: [Thursday, 02 July 2020 02:05] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:53]

Based on the manga Shonen Jump's Lady Justice by Ken Ogino

Art by Erickiwi

Ameri Kenzaki gazed at the trillions of stars around her. The superheroine sighed and smiled with her eyes closed as her lithe body drifted away in space, powered by the lack of gravity. The low pressure, freezing temperature and close exposure to the Sun’s radiation not bothering her invulnerable body in the slightest.

A playful giggle escaped from her sweet lips after remembering her last date with her boyfriend Enta Marufuji. They ate crepes together and he won her a bear plushie from a claw machine. Perhaps it was time to return to Earth and have some fun with him.

She opened her left eye, its dark blue color radiated so powerfully that she could suddenly see herself in the darkness. But her body was not the only thing she could see now, her eye had a very special power.

Suddenly, the Universe became very small for her. Every single planet, star, asteroid and black hole became perfectly visible, as if they were right in front of her. The truth was that her left eye only had the power to see very far but since she had developed it to its fullest, that description became an understatement. Ameri’s vision covered the entirety of existence, it was all so clear to her too, which planet and galaxy was which, the lives of every inhabitant of these alien worlds, down to the finest of details, and she could track every single one of them at the same time. As she had a strong policy of not reading others’ minds, which she could easily do, she had assigned a name to every single person in the Universe. And she caught up on them everyday after her job when she decided to take a break and just stare into space like she was doing now. “My, Yoji-kun you really love harvesting those big elephant guy plants. I hope you don’t mind if I cause some acid rain to help them bloom faster.” As she said that, she snapped her fingers and Yoji’s harvest was blessed by magical yellow drops unexpectedly falling from the sky. These would help his plants grow. If his face wasn’t comprised by dozens of tiny tentacles he would have smiled due to the overwhelming joy.

Ameri chuckled as she proceeded to bestow these small gifts upon the citizens of other galaxies with her casual reality warping, knowing what was more appropriate for every single one of them. As a heroine, it made her happy to help people that way. “And… you seem very lonely Misaya-chan. We can’t have that so I’ll make that cute space werewolf guy you have been drooling over lately notice you.” She winked at that person and he instantly fell in love with the equally hairy female. “Awwww that’s cute, I’m glad you guys make such a good couple!” When the aliens kissed, Ameri turned her back on the Universe, suddenly removing an almost infinite number of distractions from her mind. Her almighty eyes were now observing her home, planet Earth.

From there it looked diminutive. Like a blue and green marble. Ameri smiled gently as she recalled the first time she saw this beautiful vista. She had become so powerful that she could wipe out the whole planet with little effort. If every single human on Earth tried to stop her at the same time, they would still lose the fight. Physically, mentally, or by any other means. She had transcended humanity years ago to the point of being the de facto ruler of the world. If humans continued with their daily lives and ruling over themselves was because Ameri tacitly allowed it to happen.

Of course, that is just an hyperbole of the situation. The truth was that Ameri always had an extremely strict moral compass and had never hurt someone innocent. After all, she was the most famous superheroine in the world, Iustitia. Iustitia was well renowned for stopping criminals all over the world using her superpowers and had gained a reputation of someone kind, selfless and just that fought for the weak and unprotected. In other words, she was loved by everyone except those she put in jail.

Ameri opened her right eye this time. So golden and bright, that it outcompeted the sun, making everyone in the world, even those that were underground at that moment, go blind for a second. This one had a trickier power. For some reason it possessed the ability to detect evil intent in people. It made it feel like she really was the incarnation of the Goddess of Justice that her superheroine name referenced. She was able to judge who was good and who was evil this way, and also, fortunately, how redeemable they were. Originally her evil radar had a certain range that was limited to Gousamu, Japan. Her birthplace. But now it extended to the entire planet which was both an advantage and a disadvantage for her. It was good because that allowed her to help people from all countries around the world, but it also meant she had to babysit them all the time, which had basically lowered the global crime rate by an 85% in three years. Still, it kept her entertained and occupied. And it seemed the world appreciated her service, considering her nothing short of a goddess.

Why did she acted as a superheroine on Earth and nowhere else? Because she had enough with one planet. She preferred to play the absent goddess role for everyone else.

“Sure it’s slow today. Four clones will be enough!” In the time Ameri blinked, there were suddenly four more of her. The clones giggled and instantly accelerated so fast that they became engulfed in fire when they entered the atmosphere, then crashed like small meteors close enough to the places where the crimes were being commited. This whole process took seconds. “I guess it’s time to visit Marufuji-kun!”

The original Ameri followed suit but also took her sweet time enjoying the temperatures of re-entry not affecting her indestructible body at all, not even her clothes, which had been weaved by Marufuji with her own hair. She then plummeted to the South American subcontinent.

Once she descended enough to watch Rio from a safe distance, she decided to propel herself horizontally at Mach 100. The instant sonic boom destroyed the forest around her as she flew through hundreds of kilometers of Amazonian forest in seconds, leaving behind a trail of uprooted trees and scared wild animals. By the time she reached the Andean Plateau she had picked up enough speed that reaching the Pacific Ocean would take her less than a minute.

The next barrier she didn’t even notice. The Andes were one of the tallest and most impressive mountain ranges in the world and stood between her and the sea. Still smiling, Ameri plowed through the giant mass of rock and formed a straight tunnel since it wasn’t offering any resistance to her body. “Oops.” The superheroine stopped in her tracks and finally took a moment to appreciate what she had done. “Well, no problem. I’ll just be more careful next time.” After saying that, Ameri made a circle with her finger and suddenly the world around her stopped on its tracks The clouds and the waves ceased swaying, the birds didn’t chirp anymore and the heroine’s hair stood still since there wasn’t any wind to move it. She had casually stopped time.

Until everything started again… but in reverse! Ameri, unaffected by the time reversal herself giggled childishly as her unconceivable power repaired the mountain range and the Amazonian forest she had just destroyed. “There, all fixed!”

The omnipotent girl resumed her flight, now parting the Pacific Ocean in two with the tremendous shockwave created by her speed. She slowed down a little for a moment only to get close to the water and touch it. It felt so refreshing since her body was still hot from re-entry. In addition, a dolphin gave her a high five with its fin. “Oh wow, haha!”

It took her less than 5 minutes to pass Tokyo Bay by. Her objective, Gousamu City was a few kilometers deeper into the interior of the country. She stopped at Gousamu’s Engineering School where her boyfriend Marufuji was going through his freshman year of college. Since Ameri had discovered her absolute omnipotence, that also came with a superior level of intelligence so she had come to dominate in dozens of different university degrees in a matter of months, which turned her into an expert in pretty much every field. But that was cool in her eyes since it meant she could spend more time fighting crime.

Trying not to repeat what she did last time, Ameri decided to become intangible and phase through the wall. Since she didn’t want to wait for his classes to end she sped up time until he appeared through the door. The superheroine smiled and waved at him. “Marufuji-kun!”

