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In a Class of Her Own – Part 2

Written by HikerAngel :: [Tuesday, 25 August 2020 01:27] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 29 August 2020 19:21]

In a Class of Her Own

By HikerAngel


Emily pulled yet another pair of Lululemons over her perfect derriere, admiring the sleek lines of her body in the mirror.

“Fuck, Em! Aren’t you getting tired of this? I mean, your body makes every freaking pair of yoga pants look smoking. Does it really matter which ones you pick?”

“Em?” said Emily, raising an eyebrow.

“Em… ily!” I corrected, exasperated, still attempting to come to terms with the colossal shift in our relationship.

“Just kidding, Lil. You know I'm not all about that respect stuff, like someone I know used to be.” She nudged me, a coy smile on her succulent lips.

I hadn’t been into girls until Fiona had come along and shattered every idea I'd ever had about my own sexuality. But as my eyes roamed Emily’s body, fully on display in the tight workout clothes, far more gorgeous than even me, I knew that I wanted her. Fuck, she was sexy.

Waves of thick, raven hair spilled to her lower back. Her complexion was flawless, olive skin seeming to glow with healthy radiance. Her dark, almond-shaped eyes were framed by erotically long eyelashes. Her dark magenta lips begged to be kissed. I began to lean forward to do exactly that, before catching myself.

The sports bra she was trying on could scarcely contain her full, well-formed breasts. They were not huge – huge wouldn't have suited her long, lean figure – but so achingly magnificent that I couldn’t help but wonder what they would taste like. I stared at the divine nipples that tented the thin technical fabric, imagining what they would feel like between my lips.

Her arms were slim but so incredibly toned that every muscle was perfectly visible. They had the long, willowy look of a supermodel’s – if that model spent half her life doing endurance toning exercises in the gym.

Her stomach was carved in steel. I mean, my stomach was awesome – and it didn’t hold a candle to hers. Sleek but ripped, it was that impossible combination of insanely defined and staggeringly feminine.

Her ass, as I had witnessed before, gave new meaning to the word firm. And mouth-watering. And delicious. And a million other tasty words that flowed through my desire-addled mind…

My eyes moved on to her legs as I ran out of mental superlatives for her achingly beautiful backside. Except that I would need a whole new set for those ridiculously long, silky smooth stems. If a ballet dancer’s legs added six inches. Yes. Six. And a bit more definition, they might come close to the sinuous perfection of Emily’s.

She was more beautiful than any woman I’d ever seen, with the notable exception of Fiona herself. The young asian girl had been my assistant until Fiona had come to my school, and powered her up (and past me) a couple of weeks ago.

Now, she was my superior. In strength. In beauty. In social standing. In pretty much everything, really. I held out hope that this might change again. I had been begging Fiona, pleading with her to make me her top lieutenant, to place me at least second in command again by giving me Emily’s levels.

You see, Fiona had the ability to power up others. She was how Emily had surpassed me. So desperate was I to regain some of my former standing, that I promised my undying loyalty and willingness to do whatever she wished in return. I had to rise again. Or at least surpass Emily once more. Over the past few days, Fiona had seemed to be warming to the idea.

As my mind snapped out of my thoughts to return to the present, I saw that Emily was watching me ogle her, an amused look in her eye.

“It’s okay, Lil. I know you can’t help it. I am pretty awesome,” she said with a playful wink.

Emily followed the wink with a sultry smile, and I felt my nipples harden and a tingle down below. Fuck!

We hadn’t done anything yet, but Emily had been flirting with me since her transformation. She had a thing for me. From before. She'd unintentionally revealed it the night that Fiona powered her up. I had been turned on, once to the brink of orgasm, a couple of times when Emily had given me a slightly-more-than-friendly hug, but my former assistant hadn’t truly acted on her feelings for me – assuming that she still had them. From the look in her eyes when she glanced at me, however, I wondered if that would change tonight.

Emily strolled up to the counter, still wearing those sleek yoga pants over that disturbingly sexy ass of hers. The clerk, a young man our age, looked as overwhelmed as I was – and then some.

“How about you give me the clothes for free; I give you a kiss; and we call it even?” she said with a mischievous smile.

