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Shadowgirl – Part 4

Written by HikerAngel :: [Saturday, 11 July 2020 01:06] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 09 August 2020 20:23]



As Xymon approached, I attempted to put on a brave face, but as I felt my body tingle as it had in the warehouse, the icy chill of fear whirled into me. I could sense my set jaw and glaring eyes tremor with the onset of the unwanted sensation, and I began a mental chant: “Don’t faint! Don’t faint! Don’t freaking FAINT!”

"I tracked Raven here, but what do I find instead? It’s the pretty girl from the warehouse," the deliciously devilish alien said, amusement dancing in his eyes. "I can’t say that I’m disappointed, though. You’re much closer to my usual choice in companionship. A little skinnier, maybe.”

The alien moved in an arc around me, appraising. “I know that I have an intense effect on Earth females, but none of the others have fainted just by getting near me. You must REALLY have a thing for perfect bodies and unbelievable strength."

He paused to let his words sink in for a moment, then burst into a knowing grin. "Not that I can blame you…"

I fought to remain standing, the decreasingly solid world seeming to ripple as he stopped before me. Xymon gave a lilting laugh at my swaying form. I was vaguely aware that my expression was now completely transparent and revealing my distress, but I couldn't muster the energy to care. For all my newfound strength, it was all I could do to remain standing, bolstering my weakening knees enough to prevent another epically humiliating collapse at his feet.

The man MUST have some sort of weakening aura. That MUST be his secret.

"There's something about you, pretty girl…" he whispered, seemingly to himself. His grin faded, the amusement in his eyes melting into something that looked more like desire.

Funny, I might have said the same to him! Lord knows, I probably had the same amorous look in my eyes. The man was just so ridiculously well-formed, like a Bernini sculpture made flesh – almost too perfect to be real.

I attempted to speak, but only a soft, aroused squeak managed to escape. If my whimpering little sound were any indication, I was in for further humiliation in near future.

I opened my mouth to speak a second time, still determined to make a strong showing this time before earth’s would-be conqueror, but no words came out. Bloody freaking hell!

I felt my eyes widen as I stared up at him, at his smiling lips, and I licked my own involuntarily.

“Jesus, Sam! Get ahold of yourself!” I admonished myself.

What was it about this man? Why did he have such an effect on me? I mean, I felt attraction to Raven, yes, but it was nowhere near this strong. My feelings for Xymon – this sculpted, muscular alien – were completely overpowering, shorting out my every attempt to control myself, to stand strong. Was this related to his physical weakness power? Some sort of mental weakness power? I sure hoped not. At some point, unless we were actually prepared to surrender Earth, we were going to have to stand against this man. That wasn’t going to be easy if I couldn’t think properly, or, well, stand.

As I was attempting to think, my body seemed to act of its own accord. Before I knew what I'd done, I stepped forward, pushed upward onto my tiptoes and pressed my lips into his.

The feeling was orgasmic. Heat radiated from my womb, bursting through me, instantly scorching away all thoughts and feelings that had been warning me that this was a really bad idea.

His eyes widened briefly, then closed, his impossibly strong arms reaching around to envelope me. His body felt unbelievably firm against me, as if it were sculpted from steel then set outside to bake in the afternoon sun. It was warm but completely unyielding.

The feel of that perfect body against mine was too much. I felt, more than heard, a whimper of desire escaped me. My knees buckled, but his arms held me up and against his delicious body. Our kisses became deeper, hungrier. I couldn’t get enough of him. My body wanted to be near his, and my mind, swimming in pleasure, was more than happy to allow it.

We went on like that for seconds that seemed more like hours, my slender form lapping up his nearness with utter abandon. All I could focus on was the pleasure, far beyond anything I’d previously experienced.

Adrift in the overpowering sensation of his body against mine, I was vaguely aware that I was changing once again. As we continued our torrid make-out session, I sensed that my face was moving upward toward his, the reach to his lips lessening by the minute. My body beginning to feel stronger, I stood once more. I locked my still-weak knees, raising my mouth still closer to his. Lost in a sea of passion, my hips rose against him as my already-long legs lengthened further.

My arms, initially dangling weakly and feeling as jellylike as my legs, gained strength. I snaked them around Xymon's iron physique, fingers gliding over the thin fabric of his otherworldly uniform, taken on a sensually undulating journey by the dramatic, sinewed bulges of his rock-hard body.

