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The Super Goddess

Written by Akane :: [Sunday, 06 September 2020 01:29] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:54]

This is a non-canonical story based on the original draft for the Super Goddess universe and a roleplaying session with danio13

Art by hi6ka9, Ultra-Bra, Loooyd and MrOrbs

With the crinkle of tearing plastic, he revealed the cards to his hungry eyes. "Ha! Nice…" Finally, he had gotten the SR shiny variant of Paradise Warrior. Sure, he had to buy tons of packs to get it, but there it was.

The fact that he was in the middle of a game shop when he let out his cry of joy didn't bother him. He sat down at an available table and slipped the new card into a waiting deck. Managing his cards was something he enjoyed doing, far better than loud things with lots of people. He only really needed one person, and he still wasn't sure how he had gotten her, but who was he to complain? Still, where was she? He looked up to spot her, considering challenging someone with his newly fortified deck.

A ruckus interrupted the idea, with a crowd of people rushing to the front of the store to gawk at something happening in the windows. Pressing through that plane as if it wasn't there came a shapely lady, a smug smile on her face, her feet not touching the ground, and her eyes closed as she ignored the glass' presence, simply moving through it as if it were nothing more than air.

Her long flowing black hair wafted as if a mild breeze tickled through it, unbothered by the glass she was already past. Bright red headphones adorned her head, faint beats playing, muffled to the ears of anyone but her, as if no other person mattered. She opened her dazzling purple eyes, her smile deepening as she folded her arms under her impressive chest, pushing them up into the deep v cut of her black jacket and making the white T and its red leaf all the more visible. 

She was Jennifer Fahr. By far the most beautiful and powerful person to have ever existed. Not that she reminded people often, but she also had no need to. With a casual toss of her head, the purple butterfly earring that adorned her seemed to almost dance. "Good boys," she purred, her eyes casually sweeping over the crowd. "But I'm looking for a specific someone…" She descended, but just far enough to put her high heeled thigh high black boots at the level of the staring men.

She walked over them like stepping stones and they called out like a chorus, loud moans of pleasure rippled outwards with every step of their goddess. "Hey," she called in a soft purr, stepping down from the last victim, paralyzed with pleasure. She sank down, letting her great braless chest rest on the table with a slow leaning forward motion, threatening to knock it over towards her.

His eyes were stuck on her, watching every movement. She was the most perfect woman in the world, arguably the universe. It was difficult to even try to compete with her, being a literal deity. She could do whatever she wanted, and she chose him, for reasons unknown. Those who had tried to oppose her had failed, usually with dramatic results. And yet, there she was, sitting down to play a silly card game with him.

Mistress of time and space, she watched him, focused on him. He could feel his pulse quickening. The goddess had arrived, and she wanted him and him alone. Was he beyond blessed, or cursed? He decided to go with blessed. If someone that could reduce the Earth to jewelry, which she had already done once before, wanted to play some Dungeon Cards with him, well, why not?

"H..Hey Jennifer. Glad you could make it" Dane nervously said to his all-powerful girlfriend. She had never hurt him, not a single hair on his head, but she could, and he knew it. It was hard not to know. She was a god, and could rearrange him as she pleased, or simply erase him from the universe, if she had the urge. "Good day so far?" Dane asked despite it feeling like a foolish question. If it wasn't a good day, she could make it one at her leisure. Bad weather was tolerated only at her discretion. Missed trains were pulled back to the station if she didn't want to wait, not that she needed transportation.

The goddess responded with a cocky tone in her hard Canadian accent, origin that her oversized Toronto University varsity jacket also betrayed. "Of course! And yeah your thoughts are pretty much right, every day is a good day for me." Jennifer could also read minds and she liked to remind people constantly. Pretty much nobody's secrets on the planet were safe from her all-encompassing mental reach. She knew him front and back, and still she was there. She had judged him completely, and found him acceptable. The realization of that made Dane's heart flutter in his chest.

She wanted to sit in front of him so she went and did it. However, Dane's acquaintance who had the misfortune to be seated across from him was in the way. It did not matter for the omnipotent beauty as she casually defied physics, defining the rules she would play by. She crushed the poor man against the chair, though there were no sounds of pain despite the violence as the man was reduced to a cartoonish accordion that offered no resistance to her action until he was completely turned into a flat sheet that served her as a cushion. Jennifer paid no mind to what had happened, unlike everyone else. For her, that guy didn't even exist, and even if he did she wouldn't have cared at all. Now she only wanted to play cards with her boyfriend. "Well, aren't you going to teach me or something?" She said as she snapped her fingers, nonchalantly turning another guy that was close to them into a starter deck that she telekinetically moved to her delicate, manicured hand.

Dane gulped, seeing Jennifer's usual uncaring attitude of anyone that wasn't him. She cared so little for any other life, seeing them as nothing but objects to her… Everyone but him for some reason. He still had no clue what made him fit to be her boyfriend, but he pushed those thoughts aside. He had made a promise to that goddess, and he wasn't ready to fail in it. He would teach her how to play Dungeon Cards! "Alright, so when a card is…" he started the lesson, showing her the steps.

Dane showed her how to summon monsters and then attack with them to damage the other players’ heart points. It was actually fun explaining the game he liked so much to a beginner, even if it was Jennifer. Still, she could have easily learned all the rules and competitive skills in less than half a second, but he liked to think that maybe… Jennifer wanted someone to have fun with. There was only so much fun to be had in just deciding to know something.

Jennifer listened carefully to Dane's explanations as she played with her lone, enormous butterfly shaped earring, her trademark symbol shared by her necklace. It was purple just like her eyes and glowed everytime she used her powers. Even as he worked to teach her the game, she reached out silently to the Internet. Not completely ruining his efforts, she just casually absorbed the effects of the cards, all of them, at once. Already she could feel the weight of possibilities. She could play that card she could see, which would interact with…

"I get it, Dane." She put her hand over his to rile him up, taking joy as she noticed his heart rate go up with little thumps she could feel through her fingertips. They had met just the day before and had become boyfriend and girlfriend. 

She had yet to tell him why she chose him. They just gazed at each other at the college library for a second, then she walked up to him and went, "Hey, wanna date?" And then they were in that situation. 

"I think I'm ready to duel you, but please go easy on me… After all, I'm just a novice with a starter deck…" She fluttered her eyelashes. There was always some mystery to the stuff she said. In a normal situation, she would be right, but who knew what she had in store for Dane?

Dane smiled, feeling a bit less stressed with his goddess girlfriend. He got his deck together again, starting off on an actual duel. "Ok Jennifer. We'll duel for real. But don't worry, I'll just be showing you how to play for real," Dane assured, feeling confident with his skills. He wasn't a top tier player, but he knew his way around most duelists and had been around since the game's release. He set the game up, managing to do a basic turn, summon a monster and boosting its attack stats in a slight amount. The first turn player wasn't allowed to attack so he passed the turn on to Jennifer.

She set down her cards calmly, smiling at him with that smugly confident expression that seemed to be her default. It took her less than five turns to demolish Dane completely. It was her first duel yet she made her moves instantly, almost without thinking them. The reality was that it took her less than a second to consider her strategy. She didn't know a single thing about her boyfriend's usual methods or the cards on his well-built deck, but everything he planned was for naught.

Jennifer had defeated every single one of the cards he had so much pride in. To him, it looked like she always pulled the card she wanted. "I know what you are thinking. That I'm cheating. But I can tell you it isn't the case, I just shuffle that good," she practically purred out, watching him intently.

In the last turn she finally summoned her strongest monster after a few sacrifices. She just needed to attack and it would be done, and she had two traps prepared if he tried anything weird. "Are you nervous, Dane? You are sweating." She loved to tease him, she had been doing it all the duel with condescending giggling and smug smiles. At times she went as far as to explain to him why what he was doing was a bad idea.

"It's time to end this!" Then she ordered her Butterfly Dragon to attack.

Dane was thrown off with how perfectly Jennifer had played the whole duel, drawing the right cards she needed and doing combos like it was nothing. Even when he pulled a trap that cancelled a chain, she just pulled another one like nothing happened. All he had was a trap to negate an attack… but he could only hope to stall until he got a good draw in his next turn… that is if he ever did get one. "Not so fast. I play the trap Nullify Attack. This cancels your Butterfly Dragon's attack and ends your turn outright," Dane declared, hoping it was enough to stop her this turn. She had no other facedown cards to play after all, so all she could do was end her turn.

"Nice play Dane, I knew you had it in you." It was impossible to know if Jennifer's praise was genuine or ironic but with her it was always best not to assume something that might offend her. "However I have something here in my hand that I don't need to use on my turn."