The clerk was speechless for a moment, then began to nod eagerly.

“Oh my God, I was just kidding,” said Emily, with a playful giggle, her smile turning genuine. “I wouldn’t actually do that to you. Just wanted to see if I could get you to do it…”

The clerk looked crestfallen, on the verge of tears. Emily, noticing his reaction, seemed to melt. Her eyes softened. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to lead you on! I was just being playful!"

Dark, expressive eyes now apologetic, Emily leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek, then paid the quivering boy anyway.

As we left, Emily turned to me and confessed. "Geez, Lil. I don't know how you dealt with it all that time. The attention; the attraction; it's like I can't even joke around with anybody anymore."

I swallowed hard, still turned on by the lines of my friend's body in that skimpy yoga getup. I said nothing as we walked toward the car, focused on simply keeping my raging hormones in check. I opened the car with a chirp and got inside. Before I could turn it on, however, Emily spoke.

"What if I offered to kiss you, Lil? What would your answer be?" Her voice was meek, much like it had been before her transformation. If I were her, I would have simply taken what I wanted. I always had when I was the more powerful. But Emily was different. Unlike Fiona and me, her ascension in power hadn't seemed to change her personality significantly. She was experimenting a bit, sure, and she was a bit more confident at times, but she was still the same Emily at her core.

"Like you did with the store clerk?"

She nodded.

Should I play coy? Try to prevent her from feeling like the dominant half of our relationship?

I considered the question. Emily wasn’t really about dominance. Not even now. But I was. My eyes dropped to her pink lips, and I licked my own. With Emily’s ascension, I could feel a part of me longing for her to have her way with me. Another part wanted to maintain my previous control over her.

So how should I answer? Should I dodge the question? No. Fuck that. Coy wasn't my style.

"God yes, Em. I’ve been waiting for you to kiss me. Wanting you to kiss me."

Okay, that was pouring it on a little too thick. Where had that come from? Waiting? Wanting? Why the fuck had I said it like that? All I wanted was a quick, meaningless release, right? A nice little Emgasm so I wasn’t always feeling so hot and bothered. Right?

Emily smiled beatifically, dark eyes smoldering, then leaned over and gave me a deep, languid kiss.

Her lips felt like velvet, making mine erupt with sensation with every micro-movement. I was so turned on. Emily had been a regular in my erotic fantasies since her transformation. It was so sexy to think of the formerly meek girl becoming so incredibly strong, so incredibly gorgeous. In my dreams, she had overpowered me with ease.

Oh, God.

Emily’s lips slipped away from mine, brushing my cheek as they moved to my ear and whispered huskily.

“You want me, don't you, Lil. You have no idea what I can do now. I want to share it with you. To give us both what we've been craving.”

She lifted her long leg to straddle me in the seat of the car, pressing their smooth length against mine, calves bulging into steel swells, trapping me.

“Your body is helpless against mine, Lil," she said huskily, reading my reaction as I squirmed helplessly under her. Her lips slipped lightly along my cheekbone toward my ear. Her voice dropped to a whisper. "I know this turns you on.”

I gave a small yelp of desire. I couldn’t contain it. She was so right.

My hands rose to cup her luscious breasts. I began to knead them, and she gasped in pleasure herself. Head bobbing with the sensations for a moment, she reveled in the feeling. She took my wrists in her slender fingers and pulled them away, overpowering my full strength with ease. Desire flooded through me. Her strength was incredible. Holy fuck!

She lifted one of my hands to her mouth and slipped her full lips over my index finger, moving them slowly, sensually downward. I began to squirm with arousal.

She pulled her lips away from my finger, then kissed the inside of my wrist. My God, it felt so good – her lips against my sensitive flesh.

She leaned forward until our breasts met. She continued, slowly pressing her breasts into me, their invulnerable curves denting mine. The pressure of her body snapped the seat of the car, collapsing it backward, sending me to my back.

Emily smiled and lay her body over mine, breasts once again showing their superiority to mine as they mashed my sensitive flesh.

Emily bit the fabric of my top, then moved her head downward, cloth clenched between her teeth. It tore as she moved her head down to the hem, inches above my pussy.