The white haired 19 year old with glasses smiled nervously as all the other guys around him were staring at him with killing intent, which Ameri’s golden eye quickly noticed but only as a low level threat. How did someone as nerdy as him manage to score the most perfect girl in the world? It made no sense in their heads. Funnily enough, the girls were also swooning over her. No jealousy of her unparalleled beauty was enough to fend off the sheer attraction they felt for her.

And it was pretty understandable. Iustitia was the most beautiful girl in the planet. Her long, straight hair almost touched the floor and was so dark no light could penetrate through it with the exception of a thin blue strand on the right side that had become another trademark of hers since she was born. For all intents and purposes, her hair acted aesthetically as a cape, not unlike the ones worn by comic book heroes. Her two, big, precious eyes that sparkled like heterochromatic gems displayed her purity and innocence but also her unshakeable confidence and firm sense of justice. When paired with her relaxed but cocky posture with her arms under her plentiful breasts, it gave her an air of casual and deserved superiority. Her slender but curvaceous body was the epitome of the human form, and despite her unlimited strength, there was not a single pronounced muscle in all her frame.

Iustitia was also different in another way from the fictional superheroes that had to wear tacky costumes and masks to cover for their real identity and protect their loved ones. Since she was omnipotent, she simply wished that nobody could recognize her as Ameri Kenzaki, allowing her to dress the same as she would normally without anyone noticing a thing. Her current attire was a dark blue top with red buttons that only showed a snippet of her perfectly flat tummy, black shorts with an scarlet belt and a sexy pantyhose, plus a pair of Converse sneakers that gave her a youthful, approachable and down-to-earth appearance. It was comfy, simple and easy to wear. The only outstanding part of her style were her scale shaped earrings which symbolized her eternal oath of preserving justice and protecting the innocent.

“I was waiting for you Marufuji-kun!” She hugged her boyfriend and, with everyone watching them, intimately and sweetly kissed him in the lips. Ameri’s blushing and adorable face made Marufuji also blush in turn.

How can someone this powerful be so cute? And why would she choose me if she could have any man she wished? Or even create him?! It’s true that I helped her in the past when she was still discovering her powers but I don’t think I’m enough for her. These were recurring thoughts in Enta Marufuji’s mind everyday. He probably was the luckiest man in the Universe. “Hey Ameri. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine but there isn’t much to do today so I decided to pay a visit to my cute boyfriend.” She pouted. “I will never understand why you insist on going to class. I could just put the knowledge in your brain and you would pass with flying colors.” She said while pointing at his head.

“Well darling, that wouldn’t be fair of me. If I do this I want to achieve it on my own.”

“Hmpf, that’s boring and difficult. But I more or less understand. I wasn’t always omnipotent after all, but thanks to you we figured that out.” She smiled candidly, figuratively piercing Marufuji’s heart.

“O-Ok then, what do you want to do?”

“Hmmmm… what if we combine fun with my job? I’ll let you patrol with me like in the old times. After all, there have recently been reports of superpowered people commiting crimes in Gousamu. I want to know if they are real or just a rumor since wrecking some powerful baddies could be a nice change of pace!”

“Can’t you just like… instantly know who is doing that?” Ameri had developed conditional omniscience which meant she technically didn’t know everything but could choose to magically learn anything on the spot.

“I don’t like abusing my powers that much. Besides I haven’t heard from any victim yet.” Ameri suddenly grabbed Enta in front of everyone and lifted him in an embarrassing bridal carry.


“Yes, my princess?” She smiled smugly.

“P-Please don’t call me that.”

“Okay, okay, hahaha!”

With everyone raging at Marufuji for being with their dream girl, Ameri used her powerful telekinesis to open one of the windows and then flew away while still princess carrying her boyfriend. No one thought it was strange or too coincidental that she happened to look the same and possess the same powers as Iustitia. For them connecting the dots was illogical, ridiculous even.

Since the superheroine didn’t want to hurt her lover she decided to fly around Gousamu at a slower pace, enjoying the trip and making sure he was comfortable. “So…” Marufuji said while hugging tight to her. He was used to being carried around by her prodigious strength, even before she became a literal goddess but he never got used to heights. “Have you gotten used to your new powers yet?”

It had only been a few days since Ameri had completely unlocked her omnipotence. “Yeah, of course. With them came a superior understanding of… well… everything!” She giggled playfully. “And with that came the rest. I have basically mastered all of my powers already which are… well… every power~”

“Isn’t it scary? That you have so much power I mean.”

“Not at all, Marufuji-kun! I have the same degree of control over them as I had with my original set of powers. The only difference is that now I don’t even need to use my 0.1% for anything!”

“That’s good to know. Not that I ever not trusted you Ameri-chan, you have always been fair with your powers.”

“I’m the Goddess of Justice after all, right?” Her smile turned gentler and a bit melancholic. “And… well I promised my parents and especially my older brother that I would use my powers only for good.”

“And you did that, right? You even cured Eric-kun with your new powers. I still remember how happy he was when he learned he could walk by himself again.”

“Yes, it was a magical moment. I have also learned that I can make people more powerful, maybe I should do that with him. Eric deserves to experience what it feels to be powerful for once.”

Suddenly, Ameri’s golden eye sensed evil intent not far from their current position. Her heightened senses quickly perceived the whole situation from that distance and her supercomputer brain processed it and understood it all in less than a second. She accelerated a little to get there in time while Marufuji-kun clung at her even tighter so he wouldn’t fall.

By the time they arrived, Ameri had already figured out millions of differents ways of dealing with the problem without casualties or collateral damage, but she decided to have some fun.

What a tragedy, a bunch of masked robbers were coming out of Gousamu’s bank with bags full of money, armed to the teeth and a long queue of hostages behind them. Their heist was so well planned that the police hadn’t been alerted of it yet. With her blue eye, Ameri scanned the escape vehicles. A truck that the hostages were being violently thrusted into and two cars. Fast ones at that. Something like this didn’t need the attention of a superheroine, let alone a goddess, but it wasn’t in her nature to let people get away with threatening innocent bystanders. This reminds me of the old times. She thought to herself.

Despite the fact that she had been a superheroine for years, there was still crime in Gousamu. Mostly on a smaller scale since petty thieves counted on Iustitia not caring enough about them to stop them. What not everyone was currently aware of though was the fact that she had ascended to godhood and nothing escaped her anymore.


“Shhhh…” The superheroine covered his boyfriend’s lips with her finger. We don’t want them to hear us. I want to strike at the best moment. Those words came directly from her mind thanks to her highly advanced telepathy.

Marufuji wasn’t able to do that since Ameri refused to read minds but instead he nodded in response. As they stood on top of the roof of a convenience store, watching the action happen in the other side of the street, she casted an invisibility field over them, which made everyone unable to perceive them.