The goddess calmly pulled a blue card. One of the most pathetic. Sparkies. It was so weak it was almost useless and the only thing it had going for it was being instantaneous and dealing direct damage. In any other situation, Dane would have laughed at this noob card but he only had 150 heart points and Sparkies dealt 200. So he had just lost the game. "Well, it seems I dominate in this nerdy stuff too. What a surprise."

Everyone was shocked, whispering and gawking, at her proficiency and how she had just beat a veteran like Dane with such a pitiful deck and on her first try.

Dane's mouth could only stay open as he saw what had just transpired. He lost… he freaking lost to such a noob deck… to a low tier burn card no less. He expected Jennifer to pull some out of nowhere win, but not at that humiliating level. The one card he never saw coming. Dane could only keep the hilariously shocked look for a full minute before he shook himself and swallowed his pride. "W..Wow… umm… nicely done, Jennifer," Dane got out, trying not to show the bitterness he felt.

Though, despite the loss, he could see something in Jennifer's smile. Not her usual snobby or sarcastic reaction. It was as if she… genuinely enjoyed herself. Perhaps the almighty goddess wasn't so above it all and could mingle with inferior beings? Dane didn't dare to push the question further as he gave a pleasant smile to her girlfriend and offered a handshake to her. "Good game. You really got me there." Dane admitted, his mood brightening just a little.

It didn't last long. Jennifer stood up and reached for him, lifting him up by his shirt as if he weighed as little as a single small pillow. He wobbled dangerously a moment as she drew him close, his balance lost but recovering just as quickly. "Don't feel bad, darling. I'm God, it's normal to lose against me." It was perhaps a display of her ego that she called herself that, but it was also hard to argue against it.

"Say Dane…" Her smirk returned to her characteristic smugness. "Who is the strongest duelist here? I want to show you something." Dane gulped, still being lifted by a woman who, in any other case, wouldn't be able to. But, like she had said, she was basically God. Dane was confused at the question though.

Dane was about to answer when the person in question walked in the shop. remembered him well. The tan, tall, but thinnish guy with brown hair seemed like he couldn't last long in a gym, but he definitely was the best duelist in town, winning almost all local tourneys (until they banned him from those) and even some regional tournaments too. His ego, perhaps partially earned through many victories, rivaled that of the goddess he was speaking to. Dane had lost to him more than he could count and the top tier duelist wouldn't let him hear the end of it. A pure example of a sore winner, if there was such a thing.

Dane blushed, pointing at him. "Well, that one actually." Dane said to Jennifer, a bit afraid that he got the guy a death sentence.

Despite the fact that Dane was two heads taller than the 165 cm big titted cutie, she still had such a powerful presence that he felt small next to her. "Oh so, that guy?" She cackled. "Wait here…" She set Dane down and dusted him off before turning away, on the hunt. 

Jennifer swayed her hips as she walked, with her perfectly round ass in full display, hypnotizing everyone that so much as glanced in her direction. The moment she opened conversation with the guy Dane mentioned, he had little choice but to notice. Her voice stirred something primal inside him, her scent tickling at senses he didn't even know he had. A sharp tightness built, an orgasm ripping through him before he could even finish growing erect.

Jennifer snapped her fingers, casually undoing the mess and dazed expression from his face. She leaned in behind him, whispering something. Dane could see his lips moving in reply, the two conversing, though the words were lost. "Tsk. Whatever, let's do it," he said a little louder. A duel had clearly been settled upon. 

She took the hand of a little boy, guiding him away from his mother who hadn't even noticed. Jennifer swung him around and pushed him into a chair right across from the regional champion. "I will show everyone here that you are so bad, even a kid can beat you," she teased with a wicked smile as she drew out a paper from nowhere, slipping it in front of the kid. "Go on, do your best," she assured her confused but eager looking warrior.

"Okay," he murmured, unsure how he'd gotten involved, then his eyes swept over the paper and its instructions. "Like this?" He was ready to play. But it could hardly be called playing. He destroyed the champion in a few brief turns, the instructions good enough to let him counter every move the older man tried. As the game continued, more and more eyes were drawn to it, watching the uneven match grow more and more against the champion as he was shredded, destroyed without taking a single heart point from the child.

The guy's pride was so destroyed that he had to flee the shop while everyone laughed at him and congratulated the kid. Jennifer had already lost interest in the boy, leaving him to enjoy his moment of fame as she returned to Dane. "How was that?"

Dane couldn't help but laugh at the scene, seeing the formerly tough duelist being so humbled by a kid following a cheat sheet. Dane had no doubt he wouldn't be showing his face in the shop for a while. He laughed, barely getting words out, "Wow… that's freaking hilarious. I love it!" Dane took it as a form of vindication for him. " didn't have to do that… even though I  appreciate it," Dane said with a blush. He didn't know if Jennifer did it for him or not, but he liked it all the same.

After that display of what seemed like generosity, Jennifer clung tight to Dane's arm. He instantly felt an indescribable warmth and happiness. She smiled like an angel at him and muttered, "Say, this nerd game is cool and all, but what do you say we go on a real date now? I can show you the world, what I do every day, you know…" 

Dane blushed, seeing that Jennifer looked to really want to show him a good time. He smiled, excited to see what an all powerful goddess does every day. "Sure. I got nothing else that could compete with that," Dane replied. Though he felt a bit ashamed that he had nowhere else to take Jennifer on the date, since he assumed it was the guy's duty to decide, not the other way around. But given that he had not gone on a date before, he would let Jennifer lead the way to what he was sure would be a crazy time.

Jennifer tapped at her chin as she emerged from the store at Dane's side. "Ok then. Hmm…" As they came out of the shop, everyone suddenly broke out of their trance. Not knowing where they were and finally free of the goddess's hypnotic presence. Jennifer however stopped for a moment and thought to herself. "I don't like how your city looks, Dane. Care if I fix it?" And without waiting for a reply, she carelessly pulled one of her cards and kissed it. It was Kaiju Beetle, a picture of a monstrous insect lovingly depicted.

A flash of light blinded Dane as a white silhouette of the monster started coming out of the card, not unlike the anime show based on the game. In a few seconds, a 200 feet tall monster was parading around the neighbourhood. It was roaring and casually destroying buildings and using its flame breath to cause a localized fire. Soon, police and firefighters came to help but they felt overwhelmed by the powerful beast who treated them like toys.

Jennifer was calmly smiling, like all this destruction and death meant nothing to her. "Wow this is how the game should be all the time, don't you think so?"

Dane swallowed heavily. He had a feeling something like this would happen. Jennifer was known to cause seemingly-random destruction with her cosmic-level antics and not having any bit of care or sympathy of what death would be caused by it. As if she saw everyone as insects… everyone but him for some bizarre reason. He just hoped he didn't do or say something that would have caused Jennifer to see him as one of those insects, but it was more likely that she would one day become bored of him and just turn him into something breakable.

"Errr… I… If you say so," Dane could only barely get out a reply to her, not knowing what else to say as he saw the chaos the helpless citizens had to deal with.

Jennifer was aware that Dane was disturbed by what was happening but, as far as she saw it, there was nothing he could do about it. He was her boyfriend, so that also came with being okay with everything she did. Moral or not. Or at least he repeated that to himself silently.

"Hug tight to me, cutie." After doing what she told him, she blew a strange glowing powder towards him, which permeated all over his body, covering him in a purple colored light aura.

"That should protect you."

Without warning, she accelerated to tremendous speeds. The world around them became a blur. In less than a few seconds they were thousands of miles away from their original position. For Dane this felt terrifying and longer than it should have. As if he would have died without that magic shield Jennifer had cast on him. When they arrived at their destination, he could easily tell where they were. It was Paris, France. They were in the historical centre of the city with Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower visible in the background. 

They were surrounded by beautiful neoclassical buildings. Everyone started murmuring and bowing or kneeling in respect once they saw THE Super Goddess materialize in front of them. 

Reporters also didn’t take long to arrive to the scene to pester her, she was the world’s most famous celebrity after all and her public appearances were always an opportunity to strike interview gold. However she didn’t want to deal with them at that moment so she used her magic to control their minds like puppets and order them to go away. One of them wasn’t so lucky though since she dared to invade the goddess’s personal space by putting a microphone on her face. Jennifer didn’t even bother to verbally acknowledge the transgression and instead nonchalantly transformed her into a human sized version of the object she had been holding a few seconds ago. She made sure she kept her feelings and thoughts though, forever trapped in that form.