My shirt fell away, and Emily began to kiss each plate of my incredible abs. The touch of her moist lips was so steamy, so arousing that I began to whimper.

Emily looked toward me momentarily, a nefarious look in her eye. Then, she went back to work, putting those talented lips over hers over my nipple and swirling her tongue over it. Sparks of euphoria lit the fuse to a coming inferno in my womb. My climax was coming. At long last.

Emily moved to my other breast and sucked my nipples. Holy shit! It felt so unbelievably good. I moaned.

Emily moved her lips upward until they hovered a millimeter from mine. She spoke in a throaty whisper, knowing I was fully under her spell.

“How does it feel, Lil? To be dominated by your little Emily. To be helpless to do anything to stop her. To be putty in her gorgeous, sexy little hands…”

I didn’t need any further stimulation. Her words alone did it. I came right then, bucking into the exotic Asian beauty with my hips, my juices soaking my skirt. I alternated whimpers and moans as the pleasure rocked me – and the car.

Emily’s eyes held a mixture of surprise and triumph, as if she hadn’t truly expected to be able to do that to me. She had made me come with a little foreplay and words alone. Without so much as touching my sex. Her look was vaguely calculating as she filed away the information about what I secretly desired.

It took me several minutes to recover and drive us home. Neither of us spoke for the remainder of the drive.


The next day, at my locker, I saw Emily at hers. She smiled warmly at me, not a hint of superiority, nor one of guile. She seemed genuinely happy to see me. I wondered about that girl sometimes. She should be lording her newfound superiority over me. But she was too nice. Too nice to be so powerful. Power belonged in the hands of those who knew how to use it. My hands.

I fought back a blush, averting my eyes. Why was her simple happiness having this effect on me?

I turned to pull my first period books out of the locker and slammed shut the door. When I glanced toward Emily once more, she was no longer there. She must have gone. In her place stood Liam, a decent-looking boy from Mr. Matthews' class.

I'd seen Liam staring at me before, of course, but I'd never given him the time of day. It was hardly unusual for guys to stare at me, after all. Even now – at least when Fiona and Emily weren’t around. Taking another step toward me, hands in his pockets, Liam looked all sorts of nervous.

He should be nervous. Daring to approach me like this, without permission.

I stuck out my arm, placing a hand on his chest, and slammed him against the bank of lockers next to us. He groaned in pain.

"Look, you stupid little fuck, just because I'm not the most powerful girl in school anymore doesn't mean I can't take your sorry ass."

I shoved him into the lockers once more, hearing the bowing of metal under the pressure I was placing on his body before I released him.

"Now speak. This better be fucking good."

Liam, breathless from my attack – and probably a little bruised – stared at me, then stuttered. "L-Lilly! Wait! I can help you!"

"Pftt," I dismissed him out of hand. "I seriously doubt it."

"I can! I'm a powered!"

A powered? This guy? Yeah, right. Those rumors about guys gaining powers were just made up to make the poor little bastards think there was hope they could compete with girls. "Get out of here before I smash your stupid little face."

"Really! I am!" As he said it, the stupid fucker had the nerve to touch me! He reached out and grabbed my wrist. I saw a red glow surround his hand, quickly spreading to encompass my entire body.

"You're going to go to the hospital for that, dumbass!" I yelled, recovering from my surprise to pull my hand away and launch a skull-rattling punch into his jaw.

Except that I couldn't break his grip.

I pulled again. Still couldn't pull my hand away. I raised my other arm to shove him away, when I did, he barely moved.

"What the hell did you do to me?!" I said, voice betraying my rising alarm.

"I told you. I'm a powered!" He smiled now, seeming far more confident now that he had been able to overpower me… somehow.

Fuck me! It wasn't enough that I had to be only the third most powerful girl in the school? Now I had to suffer the ignominious position of being overpowered by a fucking boy?!

What was the world coming to?!

"Give me my power back RIGHT NOW!" I demanded, desperation cracking my voice.

"I will, I will! I just need you to hear me out for a second."

"Fine," I huffed angrily. I supposed I didn't have a choice anyway.

Liam released my arm. I withdrew it, rubbing my sore wrist and glaring daggers at him.