Picking me up effortlessly, he lay me gently on the couch in the living room, our mouths parting only long enough for Xymon to pull off his shimmering uniform before his mouth found mine once more. We devoured each other as if possessed.

When his lips began to descend my neck, I rolled my head around, squirming in pleasure. My hand rose to the back of his head, fingers clenching his hair as desire made my movements manic. As my head continued to toss about with the pleasure of Xymon’s lips on increasingly sensitive flesh, my eyes caught our reflection in the window across the room.

I pulled back my outer leg, sliding my rounded calf along his leg until my foot came to rest next to his hip. Xymon’s tongue flicked over my nipples, and I watched the muscles of my leg tense with the sensation. I watched as my costume, already stretched thin, began to tear along my thigh to reveal tanned, healthy silky skin beneath.

As smooth, feminine muscle swelled, the costume gave way entirely, falling away from my bent leg to the cushion of the couch below. I gasped as I took in its defined shapeliness, its impossible length. Was this perfect limb really MY leg?

“Sapphire Valkyrie, eat your heart out,” I thought, the hint of a smirk gracing the increasingly full lips of my reflection.

Continuing to examine the window's reflection, my gaze flowed from my improving lips to my stunning eyes, now a nearly iridescent green, glowing with health, radiating vitality. My cheekbones seemed regal, my eyebrows rising into dramatic arches, as my visage continued its ascension toward perfection.

Roaming the rest of my body, it was difficult to tell whether my breasts had changed, mashed as they were, beneath Xymon's godlike body. A moment later, however, I felt the snap of my costume as it gave way to my burgeoning chest and had my answer. My smile widened to Cheshire proportions with the knowledge that my breasts had grown. I couldn’t wait to see them. If they had improved as much as my legs had, they were were going to be spectacular!

Before I could properly appreciate that aspect of my changes, however, my expanding hips burst through the last remnants of my black uniform, leaving their firm, rounded curves naked to the simmering air.

Like the curtain dropping to reveal an artist’s masterpiece, the rest of my uniform fell away, leaving my phenomenal body bare, my moist skin no longer separated from Xymon’s by even the thinnest of cloth. Xymon seemed to sense the change and moved more urgently against my body.

With a sharp gasp, I felt Xymon's steel-hard shaft enter me. Oh my God, it felt AMAZING!

I had never had sex before, but I would never have waited if I knew it felt like THIS! My friends had always told me that it was painful and messy and not as much fun as it was cracked up to be. They were wrong.

Seriously fucking wrong.

I released a long, deep moan as his steely phallus sent bolts of painful ecstasy jagging through my body, filling me in a way I couldn’t properly describe. I felt wetness flowing from me. It covered his hot, unyielding flesh, lubricating Xymon’s manhood as it drove relentlessly into me, turning my breathing into increasingly urgent gasps and whimpers.

He was so strong, so unbelievably dense. He drove into me with a such power and control that I felt myself bucking into my first climax before he had pushed all the way in.

My fingertips clutched at the sculpted ridges of his popping triceps, as he crashing into me. I closed my eyes as his godlike body undulated over mine, delighting in the feel both of his and my own as my changes accelerated.

Breathless as a second climax rocked me, I squeezed my eyes shut, my vision dimmed by the pleasure. I tried to open them, but was racked by another burst of pleasure as he thrust into my depths again and again.

I orgasmed hard. Again and again. A dozen times. Maybe more. I lost count, adrift in an ocean of rapture, too far gone to look again at my reflection and see what I'd become.

I didn't lose consciousness, but neither did I entirely have it for hours afterward. At some point, Xymon left, but I simply continued to writhe on the couch, feeling my body continue to transition into its new shape. After that, I simply lay there, half awake, half aware in semi-consciousness.

When I finally came to my senses, I languidly set my feet on the floor and rose. Turning toward where I had lain, I saw the tatters of my costume, broken upon the ever more voluptuous curves of my body. I searched through the house to find a proper mirror, finding it, unsurprisingly, in the bedroom.

I took a step back, physically moved by the sight that greeted me. Waves of silken tresses fell over my shoulders, sparks of copper and orange, embers of crimson and scarlet caught the sunlight as I moved. The shimmering mass was full, thick, and so utterly vibrant that the swirl of rich color was mesmerizing in its cascading motion.

