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A Common Weakness – Chapter 9

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A Common Weakness – Chapter 9

Alice drove through the dappled sunlight of the leafy tunnel towards the Lake House. She was trying to enjoy the beautiful serenity of the scene that unfolded before her, but deep inside she felt a gnawing unease. Her trip into town had been reassuringly mundane. A sheriff’s deputy had nodded a greeting to her as she walked along main street. There was a noticeable absence of government sedans or unexplained out-of-state vehicles. Small town life continued to pass much as it always did.

She had bought a coffee to go at the only franchise venue in town, taking time to eavesdrop on the gossipy conversations of the locals. Nothing stood out as unusual and she heard no mention of superpowers. She strolled along the lake front and sat in the sun drinking her coffee and reading a local paper. A teacher from the local school was taking a junior soccer team to the state championships and a bridge was scheduled to be closed for two days for minor repairs and drivers were advised to plan an alternative route.

She had visited a friend who ran a local logging company and sawmill. He hadn't been surprised to see her, but he was surprised by what she had requested from him.

After that she had gone to the small local mall and bought a few necessary groceries before getting back into the faded old Mondeo and driving back to the Lake House turning, where she had swung unremarked from the deserted black top onto the tree lined drive.

She parked next to the house and carried the first two bags of groceries into the kitchen and set them on the counter, before returning for the remaining bags. Not for the first time she wished that she had the superhuman strength of her lover.

She looked out of the window. First she noticed that the ugly old tree was gone. She smiled at that, but then frowned when she saw a distant figure sitting on the end of the short jetty, gazing distantly out across the still water.

She walked down the lawn towards the lake shore, noticing the large Claire-shaped hole in the lawn. As she drew closer she saw the Claire was naked, sitting with her hands resting on the wood of the jetty and a small pile of pebbles beside her. Claire didn't look round as she approached, though with her superhuman hearing she must have heard Alice's approach. Alice didn't speak, just stood waiting, sensing the frustration in her partner.

“I can do it all, except the flying.” Claire said suddenly, before lapsing once more into silence. Absent-mindedly she picked up a pebble, drew back her arm and flicked it forward. Alice watched it skim across the lake surface, throwing up ripples as it bounced away until it was out of sight. There was a distant crack as it hit a tree on the far shore.

Alice lowered herself to sit beside Claire. Claire leant across, resting her head on Alice's shoulder. Alice ran a hand gently over her hair. It was still damp.

“Flying is about the only skill that would really help me fight Cassandra and I can't do it,” Claire said miserably.

Alice was tempted to chastise Claire, to tell her to pull herself together and refocus, but Alice knew Claire well. Claire was used to being able to do things that she put her mind to, a personality trait that had doubtlessly been reinforced by her newly acquired powers. Claire did not give up easily, and telling her that she had to keep trying for both their sakes was unlikely to yield results. So, for a moment they just sat there together, Claire's flawless form nestling in her arms, the dampness of her skin and hair slowly seeping into the fabric of Alice's clothes.

And then her phone rang.


Cassandra sped through the open countryside on quiet roads that weren't designed for a superbike. The wind whistled through her flowing hair and howled down her gaping cleavage, rushing in icy, caressing circles around her swollen nipples. The feeling of power and speed was intoxicating as the road coursed its way through open farmland, the bike eating up the miles voraciously. A dark smudge drawn across the horizon slowly sharpened into the edge of a great, dark forest, and then suddenly she was plunging beneath the immense green canopy and into the dappled light of the huge woodland.

The road turned a tight left and she took it at well over 200mph, so close to the floor that her knee gouged a faint skim in the tarmac. She pulled the bike back over, then slammed both feet into the ground so that the bike ground to a screeching halt that roared deafeningly amongst the trees. She stepped over the bike, gently pushing down the stand with a foot that was still smouldering from the friction that had ripped the tarmac apart.