His eyes looked apologetic, but he was anxious for another reason. He clearly had something that he really wanted to say to me. It made me curious, so I decided to actually listen.

Glancing down at my wrist with a pained expression, he swallowed hard, cleared his throat, then brought his eyes back to mine.

"I've always had a crush on you, Lilly. Ever since your ascension."

Oh, Lord. Was this fucking guy about to profess his undying love for me or some such shit? I fought the urge to puke.

"You're just so beautiful, so confident, so amazing…"

Fucking gag me. I already knew how awesome I was. I didn’t need some stupid – albeit ballsy – little boy informing me of it, as if I gave a damn what he thought. I tuned out his pathetic little lovey-dovey speech for a while to consider the ways that I might manipulate his feelings for me to get my powers back.

"…which is why I gave you an extra level when you first ascended. I took it from Emily. You were both originally rising to Class 2s. But I wanted you to be beyond everyone else in school. I don't think either of you ever knew. But I changed you."

Was this guy serious? I had Emily to thank for my previous rulership of the school? Was that why I'd always been drawn to her? Did it have something to do with how she, a Class 5, could turn me on even more easily than Fiona, a Class 7, could? Because I had part of her power within me? The very concept of it sent a whirl of different emotions through me. I struggled to keep my concentration on Liam’s words. Now I actually did want to hear what this guy had to say.

"You see, I'm just a conduit. I can take powers away, but I can't use them. I have to give them back to a woman within a few minutes or they just go back to their original host on their own."

As if to illustrate his point, he reached out and touched me with his fingers once more. I saw the red glow, then felt the familiar warmth of power soak into my muscles. Thank God. I wouldn't have to seduce him or (*shudder*) offer to fuck him to get them back. So stupid! He didn't even demand anything from me in exchange!

As soon as the process was finished, I grabbed the front of his shirt and lifted him off the ground. "If you ever do that again, I'll tear your fucking arm off. Got it?" Nevermind that it didn't make any sense. If he did it again, I'd be powerless again, and he was clearly stronger than me that way. But I felt like saying something threatening, so fuck logic.

Liam seemed to know it was an idle threat but, to his credit, suppressed a grin, nodding in acknowledgement. I decided to let his near-smile go, rather than punish him. He seemed to have more to say, and I wanted to know what it was.

"Anyway, I hated it when I saw Fiona come into the school and push you around."

Yeah. You and me both, buddy.

"You see, she and her sister live next to me, and—"

"Wait! Come again? Sister…? Like, Fiona's sister?" I couldn't help but interject. I was just so surprised. I'd never seen Fiona's sister around school. Hell, I'd never even heard Fiona mention that she had a sister.

"Yeah. She just stays there. At home. In her room. It's really weird."

"Fiona's sister just sits in her fucking room all day? That is weird. Is she a regular or a powered?"

"I don't know. I've never talked to her."

"Come on, use your brain, Liam! Is she pretty like me – only, you know, probably less?” I ran my hands along the curve of my hips, watching Liam’s eyes glow as they followed my movement with amusement. “Or is she ugly as fuck like you and your stupid little friends?"

"I'm not a regular, even though I look like one,” he said, struggling to raise his eyes to mine once more. I smirked. This guy was going to be easy to manipulate.

"Yeah, but you're a total freak. Who ever heard of a guy with powers?"

"There are a few of us."

"There are few ways I could kill you too. Now answer the fucking question, Liam."

"Okay, okay! She's really good looking. Not as good looking as you, but maybe a powered?"

"Have you ever seen her show any powers? Strength-wise or anything?"


"Well Jesus, Liam. You come to me with this whole thing, but you don’t know a damn thing! What the fuck have you seen?" I said, exasperated.

"I already told you! I've seen her there. All day, every day! I see Fiona come home, and she checks on her sister first thing every day," Liam said, his rate of speech quickening in defensiveness.

"First thing?" I thought about that. Either she really cared about her sister, which, knowing Fiona, I doubted; or she was really concerned about something her sister would do. My money was squarely on the latter.

“Yeah. Always. Right when she gets home.”

Definitely something to that. She must be hiding this sister of hers for a reason. And I was going to figure out what it was.