"Quite romantic for a date, don't you think? Well, what do you want to do? A boyfriend should choose after all" She clung tighter to him, letting her words hang in the air.

Dane gulped, unsure if he could keep being indifferent to Jennifer's antics, but it would seem he would have to learn to.  He always wanted to visit there, but never thought he would be here in such a somewhat convenient manner. Before he could even have asked where they were going, there they were and he took a look around.

He was a bit thrown back by the people bowing and kneeling to Jennifer, who was then clinging to him as expected of a girlfriend. "You… you really want me to choose?" Dane said in a bit of a shock, not expecting for the goddess to give him any sort of choice.

He was almost sure he heard wrong.

"Well..Umm… Let's go visit Notre Dame first." Dane suggested after a brief pause, forcing himself to sound confident.

"Ahhhh a nice choice." Jennifer snapped her fingers and suddenly they were standing right there outside the cathedral. However it looked different. Instead of gargoyles it was decorated with great butterflies, grotesquely perfect dicks and all-too-intricate pussies sculpted on the front. "As you can see, people all around the world now worship the only true God, moi!" she proudly announced, not a hint of shame in her.

Dane struggled to remember the former landmark. It hadn't always been like that, right? He couldn't quite place what it used to be, though he had an idea it was something Jennifer did. It had been a stately place for families. It didn't look like that judging by the super hot, big boobed and half naked nuns fucking each other all over the place.

Dane blushed, seeing the very lewd imagery at the cathedral as well as the nuns currently in coitus. Although that had always been a thing for Notre Dame… hadn't it?… Dane rubbed his head, feeling like something wasn't right. "Uughh… J..Jennifer… Have… nuns always been… this erotic?" Dane asked, seeing them still fucking without a care in the world. Dane couldn't help getting a boner at the scene, hoping it wasn't making Jennifer jealous.

"Well but of course, you silly. Since I have reason, well, since ever, humanity has worshipped me like this." Suddenly not only Dane was horny but also something changed in his mind. What was happening was not only normal. It was a ritual for Jennifer that had existed for hundreds of years and it was perfectly acceptable. Jennifer had retroactively changed history and the memories of everyone on Earth to accommodate for this lie, which was then truth because she wanted it so.

"Awwww, is your little pee pee hard?" She kneeled and observed it, still inside his pants, then touched it. She giggled at the reaction as the boner grew even bigger. "What happened? A little bothered? Mommy can fix that." Jennifer winked and suddenly Dane's pants simply ceased to be, leaving him entirely exposed from the hips down. He was naked, with his throbbing dick twitching in the air. "Not a bad size, but I can make it better. Well big boy, how about you feed mommy now?"

Jennifer opened her mouth even further by pulling it with her finger. She was inviting her boyfriend to a magical fellatio in front of everyone in Paris.

Dane blushed, feeling silly. Of course the nuns worshiped Jennifer like this, as it had always been since recorded history. But right then he was thinking of something else, seeing his then hardened dick was right in front of Jennifer's mouth. What brought himself to coming here naked anyways?

But Dane didn't care right then. He felt so lucky to be offered a blowjob… by THE actual Goddess. He didn't waste time, getting his cock in Jennifer's mouth, pressing the head against her soft lips and beyond, sinking to the hilt in the warm tunnel she provided. He gripped her hair as he started to rock his dick in her mouth, in and out, feeling pleasures that he didn't even know were possible. "OOoh… OOOOOHHHHH," Dane screamed out, barely holding his cum in as he picked up his pace, working against her with mounting urgency.

Jennifer's suction was masterful. She squatted up and down, bouncing her sweaty, giant tits and her mouth sucked Dane's pole like it was an ice pop. Her kissable, plump lips caressed the tip every time she pulled and her magical saliva lubricated the dick perfectly. She moaned as her ultra long hair became prehensile and gained a conscience of its own, going for Dane's exposed testicles and massaging them like dark, keratin tendrils. Her butterfly earring glowed again, anticipating the use of her powers. Now every time Jennifer finished plunging her face fully, Dane's cock had grown a few inches more, magically enhanced by her divine blowjob. She was relentless in her treatment and Dane's balls were hurting and begging for the release that had been denied them, heavy as cantaloupes, while his cock was two feet long erect. Still, the Super Goddess managed to eat everything to the base thanks to her inner body being basically a hammerspace. It was like one of those magic tricks where a guy eats a sword, but longer, and arguably sexier.

"Nnnhhh… Ohhhh," Dane moaned out, being in so much excruciating pleasure. He didn't know how much time had passed, but he was trapped in such painful bliss, feeling his balls and especially his dick swollen to impossible sizes, which of course Jennifer was able to handle. "I..I can't… hold… it," Dane yelled just before finally letting go, cumming hard in Jennifer's mouth, as if his enhanced dick was a fleshy hydrant, and the goddess was getting her fill of Dane's seed. He screamed in ecstasy, knowing nothing more than to cum hard for his girlfriend… his goddess.

Jennifer opened her mouth beyond what seemed physically possible and started gulping down the delicious man-nectar that came from Dane's swollen cum tanks. She put on a stupid but sexy face as she did that, as if every part of that was her plan, which it was. The quantity of jizz that was coming out of his pipe was exponentially bigger than any other man’s and the chunks of solid smegma that the goddess was swallowing through her bulging neck were starting to fill her belly. However, that wasn't all of it. The cum that Jennifer wasn't drinking was quickly filling the floor and Dane was powerless to stop it as people ran away in terror from the flood that quickly overtook the plaza and started clogging the River Seine. It was so sticky, like cheese, that sewers couldn't properly drain it, and as such it was becoming problematic. After a few minutes, it was still coming out and Jennifer was now on the floor, giggling like an idiot with a paunch full of baby batter as their surroundings were completely off-white. The cathedral itself was now almost surpassed by one of the tallest mounds of the stuff.

Dane moaned, feeling the flow of seed slowing slightly. He chuckled as he saw Jennifer looking so ridiculous. "Looks like you're enjoying yourself," Dane said to his girlfriend, pleased that the goddess had a silly side after all. He noticed their surroundings filled with his cum like a sticky white wonderland… but Dane didn't really feel any shame. He was a bit shocked at how the once pristine cathedral was now covered in man seed, but he was having too much fun with the goddess to care right at that moment. Perhaps the euphoria would wear off later, but right then he wanted to spend more time with the all powerful Jennifer.

Dane kneeled down to his cum filled girlfriend and kissed her lips tenderly after the epic blowjob she gave. "Thank you," He almost whispered to her with a genuine smile. The Super Goddess kissed Dane slowly and passionately, letting out tiny moans as she hugged his bigger but weaker body. For him this was a very strange feeling, it was divine, yes, but it also contradicted the monstrous, carelessly murdering persona she had been showing so far. How could someone with her chaotic personality be this sweet and gentle? She was allowing herself to be vulnerable in the warm afterglow of their activities, even if she could have, perhaps, simply willed away the moment of weakness.

By the time Dane was done with the kiss, she had already disappeared. "Hey, are you still with that?!" Suddenly, he found himself in a plaza that was completely clean, there was no cum anywhere to be seen, and everything looked normal so far as he could tell. Jennifer herself didn't look pregnant anymore and was as clean as ever. "I thought it was time to take out the trash."

He looked to her face, gazing on her smug smirk. Behind her, the whole of Paris, the Eiffel Tower rising high in the background. "But, it seems I left a spot…" She raised a hand as it and her earring began to shine with her purple aura of power. The tower raised in the air as an unseen massive hand took a grip of it as if it were nothing but the smallest flower, lifting it up smoothly and without pause with the power of divinity itself demanding its movement and the landmark helpless to argue with it. So high in the sky, it could be seen from anywhere in Paris, and likely was by confused souls.

She clenched the same hand, her smirk turning vicious in a second as the tower collapsed with the loud squeal of tormented steel, crushed into useless scrap, little bits raining down from where it was mangled into a ball of junk. "Yeah, that's better."

Dane gaped at the sight, wondering about the people who were surely inside it at the time. They had no chance of survival, crushed in broken and twisted metal with no opportunity to even try to escape. Snuffed, just because Jennifer decided it would be so.

She held out that murderous hand, plucking up the tower from the horizon as if its small size were its true size instead of a trick of perspective. She brought the candy-sized orb towards Dane, the original just gone, reduced to what little she held and placed right in the center of his shaking hand.