My eyes seemed to glow like emeralds placed over a jeweler’s lamp. Large and looming, they were bordered by the longest eyelashes I'd ever seen, then surrounded again by the milkiest skin. My complexion was perfect, flawless and fresh, all traces of imperfection washed away like a watercolor painting in the rain. Sculpted cheekbones, sensual lips, and a feminine jawline gave me a face that could make any cover model jealous enough to kill.

My arms were much slimmer but just as defined as those I had felt on my alien lover hours earlier. My breasts were full, proud, and sure to be drool-inducing when guys’ eyes dropped to my cleavage. Was it possible for ‘perfection‘ to be an understatement? If it were, my breasts took the question from conceptual to literal.

But that was before I saw my stomach. Sleek definition, etched obliques, beautifully defined ridges of abs, visible crevices between each defined muscle… and that without bothering to tense them. When I actually clenched my midsection, it exploded in a network of striations that put any – or more like ALL – fitness models to shame.

My slim, firm waist flowed outward into the rounded muscle of my hips and a devastatingly gorgeous ass. My legs were toned, defined, and endless. Dancer's legs, albeit so exquisitely shaped that no dancers actually had a pair that looked anywhere near this good.

I felt my knees go weak once more as the full impact of the prodigious beauty I now possessed hit me like a locomotive.

My God. I must be the most beautiful woman alive!

"Correction," I thought to myself. I WAS the most beautiful woman alive.

It was certain.

And it wasn't close.

I was about as far beyond Sapphire Valkyrie as she had been beyond me yesterday morning. Maybe further.

My thoughts progressed to what else that might mean. Last time, my physical power had grown with my beauty. Was that the case again? If it was, how much stronger was I now? I looked at the mirror with a burgeoning grin. My guess? With this RIDICULOUS body?

Pretty. Fucking. Strong.

Then another realization hit me. This one sent my stomach plummeting downward as quickly as the breathtaking reflection of my new body had set it aflight.

I had slept with the alien badass who was attempting to force Earth to its knees. I had SLEPT with public enemy #1.

Great. Just freaking great.

"Good thinking, Sam! Way to give your virginity to the worst possible man imaginable. Now you're a traitor to and basically all of the rest of humanity. And all earth's animals, probably. And plants. Yay, Samantha! You've managed to actually redefine the concept of sleeping with the enemy." The thoughts, which I spoke aloud to no one but myself, were so shocking, so absolutely disturbing that I simply stood there blinking for a moment.

I slumped to the perfectly made bed in the spotless bedroom and cradled my head in my hands. I remained in that position for a few moments, stomach and mind competing to see which could out-sommersault-in-horror the other.

I began to laugh. What I had done was so absurd that it suddenly struck me as hilarious. It began as a light, hissing, wheeze; progressed to a giggle; then to a belly laugh; before I broke into a full-on guffaw, rolling back and forth on the never-before-used bed until tears streamed from my eyes.

Gradually, my moment of inappropriate moment of levity passed, and I sobered, still lying with my gorgeous hair splayed on the covers around my head.

My thoughts turned to the last unknown from the afternoon with my alien super lover. I needed to know how strong I really was. Was I stronger than Valkyrie? Than Xymon? I doubted it, but… I raised my head and snuck another curious glance at the mirror.

DAMN, I looked good!

A glimmer of hope lodged itself in my soaring heart. Could I really be among the strongest people on Earth? I couldn't hide a smile at the thought. Maybe I’d grown strong enough to actually help against Xymon? To make up for my sexual sorta-betrayal of my team and my planet? My brilliant white grin was like the sun coming out from the clouds.

I popped up from the bed, grabbed my phone, and found Raven in my contacts. I strolled out the front door of the cookie-cutter house as I waited for Raven to answer.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a neighborhood kid falling off a skateboard. Turning to him, I saw that his eyes were wide, pupils dilated, glued to me. Why was he…?

Oh, shit! I was freaking naked! My costume was in tatters on the living room couch! That little detail had eluded me as I had been concentrating on what I would say to Raven.

I turned invisible before the crimson had even blossomed on my cheeks. For perhaps the first time in my life, I was truly and completely grateful that I had that power.

Raven answered with a gruff "What is it?"

Flustered from my unintentional peep show (see if you can match THAT in your lewd internet surfing, kid!), I paused for a moment, blinking.


Oh, yeah. I remembered what I was going to tell him.

"Got something to show you. I think you're going to like it…" I said, a smirk curling my transparent lips.

"As long as I don't tell you how I got it…" I thought to myself.

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