"Okay, so why are you telling me all this, Liam?"

“I just think that something strange is going on there. I’ve seen Fiona typing on her laptop every night. I think she keeps some kind of diary. I wanted you to help me check it out. The diary might tell us what’s going on between her and her sister.”

My first instinct was to fire back a bitchy reply at the presumption that I would do anything with him. But I bit it back. This guy’s power could be seriously useful to me. If what he was saying about his gift of one of Emily’s levels was true, it already had been. So I’d go with him. He was clearly already into me, so I’d be sure to seduce him a bit to make sure he was well under my influence. Once I had him desperate to fuck me, I should be able to get him to do anything I wanted – like take a few levels from Fiona and give them to me. The thought gave me goosebumps. I could be the queen of the school again. I could bend Fiona and Emily to my will.

The thought of the two sexy sirens pleasuring me sent electric tingles of desire down to my bones. I could feel my nipples harden and instant moisture below. I even let out a small moan before I caught it, quickly disguising it as a considering “hmmm.”

“Alright. I’m in,” I said, eying him to verify that he hadn’t caught anything out of the normal. It didn’t look like he had. He was too busy checking out my boobs to notice any sounds I had made.

Liam beamed. “Great! Let’s go.”


As we approached Fiona’s house, I touched Liam’s bicep lightly. I hid a smile as I saw him stiffen slightly.

“You must work out…”

I watched red blossom over his cheeks. “I, uh, do some exercising…”

“I can tell,” I replied with a wink, watching his blush deepen to a nice shade of crimson. It was going to be so easy to make this guy ultra-malleable.

“So what’s your plan, Liam?” Guys always liked it better when you let them think they were in charge.

“I don’t know. I was thinking maybe we climb up and go through Fiona’s window? It’s usually open.”

I licked my lips before I replied, enjoying the bead of sweat that appeared on his brow as his gaze traveled to my mouth.

“Okay then, Liam. Let’s go. ” I said, before circling around to the side of the house that Liam’s eyes had indicated before becoming infatuated with my lips. I walked around the house with an exaggerated gait, ensuring that he had a wonderful view of my spectacular ass as I shifted my delightfully sculpted hips in the most sensual possible way. When I reached the area under the window, I looked back at him, grinning at the telltale bulge in his pants.

Wait ‘til he saw this!

I bent my knees and launched myself upward, catching the windowsill with my fingertips. I pulled myself in, then turned to watch Liam. His eyes were wide with my elegant display of athleticism.

When he began his own ascent, it wasn’t as quick. Or as graceful. It took him three tries to manage to shimmy his way up the downspout at the corner of the house high enough for me to reach down and pull him the rest of the way up.

When I swung him through the open window to the floor of Fiona’s room, he lay there huffing and puffing for a moment from the exertion of his awkward climb. I walked over to him and smiled down, giving him a perfect view of my smooth, tanned legs – all the way up my skirt.

When he’d caught his breath, I extended a hand to him. He took it, and I pulled him up and toward me. I made sure to brush his mouth against my lush breasts on the way up. From the way his eyes bulged and tongue curled behind the back of his teeth, I could tell that the momentary touch had had the desired effect.

“So where’s the laptop with the diary?” I asked him as he gazed longingly at my breasts, which swelled proudly against my white button-up blouse as I took in a deep breath.

“W-What?” he stammered as his eyes reluctantly snapped to mine, belatedly realizing I’d been speaking to him with my words in addition to my boobs.

“The laptop?” I smirked as I repeated it, watching his desire-addled brain struggle to process the words.

“O-Oh yeah. Right.” He walked over to her desk, pulled out the bottom drawer, and set the silver computer on its surface.

He turned to me and grinned. “This is it!”

Opening the lid, the computer screen flickered to life, silently requesting a password.

“Do you know her password?”

Liam’s face fell.

“You don’t know her fucking password?” I said in irritation, crossing my arms under my breasts, which again drew his gaze. “What was the point of all this then?”

He seemed to have trouble concentrating on my words. I couldn’t really blame him, I supposed. My breasts were pretty eye-catching. Not to mention that I was playing dirty with the whole, mouth-to-breast thing.