About a minute passed and once all the hostages were inside the truck and the robbers were starting their cars, Iustitia decided to intervene. Sirens were heard in the distance so someone must had called the cops by then. But who? Pondered Marufuji, who at this point didn’t question it could have been magically arranged by Ameri.

One of the criminals floored the gas pedal and the sports car roared. The street was long and currently empty so he gladly reached 200 km/h.

Then she appeared in the middle of the road, with a serious expression on her face and her arms crossed under her breasts, echoing her iconic pose from a time when she was forced to wear a silly costume made by Marufuji to keep her identity concealed. The car collided against her body before the robbers could do anything about it and instead of sending her flying away like a ragdoll like it would have happened with anyone else, she remained immovable, sternly enduring the crash like nothing as the metal and glass that shaped the car molded around her far more durable body.

The car stopped on the spot and so suddenly the robbers didn’t have any time to scream in terror. The ones in the rear seats hit their heads against the roof of the car while the one in the co-pilot seat, who wasn’t wearing his safety belt, was catapulted through the windshield and landed on the pavement. Now he was extensively wounded and limping in pain. When the driver woke up from his own concussion he realized Iustitia was in front of him and his plan was now in shambles, just like his escape vehicle. His first reaction was motivated by fear as he went pedal to the medal again, to no avail. The car’s puny motor couldn’t even budge Iustitia, who made an emotionless and calculated move towards the engine bay, punching it and ripping the whole thing off the car seamlessly. She was lifting half a ton of V8 goodness with one hand which she then decided to carelessly toss aside like nothing.

Then she noticed something hitting her from behind. It was the limping robber, he had pulled his gun and was shooting at her. “D-Die bitch…”

“Give me a break… I survived the birth of the Universe when I travelled back in time yesterday. If something like that can’t kill me do you honestly think your peashooter has a chance? Ugh.” She casually turned around and walked slowly towards the criminal, who desperately kept emptying his magazine on her to no avail. The bullets simply didn’t even scratch her hyper durable skin and one of them even ricocheted, shattering a streetlight.

The speechless crook got his pistol pulled away from his hand by the irresistible strength of the goddess of justice. “Be quiet for a moment, gonna take care of your friends back there.” Iustitia looked at the gun funny and it slowly shapeshifted into a rope, which she used to tie his hands and legs at superspeed.

By the time she came back, she found herself against the other three guys holding assault rifles. She smiled smugly and posed proudly as the rain of high caliber bullets not only didn’t even harm her but her clothes were also unaffected. Not even her scale shaped earrings got destroyed by the barrage but they made a very funny tingly sound when hit. Guess even my hair is too strong for this earthly weaponry now. Sorry guys, no more lewd situations where my clothes are in tatters and everyone stares at my naked body~

She chose to take her time to get to them. The robbers knew they couldn’t outrun her so the only choice in their terrified, primitive mind right then was to fill her with lead. It wasn’t working though, so by the time she was right next to them, completely unscathed with all their bullets on the floor, they could only stare at the smaller but infinitely more powerful heroine cartoonishly yawning, unimpressed by their efforts. “Don’t worry guys, I’m not a cruel monster. Since you haven’t killed anyone yet I’ll give you sweet dreams before the police arrests you.” Iustitia leaned forwards and cocked her head as she put her hands on her hips and happily blew some kind of sparkly, magical powder on their faces. In a few seconds they were sleeping like babies on the floor.

Content with her work there she realized the guys on the other car and the truck had successfully escaped but that only made it funnier for her. She crouched like an olympic athlete, knowing her boyfriend was observing her, then dashed off at speeds that effortlessly broke the sound barrier. In a matter of seconds she had caught up to the other car but they didn’t even know it because she was so fast people around her couldn’t even perceive her. She was basically invisible.

The moment she overtook them she stopped dead in her tracks, 10 meters away from them. At that point it was too late for the crooks to brake but this time she had a different plan other than physically blocking the car with her body. Using her levitation ability, Iustitia positioned herself low, face up and perfectly parallel to the road. When the car passed over her body, she smoothly cut through its underbelly with one of her long, manicured nails, steadily carving a line of molten metal. And just like that, even if it was logically impossible, the whole thing got divided into two parts.

Both pieces crashed against the guardrails. Iustitia made sure this happened in the safest way possible so the accident wouldn’t damage the robbers, the bystanders or even other cars.

Using her golden eye again, she perceived that the police was now arriving at the crime scene. She chuckled at the thought of none of the robbers having an evil intent now. They had learned their lesson. Demonstrating mercy once again, she decided to snap her fingers, teleporting them next to the guys from the other car and ready to be detained by the police.

Unbeknownst to Ameri, someone sinister had been observing her the whole time.

However, she was now focused on helping the hostages, who were being driven away by the last of the robbers in the truck. By combining the powers of both her eyes, the invincible and resourceful heroine quickly found them.

The objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. Read the rearview.

The driver almost had a heart attack when he realized Iustitia was already flying next to the truck at cruise speed, almost as if she was laughing at him. In a risky maneuver, he steered to his right, hitting Iustitia and scaring the hostages inside the trailer. She wasn’t expecting this and thus such a hit, while not harming her, pushed her against a house thanks to the loss of momentum, leaving her behind. “Tsk.” She was pissed now, not because of that worthless surprise attack, but because the robber had put the hostages in great danger.

She stood up and magically fixed the house her invulnerable body had completely destroyed.

This time, instead of bothering to follow the truck, she casually warped reality again, using her fingers to bypass physics and perspective and picking the vehicle between them from a distance from where she was. The truck driver, now scared shitless and unable to explain what was happening almost died of pure, existential dread when she saw the heroine’s giant eye spying him from outside the window. The truck, now toy sized was in her grasp.

“I-Is she a giantess now, w-what the fuck?!”

“Heh. No, you have shrunken. You have become tiiiiny, like a little bug~”

Eventually, Iustitia placed the toy truck on the floor and as easily as before, she returned it to its original size. As she was about to open the trailer, a sweaty, insane robber with only pure fear and madness in his eyes reached for a flamethrower--of all things under the left seat. “Are we really doing this now?” She said with a tired tone.

After an inhuman roar he pulled the trigger and a sea of flames devoured Iustitia. People on the street fled away from the scene.

Unsurprisingly, the torrent of fire that would have usually melted metal and completely incinerated anyone who stood in its path was doing absolutely nothing to the heroine. Her skin wasn’t burning and her clothes were intact. If anything, she was enjoying the warmth of the flames dancing over her perfect body. If she didn’t have a job to do she would have let it last longer.

Iustitia took some steps and inserted her finger inside the barrel, making the flamethrower explode and cover the robber in flames. He dropped to the floor and started rolling on it, desperately trying to get the flames off him. The whole street was now an inferno.

With just a tiny inhalation and a half-hearted puff of her lips powered by her omnipotent lungs, Iustitia managed to not only dissipate the fire instantly but also rip the guy’s clothes off. Now he looked even more pathetic, like a defenseless little piggy. “Don’t try anything more.” She was losing her patience now.