His mind raced, trying to figure out how he should feel at that moment of shock. Gazing at the little ball, he could see faint signs of the carnage involved, besides the lost landmark. Bits of red and parts of what were once people dotted the macabre souvenir that she had gifted to him for admiration. He just wasn't sure what to say, holding the evidence that his godly girlfriend had just committed genocide without an ounce of guilt, to say nothing of the damage caused. But what was it he could do? She held every card there was to hold. She could squish him just as easily as the tower. He was barely an ant before her, quailing that she had stepped on a hill of his brothers and sisters, and she cared about as much.

And she loved him. While a large part of him wavered in disgusted horror, another part stood tall. She was his girlfriend! His, not anyone else's. He alone had that position, for some reason. All the might in the universe, and she picked him. There was a twisted sense of pride there that swelled. He must have done something right. Even if people died, he hadn't, and he wouldn't, because she and he were connected, and that goddess loved him.

Part of him wanted to know what else she could do. Were there even any limits? One day, she could get tired of him and kill him, maybe just without even thinking about it. If she simply rolled over in her sleep, he would be gone, done. But, for that moment, he was a witness to it, the only survivor before a storm that could not be controlled, or even mitigated, by anything mankind had in store. He would stand as that witness. He chuckled, his sanity frayed in his acceptance of a situation far beyond his control. He stuffed the crunched tower into his pants. "So, where to now?" he asked in an excited way, smiling at her as if she hadn't just done something terrifying, just curious about what came next.

"Hmm, I’m a little hungry," she pointed a finger behind her, not even looking as a beam fired from her index finger and obliterated a drone that had been keeping quiet tabs on them. It fell to the ground, transfigured into a big, tasty looking burger. She caught it effortlessly and brought it up to her mouth as if to bite it, but she didn't. The whole thing she stuffed into her mouth and swallowed as if it were water. "Ahh, well now that we're done with that, wanna go partying with me?"

Elsewhere, in the headquarters of the French military in Paris, the picture that the drone was showing to the sternly dressed men gathered around the table suddenly cut out, replaced with a bright error screen that made it clear the drone was lost. One of them raised a finger. "We must do something about this. It was bad enough when she humiliated America."

"Ok, guys." The goddess had appeared on the screen, smiling at them all with an expression that left little doubt that she knew she could end the situation quite forcefully if she decided to. "Like, can you please not? I'm on a date with my boyfriend, so I will deal with your treachery later."

The same man who had just talked had the bravery to speak once again, "You destroyed a historic monument! How is this in the spirit of our agreement?"

"Last time," she sighed out as if bored. "I talked to your silly prime minister, and he promised, promised, to leave me to do whatever I felt like in this country for not getting… petty." Her brows went up together. "But it seems now I have to rethink the terms of our deal. Hmmph." She winked at the camera that wasn't there. "I have to go now, you know how it is. But, don't forget that I will never forget. Oh, I'll make sure you regret it before I’m finished with my visit to Paris." Her laughter was broken by the screens of the room all shattering at once, announcing her departure.

Jennifer leaned against Dane with a soft sigh. "Sorry for that." Not that she had lost more than an instant of distraction. "Some people just don't understand that the world belongs to exactly one person, and that person is me. They try to think of new ways to change that, but it's a big waste of time, for them, and for me." Her face lightened, looking more happy, and smug, as if she were overwhelmed with how self-pleased she was. "Now that I think about it, Dane, we talked so much about you and things you like recently. Do you even have any idea of who, or what, I am?" She rubbed against him, affectionately nestling. "I could happily explain it to you."

Explain what she was? Surely the nature of that was far beyond the knowledge of any one mortal man, or possibly a civilization of them. Would she really share such precious information with him? He brought his hands together, fingers intertwined and fidgeting a moment before he regained his composure. "Well… certainly. I'd love to know more about you, please." His tone tip-toed between a boyfriend being curious about his girl and a child asking his powerful parents for a treat.

With a casual whimsy, a throne was there that hadn't been a moment before. She sat upon it, her idle fancies producing half a dozen women kneeling at her feet, ready for her legs to finish crossing for the closest to reach for her. They kissed at her heels as Jennifer spoke, "I was born like this, you know? Jennifer Fahr, the child prodigy. Everyone was in awe of my superior intelligence, power, and beauty, and basically everything else. Of course, this was like 50 years before you were born, so I don't blame you for not knowing.”

She reached out, letting a few fingers drift across the cheek of the maid closest to her. The woman let out a gasp as her body became overflowing with raw lust, in a combination of the touch and the pheromones Jennifer emitted. She lunged forward, sucking in the boot before her and working on it as if performing the deepest fellatio she could manage. "Do you know why I'm called the Super Goddess? It's because I'm superior compared to all the gods that appear on ancient mythology. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. Beyond that. Beyond any magic humanity's ever tried to dream up." She tilted her head with a confident smile, gesturing for Dane to sit on her knee. "Come here and I'll tell you more," she purred out, beckoning him, but not forcing him.

More than a god? Dane's mind swam, trying to imagine what she was suggesting, but struggling to come up with a proper reaction. All that Jennifer had done, it had shown that she was far more powerful and all knowing than anything he had seen, certainly more than any god mankind had ever conceived. Did she say she was over seventy years old? Looking over her, she was the image of youth, in her twenties at worst. Could she even age? Gods didn't, and she'd done other magical things, maybe she could be as old as she pleased.

Dane smiled, wanting to know more. He walked to Jennifer and sat on her knee as she had asked, discovering that it served as the most comfortable chair he had ever used. He was resting on a god’s lap, his god.

Jennifer slowly leaned forward towards her boyfriend, whispering in a sultry tone in his ear, "I am the unopposed ruler of the universe. The laws of physics bow to me. I can do whatever I want with no restrictions. I could wipe it all out and recreate it on a whim. They've been trying to destroy me for decades. They think they're playing the long game, Cold War style, but every time they try to make a move, I put them in their place and rewind before it happened." She put a hand to her lips with a big yawn.

"I don't feel like running the world but they don’t understand that and fear me anyway." She pouted a little. "Thankfully, we're running out of those timelines, they're getting the idea, even if they never lived through any of them. There is no timeline where they win. There is no reality where I lose. They can't hurt me and can barely dream of ending me. The best they can do is try to bother me, which they almost do." She ran her fingers along his side. "I am eternal and I will always dominate and do whatever I want and no one can do a thing about it." She ran her hand along towards his belly. "Does this turn you on? That I have so much more control over you than you will ever have? I chose you because I know that's your fetish… and I like that."

She ran her tongue over her lips before leaning in for a soft kiss on Dane's cheek. "And now I'm sharing it with you, Dane. What do you think? Will you always follow your goddess-queen and never betray her?"

Dan blushed, the truth settling upon him like a strange new weight. The governments of the world had been destroyed, only to be remade, likely many times. Even he himself had likely already died many times, just to be reborn at her whim. A dread chill ran down his spine when he truly realized just how small he was in comparison to her. The urge to cry or flee was there, however futile either action would have been, but it was still there. He also felt… excited, glad even. The fact that he was still there, being told what he had just been told meant that Jennifer had given him a privilege above any other. "I will," he replied. "I could never go against you. I… love you." His blush only grew worse, though his smile faded. "But…" His words failed, struggling to say what was on his mind.

Jennifer's confident smile faded into a serious expression as he hit that last word and paused. Her eyes and earring glowed with shimmering and frightening glows of purple. "What do you mean by that, Dane? I will give you a chance and not read your mind. I want you to tell me what you genuinely think of me."

The sky grew overcast without warning or delay, shattering the perfectly sunny day that had been there moments before. Rain fell around them in heavy drops as lightning lanced down, ripping apart buildings, people, and anything else that happened to be in the way. Dane wasn't entirely sure, but was that streak a meteor falling in the distance? Maybe several, at that. "Oh, don't worry dear," assured Jennifer. "When my mood changes, this kind of thing happens. I suppose the world also bends the knee to my emotions…"

Dane swallowed heavily, trying to put aside the calamitous upheaval in the weather. "I know you're all powerful… See you make such a mess of all these people. It was beautiful, exotically sexy to me. But… as much as I like having you have so much control over me… and… well… everything else. I… uh… can't help but wonder… will… I get a taste of that control… too? To be… kinda… like you?" Dane braced himself for the reaction that would likely follow such a bold request.

Jennifer let out a relieved call. "That's certainly an interesting question, Dane. I'm happy that you weren't having traitorous thoughts about me, because some of my previous lovers did just that, and I don't tolerate that." Even as the weather cleared, visions began to fill Dane's mind. Sent to him by Jennifer's telepathy, he could see a girl, Jennifer's girlfriend, once. The most famous K-Pop singer in the world, Graphinya, also known as Lian Wi.