I stalked across the room, shoving Liam out of the way, though making sure to rub my hip against his clearly visible erection as I did so. I pulled out the top drawer. Finding two sticky notes inside, I pulled them free to examine them.

One contained the address of the school. The other? “G0dd3ss”. Pay dirt.

I typed it in, and the desktop quickly popped up. I opened her web browser, and her GiggleDocs page loaded, with the login pre-filled.

“Goddess.” How utterly predictable.

As I began to type in the password, I heard the front door open below. Eyes jumping to Liam’s, I saw his face go suddenly pale.

“She’s back from school early!” he whispered.

“You’re sure it’s not her parents?” I shot back in a low voice.

“Pretty sure. I’ve never seen them.”

Seriously? Where the hell were her parents? But I didn’t have time to ask that now. I closed the laptop and hastily put it and the sticky notes away as I heard the warning thuds of footsteps ascending the stairs.

“Jump!” I told Liam in a loud whisper, motioning toward the window with my eyes.

“What?!” he replied, a look of abject fear painted across his features.

“Jump, you stupid little…!” I repeated, feeling that my features had crunched into a scowl.

He shook his head.

Fuck! Timid little bastard. He was going to get us caught. And I didn’t want to think about what Fiona would do if she caught us here, in her room. I briefly thought about leaving Liam here and escaping by myself.

I quickly nixed the idea, however. The little twerp would probably spill his guts the moment Fiona decided to rub her perfect body all over him, revealing that I’d been here with him.

I saw the doorknob beginning to turn, so I grabbed Liam and threw him into the open closet. I dashed in after him, silently sliding the door closed behind me just as I heard the thunk of a backpack hitting the floor by the entrance to the room.

Then the footsteps backed out of the room and moved along the hallway to the next room over. I heard a creak as the other door opened. From our position, through the back wall of the closet, we could clearly hear what was happening in the other room as well.

Liam moved to slide open the closet door, but I stopped him, putting my finger over his lips to keep him silent.

“Hi, Felicia,” came Fiona’s voice through the wall. So Felicia was her name. Fiona, Felicia. Shouldn’t be difficult to keep those names straight…

“Fiona,” her sister said with an air of superiority. “How was your day?”

“Well, if you consider being locked in my room all day, reading and playing pointless games fun, then I had a blast!” Felicia’s voice seemed strange, her speech slightly slurred.

There was a pause before she finished. “You’re back early.”

“Yeah, I was sick of going to classes halfway through the day. It’s not like I need them. A girl like me will never need to know anything beyond what I want someone to do for me.”

“Must be nice,” came the reply, again, slightly slurred. Was she drunk or something? Or was that just how she spoke?

“Oh, it is.” I could almost hear Fiona’s predatory smile. “It most definitely is.”

What a bitch! I wanted to be able to say. The thought made me remember what it had been like to be the de facto ruler of the school myself. I felt Liam’s body next to mine in the darkness, reminded of what Liam might be able to do for me. I reached around him and pulled him closer to me, pressing his chest against the side of my breast for effect. Our faces now close as well, I heard the faint sound of his sharp intake of aroused breath near my cheek. His heartbeat began to hammer harder in his chest, sending pulses through my breast tissue. I smiled in the darkness, then shifted, sliding my firm calf along the outside of his leg. That should be more than enough to give him another hard-on.

“Can’t I go to school with you tomorrow? It’s just so boring here.” Felicia paused again, as if attempting to figure out a way to make the request more compelling. “Mom and Dad would let me…”

“Mom and Dad aren’t here. I left them back at the old house. They wouldn’t dare come here without my permission,” Fiona said, voice forceful.

“I know. But…”

“But nothing. I am in charge here, Felicia. You’d better remember that.” There was a sense of finality in Fiona’s voice. But Felicia wasn’t ready to give up yet.

“Could I maybe go back to the old house? With them?”


I startled at the vehemence of Fiona’s reaction. Why did she want to keep her sister away from her parents so badly? I really needed to get a look at that diary.

“Now go downstairs and make dinner.”

“Do I have to?”

“Don’t make me hurt you.”