However, the guy did have an attempt at a last ditch effort and pulled a knife out of his right boot. In a clunky and slow motion he tried to stab Iustitia but she easily fended him off by grabbing his wrists and throwing him away with her superior strength. Apparently not having learned his lesson yet, he got up once more and tried to pierce her heart but Iustitia simply dodged it and caught the knife between her arm and her armpit, which she used to bend it like butter, trapping him.

He struggled to recover his weapon but when he noticed it wasn’t moving, he stopped trying and run away, trying to get inside the truck again. He wasn’t going to be humiliated any longer.

Iustitia wouldn’t have this, as she quickly unbent the blade with her fingers and used it to cut the link between the truck and the trailer in half. As he was about to escape, he noticed that… the truck was flying now. The scenery outside the window rapidly turned upside down and he could see the houses under him become smaller and smaller. At this moment he basically pissed himself and passed out.

The entire semi was getting single handedly lifted up by one of its exhausts towards the sky, but when Ameri decided the height was enough, she released her powerful grip on the vehicle. Her superior brain had calculated the fall perfectly so he would only get slightly hurt instead of dying.

When it crashed against the floor, she flew back and opened the trailer. Some of the hostages were terrified and hugged Iustitia as they came out. The Goddess of Justice of Gousamu had always been a symbol of hope for them. And this time was no exception. “Thanks for saving us, Lady Justice.”

“All in a day’s work guys, I’m glad you are all alright.” She exhaled happily, knowing they were all safe and sound.

However, she perceived the robber trying to exit the cockpit, he was conscious again. What willpower, what even causes this exceptional instinct of self preservation? The goddess thought to herself.

But before she could do anything to stop him, the hostages dogpiled on him while a woman called the police. “Damn, thank you guys. You made my job even easier!”

“It’s all thanks to you, Lady Justice. We’ll take it from here, don’t worry.”

“I’m sure of that guys! Seeya and remember, be good!”

And with that, she appeared next to Marufuji, who was still on the roof, observing the detentions. “Well, how was that? Did you like it?” She smiled cheekily.

“Ameri, the way you handle criminals is basically art. I will never get tired of watching you catch crooks.”

“Awwww you are adorable, c’mere~” She pulled him closer to her and passionately kissed him for what seemed like hours. “Say, how about you and me go home and have a moment together, huh?”

“I-I would love to Ameri but I actually had plans with the Hazama.” Those two siblings were Ameri’s friends since they were children, back when she was still hiding her powers from the world. Marufuji had met them while they were all in high school and since then they had formed a group of four inseparable friends that had been together through many adventures thanks to the fact that they were the only ones that knew Ameri was Iustitia. “Wanna come with us?”

“Yeah! Of course, just let me talk to the police for a moment here. We gotta sort this all out.”

“No problem. We’ll wait for you at the cafe. But first uh… could you put me down? I can’t get off this roof alone, it’s too high.”

Ameri’s smile became priceless. Marufuji was the cutest thing in the world for her right now. “Aww, it’s true~ I forgot normal people can’t fly!” There was no better feeling that being carried by your superpowered girlfriend. It was so great that he almost didn’t want to leave her when they reached the floor.

“Ok then, see you later Ameri-chan.” They shared a short kiss in the back alley of the shop.

“Brb, not gonna take long.” She flew towards the police officers handling the defeated criminals to fill in the details of what happened.

Marufuji checked the time on his phone, it was almost time but he was close to their meeting point. The siblings were already waiting for him.

“Heyo, Marufuji-kun!” Satsuga-chan, the short haired and spunky tomboy hugged Marufuji the moment she saw him.

“Look who’s here. If it isn’t Marufuji-kun. How is it that Ameri isn’t with you?” Katsuga was always a bit of a pest but Marufuji had grown used to it. Not long ago they had a rivalry about who should become Ameri’s boyfriend but once that was sorted out, he decided to take the loss like a gentleman and become their mutual friend. However he still was a pain in the ass from time to time.

“I planned on coming alone since she has been so busy lately but I met her on the way. She said she will join us in a minute and that we can start without her.”

“Oh, okay then.”

The three college students entered a cafe to chat about trivial stuff and wait for their friend but they couldn’t realise that someone suspicious had been following them.

An explosion outside instantly caught the attention of everyone inside the shop. For some unknown reason a building had blown up, covering the street in flames and smoke.

Marufuji and the twins rushed out of the door. Everyone was running for their lives, confused and terrified by the situation. Some of them were even injured by the shrapnel caused by the explosion.

Suddenly, a powerful gale made it so they were surrounded by a circle of fire, unable to escape. A shadowy figure appeared in front of them. When he got closer they could discern he was a tall, suited, fishy looking middle aged man with short, white hair and half his face covered in bandages. There was nothing more than coldness and malice in his eyes which made Marufuji and Katsuga jump in front of Satsuga to protect her.

“Who are you?” Katsuga asked, more serious than ever before.

“It doesn’t concern you, kids. But you are coming with me, you are the only way I can get Iustitia’s attention.”

“Iustitia? Are you stupid?” Marufuji stated with confidence, a brave smirk on his face because of his knowledge of his girlfriend’s true power. “Try if you want but she’s going to kick your ass if you do anything to us.”

“We’ll see you stupid runt. Now, don’t make this more difficult than it should be.”

Their resistance was futile, for some reason this guy was super fast and super powerful and basically teleported behind them. With two quick chops to their necks both guys fell unconscious.

“What did you do to them?!” Satsuga yelled. She was scared and her brother and friend were probably hurt really bad. Almost instinctively she did the most intelligent thing she could do. “SAVE US IUSTITIA!”

“Yes, indeed. Make it easier for me, young lady.” With another gentler chop to the neck, she fell into his arms. Then he picked the others up and, doing something that no one except Ameri had done since then, flew away past the speed of sound.

Ameri was finishing with the police when she heard Satsuga’s scream from afar with her perfect super hearing. She promptly activated her two eyes. “Sorry guys, gotta stop another criminal.” Then she launched her body into the air, breaking the concrete apart and leaving a cloud of dust and debris behind her.

The evil superhuman was now tying Marufuji and the twins to chairs and then proceeded to attach a bomb to the them. He was waiting for Iustitia inside an industrial shed at the port, which he was sure the superheroine would quickly find. But he was so sure of his power that he even whistled a tune while performing all these heinous deeds.

Of course it took a few seconds more for the entire wall of the shed to fall apart at the hands of Iustitia, who was angrier than ever. Her eyes were as determined as ever. “Prepared to be punished, evildoer?”

“Oh Iustitia, how convenient! I was waiting for you actually. If I’m correct these three are very dear to you.”

“If you do something to them…”

“What? Sorry but I’m not scared of your powers, Iustitia.”