Lain across the road ahead were dozens of large trees, all stripped of branches, fallen at crazy angles like a gigantic game of pick-up-sticks. Beyond the fallen lumber was a lorry, its trailer jack-knifed across the road, the tractor emblazoned with “Miller Logging Co” idling with half of its tyres resting in the gentle roadside ditch. The driver watched Cassandra approach, his mouth as wide as the swing of her hips. “It looks like you might need a hand,” she said with a wink.

“Er, yeah, I've called back to the office, they're sending out a crane. It'll be here in an hour or so. Can you get your bike past, miss?” he asked.

Cassandra smiled at the mixture of nervousness and lust she could feel rising from him. “Well,” she began playfully, “I could do that...”

She strode over to the trailer, gripping the rear frame with enough force that the metal squealed. The driver could only gape as she dragged the trailer backwards, the wheels crunching on the tarmac as she effortlessly dragged the truck free of the ditch. She paused for a moment to flex her small, hard bicep, smirking with delight at the driver's rapt expression. “Isn't this more fun?” She walked slowly, sensuously, towards him, her right arm still flexed, the small knot of muscle taut against the leather of her cat suit. She stopped before the driver, so close that her chest was nearly touching his. She leant in and whispered in his ear: “Being this strong makes me so horny.” Suddenly he was aware of two rock hard objects poking him in the chest. Looking down he realised that her nipples, now fully engorged, were straining her clothing and digging into his chest. He looked up from her deep, enticing cleavage and she winked at him playfully, before she suddenly turned and walked away.

She stepped over to one of the fallen logs, slipped both hands beneath it and raised it so that it was over her head. With a casual flick of her wrists she tossed it easily through the air, before landing it perfectly on the flatbed trailer with a thud, jammed hard against a support column. “This hard work is getting me hot!” she laughed, pulling the zip of her catsuit downwards, slowly, inch by inch revealing ever more tantalising flesh. As the zip reached the perfect contours of her belly the shoulders of her cat suit yielded to the pressure of her breasts, the leather slipping aside. Her liberated breasts barely moved as the material slipped away.

“Suck my nipples,” she commanded.

He eagerly obeyed, dropping to his knees to close his lips around nipples harder than diamonds. She let out a low moan as he felt a tremendously powerful hand grip his hair and slowly pull him away, so that only the tip of his tongue could reach the tips of her demanding flesh. “This is fun, but I have business to attend to.”

She moved swiftly after that, casually selecting any of the fallen logs, before throwing them with casual disdain onto the trailer. She giggled to herself as the driver cowered from each thunderous impact. In less than a minute she had cleared the highway, and with a wide grin across her magnificent face she swayed her way back towards the driver.

“That was fun! Did you enjoy that?” she smirked, relishing the sight of the straining member in his trousers.

He nodded furiously as she took one of his hands and laid it gently upon the firm, goosebump covered flesh of her left tit. “Tell me how good my breast feels,” she said evenly.

“It feels amazing!” he sputtered.

She laughed. “Yes, it does, doesn't it. You're a lucky man, you'll never see better tits, let alone touch them!”

He could hardly argue with that opinion, as with a smirk she drew the zip of her catsuit up, once again confining her massive orbs within the straining, skintight leather. “Anyway, I've got work to do. You should learn to drive more carefully.” With that, she leapt gracefully onto her bike, gunned the engine, and shot off along the now open road.

The driver watched her go, his jaw still hanging open noiselessly. A few seconds after she had gone he shook his head firmly, coming round from his reverie. He took his phone from his pocket and rang his boss.


Alice slipped herself free from Claire's embrace, though the damp patch on her blouse remained warm against her flesh as she stood up and pulled the phone free from her pocket. She answered it calmly. “Hey, it's Arnie Miller. I just had a call from one of my driver's,” the voice on the end of the phone said. Alice could hear the excitement in his voice.

“Go on,” she said calmly.

“Well, like you said, I got him to drive out on the freeway and jack-knife his load. He'd only had the road blocked for about ten minutes when some superhot woman in some purple skintight number  showed up and started throwing them logs about like they was match-sticks. I'm guessing that she's the one you was expecting.”

“She's the one alright! Thanks Arnie, I owe you.”