I heard two sets of footsteps walk toward the entrance to the other room and tensed. It was time to go.

I slid open the closet door, threw a frightened Liam out the window before he could protest. Hearing a soft thud and a pained grunt from the grass below, I leapt from the window myself to land in a crouch beside him.

“That hurt!” he said in an outraged whisper, back on the grass, rubbing the back of his head.

“Not as much as Fiona’s fist would have,” I shot back, pulling him to his feet as I rose. “Now which house is yours?”

He pointed at the house immediately before us.

“Okay, let’s go to your room. We need to log into her diary before she has a chance to change her password.”

He nodded.

As we made our way to his room, Liam caught me off guard with a question I hadn’t expected.

“So what’s your secondary power?”

“My secondary power?” I stopped walking, confused by the question.

“Yeah, I read that Class 3s all have a power beyond strength and invulnerability.”

Was I supposed to have another power? I hadn’t heard that. I thought of Fiona. As far as I knew, she didn’t have any secondary powers. She was just ridiculously strong and insanely tough.

Emily was a Class 5 now too. But she didn’t have a secondary pow—

I stopped mid-thought, remembering Emily’s cooling touch after she had nearly broken my collarbone. As she had held me, my pain had faded until it disappeared completely. She could heal! She did have a secondary power!

“What else did you read about secondary powers?”

“I don’t know. Just that everyone’s was different. All female powereds are strong and tough and have enhanced abilities to recover from injury. But secondary powers are unique to the individual. They say that they tend to reflect people’s personalities.”

Personalities, eh? I smirked. If that were true, then I should be able to control people or something. I LOVED to be in control. Then, I thought back to my recent experience in the car with Emily. Apparently, I also LOVED to be controlled. So what kind of power would that lead to?

“Come on. Don’t keep me in suspense here! What is it?” he prompted, seeming more curious now than when he had first asked the question. He probably wondered why I hadn’t simply answered it.

But I wasn’t about to let him know that I had no idea. I turned to Liam and gave him my best intimidation stare. “Wouldn’t you like to know…”

He backed off. My hard stare had done the trick. For now. I still needed to figure out what my ability really was. That information could really come in handy if I wanted to take down Fiona.

Fiona! I needed to figure out what her secondary ability was as well.

As we entered Liam’s room, my phone dinged. I hadn’t turned off its alerts! Thank God it hadn’t gone off while we were hiding from Fiona!

I checked it. It was a text from Emily.

“Where are you? You weren’t in class today.”

As I began to type my response, I realized I was smiling. Weird. I wiped the smile into a neutral expression. Better.

“Bored. Left. At home.”

“Oh. Too bad. Was thinking we could… <3. Maybe in the principal’s office?”

“Rain check?”

“K :(“


“Who was that?” asked Liam, gaze flicking from my face to my phone.

“None of your fucking business, asshat!” I fired back. The nerve! Nosy little fucker was getting all uppity now. Like he had a right to know who I was texting. Why was he so curious anyway? Because I was smiling?

I considered breaking one of his fingers for his insolence… before I remembered what he could do for me. So I took a deep breath and shrugged it off. We had more important things to worry about right now. “Okay, get out your fucking laptop already. We need to find out what the F sisters are hiding, dumbass!”

Liam frowned, but did as he was told. A moment later, we were logged into Fiona’s GiggleDocs account, perusing her files. As Liam typed on the keyboard, I pressed my breasts into his upper back from behind, looking over his shoulder. Glancing downward, I could see his arousal. He’d be all kinds of hot and bothered by the time I left. Good, I thought with a smirk. Served him right.

“It’s that one!” I said, lips only an inch from Liam’s ear, pointing to a file marked “Rise of a Goddess”.

“How do you know?” asked Liam, head swiveling to face me, one eyebrow raised in curiosity.

“Just open it.” My voice was firm, flat. It was a command, not a request.

Turning back to the screen, he obeyed. As the file opened, a list of entries appeared along the left side of the screen. I scanned them until I found what I was looking for.

“See that entry called My Ascension? Click that one.”

He clicked.

My Ascension

I became a goddess today.