Iustitia couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This guy was making some impossible claims. How could he not be scared of someone omnipotent like her? Well, it wasn’t like he was going to harm her friends in her presence with his pathetic speed, so she decided to humor him just so she could obtain some information. She puffed her chest and used a proud tone. “May I know why? You seem too arrogant for a regular crook. If you know what’s good for you, leave my friends alone and get out of here. I’ll even turn a blind eye.”

The bandaged man burst into laughter and raised his arm, confusing Iustitia. “My name is Bakudanman and I belong to the criminal organization Kingvin.”

“W-Wait, why would you tell me that so soon? I usually have to beat you guys up first to get some information.”

“Because we are going to fight. You and me. One on one. You have 5 minutes until the bomb explodes and blows your friend to pieces. Not that it matters since I’m going to defeat you in less than one.”

“And how are you going to do that, exactly?”

“Like this.” The sinister kidnapper looked at a bulldozer that was parked inside the shed and with a quick motion he punched through the metal like nothing. Iustitia made an O with her mouth, impressed by the superhuman strength of this otherwise unassuming criminal. Not only that, once he had a decent grip of it, he started elevating the 5 ton metal monster with one hand until it was over his head. And once the shadow of the vehicle covered him and her unconscious friends, he raised his other arm and easily phased through the steel chassis as easily as before with his other hand. Now, putting a little bit of effort and grumbling, he started pulling from both sides. Soon enough, the underside of the bulldozer was torn in half by the tension generated by his hands. “Well, what do you think?” Bakudanman said smugly while putting the two halves of the machine down. “I only needed to use a 2% of my total strength to do this. Aren’t you terrified already?”

“Huh… I must admit I’ve never met someone that strong before…”

“So now you finally understand how screwed you are. In that case, you will come with me right now. My boss is interested in your abilities. I don’t know why since I’m clearly superior to you, but oh well, I’ll get paid for it.”

“Over my dead body.”

“I hoped you would say that…” Suddenly, the suited man pounced at speeds that the human eye couldn’t follow and punched Iustitia in the face so hard the force of the impact shook the walls of the shed, destroying them. Iustitia put a magical shield around Marufuji and the others so they wouldn’t be affected, unbeknownst to Bakudanman. “Hehehe… how’s that eh… HUH?”

The superheroine was completely unharmed, and her expression showed her confusion. She had expected his attack to at least make her feel something but his knuckles were barely pushing one of her puffy cheeks. “O-Oh?”

Bakudanman’s grin suddenly disappeared from his face. “H-Huh? Wait, there must be something wrong with this. I used half my power in that punch.”

“Was that really 50% of your power? Not very impressive, to be honest.” Iustitia pointed out with a deadpan delivery. “Good grief, and here I was thinking I was going to get a good workout after unlocking all my power…” She sighed and put her hands on her hips, genuinely lamenting the lack of challenge in her life she would forever experience.

“H-Hah… You must be bluffing… Aha! Now I get it, you were using 100% of your power to resist that blow. I’m right, I know I’m right! It would have been impossible for you to take a hit with a half of my power in it otherwise. If that’s the case we have a similar power level and I just have to power up to teach you a lesson.” Iustitia could notice his nervousness in the wild way he gesticulated and the cold sweat running down his neck.

“Is that the hill you want to die on? Okay, since you are making such a fuss about what percentage of power I was using. It was…”

Bakudanman swallowed. It was…?

“0%” Iustitia cockily tossed her super long cape-hair. “I didn’t use an iota of my power to resist your attack. In fact you caught me pretty much by surprise.”

“Ha… haha… HAHAHAHA!” His laughter was manic and desperate. He had instinctively become aware of his powerlessness against her but his pride couldn’t allow him to admit it. “I don’t believe you. Say, what do you think of moving on to a more comfortable scenario so I can show you the full extent of my power?” With the power he gave me, it should be impossible to lose. So why is this happening? He pondered.

“We can fight in the air if that’s alright with you. Anyway, let’s end this charade as soon as possible, I gotta help my friends.”

Both flew like rockets past the feeble metal roof of the shed and stood in front of each other with a skyscraper behind each one of them.

“The boss told me I had to take you with me and if I have to go all out so be it.”

“The boss, huh? That’s very interesting, you will have to tell me about this person once I beat you up.”

“Heh, you wish. ARGHHHHH!” Suddenly Bakudanman’s muscles expanded, it didn’t take long for his suit to be completely ripped off, showing his scarred and bandaged body. His true body’s shape was beyond any professional bodybuilder and the thick veins that could pop out at any moment disgusted the superheroine. “Ew, ew, ew, nope…”

The now gigantic man attacked Iustitia with all his power, trying every kind of punch and kick combination but it wasn’t working. Even at 100% of his power his best efforts felt like a light breeze for the goddess, who just stood there and took everything like a champ, barely changing her disappointed expression. “Damn, is that all? You put on that show for this subpar level of power?” However, the skyscraper behind her had its upper top completely blown up by the sheer kinetic waves generated by Bakudanman’s strikes. So it wasn’t like he wasn’t hitting hard, she was simply tanking them like they were nothing.

“B-But you were using your full power.” His face changed from confusion to terror in seconds.

“Huh? I just told you I was using 0%. That didn’t change, I’m still using that power. See?” To show a demonstration of how she wasn’t even trying, Iustitia half-heartedly fisted the much bigger man’s solar plexus. The pain in his face was obvious, his perfectly shaped eight pack was completely deformed, as well as his organs which of course caused internal bleeding, as the trail of blood running down his mouth indicated. He doubled over and couldn’t help but to cry. It hurt so much, she was a monster, it was impossible to beat her with his current level.

Is that all you have? I thought you were capable of handling something this simple. A careless but cruel male voice rang in his head.

B-Boss, I-I promise I can defeat her. I just need more power! His tone denoted how scared he was of this guy. It has gone wrong because I was unprepared but if you give me a second chance I won’t disappoint you!

That’s fine. But if you fail again, I will kill you.

Bakudanman felt a sudden surge of energy come to his body, as if by magic. His muscles grew even bigger to the point where he didn’t look human anymore. His bandages fell off, exposing bone-like protrusions that instantly tripled in size. His face, which was partially melted now, showed his right eye, yellow and reptilian. Is he a monster or something? Iustitia thought after witnessing the transformation.

The Kingvin gangster was now 10 feet in height and his body was literally fuming due to its high internal temperature. He was way beyond human now. “Die.” He proclaimed, and then rushed to punch Iustitia at twenty times his previous speed and power. However, this time Iustitia didn’t bother to take the blows, even if she knew that they couldn’t do anything to her. She instead decided to not let this disgusting creature touch her and danced around him with her superior agility and speed. No matter what he did, she escaped his attacks with grace and a nonchalant attitude. This level of power was nothing to her either.

Before he could react, Iustitia decided to finish the fight and softly kicked him in the legs, making him lose balance and fall, then she performed a beautiful lariat, pushing his ultra thick, muscular neck with one of her slender arms and burying him deep inside one of the skyscrapers--creating a giant crater in the process. His body was broken beyond repair just from that and he could barely move anymore. “H-How…?”