Jennifer conquered her by appearing without fanfare at one of her concerts, walking up to her and planting a kiss on her lips, which captured her heart, mind, and soul instantly. Their romance ended a few days later when she met Lian's parents to formalize the relationship and she peered into their minds. She could feel their fear and hatred and, on a spiteful whimsy, she turned them into dildos, which upset her new girlfriend. She was so mad, Jennifer recoiled, not by inflicting physical pain, but deciding Lian's presence was too bothersome. She vanished, from the present and the past. The world never knew Lian, and neither did Dane, until he was shown that vision. She was otherwise completely denied her existence, as if she simply had never been.

"Oh." He shook his head. "I'm so… so sorry." That foolish pop star did not appreciate the greatness of Jennifer. She had it coming, that erasure, beyond death, to have simply never been. But, perhaps, it was also a punishment for Jennifer? Until she shared that vision, she had forgotten too, sequestered the happy memories away where even she wasn't reaching for them, denied that happiness. She had feelings, and they had been hurt. The act had been one to punish the world, and herself, for her mistakes.

"Jennifer, I could never betray you. I love you, all of it, all that you are," he declared genuinely.

Jennifer leaned forward, placing her lips on Dane's cheek in a gentle kiss as she caressed the far side of his face, her expression softened. "I know, Dane. You are a good boy." She stood up, causing him to slide off of her, but arrived on his feet without issue as she wanted it. "Hmm… Mmmm, so you want me to share my power with you? In what way? You should know that I wouldn't ever make you as powerful as me, even if I could. No harsh feelings, I just enjoy being the most powerful being in existence. That's just the way it is and will remain."

"No, of course not." He held up a hand. "I wouldn't ask to have exactly your powers. I can't be you, but, you know, like a superhuman. Stronger? Faster? I can be above the rest while still being under you. If that's alright to ask?" He smiled hopefully, his stance improved from before with a touch of confidence as if to prove he was worthy of standing just under her.

"That can be arranged," she purred, her earring glowing with power as she smugly watched the effect of her will. Dane's tall, but lanky and nerdy frame started changing, at first subtly, then more obviously as his muscles grew larger and more toned. His shirt exploded into tiny bits to make way for powerful pectoral muscles and abs that seemed carved from marble in their inflexible strength. Mixed with the neck of a bull, more chiseled facial features and a longer, healthier looking mane of hair that made him look like a model, or, more fittingly, like one of those superheroes, live from the comics or one of those recent movies.

"You can take off those silly glasses." She gently crossed her fingers. "Your eyes are cured now. Including a bit of super sight and x-ray vision. Look through buildings, over the horizon if you want," she nonchalantly announced with a bewitching smile, then snapped her fingers. Her troupe of clone maids rushed without hesitation towards the superior version of Dane, fondling him and kissing wantonly at his great and bulging muscles.

"Holy shit!" Dane laughed out with a deeper voice, seeing his new body so endowed with power and beauty. He was something straight out of a male fantasy novel. He smiled at the maids then, watching them fawn over him instead of Jennifer for a change. "Oh, yeah, I could get used to this." Dane removed his unneeded glasses and tossed them aside. Before they even hit the ground, he was kissing one of the maids and running his fingers over the chest of another one, capturing a nipple and pinching it. As he enjoyed the charm granted to him, he looked at a skyscraper miles away and saw someone about to jump from it. "Oh, hey." Dane chuckled at the sight. "Someone is actually trying to jump off the building. Let's test these powers of mine."

The goddess looked in the building’s direction with a disappointed and bored expression on her beautiful face. You were wrong if you thought you could save yourself from my wrath by killing yourself. I could easily revive you if you were stupid enough to do it, but I won’t use magic of that level on a piece of shit like you. You know too much for that. Jennifer’s words penetrated the man’s mind and he feared for what she would do to him, reinforcing his desire to jump.

Meanwhile, Dane smiled as he pushed the maids away, bending lightly into a running position and vanishing in an instant, striding away impossibly quick. He arrived at the building just a second later and caught the would-be suicide victim, not at the bottom, but just before he could even make the leap. He rushed back to Jennifer without so much as a pause. "Look who I caught trying to avoid your judgement. He looks like one of the government folks you were talking to earlier." Dane presented his catch with a proud grin.

Jennifer smirked softly at Dane enjoying his new superpowers. She had seen her previous boyfriends like that before, they always did. When she made them powerful and hot, she enjoyed watching the personality clash that would take place between their old, powerless selves and their new, unstoppable and attractive forms. She brought her fingers to her lips and slowly caressed them, thinking about the government toady he had brought her. He was crying and begging for mercy but he wasn't going to get away so easily. She wasn't in a merciful mood. "Actually, Dane…" A quick sweep of his mind gave her all the information she needed. "This one doesn't even work for France. He is American. Care if we pay a visit to Mr. President after our partying?" she asked with a wicked curl to her lips.

Jennifer raised her hands and began shaping clay that only she could see, the actions seeming to have no strain on her as she hummed softly. As she did so, the captive's body started to change much as Dane's body had before, but in a much different way, becoming smaller and more slender by the moment. His features softened and his chest ballooned. His groin inverted as she let out a feminine cry, higher pitched than before. When she was set back on the ground, she didn't even wait to hurry her pretty self over to Jennifer, fawning over her and begging the goddess to become her mistress. "I love you," the transformed spy promised.

"What do you think I should do with her, Dane? Should we all go party together?"

Dane smiled, his growing arousal throbbing more powerfully by the moment at how the former agent had become a hot piece of sexy meat. He wanted to just grab her and have her way with her, but he maintained some self control. He would have his chance soon enough. "Well, we did say we were going to party, and the more the merrier!" He clapped his hands, a proud smile on his face. "And, afterwards, she can be a nice cock sleeve for us." He casually rubbed the new minion's ass, enjoying its improved contours.

Jennifer rose smoothly, embracing Dane's bigger body, stroking his chiseled abs as she leaned in. "I know a place," She purred, her large breasts pillowed against him. Her will began to materialize clothes right onto their entourage, making them dressed in eye-catching and revealing dresses, makeup, jewelry, high heels, and even perfectly done hair. Even Dane was affected, wearing a tight superhero costume that was similar but legally distinct from Superman's. "Ya like it?"

She whistled and a limousine parked right next to them, but it was tiny, like a toy car at best. The door swung open and an equally tiny chauffeur stepped out. They gestured to the car and the women began to filter into it, fitting in like an upper class clown car. Jennifer smirked as she watched it, knowing this casual reality bending and size and perspective altering was turning Dane on, and came at no real cost to her.

Dane grinned, an unthought of chuckle bubbling from inside him at the usually impossible feat being done so casually before him. His new suit bulged upwards as his wonderment translated to other feelings. He slid into the tiny limo to join the others, smiling as he sat next to the collection of girls. He kissed each one as if they were long friends, giving the new one a firm swat on the bottom, not that she seemed to mind. "Mmm, and thanks for the new clothes, Jen." He looked down, appreciating his superhero motif. He sure felt like a superman. "So, where are we partying?" Dane got to casually rubbing the groin of one of the girls in preparation for more.

Jennifer watched on as Dane's rubbing advanced into proper sex with ease, in part thanks to his new superpowers that gave him the speed and strength to continue playing with them even as he fucked them, several at a time. To her, that wasn't cheating or anything like that. Those women she created? They were nothing. Comparable, at best, with pets. They weren't a threat to her status as the universe's alpha bitch.

She looked outside the window beside her, a smug smile on her face. The tiny car was going so fast it was melting not only the road but everything around them. Other vehicles, people, and even entire buildings were punched through without a pause, allowing them to proceed in a straight line towards their destination. They were on the other side of Paris in the time it took a normal car to get down the block. "Let's get a little bit more comfortable." Jennifer twirled her fingers and they changed to swimsuits as the seats became a jacuzzi and they were on top of the car instead of inside of it. From their new vantage point, they could see what they were going past easily. With another subtle twist of her mighty digits, a cup of champagne appeared in each of their hands and the sky darkened without warning. "We couldn’t party that early, so I changed what time it is," she explained as if it were just a simple thing to do, which it was, for her.

Dane slid to the side of the tub, sitting himself with a girl bouncing off of him casually as if that was what she was made for, which wasn't far off. The fact that she picked him as her boyfriend was the best thing that ever happened to him, he quietly decided. He could only think of the fun things that she could do, and would do, together, with him. Maybe he could suggest other fun things? "So. I assume we're heading to a nice dance club? Full disclosure, I have never actually gone to one of those before." Dane blushed at his admission, not that it slowed him down.