“You paid for the logs and the trailer, figure you don't owe me anything. Just take care, okay?” There was a pause at the end of the line, as though he was about to say more, but instead the line went dead.

Claire was sitting looking thoughtfully into the water, a thoughtful frown across her beautiful face. “I thought it would take her a bit longer to catch up with us.”

“We both knew it was likely to be this way. She was either going to be close behind us, or we'd be waiting for days and weeks. Perhaps it’s better this way. At least we have some warning. Arnie couldn't have kept blocking the road for long. Come on, stand up.”

Claire stood up, and again Alice marvelled at her fantastic new figure, watching with interest as a droplet ran from a strand of hair over smooth and supple flesh and down into a deep, entrancing cleavage. “This isn't the time to be checking me out,” said Claire, almost playfully.

“No, but nor is it the time to mope around. Come here,” she held out her arms and Claire slipped into her embrace. For a few seconds they stood there pressed together, comfortable in the silence of each other, then they drew apart slightly to kiss, tenderly at first, but then with a sudden passion that surprised them both. For nearly a minute they stood there entwined together, relishing the feel of their bodies pressed so close; the taste of each other; the passion of danger and despair. Finally Alice pulled away slightly, and the moment fled. “Come on, we should get ready.”


Cassandra surveyed the town from a slight rise at the edge of the lake. It wasn't a big settlement, surrounded by lush forest on three sides, whilst the fourth side greeted a broad lake with a line of low jetties populated with small white yachts and houseboats. Behind the lake frontage was a broad main street, dominated in the centre by a few larger brick buildings, doubtless the government offices and the police station.

She rode slowly up the main street, enjoying the astonished looks from gawking locals as she cruised to a halt outside the police station. She gracefully slipped from the bike, then stood for a moment, hands on her generous hips, scanning the crowd thoughtfully, just in case.

She strode into the sheriff's office, ignoring the desk clerk as she walked past the wooden counter to enter the office beyond. Two deputies and the sheriff looked up from their desks in astonishment as she burst in. “My name is Cassandra. You will have heard of me. I am looking for two female fugitives and I believe they are staying nearby.” She paused for a moment, scanning the room, assessing the apparent competencies of the three occupants. “Speak!” she commanded.

The sheriff, almost a caricature of small-town law enforcement, was first to speak: “I don't know of anyone that fit's that -” She cut him off with a hand gesture, and pointed to the elder of the two deputies.

“You,” she demanded, “talk to me.”

The deputy glanced briefly at his boss, uncertain, before looking at the stunning superheroine that dominated the small room. He swallowed nervously before he began to speak. “There is a lesbian couple that rent a house by the lake. They come here a few times a year. I think I saw one of them in town today. They're the only two females travelling together I'm aware of.”

Cassandra smiled, a broad but cold grin that etched superiority across her flawless face. “Go on.”

“The lady I saw is a brunette, about 5'8”, a bit muscular in build. The word about town is that she’s a wealthy banker from the city. She and her partner own The Lake House, down at the Eastern end of the lake.”

Cassandra crossed the room to a map pinned to the wall, indicating with a gesture that the deputy was to join her. “Where?”

He pointed to a dot on the map, a seemingly insignificant square in a small clearing at the furthest end of the lake. Cassandra grinned, radiating excitement. She grabbed his tie and pulled him in for a swift, passionate kiss, taking his hand and sliding it up the inside of her thigh as she did so. “Thanks,” she murmured breathlessly, “I'll be back to thank you properly later...”

And with that she was gone, in a blur of purple and an almost indescribable smell of eroticism. The deputy looked around the room in stunned amazement, as the sheriff forced his slackened jaw closed. There was a quiet thud as his donut hit the table.


Claire dried herself off quickly, using a mixture of towelling and super-speed to dry her luxurious hair in seconds. She admired herself briefly in the mirror, amazed at how flawless she looked, and how her golden mane looked as though it had been freshly styled, rather than soaked in a large, open lake.

She dressed quickly, slipping into a tight black top and tight black pants, before hurrying down to the basement where Alice was going through the weapons. She looked up from a scoped rifle as Alice came in. “You look amazing. How do you feel?”