“Still 0%”

“Damn you… ” He struggled to float out of the building he had been encased in and then tried his last trick.

“Let it go. It’s not happening.”

His yellow eye turned azure blue and out of nothing he used a limited form of reality warping to produce a bunch of magical grenades. That tipped the heroine off that his power must have been some variation of hers or similar. “Now you’ll know why they call me Bakudanman.” Using his newfound telekinesis he sent his little toys towards Iustitia, who at this point was too tired of his stubbornness to even bother dodging.

The explosion was colossal and everyone at Gousamu could see it from where they were. It covered the sky in a red miasma that didn’t fully dissipate until a full minute passed. Bakudanman smirked, thinking he had finally killed the superheroine.

“Ahhh~ This brings back memories.” As the cloud of smoke receded, the perfect naked body of the Goddess of Justice was in full view. Her perky breasts and shapely legs were exposed, her flawless skin blackened by soot. However, she wasn’t embarrassed of her situation, instead choosing to smile proudly with one hand on her motherly hips. “Congratulations, you managed to burn my clothes. This reminds me of those times Marufuji-kun’s old suit was completely destroyed in my battles. I always instantly blushed and tried to cover myself. But I’m not an immature little girl anymore. So, nice try I guess.” She proclaimed, showcasing her newfound acceptance of her nudity and plentifully confident on her ravaging beauty and undeniable sexuality. “Back then I calculated my strength to be equal to that of a hundred million men. But now that seems quaint to me.” Her extremely long hair became even bigger as it devoured her entire body, cocooning her. Then after a few seconds she came out of it completely clean and with her clothes back to their original untattered state. “That was your strongest technique, right? It wasn’t much of anything. And I still only had to use a 0% of my power.”

“B-But that doesn’t make any sense.”

“I don’t have to make any sense. I’m so powerful that you cannot even understand it. Say, want me to show you what happens when I use a teeny tiny bit of my power? You put so much effort into beating me that I might as well reward you.”

Bakudanman braced himself for the impact. Then Iustitia punched the air.

The wrecked supervillain feared for his death as he noticed everything around him getting disintegrated into nothingness. He however couldn’t understand the scope of Iustitia’s effortless demonstration. The effect of her punch destroyed all the matter in the Universe in its vector’s direction. It started with blocks and blocks of buildings at Gousamu, then it went for the mountains, clearing them out. Far from being stopped, it continued towards the Moon, piercing it from side to side. Instead of slowing down it grew in size and potency, turning the planets of the Solar System into smithereens. Once it abandoned our system, it became big enough to devour the rest of the Milky Way in a matter of seconds, then eliminate the surrounding galaxies, until it became able to erase full galactic superclusters. Every single second of this scene was being psychically transmitted to Bakudanman’s mind thanks to Iustitia’s telepathy. When almost the entire Universe except the part of Earth where they were standing had been completely wiped out of existence, leaving only an ocean of conceptual nothingness, he fell unconscious. It was too much power to conceive, let alone estimate.

Iustitia sighed and returned everything to normal with a snap of her fingers quite instantly. "For your information, that was 0.000000000000--well, in the interest of brevity, a quintillion zeros followed by 1--percent of my full power." She nonchalantly stated.

“Heeeeeey, Ameri-chan! We are fine! Marufuji-kun woke up and untied us with his pocket knife!” Satsuga yelled from below. They were all alright and outside the shed, which exploded a few seconds later.

Marufuji gave Iustitia a thumbs up. “Good job guys! I’ll be with you in a moment! Please call the police and the firefighters!” Ahhhhhhhhh Marufuji-kun is a badass~ He has turned into such an action hero lately, it turns me on soooo much~ She thought to herself, admiring the fact that her boyfriend didn’t need to be superpowered to save lives. It was all in the mentality and she knew that very well.

Bakudanman finally passed out and plunged to the floor. Ameri was about to catch him, not wanting to end the lives of even the worst of criminals but someone did it first.

From there she could see him perfectly clear. He was a white haired man in his late thirties, a westerner with a relaxed but somehow eerie expression in his tired eyes. He was wearing casual clothes and grabbing Bakudanman’s defeated body by the neck like he weighed nothing. Was there another one with her powers? Then she noticed some important details. He has the same eyes and blue hair strand as me… This discovery was revealing for her. So far she hadn’t met someone like her, she had been thinking all her life that she was the only one with her powers, but this guy was the same kind of person as her. However, there was something different about him that sent shivers down her spine. Despite having a menacing aura, he did not detect any evil in him. Normally, even the gentlest people would have a little in them, but not him. What was this about? Why wasn’t she able to perceive it? It was impossible, she was omnipotent. Unless… he was too?

Then a terrible thing happened. “I don’t have any use for a loser like you. Get lost.” The long haired man calmly said as he punched Bakudanman’s much bigger torso and pierced through it clean, leaving a bleeding hole. Then he let him fall to his inevitable death.

“Why would you do that?!” Iustitia cried as the dead titan hit the floor with an unceremonious plop.

“Because he is inferior, Iustitia. Like everyone else, he is inferior to us.” He turned around to address the superheroine with the same cruel but relaxed smile. “I will introduce myself. My name is Maris and I’m the leader of the Kingvin organization. Pleased to meet you, I have heard of your incredible feats and deeds.”

So he was the one powering up Bakudanman. The so-called boss… he possesses the same power to enhance people as me. She deduced. “That’s all good and dandy but would you care to tell me why I can’t perceive evil in you despite the fact that you are clearly a bad person?” She was angry now. This man had to be stopped but she also needed to satisfy her curiosity about his origin. It could be a hint towards learning about her own.

“That’s a very rude judgement, Iustitia. We have just met after all. But if you want an answer I’ll happily oblige.” He put one of his hands in his pocket. “We are both beings of pure justice. So we have no concept of good and evil since we decide what that is. In other words, we were born to dictate the fate of the weak human cattle. Just so you know, I can’t see any good in you either and yet you have decided to become a vigilante.” He suddenly teleported at her side. He definitely was stronger than anyone she had encountered before. “I won’t lie. I find that trait of yours abhorrent. But you are nonetheless very entertaining. What would you say if I offered you to join me? Such talent is wasted on your silly superhero persona but if we team up I can harness your power and dominate this puny planet together. After all, it is your divine right to rule over it.”

Natural born justice, huh? Iustitia wasn’t even slightly tempted by his proposal. She knew she was the strongest being in existence but that didn’t mean she was interested in being a tyrant. People had freedom because she was a good girl and she let them. And the responsibility of protecting everyone’s freedom came from her brother’s wish. As long as she breathed she would be the incarnation of justice and use her powers for good. “Not in a million years. We may have similar powers but we couldn’t be more different. I’m afraid I’ll have to refuse.”

“Then have fun playing heroine for a while. I’ll be waiting for you… until next time…” Then he teleported away.