"Yeah, we are doing exactly that. But… don't worry, Dane. You will fit right in." She ordered the car to stop with an upraised palm. The chauffeur, who had become a dog at some unspecified time, used the breaks, sending out a shockwave that ripped apart the area around them with the impossible deceleration that no one inside the car, or on top of it, even felt.

Jennifer waited for them to finish their drinks before she banished it all. The glasses, the jacuzzi, the car. They were standing and dressed in their formal party attire once again, reality rewoven at her capricious will. The damage that the car's movement had caused was gone as if it had been simply forgotten, which it had been in part. "Let's go, guys," she sang out, leading the way as she was followed by Dane and her army of sluts, heading towards the most popular club in town. Everyone whispered and wondered about what the Super Goddess was doing there, or might do. Their wonder did little to stop them from getting mildly turned on by her presence, her pheromones spreading through the air. Some of them went as far as slipping their hands into their pants and skirts when they thought they weren't being watched. "I don't like waiting in queues," she sighed, letting out her breath in a great cone of wind, causing a hurricane to emerge from her plump, kissable lips that sent all the others in her way flying elsewhere as signs and fixtures were ripped free, sent to join the rest, destroyed by her casual exhale.

Jennifer nonchalantly walked up to the bouncers, ignoring the subtle smell that revealed they had been affected with a powerful fear at her display and presence. They still seemed to be trying to act professionally. "Miss Fahr, you can't do that… we can't let you pass." He gestured back the way she came. "You need to wait and--"

"Are you actually telling me what to do?" She hiked a brow up, looking more amused than actually offended. "Morons… Ha, as if. Hey, Dane," she called in her melodious voice, more of an enchanting song than anything else. "These guys are annoying me." She licked her pursed lips, knowing what her super boyfriend was about to do to them. Not that she planned to be sorry.

Dane smiled as he watched the man daring to not let the goddess pass. Was he an idiot, or just stupidly brave? Either way, she could easily deal with those fools, but it was so fun to be allowed to teach the lesser life forms a lesson instead. He approached the two foolish bouncers, grabbing them with such speed it was as if there had been an editing error in the film of life, him being close, then holding both by the neck. He relished in the thrill of squeezing them as they struggled and their feet pedalled, their consciousness starting to flee them as Dane held firm. He enjoyed that act of dominance, of violence, feeling completed in whole new ways. He brought their heads together, smashing them against one another so hard they never slowed, simply splattering against one another, sending bits of their skulls and brains flying, then casually threw the bodies up into the air as if he were throwing a loose bit of debris behind. They flew up so far and fast, they burned up against the atmosphere, becoming streaks of fire in the sky. "Ha, wow… what brought them to think they could say no to you, Jen?"

Jennifer strode forward, leading her group into the club. She distantly heard a request for money and reached out, grabbing the poor soul and slapping his new form, that of a pair of oversized golden bracelets, onto her wrists to bounce with her movements. "Well guys, it's time to party!"

Her unstoppable scent wafted over the room impossibly fast, driving the people already there to abandon all other pursuits in favor of sating their sudden carnal lust on anyone that would oblige, and there were plenty to choose from. Those that had come with Jennifer were overcome with a different urge, dancing to the music that was filling the room with a rhythmic thump. Jennifer's movements were alluring and complex, defying the plentiful curves of her body to pivot and twist with all the agility of a girl half her girth. She purposefully let alcohol held in the unsure fingers of a passerby fall on her great heaving breasts and with a faint gesture, one of her pet sluts hurried up to lick it all clean like a loyal dog. In the middle of the storm of utter chaos, she whispered in her boyfriend's ear, "Fuck that bitch for me. That one is clearly jealous of my superior body. While you're at it, knock her sky high with that godly seed of yours, my stud." She caressed his crotch meaningfully, gesturing with a toss of her head where his target should be. "Perhaps, later, I'll give you something… special, mhm?"

Dane smiled as he fixed his gaze on the woman Jen was speaking of. Her soft touches were igniting his desire and he let out a little moan, almost lost to the music. "Mmmm, it will be my pleasure, my goddess," he whispered in reply before setting after his victim. She was pretending to focus on her drink, not partaking in the wild abandon of the room. He slipped in behind her and kissed the side of her neck, delighting in the shiver she gave, her expression implying she enjoyed the contact. "Mmm, you know she can see what you do, what you think… There's no hiding from her." Dane reached around the woman who didn't try to pull away, perhaps already well under the sway of the pheromones that filled the room. He pulled down her panties, letting them hang around her ankles as he pushed her over the table. She was completely unable to resist Dane's advances. He pulls his tights aside, allowing his powerful tool to spring into the air. Without pause, he pushed it into the woman with a wet squelch, her voice crying out a pleasure she had never known before. She shuddered powerfully, going limp a moment, almost passing out just from the start of what was to come. Every hungry piston ratcheted the pleasure higher and higher. She begged him, pleading to be filled. He was more than happy to oblige her, making her belly swell forward faintly with the quantity of divine seed he had ready for her. She had been bred, he knew it, she knew it, and Jennifer knew it. "Mmm, slut, you should have minded your own business." Dane pulled free of her, arranging himself casually. "You might have avoided her for a few more minutes if you weren't so jealous." 

He wanted to leave her there, slumped over the table. However, tempting as it was, he gently picked her up and put her on a more comfortable couch. He decided he didn't feel like being too cruel to foolish little humies.

"Hm. Not bad, but look at this." Jennifer snapped her fingers, causing her pants to vanish without a sound. Exposed, her perfectly proportioned and shaved pussy bulged from the top as a huge throbbing shaft erupted into being, heavy balls falling beneath with entirely unreasonable amounts of sloshing cum. Somehow, despite the obviously male equipment, it all looked somehow softer, sleeker, more… feminine than the set Dane had. She casually compared their sizes with a smirk on her face. "What do you think? Who is more macho now? I'll show you how it's done!"

Jennifer never actually stopped dancing, diverting her path to cross with another woman that she grabbed as if that was just a step in the dance. She tore off the woman's clothes as if they were made of thin paper and without a hint of resistance. She was entirely in the grasp of Jennifer's enchanting presence, eyes glancing at her massive tool constantly. The omnipotent didn't keep her waiting for long, leaning the woman back to the beat just in time to ram her huge rod deep inside with no hint of resistance, rocking with inhuman speed, and yet, not stopping her dance at full speed, just with a woman attached to her, being fucked wildly. 

The goddess hummed softly to herself to match the beat as her will, or perhaps just the raw fucking, caused the woman to begin lactating wildly, making a mess of herself and the floor beneath them. By the time the song had reached its end, the woman had lost her grip on consciousness. Jennifer casually pulled her free of the still throbbing pole and threw her to the side, gaping wide and still shuddering with untold pleasure.

She chuckled as she turned to offer a perfect profile to Dane, showing off her huge cock and her still growing balls that looked ready to release their contents. "Now… service my superior cock, Dane," she whispered just for him, her voice audible over everything going on around them, as if mere music could hope to overcome her.

Dane's breath came hard, watching Jen so confidently show off her new bit of masculinity. He didn't even know how to start with it. He hadn't touched one before, other than his own. Still, in the groove of the moment, he didn't leave his goddess waiting. He grabbed the middle of the pulsing length and brought the tip to his lips, licking all across it as if to clean it of her previous play. His eyes widened slightly, noting how sweet it tasted, not at all how he'd expected it to be. "Mmm, Jennifer, thank you… For this pleasure, my goddess." His own shaft began to ooze and spray, spilling down from his tights to the floor in rivers as he worked fastidiously to please the voluptuous deity.

As Dane kept at it, Jennifer was reacting. Her balls were filling with hot batter as the air got thicker, heavier with a touch of masculine musk. It spread far past their personal space, making all of Paris hornier. She groaned with pleasure at her boyfriend's eager servicing, admiring as he sucked the cock as if it were his only duty in the world, which it was, for that moment. Between her strained pants, her eyes flashed, laser bolts destroying a wall of the club, evaporating it with only small bits of rubble left to hit the ground. 

In that moment, she looked almost vulnerable, her cheeks reddened and a look of indecent overload on her face as her melon-sized balls churned dangerously, more ready than ever before to release. She pulled back from Dane's impossibly accommodating mouth that had somehow taken it all in and turned it instead to face the city outside the club. "Can't… resist anymore!" With a shrill howl, she let loose, the sheer volume of her generous offering that came from her was a great tidal wave that blanketed the entire country of France in incalculably vast quantities of irresistible seed. It flowed on, parting the sea in two and demolishing England and Iceland on the way, causing untold damage as an afterthought of the act of a god.