After all that talk from my parents and that stupid doctor about how Felicia was going to be the highest class ever when she transformed, I figured out how to use the information to my advantage. When she began her transformation, I was right there to use my siphon power to take it away. Before she even understood what she had been given.

So no more 3. I’m way higher than that. Higher than a 5 too! I must be the highest class ever. A complete goddess. God, it was so incredible. Beyond amazing. I began to grow. My legs look like a cross between a ballerina and a supermodel. My breasts are full and completely gorgeous. My abs are steel. My butt? Perfect. I had, like, three orgasms in a row. So much power, I couldn’t handle it all. I can feel it leak from me still. It’s trapped, but it’s too much for my body to completely absorb.

I know that with my siphon power, I can gift power. I can probably gift these extra levels to someone else. Like a Class 1 or something. I mean, even with them, there’s no way they could pass me.

I’m still the strongest-ever powered now. And I’ve got to be the sexiest too. I mean, nobody looks this good. I practically came again when I looked at myself in the mirror for the first time. And the guys! I can get them to wet themselves just by giving them a full-on come hither. It’s so fun. To be so powerful that no one can tell me what to do. I never knew what true freedom felt like until now.

I don’t feel bad for Felicia. All I’ve been hearing about for the last six months is how much better than me she’s going to be. Joke’s on all of them. Now I’m the one that’s better than everyone else. I’m the one that she should look up to. I’m the goddess.

I don’t think Felicia ever knew what was happening when the change came over her. I touched her as I saw the metamorphosis begin, and took it from her before she even realized what had happened. I think Mom figured it out, though. Going to have to get rid of her. And Dad. Just to be safe. I took Mom’s pill stash too. Going to use them on Felicia. Just to make sure she can’t get her shit together and take away these powers. She might be strong enough to take them back, if she just tried. I can’t let that happen. I can’t go back to feeling like I’m less than her. I just can’t.

I sat back, stunned. Liam did likewise.

“So Fiona’s a siphoner too? Just like you?” I rested my hand on Liam’s shoulder.

Liam turned to me, voice low, as awed as I was by the discovery. “Sounds like it.”

“She’s really supposed to be a Class 3. Like me!” I said, saying the words more to think through this new information than for Liam’s benefit, though he nodded slowly. I rose and began to pace. I supposed technically, I was supposed to be a Class 2, with Liam to thank for my extra level. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

Setting that fucking thought aside, I continued to think through the information from Fiona’s journal aloud.

“So the power she fed into Emily. That was probably the rest of Felicia’s power. If Fiona went from a Class 3 to a Class 7, that’s four levels. If Emily went from a Class 1 to a Class 5, that’s another four levels. Holy fucking shit! That means Felicia’s a Class 8!”

I stopped pacing and turned my gaze to Liam once more. His eyes said it all.

“That’s not possible. That can’t be possible. Can it?” I asked him.

He swallowed, but didn’t say anything. Maybe he couldn’t. I didn’t know. I didn’t care either. But there was one thing that I did care about.

“Do you think you could siphon an 8? I mean, if you touched Fiona, could you take Felicia’s powers from her?”

“I-I don’t know,” Liam spoke hoarsely. “See what it says in Fiona’s diary? ‘She’s probably strong enough to take them back…’”

Now here was what I really wanted to know. “If you could, would you give her powers to me?”

I sucked in a breath, puffed out my chest and gave him my best sexy pout. “Just imagine what I would look like as a Class 8 Liam?”

My confident eyes locked on his as they filled with wonder. He swallowed again, still seeming to be processing the notion. He didn’t move for a good 30 seconds. Then he began to nod slowly.

I walked over to Liam, knelt before him as he sat in his desk chair, placed a hand on each of his cheeks, and planted a huge kiss on his shocked mouth.

His arms and legs flew outward, his posture straightening. Until his body went completely slack, floating on the taste of my lips. I think that my hands, on each side of his head, were the only thing that prevented him from sliding right out of the chair like a gelatinous liquid.

When I let him up for air, I muttered breathlessly. “We need a plan.”

Liam nodded again, slumped in his chair, expression dreamy. He would have agreed to anything in that moment.

I smiled. Wide. Like Cheshire-fucking-cat wide.

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