Maris thought he was cool ending their first meeting like that but his smug expression turned into one of disbelief when he saw Iustitia sitting on his office chair with her feet on the desk and a cheeky smile on her pretty face. “Sorry but you are not getting off that easy, Maris.”

“W-Wha-? Why…? How?! You shouldn’t be able to use that power yet…” Something in his plan had gone terribly wrong, it was written in his face.

“Yet? What does that even mean? Can’t you do anything? Like, for example, I’m omnipotent so you should be too.”

“N-No? Far from it, what are you talking about?”

Iustitia smirked. After all, she still had the upper hand. “I see.” Maris, panicking, rushed to punch her in the face, but Iustitia was already behind him. She quickly grabbed his arm and twisted it into a lock. He couldn’t shake her off, no matter how many power he put into it. 50%? 100%? It was useless, she was not letting him go.

“H-How is this possible? G-Grrrr…”

“What happened, Maris-kun? You seemed so confident earlier. Did you perhaps find out that my abilities are infinitely more developed than yours. Was that not part of your master plan?”

Suddenly, Maris’s guardian robot appeared from the shadows of the room. He was a towering 4 meter tall behemoth that looked like something out of Lost in Space. Iustitia calmly used her free hand to form a fist and then pummeled the automaton in the head without even looking at it, causing it to flatten into a metal pancake that oozed oil on the floor.

“LET ME GO!” It hurt like hell. He had never, ever felt pain before in his life. So being in this humiliating position, with this bones about to break, was something new to him. And he wasn’t liking it. His first tears ever were now falling from his eyes.

“Not so fast! First I want some answers.” She said sternly, applying more pressure and making him scream.


“Oh wow, are you crying? You were the one that was talking about human cattle and ruling the world seconds ago, remember? How pathetic.”

“You can break my body but you can’t break my spirit, Iustitia…”

“I have a rule of not reading people’s minds, but since you are a mystery and I can’t tell your intent with my golden eyes, I’ll have to make an exception.”

“R-Read minds? Y-You can do tha-” Then suddenly, he felt as if his brain was about to burst. How was this possible? The sensation was indescribable. She was there, inside him. Obtaining control with her omnipotent mental tendrils and no amount of resistance was stopping her. He wasn’t the master of his own memories now, his mind belonged to hers. He silently stared into the distance, with his eyes losing their shine as he hallucinated Iustitia’s enormous blue and golden eyes, judging him for every evil deed he had done until now. “STOOOOP!” Finally free of her powerful psychic grip he kneeled and brought his hands to his head. He felt violated. Weak. Powerless.

Hm. Nothing about the origin of our powers? What a shame. She lamented. “I totally get it now. I didn’t expect it to be that way. Your abilities are much more developed than mine when I started. Apparently one of the first reality warping powers you developed was the ability to shift between timelines which let you communicate with the other Maris. Now you are some kind of hivemind that knows about future events you otherwise wouldn’t and that’s why you are beyond the Iustitias in the other timelines. In those other worlds you eventually defeat me or manipulate me into joining you.” She let Maris go, making him eat the ground. “I’m sorry but I’m not letting that happen any longer. Do you think one omnipotent Iustitia is giving you trouble? Check this out.”

The godly superheroine focused hard and closed her eyes. Her entire body became a ball of golden light as she casually rewrote reality, all realities. In an instant, every Iustitia became aware of the situation and received her fully developed omnipotent powers. They wouldn’t have to fear Maris any longer. They had won. “What have you done… ?”

“Ending your conspiracy. I enhanced them all. Iustitia will defeat you in every single timeline from now on. A shame you didn’t develop more powers in time to prevent this, the only version of me to become almighty before meeting you. If you even can develop them at all that is… ”

“How dare you…? You ruined it all…” Maris got consumed by his own rage. His plans, all for naught. He was supposed to be superior to Iustitia, this couldn’t possibly be happening. A red aura surrounded him and both his eyes changed to that hue. The superheroine could notice his power growing steadily, about tenfold every few seconds.

She whistled, impressed with this development. “Now I can see evil intent in you.”

“Shut up…SHUT UP AND DIE!” Having lost all reason and despite knowing he had no chance, Maris assaulted Iustitia with his full power released, blindly attacking in an animalistic way, trying to claw her instead of punching her.

“Wow, you have lost it.” The goddess easily evaded every attack. Since they were too powerful and had already destroyed the building around them she decided to leave Gousamu so it wouldn’t be destroyed again. She acted like Maris had her against the ropes and she only had the option to escape. By doing that she had managed to get him away from the planet. Both were able to survive in space and fly at speeds fast enough to travel through it, leaving red and golden energy trails respectively.

“FWAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Maris had become so strong and quick at this point that he started being able to strike past the speed of light. This forced Iustitia to at least react to his attacks instead of just dodging them. Not like it was strenuous or anything like that. She would just gently parry them with her open hand or knees.

They finally reached the asteroid belt that separated the inner and outer planets of the Solar System and every single one of their clashes would send shockwaves that disintegrated entire country sized asteroids. Maris was giving it his all but Iustitia was blocking everything with an indifferent poker face. At one point she yawned and started deflecting them with a single finger to bring the point home. “Are you done yet? Even at your current power growth rate you won’t reach my level in a thousand years.”

The enraged superhuman slowly became worn out from his futile attempt at defeating Iustitia. Eventually he closed his eyes and lost his momentum, then started drifting away from her. “You are not going to die like this.” She remember that before obtaining her omnipotence, she also had a limit on how much time she could survive in space, so just leaving him there was not an option. In the eyes of someone as pure and just as Iustitia, not even someone like him deserved to lose his life.

She snapped her fingers and teleported them back to the destroyed remnants of his former office, where he started coughing and forcefully hyperventilating while squirming on the floor like a reptile. “Why…?”

“Why did I let you live? Well. Now that I know there’s evil inside you that makes you act that way, and it is so powerful it consumes you…” She started removing her scale shaped earrings. “I guess I have to act.”

“W-What are you doing?”

She then shot a weird golden beam from her right eye, which made it become blue, just like the left one. The concentrated justice stored in it had come out and entered inside the earrings. Maris didn’t know they were able to do this and his jaw dropped when the next thing happened. The earrings slowly started shapeshifting into a sword, which curiously enough looked rather standard and unimpressive once the transformation was done. “I hope you are ready for this!”

“N-No please, stop, I don’t want to be punished!” He felt the fear of death for the first time in his life. This humbling and terrifying experience was enough to make him not commit a crime ever again.

Iustitia cheerfully cut Maris in half with her sword of justice. However, instead of his body separating, it was his soul. His unconscious body fell to the floor, free of corruption, while a monstrous, red spirit came out of it and slipped past her in a blitz. “Heh… so you want to play that way, huh?”

She followed it through the skies and when she saw the already partially destroyed scenery of Gomasu she couldn’t believe her eyes. It had grown dozens of meters in height in a matter of seconds. The red blob of pure evil was absorbing cars and tearing down buildings as people tried to escape from it, horrified by its presence. It had to be stopped.