People swam, those who had survived the initial wave, desperately trying to avoid titanic sperm cells larger than most skyscrapers that seemed to hunger for their flesh. Submerged tanks were of little help, and even the military made to work in such an environment struggled to make even a dent. With but a change of her mind, her masculine parts vanished as if they were never there. "Ha, wow. So… much destruction," she purred.

Dane avoided being lost with the others who were less unfortunate, leaping straight through the roof of the club, bursting into the upper atmosphere where he rejoined his goddess with a cheeky chuckle. "Wow, you made quick work of this place." He gestured out at the wreckage and ruin, starting with the building they were just in. He wrapped his arms around Jen, lifting her into his grasp for a soft kiss on the lips as she was still distracted by the euphoria of her divine cum blast. "Sorry," he got out, still chuckling. "I couldn't help it." Their eyes met, both their sets of cheeks faintly colored. They were relishing in their unstoppability and locked lips for a tender moment despite the havoc. 

"Well." Jennifer's eyes wandered across the strange inky white ocean below them. "I can't leave it like this. Despite everything, I quite like Europe as a playground, so let's turn things back a little." With her decision, it was made so. France, England, and all the others were brought back to just how they were before she had arrived in Paris earlier that day. Only she knew how many times she had done something like that, rewinding time when she was done. It wasn't as if a single person involved, other than Dane, remembered a single moment of it.

"Well, Dane, now that we are done with partying, what do you say we show that little president of yours that I must be respected and feared?"

Dane couldn't resist her smile, a low rumbling laugh escaping his lips as he thought of what fun they could have in the White House. Still carrying Jennifer, he sped off, racing to America fast enough to play tag with passing photons, not that it took much effort for his enhanced body. He knew Jennifer could just decide they were there, but he was pretty sure she would enjoy a comfortable ride in her boyfriend's arms. Pampering her was one of his little pleasures.

The two lovebirds crashed through the ceiling of the president's office, sending bits of wood and plaster flying as Dane came to a gentle stop, feet touching down. They were surrounded almost instantly by dozens of Secret Servicemen as the president gasped with shock. Jennifer just flicked her dainty and manicured fingers and it was enough to send the air flying at them so violently the guards were reduced to bloody wisps of vapor on the air. "What an impolite way of greeting the actual ruler of the free world, Mr. President. I thought we were friends." She knew she was the strongest thing around, with no rival in the universe. The United States might have been the most powerful nation in the world, but what was one nation compared to her? She descended from Dane's arms with a parting peck on the cheek and slid to her own feet, approaching the president's desk with a confident smile. She had just conquered the White House.

Dane was pleased, watching his goddess standing so fearlessly before the supposed leader of the free world. The president hadn't run away yet, but the way his frame shook made it clear that he was frightened in a way he didn't expect when he entered the job. He suddenly moved, grabbing a pistol from under his desk and raising it against Jennifer, its sight between her eyes. The odds of it working were basically zero, but he decided he wasn't going to go down without a fight. 

The sharp snap of the gun firing filled the room as he squeezed the trigger as quickly as he could, hoping to make the monster's victory painful at least. His left hand pressed a button that caused the area around his chair, that included him, to start slowly sinking into the floor. Jennifer sniffed softly, unimpressed as the bullets slid over her, slicing her clothes where they hit it, but running along her skin without a hint of harm. "You forgot I'm invulnerable, you retard." With a glitch in reality, she was in front of him, close enough that she was inside that circle. "I'm more than a little angry about you all spying on me. I told your predecessor not to pull that shit on me or else."

The president sank to his knees, mumbling something difficult to make out, trembling in fear. The circle wasn't lowering. There was no bunker. There was never a bunker. People had never thought of the idea of a bunker, aside from the obviously insane thoughts of the man before her.

The Super Goddess stood tall and with her smug smile, tilting her head to the right, a gesture those who were around her for long learned meant she wanted them to pay her respects, usually by kissing her earring. It was the ultimate display of submission for Jennifer. "Pay respects to God, insect!" she demanded

"Never!" he got out in a defiant, if stumbled, cry. "We'll never submit to you. I'd rather die than be your slave, you witch!" Dane could only chuckle from behind Jennifer, rolling his eyes. He was astounded that there were still people who would defy the Goddess, even when they knew perfectly well what she could do.

He leaned in close to whisper to the president, "Fool." Or former president, so far as Dane was concerned.

"Hmm." Jennifer gazed at him with her usual arrogant expression. Without a movement from her, a disc appeared in her hand. A large television lowered into place and she approached a player that hadn't been there before. She slid the disc in as the president watched on, eyes moving to the screen as whatever it was began to play.

While they were waiting on that, Dane's thoughts wandered to the first time the world had met Jennifer. It had been a moment so transcendent it was now taught in schools over the world, even half a century after the fact. She answered questions about her in an interview on Canadian TV and to prove her powers were real she cured every single cancer patient in the world at the same time and then turned the interviewer into a big fuzzy rat person.

The screen flickered before snapping into focus, showing an HD film from when Jennifer made clear that she was our mistress. The time the previous president had annoyed her. It wasn't as the original footage had aired, instead using Jennifer's omnipresent view of things to get all her best angles and the dramatic moments in perfect quality as it went on. The scene played on to when the Super Goddess was being hit by everything the US army had.

With a low thud, a tank shook in place along with the camera as a huge shell slammed into Jennifer, only to split in two as it kept going, but she didn't move. Bombs erupted around her with the scream of planes flying overhead, but the terrain was the only casualty, Jennifer still standing there as if nothing had happened. Drones fired smaller munitions and even poisoned darts, but nothing could so much as scratch her skin. The thick fog of teargas and other irritants couldn't force a single tear from her eyes. She stood stoically through it all, even as everything for miles was reduced to ash, a mushroom cloud reaching upwards from her. She calmly walked free of it as it was still expanding. "Are you done yet?" she teleported in front of the actual cameraman and challenged the world with a smirk. "'Cause I. am. Not."

That was when she took the offensive. She began tearing apart the drones, they were the closest. She swatted at them like irritating flies, shattering them into many little pieces. She grabbed tanks between her hands and ripped them in half before smashing the pieces together, crumplying them like little toys. Planes wobbled and began to crash without her even touching them, exploding as they smashed the ground at frightful speed. The president there, in the room, watched it all happening, learning exactly what situation he was in, and how hopeless it all was.

She had defeated the strongest military on the planet in barely minutes, and the world threw itself on its knees in abject terror before her unlimited might. Jennifer, in the real world, turned to the president with a playful giggle. "What now? Will you kiss the earring and beg for mercy and forgiveness, or…" She licked over her lush lips, watching him closely. "Do I have to wipe your pathetic country off the face of the earth? Bear in mind, I have cleared civilizations capable of intergalactic travel before, this is nothing for me. You decide, little ant."

The president stammered under his breath, struggling to comprehend what he had seen, the footage that couldn't be real. Wouldn't he have heard about it? And yet, it could perfectly be real since it matched what she had already shown, she just couldn't be stopped. Nothing he had could defeat her, let alone kill her or even just make her go away. He was lost, the whole country was lost. Anger, shame, and frustration welled inside him before it deflated along with him. She was God. "I… I surrender." He let out a shaking breath. "Forgive my foolishness," he completed in an equally trembling voice and obediently kissed her earring. He was before God, and she was not a creature of mercy or kindness. What she said was law, no, more than that, it was fact.

"Good boy." She patted him once on the head. "If I ever see you or your stupid country misbehave again, I'll be very angry." She swept away the ceiling with a casual swipe of her hand, dismissing it as so much sand and nothing more. "Remember, all that stupid shit about freedom and justice means nothing to someone like me. As long as you remember who God is and that you let God do what God wants to do, we'll be on good terms."

"Now, if you were to be naughty…" Jenifer looked up to the moon, her pink lips puckering as she posed with her hands on her hips and leaning forward. It was no accident that this pose revealed her big breasts to her boyfriend's enjoyment. Without a motion, a shot the size and shape of her lips blasted into the sky, destroying the satellites in the way in little balls of fire before it arrived at the moon. The astral body exploded outwards, a great imprint of her lips blown through it in a new hole, country sized bits of rock floating free in space. As the moon began to fall apart entirely, she grinned. "You can tell the world it's your fault the tides are fucked now." She turned to Dane and drew him in close and tight, giggling like a girly girl instead of the monster that had just destroyed the moon.