“Nervous. You?”

“Yeah, me too. Still, it will be over soon.”

Claire took the obsidian knife and ran her thumb along the blade. It felt sharp, though it made no mark against the fine ridges of her thumb. She handed it to Alice. “Could you check this for me, please?”

Alice touched the blade lightly to her thumb and winced as it sliced through the fine layers of skin. A fine bubble of blood began to rise from the tiny knick. “Yep, it's sharp enough!” She chuckled and handed the knife back.

They embraced briefly. A tender kiss. “I love you.”

And with that Claire headed up the stairs. Alice heard the front door swing shut behind her. Alone in the cellar, she wondered if she would ever see her lover again.


Cassandra used the brakes on her bike for the first time in a long while to bring it to a slow stop on a deserted stretch of open road. The satnav showed the lake house about a mile ahead. She pressed a button to bring up a satellite view, which showed the house as a small rectangle surrounded by a wide green lawn that was enclosed on three sides by trees, and on the final side by the wide expanse of the lake. Its position reminded her of the town at the far end of the lake. From the satellite image it was clear that only a single track led from the main road to the property, and much of that track was lost amongst the leafy canopy.

Cassandra slipped from her bike, then lifted it easily onto her shoulder to carry it amongst the trees until she could hide it from the road. She didn't want them to know she was coming, and she guessed that they would have CCTV covering the entrance to the driveway.

She slipped swiftly and quietly through the trees, frequently leaping undergrowth to reduce the noise of her passage. Normally she might have marched casually through it, relishing the feeling of branches shattering and snapping against her magnificent skin, but for once she needed to go undetected.

In a few minutes she reached the edge of the lawn, suddenly bright and open after the relative gloom of the woodland. She paused at the treeline, concealed in the shadow of a substantial Beech tree. She squeezed the brass knuckles, feeling the metal yield to her pressure, whilst the kryptonite shards glowed reassuringly.

The house was much as she had imagined, a beautifully built stone and timber structure with a broad terrace looking down over the lawn and the lake. Beside the house stood the battered old Mondeo that she recognised from the police videos, cold and dead. There was no movement, no sound, nothing to indicate life.

Cassandra moved forward from the shadows, her super senses alert to the slightest noise; the slightest movement. The house loomed before her, silent and foreboding, whilst the lawn stretched down towards the lake to her right. Everything was still. Slowly, she reached towards the car, feeling for heat from the engine, but there was none. She felt the hairs rise upon her neck; the world seemed still; there was no noise; And she was not alone.

There was a figure on the lawn.

Cassandra turned slowly to face the figure that watched her. She was a woman, clearly. Even without her superhuman eyesight Cassandra could see the shapely feminine form of a Kryptonian goddess.

The figure was still, motionless except for her hair that swayed seductively in the gentle breeze. And she was looking straight at Cassandra.

Cassandra moved slowly, a few small steps towards the distant figure, her hands open by her side, her eyes and ears alert for the slightest disturbance from any direction. Everything was almost supernaturally still.

Still the goddess did not move.

Cassandra went forward. Each step seemed drawn out, as though the universe itself was holding its breath. It had been a long time since she had felt so nervous.

The figure watched her silently.

The lawn was sloping gently towards the lake, and Cassandra flowed forward, as though drawn to the water. The house behind her was still and silent. Nothing moved save the purple clad Velorian, advancing step by nervous step upon a Kryptonian statue. Once again Cassandra felt her fingers trace the contours of the Kryptonite that tipped her knuckles. The silence was screaming.

She stopped when they were about thirty feet apart.

Neither of them spoke as they surveyed each other. Two impossibly beautiful women looking at each other with an impossible intensity. Skintight costumes of black and purple. Cassandra didn’t move as she felt the incredible blonde’s eyes devouring her. Almost instinctively she felt her fists clench. Nature swirled impotently around them, but between them there was absolute stillness.

It was Claire who broke the silence.

“You’ve taken your sweet fucking time…”

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