Iustitia detected police and news helicopters heading towards the disaster, but she sent a clone to stop them. With ease, the doppelganger grabbed them by their tails and flew away. It was a bit forceful for her taste but she was doing it for their protection and didn’t have time to indulge them.

As the giant monster passed by a large billboard on the roof of a building, the girl in the picture that was announcing some kind of perfume quickly morphed into a giant and very real Iustitia who once again violated the laws of physics and extended her leg outside of the 2D plane, becoming fully 3D. The creature tripped on her leg and crashed against the pavement, flattening into a gelatinous, red mass.

The heroine, back to her usual size reappeared in front of it. “I’m still using 0% of my power. Surrender now and spare me having to waste more time, please.”

The monster started to rearrange into its original form but this time it was different. It was as if it was forming two giant fists, and Iustitia was between them. Of course, the goddess of justice predicted this move and calmly waited until she was about to get sandwiched by the humongous walls of red gel. She casually counterattacked with her own tiny fists and the winner of the clash became instantly obvious. The creature exploded into tiny bits once again.

However, this time it was a trap, since another big chunk of blob had been recovering behind her and swallowed her entirely when she wasn’t looking. Then again, it was completely useless, she simply twisted inside with her superspeed until it exploded. “I’m bored. Let’s end this, shall we?”

Iustitia clapped her hands and a miniature black hole appeared in the middle of the street. People started arriving at the scene and a safe perimeter was established around the area by the police. Everyone was now cheering for their superheroine, Lady Justice. Nonetheless, the monster was still unaffected by Iustitia’s attempt to make him disappear and walked towards her with unflinching rage despite the powerful suction of the singularity, which was now absorbing heavy stuff like cars.

Then she inhaled and started gently blowing with her kissable lips. Despite the nonchalant nature of her exhalation, hurricane-like winds quickly formed and started sending stuff flying away, pulling out traffic signals and streetlights and uprooting trees. The monster covered its face with its clunky hands but it didn’t matter. He was now being pushed back against his will, unable to surmount the overwhelming power of Iustitia’s lungs. In the end, after letting out a shriek of hate, the evil creature got sucked inside the black hole and both disappeared from existence. Iustitia let out a sigh of relief, knowing she had managed to eliminate the evilness of the worst villain in the world.

The crowd loudly celebrated the victory of their heroine, returning her back to reality. “O-Oh?!” She suddenly felt herself being lifted and passed around by the people she had just saved from a certain apocalypse. HIP HIP, HURRAY! They chanted enthusiastically.

“I told you guys, she’s a goddess!” An old man with glasses and a grizzly moustache that looked very similar to a certain famous comic artist said. He always happened to be around when Iustitia saved Gousamu.

Eventually the mob calmed down and let Iustitia walk on her own again. “T-Thank you, thank you guys, I don’t know what to say!” However she quickly found herself shaking hands with euphoric fans and kids that wanted to meet their heroine as well as signing personal items. She wasn’t used to this level of exposure since Gousamu had never seen a threat of this size before.

Marufuji-kun and the siblings managed to break through the mass of humanity between them and the superheroine. “Ameri!” His boyfriend yelled.

“Marufuji-kun!” When she heard his voice from a distance she quickly rushed to meet him and hugged him tight.

“I’m glad you are fine, Ameri. Damn, you really showed it who’s boss!”

“I could say the same, it’s so great to know that you are all fine. Sorry, I got a little carried away with an important villain.”

“You don’t need to apologize. You have done an outstanding job and I couldn’t be more proud of you.” He said with a heart melting smile.

“He is right, Ameri-chan! You are the best superheroine ever!” Satsuga proclaimed.

“It was cool I guess, heh.” Katsuga added.

Then Ameri suddenly remembered an important detail. Her expression became seductive and smug and she whispered in her boyfriend’s ear. “What if you and me meet later and have some good sexy time? I’m pretty horny after defeating the incarnation of Evil and all that but I have to take care of something important first~” The sheer exposure to her body was now enhancing Marufuji. His muscles became much more defined and powerful and his dick was now erect and many times bigger than his usual maximum size.

“O-Of course, Ameri. I’ll be waiting…” He suddenly became extremely flustered. He knew what she meant, and sex with his girlfriend was the best sensation in the Universe. He wondered if they would fuck mid-air like the last time.

“Iustitia-san, we need you to explain what happened!” Requested a police detective.

“Could you give us an exclusive interview about this event, Lady Justice?” A big titted news reporter said while pressing her mic against her face.

“Sorry guys, gotta go!” She relieved herself of their pressure and jumped 500 feet forward into the air to clear the whole crowd of people in the street.

Maris was watching this happen from afar, completely conscious now. He sighed and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He had been completely defeated. But it felt strange. Like a heavy burden had been lifted off his shoulders. For some reason he didn’t feel the innate desire to kill and dominate like before.

“Well, how does it feel?” Iustitia was leaning on his desk with a stern expression on her face. “Not being evil any longer I mean.”

“You can’t be serious…” He turned to face her. “To say that you have erased all evil within me just like that is… overwhelming… inconceivable.”

“It’s the truth. But that doesn’t mean I can forgive you for the bad stuff you have done until now. You know what that means, right?”

“Yes. I have to give up myself to the police, I understand.” His voice reflected his complete surrender. “I recognize that I have committed horrible crimes and this fact is tormenting me right now.”

“Go ahead then, I’ll come right after you.”

When Maris passed by Iustitia on his way to the crowd outside, he stopped for a moment. “Uh… Now I understand that I was doing something wrong. I don’t think I could ever try to pull something like that again.“ He sincerely assured as his empathy and feelings started to surface and flourish, his gaze becoming more tender and humane. “Sorry for the stuff I did to the other Iustitias.”

“It’s alright. I will come visit you when you are done with your sentence. Perhaps we can train together and harness your hidden power like I did with mine. You could be a great ally in the fight against crime.” She was purposefully mimicking the tone Maris had when he tried to tempt her into turning evil but on reverse.

Maris noticed and chuckled in a melancholic and tired way. “I would love that, Iustitia.”

“Hey.” She was not sensing any evil intent in him any longer. At least no more or less than in any other person.


“It’s Ameri. Ameri Kenzaki.”

“Thanks for this opportunity, Ameri-san. Your mercy has made me rethink my life. I think I’ll choose to use my powers for good in the future.”

“And I’ll be right there with you to help make it a reality, Maris-san.”

After the ultimate display of trust in the innate goodness of people, even the worst of them, Iustitia’s mind returned to the next thing she would do. Fucking Marufuji-kun’s brains out for the next 24 hours without rest.

Her outfit shapeshifted in seconds. Now she was wearing a black bunny girl outfit with long ears, a cotton tail and a sexy fishnet. Marufuji’s favorite. “Heh, he won’t be able to resist your charms when you look like this, Ameri.” She said to herself.

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