It was reminding Dane of a videogame where something similar happened, but it was better, because it was real. "My precious goddess," Dane almost breathed out with a smile, looking at her face. "Where to next? I'm game for keeping this night going." He drew her close, enjoying her magical warmth and considering doing something unkind to the president, but she hadn't said to do that, and angering her was not on the list of things to do. 

However Jennifer seemed to read his mind and react agreeably to it. With a cheeky smirk she shot a beam through her index finger, which impacted the former leader of the free world. “Well, on second thoughts, a tiny punishment might be in order~” He slowly started becoming smaller and smaller against his will. “W-What is this?!” He yelled in a barely audible and high pitched voice as he was reduced to the size of a mouse in seconds.

Ignoring the crying miniature president, Jennifer held tight and close to Dane as she looked up to the stars. They were hers, of course. He didn't seem surprised as she lifted up, floating with him, faster and faster, like a pair of human rockets that soared up and away from the frightened little man of no particular importance. They punched through the clouds, wispy and nothing, much like anything else that had gotten in her way.

It didn't take long to reach the stratosphere, then past it, bursting entirely free into the void of true space. They could see Earth receding beneath them, becoming all so small. It reflected in her eyes, as if the planet was just some part of her that belonged to her entirely.

Dane could feel the strange temperatures, and the lack of air and pressure. When the sun shined, he began to overheat, otherwise, he was, very slowly, freezing. Jennifer seemed entirely fine with it. She snapped her fingers and those annoyances faded away for him, breath returning and the temperature evening out. "What do you think?" she asked. "I believe I'm getting tired of it. Might get out of here and let other worlds meet me, surely they need God in their lives…" She was gazing into his soul with predatory eyes, sexual energy brimming under the surface that left no mistake that future sex was coming on them quickly.

Dane sighed, glad to be able to do just that, breathing in space. "I think so, Jen." He pointed out into the void. "You deserve to show your omnipotence to all the universe and beyond." A thought tickled him. "And it's not like Earth is going anywhere." He lifted his shoulders with a smirk. "Unless you wanted it to." Dane looked pleased to speak of the great power his girlfriend had and wielded, but he took a moment to really look at her and saw she seemed upset, no, flustered, no… horny, just plain horny. What she wanted was pretty self-evident.

"Goddess," he breathed, his great god-given shaft rising rapidly, slipping free of his tights to pulse in the void without issue. "I'll take care of you. In fact, this time, let's do it… there." He pointed to the brilliance of the sun, burning quietly in the distance. "It's pretty hot, but practically frozen compared to you, my goddess."

She nodded in approval. "As you wish," They were beside the sun without transition, as if they had always been there. Their clothes were melted and blown free of them, carried away on the solar wind and Jennifer giggled, only amused at the whole thing. She wasn't hurt, or even really affected. Despite the light blaring at them, she didn't need to squint against it, it was just a place, like any other. Dane knew that if she wasn't there, with him, he would have been dead on the spot.

"Come over here." The Super Goddess invited him in and they performed the impossible, making tender love under the watchful gaze of the blazing sun, its coronal ejections washing over them harmlessly as they strove to physically become one with increasingly enthusiastic motions. He held nothing back, and she would have wanted it no other way, their cries lost in the void, but heard by one another, the only two things that mattered.

As he worked against her, it occurred to him that he was experiencing the zenith of his life. There would be nothing more than that, everything else, a dull shadow in comparison. He drank of her, his body swelling with new power as his goddess heaped blessings upon him in thanks for his diligent pleasuring. Time became entirely meaningless as they fucked in the grasp of the sun, locked in their perpetual dance. Entire galaxies were destroyed in their wake, either by the shockwaves created by their powerful bodies colliding or Jennifer’s infinite gallons of breast milk flooding everything in their path.

They arrived at the end together, her approach the signal for him to pull in tight and fulfill his greatest responsibility. Their contributions to the cosmos burned as it got away from them, adding bits of ash and dust to the solar wind, to rain down on people who would never know what happened.

Untold years had passed, but Jennifer casually rewound time to not long after they started. Such little concerns were beyond her. She ran down a hand along his back, watching him with a satisfied expression.

Dane, on the other hand, was breathing hard, looking fatigued for the eons he had spent with Jen, even if they had somehow arrived right about where they started. "My… goddess." He leaned forward, letting his head rest against hers. "Thank you, thank you… For all of this." He waved a hand wide at the now much milkier Milky Way as his face lifted into a little smile. "I never thought it would lead to this. When we first met, when you spoke to me at the library… But I'm so glad it did. I never want to take back that day… ever," he got out the last with a gust, starting to regain some bit of his balance.

Jennifer looked entirely satisfied, perhaps a little out of sorts from the wild session they had shared. She hugged close to Dane, kissing and nestling against him. "I think I love you, Dane," she whispered gently. "But…" They were suddenly back towards the Earth they had started from, but they had become quite large in the process, as if size were simply a number she could smudge out and replace on a whim, which she could.

They towered over the tiny planet, a mere marble in comparison to them. Dane wondered if she had reduced it in size before it dawned on him that they were two great giants instead. But that almost didn't matter. Jen looked worried, distracted about something. He gently ran a hand down her side. "Jen… Goddess? What's wrong? Did I… do something? You know I want you to be happy."

"Well, Dane." She caressed his cheek, looking into his eyes, her own sparkling with infinity. "You've been everything I could want, in some ways, an amazing first date, splendid… But I think I have come to really love you, and…" She glanced away, looking sad for the first time ever. "There is no one I can love more than myself. So…" She raised a hand in the void, wobbling it. "I think we have to break up. That's just how it works, unless you have an idea about it? Which I doubt. Love you, but you're still a human with a dumb monkey brain." She giggled, nuzzling into his neck. "No offense."

Dane could feel his heart start to thunder. The very idea of being pulled away from his precious Jennifer was not one he was ready to face. "But… We're a perfect match," he whimpered out, deflating. The chaotic fun they had enjoyed, disregarding reality in favor of their own whims. "We had so much fun, why would you give that up?"

She tapped him on the lips. "Shh, silly boy. There are a few rules, just a few, I can't break, mostly rules about me being me. And Jennifer does not love anyone more than herself. That's the rule, and one of the few I can't just make go away with a snap of the fingers." She lowered a hand to grab one of his, curling their fingers there. "No hard feelings."

Dane's world was falling apart, even if he could see Earth floating there, unaffected by the turmoil he was feeling. He wanted to be angry at her, but he also knew it would be pointless. Was she just so innately prideful she couldn't love something more than herself? He could see the sorrow in her eyes. It was the first time she seemed vulnerable, open, hurting… They could keep having fun, but she wouldn't, because she loved herself too… much…

"I have an idea," he almost laughed out. "It may be silly, but I have a thought."

"Don't keep me waiting." She pulled up their joined hands to kiss them. "Tell me your dumb idea, those are usually your best ones."

"If you can't love anyone more than yourself." He kissed her nose with his. "What if I became you? Then…" He rolled his free hand. "You won't have to love anything more than you, because I would be you. Ta-da?"

Jennifer put on one of her smug smiles, but it rang hollow. She had thought of that idea before, but, for Dane, she hadn't wanted to rob him of his agency, of his consent. Of all the people of the universe, he had been the only one she had spared that choice of death. Her heart, unbreakable and endless, felt an ache. "Are you sure?"

"It means we can be together, forever," he assured, a nervous smile on his face, their entwined fingers grasping. "Yes. Do it."

"So be it," she stated, ringing the end of an epoch.

To Dane, he could feel his consciousness fading, becoming secondary to some other, larger thing. It didn't hurt, but he knew it was the end of him, as Dane, and he mourned it for the moment he had. Jennifer watched as another of herself budded and emerged from the abs of her former-boyfriend, growing to full size as it absorbed Dane's original body down to nothing but the faint whiff of regret. There were two Jens and nothing else. Only Jennifer, only The Super Goddess. She reached, placing her freed hand on the cheek of her other self. There was no Dane in her eyes, even if he had become part of the grand collection inside of her. "Goodbye," she whispered as she absorbed the other self, leaving only the original. There could only be room for one Jennifer in the universe.

She turned away from the spot, where her boyfriend had once been and would never be again. Though her heart felt a little heavier, it was still within the bounds of a normal day for her, as she thought about it. The next day, she would return to her regular exploits. It wasn't as if any person in the universe could actually stop her, or even really convince her to stop. One, maybe, could have, but he hadn't. And he was gone. So the tale of The Super Goddess ended in perpetuity.

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